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tv   ABC7 News 600PM  ABC  July 4, 2018 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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way of watching the fire welcome, abc 7 news spencer christian has the answer. but there is a race going on. >> there is, a race between the fog and the timing of the fireworks. right now it looks like the fog might slow down a little bit. here is a live look at doppler. let me give you the computer animation starting at 7:00 this evening. we'll see thicker denser fog near the coast and pushing through the golden gate as well, moving up to 8:00 p.m., 8:30, we'll see more fog pushing out. just a thin layer over the bay. but by 9:30, and that's the key time. that's hen the fireworks start here at san francisco. this show we expect it to look. the fog pushing through the golden gate with a little finger fog over the bay. it may obscure the view of fireworks here in the city partially. so if you're inland or south bay, east bay especially, you'll have fireworks displays under clear skies. temperatures at that time, 9:30, 10:00 in the mid- to upper 50s all around the bay area. it will be chilly and breezy. here in san francisco, it's really iffy. we may see the fog just partially obscure our view of the fireworks. but if it does, dlooes at least
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we'll have brightly colored and brightly illuminated fog. i'll have the forecast a little later, dion. >> way to look at the bright side. a drone show at trvs air force base has been postponed until tomorrow night because of high winds. the show will only be for department of defense card holders and their families, but the drones can be seen for up to three miles away. the show will start at 9:00 p.m. tomorrow. intel is putting on this display. a live look right now at san jose's airport where all flights will briefly be halted tonight during the fireworks show at discovery meadows. the closure is set to happen from 9:30 to 10:00 p.m. an airport spokeswoman says the impact should be minimal. >> we expect that only three flights may be impacted. we have 250 flights that operate in and out of here each day. so we're talking three flights. >> the airport decided to suspend operations after the faa raised safety concerns. san jose's fourth of july celebrations started this morning with the nearly two-mile, two-hour-long parade
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west of downtown. the rose, white and blue parade is a showcase for community groups to show their civic pride. abc 7 reporter david louie is live near discovery meadows where the fireworks show will be staged tonight. david? >> eric, this truly is a day for families to enjoy parades, picnics, barbecues and the fireworks going off behind the children's discovery museum. but the only thing that can possibly top watching a parade is actually being in one. ♪ this is a parade that reflects the heritage and diversity of san jose. the bright costumes and dances of latino culture, the history and pride of vietnam, a reflection of the range of people lining the streets enjoying what it is like to be an american. what you like the most? >> everything. just the people and the animals and the families. it's beautiful. >> the rose, white and blue parade includes elected officials, but fans seem to get more excited when they see sharkey or hear music playing. carrie smith gets really into
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the groove. she showed up three hours early to get a front row seat. >> you get to high-five all the performers and dance loud and the music. i want to be right up here. >> 6-year-old katie was grateful someone offered her a donut during the parade. >> i don't want the breakfast that daddy suggested, but it has -- it's a potato pancake with apple sauce and sour cream on it. that does not sound amusing to me. >> while the parade is fun for spectators, it's also thrilling for those who are marching or walking in the parade. >> i decided i want to be in the parade with my brother. >> and is it a great experience? >> i think it is fun. it's good. it's great. >> a few blocks off the parade route, there is another san jose fourth of july tradition. this root beer stand that 12-year-old lilly has operated for seven years to raise donations for the americn cancer society in memory of her aunt. and how good are your root beer floats? >> i think they're pretty good.
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>> reporter: just pretty good? >> pretty good. >> reporter: oh, come on, lilly. i think they're a lot better than you claim they are. don't be so modest. lillied by raise $350 last fourth of july. she hopes to do better than that today. now, the only thing we're waiting for now is a fireworks, and that's going to be happening here at nine 30s. we are live in san jose, david louie, abcnews. >> great story, david. i want one of her root beer floats. all right. in san francisco, a crowd beginning to swell in anticipation of tonight's fireworks show at 9:30. we're taking a live look from the abc 7 pier 39 camera, where you can see there tourists are already securing their viewing spot. they say they have high hopes for the show. >> it's america. so go big or go home. that's what i want to see. i want to see bigger and better than anywhere else in the world. >> the san francisco police department will have extra officers out tonight as nearly 10,000 fireworks illuminate the sky.
