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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  June 24, 2018 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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this is abc 7 news. good morning everyone. i'm carolyn tyler. thanks for joining us on this sunday, june 24th. let's start with a quick look at the weather with our meteorologist lisa argen. carolyn, good morning to you. we're seeing signs of cooling. maybe you're feeling it at your house. here's a look at live doppler 7. you can see the fog up and down the shore. the southerly winds started last night. transporting that cooler marine air up the coast to the north bay. not so much in the east bay. you will feel cooler today. no more triple digits. looking at numbers ranging from the 50s in the north bay to 50 in san jose. a red flag warning until 8:00 tonight. upper elevation temperatures are
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up. relative humidity is up. the possibility of some high perhaps be fire danger. temperatures in the mid-80s inland by noontime. 90s in our inland valleys by the afternoon. it will be still cool and gray at the coast. carolyn? lisa, speaking of fire danger, we begin with developing news out of lake county where a brush sfier is growing and mandatory vac situations have been ordered. the pawnee fire broke out yesterday afternoon, pushed by high wintds. the fire has burned 1,000 ache eshs. at least ten homes destroyed. the fire is moving quickly and is difficult to access. >> we've had several spot fires spotting approximately a mile in front of itself. it's jumped to new long valley road. we're utilizing resources to tackle both of those fires. >> mandatory evacuations are in
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in effect for spring valley. advisory vac situations for chalk hill. the shelters at lower lake high school. so far, no injuries have been reported nor has a cause been found. a dry hot conditions helped fuel a brushfire in san francisco. we were in myrtle heights where a grassfire burned close to homes on ellsworth and box streets yesterday. a grassfire damaged four homes in the same area on friday. fire crews are urging people to be careful during warm, dry days like we're seeing this weekend. >> please be cautious today. don't have the vehicle running on grass. don't be using items like lawnmowers ota c create a on yrd a shelters in place for some on
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box street. no homes were damaged. some credit homeowners for keeping the fires at bay. >> two small grassfires, one on deer hill road. it broke out just after 5:00 yesterday evening. flames damaged some buildings and vehicles inside that storage yard. two people were hospitalized for smoke inhalation. another fire broke out minutes later. it burned about ten acres of brush near hillcrest avenue and via dora drive. investigators are trying to figure out what sparked both fires. cal fire has ramped up staffing due to this weekend's red flag warning. firefighters will remain on high alert throughout tonight. aircraft crews are ready to go in santa rosa. >> fires can get out of control very quickly. our aircraft are best suited on initial attack fires when
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they're still small. the idea is to throw quite a bit of equipment, whether that's aerial asset and ground resources at it, quickly to contain it before it can grow any bigger. >> this weekend's red flag warning stretches from north of redding all the way down past san jose. crews moved quickly to contain this wildfire that burned about half an acre in santa rosa. relief is not really on the way. fire danger is expected to be high today as well. abc 7 news reporter cornell barnard looks at conditions in the east bay. >> the red flag is flying outside the moraga more inda fire station. it prompted this tweet. due to fire danger and poor air quality, hot temperatures, low humidity creating a lot of worry around the east bay hills. >> we're worried about the winds right now. >> fire chief dino tore rez says his engine companies are on
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patrol looking for fire threats. joaquin miller park is closed due to high fire danger. >> as you look around, the vegetation has grown and dried out. as we go along into the summer months coming up, they're going to start drying out even more. >> creating super fuel for fire. splashdown at the alameda county fair, many folks didn't mind getting wet today. the sun scorching hot, pushing 100 degrees. >> it was great to cool down. i'm soaked. >> didn't know it was going to be this hot when we planned it. >> these two had it made in the shade. >> we put a ton of sunscreen on before we got out here and trying to stay in the shade and gring drinking water when we can. >> many brought their own sun protection. pretty smart. this walk through misting station provided a cooloff. they urged patrons to take a break. >> a five, ten-minute break in
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the shade. we have on-site first aid and they're here to help you pretty quickly. >> cornell barnard, abc 7 news. new developments with the policy of separating migrant families. they will inspect facilities where families are being separated at the u.s./mexico border. there are multiple facilities in the southern part of the state now housing children. it remains unclear how long the children will remain there even though the president signed an executive order ending that policy last week. more on the crisis at the border. hundreds of demonstrators staged a protest over migrant children at a detention center in texas. abc 7 neuews anchor cheryl jennings is in texas with members of congress. >> demonstrators put themselves in harm's way trying to stop a bus filled with what they say were migrant families and children about to be moved.
