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tv   Good Morning America Weekend Edition  ABC  July 1, 2018 7:00am-8:01am PDT

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good morning, america. this morning, the flash flooding emergency. the deadly deluge. at least one person swept away by raging waters. >> it looks like an ocean over here. >> as the midwest to the east coast bakes in unbearable temperatures. how hot will it get? breaking overnight, stabbing spree. a man attacking victims at an apartment complex in boise, idaho. police saying some of the victims are members of the refugee community. a suspect is in custody. hear what we're learning this morning. massive marches. [ chanting ] >> all: immigration! >> the protests in all 50 states against the trump
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administration's immigration policy. celebrities taking the stage as the president sounds off on the border debate. tour boat explosion. the terrifying moments caught on camera. [ screaming ] >> at least one american killed as this boat erupts in flames in the bahamas. >> doctor, doctor! >> the injured airlifted to the u.s. for treatment. and lebron watch is on. speculation swirling around the nba's superstar as he arrives in los angeles. could he be laker-bound? the new clues as king james takes the plunge into free agency. good morning, everybody. paula is off. very glad to have diane macedo and whit johnson on the desk this morning. >> good to be here. >> thank you. >> we have a lot of stories to get to but we want to touch on the story that you are obsessed with this morning. >> lebron james. this would be huge in los angeles, right? they're used to winning championships there. kobe retired. everybody is watching this. they're tracking lebron's every move.
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my local news friends in the helicopters in los angeles literally watching him take his first steps in l.a. to see if that's the place where he ends up. other cities in the mix though, nobody knows where he's going to go. we're watching it and we'll have more on that coming up. >> l.a. style. >> he certainly likes to keep us on our toes and work up the drama. >> definitely. we start things off with a pair of developing weather stories. the heat wave headed for the northeast is bringing temperatures near or above 100 degrees and is expected to last through the july 4th holiday. also breaking overnight, the major flash flooding hitting the heartland now turning deadly. rob is covering it for us from lower manhattan. rob? >> good morning, diane. we are looking at that building heat, some of that heat fueling some of these thunderstorms, dropping immense amounts of rain across the state of iowa. as you mentioned, flash flood emergency overnight in des moines, seven inches of rain falling in a short period of time, calling for that flash flooding. cars swamped in some cases, people having to be rescued. there was one fatality of a man swept through the water in his van, so a dangerous situation there. still have a flash flood watch for parts of iowa.
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and we had tornadoes yesterday. at least five reported in the state of nebraska. there you see one in the south central portion of that state. we are going to have a severe weather threat today but the big story of course is the heat, memphis, st. louis, chicago through most of the day in through michigan, we'll see heat indexes over 100 degrees all the way down to dallas and building tomorrow across the southeast and in towards the northeast, i-95 corridor, as well. today here in new york city and d.c. and hartford, even as far north as burlington temperatures will be into the 90s if not 100 degrees in some spots. and it lasts right through the fourth of july holiday. guys, back to you. >> rob, thank you. we'll continue to check in with you throughout the hour. we want to turn to breaking news overnight and this is a disturbing story. i warn you. it involves a stabbing spree in boise, idaho, a man attacking people in an apartment complex there. many of them, according to the police, immigrant families. details are just coming in on this and rob is -- ron, rather is tracking it all.
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ron, what do we know? >> dan, a very disturbing scene. witnesses describe a gruesome scene there. the victims stabbed and bleeding outside an apartment complex. and also in h the parking lot there. police have a suspect now in custody but do not yet know a motive for this very vicious attack. >> requesting as many units as we can get. >> reporter: this morning a brutal act of violence terrorizing a refugee community in boise. nine people stabbed at an apartment complex. police say it all unfolded just before 9:00 p.m. local time last night. >> advise medics there are some child victims on wylie. >> reporter: officers responding to a call of a man with a knife. when they arrived, a horrific scene. investigators saying victims, some of them foreign refugees, were found in the parking lot and inside apartments. some suffering life-threatening injuries. >> the age range of the victims varies dramatically. it's affected all aspects of the families within the apartment
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complex. >> reporter: after a brief chase, police took the suspect into custody. >> it's a single evil individual who attacked people with no provocation that we are aware of. >> reporter: a 30-year-old man who they're interviewing now, authorities investigating a motive. the boise police chief says the suspect is from out of state. they're not saying from where or when he came to idaho. investigators also said they're not aware of any connection between him and the victims. again, nine people stabbed at the apartment complex in boise, idaho. horrific story. >> disturbing details. ron, thanks so much. as you mentioned though, police still looking for a motive in that case, still the attack happening just hours after tens of thousands marched across the country over immigration. powerful scenes at rallies against the trump administration's zero tolerance policy and the separation of children from their parents. abc's kenneth moton is in washington where there's a big turnout. kenneth, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, whit. and a number of cities including d.c., the turnout bigger than initially expected.
