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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  July 18, 2018 5:00am-5:59am PDT

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sonoma. good morning east bay. let's get up and get going. >> this is "abc 7 mornings." good morning. it is wednesday, july 18th. 5:00 a.m. >> never more than 7 minutes away from your accuweather forecast. meteorologist drew tuma has a first look at the day ahead. >> good morning, guys. the issue we have early on on our wednesday is fog. that low cloud cover has descended and dense. half moon bay we're at one mile visibility. napa up to three miles right now. you will encounter areas of dense fog early on. san jose, a live look, clouds overhead. your 12 hour day planner features the cloud cover, areas of dense fog. by noon the clouds confined to the coast and by 4:00 later on this afternoon, it is sunny but will be rather hot inland. today is the warmest day we have all week. the sun going down at 8:29 p.m. that's weather. see how the roads are doing. >> good morning. i'm talking about the fog as well.
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we've got some really dense conditions around golden gate bridge. if we can take a look at that this morning. we have a dense fog advisory issued for golden gate bridge by chp. that was around 10:00 last night and they did restate that right around midnight. that is in effect here. one of the days you want to drive for conditions, slow down, leave a little extra room between you and the vehicles around you so you have more reaction time with the reduced visibility and drew told you that's not the only spot either. take it easy today. westbound 580, tracy to dublin, 42 minutes, starting to fill in out of the central valley, south bay 860 dublin to mission boulevard, looking good. cupertino, no issues there, in the green at 15 minutes. we'll take a look at the south bay coming up next. >> thank you. six uc berkley police are expected to fight back after being fired for lying about what they did on the job. >> they got let go for reportedly sleeping and hanging out instead of working. abc 7 news reporter amy hollyfield at the campus with more on this case.
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>> reporter: hi, reggie. they were going to the math theolief says th we there and sleeping their shift so s firedhem. ayrea news group" reports there was a hearing and the decision was upheld so they will be terminated. this is a large firing for a small department. six officers being fired in a department of 40. sources tell the "bay area news" these officers will take their cases to arbitration. they have not been identified. the officers had radioed in they were checking buildings when instead they were going to the math library and hanging out. they were charged administratively with lying. a uc spokesperson refused to comment and the police chief and the officers' lawyer did not return reporters' calls. live in berkley, amy hollyfield, abc 7 news. now on abc 7 news live desk update. >> thank you. we are tracking developing news
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from the live desk, san jose police are right now investigating a shooting after the victim was dropped off at a hospital. police say the 21-year-old man was initially taken to o'connor hospital before taken to valley medical center with life-threatening injuries. investigators say they're interviewing family members who showed up at the hospital with the victim overnight. they think the shooting happened somewhere off julian street just north of downtown san jose. no word yet exactly what led up to the shooting. police are asking for anyone who may have seen what happened, to give them a call this morning. a san francisco man's terrifying encounter with two masked robbers went from bad to worse when his neighbor came home. the robbers tied up both the man and his neighbor inside their apartment building on baker street yesterday. and this morning, police are looking into this. abc 7 news reporter kay larson spoke with the victim. didn't go onin, the gate wop, t. thought that was strange. >> reporter: it was 2:00 in the
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morning and pitch-black without the light. the victim who owns the building tried to fix the lock when he says two masked men attacked him in the stairwell. >> they put me face down, duct taped my hands, duct taped my mouth closed. put a gun to the back of my head and marched me upstairs and said we're going to go through your apartment and then they ransacked my house. >> reporter: ten minutes into the robbery the victim says the gunmen heard his tenant and neighbor come home. >> they ran down and grabbed her at the gate and duct taped her feet, hands and mouth. they just said tell us where any valuables are in the house or we're going to shoot her. >> reporter: the robbers stole the wallet, phone, and watches before taking offer down the street. >> two subjects last seen running towards fortuna. >> we believe that this gentleman was targeted. >> reporter: san francisco police are investigating and say it's lucky the victims were not seriously hurt or killed. >> just trying to be aware of your surroundings.
