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tv   Nightline  ABC  July 12, 2018 12:37am-1:07am PDT

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this is "nightline." >> tonight, the first video from inside the hospital in thailand where the 12 boys just out of that cave are being treated in isolation. their parents on the other side of the glass wiping away tears, still waiting to make contact. the latest on the boys' condition and new details on their treacherous escape. the system of cables used to pull them through dark tunnels and the long dives they had to endure with no visibility. plus the rock of the family. saving his family in the new heart-pounding summer blockbuster. >> we've got to do this together. >> i'm scared. >> in real life, dwayne "the rock" johnson says it's his own family that saved him. >> when i had my daughters is when i realized what love meant. a true, authentic, unselfish
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good evening. we'll start with new images and information coming out of thailand. for the first time we're seeing video of the kids being carried out of that cave during the rescue operation, and inside the hospital where they're now being treated alongside their coach. abc's matt gutman is right there. >> reporter: this morning the first video of the rescued soccer players. a moment so many had prayed for. doctors say the boys lost four pounds each on average during their ordeal, will likely stay seven to ten days in the hospital under quarantine to prevent infections. that didn't stop them from waving "v" signs. six feet away, behind glass windows, some parents allowed in for the first time. gazes at their children taking the place of hugs. and one day after the world watched, the last four players and their coach emerged from that flooded cave. we aree cue
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for the first time. video showing muddied rescuers carrying one of the players up on stretchers. and harrowing details about how narrowly the team escaped the clutches of death with oxygen levels running alarmingly low. major charles hodges, the mission commander in charge of u.s. operations here, spoke this morning on go"good morning america" about the challenges of the rescue. >> even after we got 4 for 4 on the second day as well, the risk hadn't gone down any at all. so i'm incredibly impressed with the way that it worked out, but at the same time, candidly, i was thinking it would be much worse results. >> reporter: >> reporter: this morning we learned that miracle mission was hours away from catastrophe. had you waited one more day, what do you think would have happened? >> i think that the third day would be very difficult for us. because the rains had come. >> reporter: instead of swimming seven football fields, the boys would have had to have gone over a mile underwater. was there a moment that you
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thought, we can't do this, maybe this isn't possible? >> no, no. >> never? >> we tried to do our best. because you know that 13 people are inside. and you find them already, you cannot put someone inside again. we have to try our best to bring them out. >> reporter: in that exclusive interview with abc news, the governor saying they were racing the clock. the pumps that had siphoned out hundreds of millions of gallons of water over the previous two weeks failed. the cave returning to its natural state this time of year, mostly submerged. their death-defying journey out began 2 1/2 weeks ago. with a happy excursion in. this individual wvideo was takee 12 boys and assistant coach made the bike trek up this road toward the cave. two members of the wild boars who did not make the trip told
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us that team excursions into the caves were nothing unusual. >> translator: i've gone inside four times. it takes about five or six hours. >> was it scary at all? when you went into the caves? >> translator: no. because when we visit the cave, we all go together and bring plenty of flashlights and food. >> reporter: but it's the beginning of rain ohio season. and sure enough, while they're in the cave, outside it began raining. and raining hard. >> translator: at the time, i felt nervous and worried because the parents told me that the kids went missing and they couldn't reach them. >> reporter: anxiety turning to alarm when the team's head coach learned of the team's excursion. he rushed to the site only to find their bikes, bags, and soccer cleats left at the front entrance. >> translator: i was stunned and shocked because i know that cave. and if the water starts rising, the entrance is going to get completely blocked off.
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>> reporter: the team was trapped. word of the soccer team trapped in a cave spread. friends and family gathering at the mouth of the cave blocked by raging floodwaters. they called out to the boys. >> translator: i started shouting from the entrance. but my voice couldn't go through because the water, it's going up higher and higher. >> reporter: 24 hours after the group disappeared, rescue workers started to make their way in. the boys remain trapped, unaware of the growing international effort to find them. and pumps working around the clock to drain the cave. then nine days into the team's ordeal, finally, a sign of hope. >> how many of you? >> 13. >> 13? >> yes, 13. >> brilliant. >> yeah, yeah. >> reporter: all 12 long-lost boys and their coach huddled together, exhausted, hungry, but alive. >> many people are coming. >> reporter: now a new mission.