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from pennsylvania avenue here to streets all around the country, we heard people shouting the same message -- that families belong together. this morning, the national outcry from coast to coast, tens of thousands of people in the street saturday protesting president trump's zero tolerance immigration policy that resulted in the separation of families at the border. they rallied in the nation's capitol. [ chanting ] >> all: shame, shame, shame! >> reporter: and marched over the brooklyn bridge. [ cheering ] >> reporter: more than 70 marches in every state. massive crowds in chicago, dallas, los angeles and boston, angry about images of children in detention centers in cages. >> i understand rules, i understand process, i understand all that but this is about children. >> reporter: demonstrators here in d.c. marching, walking in 90-degree heat, hoping that these images will reach the president. >> i hope this will make some kind of a noise in the white house. but i don't think this is enough. >> reporter: demonstrators
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demanded legislators act, democrats from congress stepped on stages across the country. ♪ star power also front and center, including john legend, alicia keys, and america ferrera. >> are you feeling strong? >> reporter: outrage, even though president trump signed an executive order to stop family separation. this week a federal judge in california ordered the administration to reunite more than 2,000 children with their parents within 30 days. that immigration order that the president signed wasn't enough? >> it wasn't enough because we know what's really in his heart and this administration's heart is to continue this kind of horrible atrocity. >> reporter: during the massive rallies, president trump was on twitter calling u.s. immigration laws, quote, the dumbest anywhere in the world. protestors say they're looking to congress but lawmakers left for the fourth of july holiday without passing an immigration fix. dan? >> kenneth, thank you. i want to pick up on what you said there.
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as the marchers hit the streets, the president was on twitter making clear he's not backing down on this issue. and abc's white house correspondent tara palmeri is in new jersey where the president is spending the weekend at his golf club in bedminster. tara, good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning, dan. the president is playing up a key theme in his 2016 campaign, by accusing democrats of being anti-law enforcement. he's stoking fears of increased crime, which he sees as a political land mine for the democrats. [ chanting ] >> when do we want it? >> all: now! >> reporter: while thousands protest the trump administration's zero tolerance immigration policy, president trump from his new jersey golf course, defending the law enforcement agency in charge of detaining and deporting
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undocumented immigrants, tweeting -- this morning, the liberal left, also known as the democrats, want to get rid of i.c.e., who do a fantastic job. trump also warning on fox news that eliminating i.c.e. would translate into a surge in deadly gangs like ms-13. >> you get rid of i.c.e. you're going to have a country that you're going to be afraid to walk out of your house. >> reporter: some democrats are calling for an end to immigrations and customs enforcement. >> i don't think i.c.e. today is working as intended. >> you think you should get rid of the agency? >> i believe that it has become a deportation force. >> reporter: others calling for reform. >> we need to rebuild our immigration system from top to bottom, starting by replacing i.c.e. with something that reflects our morality. >> reporter: the president accusing democrats of turning their back on law enforcement, what he sees as a politically risky move for democrats ahead of the mid-terms. >> i hope they keep thinking about it, because they're going to get beat son badly. i.c.e., these are the guys that go in and take ms-13, they take them out. because they're much tougher than ms-13, like, by a factor of
7:10 am
ten. >> reporter: the president claims he never pushed republicans to support an immigration bill that failed overwhelmingly on the house. but on the day of the actual vote, he tweeted in all caps, quote, house republicans should pass the strong but fair immigration bill. dan? >> tara, thank you. let's go to washington right now where we find martha raddatz who will be hosting "this week." martha, good morning to you. the president thinks immigration is a risky issue for the democrats heading into the mid-terms. i know you spent some time on the road this week talking to voters. do you get the sense that the president is right about this? >> well, i think this voters i talked to, those who are horrified by those images, are going to stand with those people down on the border who are separated and are extremely worried about it. but i gotta tell you, dan, i talked to a lot of people who surprisingly weren't affected by those images. one woman told me in tennessee, she said, look, people are separated from their children all the time. others were more compassionate about that but they want an immigration bill.
