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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  June 23, 2018 1:07am-1:42am PDT

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. good evening. thank you for joining us. >> tomorrow is expected to be the hottest day of the year. >> yeah. you'll be simmering in the heat if you're inland. take a look at the highs today up into 102 category and 103 in brentwood. 64 in half-moon bay. heat advisory 11:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. advisory covers. fire danger is increasing. 11:00 a.m. saturday to 8:00 p.m. sunday. lake county gusty winds, low humidity. it will spread rapidly.
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be aware of your surroundings. we have clear skies except for one patch of fog in half-moon way. i'll let you know plus a look at how hot tomorrow coming up. >> thanks. with the heat comes wild fire dangers. it flew above this fire acre five. cal fire is there due to this increased fire danger. one of the best ways to keep track of it is with the abc news app. you can get up dates and monitor the forecast ton go. >> a late development. a u.s. district court judge could rule as early on reuniting immigrant families. they filed a lawsuit challenging the current policy and asked for a quick decision on this matter. that policy sparked international conflicts on how to carry out president trump's
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executive order. >> a group of women from san francisco bay area came together to collect toys and clothes for immigrant children. those children are being held at a processing facility in mcallen, texas. >> we are it is special t-shirts as a tribute to young children who have been separated from families arrested and accused of entering this country illegally. >> we would like to be a presence without -- with our our t-shirts. >> we saw the volunteers lifting
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70 pound bags to get them on and off the plane trip. they are hoping items will be accepted on behalf of the children. jackie has been quite vocal. congresswoman spears speoke to s about 4r50leading a delegation. >> we are going to go to the processing center where the actual customs and border patrol can hold people for 72 hours. we are actually going to be writing in -- riding in one of these buses so it goodor >> abc 7 news. >> stay with us here an
1:13 am we bring you the story of the crisis at the border. plan to an immigration detention camp. abc 7 news reporter is there live with more. >> reporter: the navy left concord more than a decade ago. it owns thousands of acres many. >> no local official had been informed about this. >> he says he was blind sided by news the u.s. navy is considering the weapons station as a possible detention center site to house up to 47,000 migrants. >> we are going fight it. we are not going to let this happen. >> others are also being looked at. abc news confirmed an internal navy document mentioned 233
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million. >> this is not a solution. this is really evil policy. >> mark says he will fight the trump administration. >> it reminded me of world war ii and japanese. we don't want to be a party to that. >> they have been in negotiations for years to acquire the weapons station property. >> we don't know how much nuclear waste is on that site. there is a lot of stuff that can happen. it doesn't seem right. >> the navy providing few details saying it would be inappropriate to discover planning calling on congress for immigration reform. >> it has ban really bad bad system, ob the worst any where in the world. >> tonight the city of concord saying it is committed to being
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a welcoming city for all but it does not represent those values. abc 7 news. >> all right. thanks very much. moving on now people ran for safety after someone fired a gun during a chaotic party. you can see everybody scrambling to get to safety. police tell us no one was wounded. at least 600 people had picked a picnic area. no one has been arrested. >> the civic center bart station is back open after a fire. abc 7 news viewer took these photos showing that smoke rising. we are told the fire was started inside a fan room. no one was hurt. the closure did cause an inconvenience for those heading to pride festivities. >> festivities got transmitted.
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it is all lit up for the big weekend celebration. >> reporter: it is. it is really busy >> the rights were pried. preparations for the festivities are nearly set. pride weekend kicked off with plenty of fanfare. >> i9 began at 18th. >> it is a lovely day. it is a little hot. i'm so happy and so privileged to be here. >> here for visibility. >> this is my second and i'm here because i want to be visible as a person for all of the people who c here today. i'm here to make my presence in this city known. >> i like to represent my
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brothers and everybody else. visiting from amsterdam right as the march got >> >> all right. stay with us. a lot more to come. cannabis is legal. are people growing following the rules? >>. families in the south bay ventured out as the sun went
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down. we'll have your complete weekend forecast. and it's the cat's meow. >> all that coming up in a few minutes. we have a look at what's ahead right after abc 7 news.