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>> they are in cells and they are in cages. the first place that we visited had nothing upon the floors. they were small children, many of them under the age of 5, who were segregated from their parents and were crying. >> earlier in the day, 25 democratic members of congress came to mcallen, texas, to investigate the detention facilities housing undocumented children who were separated from their parents. >> going to have a lot of happy people. >> president trump did reverse his stand on separating families with an executive order, but the fate of thousands of undocumented children is still not known. >> frankly, what we really want to do is go in that building and hug those children. but we know that that's not possible. >> we traveled with lily ray and her bay area humanitarian group. they raised 1,000 pounds of clothes and toys to donate to shelters certificate flg migrant children in mcallen. they call themselves the mcallen
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12 and they call themselves -- >> i want my mommy -- >> every child deserves that. >> we met a young mother and her son from honduras at a bus station near the detention center. she and her son were just released from three days at the mcallen facility. >> did you get to stay with your son? >> translator: thank god the new law was in place, because if not, we would have been separated. >> they left to get away from violence. >> she was helped by the i want my mommy group who arranged to get clothes to her before going on a bus to stay with a relative. >> it's such a good feeling am thank you to everybody who put us in this position that we were able to come here and feel good about this. >> cheryl jennings, abc 7 news. hundreds rallied in san francisco yesterday calling for an end to family separation at the border. >> thank you very much. >> speakers and immigrant rights
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groups condemned the policy. they call the separations inhumane and deeply traumatic for those who found themselves at the center of the zero tolerance policy on illegal crossings. >> it is never ever okay for anybody to use children as a pawn and as a bargaining tool to get through any policy. >> the rally and march were organized by women's march san francisco and other local groups. there are new developments with the government's plan to possibly use the naval weapons station near concord as a camp for detained immigrants. congressman mark did he sal yea is planning a town hall meeting on tuesday through facebook live to discuss the proposal. activists are planning to protest the plan on thursday in el cerrito. that camp could hold up to 47,000 immigrants.
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concord city officials issued a statement saying they do not support the federal government's propos proposal. the pride parade steps off in san francisco this morning. it is the key event of pride weekend. abc 7 news was at delores park yesterday where thousands gathered for an afternoon of pride events, including the annual dike march. >> what it means to be a year and a dyke in the community. this is a moment be of being able to express that. >> this morning's parade starts at 10:30 and expected to be huge. an estimated 50,000 people will participate. the parade begins at market street. it will wind its way from beal to 8th street. it's expected to last five hours and public transit, of course, is recommended. will it be really hot out there for those marchers? i'm wondering about that, lisa. >> you may have felt the cool
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yesterday, the breeze and boy, it really turned out to be a comfortable night. overnight. because it was pretty intense yesterday. the answer, carolyn is cooler out there. in the 60s in the east bay valleys. but we still have a red flag warning in effect. there are hotspots and cool spots to talk about for your sunday. i'll have it all for you coming up. also next, a mural honoring anthony bourdain taking shape in southern california. the world's ugliest dock in petaluma, california, is -- >> beauty truly is in the eye of the beholders. the world's ugliest dog contest where
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late chef and tv host, anthony bourdainisbeing remembered at the gramercy bar on whil shire boulevard where he committed suicide while on location in france filming an episode of his tv show. he was a frequent visitor to southern california for his various shows. some san francisco residents woke up to the sound of a fire alarm that was apparently set off by an intruder who broke into their building. abc 7 news was at 19th and castro streets when people cleaned up the damage from yesterday morning's break-in. tenants tell us the man rang their doorbell several times before breaking in and set off a fire sprinkler on the top floor around 5:00 a.m. >> he was yelli
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my husband was holding the door shut while trying to hold the towels and things so we wouldn't get more water damage. neighbors say the water damaged a business on the ground floor. one resident grabbed a hockey stick to protect himself and his wife. police arrested the man. no one was hurt. oh, my. this is a victorious roar erupting in san jose during mexico's win in yesterday owes world cup match. the team beat south korea 2-1. they will now take on sweden on wednesday. soccer fans gathered at a stadium for this watch party held by the san jose earthquakes. the quakes provided this video and say 5,000 fans gathered at the stadium to cheer on their team. fans can catch every world cup game on the video board at the stadium. admission and parking are free.