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they want something done about the borders. and most people i talked to said exactly that. now, if you're talking about i.c.e. and you're talking about abolishing i.c.e., the president says that plays right into his hands. and from the people i talked to, it probably does. because the democrats are seen by some as trying to keep these people together, opening the borders. that's what president trump is saying, they want open borders. that kind of plays right into the president's hands. and they're criticizing law enforcement as well, having criticized president trump for criticizing the fbi. >> and in a polarized nation this is an issue that may enflame the base on both sides. and the other massive issue you spoke to voters this week about on the road is the supreme court. the president says he's going to announce his pick to replace the retiring justin anthony kennedy a week from tomorrow. that will be huge news. on the show this morning, you have a key senator, susan collins, the republican from maine, who is a moderate. she could single-handedly torpedo this nomination.
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how much pressure is she under? do we have a sense of which way she's leaning? >> i think she's obviously under enormous pressure. and she was at the white house this week, of course president trump inviting her and others to the white house. these key senators. susan collins, of course is a pro-abortion rights person. that puts the pressure on her in an even greater way because there's so much focus on roe v. wade. she says she will not ask a nominee specifically about that. but clearly she wants someone who maintains that. >> martha raddatz, we appreciate your analysis as always on a sunday morning. a reminder to everybody, martha's got a big show this morning. as mentioned she's going to talk to key republican senator susan collins about the upcoming supreme court battle. also on the show, senator amy klobuchar. she's a key democrat on the judiciary committee. that's all coming up on "this week" right here on abc. diane, over to you. and now to that deadly boat explosion in the bahamas. you can see the flames and thick black smoke coming off the boat
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as people on a nearby boat attempt to rescue injured passengers. abc's erielle reshef joins us with more. >> reporter: good morning, diane. panic and chaos on board that boat as passengers desperately tried to escape the flames. a deadly nightmare in paradise. [ screaming ] >> reporter: overnight, this tour boat with 12 passengers on board exploding off the coast of exuma in the bahamas. >> can we move this boat? oh, my god! >> reporter: the blast killing one and injuring nine others. >> fwring boats! bring the boats! bring the boats! >> reporter: watch as the thick black smoke billows into the air. >> we need to get away from this area. >> reporter: the blaze engulfing what was supposed to be a scenic tour, sparking panic on board and nearby. >> that one's gonna explode. >> reporter: people wading out to help passengers. pulling this person from the flames to safety. this man bleeding, screaming for help. >> doctor, doctor! doctor! >> reporter: others fearing the
7:14 am
tour boat might explode again. ten americans on board the tour boat, two native to the bahamas. four of the injured airlifted by the u.s. coast guard to a hospital. all that's left of the boat, a charred skeleton. >> wow, that's bad. >> reporter: as you heard there, the u.s. coast guard assisted in medevacing four americans to florida. the cause of that explosion though is still under investigation. terrifying images there. >> amazing. people on summer breaks watching these images. >> popular tourist destination. absolutely. >> erielle, thanks so much. for a check of other stories we're following, dr. ron i think is what dan's come up with for you. dr. ron claiborne. >> just a ph.d. not an m.d. >> honorary degree. >> whit, good morning to you. diane? and dan, good morning, everyone. we begin in maryland where details are emerging in that deadly newsroom rampage. court documents show the suspected gunman jarrod ramos swore an oath to kill a writer
7:15 am
at "the capital gazette," the revelation from a 2014 filing. ramos reportedly enraged because "the capital" ran a column, an article about ramos harassing a woman. ramos is accused of killing five newspaper employees last thursday. in thailand, receding waters are giving rescuers better access to a cave system where 12 boys and 1 adult, members of a soccer team, have been trapped for over a week. engineers are doubling the number of pumps, removing water. search crews hoping that the boys made it out of the cave's flooded areas and reached higher grounds. in mexico, voters go to the polls today to elect a new president, capping a campaign marred by violence. the winner will succeed the president nieto. also seat ifs the country's national legislature. a study found that more than 100 people have been killed during this election season including candidates for public office. some of that violence believed tied to drug cartels. in colorado, an arrest in the massive wildfire that
7:16 am
charred more than 40,000 acres. 52-year-old jesper jorgensen is being held on arson charges in connection with the spring fire. that fire one of eight burning in colorado. and in paris, a wild scene on a commercial airliner when a passenger head-butted a flight attendant. guards rushing on to the easy jet plane, which was at a gate at charles de gaulle airport, pinning the man down. eventually taking him off of that aircraft. video showing that attendant visibly shaken as you can imagine. the flight crew said the passenger, along with four others, were drunk and disruptive. finally, in eastern pennsylvania, a debt cleared after decades of guilt. a driver paying off a parking fine, a ticket from 1974. minersville police got this letter last week, the sender known only as dave. he owed two bucks for leaving his car in a no-parking zone. he actually paid back $5, adding three bucks for interest. >> good old dave. >> good old dave, after all that time.
