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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  July 25, 2018 6:00am-6:59am PDT

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july 25th. speaking of that, you're never more than seven minutes from your accuweather forecast. was i listening to you carefully, 69 in san francisco? am i right? >> 68, 69. what's a degree between friends. it's below 70, right, that's what you want. hi, everybody. a look at the winds. notice they're coming from the coast and diving into the south bay. also diving into petaluma. that's where we have some of our thicker cloud cover this morning. see in the gray, it's really low to the ground. it's going to go away quicker and temperatures will warm up more especially inland. and my accuweather 12-hour planner, however the sea breeze is going to keep the coast in the 60s and the bay in the 70s and 80s. enjoy it. here's alexis. >> good morning, mike. we are looking live at the traffic maps here this morning. i want to head back to this collision in the trivalley. more details and actually sounds like a vehicle went flying off 580 and landed on castro valley boulevard. the westbound lanes are blocked
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at that 580 interchange there. and emergency crews are heading to the scene. sounds like the driver of the vehicle possibly trapped inside. i will update you as soon as we have more information on that. bay bridge toll plaza metering lights are on as of about 5:25 so early start this morning and typical delays back into the maze unless you are using the carpool lanes. next update coming up around 6:10. happening today, the suspect in that deadly bart stabbing will be in court this morning. >> john cowell is facing several charges including first-degree murder. abc 7 news reporter amy holfield live at the station in oakland where the attack happened. amy? >> people here are making sure nia wilson is not forgotten and created a large memorial for her at the entrance of the station. she was killed here sunday night. bart riders are coming forward saying they saw the suspect riding the trains during the almost 24 hours when police were looking forim on bider took the video of
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john cowell at the coliseum station right before he was arrested at the pleasant hill station. she was pretty sure it was him but couldn't quite believe it. >> i sen f me at macarthur bart and he was like, no, i don't think that's him. you're tripping. maybe we're looking at everyone thinking that's him, that's him. >> reporter: cowell is accused of stabbing nia wilson to death. she was attacked from behind. police say it was an unprovoked attack. they have not figured out a motive. cowell has a long criminal history. he had been paroled in may and now he has new charges to face including murder. he is in jail. oakland, amy hollyfield, abc 7 news. >> thank you. bart police are looking for a man behind another deadly attack. it happened in san leandro. take a look at these new
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surveillance images. bart police say this man punched another man on the bay fair station platform on saturday. the victim hit his head and later died at the hospital. after a week of violent crime, bart is urging everyone to install the bart watch app on their phone. the app allows you to take a photo of an incident and file a report with bart. you can report things like people urinating on trains and drug use. if there's no time to use the app, bart says you should call the police or exit the train as soon as possible. we have put together a list of things you can do to stay safe while riding bart. you can find it out on our app, it's just easy to download on your app store and find those tips on our website, in the north bay, lake county deputies are investigating the deaths of a man, woman, and a 3-year-old girl. their bodies found at a home on wine wood drive in the whispering pine community.
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deputies showed up to the house before 6:00 last night and got a report of a double murder/suicide. all three appear to have been shot. at this point we do not know what the relationship is. according to a witness who called 911 the man's wounds appear to be self-inflicted. a video of a confrontation between an african-american man and a north bay store owner has gone viral. anthony o'neill took this cell phone video at quest casuals in sausalito sunday. o'neill says he walked into the store with his family to look at hats. after a few minutes he says the store owner asked them to leave and then called police. >> trying to take me on. >> i'm not -- what are you talking about. >> my kids were trying on your clothes and kicked us out. >> o'neill recently moved to the bay area from chicago. he says the incident felt racial. >> race based tngdice. >> the store owner says it was
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not racial at all. he says o'neill's daughters were trying on expensive adult sized vests and had them on the floor. he would not go on camera but released a statement to abc 7 news saying o'neill and his family were quote disturbing business by making a scene. new overnight, president trump's star on the hollywood walk of fame vandalized again. this is video just into our newsroom. it appears someone took a pick ax to the star, happened just two hours ago. police are still trying to figure out who did it and why. this is not the first time it's happened. a man took a pick ax to the star in 2016 right before the election. >> this morning all eyes on the south bay, everyone wondering who won last night's half billion dollar mega millions jackpot. abc 7 news reporter matt keller is live at the store where that winning ticket was sold. this is ernie's liquor on south white road and matt, they get a nice check too. >> they're going to be getting a million bucks, a big deal here
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at ernie's liquor. the person who won has a year to come forward to claim the prize. show you the numbers so you can see hey, is it you? is it your roommate, your family member? 1, 2, 4, 19, 29, and the mega number 20. someone bought the $522 million jackpot winning ticket over the past couple days here at ernie's liquor on south white road and quinnby road. out of the 44 states that sell the tickets plus washington, d.c., and the u.s. virgin islands the only winning ticket was purchased here in san jose. a lot of people feeling like they missed out. >> i should have bought the mega and i was going to and i didn't. that could have been me. that could have been me. >> should have been all of us. the owner and his family were celebrating. the owner kewal sachdev is also going to get a million dollar bonus from the california lottery. reporting live in san jose, matt keller abc 7 news. >> i feel like that guy. it could have been me. but it wasn't. could have been me. >> thanks, matt.