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this gentleman, this victim, he turned his back briefly and he was attacked. these guys look for any opportunity they can to take advantage. >> reporter: in san francisco, kate larson, abc 7 news. burglar in southern california targeted the wrong family. the home of an mma fighter. cell phone video captures how the suspected break-in ended. sergio hernandez jr. held the intruder down on the ground until police got there. >> this triangle shape here will be his head and arm in there. what i have to do is pull his head down and it will cut off the blood circulation to his brain. deep down in my heart i wanted to break the dude's arm but at the same time, i just don't -- i don't get a kick out of like inflicting pain on people, you know. >> hernandez says he found the man in the backyard of his dad's home in city heights yesterday morning. the bedrooms were ransacked but nothing was stolen. happening today, the state supreme court will discuss a
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proposal to split california into three states. prop 9 qualified for the november ballot last month. opponents sued arguing the proposal abolishes the state constitution which cannot be done in a ballot initiative. meanwhile, voters in alameda will decide whether to raise the local sales tax up to 9.75% in november. our media partner "the east bay times" said it would offset a $4.7 million deficit in the years. and if passed the increased sales tax would take effect in april of next year. san francisco's new mayor is working to tackle homelessness. mayor london breed brought police and other department heads with her to get a firsthand look at an encampment yesterday. outreach workers helped relocate more than a dozen people who called this home. the mayor says her goal is to make sure these encampments don't exist anywhere in the city. >> our goal is to help people one at a time, every situation is unique.
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>> it gives me hope and lets me know there is still people out there who do care about the homeless and things that we're going quarter of the bay area's homeless population are in the city of san francisco, an estimated 7500 people. and good morning. time now 5:07 on this wednesday. the issue we're tracking early on is some locally dense fog. live doppler 7 along with satellite right now you can see the gray shading on your screen that stretches from the north bay down to the south bay. and along the coast. that's that cloud cover right now. visibility in napa and half moon bay currently down to a mile. right now, early commuters featuring some dense fog as you go about your early morning day. temperature wise good morning south bay, at 62, in san jose, 60 the temperature in mountainview, 60 in saratoga. the wider picture where we have the cloud cover overhead, 50s, 56 for san francisco and alameda, brentwood at 62 degrees. i want to take you into san
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francisco, your 12 hour day planner features fog early on and we'll have the cloud cover pretty much through the entire morning. into the afternoon by about 2:00, 4:,asll se in clouds, a little sunshine, but temperatures will be in the 60s close to the coast. only 65 for half moon bay today. san francisco later on this afternoon, with a little sunshine. about 71. 77 the high in oakland with clouds to sun. 87, though, in san jose. inland we are going to be hot. today is the warmest day all week for our inland cities. 96 in concord, 99 antioch, as warm in the north bay, 89 the forecasted high for napa. that's weather. a check of the roads with alexis. good morning. >> good morning, drew. we've had few incidents so far today. nothing major out on the roads this morning. so that certainly is good news. an update here, to an earlier problem in san jose. the southern part of the city there, north bay 101 past capital expressway we had a solo vehicle crash overnight that sounded really violent. the engine and transmission separated from the vehicle when
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it went into a wall. that driver apparently only had minor injuries and they were able to clear the scene. so certainly a lucky situation there for that person. ace rail, we did talk to them, a train tracking issue once again. they are working to resolve their gps issue. looks like that is just impacting ace one right now and could take seven to ten days for the new system to get into place here. so ace one and three are out on time this morning and if you want those train status updates you can subscribe to their text alerts to get those to your phone. >> good news as far as road construction goes. alexis happening today, a stretch of highway 1 that's been closed for 14 months, set to reopen. heavy rains caused a mudslide that buried the roadway and the mud creek area of big sur. cal train says it was the biggest slide in history. cal train says there's more work to do. an infant in san bernardino county is the first child to die from hooping cough in the state
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in the two years health officials made the announcement yesterday. california experienced a epidemic in 2014 with 11,000 cases statewide. health officials expect a next outbreak next year in 2019. the california department of public health recommends immunization as early as 6 weeks old. people in the south bay are worried about west nile virus because residents say they've come across several dead bird nears their homes. >> this video may be uncomfortable to watch. doctors at santa lara county vector control district tested 91 dead birds this year, seven have come back positive for west nile. before treatment happens, area mosquitos must test positive for west vile. vector control came across a positive west nile virus case in sunnyvale and santa clara. >> it was positive for mosquitos. we did the treatment in that area, almost half a mile or one
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mile radius of positive mosquitos. >> west nile transmission to people happens most often during the summer. symptoms can include fever, headache and nausea. >> more trouble for pg&e following the north bay wildfires. the city now taking legal action against the utility company. >> and looks like eggs, tastes >> and looks like eggs, tastes like eggs
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you're never more than seven minutes away from your accuweather forecast. >> this is "abc 7 mornings." >> 5:13 a.m. looking at your 12-hour day planner today. early on your issue of areas of
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dense fog. sunshine prevais later today. it will be the hottest day all week near upper 90s in our hottest spots. download the accuweather app and check the temperatures from your smartphone. the afin three minutes. the city of santa rosa is going after pg&e. it wants compensation for damage following the north bay wildfires. according to the press democrat the official cause of the tubbs fire isn't out but cal fire determined the utility company's power equipment caused more than a dozen fires across northern california in october. santa rosa officials released a statement saying we must take action to seek fair compensation and reimbursement from the responsible parties so our community can move forward toward full recovery and secure the future safety of our citizens. sonoma, lake, mendocino and napa counties are suing over the fires. pg&e says it is taking steps to keep us safe from wildfires. the company is adding dozens of new weather stations.