7:17 am
>> he didn't do the math on what the real interest would be. >> exactly. exactly. >> a lot more than $3 i'd say. >> reminds me of when you have a library book and it turns out you owe $50,000 or something. >> has that happened to you? >> no. but i might have a blockbuster video somewhere. >> ah, right. >> i think you're allowed to keep those now. >> thank you, dr. ron, appreciate that. let's get it back to rob once again, dressed for his golf game in lower manhattan. what's cooking? >> well, we're going to be cooking pretty soon, dan. a great day to maybe take in a blockbuster movie and sit in your house and crank up the a/c if you can afford to do that. because it's going to be a long stretch of heat, that's for sure. we mentioned we're also monitoring this flash flooding that is occurring across central iowa. we still have a flash flood warning that's posted for the des moines area and we had over seven inches of rain falling there and more rain coming to some of the rivers there at record flood stage. this batch of thunderstorms is going to push off to the east. chicago is going to be hot again today.
7:18 am
they're racing at chicagoland speedway that can be interrupted by thunderstorms later today, some of which can be strong, to severe, with large hail, maybe a tornado. we had a few of those in nebraska yesterday. more heavy rain especially across minnesota and wisconsin. that's a check of what's happening national-wise. good sunday morning. i'm meteorologist frances dinglasan. from those fires in the north we'll see hazy conditions through parts of the north bay into san francisco. san francisco breezy. 68 degrees. oakland, 73 degrees. 86 in san jose. still warm inland but cooler compared to yesterday. welcome to july, july 1st. july 4th is -- it's a holiday week. forget about the weekend. lady liberty behind me. we're celebrating it. she'll be breaking a sweat later
7:19 am
on today, as it feels like it will be up and over 100 degrees. a hot one coming. guys, back to you. >> stay cool out there, rob. we hope the athletes stay cool today as the special olympics usa games kick off today. there are two standout runners we're looking at, paving the way for others to follow in their footsteps. and adrienne is here with their inspiring story. adrienne, good morning. i love this story. >> i do, too. all of you who are watching us right now, put the cereal down. i know you're tending to the kids or maybe on a treadmill but these two are an inspiration whether you're an elite athlete or not. now making history as the first special olympic athletes to be sponsored. andy bryant and colleen bryant aren't related by birth but with the same last names and matching passion for running, this team is meant to be. just look at all their medals. >> i've run eight marathons. >> i've done 30 marathons and 9 boston. >> there you go, colleen, perfect. >> reporter: as training partners, they racked up multiple accomplishments and haven't let autism be a hurdle.
7:20 am
>> they're incredible athletes, incredible runners, incredible people. >> reporter: today andy and colleen, along with nearly 4,000 competitors and coaches are set to take the field in this year's special olympics usa games. >> getting anxious for the 3k and the 10k. >> it's going to be really fun, it's a big event. >> reporter: it's an organization they both have a long history with. for andy, all the way back to when he was just 5 years old. but this year's games take on an even bigger meaning. the pair makes history as the first special olympics athletes to ever receive a sponsorship. brooks running company is providing them guidance, training, and support. >> colleen and andy, not only are they two of the best athletes in their events. but they come with a run happy, and a glasses half full spirit. >> reporter: their lifelong commitment on the track paves the way for them to overcome challenges every day. >> with his disability, that's one of the most difficult things is being able to socially connect with people. and through running, he's able to socially connect.
