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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  July 25, 2018 5:00am-5:59am PDT

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>> this is "abc 7 mornings." right now at 5:00, check your tickets. >> someone who bought a mega millions ticket in the bay area won $512 million. we are live at the store where it was sold. that mega millions ticket. you really missed it. yesterday was the day you needed to be nice to everyone, you know what i'm saying? >> i've been going through my phone trying to figure out who lives in san jose. no one has won that i know? it's about the poker face, mike. >> my wife and i were talking yesterday, always milpitas or san jose, want to make a road trip. looked at traffic, no, we'll buy a ticket at our local place which never has a winner. >> look what happened. you're still here. >> still here. >> welcome to work. >> yep. wife will be getting up in an hour and half heading off to work also. take a look at the winds because they are pushing the clouds around, coming to shore and heading to the south bay. the south bay seeing increasing clouds, along the coast pushing to petaluma before we have fog in santa rosa.
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you will be happy you that sea breeze because your temperatures at the coast will top out at 60 and 80 around the bay. look at my accuweather 12-hour planner, mid to upper 90s inland. even hotter this afternoon. let's find out about hot spots on the road. seeing anything, alexis? >> so far not too many, mike. we're looking at a lot of green on our traffic maps. an earlier problem we had on the peninsula, multicar crash this morning. that temporarily had all lanes blocked. south bay 101 past woodside road the two right lanes that were remaining blocked are back open now. giving you the full all clear there and no delays behind that situation either. a quick check of the bay bridge toll plaza right side stacked up in the cash lanes. no problems with fastrack and looks like the left side the way to go if you are paying cash. metering lights should turn on in 20 minutes. next traffic update around 5:10. >> thanks. this morning we're waiting to find out who won the more than half a billion dollars mega millions jackpot. >> just in case you want to
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check your ticket one more time take a look at the lucky numbers someone some san jose picked. the ticket worth $512 million, we don't have the numbers -- >> they're right here. >> behind you. >> 1, 2, 4, 19, 29, 20. >> those were not on my ticket. seven minutes reporter matt keller is joining us live from the store where that winning ticket was purchased. hi, matt. i'm assuming you didn't win eater? >> yeah. good morning, jessica and reggie. stealing my thunder. i will give you the numbers and let you know at home whether you won or not so when you're sitting at home and get all the good feelings about whether or not you won look at me. let's go to those numbers and show you what we got. it's 1, 2, 4, 19, 29, and the mega number 20. someone bought that 52 million jackpot winning ticket over the past couple days here at ernie's liquor on south white road and quinnby road. a full year to come forward and claim their prize and that person will not have to share out of the 44 states plus washington, d.c., and the u.s.
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in sane.plg ke they ig here i sa and i was going to and i didn't. that could have been me. it could have been me. >> reporter: the owner and his family were celebrating late into the night. the cool thing about a jackpot like this, the owner kewal sachdev will get a million dollars from the california lottery and i heard reggie and jessica talk about they need to be nice to the people in san jose or hanging out. you don't know whether or not i won or not. i'm not letting that -- i'm not going to let you know that yet. if you want to be nice to somebody, if you want to send me some food or something like that, i'm open to it. i can be bribed. >> i'm the one defending you. i hear a lot of trash from jessica -- >> whoa. >> i wouldn't necessarily, you know, go that route. just between us.
