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tv   ABC7 News 400PM  ABC  July 13, 2018 4:00pm-4:59pm PDT

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next. you can see in the photo groups of children stuck at the top of the ride. another person described it as the unexpected. humans stuck in gondola cages. here's a view from sky 7 after the gondolas were basically rebooted and fire engines responded. zoo officials said these 1-year-old gondolas are custom made, swiss made, and it was a digital glitch that automatically shut the system down. some of the trapped and terrified riders called the zoo from their cell phones. >> they say, oh, the fire department is here, don't worry. we're going to evacuate you. how are you going to evacuate us? we've got ladders. we're at the top. we're over three stories and i've got a daughter in a wheelchair. >> you're crying right now. >> i had four kids up there, it was scary,hewe scared. >>he was danger, it was just a huge inconvenience and we apologized to our guests for what they
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e passes, even some free hats and t-shirts to those who were traumatized by their experience. the gondolas are still being tested. they're running, but they are not yet open to the public. the zoo said it's like your computer. their system froze up. they shut it down, they rebooted it and in this case they're testing it to figure out what caused that digital glitch to begin with. now, the gondolas opened back in june of last year. they run from the base up to a restaurant and a brand new 53-acre exhibit called a california trail. it just opened yesterday when this glitch occurred today. reporting live at the oakland zoo, i'm leslie brinkley, abc 7 news. dramatic video out of oregon. the national guard helped rescue an injured climber and six rescuers from the summit of mt. hood.
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watch as the chinook helicopter maneuvers on the side of the mountain to load up the climber and rescuers. sheriff's received the report of a lost hiker last night. rescuers spent the night with him on the icy crevice. the chinook helicopter flew in from camp pendleton this morning. san francisco police announce the arrest of a serial rapist who posed as a ride share driver. investigators say he would pick up his victims and then assault them. dion lim is live in san francisco. these crimes date back to 2013. >> reporter: yeah, larry, that's correct. four rapes in five years, all happening in the same neighborhood in san francisco. but according to sfpd, because these sexual assaults, there could very well be more victims given the suspect's m.o.
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the man san francisco police arrested at his san mateo home thursday was charged with multiple offenses, including the rape of four women dating back to 2013. those offenses so serious the commander of investigations broke down in tears. >> i'm sorry that i got emotional, but this is the exact thing that everyone fears could happen here in this city. >> reporter: in each case, sfpd believes the man posed as a ride share driver and intercepted random women as they left nightclubs and bars. dna evidence linked the crimes. >> we know for sure he's responsible for these four rapes. >> reporter: investigators say five years elapsed between the first rape to the second this past february. may and the most recent in june. >> there's a long time between 2013 and 2018. it's very hard to believe that he wasn't committing sexual assaults somewhere else. >> reporter: because the crimes were more frequent and more violent, the ride share task force was created.
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>> the unbelievable diligent work of our officers and everyone you see standing here before me is what allowed us to take this predator off the street, hopefully for a long time. >> reporter: he is being held on a $4 million bail. back out here live, uber sent us a statement this afternoon saying he is not an uber driver, never was an uber driver. we have not received a statement from lyft. a word of warning from uber and sfpd today. they say next time you do use a ride share app, make sure the license plate on your phone matches the vehicle that is picking you up. in san francisco today, dion lim, abc 7 news. new indictments tonight from robert mueller's russia investigation. a dozen russian intelligence officers are charged with conspiring to hack democrats in 2016 to disrupt the presidential election. it comes just days before president trump is set to meet with russian president vladimir putin. abc news reporter maggie rulli
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has the latest. >> reporter: new charges coming from special counsel robert mueller's office. >> the indictment charges 12 russian military officers by name for conspiring to interfere with the 2016 presidential election. >> reporter: going after russian intelligens t vladimir putin. abc's chief justice correspondent, pierre thomas, was there as the indictment was read. >> the united states government is saying we know precisely who in the russian government was involved in this hack and we know how they did it and we know how they dispersed the information. >> reporter: mueller is pushing forward with his investigation despite more calls from the president and some republicans to shut it down. >> i call it the rigged witch hunt. i think that really hurts our country and it really hurts our relationship with russia. >> reporter: president trump's promise to bring up election meddling with putin when the two sit down face to face. >> i will absolutely, firmly ask the question. >> reporter: in light of today's indictment, democratic leader chuck schumer says trump should