7:21 am
>> in special olympics she's been very accepted and everybody roots for each other. >> reporter: as they inspire others and themselves. >> don't ever set a limit on these kids because it's amazing if they set their mind to it what they can accomplish. >> reporter: one stride at a time. >> you guys are like tv stars. >> so true. and just some fun facts. you heard their parents so happy they're able to compete. andy can run a marathon in less than three hours. >> whoa. >> which ps him in the top 6% of such endurance athletes. he says that running gives him a sense of belonging and camaraderie which he didn't really have before. he had some struggles with communicating. colleen started running in middle school as you heard and it replaced therapy for her and it makes her feel more confident and strong. >> i love what one of the mothers said about not setting limits on these kids. >> yes. i think that's true of everyone. >> it's amazing how far they've come in the sport and what the sport has been able to do for them physically, mentally, emotionally. those two are truly inspiring as are all the athletes who will be competing. and don't forget to tune into our coverage of the special olympics opening ceremony at 3:30 eastern right
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here on abc. coming up here on "gma," a teacher accused of bullying a 5-year-old student. the audio tape that the boy's mother says is evidence of abuse. also the terrifying moments after a curious toddler falls 12 feet down an air shaft. hear the dramatic 911 call and the warning from his mother. visit to volunteer grur community. struck. zachary, is my she shed covered by state farm? your she shed's covered, cheryl. you hear that victor? i'm getting a new she shi-er she shed. she shi-er? mhhm. that's wonderful news. go with the one that's here to help life go right. state farm. my dai need my blood sugar i'to stay in control.en.
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[ birds chirping] ♪ no matter what you are they're a perfect match. the new ipad and xfinity stream app. hey guys, i'm home! surprise! i got a puppy. add an ipad to select packages for just $5 a month for 24 months. upgrade online now. good morning, everyone. i'm chris nguyen. the fire has doubled after igniting yesterday. it started after 2:00 yesterday afternoon near the small
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community of guinda. it's unclear if any structures have been damaged or destroyed but dozens are threatened. heavy firefighting resources have been called in. turning to weather now and bay area forecast with our meteorologist frances dinglasan. hi, frances. >> hi, chris. the fire is visible from that yolo fire into san francisco. east bay, you see the lower fog and some of those smoky conditions. we do have a sea breeze. temperatures will be a little cooler today. 68 in san francisco. san jose, 86. chris? >> frances, thank you.
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welcome back to "gma." a horrible story out of the bahamas this morning. one person killed, nine injured when a tour boat carrying americans burst into flames. ten passengers are american, two from the bahamas. no word yet on the identity of the person who was killed or on what caused this explosion. new this morning, the greats go home. cristiano ronaldo and lionel messi are out of the world cup after falling short in the knockout stage. messi and his teammates from argentina, toppled by france, 4-3. ronaldo was sent packing after portugal fell to uruguay, 2-1. >> rough day in the macedo household with that one. >> yeah, i bet. best buy is pulling cds from
7:31 am
store shelves, marking a sign of the times for music fans. the move comes as more people are turning to digital platforms. >> i'm surprised that they still had them on the shelves. >> you can by the way still get vinyl though. >> vinyl i understand because the sound is so rich. but cds, i have been using them as coasters for years. >> vinyl is sticking around. >> in my move to new york i pulled a bunch of cds out of a box in the binder with the sleeve. they made the move. >> did you find her dvd from blockbuster in there? >> no. she's still lost the dvd. >> i have 8-track tapes. >> none of that surprises me. 8-track tapes. ron. also big this half-hour, what will lebron james do now that he is a free agent? a look at his options and some possible clues like his arrival in los angeles. >> l.a. boy whit johnson will be filling us in later in the show on that. >> i will. but first, the mother who is accusing a teacher of bullying her young son in a kindergarten classroom. the mom says she put a recording device in her son's backpack which gave her all the evidence she needs. abc's zachary kiesch is on the
7:32 am
story. good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning to you too, dan. this mother says her son was acting weird and things just weren't adding up. so she threw a recorder in her son's backpack. and she says she found the bully. and it wasn't another student, it was actually the teacher. the mother of this 5-year-old boy is livid, and this morning, demanding the miami-dade school district take action after she says her son was bullied, not by a student but by his kindergarten teacher. >> he was behaving super weird, he didn't want to go to school. >> reporter: kandy escotto says after her complaints were ignored by banyan elementary school, she put a recorder in her son aaron's backpack to get to the bottom of it. if you listen closely, you can hear what escotto claims is the teacher calling him a loser. >> losers. >> reporter: but it doesn't stop there. at another point aaron's mom claims the teacher complains about both of them. >> you still don't know how to write. i feel sorry for your mom, i really do. she's a little lost.
