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tv   ABC7 News 1100AM  ABC  July 25, 2018 11:00am-11:29am PDT

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abc 7 news. the suspect in a b.a.r.t. stabbing death is about to make his first court appearance. john cowell has to wait a few hours before hearing the charges against him after a delay this morning. the family of 18-year-old nia wilson is already at the courthouse ahead of the hearing. her father talked about their pain and hopes as the community struggles with this death. amy hollyfield is live in oakland. >> reporter: that hearing was scheduled for 9:00 this morning and then we found out it has been postponed until 2:00. but the victim's father was here first thing this morning. a grieving father arrived at
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court this morning before the courtroom was even open. he said it is important to him to be there when the man accused of killing his daughter is arraigned. >> my daughter was everything to me. she was so beautiful, so inspirational, had dreams. i'm not supposed -- i'm i'm i'mm to be planning her graduation and not her funeral. >> reporter: two of his daughters were stabbed saturday night. latiffa wilson survived the attack but 18-year-old nia wilson was killed. john cowell was arrested and charged in the attack. police say it appears to be random. the victim's father is turning his attention to making sure justice is served. >> justice is seeing that the perpetrator is prosecuted to the full extent. i will never see my daughter again. she will never be able to pursue
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her dreams. no parent ever wants to go through what i'm going through right now. >> reporter: he said he did want to thank the community for all of the support saying it is helping give the family strength during this impossibly difficult time. live in oakland, amy hollyfield, abc 7 news. after a week of violent crime, b.a.r.t. is urging everyone to install the b.a.r.t. watch app on the phone allowing you to take a photo of an incident and file a report with b.a.r.t. you can report things like people urinating on trains or drug use. b.a.r.t. says call the police if there is no time to use the app. we put together a list of things you can do to try to stay safe while riding b.a.r.t. you can find it at another big story this morning, scorching heat. let's get to mike nicco for the details on a heat advisory just issued. >> just a matter of time before that heat finally made it into
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our neighborhoods. neighborhoods not protected by the cooling sea breeze. that is the higher elevations of the east bay hills you see in orange from now through friday evening at 8:00. hi highs 95 to 105. temperatures in the 70s and 80s will make it so taxing. higher elevations are a a where we will find people living in those temperatures throughout the next couple of days. we have that excessive heat up in the north bay, too, along solano county, clear lake, lake county where it could be warmer. know the difference between heat exhaustion and heat stroke. that will help you take care of those who may succumb to this illness because it will be around 48 hours. we have a long stretch ahead of us. >> thank you. lottery officials are headed to a san jose liquor store to hand the owners a big check.
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this after the location sold the only winning ticket for last night's mega millions jackpot. the winner has not come forward yet. the numbers are 1, 2, 4, 1919199 and 20. the jackpot, of course, $522 million. abc 7 newsist ernie's liquors. >> reporter: we are still waiting on that big winner to come forward. a celebration today here at ernie's liquor. lottery officials will be coming to hold a press conference and congratulate the owners for selling the ticket. the doors opened up at 8:30 this morning at ernie's liquors in san jose. it is anything but business as usual. last night the owner and his wife found out their store soldt worth $522 million. they get a $1 million bonus.
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overnight, how are you feeling after everything? >> we just couldn't congratula years. r thth are not sure whoho theinner . lotterofficialsay that rson has a year t tolaim the $522 million prize. people in the neighborhood stopped by to take pictures. >> i am very happy to hear that. >> i'm so happy for whoever it is. >> reporter: the owner told me that he plans on donating some of his prize money to charity and also paying off some of his kids student loans. matt keller, abc 7 news. if you are planning to head to yosemite think again. the main route into the park and parts of yosemite will close at noon today because of the major wildfire. the map shows you where the ferguson fire is burning just west of yosemite. you see the stretch of highway 41 is shut down.