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nerp celebrating in the east bay also. abc 7 news was in hey woayward a crowd gathered to cheer on mexico. the team is now poised to advance to the knockout round for the 7th consecutive world cup. mexico has never won the world cup. the phrase beauty is in the eye of the beholder was never more evident at the sonom sonomn fair. they looked at faces only a mother could love. lisa amin gulezian was there. >> to some, these faces are adorable and the sound they make are just as cute. they are the 14 contestants in this year's world's ugliest dog contest at the sonoma marin fair. >> a friend of mine said he's the ugliest i've seen.
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all of a sudden, he was a fan favorite for a while. >> some have been in movies, tv shows, music videos and have huge follows. >> he's pictured with paris hilton on the covering of live magazine currently. >> it takes a lot to be crowned the world's ugliest dog. they're looking for a lot of things. like crazy eyes, crooked tails, odd ears, a strange walk, disproportionate features and april tongue that hangs there. >> this dog left a definite impression on the judges. >> got good snorting. get that out of there. oh, man. dripping like a faucet up here. >> the comments kept coming. >> you're good and ugly. >> looks like yoda. >> after much deliberation. dn petaluma, california, is. >> zsa zsa. >>zsa's first
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competition. her family drove from minnesota spending three days and $3,000 to get her here. all because -- >> she is so beautiful in my eyes. >> in petaluma, lisa amin gulezian, abc 7 news. good sunday morning to you. it has arrived, our push of low clouds and fog, that southerly surge. here's live doppler 7. you'll notice up and down the coast. perhaps you're feeling it at your house. even mist and drizzle out there. so a dramatic change this morning with temperatures in the 50s at the coast. 56 in san francisco. had to use my wipers this morning. 54 in know novato. near 80 degrees and still breezy winds and that's why we have the red flag warning still in effect. look at the wind direction. we have winds out of the north and then we have winds out of the south. so that is what is creating all of gust around the bay. if you're close to the bay.
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as we go through the day, the winds out of the -- they will begin to build. 9:00 today, looks pretty cool. going through the afternoon, look what happens by 5:00. you see the yellows develop here by the delta. 20 to 25 miles an hour winds and that means cooling all across the bay today. so if you're not feeling it yet, you will be throughout the afternoon. it should be, in fact, even cool in some spots. here's a look at the exploratorium camera. cooling off today. it will be breezy. still warm inland. numbers down anywhere from 10 to 20 degrees today. temps near average this week. even a little on the cool side with a good dose of low clouds and fog, mostly each and every day. for today, the parade at 9:00, we'll have clouds at the coast, in the 60s by noontime. 70. plenty of sunshine. it will be breezy, numbers in the upper 60by 3:00 the afternoon andore fog at 6:00
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with numbers in the low 60s. if you're headed to the beach, it is going to be cooler in the 60s plenty of clouds. the southwesterly winds gusting up to 30 miles an hour at times. so it certainly will be a big temperature spread from the coast to our inland valleys. upper 80s in san jose. 91 in morgan hill. on the warm side in the south bay. definitely feeling better. on the peninsula, 80 in redwood city. at the coast, just limited clearing. we'll see mid-60s in the sunset. you have to get over to the financial district where it will be sunny. about 70 today. 80 yesterday in san francisco. 85 in petaluma. still warm the further north you go. certainly not as oppressive. in fact, a nice day today. 83 in san leandro. inland, we have the heat but this is more of what we can deal with. how about 90 in pleasanton. 91 in livermore.