7:33 am
>> reporter: the district says the principal previously met with the boy's mother and moved aaron to another class. miami-dade school issued a statement and saying if the allegations are substantiated there will be disciplinary action. but the family's lawyer says that's not enough, telling abc news they might file a lawsuit if the teacher is not dismissed. >> my client's ultimate goal is that this teacher is removed from her position of power. and that no other child has to go through this again. >> reporter: the teacher is still in that classroom pending that investigation. a bunch of recordings, about four of them, just one was released. they say this one was the worst one. >> wow, all right. >> good thing that mother was following her instincts, too. >> absolutely. you never know what's going on when you send your kids out the door in the morning, right? >> that's a stressful thing to contemplate, but yes. thank you, zachary. time for the weather. let's go back out to rob in lower manhattan. rob? >> hey, good morning, again, guys. the sun peeking up over the buildings here of southern
7:34 am
manhattan. and it is getting warm, i can guarantee you that. i want to introduce you to my friend, s.a.l., the saharan air layer. that is a dusty air layer. it can make its way from africa. and it got to houston yesterday. look at this video from our abc station there. they put their drone and chopper up to check it out. very hazy, very dusty. this can cause problems for people with respiratory issues but should be clearing out as we get thunderstorms in there. all right. it's going to be hot. it's going to be hazy, it's going to be humid. across the northeast. go to the beaches and cool off. temperatures around 80 degrees. this morning it didn't get below 80 in chicago. can you believe that? that's how humid it is at night. temperatures will feel like they're up and over 100 degrees. away from the beaches. but at the beaches, especially on long island, especially the cape where you get that wind off the water, it will feel more like around 79, 80 degrees. you'll like that. temperatures in the water are warming up. air temperatures warming up. dallas, memphis. chicago, 91 degrees. that's for the fourth of july holiday. this is going to be a five, six, maybe seven-day heat wave. in some areas, the longest heat wave in ten years for some areas.
7:35 am
good sunday morning. i'm abc 7 frances dinglasan. a bit of a sea breeze, temperatures will be cooler today. san francisco 68. fog along the coast. in the north bay look for hazy >> this weather report is brought to you by pfizer, co-founded by charles pfizer, a german-born chemist who immigrated here in 1848, before the statue of liberty was gifted to us. but he probably saw it go up as he was working out of williamsburg, brooklyn. celebrating the fourth of july all weekend long in downtown manhattan. guys, back to you. >> learning about history, the saharan air layer. >> like alex trebek out there. >> yeah. he's a font of wisdom. rob marciano, thank you. coming up on "gma," how did this toddler manage to fall 12 feet into an air conditioning duct in his own home. his mother has a warning for all parents of young kids.
7:36 am
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this morning we are hearing the dramatic phone calls after a toddler fell 12 feet down an air vent in his own home. now the mother who says she didn't even know this was possible is warning other parents about the danger. >> my son is stuck in a vent! >> reporter: that's a connecticut mom's panicked call to 911 after her toddler managed to open an air vent in their home and fall in. >> if he goes any lower he's going to be stuck where he can't breathe. >> reporter: 14-month-old elijah irizarry was playing between two baby gates when his mom kristie says she left the room for seconds. that's when she says he may have used a hanger to pry open the grate, plunging 12 feet. >> i hear screaming so i ran in and at first i did not see him because i didn't think to look down. i looked in his room and i was like, elijah. i heard him scream again and i looked down. and i was like, oh, my god, he's in the vent. he's in the vent. >> reporter: kristie and elijah's grandmother frantici
7:41 am
franticily -- frantically called for help. >> i have a baby that went down the vent, my grandson. we've been trying to get someone to send someone here for the last ten minutes. nobody's gotten here. >> reporter: more than a dozen firefighters worked furiously to free him. >> his hands were over his head and he was in a position where we couldn't get him back down. and he was sandwiched from the front and from his backside. >> the mom we had on the second floor with us talking to the child, keeping the child calm. >> reporter: within 20 minutes, elijah was out. >> everyone was really -- like it was a good team. >> reporter: now he's back in his mother's arms with barely a scratch, but kristie says she always assumed the vent was screwed down and hopes her scare will be a lesson for others. >> out of all this, to help people be aware that it can happen. and like i'm doing today, i'm getting all new grates and to screw them all down. >> while she suspects her son used a hanger to pry the vent loose, apparently these vents can get loose by things like vacuum cleaners so it pays to keep checking on them, especially -- >> i feel myself sweating. >> right? >> exactly. >> so many people have these kinds of vents in their homes. >> i childproofed my entire
7:42 am
house and never thought about the vents being a problem. >> you don't think about it. >> all right. well, diane, thanks so much. coming up here on "good morning america," lebron takes the plunge as rumors swirl about his next move. the timing of the video, just perfect there, on vacation. speculation though on his future coming up. copd makes it hard to breathe. so to breathe better, i go with anoro. ♪ go your own way copd tries to say, "go this way." i say, "i'll go my own way, with anoro." ♪ go your own way once-daily anoro contains two medicines called bronchodilators that work together to significantly improve lung function all day and all night. anoro is not for asthma. it contains a type of medicine that increases risk of death in people with asthma. the risk is unknown in copd. anoro won't replace rescue inhalers for sudden symptoms and should not be used more than once a day. tell your doctor if you have a heart condition,
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everybody, there it is, the clock struck midnight. lebron james officially became a free agent. now the big question, what's next for him? especially since he's been spotted in l.a. we saw him getting off the airplane. helicopters were following his every move. abc's marci gonzalez joins us with more on that.