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thanks,th. >> i have nothing to say. o dng what i >> n trump'star on the hollywood walk of fame vandalized again. video into our newsroom. someone took a pick ax to the star. this happened about two hours ago. police are still trying to figure out who did it and why. this is not the first time this has happened. a man took a pick ax to the star in 2016 right before the electionion. military authorities trying to figure out why a soldier went awol found three hours later in san mateo county. sky 7 over the scene at 92 and 35 near the crystal springs reservoir. the chp pulled over a military vehicle and according to the fort hunter liggett twitter account, the soldier left his post in a humvee without permission. the soldier is being taken back to the fort where investigators hope to find out what happened. in the north bay, lake county sheriff deputies are investigating the deaths of a
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man, woman and 3-year-old girl. their bodies were found at a home on pine view drive in whispering pines community. the sheriff's office says deputies showed up at the home before 6:00 last night after getting a report of a double murder/suicide. all three appear to have been shot. no word yet on their relationship. according to a witness who called 911, the man's wounds appear to be self-inflicted. happening today, the suspect in that deadly bart stabbing will be in court this morning. >> he's facing several charges including first-degree murder. abc 7 news reporter amy hollywood at the station in oakland where the attack happened. amy? >> hi, reggie. a look at the reaction to this young woman's death. the huge memorial that created for her here at the macarthur bart station wled. the man accused of killing her was on the run for almost 24 hours and witnesses are coming forward saying they saw him during that time riding bart trains. this is video one woman took of
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john cowell. this is monday night at the coliseum bart station. she recognized him as the man bart police were looking for and immediately had a reaction to seeing him. >> i don't know. he gave me a feeling in my stomach. i don't know. just it was something. i guess call it intuition. >> reporter: he is accused of stabbing 18-year-old nia wilson to death sunday night at the macarthur bart station as she tried to transfer trains. police say the attack was unprovoked and they haven't figured out a motive. nia's sister was stabbed and she later said they did not know the man who attacked them. cowell will face a murder charge and assault with a deadly weapon charge. he is in jail and bail has not been set. live in oakland, amy hollyfield, abc 7 news. bart police are looking for a man behind another deadly attack that happened in san leandro and take a look at the new surveillance images. police say this man punched
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another man on the bay fair station platform on saturday. that victim hit his head and later died at the hospital. after a week of violent crime bart is urging everyone to install the bart watch app on their phone. that app allows you to take a photo of an incident and file a report with bart as you can see there's a button to push to get a direct link to bart police. you can also report things like people using drugs on bart or making a mess. if there's no time to use the app call police or exit the train as soon as possible. the california appeals court is considering overturning brock turner's sexual assault conviction. the justices now have 90 days to reach a decision. yesterday they heard arguments on both sides. turner's attorneys say there is insufficient evidence that his client intended to rape the victim. he called what happened outercourse which is sexual gratification with clothes on. the deputy state attorney general argued the jury in his sex assault case had reached a
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verdict beyond a reasonable doubt. you are never more than seven minutes away from my accuweather forecast. warmest temperatures in the lower elevations. pittsburgh and antioch 70 and 72. up in the hills, 76 in diablo, down in the san ramon valley, 60s, pleasanton 57 degrees. comfortable conditions there. same thing in san carlos, novato, pacifica 64, 63 san jose, los gatos, 82 degrees. the heat is just lurking right above the surface ready to pounce on us once we get rid of the fog you can see from the exploratorium. the beaches, we still have dangerous conditions there. be careful. stay cool today. wear the sunscreen. if you're out on the bay there is a small craft advisory for the entire bay and delta from noon all the way to 9:00 with
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re we start off at 59 with a little fog. sunshine and 83 by noon. low to mid 90s during the afternoon hours. down to 75 by 8:00. i'll show you how long the 90s are going to hang out in the forecast. even a few 100s today coming up next. over to alexis and find out what's going on with your morning commute. >> it's been quiet so far and we're seeing exactly that on our traffic cameras here today too. san rafael, southbound 101 volumes nice and light. northbound light as well. we do have some patchy fog out there this morning. in fact, a dense fog advisory in effect for golden gate bridge. it certainly is throughout and could be a factor for your morning commute. three-day look at volumes on 880 through the oakland area. north bay side, folks heading towards downtown oakland or the maze past the coliseum, light. the theme for the morning. everything starting to fill in, no significant issues yet. next traffic update around 5:20 is devoted to scientific
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research like insect testing, ay ease surveillance and testing parkway offering the public free tours of the facility if you're interested. construction on the $2.5 million lab will finish in may. a monorail that caught fire at the state fair is back up and running. this video shows what happened. >> that would definitely scare me. the fire department described this as a small electrical fire. all right. according to the sacramento bee, cal osha found the shoe that connects the train to the third rail melted that caused it to short. the conductor was the only person on board at the time. inspectors rewired the train and two others just beyond the safe side. expensive clothes stolen in seconds hasn't happened just once. surveillance video from lululemon stores coming
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it has only been one week since anyone saw the iowa college student. more on that story as well. hoverboards are popular but hoverboards are popular but could the next craze be on the
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by living off the grid. completely. or... just set the washing machine to cold. do your thing. with energy upgrade california.