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the pyrotechnics will be launched from barges at pier 39 and aquatic park during a show that will last about 30 minutes. well, the beaches are crowded, as you can see. this is another live look, this time from our camera in santa cruz. you see there that blue ocean and lots and lots of people. abc 7 news reporter carlos salcedo joins us live with a look at how people celebrated on the beach today. carlos? >> well, dion, i have nothing to complain about today. it's a beautiful day out here to celebrate america's birthday in santa cruz. we've already seen thousands of families behind me here on the boardwalk enjoying themselves, but with the heavier crowds, you can expect to see a lot more police officers on hand to make sure everyone stays safe and follows the rules. drown view 7 shows the thousands of people in santa cruz looking for some fun under the sun. >> a little more crowded than i anticipated. i wasn't really sure what to expect. >> the fourth of july holiday brought out many families like
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the ke the family from dublin. >> i got everything at walmart. >> it didn't get any more americana than that. well, let's not forget the barbecue. >> we have chicken, ribs, shrimp. >> the essentials to feed the entire family. a special day for all americans, especially veterans like antonio quinones, who fought for our freedom. >> that we all have sacrificed for, and i bring my family down here every year. i just fell in love with this atmosphere. >> what is noticeable out here, the stepped up police presence. officers are on maximum enforcement, reminding visitors that alcohol and fireworks are not aloud on the beach. >> specifically, the main beach will have extra officers down here, both foot patrol vehicles and atvs, as well as the fire department has extra lifeguards and staffing down here as well. >> the extra patrols making beachgoers feel that much safer, a day to be out with the family and enjoy all the sights. and sounds.
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and a lot of people, of course, enjoying that train ride, and everything else that santa cruz has to offer. now traffic was busy trying to get in. so as you can imagine, it could be as busy, if not worse trying to get out. reporting in santa cruz, carlos salcedo, abc 7 news. >> thanks to you. we'd love for you to show us what your fourth of july looks like from american flags to parades and fireworks, just add the #abc 7 now to your pictures and videos online, and who knows? maybe you could see yourself on tv. the fourth of july fireworks are a concern for firefighters in the small community of guinda in yolo county. firefighters took a break to stop the fire from advancing further north. the helicopter assault on the latest hot spot played out as visibility improved. the massive fire has burned more than 82,000 acres in napa and yolo counties and is 25%
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contained. >> they are getting as close as they can to the fire, but if it's really, really smoky, they're not going to go in there any farther. >> as the battle raged in the hills, residents gathered at the corner store to compare notes. they had planned a fourth of july parade in guinda. cal fire expects full containment of the pawnee fire by saturday. the fire burned 15,000 acres and destroyed 20,000 buildings since it broke out a week and a half ago. right now it is 90% contained. that rash of summer fires is taking its toll on firefighters in marin county, and there may be a second round ahead. senior fire captain bill vera says the sporadic rains helped fuel the growth of grass which acts as fast fire starter, but he says the threat could change in the fall, depending on the weather. >> and grasses are your light flashy fuels. now, what we've got to worry about later in the season is
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when the chaparral and the trees the larger fuels dry out. >> marin county fire is recommending that homeowners cut back grass and shrubbery around their property. an east bay family's beloved dog died in the care of a dog trainer while they were on vacation. their other dog is critically injured, both victims of an attack by the trainer's own dog. vic lee is in the newsroom with the story. vic? >> reporter: eric, for the cresswell family, this was not only a terrible loss, but they were shocked by the way their dog was killed and their other dog maimed. they told us they're filing a complaint with tstate attorney general's office. >> complete shock. it ruined our trip. it did. >> jane cresswell and her family were on a european vacation when they got word their beloved bichon frise kenzee died.
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their other dog suffered from serious injuries. cresswell told abc 7 news she paid the trainer $2,000 to board and train kenzee during her 18-day cruise. on may 30th, cresswell says the trainer, don smith brought kenzee and dolly to her home here in this sprawling apartment complex in oakley. this is where cresswell believes her dog died. she said smith, who owns tri-valley east bay dog trainer initially told her kenzee was killed by a pit bull during a walk. later cresswell says smith admitted it was in fact her dog who fatally mauled kenzee and critically injured dolly. she has gone through four surgeries, including a tracheotomy. >> she will never be the same. she has a gaping hole in her neck. >> she says dolly's medical bills have gone through the roof. >> i have $26,000 in medical bills which dawn smith should be responsible for. >> but so far no luck getting that money. smith declined our request for an on-camera interview.