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cancel the meeting with putin, but president trump's lawyer, rudy giuliani, calls the announcement a victory, tweeting this indictment shows no americans are involved and once again is demanding mueller end the investigation. deputy attorney general rod rosenstein says all americans should pull together. >> the blame for election interference belongs to the criminals who committed election interference. we need to work together to hold the perpetrators accountable. >> reporter: while no americans were named in this indictment, rosenstein made it very clear that the special counsel's investigation will continue. that it is far from over. maggie rulli, abc news, new york. protesters will be out in force when president trump and vladimir putin arrive in helsinki, finland. police there say they have registered more than a dozen demonstrations in connection with the summit. the biggest one is being called helsinki calling, and it's expected to draw thousands for a march through the city on sunday afternoon. meanwhile there's a pro trump group called helsinki loves trump and they're planning a
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gathering on sunday as well. an equipment malfunction at a wastewater treatment plant near the san francisco zoo triggered a hazmat response this morning. the public utilities commission says the odor control tank malpucma malfunctioned and caused a chemical reaction but it was contained and never posed a threat to the community. drone view 7 showed us what it looks like from above. the facility handles about 20% of san francisco's wastewater. there it's collected, treated and released into the ocean. evacuations have been lifted in chico as firefighters gain containment on the stony fire. that fire started late last night and has burned 650 acres. it's 20% contained. 50 homes were evacuated at one point but residents have been allowed to return home. crews continue to make progress against the county fire burning in yolo and napa counties east of lake berryessa. according to cal fire, that fire is now 95% contained, up from 89% yesterday. full containment expected on
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sunday. the 90,000 acre fire started june 30th, destroying 20 structures. investigators blame that fire on an improperly installed electric livestock fence. well, there's no sign of it now as we take a live look outside, but parts of the bay area received some sprinkles an even lightning overnight. this is a live picture from our east bay hills camera looking back over the bay. >> cloud cover there, a layer of fog. abc news meteorologist sandhya patel in for spencer christian with a look at what caused those conditions and our weekend ahead. >> yeah, it's the monsoon moisture that resulted in an isolated thunderstorm and even a few showers here in the bay area between last night late and this morning. so right now you will notice some thunderstorms off the mendocino coast. those are moving away. but this morning we did have a rumble or two of thunder and as i mentioned some showers moved through, only a few hundredths of an inch at most. a live look from our kgo camera.
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we have blue skies. at 7:00 if you're stepping out, 60s to 80s. coastal fog at 8:00 p.m. and the fog expands during the late-night hours, cooling and breezy by 10:00 p.m. with temperatures in the 50s to the low 70s. i'll let you know what's in store for your weekend coming right up. the man dubbed the faux badge bandit has struck again. police say he robbed two east bay banks yesterday. he's also wanted for several robberies in cupertino and southern california. matt keller has the latest. >> reporter: painting stripes in a parking lot in san ramon may not be the most exciting job in the world, but sometimes things just happen. >> yesterday i was working here on the left side and this guy run straight down and jumped the fence. 15 minutes later the cops came and that's all i seen. >> reporter: he witnessed the escape of the man dubbed the faux badge bandit. police say he handed a note demanding money to a teller at the u.s. bank inside the safeway
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store at san ramon valley boulevard yesterday afternoon about an hour after robbing another bank in danville. he also brandished a handgun. the teller refused to give him money and the would be robber ran off. law enforcement say the faux badge bandit has also robbed several banks in southern california and one near sacramento. >> so this was a name given to him by the fbi when he first did these robberies in southern california. he was actually displaying a badge on his waistband. >> reporter: law enforcement say the faux badge bandit has hit five banks in the area since june spread out over three weeks with the latest happening on july 10th at the hsbc. >> so, yes, those were all completed bank robberies. >> reporter: the faux badge bandit has a fair complexion and acne scars and between 40 to 50 years old. he's about 6 feet tall and weighs about 230 pounds. the man does not appear to be hiding his identity. >> there's definitely some clear footage. i think there's someone out there who knows who this individual is.
