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tv   ABC7 News 600PM  ABC  July 23, 2018 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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young woman killed in this case, 18-year-old nia wilson. >> she died at the macarthur bart station in oakland last night, stabbed to death by a total stranger as she and her sister transferred trains around 9:45 p.m. bar surveillance cameras captured the suspect. >> who has been identified now as john cowell, this man, take a look. bart police call him arm and dangerous with good reason, of course. we have team coverage on this story tonight, the sister who was attacked and survives with abc 7 reporter melanie woodrow. >> first, let's hear from amanda with the latest on the investigation. >> yeah, there is -- excuse me, there is an added challenge in this investigation into the they say the man was a transient, meaning he doesn't have a permanent address. also, they say he is a violent felon. 18-year-old nia wilson and her sister boarded a bart train in concord sunday night. bart police say the suspect and victims rode the same train to
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macarthur bart station. unprovoked, the suspect pulled out a life and attacked the young women. the suspect killed nia and wounded her older sister. >> everything that we've uncovered up to this point, we see no altercation. we don't have any information that there was any type of dispute. >> no reason this should have happened. however, the suspect still managed to get away. chief rojas says the officers later found the knife to kill nia at a nearby construction site. we're told a crucial part of this investigation was surveillance video. in the past bart has been criticized for its use of fake decoy cameras and its failure to capture other serious crimes. but bart's board president says the cameras are now working and helped provide another look at the suspect. on july 18th, officers john lee coel for not having payment. nia's godfather is hoping the evidence will lead to more answers. >> we don't know if this was
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racist, what it was. but we ask the african american community to stand down right now. let's get this information to find out what really happened. >> there is growing speculation about whether the attack was a hate crime and whether the suspect belonged to any white nationalist group. chief roja says the document hasn't found that to be the case. commuters aren't convinced. >> i don't know how divisive everything is getting, and all of the racist sentiment here seems to be getting worse, and it's really heartbreaking. >> the group here at the macarthur bart station continues to grow and the search for the suspect also continues tonight. if you want to get a closer look at that suspect, you can visit i'm reporting live in oakland, amanda decastillo, abc 7 news. oakland mayor libby schaaf addressed rumors late this afternoon that the attack was racially motivated. >> in our role of supporting the bart police, we take this crime and this investigation very seriously.
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including the possibility of any racially motivated aspect of this crime. >> neither the surviving victim nor bart police have indicated a motive for the attack. the victim went to both high and dewey academy. quote, nia wilson was one of our own. in an instant, the reprehensible acts of one person has destroyed her family and shaken our community. >> a vigil is under way right now to honor the life of 18-year-old nia wilson. her family is there. it's deeply emotional, obviously. abc 7 news reporter melanie woodrow continues our live team coverage. she spoke with the sister who survived the attack. melanie? >> dan and kristen, that sister, letifah wilson, was also here tonight at this vigil. she tells us that she and her sisters rarely take bart.
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they did last night, and their lives changed forever. letifah wilson is in mourning after her baby sister was stabbed to death at the macarthur bart station. >> it breaks my heart. she was my heart. >> three of the wilson sisters were on their way home from a family gathering sunday night when police say john cowell attacked them with a knife. >> i didn't do nothing to nobody. she didn't do nothing to nobody. and for this to happen is just outright crazy. >> letifah says cowell stabbed nia in the neck first. >> she just yelled my name, tifa tifa, and i said i got you, baby. >> she says cowell didn't say a word. >> and i looked back, and he was wiping off his knife and stood at the stairs and just looked. from there on, i was caring for my sister. >> nia passed away at the scene. first responders took letifah to
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the hospital. she says cowell swung at her second. >> missed artery, thank god. >> letifah says he swung at her twice, also hitting her head. >> he just felt upon his self to take his anger or whatever the case may be on innocent women. >> tonight the family is consoling one another and asking why. letifah says nia had big dreams for a career in criminal justice as well as owning a dance studio, and even having her own makeup line. nia's nickname was pg, short for pretty girl. >> i just -- i just miss my sister. >> and we just saw letifah and nia's father pass by. he was also here at this vigil. the third sister who was with them on bart has bruises. she was too distraught to speak with us earlier on camera. live in oakland, melanie
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woodrow, abc 7 news. >> melanie, thank you. bart police also revealed two other deaths that resulted from attacks in the past five days at bart stations. they say early saturday morning at the bayfair station, two men were arguing on the platform when this man captured on surveillance video walked up and punched one of them in the head. >> best way i can describe it is cold cocking him on the side of the head. it's completely unexpected. >> the suspect is described as being about 5'8" to 5'10" medium build with shoulder length dreadlocks and a ponytail and a beard. witnesses say the victim who fell to the ground and later died was a 47-year-old transient. bart also reveal an incident that turned fatal at the pleasant hill station. last wednesday a skirmish broke out between two men. a 51-year-old pittsburg man left the train with a bloody lip and a cut to his knee. he went to the hospital the next day on thursday, not feeling well. he was dismissed but was found dead in his bed on friday.