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instead, she spoke to us on the phone. smith says what happened was an accident, that she was out shopping when her dog must have ecaped from his kennel at home before the fatal incident. smith says she paid $1500 when she took dolly to the hospital, but she does not have the money to pay for the dog's subsequent medical bills. she told us i was horrified at what happened. i'm no longer in business, she adds, and i have no income to pay for those expenses, but i'm willing to work something out with jane. as to why she first said it was a pit bull that attacked the two dogs, she said i was afraid, didn't know what to say. it was an emotional response. now cresswell and other dog owners we spoke to were shocked when they found out that dog training is largely an unregulated business. cresswell says it's not only about the money now, but more importantly, she wants more oversight of this industry. so what happened to her never happens to other dog owners.
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vic lee, abc 7 news. well coming up on abc 7 news at 6:00, hear from the family of a man killed while on the job. what their message is for san francisco police. and next, the lengths some pet owners will go to make sure their animals are safe and calm ♪ ♪ ♪ raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens ♪ ♪ bright copper kettles and warm woolen mittens ♪ ♪ brown paper packages tied up with strings ♪
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♪ these are a few of my favorite things ♪ ♪ ♪
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two, one, go! >> they are off for the 102nd iteration of the nathan's hot dog eating contest. >> san jose's joey chestnut won. he ate 74 franks and buns at the famous nathan's hot dog eating
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contest. espn reporter darren rovell did the math, meaning he consumed more than 22,000 calories. 2,000 calories a day is what the fda generally recommends. more than 1300 grams of fat, more than the 26 milligrams of cholesterol, and over 54,000 milligrams of sodium. he consumed 74 grams of fiber and 814 grams of protein, be those don't equal out with the other stuff. >> oh, i feel ill just watching this every year. all right. abc 7 news was in redwood city when cub scouts carried a huge american flag. this marks the 80th year for redwood city's fourth of july parade. the annual ritual attra people from the 3e7peninsula an beyond. >> we come every year, no better way to spend the day, the fourth of july. thank all the service people. >> we've never been here before, and it's one of the biggest in northern california. that's what i hear. >> i like the band. >> yeah, that's cool. ♪
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>> now, if you like bands, today's parade featured several of them, including the marching bands from uc davis and stanford. while people might be looking forward to tonight's fireworks, for animals it can be frightening. >> in some cases, their human guardians are seeking out an alternative, a prescription that can help a dog get through a difficult night. >> abc 7 reporter laura anthony is in the oakland hills with more on this story for us. laura? >> well, hi, eric. we're already starting to hear some random fireworks go off, but typically, we are about two hours, a little more than that from the typical start of the fireworks here in oakland. that's why some dog owners have chosen to come here to the dog park, trying to tire out their skittish animals before showtime. [ barking ] the fourth of july is anything but fun for carina. the 5-year-old german shepherd lives in the oakland hills. >> the sound is incredible.
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>> in a neighborhood that traditionally rocks on this holiday, thanks to all the fireworks, legal and otherwise expected after dark. >> freaks. just wants to dig a hole in a corner. she is panting. she is running around. she wants to hide. it's sad. >> that's why marta parker will try something different for carina. for the first time this fourth of july, a mild tranquilizer. >> so it's a safe margin is usually half a milligram per pound. >> dr. eric braun, the owner of skyline veterinary hospital says it's not for everyone, but some dog owners are asking for a prescription for the 4th. >> they're calling for their favorite sedative for their dog. it takes effect in about an hour and a half, and lasts for about six to eight hours. >> for many other dog owners, the fourth of july is all about good fun, though their owners will keep a close eye on them just in case.
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>> our dog is for sure going to start whining, probably just cuddle up on the couch. she never really gets scared. >> she usually tries to attack it. so when she hears the loud noises like out the window, she'll probably go to the window and try to bite it. >> now most dogs of course won't need to be sedated, but the vets suggests that animals who may have a hard time tonight, dogs or cats, what their owners can do is put them in a quiet room, perhaps play some soft music and stick around and try to comfort them as the fireworks get under way here in oakland. and as we know, once they get started, they can go for hours. in oakland, laura anthony, abc 7 news. >> all right, laura, thank you very much. what sort of soft music do you think dogs would like? >> oh, mozart, of course. or maybe bach? no? >> maybe spencer knows. he's got the fireworks forecast. >> i'll be bach in a minute.