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the accuweather for pride day today, 96 inland. 60s to near 70 at the coast, it will be gray. on monday, we continue our cooling trend through tuesday, wednesday. you down loet you our app, the only heat is toward the end of the week and it will just be inland, not to worry. this is just about perfect for the pride parade today. >> it is. >> thank you, lisa. the unique option one has
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for switching to progressive? [ engine revving ] you cannot hear me at all, can you?
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a couple did everything they could to prepare for the advancing flames. but in the end, they turned to 7 on your side's michael finney to save something that holds a lot of good memories. >> this multidiamond ring has a special meaning to debbie white, who spells her first name with two is. she bought it with her husband rick to celebrate the tax firm they opened together in 2007. >> oh, my gosh. it means a lot. it was the first ring my husband got me when we went out on our own. >> as the fire o proechd, authorities put their hometown of windsor under an evacuation advisory. that meant they could be ordered to leave at any time. >> so we rounded up all the kitties into the motor home and all of our personal belongings and paintings and everything, as much as we could cram into the
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motor home. >> among those items was the lifetime protection plan they bought for the ring. >> if any of the diamonds fell out, we'd be responsible for replacing them. with the warranty, it was part of the guarantee. >> their home escaped the flames. part of the lucky ones. never a need to evacuate. unfortunately, they lost that warranty and all the chaos surrounding the fire. >> we have no clue, none whatsoever. we have torn apart our garage, we've torn apart the car, the motor home. everywhere. >> she contacted zales hoping they could print a copy of her warranty. the condition told her, it did not have a copy of it. the company told her it searched for weeks to find any record of it. in the end, it said it could do nothing further. the whites contacts us and we contacted significant net. it told us, we take all concerns
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seriously and work with each customer to come to a satisfactory resolution. i'm pleased to say we've got a satisfactory resolution. we were able to buy a new lifetime protection plan for their ring. >> thank you. i appreciate your staff very, very much. >> we appreciate you, too, debbie. >> if you have a consumer issue you can't resolve, get ahold of me through my facebook page or our website at i'm michael finney, 7 on your side. a drone captured some underwater drama up the san diego coast. you can see a shark which experts say is a make owe. on the upper left of the screen is a harbor seal hunting. the seal cleverly dives under a whale watching boat to try to lose the predator. the harbor seal did have some cuts but managed to escape. one man is taking his
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commute into his hands. look at what ferry commuters on the hudson river spotted. he's in a full suit paddle boarding. he decided to paddle board to work to save money and made it on time, though he was a little bit wet. still to come on abc 7 mornings, president trump lashes out at democrats. he says they're being soft on immigration just days after the reversal of his policy of separating parents and children at the mexican border. also, summer travel season is here. how you can save on your vacation whether you've already booked a
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welcome back everyone. we're starting this half hour with a look at the weather with our meteorologist lisa argen.
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>> hi carolyn. good morning to you. it certainly is a much cooler morning at the coast or on the bay. you can see the flags and the gray sky from our roof camera. the winds have been blowing. we have the fog to show you to prove it. 56 in san francisco. 60 in mountain view and san jose. our friends still mild with temperatures there in the 60s from concord to livermore. 55 in santa rosa. because of the warm temperatures in the upper elevations and the winds not totally switched around to an on-shore component, we have fire danger. red flag warning until 8:00 tonight. the winds will be gusting and the relative humidity will be low. 9:00, in the 60s and 70s. by the afternoon, look at that. 80s and 90s. fog at the shoreline. carolyn? lisa, thank you. now to the intensifying chaos over the immigration debate. president trump hit the road in las vegas last night addressing the -- he did not mention the
5:31 am
reversal of his policy of separating parents and children at the mexican border. tara palmieri in washington has the details. >> reporter: president trump at a rally in las vegas lashing out against democrats for being too soft on immigration. >> because they think immigration is being -- being weak on the border, which is therefore allowing tremendous crime to come into our country. they think that that's a good issue for them. i don't think being weak on the bordered, being pathetically weak on the border, i don't think that's a good issue. >> reporter: the zero tolerance policy igniting a backlash against some of his staff. sara sanders kicked out of this virginia restaurant while at dinner with family and friends. the owner telling her to leave on moral grounds, including separating immigrant families. >> the separation of illegal alien families is the product of the same legal loopholes that democrats refuse to close. >> sanders saying i was told by the owner of red hen in