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pricey products gone in seconds. the high-end bay area store thieves have targeted more than a dozen times. >> also new at 6:00, muni announces a plan to expand a dozen routes in san francisco. how it could deadl wdfires tear across greece threatening a popular tourist destination. >> don't forget we have a flex alert today. not only due to our extreme temperatures, 100 through the central valley, nearly 120 in palm springs, but look at our neighboring states. 112 in vegas. all of us trying to use the air co
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. you're never more than seven minutes from your accuweather forecast. >> this is "abc 7 mornings." >> talk temperatures at 10 after 6:00. mid to upper 50s on both sides of the peninsula this morning. watch out for a little fog here and there. upper 50s to near 60. 63 in san jose, 74 los gatos, near 60 in the east bay slavall. little bit of fog there also. santa cruz starting off with a cloud cover this morning but plenty of sunshine, 80, remember the dangerous waves today. strong sunshine at the pool staying cool wear the sun screen
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and the small craft advisory this afternoon. starts at noon and goes up until about 9:00. our east bay valleys the hottest today. nearing 90 by noon and then in the mid to upper 90s for at least four to five hours this afternoon. here's alexis. >> good morning. i want to head down to san jose where we've got a couple of new crashes but both are off on the shoulder. north bay 101 the first one right around alan rock and oakland road. there is a bit of delay that has filled in there on northbound 101, down to about 15 miles an hour. again, no lanes blocked so i don't think that will get ugly this morning but i am tracking that. we have thick fog across golden gate bridge, dense fog advisory in effect. make sure you're driving for conditions. we'll check on drive times coming up at 6:20. san francisco wants to improve muni routes to help low-income riders and communities of color. the examiner reports sfmta has plans to increase service on the k, t, will also increase servicn
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the m, 12, 29 and 44 lines by february of next year. 9, r, 30 stockton routes will see longer busses. look behind us, it looks like we're in heaven. >> it really does. >> speaking of heaven, that's chocolate for me and a health alert for chocolate lovers this morning. new proof that the treat is good for you. for you. >> plus, high-tech roller we carry flowers that signifyn why we want to end the disease. and we walk so that one day, there will be a white flower for alzheimer's first survivor. in the fight at
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"abc 7 mornings." >> all news. >> all morning. >> we are back at 6:15. developing news in greece, officials say the death toll from the wildfires there are -- has now increased to 79. rescue crews are going house to house to find victims. authorities have not said how many people might be missing. fires continue to rage in the hills around athens. 500 are battling to extinguish the flames. hundreds have been evacuated. today marks one week since an iowa college student with bay area ties was last seen. and this morning the fbi is joining the search for mollie tibbetts. the 20-year-old disappeared after going out for a jog in brooklyn, iowa. authorities say they have not ruled out the possibility she was abducted.
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she spent part of her childhood in the glenview neighborhood. a group of thieves targeting lululemon stores is on the run. the map behind me showing you the 13 bay area locations that have been robbed over the past two weeks. berkeley police released this surveillance video showing just how fast all of it happens. you see the thieves grabbing items off the store shelves stuffing them into bags and they escaped in a getaway car. investigators believe the thieves are responsible for other lululemon robberies. in walnut creek three people were arrested after the location there was hit twice. this is pretty wild, new this morning, a new way to segway. the company known for its two-wheeled moving platform is developing a line of self-balancing roller shoes. segway released this video of what those roller shoes look like. you step on to two small platforms that fit under your own shoes and they're calling it segway drift w 1s.