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>> the death appears to be as a result of an infection from that cut on his knee which we believed happened during the altercations. >> the 20-year-old man involved in that fight is being held at the county jail in martinez on assault charges, but given the death, the charges could be upgraded. bart police are asking anyone with information on the cases to contact them. now let's give you one more look at the suspect from last night's homicide. he is 27-year-old john cowell, about 5'8" tall with 190 pounds and a trimmed beard and mustache. he is a transient with no known address. if you spot him, call police. we sent out this push alert earlier today giving you instant access to pictures of the suspect who police are calling armed and dangerous. you can get all these alerts by downloading the abc 7 news app. it's free, and we have versions for both apple and android devices.
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a new budget proposal was introduced today by san francisco mayor london breed as she works to address the city's homeless crisis. she wants to address more money and a form of federal housing that is suffering from federal and state cuts. abc 7 news reporter carolyn tyler is in the newsroom with the story. carolyn? >> well, dan, their there are residential care facilities that provide assisted living for hundreds of city residents. the supply has been drastically dwindling over the years. >> this is two planets. green and red. >> alina moreno has lived at victorian manor for the past three years after suffering a stroke. residential care facilities like this one house some of san francisco's most vulnerable. >> closing places like this would be detrimental for homeless people, for disabled people, for mentally ill people, and old people. >> but that's exactly what's
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happening. in the past five years, the number of facilities that receive some help from the city has plummeted from 70 to 37. many forced to close because of declining federal and state funding. the fear that some of those displaced will end up on the streets. mayor london breed has made tackling homelessness her number one priority and believes residential care facilities play a vital role in the housing crisis. >> we have to make sure that we invest in preventing homelessness in the first place. >> they already invest about $2.5 million helping bridge the gap between the facilities operating costs and the current level of funding. breed is now proposing an additional $1 million infusion over the next two years. the owner of victorian manor tells us it's needed. >> for us to keep up with wages in san francisco and so that even the staff themselves are
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able to stay in san francisco has been difficult. >> now, the mayor says that $1 million would be enough to keep more than 350 people housed. in the newsroom, carolyn tyler, abc 7 news. >> carolyn, thank you. a cal fire bulldozer operator who was killed while fighting the ferguson fire near yosemite was laid to rest today. mourners packed a memorial service for 36-year-old braden varney, a resident of mariposa. firefighters from around the country joined family, friends, and community members for a final salute to the cal fire veteran. his wife said varney died doing his life's passion in the community that he called his own. the ferguson fire has scorched nearly 34,000 acres now. it's only 13% contained. there are mandatory evacuation orders. so far no buildings have been damaged or destroyed. looters who target residents who are evacuated because of disasters like wildfires will face harsher penalties under a
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new bill signed into law by governor brown. the bill was introduced in response to a big increase in lootings last year. criminals took advantage of devastating wildfires and mud slides throughout the state in 2017 to burglarize homes. coming up next on abc 7 news at 6:00, the plan to spend a billion dollars on new dams, including one in the south bay. i'm spencer christian. bay area temperatures are on the rise again. i'll show you how hot it's going to be where you are in just a moment. where's the smellavision? people have come from far and wide to get a whiff of rotting meat. i'm dion lim in san francisco getting up close, or maybe not so upclose to the corporation flower. >> we want to know what you think. what does a free lunch mean to you? go to right now and let us know. you can see results coming in live on the bottom of your screen. >> there is a reason we're asking
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for the first time ever, monsanto is defending its weed killer roundup in front of a jury, and it's happening in san francisco superior court. the man suing the agrochemical company is dwayne johnson of valuje vallejo, who has cancer now. he worked for the benicia school district. today in court he took the stand to tell his side of the story. lyanne melendez was there. >> dwayne johnson said he was exposed to large amounts of the weed killer called roundup for two years while he worked as a groundskeeper. he told the jury that at one point his entire body was soaked with the chemicals when a hose broke. johnson said he suspected something was wrong when he developed a rash on his body.