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seven minutes from your accuweather forecast. >> this is "abc 7 mornings." >> still have issues, tracking a threat of thunderstorms across the sierra once again with dangerous lightning being the main producer of the storms. there may be a small isolated
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downpour, but it's going to do nothing to help the fires nor the poor air quality we're going to deal with all throughout the high country today. here's jessica with more news. >> thank you. some developing news in greece. officials say the death toll from the wildfires that scorched seaside communities in that country near athens has now increased to 79 people killed. rescue crews are going house to house and searching burned cars in an effort to find any further victims. officials have not said how many people might still be missing. fires continue to rage in the hills around athens. 500 firefighters are battling to extinguish the flames. a growing memorial this morning for the trader joe's manager killed during a hostage situation. it was police gunfire that hit the store manager. this morning we're getting a look at newly released mor on t first look. >> in this morning's "gma" first
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look, just released police video showing the dramatic chase leading to that deadly confrontation at a los angeles trader joe's. the suspect, gene atkins, seen allegedly shooting at these officers through the back window of his vehicle. >> shots fired. [ inaudible ]. >> reporter: gunfire erupting as he runs out of the crashed car, firing at officers. >> shots fired. get down. >> reporter: the officers were returning fire yelling at bystanders to take cover as they run behind a see meant wall. >> -- cement wall. >> coming up at 7:00 a.m. the latest on the investigation with your "gma" first look. abc news, los angeles. today marks one week since an iowa college student with bay area ties was last seen and this morning the fbi is joining the
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search for mollie tibbetts. the 20-year-old disappeared after going out for a jog in brooklyn, iowa. police say they have not ruled out the possibility she was abducted. tibbetts spent part of her childhood in glenview before moving to iowa. a group of thieves targeting lululemon stores is on the run. 13 bay area locations have been robbed in over the past two weeks. berkeley police just released this surveillance video showing just how fast it all happens. the thieves grabbed items off store shelves, stuffed them into bags and escaped in a getaway car. investigators believe the thieves are responsible for other lululemon robberies in walnut creek, three people were arrested after their location was hit twice. general motors looking to break into the ride share business with as twist. the company says it wants chevrolet, buick, gma, cadillac truck owners to rent out their vehicles through may ven, a
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car-sharing app. owners can rent out their vehicles by the hour, day, week, month. the service is being tested in illinois and michigan with plans to expand it in the fall. a major milestone for uber. the ride share service hit 10 billion trips. the san francisco based company put together animations glo gro despite struggling with issues including sexual harassment, uber remains the dominant leader in the ride share market. new this morning, there's a new way to segway. >> that's right. the company known for its two-wheeled moving platform is developing a line of self-balancing roller shoes. listen to this. look at this video because segway has released what this roller shoe would look like. you step on to two small platforms that fit under your shoes called segway drift w 1s and a pair costs about $400. the first shoes will shi in aug. i have to work on my balance >>my confused byisdu.e.
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tks le - n ionfat. >> these are motorized. >> h >> you tnk those l heavy? >> they look less heavy. >> i'm going to look into this. >> motorized or not, the way they were showing it looks like they were motorized. >> you stand there. >> they weren't working or sweating. >> looks like instead of one platform there's two. >> yeah. >> interesting. >> i'm into it. >> all right. and then i can wear normal shoes. totally into it. >> $400 for me. >> just won the lottery. take a look at what's going on outside, if you have solar panels you win the lottery the next couple days. most of the summer for that matter because of all the sunshine. we've got cloudy conditions down in san jose right now. clouds on the increase, temperature 63 degrees. looking north towards the airport, mostly sunny, few high
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clouds once the low clouds roll back to the coast. our summer spread spreads. temperatures get warmer inland while the coast is going to stay the same. partly cloudy, small areas of fog again tonight and then the weekend is trending comfy. our temperatures and look at this, from 81 in milpitas, 87 at san jose, los gatos and gilroy in the mid to upper 90s. 80 with sunshine in santa cruz. easily the warm and sunny spot along the coast. 73 millbrae to 83 brentwood city. on the peninsula, low to mid 60s along the coast where it's going to be breezy and mainly cloudy. 68 san francisco, pretty close to average. 73 in south san francisco. also in sausalito. 86 in membershiilpitas. triple digits north of clover dale. mid 70s to a few 80s out there and the east bay valleys mid 90s to 100 degrees. good news, we'll be back in the mid 50s to mid 60s tomorrow morning. one of our last say mild mornings. that's cooler weather that
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translate into afternoon temperatures dropping, cooler weather during the overnight hours with our comfortable days saturday and sunday. how about that for the weekend. >> i will take it. i'm sure a lot of folks will be looking forward to that relief. right now, you're looking okay on the roads with the exception of one area, once again east bay 580, some lane restrictions in place until about 11:00 this morning between north flynn and grant line road for grinding and paving work. you are heavy about the same amount of roadway you are on the westbound side, 14 mile an hour average there for eastbound 580 and 205 to 580, about 15 miles an hour. either direction in or out of tracy not a lot of fun. haven't gotten official word that bay bridge toll plaza metering lights are on. looks like that has happened or if not it will any second now. mass transit looking great. 45 bart trains in service, no delays. aces one and three out on time and normal service, no delays for capital corona. >> a group of san francisco residents suing a developer over possible toxins near the homes