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hopefully they come forward. >> reporter: investigators say if you see the suspect, don't approach him, just call 911. in san jose, matt keller, abc 7 news. till to come, desperate times for a special peninsula cafe. >> i myself have a 15-year-old special needs child. i think one of my dreams would be for him to be able to work here. >> next, the mounting problems that could force the popular place to shut down. also, the full-court press to make it more difficult to check out the "full house" house. and reunited. the little girl who started the separation controversy back together with her mom. and it is friday, which feels good, but this traffic shot doesn't. this is a look at the skyway in san francisco. slow in both directions on the right-hand side. that's traffic trying to get down into the peninsula and the south bay. on the left-hand side traffic trying to get to the
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the next move in the battle over dividing california into three new states is happening right now. supporters trying to keep the proposal alive just filed legal documents with the state supreme court just hours before the deadline. they're responding to a lawsuit that could keep the proposal off the ballot. proposition 9 would split california into three separate states. opponents, led by the planning and conservation league, are suing. they claim prop 9 would essentially abolish the state constitution and must be approved by the legislature before it can go to the voters. the north bay woman whose car plunged into the petaluma river killing her two daughters has reportedly agreed to a plea
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deal. ous of vehicular manslaughter. if a judge approves the deal she'll be given credit for the year in home confinement and probation. she was driving her 7 and 9-year-old daughters to school. she lost control of her car and it landed upside down in the river. she was driving on a suspended license. it's been one week since an oregon woman was last heard from by her family as she passed through the bay area. angela hernandez left portland last week. the monterey county sheriff's office is now searching for her after her car was seen on a gas station surveillance camera south of carmel. she spoke to her family after spending the night in half moon bay. authorities say foul play is not suspected at this point. united airlines is working to get dozens of passengers to australia after their flight to sydney had to turn around and make an emergency landing at sfo.
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amy hollyfield has the story. >> reporter: the landing may look smooth, but the journey was a bit bumpy. >> as soon as we took off, there was two loud sounds in two big spots. it went from the front -- from the back to the front and there was some fuel smell. >> reporter: this united airlines airplane had an engine on fire. instead of going to its intended destination of sydney, the pilot turned the plane around and headed back to sfo at 12:30 this morning. the crew on board made the announcement about 40 minutes into the flight. >> we were -- the pilot and the staff were very reassuring that things are in control. >> reporter: a spokesperson for united said the airline rebooked everyone on the earliest possible flights to sydney and provided meals and hotel acio forhe. most passengers agreed with the decision to return to sfo. >> i'm okay that they say they
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were turning around come back. i feel saferom >> reporr: one was hurt in yf, s ban at thehouse. the san francisco municipal transportation agency board of directors is set to vote next week on whether to ban tour buses. the goal is to reduce traffic congestion. neighbors say they are fed up with all the tourists. in palo alto, a passionate plea from the founders of a popular nonprofit cafe that's facing the possibility of closure. there's growing concern over how much longer the business can operate because of skyrocketing operational costs. chris nguyen with the story. >> reporter: for nearly four years, ada's cafe and catering has made its home in palo pk odasstt manager in training todd sir takes pride in the
4:18 pm
training hes seeing all the customers and regulars that come in every day. >> reporter: the hughes family started the cafe because they wanted to empower adults with disabilities and help them be more independent. sadly, the cafe could soon be faced with closing its doors. in addition to rising food and labor costs, the new land lord recently hiked the rent by 60%. it's been a challenging combinati combination. >> we compete every day against some of the largest, best-known brands in the business because we're a coffee cafe kind of operation. >> reporter: ada's is grateful for the community support they have received over the years, but now they're hoping more people will stop by to show some love. >> getting to work alongside some truly amazing people. you know, they teach me something every day. they learn something from me and it's this great symbiotic relationship and i wouldn't trade it for the world. >> reporter: whether it's dining in or providing a donation, no
4:19 pm