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strip mop, giving you a thorough clean the first time. for a convenient clean, try swiffer wetjet with a money back guarantee. brand power. helping you buy better. what you can't see are the illegal pot farms. they cracking down on the illegal farms. dan has been digging into the problem and has more on the latest raids. >> you have a range of farmers in the three california counties. those who do it right and follow the rules and the illegal some times hidden on federal land. the state is cracking down warning farmers to clean up their act or shut down. >> it is home to -- the county sheriff showed us photos where you can see the dirty side of
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the weed industry. investigators found trash, hazardous waste and rue sewage. >> that's long history of illegal cultivation in the north coast. >> chief david bess is with fish and wildlife. >> we see many of the folks wanting to comply and going through the proper licensing. there is a whole bunch of folks who are not. >> that is where the focus has shifted. while they are ensuring licensed farms fish and wildlife going after those who aren't. authorities say they discovered $3 million in hidden cash that might have been reloosed pending charges. in trinity county showed what was left behind. >> it makes me angry. this is a national asset. it is a national treasure.
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it is being disspoiled by criminals. >> there are mounds of garbage and pesticides. >> we are a quarter of a teaspoon can kill a male african lion. >> they often tap into near by streams and creeks to water their plants. >> as all of us in california know there is not enough water to go around. massive amounts of it it it di vee diverted. >> they usually have little regard for the environment which means it can trickle into the streams and creeks. they say the stoxins with kill native animals. >> it's more of a chronic problem like cancerchnd a hardee
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expense i have to fix. >> last month $2.5 million in federal funding was earmarked to target illegal cannabis operations. >> we will focus on the ones causing the most environmental damage and go after them. our mission to go after everyone not in a frame
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hundreds turned out. people fanned themselves to try to stay cool. >> tomorrow the heat will be even worse. >> that's right. let's find out how hot it is going to get. >> yeah. we'll be seeing triple digit heat hotter than today in the inland valleys. let me show you live doppler right now. i do not expect fog to stick around. it is still pretty warm. san francisco, gilroy all in the 60s. you know we are set up for what's ahead to be warm to hot day. santa rosa warm to hot day. concord in the low 70s. notice that this camera is a little shaky. the offshore flow is already beginning to develop with gusty winds in the hills drying out the air mass.
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red flag warning going up early tomorrow morning. be aware of it's a beautiful view. temperatures will be coming up a few more degrees tomorrow. we'll go hotter inland, warmer at the coast tomorrow. high fire danger and reduced air quality with cooling beginning on sunday. tomorrow morning it's not going to be that cool. it will start out mild with 50s and 60s. the only place you'll drop to the upper 40s will be half-moon bay. you feel that heat, 101 degrees, 96 in san jose. it is 86 in santa cruz. pretty warm there as well. mountain view 94. you want to escape the heat. head to the coast. it will be a warm one. temperatures in the low 70s. downtown san francisco 73. north bay you'll see triple digits to lake port.
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getting up to 74 at beach. head inland and this is where you're really going to feel the roasting effect of the heat. it is 106 in it will be the kind of heat you don't expect to see this time of year. tomorrow warming up to 79 degrees at at&t park. it will be a nice day but warm one. cooler weather on sunday for the big race. 82 degrees. here is a look at the air quality forecast. a look at the pride parade forecast for san francisco on sunday. temperatures will be coming down. in the morning 60 degrees.
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mild in the noontime around 70 degrees, breezy and the fog rolls back in. temperatures will begin to drop. seven day forecast, triple digit inland, 70s along the coast. fog returns sunday and temperatures do start to moderate. much cooler on monday and we'll go down to the 80s 80s 80s >> all right. thank you. say hello to some very dedicated fans. >> yeah.
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kitty minicafe. people waited for hours to get in and buy collectibles. it started in japan and brought
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to the u.s. in the 1970s. it is the first of its kind in northern california. >> that is so fun. >> definitely. >> did i see him working in there? >> yes. >> they run a power show on the road. the recent home run
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giving them home runs in 23 consecutive road games. the a's playing a double dip. a three run homer. that's 22 straight road games.