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a peer cosair costs $400. the first will ship some time in august. since we last talked about this story reggie and i did a little bit of research, they are motorized. >> sure. >> and reggie, they only last like 45 minutes. >> the charge is kind of short. >> oh. >> i mean, at least it's yours own shoes. when stuck on the embarcadero you can pick them up and walk to your next destination. i will face plant as soon as i get on those. >> you think so? >> i do. >> they look tough to balance be. >> i'm tall, so it's like timber. >> you have a high center of gravity. >> reminds me of what my kids used to wear. >> those were cool. >> until you pushed your kid too hard and went and fell down. i won't say i did that. let's move on and talk about what's going on. here's a look at that heavenly shot that jessica mentioned. it is beautiful. no permanent damage, i promise.
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we're going to see that compressed marine layer go away quickly. hasn't had any effect on sfo so far. we'll keep an eye on that. mostly sunny, our summer spread today as we heat up more inland. partly cloudy, small areas of fog again tonight with similar temperatures and the weekend trending much more comfy especially inland. watch the cloud cover go away but stick to the coast once again during the afternoon and evening hours and starts to make a trip back towards the east. about the same areas tomorrow as right now. spread, here's how it grows. the mid to upper 90s los gatos and morgan hill and sunny afternoon 80 in santa cruz. one of the warmer and brighter spots along the coast. peninsula lot of cloud cover, low to mid 60s. bayside sunshine and mid to upper 70s to low 80s. 66 to 68 around the downtown san francisco and 86 in petaluma, the cool spot up north. most flirting with 90s and then around clover dale, lake port,
6:19 am
ukiah, greater than 100 today. be careful there. 75 in berkeley, oakland and richmond, 74, low to mid 80s in hercules and union city south of fremont and mid 90s to 100 degrees in our east bay neighborhoods. mid 50s to 60s again for lows tonight up in our hills. 70s to near 80. we'll see the high temperatures taper and so will the lows at night especially inland that means free air conditioning for all of us by the time we get to the weekend. >> sounds good. we are looking at some pretty decent traffic conditions this morning. we haven't had any major issues but want to head back to the castro valley area. a confusing situation. initially sounded like a car left 580 and landed on castro valley boulevard. beneath it. that may still be the case but that vehicle is being reported as abandoned. not seeing the driver. they thought someone was trapped. sounds like a power pole was taken out. may have lines down too. lot happening here. all i really know is the main l0
6:20 am
and 238 in the area are looking okay. bay bridge toll plaza looking nice and busy here. we have those metering lights on as of 5:25 this morning. and drive times okay, westbound 80, highway 4 to the maze, 23 minutes, 22 across the bay bridge. no delays southbound 101 san francisco to sfo. >> "good morning america" is coming up at 7:00 here on abc 7. >> a look at what's ahead. hi. >> hey, guys. i take it from the fact that you're both at work neither were in san jose to buy the ticket last night? >> if i won, and i'm not saying i did or didn't, i would come to work and pretend like everything was normal so aunt isndidn't call me. >> he's lying. abo wt we would do, trust me. i might announce it live here if i won. >> i wouldn't be here.
6:21 am
>> let meou what's coming up this morning on "gma," abc news obtained the playmate who claims she had an affair with the president years will bt tape. unfortunately hear from michael cohen's attorney here live with us only on "gma" this morning. also ahead, we're covering demi lovato rushed to the hospital after a suspected drug overdose. her family now by her side this morning. we've got the latest on her condition. plus, you guys trying to land your dream job? no. because you've got it. for everyone else we've got great tips to stand out from the pack and show you how to make over your linkedin profile, everything you need to know to get a different job and ginger is going to the extreme this morning to celebrate shark week. she is braver than the rest of us as she swims with the biggest sharks on the planet and i said you get it, girl. stay right here in new york. you swim with the sharks. >> i can't wait to see that. i think that's going to be cool. >> excited for that. >> all right. >> it's really cool. >> she talks under water. >> amazing. >> does she?