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the fire is producing a haze of smoke that is really making it dangerous to breathe and obscuring a lot of views inside the park. flames have burned 59 square miles. the ferguson fire is only 26% contained. in shasta county residents are now under an evacuation order as firefighters battle a wildfire that has burned more than 3100 acres. the flames are charring land. several people have decided to stay in french gulch and just wait it out. they say they have learned their lesson from evacuating from fires in the past. >> i see the ember that landed in our front flower pot. i would have seen that. there are too many people out here to be designated to each individual to give it that attention. >> officials say a mechanical
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problem started the fire on monday. president trump is today putting out new fires surrounding an old scandal. did he have an affair with karen mcdugal? some say a recently released recording suggests the answer is yes. abc 7 news reporter has more on the potential bombshell. >> reporter: president trump is lashing out at his attorney after a secret recording of one of their conversations became public. the president tweeted what kind of a lawyer would tape a client? why was the tape so abruptly terminated? the tape which was recorded without trump's knowledge two months before the election appears to show then candidate trump discussing the national enquirer's parent company, a coa perchiurchase of a story. the white house denies the
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affair. >> i need to open up a company for the transfer of all of that info. ,0 but decided not to me theyto publish it b election. they seemed to discuss setting -- it's >> that ending is now in dispute. cohen's attorney claims trump's mentioning of cash suggests he is prepared to engage in illegal activity. >> everybody should listen to the tape and see whether i am right or not. >> reporter: the president's attorney telling fox news trump wanted potential transaction handled by check for documentation. >> we listened to it numerous times and the transcript makes it clear that president trump
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says don't pay with cash. >> michael cohen's attorney says cohen will ultimately be the one to explain why he recorded that conversation. abc news, washington. new overnight president trump's star on the hollywood walk of fame is vandalized again. it appears somebody took a pick ax to the star. this happened two hours ago. police are trying to figure out who did it and why. this isn't the first time it happened. a man took a pick ax to the star in 2016 right before the election. an expert is weighing in on singer demi lovato's overdose.
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developing news antiterror h east one of vastating wildfires started deliberately as we are getting a dramatic look at the sheer scale of the fires in communities near athens. you can see burned homes as far as the eye can see. many resen h to run into the ocean to try to escape the inferno. officials say at least 79 people have died and more than 200 are injured. there is no official number of missing people but authorities have received dozens of calls. one day after his visit to stanford university secretary of state mike pompeo says he looks
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forward to testifying before congress today about the u.s. relationship with russia. the president has not disclosed what he and russian president vladimir putin discussed during their controversial closed door meeting in helsinki earlier this month. mike pompeo says history will show the world benefitted from the president's meeting with putin. demi lovato is recovering after a suspected drug overdose. she is in the hospital surrounded by family and friends. >> known for her chart topping hits but also for her candid honesty about struggling with addicti addiction, mental illness and eating disorders. ♪ and now the 25 yearole old is struggling again one month after she launched her single called
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sober. the fire department responded to a medical emergency at the singer's house. lovato is recovering after six years sober. r rresentatives nesawe wh her family who want to express thanks to everyone for their love, prayers and support. >> it's a chronic illness. i am certain she will get back into the game and back into her sobriety and she will be fine. there may be other relapses ahead. it means she has addiction. >> and you heard from addiction expert dr. drew penske on good morning america. fans are expressing their support. joe jonas saying she needs our prayers and support. lovato had a performance scheduled for this thursday on the east coast in new jersey. i'm jessica castro, abc 7 news. do you have facebook? did you notice a change when you
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opened the app this morning? the new feature that is expected to take your social networking to a whole new level. and we have dangerous heat developing. here are tips to help you beat the heat the next 24 to 48 hours. drink plenty of water and do it often while you are taking breaks. wear light colored and loose fitting clothing. reschedule any strennious activities to the morning or evening hours and do not leave pets inside cars. we'll talk about how long the heat is going to last coming up.
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tum tum tum tum tums... smoothies... ...and introducing new tums sugar-free. now your accuweather forecast with mike nicco.