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these stations they say will help track the temperatures, wind speeds and humid levels and the info should help better predict future wildfires. the goal is for crews to respond quicker and take preventative steps to keep you safe. pg&e says it's added 50 of the new weather station this year. the company says that should be 200 by the end of the year. >> on a related note, help for families left homeless by the north bay wildfires, a new rental assistance center opens today. a program at the center will provide families with financial assistance like rental deposits and help finding places to live. there are certain requirements in the application process and you can find information at the center on west college avenue in santa rosa. it opens at 5:30 tonight. >> santa clara deputies say two suspected burglars are in jail this morning and it's all thanks to a neighbor who reported suspicious activity. the sheriff's office posted these pictures on facebook overnight. deputies recovered packages and jewelry belonging to saratoga
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residents. deputies found suspects hiding in bushes and burglary tools in the suspect's car. help is on the way to an organization that helps local immigrants. >> alameda and the city of oakland committed $300,000 to help the alameda county immigrant education partnership. feder that organization provides a range of services for the immigrant community including free legal assistance and workshops to teach constitutional protections. >> we want to continue to be a source of light, a beacon of hope, that pushes back against the reckless, irresponsible and xenophobic policies and be an example to other communities across our state and across our nation that want to do the same thing. >> it says it helps 9,000 people in alameda and represented about 6800 people in immigration court. more california gun owners registering their assault weapons because of a new law. the "l.a. times" reports assault
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weapon registrations are up 43% in the last 11 months. that equates to nearly 69,000 assault weapons. a law enacted after the mass shooting in san bernardino expanded the types of firearms that have to be registered with the state. in today's "gma" first look a warning for people heading to the beach. >> strong winds uprooted an umbrella and impaled a woman in new jersey. >> in this first look watch as witnesses capture beach umbrellas out of control. these volleyball players in ontario, canada, stunned as umbrellas around them take flight and in ocean city, maryland n 2015 a bystander filming as the wind picks up the umbrellas and turns them into projectiles. the video is wild and the situation incredibly dangerous. >> we have a woman with an umbrella that needs something to cut it. >> reporter: this monday in seaside heights, new jersey, a
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67-year-old tourist from london struck by a flying its spokes p ankle. the woman telling abc news it was a beautiful day and that a gu of wind was to blame. and we'll tell you how to stay safe at the beach coming up at 7:00 a.m. with your "gma" first look, i'm gio benitez, abc news, new york. tesla's ceo elon musk is apologizing for calling a british diver involved in the thailand cave rescue a pedophile. musk addressed the issue in tweets saying he had spoken in anger on sunday and started when a dv accused musk and spacex engineers of orchestrating a pr stunt sending a small submarine to help divers rescue the soccer team from a flooded cave. musk says the diver's criticism upset him, but he should have not branded the diver a pedophile. the diver is reportedly considering legal action. now on to a new breakfast food that looks like scrambled
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eggs but we will let you in on a secret, take a look here, it didn't come from a chicken. they were created by just, a san francisco food research start-up. the company isolated the protein from beans and found it resembled egg protein created something that resembled and tastes like real eggs. >> we don't manipulate the bean, we don't practice any genetic modification of it. we grow it, mill it, take the protein out, combine it with other simple ingredients, throw it in the pan and we have breakfast. >> as you can see, just egg cooks easy into pillowy kurds. veggie grill will use it to make breakfast burritos at the five bay area locations and just egg will be available in select supermarkets. >> it looks really good. >> it does. >> making me hungry. >> the impossible burger is delicious. >> i have yet to try that. >> made from peas now. that's good. >> what? >> i know. >> that's a thing. >> that's a thing.