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a dermatologist told the jury that the lesions on his body began to spread very aggressively. johnson was later diagnosed with non-hodgkins lymphoma. in court, it was revealed that johnson had previously contacted monsanto, but the company never responded, instead johnson continued to use the product which contains >> his cancer got worse and worse and worse, and during that time he was spraying. >> monsanto says we have empathy for anyone suffering from cancer, but the scientific evidence clearly shows that glyphosate was not the cause. but if 2015, an agency associated with the world health organization classified it as a probable human carcinogen. environmental attorney and advocate robert f. kennedy jr. is attending this trial. the son of the late bobby kennedy is part of a legal team with cases pending against monsanto.
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>> a 50 year chemical attack on the american people and they made huge profits in doing it. >> johnson, who has undergone several rounds of chemotherapy, talked about his two sons and wife, and how life had dramatically changed after his diagnosis. everyone is watching this case because it is the first to go to trial. it will give us an idea of how the other lawsuits might go. in san francisco, lyanne melendez, abc 7 news. secretary of state mike pompeo is in the bay area for a two-day summit with australian leaders. abc 7 news was at stanford's hoover institution this morning as pompeo and australian minister of foreign affairs julie bishop posed for cameras. a small group of protesters rallied outside. east bay congresswoman barbara lee is jumping into the race to become the highly influential chair of the house dramatic caucus. if she wins, lee would be the
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first african american woman in either party to hold a house leadership post. the bay area tomorrow is expected to get about a billion dollars in state funding to expand our reservoirs. the money would be the first to be released after voters approved a bond measure in 2014. abc 7 news reporter david louie looks at how the money will be used to build a new dam and reservoir in the south bay pacheco pass. >> they provide for nearly two million south bay customers. the california water commission will be projecting about half of the projected $1 billion cost to build a new dam and to expand a small reservoir east of gilroy. the new pacheco reservoir will hold enough water to supply 650,000 people for a year. it's part of the largest expansion of water facilities r after taxpayers approved proposition 1 four years ago during the drought. $2.5 billion in projects are expected to get funding for four
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dams and four underground water facility, we're talking about surface water storage, groundwater storage, other projects we expect to be funded throughout the state. so it's very good news for all of california. >> while the newly expanded pacheco reservoir will be an important resource, the water district is looking at its recharge ponds, underground storage facilities as well as conservation as important to meeting the needs of a growing silicon valley. even though mandatory conservation ended last year, consumers in santa clara county continued to conserve water at a rate of 22% so far this year compared to what was used in 2013. reservoir levels are at 73% of their 20-year average. >> we just need to continue the make conservation a way of like and continue to look for opportunities to be more efficient, whether it be inside your home and taking shorter showers, or in your outdoors and replacing your turf with low water use plants. >> the water district expects work on the new dam and reservoir to start in six years with completion in 2029. in san jose, david louie, abc 7 news.
