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tv   ABC7 News 400PM  ABC  July 19, 2018 4:00pm-4:58pm PDT

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lointo the sierra, and some of reaching the bay area as well. the contract to reduce racial it has produced thunderstorms in profiling by police must be extended. >> we have to evolve policing so the sierra today, and beginning that it has legitimac and tomorrow, widespread thunderstrms in the sierra, and. law. >> reporter: in 2016 the stanford study found that oakland police were four times more likely to search forecast animation, not much in the way of fog tomorrow. it will pull back to theight african-american men than white men during a traffic stop. hours and then disappear from parts of the coastline tomorrow, african-americans were also more giving us mainly sunny skies likely to be handcuffed. across the entire region. during the overnight hours, >> it is important that we, we, while we have the fog, low temperatures in the upper 50s to the supposed leadership of this low and mid-60s. it will be very mild overnight. and tomorrow's highs, 63 at half moon bay, 69 in san francisco, city, understand how humiliating 75 oakland, 81 fremont, upper it is to be stopped when there's no reason for you to be stopped. >> reporter: earlier this week 80s to about 90 in the warmest oakland's public safety inland locations tomorrow. committee chaired by council so we won't have as much inland heat as earlier in the week. member deslie brooks voted for here is the accuweather seven-day forecast. we'll see temperatures tapering the contract to expire. off, maybe a couple more degrees a decision overruled by the on saturday and sunday. barely reaching 90. rules committee, putting the contract before the full council warmest inland spots, 80 around next week. the bay.
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low 60s on the coast. a warming trend begins monday, rashida is with the -- and intensifying on tuesday, accountability. >> there needs to be an end wednesday and thursday. high temperatures climb back into the midor mid to upper 90s game, an implementation plan in our inland areas midweek next that shows how to get from what week. all in all, a lovely seven days we know to how to improve. >> the study made 50 ahead. >> yea idoes,thanks, recommendations. opd has implemented most of them spencer. does this house look and insists some progress has familiar? if you're a fan of classic tv. been made. >> wt call tha it really should.le the unusual statue the footprint. we're stopping less people, attracting a lot of attention in that's a peinivit >> reporter: now, the deputy london. what is jeff gold blum doing chief said continuing the study is vital to the department's there? compliance with federal monitoring. the town hall tonight set to begin here at lani college at 6:00 p.m. the mayor, police chief and the stanford researcher all expected to be here. in oakland, laura anthony. abc 7 news. >> laura, thank you. the man san francisco police believe is thecae share rapist pleaded not guilty today. orlando la izos
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posing as a ride share driver, picking up women from bars and then raping them, there were four victims in attacks that spanned five years. lazo is being held without bail. >> mr. vilchez lazo pled not the constitution entitles him to a presumption of innocence. >> he did drive for lyft at one point and he passed a background check because he fraudulently represented himself. lyft says it's now beefing up security checks. san francisco police continue to search for the driver who killed a cab operator on the embarcadero. these photos give a closer look at the car believed to be a 2006 go1 01ld colored 2or honda civic. video the car swerving through traffic. petty operator died this
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month. >> the driver of a truck carrying a cryogenic oxygen tank that exploded in front of a kaiser permanente medical office building is in stable condition. it happened yesterday on the ol the blast damaged a number of personal vehicles in the area. it's not clear what caused the explosion precisely. building five on the north campus was closed today. the hospital hasun aottarsde no -- announced if that building will be opened tomorrow. >> mandatory evacuations nea yo ferguson fire is 7% contained. the fire has closed highway 140. yosemite is still open, but the area is iacmp smoke. yosemite is warning of poor air quality and limited visibility. one of the pop culture's conditions are expected to improve through the weekend. biggest annual conventions is right now there are more than a now under way. dozen fires burning across >> good morning, everybody, and