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they bought. what used to be the hunter's point naval shipyard. the navy conducted nuclear research and repaired ships at hunter's point for decades. federal officials declared it a super fund site. new residents started moving into the area after town holmes went on sale the past few years. they're accusing the developer lanar and others of misleading them about their safety. >> we want to make sure that tettra tech is held accountable for falsification of soil samplesp. >> a spokesman for henar tells abc news the residents' lawsuit has no merit and will be dismissed. roseanne bar will be back on tv for the first time since fired from her abc show. tomorrow barr is set to be a guest on fox news. abc canceled the "roseanne" reboot in may after a racist tweet. barr is expected to talk about the tweet and president trump during the interview. the broadway musical
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"hamilton" may be heading to the big screen. studios are fighting over the rights to turn it into a movie. instead of a hollywood production this would just be a 2016 recording of the actual stage show. so it would be with the original cast including the creator lin-manuel miranda in the lead role. it could be a while before this happens. insiders say the sellers do not want it in theaters or streaming until 2020. next, seven things you need to know as you start your day. >> a reason to indulge your sweet tooth. what researchers say some chocolate could be considered. >> let's take a live look outside shall we. look at that. the bay bridge right now unfortunately notice we are
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tter this an rheutoit. o otr s a ce pill for adults with moderate to severe ra for whom methotrexate did not work well enough
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xeljanz xr c lower your ability to fight infections, including tuberculosis. serious, sometimes fatal infections, lymphoma and other cancers have happened. don't start xeljanz xr if you have an infection. tears in the stomach or intestines, low blood cell counts, and higher liver tests and cholesterol levels have happened. your doctor should perform blood tests before you start and while taking xeljanz xr, and monitor certain liver tests. tell your doctor if you were in a region where fungal infections common and if you have had tb, hepatitis b or c, or are prone to infections. don't let another morning go by without talking to your rheumatologist about xeljanz xr. just joining us or about to go out the door the seven things you need to know. number one the suspect in the deadly bart stabbing is set to make his first court appearance. john cowell held in jail accused
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of killing nia wilson and wounding her sister at the macarthur bart station in oakland on sunday. number two someone vandalized president trump's star on the hollywood walk of fame overnight. appears someone took a pick ax to the star. police are trying to figure out who did it and why. someone in the bay area is $522 million richer this morning. ernie's liquor in san jose sold last night's winning mega millions ticket. number four, abc 7 news has obtained an audio recording between president trump and his attorney michael cohen. then candidate trump talks about a plan allegedly devised by cohen to try to purchase the rights to former "ay mcdougal's story. another flex alert today. customers urged to cut back during peak times between 5:00 and 9:00 p.m. number six the reason why that was issued. look at the temperatures if you say over the tristate area. 102 in bishop, 100 all
5:26 am
throughout california until you get to san francisco, 69, nobody has an air conditioner anyway. >> kind of stands out. >> number seven looking at the bay bridge toll plaza. still no official word about metering lights, but we did hear someone clipped one of the toll booths. one of the fastrack lanes in the middle is blocked. chp working to move that quickly sounds like they will have that done soon. slight delays as you cross the bay bridge. if you love dark chocolate, me too, here's one more reason to give into your cravings. two new studies show the treat may qualify as a super food. >> researchers looked at the benefits of consuming dark chocolate, contains 70% cocoa and 30% organic cane sugar and the higher the concentration the more positive the impact on cognition, memory, mood, immunity and other beneficial effects. researchers would like to do a larger study to learn about the
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other benefis of dark chocolate and i am willing to participate. >> always improves my mood. >> improves my mood too. >> coming back with another 90s minutes of news including sleeping on the job. an audit says a dmv worker did it for three years. >> the fire emergency that is now forcing rangers to close parts of yosemite. >> 5:27, a live look outside. where did the city go? once again, behind all that fog, abc 7 the only place you can see kind of the
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live where you live this is abc 7 news. >> right now at 5:30 the man accused of stabbing a young woman at a bart station is set to appear in court today. what we are learning about his past. my neighbors and, you know, we'll do what we can to help him out. >> residents refusing to leave
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as a wildfire grows in northern california. also this morning, instant multimillionaire. the mega millions ticket worth $522 million. sold right here in the bay area. we are live at the lucky store. it is exciting. >> yes. congratulations. >> for the owners of the store who get a million bucks. >> i know. didn't know that happened. that is so cool too. >> that is really cool. >> yeah. >> good morning on this wednesday, july 25th. you're up so we're assuming you didn't win. >> or still partying which is fine too. >> either way. >> yes. >> either way. >> a good day to celebrate. >> really think so. we have everything today. we've got cool weather with clouds at the coast. we've got hot temperatures inland near 100. we've got a shallow marine layer compressing the clouds down to visibility of one mile in santa rosa, 3 in petaluma and half moon bay and fog in san francisco, you can't see the tops of just about any building as we look towards downtown from the exploratorium at pier 15.od.