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>> all right. we have begun another week. hope you had a great weekend. let's take a look at that the forecast circumstances still some warm days ahead. let's check with spencer christian. >> they're going to get even warmer too. today was warm, but it will be downright hot inland the next couple of days. live doppler 7 shows a little fog at the coast. it will of course make its usual evening and overnight push out over the bay. it's mainly sunny inland and very stormy in the sierra where thunderstorms have been bubbling up all day long. here is few from our sutro towercam. you see some of the thunderstorm clouds way off in the distance. it's currently 63 degrees in san francisco. 67 across the bay in oakland and at mountain view. 78, san jose. 94 in gilroy. 59 at half moon bay. looking up north, 71 in santa rosa right now. napa, 81. 77 novato. 90 in fairfield. upper 80s in concord and livermore. the view from the rooftop camera showing a few thin wispy clouds. forecast features fog overnight near the coast and bay. hot inland the next few days.
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but we'll have minor cooling going into the weekend. so this little heat spike won't last very long. fog will push out local will over the bay locally inland tonight. it will be quite mild with low temperatures in the upper 50s to low 60s. and tomorrow look for a warmer day than today by a couple degrees. inland highs will reach mainly to the mid 90s in the hottest spots, except way up north where lake port and ukiah will top out at or above 100 degrees. and there will be more of that to come. speaking of heat, a dangerous heat advisory will be in effect from noon tomorrow through 11:00 p.m. thursday for lake county. now this is for lake county only. temperatures during the day will range from upper 90s to about 110 degrees. so it's going to be excessively hot there. and we have some rough surf developing right now. beach hazard statement is in effect for mainly south facing beaches here in the bay area until wednesday night. heights are growing. they could reach up to almost 10 feet. and the danger here, the concern is rip currents and sneaker waves. so if you're going to spend any
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time near the coastline, bear that this mind. here is the accuweather seven-day forecast. notice wednesday, high temperatures inland will be up in the upper 90s. it's possible one or two locations could top out at 100 degrees. low to mid-80s around the bay. summer spread of temperatures on thursday as well. temperatures moderating a bit on friday, and then more of a significant cooldown over the weekend as inland highs drop back into the 80s. >> all right. so if you're not comfortable, it's not going to be for long. >> it won't last long. >> thank you, spencer. >> grin and bear it. >> here is what we want you to do. get out your phone right now. go to abc news right now if you have a moment/vote and weigh in on's live poll. what does a free lunch mean to you? facebook employees could lose one of their favorite corporate perks. the full story is next. but right now voting is open. you can see the question and the choices
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[ closing bell ] >> no major action for the major indices today. the dow slipped just 13 points. alphabet, that's google's parent company, rose during the trading day and jumped after the bell when a newly released earnings report showed profit for the second quarter was better than expected. meantime, stock in tesla dropped more than 3% today. a memo provided to "the wall street journal" showed tesla asking suppliers for refunds to
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help it turn a profit. tesla said it asked fewer than ten suppliers to cut funding on ten projects that began in 2016 but have not yet been completed. the palo alto-based company has reported only two quarterly profits in its history, and has never made a profit for a full year. one of tech industry's most prized perks is free food and drink on the job, and that's in danger in mountain view. >> we're making this the topic of tonight's live poll. voting is open right now at what does a free lunch mean to you? >> great question. you can see emojis flying across the bottom of your screen with each vote. we're talking about this tonight because the mountain view city council passed rules to restrict free food at a new business complex. >> i employers at the san antonio center will not be able to provide free food on a daily basis. it's an effort to support neighboring restaurants in the area that survives on lunchtime rush. >> they could do a 50% subsidy,
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but the idea is that would be for them to go out and eat or patronize the businesses. >> facebook will open offices in two buildings at the san antonio center later this fall, bring in 2,000 employees. >> and you see results coming in right now. our live poll at seems like a lot of you think it's a great perk. >> yeah, a lot of people, it is popular. we want to hear from you, so please weigh. in coming up tonight on abc 7 news at 6:00, find out which company represented california president trump's annual made in america showcase at the white house. and next, more questions than answers in toronto after a gunman opens fire, killing innocent
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live where you live, this is abc 7 news. >> back now to our top story. a vigil in oakland for the young woman stabbed and killed on a bart platform last night continues to grow. >> this is new video you're seeing from abc 7 news reporter kate larsen near the macarthur bart station. she says demonstrators have moved into the street, as you can see, blocking traffic at