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california. the biggest still ferguson fire. >> announcer: now your welcome to comicon international accuweather forecast with spencer christian. i've been telling you litely 2018. >> that's the san diego mayor about the increase in humidity sicking off the annual 14-day we would feel today. here it is up a little bit. comic celebration. the biggest news is dc's look what that moisture is doing in the sierra. it has fueled a widespread outbreak of thunderstorms. announcement its streaming we haven't had any in the bay service will launch this fall. area yet. you see a few broken high clouds comicon is the largest event of the year. there and of course the usual it's a big deal, generating more fog from sutro tower. than $143 million. >> here's a story of a house 84 in san jose. named brady. the home used in the brady bunch 61 at half moon bay. here's the view ofted high clou tv show is now for sale for just east bay hills camera. 84 in santa rosa right now. under $1.9 million in studio city. 77 napa. 88 novato. rob hayes with our sister station in los angeles has the and mid-90s at fairfield, concord and livermore. details. >> if you watched tv in the the moisture is still flowing our way. there may be a shower in our 1970s, odds are you know this song. fore cast is coming up in a few ♪ here's a story of a lovely minutes. >> spencer, thanks very much. lady ♪ >> if you know that lovely lady nearly two dozen soldiers and you know that man named are back at theirosts today following a freak accident in brady, you should know this the middle of harry basin in house as well. it's the "brady bunch" house, on
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monterey county. the market for the first time wind from a helicopter caused a since it was sold in 1973. tent to collapse. an army reserve training facility about 75 miles north price back then, $61,000. asking price today san luis obispo. most injuries were minor, but $1.85 million. >> i've lived in los angeles four soldiers went to the forever. hospital. and, yeah, this is my first time the accident happened during an annual training exercise for coming to the house. thousands of u.s. and canadian >> it's literally right around the corner. troops. students attending >> jason barnes lives down the university of california block from the brady house, he's campuses are in for a bit of a heard people say the only house surprise. today the regions met in san in the u.s. photographed more is francisco and approved the the white house. barnes says there could be some system's first cut in tuition in nearly two decades. truth to that. >> every day out walking the dog the move lowers base tuition and there's always people out here taking pictures, getting fees to $12,570 a year. nostalgic. it's fascinating from that that's a $60 drop. perspective now that the show's been off for so long. >> there is concern that whoever the new $8.7 million budget buys this house will be more includes money to add 2,000 california undergraduates and interested in the land, teardowns were bigger homes are 500 graduate student and fairly common here. provides $111 million for pay sad to think aboutbut may be hikes and $35 million to repair necessary with a family with two and maintain aging facilities. parents, six kids, a dog and a bay area transportation housekeeper want to move in. planners are giving us our first >> rob hayes, abc 7 detailed look at the public parks they're building using old >> yeah, definitely. piers from a former eastern span and if you're wondering, the
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of the bay bridge. home's exterior was used in that >> it just got final approval sitcom, which ran here on abc this afternoon. abc 7 newsen show uri ks the ne from 1969 to 1974. but the interiors were actually >> ama and dan, there will be shot in a studio. >> well, this one might leave twoparks, one off this island you scratching your head. because it's sure doing that here. this pier is one of a few that with folks in london. >> yes. check it out. remain after most of themelt up a 25 foot tall statue of a bare eastern span were imploded last chested jeff goldblum sitting on year. the banks of the thames. >> it's called jurassic. piers on the oakland shoreline. a subscription service installed it to mark the film's 25th they're being recycled. it's a $52 million project. anniversary. >> folks on twitter are calling let's show you the just released the idea farfetched. concept sketches for the park, a the movie nor goldblum have ties place where people can fish, read or ride. or maybe sit on these benches, to london. waby soak up the sun, and enjoy lunch >> that choice? with a gorges view. >> yes, absolutely. now let's look at the designs all right, targeting for the oakland park, a veterans, the officials taking pedestrian walkway jutting on fake charities that claim to help veterans, and rarely do. views of the new eastern span