5:31 am
temperatures this morning about mid 50s to low 60s. look at that little bit warmer inland by noon, upper 80s to mid to upper 90s at 4:00. coast and bay, 61 to 80 about the same as yesterday. we'll talk about when the heat breaks inland. >> good morning. i'm looking at some fog right now too for golden gate bridge and that is the only place we have a dense fog advisory in effect, but no, it is out there today and you will want to use some caution as you head out and hit the road here this morning. no delays, though, if you are coming in from the north bay. drive times looking good, southbound 860, six minutes, eight minutes, walnut creek to highway 13 and westbound 580 tracy to dublin looking good at 47 minutes. we do have a minor issue at the bay bridge toll plaza. we'll head back there next. developing news, someone who bought a mega millions ticket in san jose is ridiculously rich. >> they won more than half a
5:32 am
billion in an instant. the winning numbers, 1, 2, 4, 19, 29, and the mega ball is 20. abc 7 news reporter matt keller is live at ernie's liquor store in san jose and matt, don't tell reggie, alexis or mike, but you are my favorite co-worker just in case, because i know you live down there. >> just in case i have the winning ticket, right, that's why i'm getting all the nice words. i appreciate it. i knew you would say that even if someone in san jose didn't win the mega millions jackpot. welcome to the happiest place on earth, ernie's liquor, or the happiest place here in san jose. behind this gate here a sign that says lucky retailer. that is a big understatement. how big? $522 million big. the owner and his family were celebrating late into the night inside their store on south white and quimby road. there are two winners, a person who picked the right numbers and the owner kewal sachdev, who is going to get a million dollars from the california lottery.
5:33 am
>> i'm so happy for the person who won the lottery here and i'm happy for us too. you know, the employees and everybody that we were the lucky store to issue a ticket which is a winning ticket. >> reporter: out of the 44 states that sell the mega millions tickets plus washington, d.c., and the u.s. virgin islands the only winning jackpot ticket purchased here in san jose. california lottery officials say the jackpot winner has a year to come forward to claim the prize, so i have a whole year or until this person comes forward to get jessica to somehow bribe me every day with like treats and candy and food and all that. i can be bought, jessica. back to you. >> do you like chocolate chip cookies? >> i love chocolate chip cookies that sounds great. >> i'm starting there. >> thank you. >> whole year. >> moving on to other news planning to head to yosemite you will want to think again and here's why. >> the main route into the park and also parts of yosemite are
5:34 am
closed and going to be closed at noon because of the major wildfire. a map showing you where the ferguson fire is burning west of yosemite. the stretch of highway 41 that's shut down. the highway along with yosemite valley and wawona will be off limits until at least sunday. the fire is producing a haze of smoke and ob securing the views inside the park. flames have burned 59 square miles in mariposa county and the ferguson fire is just 26% contained. i shasta county residents of french gull ch are under an evacuation as firefighters bat al wildfire that has burned 3100 acres, charring land near whiskey town national recreation area. several people have decided to stay in french gulch and wait it out. they say they've learned their lesson from evacuating for fires in the past. >> i see the embertha
5:35 am
ember that burned the front fire pot. too many people out here to be designated to each video mobile to give it that kind of attention. >> officials say a mechanical problem with a vehicle started this fire on monday that is now 24% contained. this morning, the suspect in that deadly bart stabbing is due to appear in court. >> 27-year-old john cowell faces charges including first-degree murder accused of stabbing 18-year-old nia wilson to death and injuring her sister letifah. the attack happened sunday evening on the platform in macarthur station. c cowell was captured at the pleasant hill station. it includes misdemeanor, obstruction of a peace officer and assault paroled in may of this year. we want to hear your safety concerns regarding bart and we have a follow up so we can follow up with bart officials. we are reviving the #dearbart which we launched five years ago
5:36 am
during the bart strike. use it when you post your comments on twitter or facebook so we can find them and then get answers for you. >> happening today, a hwill begf north bringing cannabis based medi tooither the case calls attention to state and federal rules that prohibit medical marijuana in schools. the press democrat reports the girl has a rare form of epilepsy that causes frequent and long-lasting s long-lasting seizures. the school district does not allow students to bring thc oil on campus. the girl was preparing to start kindergarten this year and the district has proposed she be home schooled instead. an audit has just uncovered cases of state employees misusing and wasting hundreds of of tax dollars. listen to this, in one case the dmv worker slept at her desk at least three hours a day. she got away with it for three years, despite complaints from