6:30 pm
macarthur bart station after two women were stabbed on the platform last night. >> now we'll continue to follow this developing story and the impact on traffic, and we'll bring you updates on air and online at now to shock and horrorer in toronto after a gunman opens fire on a crowded neighborhood during dinnertime. >> 15 innocent bystanders were shot. two have died. police shot the suspect and he died. >> today he was identified as 29-year-old feissle hussein. his family says his struggle with psychosis and depression throughout his life. medications and therapy didn't work. >> police are still searching for a motive for the attack. we have more. >> the sound of the chaos shortly after the shooting as the many injured were rushed to hospitals. gunned down on a popular toronto street by a man dressed in black, carrying a handgun and appearing to fire at random. both at people on the street and
6:31 pm
dining in restaurants. >> i just stopped by. he is going down and i just got shoved to the ground. >> did he ever aim at you? >> no. i don't know. i was a blur. >> witnesses say the carnage began around 10:00 sunday night and seemed to last several minutes as the shooter zigzagged his way down the street. >> wherever he saw people, he would head for a group of people and start shooting some easy targets. >> i heard at least 20 shots in intervals, you know, clips being spent, reloading, clip being spent, reloading, clip being sent. that's what i heard. >> the gunman is thought to be 29 years old and eventually got into a shoot-out with police. he fled and was found dead a short distance away. it's unclear if he took his own life. >> all i can confirm is the man did sustain a gunshot injury. >> the shooter was from toronto, and investigators are unwilling to speculate about a motive. >> i don't know why he did what he did. he won't be able to tell us because he is deceased. >> more than a dozen people were shot, and among the dead a
6:32 pm
10-year-old girl, along with an 18-year-old woman. >> one woman run, and she fell, and he went over her and shot her twice point-blank. >> police tape now stretches for several blocks along the route of the rampage in an area known as greektown on toronto's danforth avenue, packed with cafes and restaurants. >> this is pretty tragic. it's very scary. new details in this weekend's deadly hostage taking at a los angeles trader joe's supermarket. that store will remain closed indefinitely, according to the company. employees are being allowed to mourn the death of a store manager who was fatally wounded in gun battle between the suspected hostage taker and police. >> not even three seconds later, she is running back in the store with her hands up, just run, run, run, run! and she just collapsed. and that's when the gunman turned around and told one of the employees pick her up and
6:33 pm
take her outside, but don't come back. >> the suspect, 28-year-old gene atkins, is also accused of shooting his grandmother multiple times before the incident at trader joe's. today crews raised that sunken duck boat from the bottom of a missouri lake. the boat and 31 people on board last thursday when it capsized in a storm. 17 people were killed. abc news reporter marcus moore has the latest now from branson. >> we have been following that tragedy on the water that happened last week. 17 team killed when a duck boat capsized. it happened here on the water at this lake where we are getting new information about what investigators have learned about the accident. we know that the boat sank to the bottom of the lake, and they have been able to recover the data recorder. and the reason why that's significant is because investigators hope that it will give them critical clues as they try to determine if the captain, the crew, or the company made any mistakes when this was
6:34 pm
unfolding. we've also heard from the attorney general that this boat had four to five cameras, and that could reveal a lot about what was done as this was happening, but it's unclear if those cameras have audio. as you know we have heard harrowing story from one of the survivors, tia coleman, who sadly lost her three young children, her husband, and five relatives. they all died. nine members of the same family passing away. and she says that the boat's captain described where the life vests were on the boat, but that he told the group they, quote, would not need those life vests. and as you know, 31 people were on board that boat that battled near hurricane-force winds, and also six-foot swells before sinking to the bottom of the lake. i'm marcus moore in branson, missouri. new at 6:00, san francisco police have released body camera video from last tuesday's
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encounter between a black business owner and officers. it shows officers speaking with victor stevenson as he was opening up his gourmet lemonade stand in the mission. someone called police, believing he was a burglar. >> somebody is calling saying you're breaking in. we're just here to figure it out. >> stevenson showed the officers proof that he owned the business. he says he's not upset at sfpd, but more so with whomever called 911, saying the decision might have been rooted in racism. a double homicide investigation is under way after two men were found dead in a west oakland home on sunday. oakland police say officers responded to a home on adeline street across interest the park around 8:45 last night and found two dead men inside. the names and cause of death of the victims have not yet been released. no arrests have been made. traffic stood still on the carquinez bridge this evening. look at that.