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plus -- and san francisco. projec wt foill connect the bike >> surely we can rise above pandering to party and putin. path on the new bridge to the . the fallout continues from the helsinki summ with the official approval, work will begin shortly. if all goes smoothly, the twin parks should be open by next summer. guys? >> kristen, thanks so much. a south bay charity that gives away thousands of backpacks to needy students each year is asking for help. >> sacred heart community services isongha cing thiswhatever size.le streaming tv for your family, receive a free backpack and it's saving money with flexible channel packs. school supplies. >> matt keller has the details. live tv and the latest shows to stream. and all your streaming apps in one place... >> reporter: volunteers and workers at sacred heart - even netflix. community service in san jose this is how xfinity makes life simple. easy. awesome. get started with xfinity internet and tv are busy all year long. at a new low price, just $44.99 a month for 12 months. the charity provides food heth er , immigraon at plus, ask about flexible channel packs. click, call or visit a store today. meg extra is handed out during the gavaway. this is video from last year's
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event. 3,300 kids received new backpacks and supplies. hundreds of parents waited in a long line, overnight, about a month before the giveaway,tus j this video is from 2016. but this year, a big change. >> we're now able to use technology for families to sign up online. one less thing for them to have to come do. >> that's a relief for families in sacred heart. but the long lines signal to the community the start of the donation drive for the event. as of today they still nd 2,300 backpacks. >> primarily needing first to third grade backpacks. these next three weeks biel do a big push for the. i >>ies nnlsi cosn s jose, but going back to class can be a big expense. in 2006 schools required six in 2018,'s now 19 items. that adds up to about $120 per student. >> i'd say on average we have about three children per household. so three times 120 is0 st r school supplies.d then in add
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sports fees and after school programs. >> reporter: sacred heart says internet access is not a big issue forts. if you do need help, you can always come down here and they will help you register. as for donations, you can always cago to website, they have an amazon wish list there, click and donate from home. we set up a link on our website, matt keller, abc 7 news. a big donation offer from san francisco bay sales force, one nonprofit is saying no thanks. we'll tell you why i'll also haveus a chance to play with the most talented players of this era. >> the newest member of the warriors, what else he's saying about the nba champions, and -- >> on a beach full of millions ro ofcks, would spot this? i'm dion lim in rich mond with the story of this wedding rin r a ride share driver in san francisco pleaded not guilty
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today. owner. orlando lazo attacked four women tr> as we approach 4:10 on this over five years. affic over the skyway in san the santa rosa city council is francisco. it is slow going in both dealing with a short fall directions. left hand, traffic approaching following the north bay fires, the lower deck of the bay bridge major cuts or new taxes. and trying to get onto the east wayne freedman will have more on abc 7 news at 5:00. bay, the peninsula the homeland security secretary said today she doesn't think there's any question that russia attempted to infiltrate and interfere with the u.s. electoral system. kirstjen nielsen said we should be prepared for russia to do it again. president trump asked his national security adviser to i'm trying to manage my a1c, invite russian president then i learn type 2 diabetes vladimir putin to washington, puts me at greater risk for heart attack or stroke. this as the fallout continues. can one medicine help treat both blood sugar janae norman is live in and cardiovascular risk? washington with the new i askemy docto developments. she told me about non-insulin victoza®. janae? >> reporter: washington has been victoza® is not only proven to lower a1c and blood sugar, busy since president trump's controversial summit with putin. the white house has been on but for people with type 2 diabetes damage control. lawmakers on both sides of the aisle have been speaking out and considering different measures aimed at protecting elections and u.s. officials.