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>> do you know anyone in san jose that might want to be friends with us? >> all my family is in the east bay. sorry. >> darn. >> we're just trying every angle. thank you. if you've been hoping to see the musical hamilton but can't get tickets there might be a solution for a lot cheaper. >> trouble for one cyclist at the tour de france and this ac
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follow the wta stars as they hit san jose the mubadala silicon valley classic where visionaries become victors july 30th to august 5th the us open series tickets on sale now
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. you are never more than seven minutes away from my accuweather forecast. walnut creek, 62 this morning. 98 this afternoon. inland neighborhoods not close to average. ten degrees warmer than ever. santa rosa with the 90s, locked in here. you're going to hang around a couple days when they go away coming up. jessica with more news. >> look at this, an accident that cost one cyclist his lead in the tour de france. watch as felipe gilbert crashes on to a wall, fall downs into the ravine and this is hard to look at. a few hours ago the cyclist tweeting out the picture of the broken kneecap saying he kept going for another 60 kilometers before dropping out of the race. he says he'll come back stronger next year. the tour de france expected to wrap up this weekend. yesterday the race stalled for about 15 minutes when french farmers staged a protest on the cycling path. that is making headlines. they threw hay bails to protest
6:26 am
the french economy. police were forced to use tear gas to disperse them. >> if you love dark chocolate here is one more reason to give in to your cravings. two new studies show the sweet treat may qualify as a super food. >> i am loving the study. researchers looked at the benefits of consuming dark chocolate, particularly when it contains 70% cacoa and 30% organic cane sugar and found the higher the concentration the more positive the impact on cognition, memory, mood, immunity and other beneficial effects. researchers would like to do a larger study as well, reggie. >> only thing i like more than chocolate is musical theater. and the hit broadway "hamilton" may be headed to the big screen. ng to the "wall street journal" studios are fighting over the rights to turn it into a movie, instead of a typical hollywood production it would be a 2016 recording of the show. it's with the original cast
6:27 am
including the creator lin-manuel miranda in the lead role. it could be a while before this happens. you don't want to just make plans to go next weekend. insiders say the sellers don't want it in theaters or streaming until the year 2020. >> which is smart. still touring. going to be in san francisco again next year. >> that's right. >> coming up next at 6:30 wasting hundreds of thousands of tax dollars, what a new audit shows one dmv worker was doing at her desk for three years. >> demi lovato in the hospital following a suspected drug overdose. what we know about her condition this morning. >> plus, president trump now responding to
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good morning, south bay. let's get up and get going. >> this is "abc 7 mornings." >> now at 6:30, yosemite under siege. the park forced to close one of its most popular areas because of raging wildfires. >> cannabis nth bay family is fighting for their daute to school. >> secret conversations between then candidate donald trump and his lawyer talking about payments for a playboy model's story. a megalisoerthou the search on for the person who has a $522 million winning ticket. >> congratulations. >> i hope they're keeping quiet,
6:31 am
keeping it close to the vest, preparing perhaps a costume or mask to wear during the reveal. >> seriously. >> good morning on this wednesday, july 25th. 6:31. >> never more than seven minutes away from your accuweather forecast. mike? >> you never know how many relatives you have until you win the lottery. >> no kidding. let's find them. >> absolutely. fifth cousin twice removed, me. here's a look at what's going on. the gray out there, it is letting go some of the moisture along the coast. there is mist reported at half moon bay, the marine layer 800 feet deep. see it above sutro tower, look towards mt. diablo. roll out the 12 hour planner, temperatures mid 50s to low 6. and the bay pretty much the same as yesterday, maybe a touch breezier, but it's inland where the heat continues s by 4:00 and still in the mid t bear >>aking a look at the roads this morning, we do have a new
6:32 am
disabled vehicle reported in the south bay. i don't think it's causing backups yet. a little further back, north bay 280 connecter to south bay 880 and one lane is blocked. chp on the way to the scene. it shouldn't be a huge slow down in that area. castro valley the latest we believe westbound lanes of castro valley boulevard are blocked between 580 and 238 from a vehicle that actually flew off of 580 and took down a power pole on its way. avoid that area if you can. that is just impacting surface 6:40.ts but a busy one. here they are, the mega millions numbers going to make someone a multimillionaire, 1, 2, 20. >> the winning ticket to last night's drawing sold at ernie's liquor on south white road in san jose which is where abc 7 news reporter matt keller is live for us this morning. matt, are you sure you're not