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>> eggs right up your alley. >> i'm into this experimental food. >> i like eggs, but like i wish it was different, you know, like i don't think anyone hated eggs that much. >> for people who are vegetarian. >> that's true. >> it could be a good thing. >> you can get milk from a pea. >> a pea. >> that's bizarre. >> we will talk about that later. >> and almonds, blow mice mind. early on we have fog in spots. what's going on in terms of visibility, peas and milk, just drink milk. >> wow. >> half moon bay right now, down to 1 mile visibility. santa rosa we're down to two miles. see where the foggy issues are along the coast and in the north bay on this early morning. so be aware that the next couple hours we'll keep the headline. your morning planner, areas of dense fog through 8:00 this morning. by 9:00, peeks of sunshine. later by 10:00, 11:00, we see brighter skies and warming up quickly, inland into the 80s. live look outside, the exploratorium camera showing you the sky skyline chopped in half.
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the cloud cover early on over san francisco. later on today we've been in this pattern for several days now. you have the morning cloud cover, afternoon sunshine, a typical july pattern. we'll see 71 in san francisco, about 77, the high in oakland, 87 in san jose. it will be warm in the south bay with lots of sunshine today. even warmer inland. today will be the hottest day we have all week inland. 96 the high in concord. we're going to a high of 99 later on in antioch. here's the accuweather seven-day forecast. we have the wide range in temperatures today. high clouds start to move in by thursday and that will increase the humidity on friday. but cooler air will move in over the weekend and certainly sunday it's cooler, less humid before numbers go back up early next week. all right. that's the weather. check out the roads. >> good morning, drew. we are looking at the bay bridge toll plaza here. still looking good. as far as we know the metering lights not on but that will happen any minute and, of course, then we'll start to see things back up into the me.astal
5:22 am
looking great so far today. not looking so great, it's not terrible yet, but this closure, eastbound state route 37, major grinding and paving project. the american canyon area closed between fairground drives and interstate 80. they should have that done by 6:00 this morning. a backup due to that yesterday. today that is looking okay. westbound side filling in heading towards sears point down to 25 miles an hour. foggy conditions not on the bay bridge but golden gate, we'll check that out coming up next. >> thanks. coming up next, seven things you need to know as you start your day. >> an act of determination rewarded. how a college student who planned to walk 20 miles to get to his first day
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by the european union. the eu accused google of forcing android apps on users. google has not responded. number two, six uc berkley police expected to fight back after they got fired. the police chief says they were sleeping and hanging out at a campus library during the midnight shift. number three, an rv parking pilot program is a go in east palo alto. the city counil voting to allow a number of rvs to set up in a city owned parking lot. some see the program as a possible solution to the housing crisis. >> number four, micro climate in full effect. 65 half moon bay, san francisco up to 71. warmer in oakland at 77. hot inland, 95 walnut creek, 99 the high in antioch. >> a portion of highway 1 near big sur closed because of a mudslide will reopen today. heavy rains washed out the roadway 14 months ago. so far so good for the wednesday morning commute. we are dealing with thick fog in some areas.
5:26 am
we have a dense fog advisory in effect for golden gate bridge, so make sure you slow down and drive for conditions. number seven, the youth soccer team and coach who spent two weeks trapped in a cave in thailand are out of the hospital this morning. the team members are speaking at a news conference right now. we'll have much more coming up at 5:30. an alabama college student who walked about 14 miles to make it to his first day of a new job, now has a much quicker way to get around. >> i would like to give you this car right here today, like right now. like you can drive away with it. >> the ceo of bell hops moving compan gave his own suv to a new employee walter carr. carr's vehicle broke down before his first day on the job on saturday and he was determined to get to work. he planned to walk 20 miles in the middle of the night. a police officer spotted him and after hearing carr's story he took him to breakfast and dropped him off at his job. >> i wanted to show them that i got the dedication and i always
5:27 am
have in my life. i'm going to get to this job one way or the other. >> the family helped me that day set up a more than $35,000 has been raised. >> a great story but a guy whose last name is carr, whose car broke down, and got a new car. >> i love it. >> can't make this up. >> yeah. >> we're coming back with another 90 minutes of news, including the controversial parking program here to stay in san francisco. also an oakland mother pleads for your help to find the person who shot and killed her son. her son. the reward why shop marshalls? (engine revving) because shopping should thrill you. (horn honking) with big brands at small prices. mwah! (laughing) for the whole family! whoo-hoo! woman: and unexpected finds you never knew you were looking for. so every trip feels like an instant victory. that's the fun of marshalls. (gasp) with brands that wow and prices that thrill, marshalls is never boring and always surprising.