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as the white house cleans up after the fallout from president victoztreang theirly proven to rdvaular dea,s heart attack, stroke, or death. trump's summit with vladimir putin, lawmakers are also taking while not for weight loss, victoza® may help you lose some weight. (announcer) victoza® is not for people action. >> surely we can rise above with type 1 diabetes or diabetic ketoacidosis. pandering to party and putin to act on behalf of our freedom and do not take victoza® if you have a personal or family history of medullary thyroid cancer, our security. multiple endocrine neoplasia syndrome type 2, >> reporter: in the house, democrats introducing new or if you are allergic to victoza® legislation to bring back or any of its ingredients. funding for election security stop taking victoza® and get medical help right away measures. house republicans blocked a if you get a lump or swelling in your neck measure to subpoena the u.s. or symptoms of a serious allergic reaction such as rash, translator who was the only other american in the room when swelling, difficulty breathing, or swallowing. the president met with putin and in the senate a resolution riousis deff e opposing u.s. diplomats being so stop taking victoza® and call your doctor right away questioned by foreign governments. >> he offered to have the people if you have severe pain in your stomh area. tell your doctor your medical history. gallbladder problems have happened in some people. working on the case come and work with their investigators tell your doctor right away if you get symptoms. with respect to the 12 people. i think that's an incredible taking victoza® with a sulfonylurea or insulin offer. >> reporter: the president, standing next to putin supported the idea, and yesterday his may cause low blood sugar.coon , e press secretary saying it was under discussion. >> the president's going to meet ffects can lead to dehydration, with his team and we'll let you which may cause kidney problems. change the course of your treatment. know when we have an announcement on that. >> reporter: president trump rejects putin's offer to connect
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the kremlin with the special counsel's team regarding 12 indicted russian intelligence officers in exchange for russian officials questioning u.s. diplomats. it's the third course reversal for the white house since the controversial summit when president trump refused to hold putin accountable for russian meddling in the 2016 election and doubted u.s. intelligence agencies. >> i don't want to get into whether or not he's lying. i can only say that i do have confidence in our intelligence agencies. as currently constituted. >> reporter: and despite criticism over his summit with vladimir putin, president trump says he's looking forward to the two meeting a second time and has even asked his national security adviser to invite putin to come here to washington for a a nonprofit that helps meeting this fall. ama? detain migrant families is >> and janae, the director of saying thanks, but no thanks to national intelligence is making a huge donation from sales headlines for breaking ranks force. te software company pledged with the president. >> reporter: right, following that press conference on monday, immigrant center for education dan coats released a statement, and legal services, also known essentially contradicting the as races. president's statements on the organizationced the money s russian meddling.
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and basically saying that the russians are still at it. today he defended that salesforce dropped contracts statement. and even went on to criticize with u.s. customs and border the president for meeting putin protection. one on one. salesforce wouldn't, so they so extraordinary to see so many members of the president's team refused the donation. criticizing that decision. they've received $20 million in back to you. >> all right, janae norman, live donations since the controversy began. zuckerberg is under fire in washington, d.c., thank you. take a look behind me. today after a comment he made the latest cover of "time" magazine is trending, in the with holocaust deniers. >> there's a set of people who center the cover time tweeted, showing president trump's face deny that the holocaust happened, right, i find that and russian president vladimir deeply offensive. putin's face morphed into one. but at the end of the day, i trump wanted a summit with don't believe that our platform putin, he got way more than he should take that down because i thinkha tt bargained for. different people get wrong, charities are being targeted accused of falsely promising to either -- i don't think that they're intentionally getting it wrong. but i inthkease of the help veterans and active military members. they released this public holocaust -- but go ahead. service announcement to help doe >> it's hard to impugn intent knows tell the dierchs between and to understand the intent. legitimate charities and fake >> the anti defamation league ones. they're requiring more than 500 veterans charities to file blted zuckerbe m soral and ethis delinquent reports with the