6:36 pm
the three-car crash shut down all eastbound lanes. it happened around 3:20 this afternoon. the scene was cleared about two hours later, but traffic is still recovering. helicopters landed on the freeway to take victims to the hospital. still, no word right now how they're doing. all right. stay here with us. it is all about the nose today in san francisco. >> it's definitely like one part stinky cheese, one part sweaty socks. >> i don't think it smells like a dead body, yeah. >> the rare flower bloochling right now, and how you can catch a glimpse and a sniff. also ahead -- >> i'm michael finney with the paperwork you need when
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smelly socks, rotting flesh, those are just some of the descriptions people have. the scent of the rare corpse flower blooming right now in san francisco. >> put off cooking your dinner for a moment. we sent dion lim to the conservatory of flowers to understand why fans of the flower travelled from far and wide to see and smell it. >> it can smell like stinky tuna, tuna, and mix that with some cheese, moldy cheese, and
6:40 pm
old socks, gym socks, but the sweat of humans in clothes. >> perched in a pot under a cozy glass dome kept at 75 degrees, a celebrity in the plant world so rare it only needs a first name, summa. >> she started blooming yesterday afternoon around 3:00. >> dedicated fans of the giant plant known as the corpse flower come from far and wide for one thing. >> i want a whiff of this, because i heard that the smell is so awful. >> it takes the five foot tall flower from sumatra seven to ten years to bloom. its stench designed to attract maximum pollinators and young men like desmond. >> my sister couldn't make it, but she was excited about the stinky flower, so she thought i would be able to capture some of the scent for her. >> something kind of interesting is when i took a whiff, i don't really smell anything. but i was told that the stinky scent comes in waves, and really smells like different things to different people. >> actually, i find it a little
6:41 pm
sickening sweet. >> almost like beef jerky. >> when it does bloom it's short-lived at 48 hours. its strongest stink at first bloom. so timing is everything. >> it's like waiting for a baby to be born because you don't know exactly when it's going to happen. >> act fast. the countdown is on. >> i'll probably come back tonight and see if i can get another whiff? isn't that kind of -- but, oh, well. i just love it. >> we may be crazy, but yolo, you know. you only live once. >> weird is wonderful, isn't it? in san francisco, dion lim, abc 7 news. >> people love that thing. >> oh, yeah. so if you want to get a whiff, suma is on display during extended hours at the conservatory of flowers. >> 10:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. all week. so make some time to check it out. >> you want to race me there? >> absolutely. how warm will be this week
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we want to update you now on that developing news in oakland. a vigil for the two women stabbed on the platform at macarthur bart station continues to grow. this is new video from abc 7 news reporter kate larsen of a drum circle near the station. the crowd has grown to about a thousand people, and some are blocking traffic on surrounding
6:45 pm
streets. this video shows them blocking a couple of lanes on 40th street. all reports, though things are largely peaceful. again, we'll continue to monitor the story and bring you updates. 12 secret recordings between the president and his personal attorney michael cohen are now in the possession of federal prosecutors. they were handed over friday. the tapes are being reviewed as part of the russia investigation that president trump is once again calling a hoax and witch-hunt. he cited an fbi fisa warrant released this weekend to back his claim. the warrant allowed for surveillance of former trump campaign adviser carter page, who the fbi suspected of being recruited as a russian agent. the president said it was politically motivated, but his opponents say carter's history legitimized the fbi's concerns. >> carter page had in fact been a target of russian intelligence in the past, that carter page had gone to russia during the campaign, that he had meetings with the russian officials that page had publicly denied. >> today former trump campaign
6:46 pm