contribution is too small. >> i see these young men and women having an opportunity to contribute and be a part of something. that's why i love ada's. >> reporter: a special place where good food and community will hopefully meet for years to come. in palo alto, chris nguyen, abc 7 news. all right. congratulations. you've almost made it to the weekend. spencer is off. it's going to be warm, sandhya, right? >> yeah, we're going to be seeing 90s inland this upcoming weekend, but 60s near the coast. we always keep it comfortable for you around the coastal areas, especially since people start complaining. we don't want to hear those complaints. gee, i wonder who? it's not ama. anybody want to take a guess? take a look at live doppler 7. >> just throw me under the bus. >> i know. we have fog along the coastline and we're still watching these thunderstorms that have been moving away from the coastline this afternoon. so pretty much on the way out, but still some moisture has been
4:20 pm
bay yar in the -- area in the form of clouds. it is muggy to humid across the region, anywhere between 54 degrees in fairfield to about 61 in sanor the upcoming weekend so not as humid. temperatures in the 90s inland. we have 60s right along the coast. a live look from our santa cruz camera. this is what you'll be seeing more of, which is the fog. a nice day to be at the beach in santa cruz, temperatures there in the 70s of the coastal fog expands overnight. wide range of temperatures this weekend and we are looking at a warmer pattern next week, especially a few days. as you take a look at the morning numbers, they're not going to be as high as they were this morning. milder this morning, but not as much tomorrow. mid-50s to the low 60s. fog will be right around the bay and along the coastline. as we head into the afternoon, some of that fog will hang tough near the beaches, which we expect around this time of year. 60s around the coast to the 90s inland. 72 in oakland, 82 degrees in
4:21 pm
santa rosa, san francisco 66, san mateo 73 degrees. down towards san jose, 82 degrees. so nice-looking weather. you can download the check out any time you want. typical pattern in the accuweather seven-day forecast for your weekend. low 60s to low 90s, cool at the coast, warm inland for your sunday. notice those temperatures, especially away from the coast, coming up a few degrees on monday. and then down a few, back up again. overall pattern is going to be mid-90s by next week, thursday, friday inland, low to mid-60s around the coast. really we had our little shot of a few showers, thunder, now it's all gone, leaving. >> i know you're into the science of things. >> yes. >> it's friday the 13th. are you superstitious at all? >> no. >> nothing? >> no. >> i'm not hoping for any bad luck or anything like that on friday the 13th. are you guys? >> not really. i don't think so. >> no. but we have a question and
4:22 pm
that's what we're going to ask you about. are you here. it's 50-50 right now. >> oh, it is. >> it's deadlocked. two people voting. no, i don't know. we're going to keep the poll going throughout the newscast and you'll see how the results come in. we'll take it up through the end of our 6:00 newscast. >> i don't think i'm suspicious. i don't like to jinx things. sometimes you'll say this game is over and i'm like don't say it, it's not over quite yet. all right, just ahead, we've got a live picture of at&t park where the a's and giants are getting ready to square off for the first time this season. something different about this year's showdown. who's going to win? don't say, you might jinx it. and later, a milestone in san francisco as
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the university of louisville is removing papa john's name from its cardinal stadium and the disappearing act will not end there. papa john's executives are pulling his image from all of their marketing materials. he stepped down as the chairman as forbes reported he used the n-word during a media training session. he apologized but still remains on the board. he's the company's largest shareholder. in addition, 11 major league baseball teams have announced they're suspending their relationships with the company. in case you're wondering, the giants and a's do not have any relationships with papa john's. personal seat licenses or psls for season tickets to the raiders new home in las vegas are going to cost you big bucks if you plan on buying. according to the las vegas review journal, psls for the best seats will run between $20,000 and $75,000 apiece. those are guarantees to purchase a seat
4:26 pm
themselves. psls at the oakland coliseum range from $200 to $4,000 when the raiders returned to oakland in 1995. the oakland raiasegas raiders s with the 2020 nfl season. the a's are the hottest team in baseball just in time for the start of two straight bay bridge series. here's a live look. edwin jackson will face madison bumgarner. there's three games in san francisco and then a break for the all-star break which is in washington this year. then the a's and giants meet for three games in oakland next weekend. the a's have won 7 of their last 9. the giants delivered their eighth walk-off win of the season on wednesday as they beat the chicago cubs. now, the fun thing about the otattaer .500, the a's are 12 g over. the giants have a better chance of making the playoffs theoretically because they're in a weaker division.