5:32 am
lexington, virginia to leave because of i work for potus. i politely left. >> i want dignity and compassion and fairness. >> her father, mike huckabee coming to her defense tweeting bigotry on the menu in lexington, virginia. or you can ask for the hate plate and appetizers, small plates for small minds. hours earlier, he said nancy pelosi introduces her takeback of the house. sanders is not the first one to face outrage. nielsen was heckle at a mexican restaurant. if kids don't eat in peace, bc n officials are suffering from whiplash, blaming white house aide steven miller for pushcy policy. >> i didn't like the sight or feeling of families being separated. >> now scrambling to implement
5:33 am
the order to stop the separation of families. tara palmieri, the white house. demonstrators had a shouting showdown in mcallen, texas. the whereabouts of 1800 children separated from their families under the now rescinded trump administration policy are still in question. abc news reporter, marcus moore has the story. >> emotions boiling over on the border. in mcallen, the epicenter of the crisis, demonstrators blocking a bus full of immigrant children creating a tense standoff between protesters and police. >> human rightts announcing a 24-day fast in support of separated families. >> what is the significance of a fast in thistle bit of pain, maybe hunger pain. not the kind of pain that the children are feeling. >> the customs and border
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protection agency says 500 children in custody have been reunit reunited. there are still more than 1800 at other agencies separated from parents. among them 8-year-old danny. he's in new york. his mother detained in el paso facing charges after crossing the border illegally. his aunt is trying to reunite them. >> el paso has not responded. we've got the bus ticket ready to go. he's not even aware. >> calls for expedited reunions like this one in baltimore friday. others who have been deported like these families in honduras taking solace in seeing their loved ones. while in texas, buses drop off children daily. they wait for word on their asylum cases. marcus moore, abc news. this week will focus heavily on the crisis at the border. one guest will be former trump
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homeland security adviser, tom bossert, republican senator jeff flake will be interviewed also. it airs at 8:00 this morning followed by abc 7 news at 9:00. next, ways to save money and travel this summer. it's the start of summer. the average american family spends up to $4,000 on vacations. whether you've already booked or are planning a last-minute get away, abc's chief business correspondent, rebecca jarvis has tips to save you money. >> with gas prices falling for the last three weeks, the relief at the pump for summer travelers. whether planning to hit the road or the skies, it's not too late to save on that dream vacation. >> make sure you have an array of tools or apps for your phone to make it easy and stress-free. >> search deals by theme like beaches or a nightlife. plus, it pays to be flexible on time ng. >> there's great tools which
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tracks flight and now hotels. it will tell you when they go up and down in price and the best time to book them. >> according to a study of 900 millionaire fairs, the best time to book is 47 days out. remember, if you have a hotel reservation, you could still save if you see a price drop, call the hotel. many will honor it. only if you ask. finally, if you're driving to your destination, you can save yourself about 15% on fuel by setting that car to cruise control and find the cheapest gas wherever you go by using the gas buddy app. rebecca jarvis. treasureed binials aren't sure whether or not to charge a toll to pay for the service. that's according to the san francisco examiner. new funding from voter approved regional measure 3 which will raise bay area bridge tolls is
5:37 am
already in place to help pay for the ferries. some treasure island residents are not thrilled at the prospect of having to get on and off the island. recommendations whether to charge a toll, the amount and the hours the tolls will be in effect are expected to be submitted this fall. still ahead here on abc 7 mornings, the oakland zoo has some lofty goals. it wants to be more than just the best zoo in the bay area. we'll take you inside to see the new exhibit. they hope it puts them on par with the elite. here's a live look from the sfo camera. not sure if there are delays this morning. but there very well could be. as you see, there is a fog back easy and cooler this morning. but
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as we deal with this sweltering summer heat, sunnyvale police came up with a creative way to share an important heat safety measure. check it out. >> hot cars are death traps for dogs. if you leave us in a hot car, we can die from a heat stroke in as little as 15 minutes. >> sunnyvale police used some video effects to have their police canine reno share an important message about the dangers of leaving pets inside cars. the sunnyvale department of public safety tweeted this video yesterday. and lisa, even though it's going to be cooler, it doesn't really take extreme heat to do extreme harm to pets and children inside cars. >> absolutely.