6:33 am
the winner and can't spare about 50 mill? >> i'm not saying 100% that i'm not the winner because i'm waiting for you to send me cookies and bribe me to get a piece of the action, but the truth is, i didn't play the lottery this week so i don't have a ticket. there you go. i'm not the winner. i can almost guarantee that. ernie's liquor and is the winner. in fact, ernie's liquor is considered a lucky retailer. how lucky? how about $522 million worth of luck. the owner and his family were celebrating into the night. inside their store on south white and quimby road. there are two winners the person who picked the numbers and kewal sachdev who will get a million dollars from the california lottery. >> i'm so h whwo t lottery here and happy for us too. the employees and everybody that we were the lucky store to issue a ticket which is a winning an washington, d.c., and the
6:34 am
u.s. virgin islandsrct in san co porting live in san jose, matt keller, seven minutes. you're saying you had a year to tell me you weren't the winner but gave it away. no cookies for you. >> thanks, matt. ernie's liquor not the only lucky bay area store. since january five other stores have had big jackpots including one that was worth $40 million. you can see our list of lucky locations on our abc 7 news app and at if you are planning to head to yosemite, you're going to want to think again and you're looking at the reason why. the main roupal c at noon today because of this wildfire. >> it's tough to see this. the map showing you where the ferguson fire is burning west of
6:35 am
yosemite. you see the stretch of highway 41 is shut down. the highway along with yosemite valley and wawona will be off limits until sunday. the fire producing a haze of smoke making it dangerous to breathe and ob securing a lot of the views inside the park. flames have burned 59 square miles in mariposa county. the ferguson fire is 26% contained. >> in shasta county residents of french gullh are under an evacuation order. the flames are charring land near whiskey town national recreation area. several people have decided to stay in french gulch and wait it out. you can see she's up with her hose. they say they have learned their lesson from evacuations from fires in the past. >> i see the ember that landed in our front flower part. i would have seen that. you know there's too many people out here to be designated to
6:36 am
each individual mobile to give it that attention. >> officials say a mechanical problem with a vehicle started the fire on monday. it is now just 24% contained. happening today, a hearing will begin to determine if a north bay school district can prevent a 5-year-old girl from bringing cannabis based medication to school with her. it calls attention to state and federal rules that prohibit medical marijuana in schools. the press democrat reports the girl has a rare form of epilepsy that causes frequent and long-lasting seizures. the valley school district in santa rosa does not allow students to bring the thc oil to campus. the girl was preparing to start kindergarten early this she be home schooled instead. an audit has just uncovered cases of state employees misusing and wasting hundreds of thousands of tax dollars.
6:37 am
in one case a dmv worker slept at her desk at least three hours a day. she got away with it for three years, despite complaints from other workers. the wasted hours amounted the state $40,000. in another case, a cal fire chief had two workers build a tiki room on a state-owned home he rented. and a csu employee spent $7,000 for an electric car charger that isn't compatible with the campus power grid. >> this morning president trump is responding to the secret recording between himself and his attorney michael cohen. that recording captures a conversation between the two men talking about a plan to buy the rights to a former playboy playmate's story about her alleged affair with president trump. in the tweet this morning, president trump said in part, what kind of a lawyer would tape a client? abc news reporter has the latest from washington. >> good morning. the audio recording is one of 12
6:38 am
seized by federal prosecutors during raids on michael home office and hotel room and sparked a back and forth between lawyers for president trump and cohen over which men proposed paying cash for karen mcdougal's story. >> reporter: secret audio between his attorney and fixer michael cohen. >> i spoke to alan about it. when it comes time for the financing which will be -- >> listen, what financing? >> we'll have to pay. >> pay with cash? >> no, no, no. >> reporter: the recording from september 2016 captures a conversation in the weeks leading up to the presidential election. then candidate trump and cohen discussing plans to purchase the rights to former "playboy" model karen mcdougal's story from american media inc that owns "the national enquirer" and purchased her story about her alleged affair with donald trump but never ran it. >> the transcript makes it clear at the end that president trump says, quote, don't pay with cash.