4:27 pm
are you going tonight? >> y scooters, we were going to scooter down the embarcadero but they took the scooters away and we'd have to walk. bumgarner is an ace, jackson a journeyman. both have won a world series and both have pitched no-hitters. jackson has pitched for 13 different teams, but he's pitching really well now for the a's so we'll see, you never know. >> i bet there are a lot of superstitious people going to the game tonight. >> don't pick a winner. just ahead on abc 7 news at 4:00, today's massive protests in london over president trump's visit and his controversial comments about prime minister theresa may. also, they have reason to smile. we'll show you today's reunion between a mom and a little girl whose voice ignited the family separation controversy. and the man in this vour wantil hear the new explanfor his behavior.
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here are the stories making headlines at 4:30. visitors to the oakland zoo had a bit of acahe gondolasmid-ride
4:31 pm
ground. officials called it a digital ab 7thased about an east pay hospital that routinely tests for hiv in the emergency room. coming up at 5:00, why more hospitals don't also test for hiv. world news tweeted that the justice department has announced 12 russian nationals have been indicted in connection with hacking in the 2016 election. the indictment says all 12 defendants acted under orders from the russian military to target democrats, including hillary clinton. hacking began the same day trump famously challenged russia to hack clinton's e-mail. democrats are calling for the president to cancel his summit with vladimir putin set for this monday. this news came down as the president met with queen elizabeth ii in london.
4:32 pm
stephanie ramos has more about the meeting and president trump's response to the indictment. >> reporter: tens of thousands of demonstrators showed up to central london today to protest president trump's policies and his trip to meet with british leaders. this balloon, known as trump baby, flying high over parliament square. but the balloon miles away from where trump met with british prime minister theresa may, just hours after he sat down with a british tabloid criticizing the leader, especially her approach to withdrawal from the european union. today he denies criticizing may. >> unfortunately there was a story that was done, which was, you know, generally fine, but it didn't put in what i said about the prime ministeri said tremen >> reporter: trump also says he gave may suggestions on how to deal with brexit and then another suggestion, this one for europe. close your doors to immigrants. >> i think it's been very bad for europe. i just think it's changing the
4:33 pm
culture. i think it's a very negative thing for europe. >> reporter: may defending what immigration has meant to the uk. >> it's brought people with different backgrounds, different outlooks here to the uk. >> reporter: president trump also meeting with the queen of england at windsor castle. while the justice department back in washington indicts 12 more russians with interfering in the 2016 u.s. presidential election, just days before trump meets with russia's president, vladimir putin. >> i know you'll ask will we be talking about meddling. and i will absolutely bring that up. >> reporter: deputy attorney general rod rosenstein says he did tell the president about the indictments before the announcement today. in washington, stephanie ramos, abc news. the mayor of london sadiq khan, talked about president trump's criticism of the prime minister's brexit plan. >> let me say the irony of people lecturing me about our diplomacy, particularly president trump and his supporters, about it's not
4:34 pm
diplomatic to protest when the president comes to london. well, i'd argue with respect it's not diplomatic when you're about to enter a country to do an interview that criticizes the prime minister and the strategy she's embarking on, whether you agree or disagree with the strategy. >> khan womanhas been a vocal detractor of trump's. also overseas, 128 people were killed in a suicide bombing in pakistan today, including a politician running for a seat in a provincial legislature. the bombing happened at an election rally for the candidate near the country's border with afghanistan.isimedesnsility. kiol parliamentary elections july 25th and this attack comes despite assurances from the military it would take all possible measures to ensure a peaceful voting process. maybe you saw the video of a man harassing a woman over her puerto rico shirt. he was in court today on hate
4:35 pm
crime charges. >> will you please get away from me. >> if you're an american citizen, you should not be wearing that shirt in america. >> can you please get away from me. at a chicago park.curred last the man is timothy tribus and he was released on bond. his lawyer blamed alcohol and pain pills, saying he had six teeth removed the previous day. he has been ordered to undergo an alcohol evaluation and will be placed on electronic home monitoring. the trump administration says it's working to reunite children who were separated from their parents after missing a court-ordered deadline. alex stone found one family that is back together tonight. >> reporter: a mother from el salvador finally reunited with her 6-year-old daughter in houston. cindy madrid, separated from her daughter, allison, last month as they crossed into the united states. ter: many feel the y to see the 6-year-old became the voice of f controversy after she wascrying,
