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tv   ABC7 News 400PM  ABC  July 17, 2018 4:00pm-4:59pm PDT

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outrage, president trump attempting to offer clarification. >> i have full faith and support for america's great intelligence agencies. >> he said the confusion all from a single slip of the tongue. >> in a key sentence in my remarks, i said the word would instead of wouldn't. >> he cited a one word regret, despite the fact he stood side by side with president putin, without challenging him, when asked who he believes. >> i have president putin, he just said it's not russia. i will say this, i don't see any reason why it would be. >> today -- >> the sentence should have been i don't see any reason why i wouldn't, or why it wouldn't be russia. >> even with that cleanup, he still had a qualifier. >> russia's meddling in the 2016 election took place, could be other people also. >> most in washington, outraged. >> yesterday the president sided with the enemy, the enemy who
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made an assault on our democracy. >> the criticism didn't just come from democrats. >> vladimir putin does not share our interests. vladimir putin does not share our values. they did interfere in our elections. it's really clear. >> and it really better not happen again in 2018. >> i remain astonished the president would choose to believe the assertions by president putin. >> even from his favorite cable news channel, fox. >> that's what made his performance disgusting. i'm sorry. it's the only way i >> president trump also added his administration will move aggressively to prevent any russia meddling in the upcoming midterms. >> serena, in washington, give us the sense of the response today in congress of the president trying to clean up his remarks. >> some democrats aren't buying it. mark warner who sits on the senate intelligence committee,
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dan, and he said the president, quote, should have had the strength to make those comments in front of putin. and these remarks are coming more than 24 hours after he made them and after two taped interviews he did aboard air force one before taking off. the fact he's making these remarks and cleanup now, we're hearing from some republicans like newt gingrich, saying they're satisfied with his attempt today, but it's unclear if they'll go across bipartisan lines the way we heard against the helsinki remarks yesterday. two people dead after a small plane crash. the faa says the single engine plane went down on the west side of highway 267 at 7:40 this morning. the pilot reported engine problems and was trying to return to the airport when the crash happened. a third person on the plane is in the hospital with serious injuries. investigators are now on the
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scene. san mateo highway ramp i back open after a big rig crash shut it down for more than nine hours. the ramp was closed about 10:30 last night after a big rig carrying 80,000 pounds of lettuce overturned. it started a small fire. the chp is blaming the crash on excessive speed, but is not filing charges against the driver. no one was hurt. the san francisco mayor took her fight to clean up homeless encampments to the streets today, literally. >> she showed us what's happening at the king street extension. >> vic lee is live with the story.>>ep wl, am that encampment was in the back of the small street beyond a chain link fence. that's where the mayor was this morning touring that encampment. on the front line of homelessness, walking through an
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encampment in the shadows of a freeway extension. >> we've got a place for you to go, huh? >> reporter: homeless outreach workers were working to relocate many who call this home. yesterday there were more. >> we've moved about a dozen people since last night from this location into navigation centers. >> reporter: the mayor told those still here that they would receive services at those centers. >> we want you to stick with it so we can get you into something permanent. >> reporter: mark johnson says he's grateful the mayor cares. >> that gives me hope and lets me know there are still people out there who care about the homeless and the things we're going through. >> reporter: the mayor brought police and other department heads with her. public works crews cleaned up trash. >> our goal is to help peo isiq >> reporter: the mayor also met with residents of this apartment building next to the encampment.