6:39 am
>> reporter: the team released a transcript and his attorney rudy giulana saying that trump wanted to paycheck to document the candattrump who suggested ey to the cash payment. >> the tape contradicts mr. by e >> reporter: investigators are looking into whether cohelp may have violated campaign finance laws and growing speculation he may cooperate with investigators and what that could mean for president trump. abc news washington. much more on the secret recordings on "good morning america." george stephanopoulos sits down with michael cohen's attorney for a live interview at 7:00 right after "abc 7 mornings." happening today, cal iso issued another flex alert because of the high temperatures around the state. californians asked to voluntarily conserve electricity between 5:00 and 9:00 p.m. tonight when people typically come home and have dinner and increase their energy use.
6:40 am
you're asked to turn off unnecessary lights, delay using major appliances and set air conditioners to 78 degre or higher. unless you're in the city and don't have an air conditioner. >> there you go. >> that would be us. >> enjoy that. and i was joking that the niccos would have leftovers and we did. and we'll probably have them again tonight. that's about the last night. there's a look at our temperatures down in the south bay. low to mid 60s about everywhere. los gatos 74, a little more comfort around mountainview and the hills, mid to upper '50s. peninsula and east bay shore, few 60s around danmore and half moon bay 65. the cloud cover covering our neighborhoods, not all of us, but the bay into the south bay, thickest fog in the north bay and along the coast where there's mist. be careful for the commute. femassrait, huge summer spread from 60s in san francisco to
6:41 am
hundreds inland. north bay with the cloudiness and fog. sunshine by noon. comfortable 76 at 8:00. peninsula not going to get too hot today thanks to the sea breeze. 62 and cloudy. sunny and 73 at noon. top out at 80 at 4:00. back to a nice 71 degrees at 8:00 with a few high clouds and sunshine. see that and you think it's beautiful take a picture, #abc7now. we like to see a lot of green on your map most of the time that doesn't happen. >> we are doing okay, a lot of fog here not seeing too much on golden gate bridge although starting to break up a little bit and looks like we need maybe a little wipe off there for our lens on this camera. but we do have a dense fog advisory in effect for golden gate. so keep that in mind. may need to add a few minutes to your commute. flipping to our maps version, yeah, golden gate looking good. a few delays there o
6:42 am
lile stop-and-go traffic on westbound 80 into san francisco from the bay bridge as well and let's zoom in and take a 3d look at our golden gate commute. northbound lanes look fine and southbound side the heavier side is looking good as you approach the toll plaza. quick check of drive times here as well. most looking good, highway 4 to walnut creek, nine minutes, 10, walnut creek to highway 13 and we're still in the red, westbound 580 tracy to dublin, 55 minutes. >> thank you. they say sharing is caring. gm wants to take it to a new level. >> your free lunch could soon be a thing of the past. san francisco now floating around a plan that could b
6:43 am
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still flat. here. try this. and... ♪ ooh, heaven -- nailed it.
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you're never more than seven minutes away from your accuweather forecast. >> your temperatures soaring above 100 to nearly 100 in yosemite and the central valley, all that poor air quality affecting nearly 2 million people because of the fires raging there. and also around san luis obispo about 140,000 people dealing with poor air quality. look at this nearly 15 million people under the hottest conditions in the state today. another 7 million under a heat advisory. temperatures running nearly 120 in palm springs, 80 to 90s around san diego and los angeles. look at the central valley. greater than 100 degrees today. to even 98 in yosemite with a slight chance of a thunderstorm. it won't help the firefighters at all. >> mike, thank you. hapin that deadly bart stab will be in court this morning.
6:46 am
>> john cowell is facing several charges including first-degree murder. abc 7 news reporter amy hollyfield has new details about the attack. >> reporter: here's a look at the reaction to this young woman's death at the macarthur station where people have created a huge memorial to her. this is the station where she was killed sunday night. the man accused of killing her was on the run for almost 24 hours and witnesses are now coming forward saying they saw him riding bart trains. this is video one woman took of john cowell. this is monday night at the coliseum bart station. she recognized him as the man bart police were looking for and said she immediately had a reaction to seeing him. >> i don't know. he just gave me a feeling in my stomach. i don't know. just it was something. i guess call it intuition. >> reporter: he is accused of stabbing 18-year-old nia wilson sunday at the macarthur station as she tried to transfer trains. police say the attack was unprovoked and they haven't figured out a motive.