5:37 am
other workers. the wasted hours cost the state $40,000. d woers build a a cal fire tiki room on a state-owned home he rented. and a csu employee spent $7,000 for an electric car charger that isn't compatible with the campus power grid. plastic straws and containers may be gone at restaurant and bars in san francisco. the board of supervisors has approved an ordnance banning straws, stirrers and toothpicks. in addition, customers would have to ask for condiment packages and napkins unless at a self-serve station. the measure faces a second vote next year and if it passes it has to get the mayor's signature and the ban would take effect y disabled people who need straws to sip drinks. and drink plenty of fluids before you get thirsty if you're
5:38 am
going to be working inland in the 100 degree temperature and also that direct sunshine. now it will get filtered by high clouds but not enough to save you from the heat. low clouds this morning with the high pressure pushing down on the marine layer pushed all the moisture into about an 800 foot layer and that's why we're seeing fog develop on the areas of green from petaluma all the way up to clear lake and as we look elsewhere, temperatures in the mid to upper 50s and 60s out there, like in places like newark and san ramon, fairfield 60, tracy down three degrees from last hour, cool to 70 degrees. all right. here here's look at san jose where you see the clouds are on the increase with the temperatures in the low to mid 60s. driving, watch out for foggy spots, watch out for the gusty conditions this afternoon and evening and mass transit, guy xwantsic summer spread, 40 degrees from the coast to theci to upper 60s this afternoon under a partly cloudy sky.
5:39 am
for the peninsula, we're starting off at 62 this morning. 74 at noon. we'll touch 80 at 4:00. nothing too robust there and keep heading south and you can see we build into the mid and upper 80s through noon to 6:00 starting off at 66 this morning and cooling to about 77 at 8:00. so we know it's going to be hot outside and we know that usually this time of the morning things start heating up in traffic. >> we don't have any major issues this morning. that is good news. i want to head back to the bay bridge toll plaza where yes, you are going to have a lot of company at this point. those metering lights on pretty early today. 5:25 the official time. we also had a vehicle that maybe went through one of the fastrack lanes too quickly and clipped one of the toll booths. they were able to clear that. i believe we're seeing that off to the side in the parking lot. no lanes blocked. just have the using cash -- ex carpool lanes you are going to have to wait that includes cash and fastrack this morning. also seeing delay on eastbound
5:40 am
580 between north flynn and grant line road. more lanes down for grinding and paving work. westbound 250 to 580 stop and go as well out of the tracy area that is coming in at about 14 miles an hour. a look at drive times coming up next. >> thanks. an outpouring of support for demi lovato. what we know about the pop star's condition this morning following a suspected drug overdose. also a push to keep cafeterias out of the office. we told you about this in mountainview yesterday and the
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your never more than seven minutes from your accuweather forecast. >> focus on the heat across the rest of the state where we have a heat advisory for about 7 million through the central valley, down to the big sur coast. 15 million under an excessive heat warning, the temperatures are more dangerous there. like 118 in palm springs. 112 in vegas. 80s and 90s around san diego and los angeles. well over 100 through the central valley. even nearing 100 in yosemite today with all that nasty smoke possibility of a thunderstorm there all the way up to about tahoe. in fact, this will be the last chance for a thunderstorm in tahoe as it's just going to stay in the upper 80s very hot during the day for them but very cool at night in the 40s.
5:44 am
>> thank you. spacex has done it again. the falcon 9 rocket launched from varger in california only about an hour ago. if you were with us you saw it live on "abc 7 mornings." it is carrying ten satellites into orbit. spacex will attempt to land the falcon 9 on a drone ship in the pacific. abc news has ob stained the secret audio recording between donald trump and his attorney michael cohen. it captures a conversation between the two men talking about a plan to buy the rights to a form playboy playmate's story about her alleged affair with president trump. abc news reporter has the latest from washington. >> reporter: good morning. this audio recording is one ofy hotel room and sparked a back and forth between lawyers for president trump and cohen over which men r karen mcdougal's story. >> reporter: secret audio of donald trump and his former attorney and fixer michael cohen. >> so i'm all over that. and i spoke to alan about it.