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good morning, south bay. let's get up and get going. >> this is "abc 7 mornings." >> the soccer team rescued in thailand released from the hospital. this morning the players are speaking out about this harrowing ordeal. a pilot program to help the housing crisis is approved. soon you may see rvs parked in
5:30 am
an east palo alto parking lot. >> watch out, amazon an netflix, because another big name is coming for you in the video >> good morning. wednesday, july 18th. hope you're starting your morning off right with a big glass of milk and cereal. >> we're stuck on milk this morning for various reasons. rewind your dvr. drew, yesterday i really thought it was really gorgeous in the city at least. i know it's hot in some other areas, but it's warmer today. >> today is the hottest day all week. inland near 100 in some cities but this morning the issue is fog. we're talking about it all morning long. the weather is showing that two miles of visibility at half moon bay, 5 in santa rosa and petaluma. there are areas of low clouds and dense fog. cloud cover overhead and no delays at this hour. your 12-hour day planner later on, the areas of fog by 7:00, the clouds confined to the coast midday and afternoon it will be a sunny day away from the coast.
5:31 am
inland near 100, around the bay in the low 80s. let's take a look at roads. >> wttgoodhe too, drew. we don't have official word that bay bridge metering lights are on but i would say judging by this camera they probably are in the last few minutes here. fast track users starting to slow down, cash lanes, carpool lanes cruising through. no major delays into san francisco. drive times looking good, highway 4 to walnut creek, 6 minutes, westbound walnut creek to highway 13, 8, and tracy to dublin, even central valley drive not terrible in the yellow at 48 minutes. new this morning, we are hearing from the youth soccer team and coach who spent two weeks trapped in a cave in thailand. >> overnight all spoke at a news conference after being released from the hospital and take a look on your screens, video of them entering the news conference. see them in their soccer uniforms. the boys are healthy, strong and their news conference the
5:32 am
honored the thai navy s.e.a.l. who diednd shared a >> great to see them. going to switch to president trump who is in damage control mode, trying to clarify comments he made during his summit with vladimir putin. >> the president appeared to agree with putin that russia did not meddle in the 2016 election but saying he misspoke. kenneth moten is live in washington. kenneth? >> president trump has been tweeting all morning defending his summit with vladimir putin calling it a great success, but there is still confusion about whether or not the president truly believes u.s. intelligence about russian meddling. >> reporter: this morning, new details about president trump's russia reversal. >> i have a full faith in our intelligence agencies. oops, they just turned off the lights. that must be the intelligence agencies. there it goes. >> reporter: after that moment sources shedding light on what
5:33 am
led the president to backtrack on his answer in helsinki about russian election meddling. >> i have president putin, he said it's not russia. i will say this, i don't see any reason why it would be. >> reporter: reading from prepared remarks, trump said he misspoke. >> i said the word would instead of wouldn't. the sentence should have been, i don't see any reason why it wouldn't be russia. >> reporter: abc news learned the president came up with that clarification after a bipartisan condemnation. as he appeared to side with vladimir putin over the u.s. intelligence community. >> the russians need to know there are a lot of us who fully understand what happened in 2016. >> reporter: on the trump walk back. >> i don't accept the president's comments today. if he wanted to make those comments he should have had the strength to make them in front of vladimir putin. >> reporter: but the attempted cleanup muddied even more when trump said he accepts russia interfered but others may also be to blame. >> it could be other people also.
5:34 am
there's a lot of people out there. there was no collusion at all. >> reporter: democrats are fired up demanding top trump officials and the translator, that u.s. translator in the trump/putin meeting testify in front of congress about what was discussed. reporting live in washington this morning, kenneth moten, abc 7 news. >> keeps getting more interesting. >> new this morning a massive fire in martinez. you see this video here from the scene on howell road at a property where pyramid movers is located. crews were called there around 12:30 this morning. contra costa fire said boxes caught fire. firefighters were able to get it under control before it damaged buildings. it's not clear how the fire start ord boxes damaged. a silicon valley community is hoping to help the housing crisis letting people park. >> east palo alto approved a program that specifically addresses residents who live in their rvs.
5:35 am
reporter matt keller is live at city hall for us. matt? >> reporter: good morning, jessica and reggie. so many cities in the bay area arampers on their streets. now the east palo alto city council is doing something new. of course this has to do with the housing crisis and how much it costs to buy a house or even rent an apartment here in the bay area. the east palo alto city council approved the first ever rv parking program at its meeting last night. ever been on bay road in the city you would see a lot of cam percent and rvs. now the city is teaming up with project we hope to open up a city owned lot and aa how rvs to park safely with the goal of helping people transition to permanent housing. case managers will be assigned to each family and mobile hygiene units would be available. >> it would be great for us and help us a lot, you know, because mainly we need a place to stay, right. we got it, but we just pretty much just in the middle of the street, kind of.