7:46 am
marci, good morning. >> reporter: hey, whit, good morning. a lot of speculation, a lot of excitement. of course, no one knows where lebron could be headed next. but his arrival here in l.a. has some guessing that maybe the staples center could soon be his new nba home. lebron james stepping off his private jet in southern california saturday and into a now ramped-up rumor mill. >> when he chooses his team, when he makes a shift like that, it changes the nba. >> reporter: sure, he owns homes here in los angeles. but the timing of this trip raising the question, could king james soon be bringing his talents to the lakers? >> lebron james is clearly one of the biggest names in the sport in a general rag. and anything lebron james does is magnified times ten. >> reporter: frenzied fans across the country feverishly
7:47 am
following the superstar's every move. from his caribbean vacation, where he spent the past few days living it up with his family in his so-called decision cave. to his leap into the free agent market. but who will the four-time nba mvp now be jumping into a leading role with? after this season's crushing nba finals loss, king james left the door open. >> do you feel like you've played your last game for the cavs? >> i mean, i have no idea at this point. >> reporter: here in l.a. many lakers fans hope lebron is on the verge of giving them a long-awaited hollywood ending. >> i think just to have a legend would be amazing. >> reporter: cavs fans shouldn't lose hope just yet. espn reporting that lebron spoke with the cavs' general manager overnight, so there is still a chance, guys, that he could strike a deal to stay in cleveland. >> i'm sure many in "the land" are crossing their fingers for that, marci. but i think the people in l.a. think otherwise. >> they're ready in l.a., i'll tell you that much. >> he likes to build the drama. >> definitely. he could always go back to cleveland later like he did
7:48 am
after miami. >> he's very good at building that drama. marci, thank you for that. we'll be right back with "pop news." haircut. i may look all business, but look out... . but there's a party going on back here. kinda misleading, isn't it? well, at carmax, you don't have to worry about being misled. the price online is the same price in the store, which is the same for everyone. even guinea pigs. it's only fair mr. biscuits. only fair. ♪ carmax music sting milk and fresh cream, and only sustainably farmed vanilla. it's made with fresh cream... sugar... and milk! breyers. the good vanilla. we proudly partner with american farmers for grade a milk and cream. mmm! i'm and i'm an emt.erer when i get a migraine at work, it's debilitating. if i call out with a migraine, that's one less ambulance to serve a community.
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♪ "pop news," adrienne bankert, what's cooking? >> things are getting hot up in here. we start with drake's new album, "scorpion." we can say a whole lot about this album. i'm going to leave that to people who want to talk about it on music websites. but what i will tell you is that haters are going to hate but he single-handedly shattered single-day records on both apple mus music and spotify. i mean, there are some people that don't like him. but he already, of course, had the release, "god's plan." this album is just bananas. first of all, he collaborates with michael jackson on a previously unreleased track. he has collaborations with ty dolla sign, jay z. the associated press reports
7:53 am
this beat apple's single day music record that he already held, racking up 170 million streams worldwide in just 24 hours. on spotify, "variety" reports they pulled in over 132 million streams in the first 24 hours, which also broke a record. he talks about his son on this record. there's a lot in here. again, we're going to let you debate it at home. >> he keeps pumping out songs, too, by the way, it's like, constantly. one after another on the radio. >> yeah. you know you're good when you're breaking your own records. >> good point, diane. so true. speaking of more music, south florida is hotter than usual right now. international deejay irie wrapping up his 14th annual irie festival. and saturday's big event was a barbecue bash headlined by jason derulo. we caught up with them both. >> this is the home for jason but you know what the most important thing was, was that we wanted to have the best performer on the planet hands down. >> thank you, brother. >> that was first and foremost. the fact that he's from miami, that's jt a bonus. >> it's amazing to be a part of this thing.