5:45 am
when it comes time for the financing which will be -- >> listen, what financing? >> we'll have to pay. >> pay with cash? >> no, no, no. >> reporter: the recording from september 2016 captures a conversation in the weeks leading up to the presidential election. then candidate trump and cohen discussing plans to purchase the rights to former "playboy" model karen mcdougal from american media inc that owns "the national enquirer" and purchased her story about her alleged affair with donald trump but never ran it. >> the transcript makes it clear at the end that president trump says, quote, don't pay with trash. -- cash. >> reporter: his attorney rudy giuliani saying on fox news trump wanted to pay via check to document the payment but cohen's attorney lanny davis told cnn it was candidate trump who suggested the cash payment. >> the tape contradicts mr. giuliani and the word cash is heard by everyone.
5:46 am
>> reporter: investigators are looking into whether cohen may have violated campaign finance laws and growing speculation he may cooperate with investigators and questions about what that could mean for president trump. abc news washington. this morning pop star demi lovato said to be up and spending time with her family after taken to the hospital of a suspected overdose. she has spokenen about her struggle with an eating disorder, mental health illness and substance abuse. she told "gma" it started after being bullied as a child. >> i've suffered from cross addictions over the past few years. i was trying to control my eating disorder and get help for it. >> just last month the singer released a single titled "sober" hinting at a relapse. celebrities are reacting, ellen it breaks my heart she is going through this and brad paisley
5:47 am
saying praying for her now addiction is a terrifying disease and no one more honest or brave than this woman. california state university executives who make six-figure salaries are about to get a raise. the chronicle reports trustees approved a pay increase for 23 campus president, five vice chancellors and the chancellor. executives received a 2 to 3% raise annually since the year 2014. meanwhile, assembly speaker rendon says the legislature would not have approved an increase in the budget if members had known this is how the money would be spent. sparkling water your go to beverage you in luck. >> study finds sparkling water is as hydrating as still water. researchers found carbonation in beverages has little impact on overall hydration, although carbonated water might run through your body faster. bubbly water can affect how much
5:48 am
water you consume. some feel that carbonation encourages them to drink more and others get full and bloated faster leading them to drink less. >> this is great. >> i'm in the latter part. i don't like carbonated. >> i live off of it. every day. i've got my la kroix. >> i've been drinking a lot of that too. >> aren't you glad to hear this. >> hydrating. >> i will thank you. you introduced me. >> what's your favorite flavor? >> lime. >> mine is grapefruit. >> coconut is the one i'm on the fence about. >> feels like it needs alcohol in it whenever i drink it, i feel like it's -- i don't know, needs rum or something. >> wofrn't have to worry about fighting over it. i like the flat sew dashgs flat water. you name it. here's a look at the players on the map. the same as yesterday. high pressure has taken over and
5:49 am
pushed the hottest part of the air mass as it draws it from the south and high clouds into the afternoon sky. how compressed the marine layer is this morning. from sutro tower all the way over towards mt. diablo and a time lapse on this, ought to be a gorgeous sunrise. mild around the bay and coast. partly cloudy to cool and mild tonight and the extreme heat fades in time for our weekend plans. extremes, look at this, 98 gilroy, 87 san jose, 80 santa cruz. cloudy along the peninsula coast. low to mid 60s for you. on the peninsula side, mid 70s to low 70s in most neighborhoods. redwood city at 83. 68 downtown san francisco today. a lot of 90s degree temperatures across theorthay until you get to petaluma at 86 and the 100s stand out in clover dale and northward. mid to upper 70s the closer to the sea breeze. down freemont 82, hercules 83 and look at the mid 90s to 100
5:50 am
in our east bay valleys. my accuweather seven-day forecast, mid 50s and 60s tonight and those temperatures will cool as our afternoon temperatures cool back to average by the weekend. taking a look outside this morning and we have quite a bit of fog on the san francisco side of the bay bridge. so keep that in mind. that could be part of your commute this morning. also have a dense fog advisory for golden gate. we're really dealing with low visibility there. take your time. slow down and drive for conditions here this morning. westbound 580 tracy to dublin underer an hour in the red at 53 minutes. westbound 4 antioch to concord in the yellow. san rafael to san francisco, not bad in the green at 15. you are never more than seven minutes awayacweher foras. at least 51 companies have in-house cafeterias. lawmakers say the practice is hurting local restaurants and that is why supervisors asha and
5:51 am