chairman paul pastelok appeared in court. the judge dealt a blow to his defense, giving fiwitnesses immunity to testify. president trump hosted his second annual made in america showcase at the white house. the event took place as the administration faces trade wars with china and the european union. companies or organizations from all 50 states were invited. california was represented by an irvine company called kco products, which brought a brass watering hose nozzle that's made in the u.s. by disabled u.s. veterans. all right. if you are making big plans for summer trip, maybe planning a trip with your dog we have some information for you. >> 7 on your side's michael finney tips for a smooth ride. >> here we are in the middle of summer. so if you're planning a road trip with your furry friend, you might be surprised at how much prepping you'll need to ensure comfort and safety. consumer reports has some
6:47 pm
helpful tips to make sure traveling with your pet goes off without a hitch. >> 1-year-old mabel and her family have been preparing for a six-hour road trip to vermont. >> we started to do small trips around town, going to our neighbors' homes, in the car, that sort of thing. >> and that's not all. just ask trainer holly santana. >> you should have consistency. so you want the same food, you want the same schedule. so if they eat at 6:00 a.m. and 6:00 p.m., keep it 6:00 a.m. and 6:00 p.m. >> she says bring a towel or bed with the scent from home. keep the car cool, and take breaks at least every three hours. also, useful, cleaning supplies, doggy bags, leash, collar and id tags with your dog's name and your contact information. and don't forget about safety. >> pets can act as projectiles if they're not secured. >> securing them is a must. the center for pet safety with subaru conducted crash tests on dummy dogs. they found among the most secure restraints the sleepy pod air
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carrier for about $160, the gunner kennels intermediate crate for $500, and the sleepy pod click it sport harness between $65 and $75. they recommend dogs up to 90 pounds be secured in the seat opposite the driver's side in larger cars, and the rear seat or in a crate in the cargo area. for three row vehicles with captains chairs, dogs up to 20 pounds should be secured in the second round. larger dogs in the third row. and if traveling with children, secure the child in the second row and the dog behind on the opposite side. >> family trips to vermont are very important to us. i want to make sure that everyone in the car is safe. >> okay, now, one more really important thing to remember. in sd these with you if your dog gets sick and you need to visit a local vet, and also some dog friendly hotels have been known to ask for them as well. better to have them or at least
6:49 pm
a copy. >> great information. thanks, mike. happening now, a discussion about plans for the western bay bridge span bike path. the video you're looking at shows the eastern span's path. bicyclists and pedestrians can take the path from oakland to yerba buena island, but can't continue on to san francisco. rough estimates of the cost of adding a path on the western span run as high as half a billion dollars. the project could take ten years. all right. some breaking news now. bart just tweeted that the stabbing suspect is in custody just moments ago. >> police tweeted that they took john cowell into custody at pleasant hill bart. and we're just getting word of this. and they're thanking everybody, the riders. they're warning people that the suspect is armed and dangerous. of course full details to come, and they're telling us also that the bart police chief will be available at 8:00 p.m. to give us more information about this arrest. >> all right. this is two sisters stabbed, one of them died. we'll continue to keep you up to date. and spencer back now as we move
6:50 pm
on with an update on the forecast. spencer? >> okay, dan and kristen, we're going start with overnight conditions. fog is beginning its usual push. so we'll see fog reaching over the bay, locally inland, a few high clouds will pass by as well. mild overnight lows in the upper 50s to the low 60s. tomorrow wonts to warm up inland. mid-90s, some locations in the east bay and the bayshore line upper 70s to low 80s. and here is the accuweather seven-day forecast. wednesday will probably be the warmest day with inland highs in the upper 90s but temperatures will taper off as we head into the weekend. >> okay, spencer. on the a lot of sports to talk about. >> yes, football. let's start with that, larry. >> training camp opens this week. i mean, where has the summer gone already? speaking of football and the nine. >> how confident is jimmy g.? did he really think he was better than tom brady with the patriots? and who is better than the a's right now. after getting the best of the giants,
6:51 pm
6:52 pm
6:53 pm