6:47 am
nia's sister was also stabbed n and he is in jail, no bail has been set. in oakland, amy hollyfield, abc 7 news. >> we want to hear your concerns about safety on bart so we can follow up with bart officials and reviving the #dearbart which we launched five years ago during the bart strike. so use it when you post your comments on twitter or facebook so we can find them and then get some answers for you. this morning pop star demi lovato said to be awake and spending time with her family after she was taken to the hospital for a suspected drug overdose she has spoken about her struggle with an eating disorderer, mental illness and substance abuse. she talked to "gma" and said it started after being bullied as a child. >> i've suffered from cross addictions over the past few years. i was trying to control my
6:48 am
eating disorder, trying to get help for it. >> just last month the singer released a single called sober, hinting at a possible relapse. celebrities are reacting to the news on twitter. here's ellen, writing it breaks my heart she is going through this. brad paisley writing, praying for her right now. addiction is a terrifying disease. no one more honest or brave than this woman. >> san francisco supervisors are pushing to ban new businesses from offering free lunch. more than 50 san francisco companies have in house cafeterias and some lawmakers say the practice is hurting local restaurants. that's why supervisors asha and aaron want to amend zoning codes and keep new businesses from offering the perk and encouraging workers to dine out. >> this is about getting them out, this is about adding to the vibrancy and exchange that happens in any great city and supporting the local small businesses. >> i don't know if i would give
6:49 am
up all my free food but trying to incentivize workers to eat at local restaurants is a good thing. >> it would ban cafeterias at new businesses but not those established in the city. plastic straws and containers may be gone at restaurants and bars in san francisco. the board of supervisors has approved an ordinance banning businesses from providing plastic items including straws, stirrers and toothpicks. in addition, commerce weiss have to ask for things like packets and napkins. the measure faces a second vote next week and needs the mayor signature and then the ban would take effect next july. opponents say some disabled ople need straws yourorning money report. general motors looking to break into the ride share business with a little bit of a twist. >> the company wants chevrolet, buick, gmc, cadillac and truck owners to rent out their
6:50 am
vehicles through may ven, an on demand care sharing app. they can rent out the vehicles by the day, week, month. the service is tested in illinois and michigan with plans to expand in the fall. let's take a live look at the new york stock exchange. trading getting under way this morning. we're down 54 points right now. all eyes on facebook today. when they post their earnings after the closing bell. this will be the first time we'll see if facebook's data scandal has had an impact on their profits. watch for that later. >> move over museum of ice cream, a pop up in town and this time there's a fake marshmallow pool. >> candy topia coming to san francisco. it opens in september at 767 market street. organizers say if you've ever dreamed of nibbling your way through candy land or scoring a golden ticket then you will love candy toptickets cost $34 for l
6:51 am
wl be free for k >> t museu cream, now candy topia. the trend that won't end. >> it really won't over it. >> can't wait to see what you get for $34. >> you do get some candy. >> you do. >> i read about that. it's in santa monica and another one in new york. >> if you give me $34 i will fill my living room with a ton of candy and take pictures there. >> what time should we be there. >> later today. >> all right. done. let's talk about not leaving candy outside because it will melt today. especially in our inland neighborhoods. sutro tower, just as jessica coined a heavenly feature this morning. absolutely gorgeous mt. diablo off in the distance. the way it looks underneath it. coast and up in the north bay valleys through the rest of the morning commute. even hotter inland today. still mild around theze rtly cloudy and cool and mild t.