5:41 am
it can be quite warm inland. still see 90s there. not the triple digits. as we look outside from the south beach camera, it looks pretty nice out there. you can see the low clouds and fog in the distance. 56 degrees in san francisco. it's pouring in parts of the bay, the fog that is. be prepared for cooler conditions if you're headed into the city. i'll detail the accuweather seven-day forecast in a few minutes. >> thank you, lisa. also ahead, the a's bats are staying hot in chicago. mindi bach has the highlights of the athletics comeback win over the white so
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loaths check sports.
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sonoma raceway for the toyota save mart 350. the big race starts at noon. spectator gates at 7:00 this morning. the a's will try to take three out of four from the white sox in chicago. first pitch at 11:10. the giants will try to take three of four from the padres in their weekend series. first pitch at at&t park is at 1:05. yesterday, the a's fell behind early. but rallied to beat the white sox. here's mindi bach with the highlights in this morning's sports. >> the a's are hey way through the road trip. they don't seem to miss the coliseum. the home runs were flying. this guy brought green and gold pride to the south side. oakland in trouble early against the white sox. chicago put up five in the first inning. capped by tim anderson's three-run home run after daniel mankan.
5:45 am
he was out after two innings. he added a two-run shot. they've hit a home run in 24 straight road games. that ties a major lead record. lowrey hits a double with two strikes. the game is now tied at 5-5. next inning, it's the big bat of matt olson. 17th home run of the season, no other first baseman has more. they win 7-6 the final. giants and padres. he stole his sister's floatie. hunter renfrow had a shot. that was the only mistake in 5 2/3 innings. this one is for ab a triple brings in andrew mccutchen. crawford knocks in two with a double in the 6th. crawford finished three for three with three rbi. giants win 5-3.
5:46 am
the. the warriors javale mcgee hosted his annual game at the coliseum. it provides clean drinking water. javale was definitely having a good time. this is oakland's marshawn lynch pitching to stephan curry. curry showing he has range on the diamond as well as the court. look at how deep that went. now it's lynch's turn. in the field, he definitely gets his beast mode going. there he is at second. see him round towards third. he's going to lose a shoe but not focus. he comes towards our photographer. you think those not intimidating. team andre won. the score is not -- >> i'm going to be the best first baseman ever in the history. water is important for health, it's important for anything in everyday life, especially in third world countries where they
5:47 am
don't have any at all. it's very scary. that's what the point of this is. we get to go to uganda and build water wells in third world countries. that's a beautiful thing. >> done a great job with the foundation. out here to support our brother. >> the toyota save mart 350 starts today at sonoma raceway. kyle larson out of elk grove will start on the pole. we'll brief you the highlights later. until then, have a great day. now, your accuweather forecast with lisa argen. a live look at the emeryville cam rachlt we're looking at the camera, 2,000 feet deep. the cooling is under way. if you live close to the bay or the coast, the winds were howling, we have different winds in different directions now. a red flag warning in effect.
5:48 am
we are looking at high fire danger in east bay hills. temperatures are up in the upper elevations. it continues for the week ahead. if you'd like the heat, we're not going to see any of it until the end of the week inland. our east bay hills camera, one-day event. pretty much overall. though we'll have the warm numbers inland valleys today. coming down about five to ten degrees there. check out the wind direction there. southerly winds at the coast. then we've got northerly winds in our inland valleys. then we have southwesterly winds through the delta. we've got the breezy conditions. on the creek right now. the beginning of the sun. 57 in oakland. 51 in gilroy.