7:54 am
it's an absolute movie. it's just day after day of a complete movie. i wish you guys were here. you got to be at the next one. >> it looks beautiful there by the way. i think i just want to go to dip in. derulo gave the crowd what they wanted. an amazing performance. the big fundraising event is one of the area's most highly anticipated weekends of the year. all proceeds go towards the irie foundation programming as well as to benefit a number of other local and national nonprofits. always for a good cause, fun in the sun, right? >> a movie for a good cause. >> yeah, yeah. well, you know what? who doesn't like good music? good food? and this whole week is going to be filled with that, because this is a big vacation week, of course. fourth of july hitting in the middle of the week, so a lot of people taking the entire week off. not us. we got some stats for you right now. according to a study by the american psychological association, 68% of those polled said they return to work with a better attitude. but the post-vacation glow
7:55 am
apparently doesn't last long. >> oh, no. >> the survey found the positive effects for most wear off by the third day back in the office. >> that's longer than i would have thought. >> really? >> yeah. >> it's that post-vacation depression. >> you have to know that you're noent be back at work, y'all. you just have to accept the fact you gotta get to work. >> if work brings you a milkshake with a red, white and blue cake on it. >> there's that, too. let's skip ahead to what you're mentioning which is the food that we have. the holiday weekend would not be complete without a treat. check out the insane red, white and blue cake shake provided to us by black tap nyc available at black tap locations in new york, vegas. at the venetian. tuesday through sunday of this week. so while you're all sipping, let me fill you in on fourth of july stats. thank you to black tap. this is one of the most beautiful things i've ever seen. >> yummy. >> it was such a hard morning. such a hard morning not to eat sweets. >> i know, it's so pretty. according to wallet hub, 62% of us will be attending fourth of july picnics. 115 million hot dogs are eaten each july 4th. and fourth of july weekend -- week, is the top beer-drinking holiday. over $1 billion spent last year.
7:56 am
>> sounds about right. >> i'm going to drink this milkshake and forget the beer. >> i'm so depressed. i want this milkshake. >> i'm so happy. i'll work every holiday weekend if we get this. >> dan doesn't eat sugar anymore because he's the strongest and most resilient of us all. >> i don't know. take it out of my eye line. have a great weekend, guys. >> bye. good morning, everyone. i'm chris nguyen. happening today, locals will host an event called barbecuing while black in response to an april incident there when a white woman was caught on cell phone video calling police on
7:57 am
african-americn men for using a charcoal grill. she said using that type of grill is illegal. the bystander who filmed it said the woman was being racist. organizers say today's event celebrates diversity. it starts at 11:00 this morning. today marks the final day for his lordships in the berkeley arena. the owners have decided to close the restaurant when the lease comes to an end. there will be a final celebration bru celebration brunch today. owners want to thank their guests for their loyalty over the years. frances dinglasan has a look at your weather. >> hi, everyone. the smoke is visible even on our satellite image. that's how much smoke it's causing. from this live camera shot, you can see the smoke, dirtier clouds. these are the morning low clouds and fog we're dealing with. temperatures in the 50s and 60s. san francisco, 56. oakland, 60. san jose, 64.
7:58 am
highs will be cooler compared to yesterday with a bit more of a sea breeze. low clouds at the coast all day. san francisco, 68. oakland, 73 of the san jose, 86. hazy conditions drifting because of the smoke there. napa, 84. cooling continues over the few days with the accuweather seven-day forecast. breezy and cooler will continue through the fourth of july where we'll be tracking the fog for fireworks viewing wednesday night. chris? >> thank you, frances.
7:59 am
8:00 am
>> announcer: "this week" with george stephanopoulos starts right now. high stakes for the high court. >> we're going to pick ourselves one great united states supreme court justice. >> president trump hoping to solidify a conservative majority with his second supreme court selection. >> one that's going to be there for 40 years, 45 years. >> landmark cases like roe v. wade could hang in the balance. democrats face an uphill battle to block trump's nominee but with a mere one vote majority in the senate, can republicans stay united? we'll talk with republican senator susan collins whose support for abortion rights makes her a critical swing vote. >> i always look for judges who


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