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obligation not to allow people registry of charitable trusts to disseminate holocaust denial and suspending them if they don't comply within 30 days. on its platform. >> give to organizations you zuckerberg who is jewish issued trust. get the charity's name, p the a statement he didn't intend to defend the intent of pple deny the holocaust. website, and physical location. >> facebook is teaming up with >> a scam known as help the vets took in $20 million in donations between 2014 and 2017. amcc, launched a new feature to authorities say very little of search movies. that money ever helped veterans. amc is waiving online ticketing fees for users who make their >> a tornado completely blindsided a community near des moines, iowa late this purchases through facebook. facebook has similar deals with afternoon, three to four super cell storms produced a number of wango. riors twisters, many buildings were introduced the team's latest damaged in downtown addition today, demarcus cousins marshalltown, which is about 50 miles northeast of des moines. officials say a number of people the fifth all-star in the that were taken to the hospital. authorities are still assessing the extent of the damage. but the national weather service lineup. says the town sustained >> and the newest golden state warrior, that's demarcus catastrophic damage. these storms were intense. >> certainly were. cousins. >> reporter: the 6'11" center well, the 12 boys rescued for a cave in thaan made his first appearance in hospital and back home with front of local reporters and explained why he was having to their families. abc news reporter mar see join the blue and gold. >> just a chance to play for a
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winning culture. gonzalez explains what they're sharing about their nearly ncalso have a with some of the -- you know, the most talented players of two-week-long ordeal. >> reporter: cheers and hugs as this era. >> reporter: warriors general 11-year-old tie tan returned manager bob myers engineered the deal and talked about the phone home. he reunited with his family, call that brought cousins to the bay area. recounting some of his >> what i said was whether you experience. in an exclusive interview, his come to us or not, you deserve to be in the playoffs. father telling abc news about you deserve to play playoff those tense final moments say, balletba . 25 points and nearly 13 rebounds a tie tan held onto his coach's game for the new orleans pelicans before a rupturedught back as he swam through. the last to be rescued, season to a halt. 13-year-old mark, says during today he was still hobbled by those 18 difficult days stranded it. that injury is why the warriors miles underground they tried to were able to ig s season at the bargain basement dig themselves out and saying he thought a lot about food. price of $5.3 million. and so did 14-year-old abdul, >> it's an injury that can be his homecoming celebration filled with singing, dancing and overcome. and i'll make sure that i prove that. >> reporter: cousins has a fiery a big bucket of kfc. but before all of these temper and occasionally loses his cool on the court. long-awaited light hearted myers doesn't think that will be a problem. >> you can overcome those moments, a pause for gratitude deficiencies or faults, so to and prayer with 11 of the boys speak, if they are faults because if caring too much is a and their coach attending this problem, well, you've got to ceremony at a buddhist temple.
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care if you're going to win in >> and that gave them a glimpse this league. into their future as we're told >> reporter: ironically cousins' the boys now plan to become favorite golden state ordained monks in part to honor the thai navy seal who died is one who doesn't louse his trying to rescue them. cool. >> my favorite by far is klay, mar see gonzalez, abc news, los there's never a dull angeles. >> s rig area native turned football star cj anderson will join us in the >> reporter: cousins is still studio in a few minutes. rehabbing, but this fan thinks he can contribute. how he's giving back to his >> i think he's going to be hometown. do you know what to do when you see these lights? fantastic inside. >> reporter: nobody expects the confusion some say is too dangerous. demarcus cousins to start the i'm spencer christian, looking at mainly blue skies season ready to play. when the team needs him, they over the bay area right now. expect he'll help continue the but some tropical moisture is coming our way, and maybe we'll dynasty. in oakland, derek thomas, abc 7 news. now, if cousins' comeback i, sfescc it's not clear whether the warriors can afford to keep him. >> advertise projected salary could rise to $15 million a year after the upcoming season. >> we'll see. the miami dolphins plan to suspend players up to four games who protest on the field during
4:17 pm
the national anthem, a new team policy obtained by the associated press. the policy classifies anthem kneeling as conduct detrimental to the team that could lead to a paid or unpaid comes after the d in may that teams would be fined if players didn't stand during the national anthem. the players union filed a grievance against the decision. the lip sync challenge made its way to the sfpd. >> jessica castro withrninbc ag. ♪ when the lights go down in the city. >> reporter: the san francisco police department is joining the lip sync challenge. te departre sonha youdtubehi. it's a mashupme of some of thei favorite hits. iight be i'm about to say ♪ ♪ because i'm happy ♪ clap along if you feel like a