5:36 am
entsre ced : city officials say about the impacts sit su. once t site o in november accom about 20 rvs. reporting live in east palo alto, matt keller, abc 7 news. >> thank you. happening today the bart passenger seen smoking what appears to be meth on board trains is expected in court. video that aired on abc 7 news helped lead to his arrest. tracy daniels was arrested after a viewer recognized him and called police. officers took him in because there was an outstanding warrant for his arrest, not because of the alleged drug use. monday daniels' hearing was rescheduled because of medical reasons so he will be in court today. the fbi and oakland police have issued a $30,000 reward for information to help solve a murder case. 27-year-old patrick scott was shot to death february 3rd at a bus stop at 62nd and market
5:37 am
streets on the berkley/oakland border. he was dmother's house when he got shot. scott's mother said she heard nine shots and found her son bleeding as he tried to make it home. she says, before her son died, he actually told her who shot him. that is information she says she's not allowed to disclose right now. >> do the right thing. turn yourself in. i'm going to do all i can to save the next child and child after that. i'm not going to stop. >> police say this was not a random shooting. they have not released a possible motive. good morning. 5:37. live doppler 7 what we're tracking early on this morning, alexis and i have been both talking about this, the fog. live doppler 7 and satellite showing you the cloud cover overhead along the coast and the north bay, especially with spots where the visibility is down to less than a mile. your morning planner will feature the fog early on, dense in spots, 9:00 we'll get peeks
5:38 am
of sunshine, but by 10:00 and 11:00 the clouds are breaking down and we're warmering up by 11:00 inland in the low 80s. track the warming temperatures hour by hour from your smartphone. good morning, we're at 59 in belmont, 57 in san mateo, redwood city 60 degrees. elsewhere we're mainly in the mid 50s to low 60s in most spots. a light jacket needed right now, but it will get hot inland. take a look, this will be the warmest day this week inland. concord 96, antioch up to 99, 96 in pittsburgh, walnut creek 95. it is hot away from the coast. highs today, 71 in san francisco, about 77 in oakland, san jose up to about 87 degrees. warm in the north bay, 89 in napa, 90 santa rosa. once you go farther north you can see 103 in lake port. beat the heat, this time of year, head to the coast. we'll have early morning clouds, and afternoon sunshine. half moon bay only at 65 degrees. this morning that fog is an issue in spots. >> yeah.
5:39 am
it's dense in some areas including golden gate bridge. that is where we have a dense fog advisory this morning. we don't have issues for that north bay commute, though, so that certainly is good news. you want to make sure you're driving for conditions. yesterday we had quite a bit of fog for the bay bridge as well. i'm not seeing much on any of our bay bridge cameras so far this morning, but we are seeing things fill in for the toll plaza, so we did get official word 5:32 for the metering lights flipping on here this morning and yeah, fast track through the middle starting to stack up into the maze as are the cash lanes. no issues carpooling this morning. to the central valley on our traffic maps where we have about four to five miles of heavy traffic on 580 and 205. seven miles out an hour out of tracy 12, miles to altamont pass and the eastbound side the roadwork until about 6:00 this morning. you're down to 11 miles an hour. usually you're in the clear there if you're traveling eastbound, the right here side
5:40 am
of traffic. not the case this morning. westbound before you get to the 680 merge in dublin, a crash off to the shoulder. an update coming up in a few minutes. >> thank you. new this morning, a free church parking program in mission district is here to stay. it allows cars to be parked in the median on sundays. according to the examiner the board just voted to make the pilot program permanent. neighbors complained the program was a violation of church and state. the church leaders say rising rent pushed many members out of the city and they needed a place to park to attend services. cars can only park in the median until 6:00 on sunday evenings. the palo alto police department can't find enough people to fill its ranks, despite a $98,000 startin salary. what the department is doing to draw in recruits. >> sfo used to dealing with lost
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. you're never more than seven minutes away from your accuweather forecast. >> this is "abc 7 mornings." >> it's 5:43 a.m. on your wednesday.orningog is issue. visibility look at the coastline, half moon bay down to a mile, two miles in napa. the issue is mainly in the north bay and along the coast this morning. today, though, this afternoon, will be the warmest day all week but it will be that day of typical extremes. from the coast we're sitting pretty in the 60s, look inland
5:44 am