now abc 7 sports with larry beil. >> good evening. after back-to-back walk-off wins against the giants, the a's hit the road, and they don't mind that typically. they lead all of major league baseball with 85 homers away from home adding to their total tonight in texas. it looks like a custom a's hat with the elephant added for style there on top that is nice. a's load the bases in the second. jonathan lucroy high deep and aloha means grand slam. the a's' 86th road bomb of the
6:54 pm
season. still in the second, khris davis doubles to left. marcus semien scores. 5-0 just like that. rangers answering in the third. elvis andrus a two out, two-run bomb cutting the a's' lead to 5-2. look at the d here. matt chapman the dive to rob adrian beltre. a nice reach on a play at first base. right now they're in the fifth inning, and the a's are leading. make it the sixth inning, leading 7-2. the 49ers open training camp this wednesday. first practice will be thursday. all eyes on quarterback jimmy garoppolo, the subject of a great article today in the athletic, the former understudy to tom brady in new england was quoted as saying when i first got there, i thought in my head, i'm better than this dude. garoppolo used his three plus years with the patriots like a human sponge, soaking up all he could from watching brady on and off the field. another mentor was his dad who used to tell jimmy g. that someone is always working
6:55 pm
harder, that he was always in last place, and that he needed to catch up. motivation that clearly has served him well. the chef, the babyfaced assassin, and now the professor? warriors star steph curry stacking up the accolades and nicknameses. the two-time mvp and three-time nba champion is introducing a new master class where he will teach you the secrets of his craft. i wonder if chris paul is going to sign up. curry's class comes with a work book and 17 video lessons. you can see all of professor curry's teachings for only $90, but here is a sneak peek. >> we overload ourselves in the workout with two basketballs or a tennis ball. it makes the game seem a lot slower and you're able to process things a lot better. that's why we're here, to get better. to maximize the quickest release possible for you, lock in on the path that the ball takes from your catch ready position to your final release point soft that's how you can shoot the
6:56 pm
same from whether it's in the paint all the way out to the d 3 area and knock it down. i'm stephen curry, and that is my master class. >> this is great. great stuff. take the class. we'll be in the nba soon, i assume. >> it could take longer. good stuff. >> well, join us tonight at 9:00 on kofy tv 20, cable channel 7/13 and right here an abc 7 news at 11:00. more breaking news. the suspect in the deadly bart stabbing has been taken into custody. what we are learn:00 his arrest. and grief turns to action. sky 7 is live overhead right now as hundreds and some even estimate a thousand people have taken to the streets to honor the life of a young woman killed, 18-year-old nia wilson. now several streets are blocked in that area near the macarthur bart station around 40th street. so if you are heading in that direction, beware that is happening. a huge crowd to honor nia wilson. >> and you should know that
6:57 pm
there really have been no problems that we're aware of. it's been largely peaceful, but we will, of course, continue to keep our eye on this for you. you can watch sky 7 streaming live on and the abc 7 news app, and stay tuned for full coverage tonight, as we said, on abc 7 news at 9:00 and 11:00. >> and that's going to do it for this edition of abc 7 news. look for breaking news any time on the abc 7 news app.
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♪ this is "jeopardy!" let's meet today's contestants -- an environmental engineer and consultant from gainesville, florida... a medical researcher from lexington, massachusetts... and our returning champion, a director of technology from old forge, pennsylvania... and now here is the host of "jeopardy!" -- alex trebek! thank you, johnny. thank you, ladies and gentlemen. gonna start you out with a bit of a heads-up today. one week from today, we will be replaying our tournament of champions.
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you get to enjoy some of your favorite players, in case you missed that tournament earlier this season. and that'll be followed by some of the other tournaments we presented this year. great way to spend the summer. neel, hollie, and dave, good to have you here today. good luck. let's go to work. now, let's take a look at the categories, shall we? first off... hmm. and finally, it gives you... doesn't it? dave, start us, please. history will note for $400. alex: dave. what is trenton? no. neel. what is valley forge? you got it. history, $600.


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