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roll without a room ♪ hold up, wait a minute, this is how the right now, you can get my spicy chicken club combo by the bay ♪ ♪ i go on and on with fries and a drink for just $5.99. that's an amazing deal, jack! ♪ can't understand how i last so hey, thanks, stanley. ow. ...wait, what's happening? long ♪ stanley! you're deflating! >> that's hold me, jack! try my new $5.99 spicy chicken club combo today. to watch the complete video, go to >> they did a good job with that. ♪ onto the weather forecast, spencer will not lip sync, he will do the real thing. >> i'm too amused to do real weather right now. that was really good. let's take a look at weather, things are looking nice and wesuy nnan a bdit of an increas humidity today. it probably didn't feel as muggy as you might have imagined. but the moisture is still flowing into the air. right now mainly sunny skies and get my new spicy chicken club combo patches of fog along the coast spilling locally out over the with a spicy, crispy chicken breast, hickory-smoked bacon, bay, and it's breezy. and melted cheese on toasted sourdough,
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what else is new? plus fries and a drink, for just $5.99! wind 15 to 20 miles $5.99? well, tickle my elbow! no thank you. per hour, and gusts to 22 miles try my spicy chicken club combo today. per hour at concord. all aroundbrhe teezy. this is the nice view from our abc 7 camera at pier 15. an investigation is you scattered high clouds, 64 in the should way in san francisco after a pedestrian was killed in an area where a new crosswalk city. 74 manaintouewn jose, 90 at gi. alert system had just been installed. >> caltrans installed high lovely view from the east bay intensity activated crosswalk hills looking westward, napa, 77. beacons. for some drivers they're really 88, novato. at the golden gate it looks a confusing. >> monday eesz accident happened at 36th avenue and sloat bit foggy.og ias pushing out over the bay. boulevard. visual forecast features, foggy lyanne melendez is live on sloat conditions near the coast and bay overnight. middle and muggy overnight, boulevard to dache for the cityd muggier than today. minocoin'lfeel the humidity tapg off as well. the state. people drive as if it were one once again, here's why we have this flow of moisture and more big highway. in fact, it is a highway. hhway. there have been six pedestrian deaths in the past ten years on
4:20 pm
sloat boulevard, the latest earlier this week, a 69-year-old man crossing at sloat and 36th avenue when a car hit him. the hawk beacon crossing system was in place. it's a safety design made to protect pedestrians, but most agree because it's new it can be confusing. >> people really didn't get it, you know, like what am i supposed to do, it's flashing yellow, flashing red? >> reporter: here's how it works. the pedestrian presses the crossing button. that activates the yellow lights that tell the driver someone is ready to cross. a few seconds later red lights start flashing, then the signal turns solid red, drivers must stop. chenn this case, crossing tientt without using the hawk system. once the pedestrian is done crossing, the signal goes to flashing red, which means they can proceed with caution.
4:21 pm
but some drivers didn't know what to do. san francisco supervisor katy tang posted on ore facebook page she wants pedestrians and drivers to become familiar with the hawk beacon. because sloat boulevard is a highway, it's maintained by caltrans. >> we've down outreach campaigns where we sent thousands of flyers to different neighborhoods. but there's always that moment of we need to get that education out there. so it's something we've always been working on. >> reporter: walk sf saysrehway 35 as if it re a city street. >> you have narrow lanes, you don't have six lanes on a street. that's a highway. it's not a city street. >> reporter: meanwhile, supervisor norman yi will have hearings next week, next wednesday, at city hall.
4:22 pm
he wants to hear from police, from pedestrian advocates on how to make our streets safer, not only for pedestrians, but especially for senior citizens. i'm live in san francisco, lyanne melendez, abc 7 news. >> announcer: now your accuweather forecast. live doppler 7 is showing mainly sunny skies over the bay and inland. foggy over the coastline. but some coastal areas still have sunshine. that's not the case overnight. lots of fog will push through the coast. upper 50s to low 60s, mild overnight, and more humid than general. tomorrow, breezy at the coast, mainly sunny skies, highs ranging from low and mid-60s at the coast to mainly mid and upper 70s around the bay, a couple 80 degree readings inland, not as warm as earlier in the week. highs in mid to upper 80s for the most part, one or two locations will top out about 90. humidity and moisture coming to the bay area, the sierra where
4:23 pm
the moisture is flowing up from the southwestern u.s., triggering thunderstorms from today, saturday and sunday, more sorms from the sierra. high temperature in the low to mid-80s over the weekend. here's the accuweather seven-day forecast here in the bay area, we'll see maybe a couple of 90-degree readings inland tomorrow, saturday and sunday, temperatures near average. but they'll bounce back to much above average early next week with high temperatures climbing back into the mid-90s inland, mid-80s around the bay, and mid-60s on the coast. early week warm-up on monday and tuesday. >> thanks, spencer. bay area native and nfl star cj anderson is here with us in the studio today. find out more about this great guy and how he's giving back to his hometown. you've probably seen comedians roast people on tv. now imagine a roast for pieces
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4:25 pm
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this is going to be fun. carolina panthers running back and east bay native cj anderson, back home this weekend for a good cause. great to have you with us. >> thank you. he's talking about his upcoming football camp. glad to have you with us today. you got a little break. you're using it as a chance to give back to young people.