from walnut creek, brentwood mid to upper 90s. the accuweather seven-day forecast in four minutes. an east bay assemblyman who proposed a bill to benefit pg&e has a son that actually works for the utility. the chronicle reports pg&e and democrat bill quirk's office confirms his son ian works for the company. assemblyman quirk's bill would allow pg&e to issue state authorized bonds to pay settlements stemming from last october's wildfires. state investigators have blamed pg&e for starting 16 of those fires. pg&e's customers would repay the bonds over time. both pg&e and quirk's office say the personal connection has nothing to do with the bill. >> firefighters on the front lines of a fire burning outside yosemite are trying to make some crucial progress before high winds today. the ferguson fire west of the park has burned more than 13,000 acres since it started friday night. it's only 5% contained. no structures have been damaged, but flames are burning very
5:45 am
close to four evacuated communities. yosemite is open but highway 140 into the park is closed. officials warn visitors not over exert themselves because of all the smoke the fire is producing. the founder of papa john's pizza says it was a mistake to step down after accused of using a racial slur. john schnatter says the board of directors asked him to resign without investigation and that he shouldn't have complied. schnatter accuses the board of not knowing how to hand al crisis based on misinformation and blaming a marketing agency for pressuring him to use the "n" word during a conference call in may. if you're looking for uncle jesse in san francisco he's not home and two, you cannot ride a tour bus in front of the "full house" house anymore. tour busses banned on broderick between pine and bush under a new ordinance approved by transportation leaders. the "full house" reboot spiked
5:46 am
interest in the home which is featured in the opening credits. neighbors say in addition to the traffic headaches there's been a spike in car break-ins by criminals taking advantage of unsuspecting tourists. the ban applies to vehicles that seat more than nine people. the palo alto police department is looking for recruits and they're starting pay is pretty high, $98,000 a year, no college degree required, but the department can't seem to find enough people. so the department is showcasing ten officers in a recruitment video. it features officers who used to be attorneys, welders, school teachers and nurses. officials hope to lure a new applicant to become officers. palo alto is appealing to those seeking better job satisfaction after having done something else. >> hey, maybe it's not too late for me to change and do something that really means something and really it's not too late to change into a career in public service. >> not coming from the same cookie cutter mold. important to bring different aspects of careers and
5:47 am
lifestyles to an agency. it just makes us a better department. >> and listen up if interested or looking for a job, there are 13 openings right now for officers. did you lose several thousand dollars at sfo in the past few days? really? a traveler found an envelope stuffed with cash at the international terminal late saturday night. the man says he didn't have time to turn it over to security and that he plans to do so once he gets back from his trip overseas. we talked with him over the phone. >> i think that person who lost it really knew how to identify it properly. it's something very specific. >> so if you lost a large amount of money at the airport an sfo spokesperson says get in touch with san francisco police. you made a good point if you found that amount of money you would have to turn it in right then and there. >> yeah. >> right. >> you go on this trip overseas, i don't know what that means. >> right. >> and you're holding like all
5:48 am
that cash? like scrooge mcduck. >> scrooge mcduck. >> in paris, like, hey, i got my day bag and b. >> lotf money. you would turn around immediately. >> yeah. why tempt yourself. >> weird. >> i know. >> $5 at starbucks and i it turned back around and asked i . he did an interview. the guy that found it an honest person to be holding on to the cash. >> it would be tough. >> if i lost something i would be looking all over that airport. >> i know. >> i know. where is that person? >> we need to find that person and interview them. >> so many questions. >> we do. >> accuweather wise we are tracking the fog this morning, an issue all morning. live doppler 7 along with satellite right now we want to zoom in kind of into the central part of the region see over the past three to four hours the fog has been kind of thickening and it is creating some issues with visibility. along the coast one mile, similar story in the north bay. take you outside, live look from
5:49 am
sutro tower, the low-lying cloud deck about 1,000 feet. sunshine willad we get rid of the cloud cover. so your 12-hour day planner later on as o dense fog early on, midday clouds pretty much confined to the klein coastline. today is the warmest day we have all week. you see inland we're approaching 100 degrees even around the bay, upper 70s to low 80s. good idea download the accuweather app track the warm temperatures from your smartphone. highs in the south bay, 87 for san jose, along the peninsula, 82, redwood city, cooler on the coast in the 60s, downtown san francisco, 71, inland warmer than that in the 90s. the accuweather seven-day forecast the warmest day is today. cooling off by friday but turning more humid to round out the week. that's weather. a check of the roads with alexis. >> good morning. we were doing really well here
5:50 am