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let's take a look at what's happen right now with live doppler 7. we have fog developing along the coastline. it hasn't pushed through the golden gate yet. so the race is on between the fireworks and the fog. let's take a live view. before we do that let me show you how windy it is. it's pretty gusty especially towards the delta. fairfield, 29-miles-per-hour gusts right now. and all around the bay, you can see and towards the coast we have wind speeds of 12 to 17 or 18 miles per hour. now we'll look at the advancing fog from our south beach camera. downtown san francisco it's swallowing up sutro tower, the fog is right now. 62 in the city. across the bay, oakland, 66, 73. 76, gilroy, 72 and 59 degrees at half moon bay. here is a view from emeryville of the building fog just out to sea. not quite at the golden gate yet. let's look up north. santa rosa and napa at 67 degrees. low to mid-70s at novato, fairfield, concord and livermore. and one more live view right at the golden gate bridge. it's looking pretty good here
6:20 pm
right now. view holds for a few more hours, we'll see the fireworks very clearly. there will be fog near the coast and bay as the fireworks begin around 9:30 tonight. we'll have warmer days ahead beginning tomorrow, and we'll see over the weekend mild conditions at the coast and hot conditions in our inland areas. let's revisit the fog forecast animation. this is how we think it will look at about 7:00, at least our computer animation does. 8:00, 8:30, the fog building, pushing more out toward the bay. and then by 10:00 tonight, as the fireworks are winding down, it looks like the fog will have filled in pretty solidly along the coast. so maybe the fireworks can get in there just ahead of the building fog. we hope so. overnight lows will be mainly in the mid-50s. probably cool mere the north bay valleys where we'll see upper 40s and 50s. quite foggy overnight. early morning, commuters will be greeted by reduced visibility in some lomb lowe indications. tomorrow the fog be burn back to
6:21 pm
the coastline and even break up along the coastline. it will be breezy, partly sunny on the coast. highs from mid 60s to the coast mid and upper 60s around the bay. mainly upper 80s inland. a beach hazard statement for rough surf from tonight through saturday afternoon. wave heights are growing. and there is the possibility of rip currents and sneaker waves. so if you're going to be along the coastline, exercise caution. here is the accuweather seven-day forecast. warming trend starts tomorrow. yay! it will get a little warmer on friday. and then over the weekend, we might not be saying yay, because it's going to be hot in our inland areas. saturday and sunday, look for highs inland in the mid- to upper 90s. mid-80s along the bay. 60s on the coast. temperatures will moderate a little bit to a more comfortable range on monday and the cooling continues on tuesday and wednesday. >> so it will be a yay. >> exactly. yay with a lower case y. exactly. >> thanks, spencer. >> fingers crossed for the fireworks, by the way, everyone. the fourth of july is a day to celebrate america. but how do americans really feel
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a happy fourth of july, fremont. lots of red, white and blue was on displa durinmorning's parade, which even includes some pretty big floats. the parade went down paseo de padre parkway and ended up outside city hall. speaking of cata te a lo at this. you are watching live at the
6:25 pm
fireworks show in washington, d.c. in the nation's capital, this called the capital fourth. it happens every year, as you can tell. pretty spectacular to watch there. the president and first lady are also watching the fireworks. you see them with applause. you see them standing there pretty stoically, watching this spectacular show from the white house. ♪ and hundreds of thousands of independence day revellers have gathered at the u.s. capitol for the 35th annual a capitol fourth celebration. it includes a performance by the national symphony orchestra. new york city officials are expecting two million people on the banks telephone east river for the big apple's annual fireworks display. thousands of uniformed and plainclothes officers will patrol the area to help keep everyone safe. most americans believe our country is one of the greatest in the world, according to the pew research center, 85% of adults surveyed said the u.s.