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>> they're tired of finding garbage and trash and needles around the place. >> reporter: they said they've had enough, enough of the homeless, enough of the city's promises to shut down this camp. >> they get rid of them, and they come right back. i'm glad to see the mayor today. hopefully this will stop. >> reporter: the mayor's response. >> i smell enough, i see enough. clean it up. >> reporter: that message from the mayor, loud and clear. and by the way, we were told by the department of homelessness here today that there are no more encampments in the city with 20 or more tents. of course their goal is to reduce that number to zero. vic lee, abc 7 news. >> vic, thank you so much. firefighters are making little progress against a wildfire burning outside yosemite. it's so big you can even see it from space. it's burning in dry brush west of the national park. it has now burned more than
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12,000 acres since it broke on friday. it's 5% contained. authorities expanded mandatory evacuation orders last night and are urging people with sensitivity to smoke to remain indoors. yosemite remains open. however, highway 140 into the park is closed. a world renowned restaurant is closed after a late night fire damaged the building. this isn't the first time. abc 7 news reporter matt keller has the story. >> reporter: this restaurant is world famous, one of 13 restaurants in the united states. it appears no gourmet meals will be served for a while. a man saw the flames around 9:00 last night. >> it was roaring. so my wife and her friend kim ran to the fire department and ran in and notified them it was on fire. >> got here, they saw the exterior wall of the restaurant and the adjoining fence on fire. were able to knock down the fire in 15 minutes. >> reporter: this video was
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shared exclusive with with abc 7 news. it shows flames on the outside. there's damage to the roof on the inside. >> the scene has been released back to the owner. it will be cleaned up quickly. the goal is to help the business get back open as soon as possible. >> reporter: it's not the first time manresa has been damaged by the fire. the cause of this fire is still under investigation, but it did start in the same place as the one years ago. a person who works with the restaurant says it may take two to four months. >> it will be similarly disappointing for people with reservations now. people come from all over the world. >> reporter: the executive chef released a statement this morning, and said the restaurant is currently closed and will provide updates as they become available. >> now your accuweather forecast with spencer christian. it's been another mild to warm day. the pattern we've had for quite a while now. we have sunny skies over the bay
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and inland and the usual fog along the coastline. there is a view of it looking westward from emeryville, about to overtake the golden gate. 80 at san jose. 92 at gilroy. 59 at half moon bay. clearer view overlooking san francisco. 79 in santa rosa. napa, 76. low to mid-90s at fairfield, concord and livermore. still breezy. wind is 24 miles per hour in san francisco, and 15 to 20 miles per hour over the remainders of the bay area. warmer tomorrow, and here later in the week we'll have a closer look at the forecast in a few minutes. ama? >> spencer, thank you so much. we're getting a new look today at the progress on the main and emergency spillways ore resourceshave them b surg a major rainstorm i february of
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lasthan00esidents were acdve emergency spillway would fail. >> well, you may be surprised to learn that in marin county there is no place to buy recreational cannabis. >> in fairfax residents submitted a petition saying it's time. but they're getting pushback. abc 7 news reporter wayne freedman is live in fairfax. >> reporter: they're asking why not fairfax. fairfax was, after all, home to the first licensed medical dispensary in the united states. but the people who filed this petition say they're getting pushback from the town council that is taking its time to craft a policy. ♪ >> reporter: hang around fairfax and you'll catch the ve of a wh yisn bang still echoes, a last bastion of
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for some in this community where 77% voted in favor, change has not happened fast enough. >> philosophically, follow the will of the voters, city council. how do you ignore a number that big? >> reporter: yesterday, a petition was presented to the town council asking for a ballot measure allowing growth, manufacture and recreational sales of cannabis within fairfax limits. it would limit the first licensed medical dispensary in the nation. >> the ordinance adopts 64 as the law in fairfax. we want the same thing everybody else has. >> reporter: if approved it would allow the owner to sell the first recreational cannabis. without that, her business may go under due to competition and growth regulations. the fairfax town council is in
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no hurry. it's been looking at how to implement prop 64 for more than a year. >> this usurps our planning process. c pn by ballot box. >> reporter: and so it goes in this last permissiveness where cannabis never seemed so complicated until it became legal. and it continues that way. a back and forth as ltremain sad it's -- there are families here with children, they say, why would you put a distillery in a neighborhood, you wouldn't, so why would you put a grow house in a neighborhood? this discussion will continue. live in fairfax, wayne freedman, abc 7 news. still to come, an urgent plea to find a suspect in an unsolved murder. >> i don't want no other mother
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astrazeneca may be able to help. russia. i will say this, i don't see any reason why it would be. the sentence should have been i don't see any reason why i wouldn't, or why it wouldn't be russia. so just to repeat it, i said the word would instead of wouldn't.