4:27 pm
tell us about the camp. >> a football camp is saturday, july 21st, and pretty much it's my third annual camp. last year we had 180 kids. this year -- >> 180 kids? >> 580. and this year we expect -- right now we're sitting at 380. it's going to be fun and real interesting, always been, bring a lot of nfl guys out. my mom and my grandma, this is something that they want to do, and we keep the camp free. when i was young i couldn't afford to go to camp. so now we give every kid an opportunity to just learn the basic fundamentals of football, but to know football is a game to teach you teamwork and hard work, and gives you different life mentors. >> obviously, cj, football is your livelihood. talk more about what it has given you as a person. >> well, it's opened up plenty ul 2, we're goingscol studeogole, the
4:28 pm
main campus in mountain view, we're doing this big tech tour. my foundation has closed a lot of partnerships with google and youtube, and twitter. a lot of -- can't talk. but a lot of companies in silicon valley, we've closed partnerships with. it feels good to let, you know, football be known that this has opened the door for me and after football i can jump into something that i might love to do and i get to get -- to show a bunch of kids the same opportunities. >> that's one of the most important things you can do as an nfl star, most kids who come to the camp are never going to play in the nfl. but they can learn a great deal and get an enormous out of the experience. >> that's the plan. the biggest thing, with my foundation alone is, working with inner city youth, a lot of kids in my neighborhood, just as myself, believe that sports are entertainment, is the way of success. that's not true.
4:29 pm
you know, even -- >> it's one way. >> it's one way, but not every way. even if you sitting up here for abc news, as a successful job and a successful thing you love to do, and, you know, this is a different way you can show a kid a different opportunity who can still be around the sports game. >> dreams never die, your foundation, is about fostering imagination for young people, exposing them to opportunities. >> providing inner city youth with different resources so they can endure different opportunities outside of sports and entertainment, whether that's technology, art, cooking, you know, right now we're currently trying to build a facility in valero where we can provide the resources outside of sports and entertainment, to let them know you can be anything you want to be and be successful. >> you grew up in vallejo, had challenges in terms of opportunity you're exposed to. when did you know football might be your ticket out? >> probably my junior year of
4:30 pm
high school. i knew for me my junior year of high school i might have a chance to play in the national football league, hard work, dedication, trying to start on the right path as much as i could. when i got to cal, fell in love with history and technology, through the football platform, i got the opportunity to, you know, have relationships with some people inside google which, you know, google is like the huge mecca of tech. >> sure. >> and same with microsoft and some of the people we've met in the technology, you know, world, when it comes to getting my kids, those, you know, opportunities and exposing them, you know, like if i were to be told at 8 years old i was interested in technology, i probably would have never picked up a football. >> you're fun to watch on the football field. what you're doing here in this community is important and you should be really proud of it. >> thank you. a thisybody else is. year. good luck at the camp. ama? now to some art with a comic
4:31 pm
twist. we have ideas to keep you laughing this weekend from our partners at hoodline. >> this piece of thrift store art is so bad, it's funny. a couple of standup comedians have created a show that is hilariously ugly. >> this oneer calling teacher's pest. >> well, there's some french painters did, but -- >> did they really? >> i took art history at city college. as far as i know, yes. >> the art critique comedy show is the brain child of friends jeremy and jordan. they go to thrift stores, seek out the very best of the very worst and they cue rate a few items every show to brutally critique. then they have the nerve to auction them off. >> i think what we're trying to do is to create this relationship between this arguably bad art and a fun experience. so maybe you have a memento to
4:32 pm
take home with you and remember the time that you came to the show. or maybe you just genuinely have bad taste. >> the show happens every third friday of the month at art attack. they always sell out. $20 gets you a ticket, beer and pizza. square bubbles, fog filled bubbles, giant bubbles, bubble volcanos, people inside bubbles, it's the amazing bubble show. two sunday afternoon performances at cultural works in alameda. star wars fans, the san francisco symphony is playing live to all three original movies. the next two movies the next two weekends. so mayhe flute be with you. always remember, one person's yuck is another person's yum. to see these events go to and we'll hook you upa group of firefighters in galveston, texas decided to use