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>> we will start with a beautiful picture this morning showing how quickly the clouds cleared out and the haze that is still hanging around our neighborhoods. it is hotter inland with mild conditions around the bay and coast. partly cloudy tonight cool to mild with 50s and 60s except for the hills where it is 70s and 80s. im f weekend plans. l let's look at our temperatures wide range from 61 in san francisco. oakland only 62. 74 at san jose. mid 80s and into the east bay valleys. clear lake once again baking at 95. clover dale 95. santa rosa napa only about 70. enjoy that milder weather while you can because the heat pump is still out there. the low to our west with its counter clockwise flow sending all heat coming our way once again and the possibility of a few high clouds passing as we head towards sunset. we will have low clouds sticking
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to the coast for the better part of the day. except for places like santa cruz where you get up to 80 degrees. mid to upper 90s. the periphery of the bay area is not saved. mid 80s for most of the south bay. we have 83 in red wood city. 73 in one of the cooler spots. low to mid 60s along the coast with upper 60s to low 70 san francisco. a lot of 90s across the north bay. you can see 100s as we head up towards clover dale and that area. look what is going on in the east bay where we have mid to upper 70s. looks like newark, a little less comfort with the low to mid 80s. the hottest temperatures again head out to the periphery. mid 90s to easily 100. doesn't that look inviting. if you are going to the beaches
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we still have the risk of rip currents and sneaker waves. poor. that is what we will call it for the activity planner. staying cool at the pool just wear a lot of sun screen, strong sunshine today and small craft advisory if you are playing around the bay. the rip currents continue until 11:00. maybe one of the sneaker waves knocks you down and then the rip currents pull you away from the coast. takes a long time to get out of those and try to swim back. you can see small craft advisory starts at noon until 9:00 for west winds in the areas you see in yellow until about the evening hours. here is a look at the golden gate bridge. talk about a tale of two forecasts. look at the coasts in the 60s. we reach 90s inland. if you are heading to the central valley or yosemite the next couple of days the air quality is very poor there. got advisories out for all of the smoke from the fires there. we have another hot day inland
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tomorrow and then heat starts to back off friday and then it gets comfortable this weekend with 60s at the coast, 70s around the bay and 80s inland at least ten degrees cooler. >> got to get through the next couple of days. listen to this, the internet's favorite giraffe is pregnant again. we are talking about april the giraffe. the animal adventure park in new york made the official announcement today. april is due gncyast ymo 232 million youtube live views during a seven-week period. today facebook launched a feature aimed at adding a new layer of social media engagement. it is called watch party. it allows people with similar interests to view live or recorded video while interacting in real time. a group of dog lovers can watch adorable puppy videos as a group. anybody has the ability to start a watch party group.
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this could help facebook compete with companies like youtube and live streaming game platform twitch. there is a new way to segue. the company known for the two wheel moving platform is developing a line of self-balancing roller shoes. they fit under your shoes called segue drift w. a pair costs about $400. the first roller shoes will ship sometime in august. give it a try. a loose gun and a little girl with nerves of steel. the creative way one big brother came to the rescue.
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a reminder we are on 24/7 on the abc 7 news app. today we posted a story about a cool discovery. researchers found a 12-mile wide body of water buried deep in mars. if you are logging on to from your phone be sure to download the news app to get breaking news alerts and then tune in for the latest news and weather here on our next newscast. as parents we know that pulling out a child's c complicated for siblings.
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watch how one big brother in austin, texas fixed the problem for his baby sister. >> it came out. >> i don't know. i don't know if i would recommend that m. he tied one end of the hsier's then f at 30 miles per hour. the tooth didn't stand a chance. the mom kind of watched the whole thing. >> adult supervision. >> very important. she posted it on her facebook page. >> even more important. >> exactly. i don't know. i think the most i have done to say eat an apple and eat crunchy things. >> i would have done that if my son had let me. >> thanks for joining us.
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[dramatic music] ♪ hey, everybody, welcome to "millionaire." are you guys ready to go today? [cheers and applause] very good. let's welcome back our returning contestant from andover, massachusetts, teddy harvie. [cheers and applause] welcome back, teddy. in the middle of your game, $10,000. [cheers and applause] you're right smack dab in the middle. 7 questions away from $1 million. and as you see, you still have two lifelines, "ask the audience" and your "plus one."oe as we try itely double >> okay. >> are you ready to go? >> i'm ready. >> you're halfway through. you should feel loose, you should feel good. not that--not thatoo


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