4:36 pm
asking authorities to call her aunt, whose phone number she had memorized. those cries drawing global attention and criticism to president trump's zero tolerance immigren helped reunite jenny gonzalez with her children. the guatemalan mother thankful to be back with her children, her attorney imploring others to help. >> there are so many mothers out there. i need your help. i need the help from new york, from all across the country. >> reporter: a court order gave the trump administration two weeks to reunite all children under the age of 5 who had been separated from their families. the administration saying it had reunited 57 of the 103 migrant children under the age of 5. the other 46 children deemed ineligible for various reasons, but that's only the youngest detainees. there are still close to 3,000 children between the ages of 5 and 17 who have been separated from their families. the government now scrambling to
4:37 pm
meet a court-imposed deadline of july 26th to reunite those families. alex stone, abc news, los angeles. an associated press analysis has found that detaining immigrant children has morphed into a surging industry in the u.s., reaping in more than a billion dollars a year. that's a tenfold increase over the past decade. health and human services grants for detaining unaccompanied and separated children soared from $74.5 million to $958 million last year. currently nearly 12 million children from a few months old to 17 are housed in nearly 90 facilities in 15 states. a new report claims the government wasted $341,000 on travel boy former health and human services secretary tom price. price resigned after revelations that he took pricey and private military flights. the report by the hhs that was released today concluded taxpayers spent an estimated $1.2 million on price'
4:38 pm
the commerce department has lifted a ban on u.s. companies doing business with chinese smartphone and telecommunications company zte corporation. u.s. officials say zte violated u.s. sanctions and illegally shipped u.s. origin goods to iran and north korea. zte later pleaded guilty and settled with commerce over the violations. many lawmakers still see zte as a national security threat. some sent a letter to commerce thursday seeking to reinstate penalties on zte. now to an abc news exclusive. former alaska governor and vice presidential candidate sarah palin taking on comedian sasha baron cohen. she claims he pretended to be a disabled veteran to dupe her into doing an interview for his upcoming series on showtime called "who is america." palin said she walked out of the interview with a man she believed was cohen heavily disguised as a disabled palin spoke about the encounter
4:39 pm
on "good morning america." >> it just got worse and worse and worse as the minutes went on in this bizarre, really embarrassing, humiliating interview that, you know, it mocked middle class americans. it mocked our values. it mocked the disabled. >> dick cheney, joe arpaio, ted koppel and now former senate candidate roy moore all believe they were duped as well. moore is threatening legal action. abc news has made multiple attempts to get an official response from sasha baron cohen and showtime, but so far no response. still to come on abc 7 news at 4:00, the effort to help some critically endangered black rhinos in africa that turned into a complete disaster. i' abc 7 news meteorologist the forecast. the forecast. we'l ( ♪ ) your heart doesn't only belong to you. child: bye, grandpa! and if you have heart failure, entrusting your heart to entresto may help.
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we're following breaking news now from alameda where the posey tube is closed right now because of an accident in the tunnel. the posey tube runs from alameda into oakland. we're hearing both lanes are closed right now. an unmarked california highway patrol vehicle was reportedly involved in that crash. there are some injuries reported, nothing major, though. traffic leaving alameda is at a stand still. ac transit is warning drivers to expect delays and rerouted buses on the 19, 20 bus. canyo off say sev endge nos
4:43 pm
th happened after an attempt to move the animals from a capital to a national park. a conservationist calls the loss of the rhinos a complete disaster. they have conducted numerous successful moves in the past and hasn't said how the rhinos died. conservationists in africa have been working hard to protect the black rhino from poachers targeting the animal for its horn. hundreds of thousands more children and teenagers are at risk for high blood pressure under new guidelines. the centers for disease control looked at data for 12 to 19-year-olds between 2001 and 2016. using the new guidelines which changed what was considered normal blood pressure, an additional 795,000 teens wer brt hi there, everyone. let's check out live doppler 7 right now.