4:33 pm
their fit bodies for a good cause, to create a calendar to raise money. heroes and hounds, some behind the scenes photos from the big shoot. last year the department raised $20,000. go to for a look, or to pre-order the calendar, perhaps. it is $20, and you'll help make a difference to the humane society. >> they are cute, the dogs. >> the firefighters? >> the dogs. the search for the owner of a wedding ring found on the bay area beach. i just saw something that didn't look quite rock-like. picked it up, it was a ring. >> the clues that could lead to its owner. >> kristen is here with abc 7 news at 5:00. next at 5:00, mark zuckerberg, and president trump, the surprising phone call soon after the election. tax credits for renters? it's an idea being considered by an influential california lawmaker. plus, found clinging to an icy cliff, how a missing climber beat the odds. and with summer in full
4:34 pm
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coming up tonight at abc 7, at 8:00, take two, followed by match game, at 10:00, it's the gong show. and stay with us for abc news at 11:00. a wedding ring a man found on the beach has sparked a
4:37 pm
national search for its owner. details about the ring to lead us back to the owner. >> they've always been here. >> richard has been coming to this stretch or shoreline since he was a little boy. see they're still. >> it wasn't until four months ago when something special caught his eye. >> leaned over, picked it up between the rocks, and i saw it >> among the thousands if not millions of rocks that line the shore. this ornately designed man's ring bore an inscription. >> some people were really in love in 1949. >> uniting its owner with its mate for life. >> from now to eternity, 5/1/49, lily. >> so the ring sat on richard's kitchen counter for months until a friend visited his home. the friend on tuesday tweeted these photos and put out a call for help. >> it's really blown up and i think people are invested in it.
4:38 pm
hopefully we'll actually find the family to whom the ring belongs. >> reporter: there have been some leads from folks online, nothing has panned out so far. >> that's a mystery. how it got to this beach is really a mystery. >> reporter: one not only for richard and christina, but for what seems like an awful lot of people on the internet trying to solve as well. >> i hope they're still together, and still -- if not, if it's their children, hopefully the ring has meaning for them as well. >> reporter: since the one tweet, the image of the ring has been shared thousands of times. if you know anything that could reunite the ring with its owner, head to christina says the genealogy expert reached out to her on twitter and she's currently following up on a lead. if it pans out, we will keep you posted on air and online. i'll bet there's a great story to tell along with that ring. thank you for joining us on abc 7 news at 4:00.
4:39 pm
financial fallout after the north bay wildfires. the santa rosa community finds itself in crisis. shops are not what they seec san joe bust a majorst claims h as chilling details emerge about the attacks. cyberattacks on the rise in retail and gaining momentum. what you can do to protect your informatio. >> announcer: live where you live, this is abc 7 news. sky 7 zooming in to coffey park in santa rosa. the fire ravaged neighborhood is rebuilding and reorganizing. the efforts coming at a very high price. santa rosa is very much a city in trouble. good evening, i'm dan ashley. >> and i'm kristen sze. the cost of the fire storm is still adding up. let's get right to wayne freedman live in santa rosa. wayne? >> reporter: good after,onno of california cities. they have money problems. their costs and their taxes are
4:40 pm
not keeping track. now add the element of a major disaster. a fire storm that takes on a whole new element. on a seemingly perfect day in santa rosa, not a care in the world for visitors nor a storm cloud on the horizon. and yet -- >> has santa rosa ever faced anything like this before? >> never, no, no city has. >> reporter: that is the mayor in a meeting of city department heads today where stress from last year's fire storm has home to roost on the city budget. they need to cut $14.5 million. almost 10%. the reserve fund is severely depleted. >> i don't think we should be hurting the economy in order to build atoday. >> reporter: santa rosa spent $5 million on the fire in just its first month and now it has more issues,
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