so far this morning. it is sounding like we have a new pretty details but southbound 880 near freemont we had an initial crash sounds like maybe sort of a riplvfter. so maybe up to sev involved in the collision and i believe we have the two left lanes blocked. not seeing a huge backup but give this a few more minutes and this could be a problem. i will definitely follow up in a few minutes. also, westbound 580 before the 680 merge, sounds like two dump trucks collided off on the right shoulder, but we have a bit of a delay approaching that scene. drive times overall are looking good. westbound 80, highway 4 to the maze, 18 minutes, 8 across the bay bridge past the metering lights and south bay 101 san francisco to sfo wide open at 9 minutes. >> looking good. thank you. a possible new streaming option for you walmart is
5:51 am
apparently considering launching its subscription service. the company would want to charge $8 or less a month to make it less expensive than amazon pu.> jobs at sites around the bay area. our mediariy. affected employees were notified at the end of last month. the cuts include 220 jobs at the company's headquarters in san jose, more than 40 in san francisco and 5 in brisbane. the project in the works that would mean an increase to your water bill. >> a construction
5:52 am
5:53 am
you're never more than seven minutes away from your
5:54 am
accuweni.timeppaching at we havseog our coastline and the north bay. the dense fog early on. by 10:00, 11:00, the cloud cover pulling back to the coast and we're warming quickly. >> thank you. a show of confidence from major league baseball for keeping the a's rooted in oakland. commissioner rob manfred says there's not another market in the u.s. with the upside potential oakland has and the league would regret leaving the city if it did. he made the comments before yesterday's all-star game in washington, d.c. the a's have the best record in baseball right now. manfred hopes the team will work out a new stadium deal in the near future. warriors head coach steve kerr has signed a contract extension. espn reports it will make him one of the highest paid coaches in the league. kerr has won nba titles in three of his four seasons as head coach. next season will be the team's
5:55 am
last one in oakland before moving to the arena in san francisco. and the espy awards will air live tonight at 8:00 on abc 7. larry beil will be on the red carpet before and after the show and catch his live reports on abc 7 news at 4:00, 5:00, 6:00. construction under way on this major condominium complex on the san francisco waterfront. the building is going up on howard street and the embarcadero. members of the project's development team and city and labor leaders held a ceremonial groundbreaking yesterday and we also have video from drone view 7. it will include 120 units and provide jobs for 200 union workers. it will include retail space and a restaurant. should be ready by next year and the starting price, alexis, don't know what it is. >> i don't want to know. >> i guess it's going to be high. >> any guess. i don't know. a million. 1.2. >> keep going up. >> okay. >> with that view, i won't
5:56 am
daydream about that then. taking a look at fremont, we have a crash, sounds like involving serious injuries and as many as seven vehicles total involved here. south bay 880 near stevenson. the two left lanes blocked at this point. alternates coming up in a few. that could be there a while. foggy in some areas as drew and i have been telling you. a dense fog advisory still in effect for golden gate bridge. check in with meteorologist drew tuma right now. >> alexis, we're tracking the visibility. saw the dense fog moments ago from the golden gatedgone visib. early on this morning you will encounter pockets of fog. the 12-hour day planner later on today you will have that cloud cover early on but by midday the clouds confined to the coastline. afternoon sunshine, the warmest day all week inland. upper 90s around the bay, a lot of spots in the low 80s. download the app and track the warming temperatures hour by
5:57 am
hour from your smartphone. a neat sculpture that's being seen in santa rosa. old parking meters getting new life. 80 have been stacked together to form a solar powered sculpture in downtown on fifth street and mendocino avenue next to exchange bank. once the wiring is finished it will feature an interactive light display. really smart. >> you can tell they're old school doesn't have any place to put your credit card. >> yeah. >> i like it. >> back when you needed coins to park. those were the days. coming up next at 6:00, uc berkley police officers just got fired. they say the fight isn't over. >> and san francisco mayor london breed getting a firsthand look at her city's homeless crisis. we're learning about her plan to address it. >> this looks like scrambled eggs and we're told it tastes like scrambled eggs but spoiler alert it's not egg.
5:58 am
5:59 am
6:00 am
this is "abc 7 mornings." >> cue the fog horns. some spots are really socked in this morning including the golden gate bridge. we promise that's what you're looking at. >> all we see are just street lights and that's it. sorry about it. however, it is going to get warm today, so if you're in for some summer vibes, meteorologist drew tuma says, today is the day. >> nothing screams summer quite like that picture from the golden gate right now. we're socked in with fog. it is creating visibility issues. down to four miles in petaluma. you will encounter some early morning fog. live look at the exploratorium camera showing you the low cloud cover this morning. your 12-hour day planner there's that fog early on, midday the clouds confined to the coastline. by 4:00, inland it is going to be hot today, upper 90s around the bay, upper 70s to lower 80s. check out the roads with alexis, good morning. >> good morning, drew. we hav


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