5:49 am
from san francisco, you can see a little bit of a breeze. that will continue throughout the day today. muchhe. about 10 to 15 degree cooler in the city. you topped out at 80 in santa rosa. it's 52 in novato. low 60s, concord and livermore. here is the wind profile throughout the day today. 9:00, you notice we have light winds. they'll continue to develop. as they do, that brings the cooling. by 5:00, we've got 20 to 25 mile an hour winds all around the bay. they're coming from a southwesterly direction. that means the cooling weather continues. in fact, the numbers could be a bit below average for the next few days. pride celebrations today with the parade starting out at 9:00 in the 60s. some coastal clouds. but we'll have sunshine with temperatures in the upper 60s to near 70 for most of the afternoon. we'll remain gray, though, at the shoreline. highs today will be more comfortable. as we go into monday, they're
5:50 am
cooler. low 80s in concord. that's another 10 degrees of cooling tomorrow. tuesday, looking at very little change. by wednesday, temperatures continue to drop off as the system moves to the north of us. keeping the gray skies at the coast. 74 in oakland today. that's a nice switch. 86 in fremont. you're around 8 degrees in san rafael. 60s in half moon bay. tonight, we're back into the 50s with low clouds and fog. looking at the accuweather seven-day forecast, 60s coast, upper 70s around the bay. 90s inland. it will be warm inland. but that's about the only warm spot. you'll feel the breeze and the cool air monday, tuesday, wednesday download our accuweather app and keep up to date on the temperatures and they'll be more in line where we should be this time of year. i like the cooldown. >> i know you do. me noo. thanks, lisa. it took three years and $72
5:51 am
million. but a new exhibit at the oakland zoo is lalmost finished and wil be open to the public in a few weeks. anchor eric thomas got a preview. >> some of the an mams are still en route to the zoo like the bald eagles. others are making their presence felt. >> that's what a grizzly bear sounds like. >> this is what necessity look like. >> the exhibit has four one-year-old grizzlies, the equivalent of teenagers. big teenagers. >> these grizzly bears are 280 pounds. as males, they'll get to be 1,000 pounds. >> down the way, there's a small group of black bears. no, that's not a mistake. their if you remember may be brown, but they are black bears. staying with four-legged animals, a couple that are very shy. >> we have two north american grey wolf. >> they hope they breed next spring. gray wolves were chased out of
5:52 am
the state but they're slowly coming back. >> the prey is still here. that's bringing them back. they're following the deer, rabbits, other species that are coming in. >> every animal on the california trail was either chased out by development or faced extinction. these huge california condors are a prime example. >> condors are so big, almost like a mammal. they are a bird. but they share a lot in apex with mountain lions, wolves, bears. it's pretty cool. >> speaking of mountain lions, there's a group of them as well. all were found young and sickly and nursed back to health. >> many of the animals were orphans and would have to be put down. at the oakland zoo, eric thomas, abc 7 news. coming up, steph curry and chris paul take their rivalry
5:53 am
off the court. how they will be feudi
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here are the winning numbers from the $40 million powerball drawing. 16, 29, 43, 45, 56, the powerball number 25. no one picked all six numbers. wednesday night's jackpot grow toss $50 million. the winning numbers from last night's super lotto plus. 2, 6, 9, 13, 23. the mega number, 22. no one picked all six in that draw either. wednesday's jackpot increases to $9 million. tonight on a thegs edition of edition of celebrity family feud. warriors steph curry matches wits with the rockets chris paul. the dubs took care of houston in seven games to win the western conference. rocket fans say the outcome may have been different had paul not been out with an injury.
5:56 am
the currys try to range money for the fire relief fund. chris paul's team play for the chris paul family foundation. the fun begins at 8:00 tonight right here on abc 7. up next on abc 7 mornings at 6:00, evacuations in lake county as brush fires grow to 1,000 acres. we'll have the latest. the pride celebration is in full swing with the big parade just hours away.
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good morning, bay area. this is abc 7 news. good morning everyone. i'm carolyn tyler. thanks for joining us on this sunday, june 24th. let's start with a quick look at the weather with our meteorologist lisa argen. carolyn, good morning to you. some sun and low clouds and fog making a comeback today. here's live doppler 7 and the fog all up and down the shoreline here. we've got breezy winds, but upper elevations still the offshore flow. look at that cloud deck rising to 2,000 feet from our east bay hills camera. it's in the 50s downtown. 51 in gilroy. from our roof cam remarks you can see we don't have total cloud cover here. also, clear skies. we look towards the east. 54 santa rosa. low 60s santa rose a upper elevations of the north and east bay rills where temperatures are warmer.


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