6:26 pm
stands above all other countries in the world. however, only half that number say the american political system is the best in the world. 68% say america is less respected abroad than it has been this the past. most people say they have achieved the american dream or are on their way to achieving it. just 17% feel that sought of reach. well, congratulations are in order for steph curry. take a look. he just posted this photo to instagram this afternoon. how sweet, celebrating the birth of his third child. curry added the caption, "on this journey, on this quest, protect me, i'm blessed." canon w. jack curry. stef and ayesha churchry have 5-year-old riley and 2-year-old ryan. well, it was a miracle this week when divers found a group of trapped boys and their coach inside a cave in thailand. >> now the issue is how to get them out. we'll take a look at the options next. plus, the protests that shut down the statue of l
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or if you are allergic to any of its ingredients. don't share needles or insulin pens. don't reuse needles. the most common side effect is low blood sugar, which may cause dizziness, sweating, confusion, and headache. check your blood sugar. low blood sugar can be serious and may be life-threatening. injection site reactions may occur. tell your prescriber about all medicines you take and all your medical conditions. taking tzds with insulins, like tresiba®, may cause serious side effects like heart failure. your insulin dose shouldn't be changed without asking your prescriber. get medical help right away if you have trouble breathing, fast heartbeat, extreme drowsiness, swelling of your face, tongue or throat, dizziness, or confusion. ask your health care provider if you're tresiba® ready. covered by most insurance and medicare plans. ♪ tresiba® ready ♪ live where you live, this is abc 7 news. >> crews in thailand are still desperately trying to find a way to get a young soccer team and
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their coach out of a cave. the group has been underground now for more than ten days. they're being brought food and medical supplies. >> but it's getting them out of that cave that still very dangerous. abc's megan ruhle has the latest. >> after ten days spent in total darkness, now a few smiles are breaking through, even some laughter. those 12 boys and their coach trapped deep within a cave in thailand have been examined by a doctor and are said to be alive and in surprisingly good health, being treated for only minor scrapes and bruises. medical experts warn. >> they're breaking down a lot of muscle, even though they're incredibly sedentary. in medicine, we always want to get an assessment of their current situation, hope for the best, but prepare for the worst. >> with more rain in the forecast this week, the real test will be getting them out safely. none of the options are easy. one is to wait for the rainy season to pass. but that could take weeks if not months. another is teaching the boys who don't know how to swim to scuba
6:31 pm
dive. the cave complex in the mountains of northern thailand is about six miles long. the boys and their coach are here, a half mile underground, and a little over one mile from the cave's entrance. according to the british diving team who found them. to get there, divers had to navigate a maze of caverns and passageways, a journey that could take even the most experienced divers six hours. this mother saying she can't wait to cook her son his favorite food, a traditional thai omelette. abc spoke with one of the rescuers who calls this harrowing, one of the hardest in the world and says there are only maybe 20 people who are even capable of doing it, and now they want to train these boys. maggie rulli, abc news, new york. president trump is they're rogue down his short list of contenders to replace retiring supreme court justice anthony kennedy. the president has interviewed at least seven candidates there are two women, judge amy coney barrett of indiana and judge joan larsen of michigan.
6:32 pm
both were recently appointed to the court of appeals by the trump administration. abortion took center stage at their joint confirmation hearing. >> i would be bound by the precedents of the supreme court. >> i agree with justice larsen. >> conservatives have rallied around judge coney barrett. she is a former law professor at notre dame and the mother of seven children, one with special needs and two from haiti. democrats question how her catholic fate would affect her decisions. the president says he will announce his choice monday. well, some scary moments above new york harbor today. a woman now identified as 44-year-old terese okum u spent about four hours evading police at the base of the statue of liberty. rangers cleared before closing time. as a precaution, a special team of nypd officers finally captured her using climbing equipment. she now faces federal misdemeanor charges and will be in court tomorrow. she wore a t-shirt from the group rise and resist which has called for abolishing i.c.e. and
6:33 pm
earlier today u.s. parks police arrested at least six people after an abolish i.c.e. banner was hung from the statue's pedestal. back here in the cysister oa security guard who was shot and killed is thanking san francisco police after they arrested a suspect less than 24 hours after the crime. she spoke with medically woodrow today. >> lynn romero cruz says she still can't believe her baby brother is gone. >> sad. it's murder. >> around 5:20 monday morning, security guard rolando romero was faced having his job when his sister says he realized something was very wrong. >> my brother said oh, i'm going to hang up. i think i've been shot. i'm going call 911. >> san francisco police say romero passed away at the hospital. less than 24 hours later, officers took 24-year-old cardell coleman into custody on the same street where someone shot romero. police booked coleman on
6:34 pm
homicide. >> i am so grateful to these people. to all the policemen of san francisco. this is what i want. i just miss him. >> romero cruz says her brother was working in the united states so that he could support his family in the philippines. >> this man who does this thing, i hope he do have a conscience. you know, to think that he, the one he killed is a person not to have the kind, he doesn't deserve that. >> romero cruz says her brother was not armed. she has just one question for coleman. >> why my brother? why? >> with both their parents gone, she said it had been just the two of them. she never imagined her younger sibling would pass first. >> if you have a brother or a sister, hug them, kiss them while you can. >> in san francisco, melanie woodrow, abc 7 news.