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4-0 a's. fifth inning strikes out. no problem. the ball gets the seconds home run of the game. the a's tame game one they made it 1-0. the white sox would answer in the 2nd. it would play
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allowed three runs in six innings. only two earned because of this one right here. throws it into the out field. your final 6-2. the sharks selected with the 21st overall pick. he scored 122 points and 125 games in two seasons. many say he is a top ten talent but has issues with maturity. he was suspended for three games in february slashing an opponent in the legs. cutting ties with paul martin. the sharks placed the defense man on unconditional waivers so they could buy out the final year of his ct. he played a key role in the stanley cup finals. this sports report is brought to
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all right. we appreciate your time. hope you have a great weekend. fun in the sun. it will be really hot. >> thanks for joining us here. >> good night.
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a rare site. >> what set off the scene that left tourists stunned. no doubt about it. shirley web is a beast. >> the power lifting grandma who will make your leg >> there is so little
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>>. that's wonderful. you have two this is in india. >> oh. >> wow. >> that's cool. >> that is cool. >> that sound. >> that sound is crazy. >> there are visitors in one o those safari trucks. >> somebody was about to eat a meal. the male creeped up on her and said last fight. the guy won. he stole her lunch. >> he said this is at a park. are there any rangers near by? >> it didn't say anything about that.
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>> are you going break up that fight? >> you will let it happen and go okay. pick up the pieces. >> can't you toss like a giant yarn ball? >> it is only if that's what it would have taken. not to worry. this is a rare event. >> yeah. nick likes it goes under his window and starts howling. there it is. it's like you're making a bad name for us. >> wow. they f trying to murder each other. right here you'll hear something. >> it was his 94-year-old
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neighbor. >> no kidding. i thought it was one of the animals. >> get off my lawn. >> yeah. a combination and a cool stunt here. lets his passenger go. you get the same angle here as well. once that's done you can see the crowd out there a pretty fun day. what's wha he doesn't know is that there is danger ton way and the first clue we get for it is right here. that little dark mark. >> what'st? >> it is heading straight towards him. >> while there is an air show going on the commercial assen jers flights and a helicopter may not have got tot's not good.
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>> you see the shadow getting closer. hello. there's a helicopter. quickly turns back the other way. obviously there has been some sort of miscommunication. the helicopter figured out oh, that's dude there. the thing is the plane may not actually be on fire. it is a tender box right now. people are thrilled. passengers allege that the pilot turned it onto dry them out of the plane so they would have to go wait in the rain. this is just water vapor because of the humidity in the air. >> that's enough to scare a plane full of people who are already irritated. >> it got worse thr them. they ended up getting off of the plane. basically everyone is just raging. that is angrier than they should
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have been. >> we have got an emergency happening. this ambulance arriving on scene and backing in a trying to do its best job to not block the flow of traffic on this very narrow european street. he races over to his own truck. that's not an ambulance driver at all. >> did he move it in the middle of an emergency? >> yeah. he got tired of waiting. he said that the street was blocked for about 15 minutes. he thought let me clear the street and if any other emergency equipment needs to come to the scene they will be able to get there. >> you can assume -- >> a lot of people applauding. other people saying exactly what you just said. >> they weren't happy about the
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situation and a criminal complaint has been fired ghaens truck driver. very very difficult. there is so little space to cram cars into. when you find the tiniest little spot you have got to do your fwoes get on in there. >> they only have about 30 feet in front. how do they expect it to part? >> most of the city blook ck is wide open. she is just practicing parallel parking. >> she quite clearly needs >> i'm 80 years old and i can dead lift 255 pounds. >> that's more thany legs are a when i start whihi v the end o it i'm like wow.
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you can see the clips from different competitions where she is doing nothing but pushing weight around. >> i know what you're thinking right? that she has been at this for years. you'd be wrong. >> i was going to ask if it was something she just got into. >> i didn't start out exercising until i was 76 years old. the weights came easy for me. >> before she started doing this weight lifting she couldn't get off the floor without using a chair. >> physical activity will keep her limber and fit and mobile and increase the quality of life. >> sit the freedom to go out and meet people vaand have fun.
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>> right away i was lifting


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