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getting them out before coming rains fill the already submerged cavern. of the many options considered, the most viable one, having the boys swim out with the divers. but making a complex situation even worse, many of these boys didn't know how to swim, much less scuba dive. tonight for the first time we are seeing how the heroic rescue unfolded from inside that cave. through the water and through the air with rescuers from around the world. a u.s. air force specialist describing to the associated press a system rigged to whisk the boys across the cave's rocky expanses. >> we had to basically set up rope systems and high lines to be able to, you know, safely put them in harness and bring them across large, open areas so they wouldn't have to try to go all the way down. >> reporter: before they went in, dive teams practicing in a swimming pool with local children. but look at the conditions. this diver disappearing into that murky water.
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the boys enduring dives that lasted up to half an hour, unable to see. their coach who helped keep his players calm by meditating, selected the order in which they would be brought to safety. >> their coach and the boys all came together and discussed stay staying strong, having that will to live, having that will to survive. >> reporter: the video showing rescuers carrying one of those soccer players out on a stretcher. the boy wrapped in mylar blankets and carefully placed on the ground. the journey was so treacherous for the children, the thai prime minister now revealing they were given anti-anxiety medication to avoid panicking. u.s. military personnel were stationed in chamber number three, helping to transfer the boys to waiting medics at the cave's entrance. >> our group consisted of para rescue men, as well as support personnel. we have medical, communications, logistics, all hands were on deck for this effort. >> reporter: medics moved in quickly, working in the light of their headlamps.
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it's a scene that would have played out 13 times as one by one the boys and finally their coach were brought to safety. just in the nick of time. remember that tube that had been siphoning out millions of gallons of water had failed, prompting the governor to call for an wake of the cave and forcing divers to leave behind most of their equipment and hundreds of air tanks. >> the water got to chamber one. >> the navy s.e.a.l.s had to run out, right? >> yes. leave everything behind, we finished the mission. >> reporter: had it happened earlier, it would have marooned the rescue team and the final four boys and their coach. >> i think the world needs to know what was accomplished was a one-in-a-lifetime rescue that i think has never been done. we were extremely fortunate that the outcome was the way it was. >> reporter: tonight as the players and their coach continue their recovery from the safety of their hospital beds, tales of their heroism are emerging. many calling the coach a hero,
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sharing his rations of food with his team, he was reportedly in poor health when he was rescued. sources telling abc news he was shivering and seemingly suffering from hypothermia. 14-year-old salman played a crucial role, he speaks five languages, including english, helping communicate with that first british dive history found them. he beat the orders once, having escaped a region of his native myanmar known for dur guerilla warfare and drug trafficking. returning to brighter times, the boys haven't lost their spirit. the "v" for victory we first saw in the cave as they were rescued, a nice sign on the road ahead to recovery. i'm matt gutman in thailand. how far and how high will dwayne "the rock" johnson go to save his family in the new thriller "skyscraper"? es event and now is the best time to buy. preparing classic campfire trout.
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(car door closes) (sound of engine starting) ♪ ♪ skyscraper is a classic hollywood thriller with a towering inferno, helicopter attacks, explosions, shoot-outs. if you ask the star, dwayne "the rock" johnson, it's all about family. tonight he tells us how having children has taken his acting abilities to the next level. here's abc's adrienne bankert. >> reporter: high above hong kong on a knife's edge. it's "the rock" in his most precarious, vertigo-inducing, soul-rocking predicament yet. dwayne johnson defies gravity in one of this summer's biggest
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blockbusters "skyscraper." give me one word to describe it. >> scary. >> thriller. >> heavenly. >> heartfelt. >> suspenseful. >> powerful woman. >> two words! >> reporter: imagery, heartstopping. johnson not only plays a former fbi agent, but also an amputee whose family becomes trapped between fire and sky. inside the world's tallest building, the pearl. and he will stop at nothing to save them. >> you know, our movie is big. it's fun. it's summer. but it's also very suspenseful, very emotional. and at times very dramatic. >> reporter: johnson has become one of hollywood's highest-paid leading men, specializing in high-voltage, high-budget movies like "the fast and the furious," "san andreas," "jumanji." his latest movie hits theaters this friday, 30 years after "die hard" premiered where bruce willis famously rescues his wife