6:35 pm
there is a gofundme account set up to benefit romero's family. we have a link to it on this story on our website, coming up next on abc 7 news at 6:00, we take you to an extraordinary summer camp for young people with developmental disabilities. >> it teaches them how to make short films, and there is a big name backing it. also ahead -- >> north bay residents say they feel like sitting ducks, waiting for the next wildfire to destroy their homes. i'm michael finney. ahead on 7 on y and every day you promise toor protect off! is here to help with proven protection against mosquitoes. trust our family to protect yours. sc johnson, a family company
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well, there are thousands of summer camps across the country, but we found one that is making a difference in the lives of individuals with developmental disabilities. >> it's a short film camp run by director and producer joey travolta, john travolta's older brother. lyanne melendez takes a look. >> look at a summer camp for extraordinary minds. >> this gets the juices gl flow and it brings everything together. the kids love it. >> a ten-minute workout helps to improve memory and thinking skills. >> one, two, three. >> dancing runs in family. the founder of the camp joey
6:39 pm
travolta happens to be john's older brother. >> i taught my brother how to dance. no, i didn't teach him. >> before getting into movies, travolta was a special education teacher. now during the summers, he leads students with developmental disabilities in a film camp called futures explored. 53 campers with autism, down's syndrome, asperger's syndrome, among others, spend two weeks making short films. this is tim's fourth year. this year he especially likes the animation studio. >> he's the best guy that you will ever imagine. and they have won the greatest animation they can put in. >> here they learn about lighting, cam a work, editing, acting and voice. >> the social skills the life skills that come it of filmmaking. because everything that goes into filmmaking goes into everyday life. >> after the camp all their work is shown at a red carpet event in livermore at the vine cinema. for these kids and young adult, it's an unforgettable moments.
6:40 pm
>> i think all the kids really like seeing themselves on the big screen. it's a great night. they do a great job. >> travolta and his staff are now pushing for them to work as interns in the movie industry. >> they have the skills. we just need to educate the community to give them the opportunity. >> they know educating others about what these young people can do helps open many doors. in moraga, lyanne melendez, abc 7 news. all right. everyone wants to know what's the weather forecast for tonight's fireworks. tonight's fireworks. >> and ♪ ♪ ♪ raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens ♪ ♪ bright copper kettles and warm woolen mittens ♪ ♪ brown paper packages tied up with strings ♪ ♪ these are a few of my favorite things ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ these are a few of my favorite things ♪
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this is a live look at orlando, florida a, or the night sky above orlando, florida, where fireworks should be going off. maybe they're done with the fourth of july. but believe me when i tell you, it was a heck of a show. no, here are some of the fireworks. >> well, this is new york city. a little bit different here. maybe they were just taking a break in orlando. as you can see here, the fireworks still going strong should. be for at least a little bit. also seeing those live fireworks from philadelphia right now. >> okay. new york and philly knew when to take their cues for the fireworks. that's good. bring on the fireworks, by the way. hundreds of people have set up their waterfront viewing spots at the berkeley marina for the
6:44 pm
city's july 4th celebration. many people around the bay area have made this particular event a family tradition. >> you get here early. you get your real estate. you set up. you're here for the day. we're in the best spot to see the fireworks right off the water. it's an amazie ining place. >> it's worth the drive. it's worth coming out here. it's very beautiful. if you have a good setup. bring blankets. >> and a jacket. it does get a little chilly. >> and visitors have been entertained all day long with live music, arts and crafts booths. but it's the fireworks show over the bay that they're most excited to experience. >> of course. now crowds lined the streets in novato for one of the largest fourth of july parades in the bay area. families began arriving early this morning to claim a spot along grant avenue. that parade boasts more than 100 entries including floats and classic cars and even decorated bassett hounds. the small town feel seemed to have international appeal. >> we're originally french. >> that's my daughter.