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and the sentence should have been, and i thought it would be maybe a little bit unclear on the transcript or unclear on the actual video, the sentence should have been i don't see any reason why it wouldn't be russia. sort of a double negative. >> well, as rereported a few minutes ago, surprising about face from the president today. dr. steven fish, political science professor at cal. >> interesting days indeed, especially for russia specialists. >> let's talk about the denial. let's go back to the other day in helsinki, and that news conference wch b awkwardo beg w. what did you make of that entire appearance by an american president? what will history remember? >> history will remember probably the lowest day in the history of the american presidency. never has an american president been that outrageously subservient to a foreign leader,
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much less the leader of a hostile foreign power. what's more, putin ran rings around him in every way. trump seemed to be coming off the meeting with his handler, and he was profoundly inarticulate as usual. this was a dark day for the united states. >> you condemn that in the strongest possible terms, perhaps the darkest day for an american president. strong language. you mean that sincerely? >> completely sincerely. >> i'm reminded of president reagan, tear down this wall, a confrontational stance his advisers told him not to do, but he did anyway. this is the opposite. >> the republican party has come a long way from the days of reagan. the direction has not been good. >> and something else that happened today, a belabored ngfn helsinki, what did you make of that? is that credible? do you think it will be perceived as if national interests weren't at
4:17 pm
stake. of course they are. some senators are calling for an interview with trump's translator, the only person, the only american who he let in the room with him. this is the guy who cannot be trusted not to sell the shop. what he said today in that little statement we just saw was absolutely outrageous. what he meant to say was would, if you read his whole statement again, which you'll see is that he was saying there's no russia would try to do what it did, he's walking it back reading from some text in front of him saying he meant to say wouldn't. it's completely implausible, incredible, and hard to believe that even trump is trying to say this. >> it's obviously fodder for all of us to talk about. but the long-term repercussions, will there really be any from this? >> i think there will be, dan. for now, trump has endangered our alliances with our truest, oldest allies in europe. he's chosen putin over them. he's chosen putin over his own
4:18 pm
intelligence agency, over the american people in inot s erts to power, before coming power. this is a dark day. and we'll see in the mueller investigation more, about what his motives are, but we know for sure he is acting in russia's interests. whatever his motives for that are, we don't know for sure, but we do know he's not serving the united states. >> there's new speculation, perhaps russia may have something on him. we don't know if that's the case. but we also should assume that the private meeting between putin and trump and their translators was recorded or documented in some way, certainly by the russians. >> the russians might have documented it, but i probably wouldn't trust their transcript of the interview. putin actually had to go out of his way to buck up trump's authority during the press conference. so i don't think we can trust him to be honest about the interview. you might recall during the press conference he actually turned to a reporter who was asking the question and said, actually, you know, trump really represents the united states,
4:19 pm
and i really represent russia. it was a high moment for trump because it wasn't clear to anybody that, in fact, he was representing the united states. putin's got to be loving this. >> they were quite happy with how it went in russia. >> indeed. >> steve, before i let you go, you're now advising president trump in an effort to help president trump and the united states of america, you're in the room with him. what do you tell him to do? >> resign. >> oh, let's be serious. >> i'm being serious. this is -- these are high crimes and misdemeanors. this president is in for trouble. if he doesn't leave now he's going to be impeached. you can't keep doing this much longer. the republicans have to choose. they have to choose whether they will continue to back this president who is revealing himself to be a traitor or not. we'll see if republicans are patriots. >> tough words today. thanks, good to have you with us. new details today about twitter's battle against russian disinformation.
4:20 pm
twitter suspended at least 58 million user accounts in the final three months of 2017. that's according to data obtained by the associated process. the figure highlights the company's aggressive stance against suspicious accounts. twitter confirmed it suspended 70 million accounts in may and june. now to the weather. >> yes. spencer christian is here with the latest. >> take it away. there's a lot going on. here's live doppler 7, sunny skies over the bay and inland. low clouds and fog at the coast. and this is a very typical pattern. we see it almost every day in the summer. another view of the fog from emeryville and westward. temperature reading, 63 in san francisco. 68 in oakland. 72 in mountain view. 80 in san jose. 92 in gilroy. a wide range of current temperature readings. here's a nice view from the tower. 79 up forth. 76 in napa.