6:52 am
same as this morning. the extreme heat will fade for our weekend plans. the same players on the map this morning. low pressure to our west. high pressure to our east. pumping up that heat. few high clouds late this afternoon. otherwise expect a lot of sunshine and temperatures from the low to mid 80s through most of the south bay to 87 in san jose to mid to upper 90s, los gatos, morgan hill and gilroy. 80 in santa cruz, 83 in redwood city. your spread on the peninsula. the clouds will keep us at the coast in the low to mid 60s. 68 in downtown to 73 in south san francisco. 68 in petaluma. because of the fog this morning. everybody else around 90s. our most dangerous heat, clover dale around 100. newark, fremont, everybody else in the mid 60s. 100 in our east bay valleys. tonight mid 50s to 60s once again. my accuweather seven-day forecast, highs start to taper really friday with our most comfortable day saturday and
6:53 am
sunday and our most comfortable mornings with all of us in the 40s and 50s by the time we get to the weekend. alexis. >> okay. till don't have any major issues to talk about, but we do have one new problem on the shoulder. westbound 92 before foster city boulevard, sounds like two vehicles involved. everybody off on the right side but you are stop and go basically all the way across the bridge back to the toll plaza. and another busy toll plaza bay bridge toll plaza here. so metering lights on about an hour and a half ago. 5:25 the official time this morning. mass transit, we haven't had any major issues all morning, 57 bart trains in service, no delays, ace 5 and 7 out on time and caltrain normal service and no delays. next update coming up just before 7:00. >> thanks. san francisco mayor london breed launching a push to clean up the city's dirty streets. the mayor unveiled a trash can with the promise of many more of those to come. breed is pledging nearly three quarters of a million dollars for the effort.
6:54 am
fix it teams. they're going to sweep into neighborhoods pick up trash and fix broken lights. >> during the campaign all i is. clean up the city. well, i'm not going to clean up the city by myself. all of you are an important part of helping us to clean up this beautiful city. >> the campaign will also pay for programs that employ the homeless to keep downtown streets clean. >> if you love wine listen up, a study found traces of radioactive particles in napa wines. but don't be alarmed. french researchers tested bottles of wine made in napa in 2011 the same year as the fukushima nuclear disaster in japan and did find small amounts of radioactive particles but the keyword is small. experts say there are more naturally occurring materialn our own bodies than
6:55 am
in the wine. >> open them. if you have more than one bottle it's good to see how it is. if you think it can age longer save the rest. the sweet spot open it and share it with a friend. >> go ahead and enjoy it. no need to toss away the bottle. the wine is okay to drink. >> okay. >> shouldn't throw away a good bottle of wine. >> i believe you. >> coming up next, the seven things you need to know before you go. >> first, our instagram picture of the day, look at those beautiful sunflowers. if you haven't follow us at abc if you haven't follow us at abc 7 news bay area.
6:56 am
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6:58. heading out the door the seven things to know before you go. number one, the suspect in that deadly bart stabbing set to make a first court appearance today. john cowell. we've been talking about him for this entire week. he is being held in jail accused of killing nia wilson and wounding her sister in oakland on sunday. >> number two someone vandalized president trump's star on the hollywood walk of fame overnight. it appears they took a pick ax li a tryin ar 22 million richer
6:59 am
this morning. ernie's liquor is in san jose thatumr four, cal i, so issued another flex alert. cut back on electricity use during peak times between 5:00 and 9:00 p.m. >> i bet we have another one tomorrow too because the bpatte not going to change. our inland neighborhoods will get warmer today while the rest of us the sea breeze keeps us in the 60s, 70s, 80s. >> number six it's been a decent morning on the roads. still roadwork eastbound 580 into tracy with a couple lanes down until 11:00 and slow on both sides of 580. >> a new way to get around, a new way to segway. company known for its two-wheeled moving platform developing self-balancing roller shoes that cost $400. they're called the segway drift w 1s. >> pretty cool? does it come with an unlimited supply of band-aids? you'll need those. >> they look difficult. >> "good morning america" starts right
7:00 am
good morning, america. the secret recording revealed. abc news obtains that conversation between candidate donald trump and michael cohen. >> no, no, no. >> talking about payment for a "playboy" model's story about her affair with trump. now michael cohen's lawyer is here live only on "gma" this morning. triple threat. fires, dangerous heat and flooding hitting the coast. water rescues in north carolina overnight. a sinkhole swallowing this car. and out west, yosemite shut down as fast-spreading wildfires close in. rushed to the hospital. singer demi lovato recovering from a suspected drug overdose this morning.


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