6:45 pm
i come to visit her. she took me straight from the airport to the parade. >> i really like how fun and exciting it is. >> what's your favorite part? >> i like getting candy. >> do you blame her? the parade rolled through the city's old town district with the fun lasting for several hours. there are a lot of ways to celebrate the fourth, and most americans don't stray too far from the traditional options. 50% will be at a fireworks show. 41% will stay home and relax, and 35% will party. however, there is a shift in party planning this year. according to retail me not, more americans than last year are buying nonalcoholic drinks. all right. we do want to get you this update from cal fire. they just provided this update on the county fire burning through yolo and napa counties. we do know now it's grown to 86,000 acres and is now 27% contained. both numbers are higher than what they were earlier. >> the evacuation orders are still in effect as wildfires continue to sweep across northern california. residents say they feel like
6:46 pm
sitting ducks waiting for the next disaster. >> so more on this 7 on your side's michael finney. you were in the north bay not too long ago. what can people do to save their homes? >> that is the question. let me tell you, i was at the shelter in clear lake last week where the evacuees kept telling me they felt helpless to stop fire damage. however, cal fire disagrees, saying if you act ahead of time you actually can shield your home from an oncoming fire. fire raced through brush at clear lake oaks and all too familiar menace of summer. >> i thought, man, maybe we're going to make it through this weekend without a fire. we get home and here there is a fire started. >> it's so overwhelming that, you know, you just -- you just want to cry. >> after four years of major fires and evacuations, north bay residents have grown fire weary. >> i've lost pretty much my entire life six times. >> anthony says his family has lost six homes in sonoma and lake counties in the past
6:47 pm
decade. his house was safe this time, but what about next? >> not knowing if or when it's going to happen, you have to be almost guarded all the time. >> every year. >> the fires spared frances owen's home too, but she is always on alert. >> every june, pack up everything that is important, all of the baby pictures, all of the birth certificates, put them in my car and take them to a friend's house thinking woman learned her home did burn down in the fire, and no insurance. and in spite of trying. >> i couldn't get fire insurance. when i moved here, nobody was giving out insurance. >> while residents feel helpless, cal fire says if you think ahead, you can shield your house from an oncoming fire. of course, clear ca brush within 100 feet of your home. also, create separation between trees and cut off low branches. install metal or tile roofing. your roof is the most likely place to catch fire. cover vents with metal mesh to
6:48 pm
prevent sparks from getting in. use nonflammable materials to build or cover decks, fences, and walls. >> this is just the beginning, unfortunately. >> also, be ready to evacuate. box up important papers, prepare a first aid kit. know the quickest routes out of the area. have a car ready and fueled. wear long pants and shirts. don't linger. >> and of course don't blow off any fireworks tonight, please. now, cal fire has an app that will help you safeguard your home. i posted links with a lot more information about how to shield your house from an oncoming fire. i want to hear from you. the 7 on your side hotline is open weekdays from 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. my telephone number is 415-954-8151. you can reach me on my facebook page and through there have been so many fires up there in a erow. >> i know. >> five fires, four years, right? >> looks like this is going to be a long fire season this year too. all right, michael, thank you. >> sure.
6:49 pm
one last update with the >> oh, i feel the weight of the whole bay area on my shoulders. here comes the fog. so looking ahead, 9:00 tonight, just about a half hour before the fireworks start, here in san francisco we probably will see lots of fog. along the coast and pushing locally out over the bay through the golden gate. here is our fireworks forecast, okay. we may see a thin layer of fog. if that's the case, we'll be able to view the fireworks nicely here in san francisco. it will be clear in most inland areas. fireworks viewing there will be great. temperature at 9:30 will be mainly in the mid- to upper 50s around the bay area. a little milder in san jose, about 61 degrees, and it will be breezy. let's just hope for the best here in san francisco. high temperatures tomorrow start to rise a bit. mid- to upper 80s inland. as we look at the accuweather seven-day forecast, you can see it's going to continue warming up all the way through the wekend. highs inland over the weekend will be in the mid- to upper 90s. big warm-up is coming our way. >> took your breath away, it was so moving. >> i know.