4:44 pm
we have a few lingering clouds across the bay area and fog near the coast, but the thunderstorms that have developed earlier in the day around mendocino and lake counties moving on out. temperatures tomorrow afternoon similar to today with 90s inland, 60s along the coast. some areas may drop a few degrees with the wind switching direction. it is overall going to be a nice, mild to warm day for your saturday. if you're heading to the aids walk on sunday at golden gate park, it will be overcast skies, 54 degrees. remains cool at 9:00 a.m., 57. when the walk gets under way, it will be in the upper 50s with breaks in the clouds, breezy conditions for the afternoon hours, low 60s. here's the accuweather seven-day forecast. we're going to go 60s to 90s for the upcoming weekend. keeping it comfortable to cool on the coast and warm inland. next week we will start to see some temperatures in the mid-90s monday, thursday, friday, along the beaches still going to remain in the 60s, thanks to a marine influence. so overall about where we should be for this time of year in
4:45 pm
terms of our temperatures over the next seven days. it looks like a nice weekend. >> thank you, sandhya. all right, don't forget to vote in tonight's live poll. it is friday the 13th and we're asking if you're superstitious. >> so76% no. only 24% yes. >> you still have plenty of time to vote. just go to and you can click yes or no. >> our viewers aren't scared. just ahead, the sudden decision by sammy hagar that's rocked fans of his popular mill valley restaurant. and amazon's prime but i'm a survivor. after my heart attack, my doctor prescribed brilinta. it's for people who have been hospitalized for a heart attack. brilinta is taken with a low-dose aspirin.
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marin residents are surprised boy the sudden closure of a popular restaurant owned by sammy hagar. many employees and customers were greeted by a note left on the front doors. cornell bernard has the story from mill valley. >> reporter: rock 'n' roll hall of famer sammy hagar's sunday departure from the restaurant business has left mill valley bewildered. >> shock and awe. really. totally unexpected. >> reporter: richard habib owns the rug shop next door. the lights are still on but a
4:49 pm
note on the door says after seven years, running the restaurant became too time-consuming. customers calling el paseo got this message. >> we regret any reservations that you made with us are cancelled. >> some showed up expecting to work and, you know, were told no work. here's your check. >> reporter: many are surprised to see the doors locked. >> it's sad for the community because this was a great resource. >> reporter: the original el paseo dates back to 1947 built inside a european style corridor of quaint, brick walkways. sammy says right now all my focus is with my main career as a musician, so i've decided to give el paseo a summer hiatus but i definitely do not see the doors closing for good. >> i'm an extremely busy guy with a lot going he was regularly holding events for local nonprofits.
4:50 pm
>> reporter: the bar and grill outside sacramento closed in 2015 because it was losing too much money. despite the music, hagar remains a fixture in the food scene. he still owns several other restaurants across the country. cornell bernard, abc 7 news. there is about to be just one blockbuster video store left in the entire united states located in bend, oregon. two locations in alaska are starting liquidation sales. they're set to officially close next month. at the company's peak back in 2004 there were more than 9,000 blockbuster locations. they declared bankruptcy in 2010. streaming video basically on demand has killed blockbuster. the remaining stores were bought by dish network and most of them were closed years ago. >> they used to be everywhere. the countdown is on. there are just three days until amazon prime day, one of the biggest online shopping days of the year. but do the deals actually live up to the hype? here's chief business correspondent rebecca jarvis.
4:51 pm
>> reporter: it's amazon's biggest sales day of the year, and this year the retail giant promises prime day will be bigger than ever. the bargain bonanza expanded from 30 to 36 hours, kicking off monday. but do the deals actually live up to the hype? >> about 50% of the products sold on amazon are actually sold through amazon's third party marketplace, actually sold above average retail value. >> reporter: analysts say you'll find the best prices on amazon branded goods, including electronics, clothing, accessories and furniture, but that you can generally skip any luxury goods or high-end beauty products. >> oftentimes we see walmart or macy's, the same product actually at a better deal. >> reporter: expect to see some of the deepest discounts available exclusively for order on amazon devices like the echo. >> alexa, what are your deals? >> i have several exclusive deals. >> they're very much trying to engrain consumers in the consumer behavior of shopping via voice technology.
4:52 pm
>> reporter: and with good reason. according to one study, amazon echo owners spent 66% more than the average amazon customer. plus, keep in mind, amazon isn't the only place for deals on prime day. best buy, lowe's and ebay are among others all offering their own discounts throughout the month of july. >> a lot of retailers are doing instantaneous price match, so it's a great day to shop. it's not just a great day to shop on amazon. >> a bit of advice from reporter rebecca jarvis. download the app camel camel camel, that's right, three camels. it will track the price history and tell you if the price today is truly cheaper than the price three weeks ago. target is trying to help teachers get ready for the new school year. the retailer offering a 15% discount on select classroom supplies between sunday and july the 21st. that includes pens, pencils, hand sanitizer and storage and organization equipment.