4:21 pm
86 at innovato. a live view, forecast features that will be heating up big time inland tomorrow. upper 90s in many locations. mild to warm pattern remaining with us through the week. 7:00 this evening we'll see the usual pattern for this time of year, the fog surges out over the bay during overnight hours. and of course it will pull back to the coastline by mid-morning to midday. giving us another mainly sunny day. we'll see the presence of a few high clouds tomorrow, some monsoonal moisture, creating the high clouds and giving us a muggy feel on thursday, perhaps even into friday. overnight tonight though, look for low temperatures in the mid-50s, the range weave seen the last couple weeks. tomorrow, breezy at the coast, mild there, high temperatures in the mid-60s.
4:22 pm
around the bay, upper 70s to low 80s. upper 90s in the inland east bay, 97 at livermore, 99 antioch, up north, only 90 at santa rosa, farther north, 99 at cloverdale, and over 100 at lakeport. pretty warm. this seven-day forecast for high temperature forecast for livermore is typical of what many inland areas will experience next seven days. above average temperatures through the entire seven-day priod. drops to low 90s friday and saturday, and above average. temperatures rise again early next week. here's the accuweather seven-day forecast. you can see that's reflected what i just showed you in this forecast. except tomorrow it looks like it may be the hottest day for our inland areas in the entire seven-day forecast period. we may see triple digits in the hottest inland spots. muggy, as i said, on thursday and friday as some of that monsoonal moisture flows to the area. temperatures will drop slightly
4:23 pm
over the weekend. humidity will drop as well. that will be the most comfortable period in terms of temperature over the entire seven-day period, and warming up next week. could be one of the last water front condo complexes in san francisco. we're taking you to the ground breaking. the sitcom "full house" and "fuller house," causing a big issue for some
4:24 pm
4:25 pm
construction is about to begin on what is being called san francisco's last true condominium complex on the water front. the building is going up on the corner of howard street. representatives from the project's development team, as well as the city and labor t ceremonial ground breaking today. here's more video of the site from our drone view 7 we can
4:26 pm
show you. the 20-story building will jobn workers. >> it's not often we get to work on a new project on san francisco's water front, something people will see across that bridge, something they'll see coming i on the ferry, something our members can be proud of, the community can be proud of. it's a very handsome building, a great addition to san francisco. >> the building will also include retail space on the ground floor and a restaurant, construction is expected to be finished by late next year. the east bay natives behind "blind spot ing" are in the spotlight again. they're talking about the new movie set, how they met in high school, and really connected when david got out of college. >> when he got out of school, i was running a recording studio, and a friend wanted me to hear his music. he came by. we started working on music all
4:27 pm
night. been that way ever since. working on projects nonstop the last 14 years. >> the pair have been working on the movie for nine years. the tactic he had to take with him to get things done. >> i had to move to new york for us to keep working on projects. he don't respond to e-mails. >> yeah, i don't. >> i came out of the dressing room when he came out of the show. what do you think of this idea? we need to >> "blindspotting" is a movie about friendship. it opens nationwide next week. a call for change, local gun activists say they want to ban gun shows at the cow palace, and why they say the shows are linked to deadly gun violence. plus -- i felt like i was discriminated, and i felt like it was not supposed to happen. >> more
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4:31 pm
creates more questions than answers. the american people deserve to know where the president really stands, she says. a warning to be careful with umbrellas on the beach. in new jersey, the tip of a wind blown umbrella impaled a british tourist in seaside heights. the woman is doing well after surgery. the fbi and the oakland police issued an urgent plea today for the public's help solving a murder case. the mother of the victim spoke with a reporter. breathe, baby, breathe, it's going to be all right. >> she's still coping with memories of her 27-year-old son's death on february 3rd. patrick scott was shot to death at this bus stop at 62nd street and market street. it was 10:50 a.m. on a saturday. >> my son was a good boy. he was a good child. he kept to himself. yes, he was born with a disability. but didn't nobody know it. he just -- he was a humble giant. >> he was taking the bus to his
4:32 pm
grandmother's home. and at that time he was fatally shot. >> the fbi and oakland police say there's a $30,000 reward for information leading to an arrest. and oakland police say this was not a random shooting. >> i do believe he was an intended target. >> scott's mother heard what she described as nine shots from a block and a half away at her home. she says she found her son bleeding as he tried to make it home. >> put my baby in the jeep and drove him to children's hospital. he said, mama, slow down, you're driving too fast. >> at the er, scott was put in an ambulance to be transferred to the trauma center. >> they put that gurney back in the ambulance, and i knew he was gone. >> she says before he died her son told her who shot him. that's information she says she cannot disclose right now. but she does have a message for those who have information about the case. >> why did you do what you did to my baby?