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from similarly nail-biting circumstances. for writer/director rossen thurber, there was no better woman to play johnson's on-screen wife than they've campbell. >> if you're going to put one name on a vision board, it should be neve campbell. >> you did some pretty intense scenes. not only carrying one of your children over this fiery pit on your back. >> he's heavy. >> he is heavy. >> we shot for hours and hours and hours, days and days and days, she's carrying him and carrying him and carrying him. so didn't say a word. all fine. movie's done. she has to have back surgery. >> what? >> yes. >> yeah, i did. >> dad loves who? >> me, me! >> reporter: hollywood newcomers noah and kenna are cast as the couple's twins. where do you go as a child where you're running for your life, you don't know if your daddy is
12:56 am
going to be able to save you? >> we're filming those scenes and a lot of them i was crying. getting to that emotion, and also like thinking that my dad's not going to be there, but not losing hope that he's not. so it was just unbelievable. >> reporter: that father-daughter magic is something johnson doesn't have to reach for. >> you hit so many emotional heart strings. >> i have three daughters. so the idea that we're in that kind of danger and i can't save her? was just heartbreaking. >> reporter: the movie, set in hong kong, and universal pictures brought us there for a whirlwind tour with the cast starting at this world-renowned dumpling shop. crispy on the outside, salt on the inside. world-renowned. >> like my personality. >> this food is going to taste like dwayne johnson. >> delicious. >> delicious, tasty. >> reporter: johnson shares the movie about being on the edge of your seat as it is about family. >> i felt like "skyscraper" was special because it's rooted in husband and wife, father and
12:57 am
mother doing everything they can to protect their little kids. and to keep our family together. and so the family element was our anchor. >> reporter: johnson's a hands-on father to three daughters. often celebrating the women in his life on instagram. >> the relationship that i have with my daughters is really the most important thing that i have in my life. when i have my daughters is when i realize what love meant. and not only what love meant, also what unconditional love is. and a true, authentic, unselfish love. >> reporter: hissest, tianna, was born at the end of april. >> we found out we were having baby tia while i was shooting the beginning of the movie. in these scenes with little noah and mckenna and saying, daddy loves who? i felt that. and i'm a lucky man. because i live it every day. >> reporter: campbell agrees that love is the secret to their on-screen chemistry. what do you attribute to that movie magic you guys created?
12:58 am
>> we are both parents, we both love our children. i think for any parent if you think of your children being in danger, you get that mama bear, papa bear thing coming on. >> reporter: campbell's family also growing. with a 6-year-old son, she and partner j.j. fields just adopted a baby boy which they proudly announced on instagram. >> that's beautiful. >> all the emotions of being a mommy again. >> yeah. >> you already had your son caspian. >> yeah, he's elated to be a big brother. just the most beautiful thing. >> reporter: from the peninsula hotel landing pad we hop into a helicopter. >> it's crazy. who'd have thought? did you ever tell yourself in your lifetime, i will be flying in a helicopter above hong kong at some point in my life? and get paid to do it? >> getting paid to do it. i never thought. >> i wouldn't mindseting next t happy. >> stay where you are, please! >> i don't think i could pilot
12:59 am
this. >> reporter: back safely on the ground, i head out to sea with mckenna and noah. both celebrated their 10th birthdays during filming. this movie, big stars. >> yeah, every day. >> it's crazy. >> like why am i here? >> is this a dream? >> reporter: the duo made their red carpet debut at the new york premiere of "sky scaper" earlier this week where all eyes are on box office titan johnson, flashing that megawatt smile with the career that keeps cooking. never underestimate the rock. for "nightline," i'm adrienne bankert in hong kong. next, the head-on collision, george clooney thrown from his scooter. what he told a friend about his crabfest is back at red lobster! discover our largest variety of crab and crab dishes all year! like new crabfest combo.
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finally, a close call for george clooney. here's abc's eva pilgrim. >> reporter: this surveillance video obtained by corierra-tv,
1:05 am
capturing the terrifying moment after george clooney collides head-on with a station wagon in italy, the actor shown over the front of the scooter into the air, into the car's windshield, before landing on the road. >> police said allegedly the driver cut off george clooney and he wasn't respecting the actor's right-of-way. >> reporter: the driver of the carteling an italian newspaper, i had the sun in my eyes, i didn't see anything, i just heard a thud. >> george had to spend a few hours in the hospital. he definitely had some scrapes and bruises. but he also suffered some trauma to his pelvis. >> reporter: his wife, amal, racing to his side. the 57-year-old oscar winner is in sardinia shooting the hulu miniseries "catch-22" and was on his way to the set at the time of the accident. police tell us clooney was respecting the 60-mile-an-hour speed limit. >> thank you, eva. clooney was wearing a helmet at the time of the crash. he's home recovering, and he reportedly told a friend it is
1:06 am
"good to be alive." we want to thank you for watching "nightline" tonight. as always we're online 24/7 on our "nightline" facebook page. thank you again for watching and have a good night.
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hmm. [cell phone beeps] hey! [police whistle blows] [horns honking] woman: hey! [bicycle bell rings] turn here. there. excuse me. uh.


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