4:53 pm
according to the national center of educa statistics, teachers spend an average of $479 on classroom supplies without reimbursement. as a young girl gets a new heart. >> play soccer, basketball, art and play on my ipad. >> meet the 11-year-old recipient of ucsf's first-ever pediatric heart transplant. right now dan is here with a look ahead to abc 7 news at 5:00. >> new at 5:00, a simple test is saving lives. >> when it hits home, it's entirely different. >> it is a routine blood test, and now an east bay hospital wants others to follow its lead. plus -- >> it's my favorite day. >> because? >> i always love 13. >> it turns out so do a lot of other people. see why it even had some standing in line. standing in line. those s slam is just $5.99! ♪$5.99 are you out of your mind?♪ standing in line. those s seriously?!
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tonight primetime, abc 7, 8:00 quantico followed by what would you do at 9:00. at ten:00 it's 20/20 and do not miss the abc 7 news at 11:00. san francisco's first pediatric heart transplant appears to be a success. it took place about two weeks ago at ucsf. while other facilities have done this for years, san francisco never had a hospital equipped for this type of complicated procedure. abc 7 news reporter lyanne melendez talked about the 11-year-old recipient. >> reporter: andrea looks and acts like any other 11-year-old. she wears pajamas with ice cream
4:57 pm
and pizza designs. but life hasn't been that normal for andrea. three years ago she began to show signs of card yio >> it's pumping okay but getting blood in is very difficult. >> reporter: playing soccer and basketball which she enjoys was hard. >> when i was doing it, i would get hard. i would rest for a bit and then go back. >> reporter: in march, doctors finally concluded she needed a heart transplant. >> it was very emotional time for our whole family. you know, crying all the time. >> reporter: on july 1st andrea was in the operating room undergoing a transplant thanks to a donor. about 500 pediatric heart transplants are performed in this country every year. some children die waiting for that heart. that's why signing up to be a donor is so important. when it opened in 2015, ucsf
4:58 pm
children's hospital in mission bay became an official pediatric center, certified to perform heart transplants. the old hospital never did. >> we can't just say, hey, we're doing heart transplants tomorrow, right? we have to prove to ourselves, to the federal government and, most of all, to our patients that this is something we can do and do well. was brought here from northwestern. he's optimistic about andrea's future. for now, there's only one thing on her mind. >> be home! >> reporter: she'll leave the hospital on monday with a new heart, hope, and very happy. in san francisco, lyanne melendez, abc 7 news. >> nice to see those smiles. thanks for joining us for abc 7 news at 4:00. i'm larry beil. abc 7 news at 5:00 starts right now. this is the exact thing that everyone fears could happen here in this city.
4:59 pm
>> police say this guy posed as a ride share driver only to rape the women he picked up and there may be more victims out there. the city of santa clara cuts ties with its own chamber of commerce. now jobs are on the line and accusations are flying. should emergency rooms test routinely for hiv? you'll see the one hospital that does. and getting inked. why today is the black friday of the tattoo industry. these assaults were violent rapes committed by a serial rapist. a sexual deviant predator who was not going to stop until he was caught. >> an emotional announcement by a san francisco police official today, a man dubbed the ride share rapist is finally in custody. good evening, i'm dan ashley. >> and i'm ama daetz in for kristen sze. let's take a better look at the suspect. he's been identified as orlando
5:00 pm
lazo. >> more now from dion lim live in san francisco. dion. >> reporter: dan and ama, police say the first rape happened back in 2013. by 2018, these assaults had become so frequent and so violent they were forced to form a task force in order to catch their suspect. orlando lazo is the man san francisco police arrested at his san mateo home thursday. he's charged with multiple offenses, including the rape of four women. those offenses so serious, the commander of investigations broke down in tears. >> i'm sorry that i got emotional. but this is the exact thing that everyone fears could happen here >> reporter: in each case, sfpd believes he posed as a


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