4:33 pm
why? you had no right. do the right thing. turn yourself in. >> in oakland, i'm lesley brinkley, abc 7 news. carol jones is holding a rally for her son on september 1st. she will not let this become a cold case. activists continue to urge the cow palace board of directors to stop hosting gun shows in daly city. the campaign to prevent gun violence has been attending board meetings the last several months. today they brought up the las vegas mass shooting at a country music festival. the shooter is accused of buying illegal bullets at a gun show from a vendor connected with a company that operates the cow palace gun shows. >> we want to ask the board, you know the same thing could happen here, how would you have felt if you learned that a federal indictment against the same person had happened from a connection made at the cow palace rather than in phoenix or las vegas? >> the cow palace ceo told the board there are police and
4:34 pm
representatives from the department of justice watching for any illegal activity at gun shows. the las vegas gunman fatally shot 58 people and injured hundreds of others from a room at the mandalay bay hotel, the owner of the hotel is suing more than 1,000 of the victims. mgm says it cannot be held liable for deaths, injuries or other damages, and it's asking the court to dismiss existing lawsuits. the company says it filed the lawsuit with the victims in mind, saying years of drawn out litigation is not in their best interests. a woman in boston is accused of harassing a black woman and her daughter for sitting outside. >> a delaware mayor is apologizing for a pool policy that inadvertently barred musls. stritsn heatest ithe camera. here's abc news reporter maggie rulli. alleged prejudice caught on camera. the videos are becoming so common, they're online memes. from permit patty. to barbara kubecki.
4:35 pm
and carl. >> african-american. >> many claim these videos show minorities being targeted for performing everyday activities. this video was posted on facebook claiming an employee at harvard was harassing her and her daughter. >> are you one of the affordable units. >> mind your business. >> she has since apologized to the family in person. and there's more. another incident in minneapolis, a group of somali-american teens are accusing of a hate crime. >> i felt like i was discriminated, and i felt like it was not supposed to happen. >> reporter: in delaware the mayor of the state's biggest city is left apologizing after a vaguely worded policy barred muslim kids from swimming in the neighborhood pool. >> everybody's welcome. >> reporter: at a pool in south
4:36 pm
carolina, 15-year-old simmons recorded this woman hitting him on camera. >> little punk. >> reporter: she has since been arrested for third-degree assault and battery, and she was also fired. as for the others who were fired, permit patty lost her job as a ceo. the latest sidewalk susie, she had her name scrubbed from the harvard website. maggie rulli, abc news, new york. obama went on the offensive today against trump without mentions him by name. he spoke at an annual event honoring nelson mandela. the former president told the crowd a snd uncertn meand took a playful jab at tay's politics and what he called the concept of objective truth. >> people just make stuff up. they just make stuff up. we see the utter loss of shame among political leaders where they're caught in a lie, and they just double down and then
4:37 pm
lie some more. >> the former president issued warnings against some of president trump's key policies, including protectionism, cli ch,losedrds. but he also tried to paint a brighter picture of the future. >> i believe we have no choice but to move forward. that those of us who believe in democracy and civil rights and a common humanity have a better story to tell. i believe that it's not just based on sentiment. i believe it based on hard evidence. >> former president obama also tried to reassure the audience by saying the world has seen darker times. the coast guard is implementing new rules for tour boat operators in hawaii one day after mten rock the volcano hit a vessel, injuring 23 people. that's the moment yesterday when the so-called lava bomb hit the
4:38 pm
coast off of hawaii's big island, a basketball sized chunk punched a hole through the boat's roof, 13 passengers were taken to the hospital, and the coast guard is requiring tour boats to stay a thousand feet offshore. a new take on eggs, not from chickens, the plant-based eggs and what they taste like. plus, breast-feeding at work, how it can actually keep talented employees on the job. fog rolling in toward the end of the a summer