erin want to amend zoning codes to prohibit new businesses from offering the perk and encourage workers to dine in the city. >> this is about getting them out, this is about adding to the vibrancy and exchange that happens in any great city, and supporting those local small businesses. >> i don't know if i would give up all my free food but trying to incentivize workers to eat at local restaurant is a good thing. >> the proposed legislation would ban cafeterias and new businesses, not those already established in the city. >> it's nice to take a walk outside sometimes and go grab a bite to eat. >> that's one of the perks. new at 6:00, the just announced plan that will increase muni services in neighborhoods in need of transportation options. >> don't be afraid to drink up. why experts say it's safe to co
5:52 am
5:53 am
5:54 am
5:54. a study found traces of radioactive particles in napa wines. but despite that don't be alarmed. scientists say they're safe to drink. french researchers tested several bottles of wines made in napa in 2 2011 the same year as the fukushima nuclear disaster in japan. they found small amounts of the particles they say the keyword here is small. experts say there is more naturally occurring radioactive material in our own bodies than there is in the wine. >> if you have more than one bottle good to open it and see how it is. if you think it can age longer save the rest and if it's that sweet spot open it and enjoy it and share it with your friends. >> bottom line here, no needote. the wine is okay to drink. you don't want to toss out a perfectly good bottle of
5:55 am
today. 280 and 17 looking at light volumes on the northbound side. traffic light there for all of the san jose area. just getting a word of a new crash on castro valley boulevard at the 580 merge. one vehicle involved sounds like one person may be trapped. an update in just a few. check in with meteorologist mike nicco. >> thank you very much. hi, everybody. a look at walnut creek. hazy out there, about 61 degrees right now. but it's our inland eastbound and the north bay that are going to be baking with seven to ten degrees of extra temperatures compared to average and look at redwood city and san francisco, we're close to average. hottest temperatures will be in lake and mendocino counties 110 degrees again today and tomorrow. that's why you're on the heat advisory. heading to the beach, yeah, just be careful if you walk into the water, a sneaker wave may pull you down and rip current pull you away. an e-cig ret maker is facing backlash.
5:56 am
one state is investigating whether jewel markets to teenagers on the heels of a seri company trying to hook teens. they say it's failing to prevent minors from buying products. since april at least three lawsuits have been filed. one teenager says flavors like mango and mint enticed her to use. >> since i was exposed to fruit and mango and mint, i thought it was okay. >> juul labs have seen sales skyrocket 800% this past year and tells abc news juul works to keep the products from being sold to minors and is designed exclusively for adults giving smokers a safer way to quit. "good morning america" will have a full report on this coming up at 7:00. next at 6:00, the search for the mega millions winner in the south bay. we are live where the winning ticket was sold. >> also, this is what's left of president trump's star on the hollywood walk of fame after a person took a pick ax to it
5:57 am
overnight. >> plus a family kicked out of a north bay store while shopping. the video of the incident going you...and mom also gets aoss shoppiback-to-school bag? that's yes for less. ross has the bndyontfoback to at ross. yes for less.
5:58 am
...and you suddenly realizes you're really into art? that's yes for less. every trend. every room. on any budget.
5:59 am
it feels even better when you find it for less. at ross. yes for less. good morning bay area. >> this i " bought a mega milli ticket at the san jose liquor store you could be $522 million richer. >> a live look from our walnut creek camera. if you're inland today get ready to sweat. it's going to be a hotter day today. get that sunscreen out. >> visit us in san francisco. it's pretty cool here. >> going to be under 70. good morning on this wednesday, july 25th. speaking of that, you're never more than seven minutes from your accuweather forecast. was i listening to you carefully, 69 in san francisco? am i right? >> 68, 69. what's a degree between friends. it's below 70, right, that's what you want.
6:00 am
hi, everybody. a look at the winds. notice they're coming from the coast and diving into the south bay. also diving into petaluma. that's where we have some of our thicker cloud cover this morning. see in the gray, it's really low to the ground. it's going to go away quicker and temperatures will warm up more especially inland. and my accuweather 12-hour planner, however the sea breeze is going to keep the coast in the 60s and the bay in the 70s and 80s. enjoy it. here's alexis. >> good morning, mike. we are looking live at the traffic maps here this morning. i want to head back to this collision in the trivalley. more details and actually sounds like a vehicle went flying off 580 and landed o


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