6:50 pm
>> hoping for the best. i'm not looking at that satellite picture again. >> no, no, nor am i. >> thank you, spencer. instead of talking about the warriors, it's fourth of july, which means only one thing. >> another dynasty. an eating machine, that is joey chestnut. joey chestnut wins another hot dog eating contest. but not without controversy. the mistake that alm
6:51 pm
6:52 pm
this abc 7 sports report is
6:53 pm
sponsored by stanford health care. >> no sport is immune from calls for instant replay. the latest, nathan's famous fourth of july hot dog eating contest. san jose's joey chestnut trying to break the record of eating 72 hot dogs and buns in ten minutes. at first they said he didn't do it. but then -- >> three, two, one! go! >> now, they have judges watching the competitors, but the judges in front of chestnut, going for his 11th nathan's title didn't see that he was eating from two plates, not just one. so when the contest was over, the initial result showed chestnut was short, eating just 64 hot dogs. but joey said huh-uh, check again. so they did. and when they did? >> a new world record, 74 nathan famous hot dogs and buns. >> so there you have it. the pride of san jose with his 11th title and sets the world record. please, do not try this tonight at your fourth of july party. some late game fireworks had
6:54 pm
the red hot a's celebrating a fourth of july sweep over the padres. the a's with an apple pie eating contest. get in there, get in there! this guy the easy winner. a's down 2-0 in the second. pleasanton's stephen piscotty, a big day. that scores matt olsen to put the a's on the board. shawn on the hill getting gold glove caliber defense from matt chapman at third. what a reaction to start the inning ending double play. knotted at two in the eighth, the bases loaded for piscotty, who bangs out his third double of the afternoon. this drives in jed lowry and khris davis. the a's take a 4-2 lead. blake put the tying run on base, but then got travis janikowski to ground out. to end it, the a's win 4-2.on 1a season high nine games ov over .500. even the umpires in the
6:55 pm
fourth of july spirit. the giants trying to avoid getting swept in colorado. starting pitcher andy suarez doing his part, allowing just four hits in first four i think so with three strikeouts with tyler anderson even better. a one-hitter through five. kelby tomlinson looking to end the fifth. he goes down. suarez gets charlie blackmon swinging. it's colorado. i thought there were supposed to be a lot of runs. right now scoreless in the seventh inning. fourth of july fireworks in miami. tampa's carlos gomez goes down swinging. well, okay, he did go down swinging, but not at kevin durant. maybe just a little bit. all right. on this special day, many will remember it marks the two-year anniversary of kevin durant signing with the warriors. it's a move that changed the course of k.d.'s career and helped the warriors cement their dynasty. durant came to the dubs from oklahoma city after the thunder blew a 3-1 series lead to the warriors in the western conference finals. we all remember that.
6:56 pm
since durant moved to the bay area, he has been named finals mvp twice while leading the warriors to back-to-back nba titles. this abc 7 sports report sponsored by stanford health care. and congratulations to the curries. i think you guyed mentioned it. they now have enough for a basketball team. canon curry born. congratulations congratulations to stephen and ayears. >> i think the girls are ready to go now. >> probably. >> all right, anthony, thank you. coming up tonight at 9:00 on coffey tv cable, do you recognize this pup? the effort in san francisco tonight to get this little guy back to its proper owner. on abc 7 news at 11:00, will it be a fog-out? thousands are expected to pack the embarcadero, hoping to see tonight's annual fireworks show. and coming up tonight on abc 7 at 8:00, it's back-to-back episodes of the goldbergs, followed by modern family and american housewife. at 10:00, it's shark tank. and then stay with us for abc 7
6:57 pm
news at 11:00. >> and at 11:35, it's jimmy kimmel live. tonight's guests billy bob thornton and comedian hannibal burress. >> look for breaking news any time on the abc 7 news app. i'm dion lim. >> i'm eric thomas, for spencer christian and eric flores and the entire abc 7 news team, good night. enjoy your fourth of july. that's pittsburgh, pennsylvania wh
6:58 pm
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