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think about breast-feeding. companies who are supportive retain mothers at 95% versus the national average of 59%. ester joins me today, and can you talk about why it's so important to support new moms in the workplace? it's important for us because we need to feed our babies, why is it important for companies? >> it's very meaningful for companies, one point is retention, which you mentioned, we're in a full employment economy. it's incredibly hard to recruit new people and incredibly hard to retain them because people have a lot of options. so that moment where mom goes on maternity leave, that's a decision point where if she thinks it's a little tough to come back to work or it might be
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challenging she might go make a no go decision in a way that the company would really suffer to lose her. right? so for that reason, if she knows ahead of time that there are supportive mechanisms, private places she can go, hospital grade brea pumps, it's t come b necessarily have anything set up? what should they be doing to promote this for women and make it an option for them? >> that's what we do at day one baby as a company. it's usually the h.r. and benefits departments we work with. what they do is, it's very easy to institute a private space that's dedicated. that's legislated today on a federal level. companies 50 employees and above have to have a private space that's purely dedicated to lactation. so if they don't have one and they need one, there are portable mother's rooms that we offer. hospital grade breast pumps make
4:43 pm
it possible to express breast milk while you're at work in about a third of the time so you can get back to doing what you need to be doing. there are hygiene amenities, comfort amenities like lotions and even nutritional amenities too. lastly what we work with as well are really offering consulting -- lactation consulting that's video based and hipaa compliant so mom doesn't have to leave the office or leave home to be able to get answers to the questions that she needs. >> okay. and this is really beneficial financially for the companies as well. >> absolutely, yes. it's -- we know that it's much more expensive to hire and retrain a valued, ongoing employee than it is to retain the one that you already have. but also, companies are really vying mightily for new recruits. and whether somebody is already a mom, or maybe expecting, or maybe is thinking about starting
4:44 pm
a family over the coming three to five, five to seven years, it's really the messaging that the company sends forward that says this is a warm and friendly place for you to come to. if you come here, you'll be okay for the long run. >> this week a model stirred up controversy, i saw it myself, walking the runway while breast-feeding. she's even commented about how this shouldn't be making headlines. do you think we're ever going to get to the point where breast-feeding in public is -- nobody bats an eye? >> there are many cultures and many places in the world where that is already the case. in the meantime, these types of moments, like the model walking the runway, they're meant to provoke conversation, which is exactly what we're doing today. and, you know, companies that want to know how they can better normalize it, we offer a lot of information. go to our website which is day one, or e-mail and we can help you out.
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>> thank you for coming today. >> it's my pleasure, thank you so much. your accuweather forecast with spencer christian. starting with live doppler 7, fog at the coast. it's going to push locally out over the bay and into a few inland spots overnight. overnight lows mainly mid to upper 50s. it's a pattern we've seen night after night overnight the last couple weeks. tomorrow, look for warmer conditions inland. highs will soar into the upper 90s in many locations, and a couple triple digit locations. antioch is expecting to hit 99, could be 100 there. around the bay, look for highs in the upper 70s to low 80s. breezy and mild on the coast. here's the seven-day forecast. temperatures will taper off a bit on thursday. it will feel muggy with an increase in humidity on thursday and friday. temperatures will drop off more over the weekend as well as humidity. temperatures will rise again early next week. warm. >> it is summer. we have to deal with it. >> exactly. >> thanks, spencer.
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a san francisco startup is looking to revolutionize your breakfast burrito. the startup is called just. the new product is called just eggs, an egg substitute made from plants, not egg whites. the main ingredient is the mung bean. the company isolated the protein, and found it resembled an egg pro teen. >> the last few steps of gngig and just egg cooked up into pillowy curds as you can v it looks authentic, doesn't it?
4:50 pm
>> i would try it. i've tried their salad dressing. well, ford will spend nearly $300 million to settle lawsuits involvi involving tecata air bags. >> here's the latest. >> this is all financial loss. the agreement covers about 6 million customers who it still needs court approval, they suffered economic losses, out of pocket recall expenses, today's settlement doesn't cover personal injury or wrongful death claims, just financial losses. six other automakers have settled economic losses tied to the takata air bag for $1.2 billion. you may remember that at least 23 have died worldwide because of problems with the takata air bags which can explode with too much force. water pik is recalling
4:51 pm
thousands of electric toothbrushes. they could be unsafe. the charging station of the sonic fusion toothbrush with overheat and catch hire. no other flossers or toothbrushes are affected. if you own one, log on to for additional details. in spice of ate of all thoss with amazon's web problems yesterday, prime day sales are way up. sales on the first -- or i should say in the first 12 hours of the event were up 89% over last year. traffic to on monday crashed the site. many customers saw photos of dogs. why? well, that's the company's standard error message. you spend digit ntil midnight n
4:52 pm
everyday purchases? i'm looking into this developing trend in a 7 on your side special report tonight at cryptocurrency? weigh in. and we'll have the results of the poll tonight on abc 7 news at 11:00. >> thanks, michael. an alabama college student who walked about 14 miles trying to make it to his first day at the new job has a much faster way to get around. >> i'd like to give you this car right here today, like right now, like you can drive away with it. >> look at that, the ceo of bellhop's moving company gave his own suv to walter. his new car broke down. determined to make it there. he planned to walk 20 miles in the middle of the night. along the way, a police officer spotted him, and after hearing his story took him to breakfast and then dropped him off at his job. >> i wanted to show them that i got the dedication, and always have in my life.
4:53 pm
i'm going to get to this job one way or the other. >> determined young man. the family that car helped move that day, they also set up a gofundme page for him and that's raised more than $10,000. old parking meters have new life in santa rosa. 80 have been turned into a solar powered sculpture. it's next to exchange bank downtown. once the wiring is finished, there will be a light display. a loss for tourists and fans of the show called "full house," but a win today of neighbors tired of fans clogging up their neighborhood. what's set to change? abc 7 news lt poiblennectio lawyer, efe the bge becomes inspiration for afterwards. and -- it's incredibly hot and incredibly expensive.
4:54 pm
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4:57 pm
mayor is the way to do it. >> we have a reporter who spoke with the teenager and has more on his tough competition. >> reporter: in a small city lives one ambitious teenager who wants to make a change. >> this is a town that i knew that i wanted to make an impact in. >> reporter: zachary ramos is like most 19-year-olds, he's going to college and likes to hang out with friends in free time. but he's also planning to run pfor mayor of gustine. >> initially, it was more of, oh my gosh, they'll eat him alive. >> you're too young. >> reporter: don't be fooled. despite his young age, he hopes to revive the city's main street to its older and former glory. >> i want to bring back the old gustine. the fountain diner, things that will bring the community together, even a grocery store. >> reporter: fueling his dream to hold a government position, he's constantly involved in the community, even creating the
4:58 pm
traveling library to help improve literacy within the county. ramos says he's already gotten support from more than half of the business owners in town, and even from some former state leaders. >> just writing him off being 19 years old is a bad move. he has good ideas. he's definitely ambitious, more than anything else. >> reporter: but the competition won't be easy. his opponent, patrick nagy is the current mayor pro tem and ten years experience in council. >> he's very well meaning, but she's very young also and does not have the experience or the knowledge for what he's trying to do. >> reporter: ramos is staying positive. >> when we win mor hior r and counting down the days until the election. in gustine, abc 7 news. well, thank you so much for joining us for abc 7 news at 4:00. i'm ama daetz.
4:59 pm
>> i'm dan ashley. i.c.e. made this case about sanctuary laws. >> local authorities say the feds have it wrong. they say immigration has nothing to do with a man posing as a ride share driver to prey on victims. six campus police officers caught doing instead of their job. >> getting off of pot, the new pressure to open a marijuana dispensary in marin, and -- >> i used to be an attorney. i used to be a collegiate football player. before the badge and one city's solution to a recruitment challenge. >> announcer: live where you live. this is abc 7 news. tonight you're getting your first real look at the so-called ride share rapist. police say he cruised to bars in san francisco, and targeted women waiting to be picked up by a driver. good evening, i'm
5:00 pm
>> i'm awe andma daetz. abc 7 news reporter melanie woodrow has the story. >> reporter: police are calling him the ride share rapist. >> it's completely premature to be talking about the facts as alleged. >> reporter: there's allegations according to to sfpd that he raped four women between 2013 and 2018 by posing as their ride share driver. as his victims left nightclubs and bars downtown. >> these assaults were violent raps, committed by a serial rapist, a sexual deviant predator not stopping until he was caught. >> reporter: lyft says we confirmed this person drove for lyft. we immediately deactivated him as soon as we learned. the dna evidence linked him to the assaults, and he was arrested this past thursday. the following day i.c.e. launched a d


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