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tv   America This Morning  ABC  July 26, 2018 4:00am-4:29am PDT

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>> have a great thursday. making news in america this an ight. hundreds of homes now in the path of disaster. residents flee as a wildfire in southern california explodes in size. >> you have no choice. you got a half an hour to get out. >> this morning the man under arrest accused of starting it all and the growing concern at this hour. they've apparently kissed and made up. president trump is announcing a trade deal with europe, but what does it mean for american farmers and your wallet? the impact on everything from soybeans to cars to coca-cola. unfriending facebook. the stock plunging overnight. the company losing nearly $150 billion in value. what's to blame? also this morning, no more free lunch. the city that may crack down on lunch giveaways at the office. plus, an apparent prank gone
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wrong. a bridge jump with an unexpected landing. and it's all in the name of science. using a leaf blower to see how lizards survive a hurricane. a good thursday morning, everyone. we begin with breaking news from beijing where an explosion has . >> police say a single attacker detonated a small but loud bomb that was heard blocks away and sent plumes of smoke into the air. the early pictures we're seeing right here. they also say the only person injured was the attacker, and no damage has been reported. >> earlier police arrested a woman near the embassy spraying gasoline on herself possibly planning to set herself on fire. it's unclear right now if the two incidents are related but, again, no other injuries reported, and the embassy was not damaged. >> we're going to continue to keep an eye on that. we're also following a developing story back in this country. a raging wildfire in southern
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california has exploded in size forcing evacuations of an entire town. >> at least five homes have been destroyed. hundreds are threatened and investigators now say they've tracked down the person e st a connection with the fast-moving wildfire in the san bernardino national forest. the suspect is charged with arson after allegedly starting a brush fire that quickly spread to thousands of acres. the other culprit, the weather. >> a couple of the factors we're contending with right now are the temperatures and the wind. >> reporter: several homes have already been destroyed and authorities have ordered the entire community of idyllwild, some 12,000 people, to evacuate. witnesses describe the scene as apocalyptic. >> we got told get ready to evacuate and 15 minutes later it was go. you have no choice, you got a half an hour. >> reporter: evacuations are also in effect for several camps in the mountains packed with kids for summer. >> we had orchestra rehearsal and then lunch and during lunch a huge plume of smoke came over
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the camp and was pretty traumatizing for a lot of the students. >> reporter: farther north another major fire is keeping yosemite national park closed. the flames outside the park have now scorched more than 40,000 acres. one hotel manager says 25% of guests for the season have already canceled. >> we're very, very dependent on tourism just like the rest of the community, and this is our peak season. >> reporter: in the east it's the rain that won't quit. hershey park in pennsylvania is closed with floodwaters overtaking the popular amusement park. abc's david kerley is in nearby hummelstown. >> reporter: more than 10 inches of rain in 5 days here in central pennsylvania. compounding the problem, when debris clogs a bridge. a dumpster over here creating even more flooding. >> reporter: and in washington, d.c. rescue crews saved the driver of this mail truck swept away in the floods and rivers throughout the region are still rising.
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now, those torrential rains are hitting other parts of the northeast today. we will have the forecast in a few minutes. an all out trade war with the european union may have been avoided at least for now. the president of the head of the eu commission literally kissed and made up one week after the president called the europeans a foe, and they've now agreed to hold off on new tariffs, but there are some lingering questions for american farmers that could affect the price you pay for many products. abc's janai norman has details from washington. good morning, janai. >> reporter: kendis, good morning. and, remember, it was president trump's own tariffs that sparked a trade war, and now he's heading to iowa to face supporters, many who are farmers who are some of the most impacted. president trump called a truce with the european union. >> we met right here at the white house to launch a new phase in the relationship between the united states and the european union. this is why we agreed today, fi
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>>eporter: it's a starange from his stance a week ago on some of america's closest allies telling cbs -- >> i think the european union is a foe, what they do to us in trade. >> reporter: president trump imposed massive tariffs on steel and aluminum on china, canada, mexico and europe. those countries hit back hard retaliating with tough tariffs of their own on an array of american products. >> this is not unexpected at all. this is what he campaigned on, and this is what he's talked about as being president that he's going to disrupt trade, but now it's hitting close to home. the reality is here. >> reporter: a critical portion of the president's base has been hit the hardest, farmers. in iowa, some farmers are facing a nearly 20% drop in the price of their soybean harvest and a more than 15% drop in the price of corn. president trump now promising farmers a $12 billion bailout to curb the impacts of his trade war. >> as farmers i can tell you we, merom the market, and 's
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>> reporter: and american consumers are still feeling the impacts. coca-cola announced it's raising prices citing tariffs. tariffs are still in place on goods like harleys, bourbon and orange juice, and laundry equipment like washers are up 18% since tariffs were announced. kendis. >> janai, we'll be watching the president's reception in iowa today. thank you. to capitol hill now and the secretary of state mike pompeo defending president trump while facing a barrage of questions and criticism about recent summits with russia and, of course, north korea. the republican senator bob corker of tennessee told pompeo that lawmakers have serious doubts about how the white house is conducting foreign policy, and in a contentious exchange, new jersey democrat bob menendez demanded details on the private two-hour meeting between esenp . >> and i really don't know much more about the summit after sitting here for three hours than i did before. >> i understand. i've now been here three hours and you're making -- you've got a political soliloquy.
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>> no, you know what, i've listened to your political soliloquy as a secretary of state sitting at that table demeaning some members here because you said that senator shaheen believes more in the russian defense ministry. she was quoting them only because we don't know what our own government is saying, so please don't talk to me about politics. if you want to talk about politics, if president obama did what president trump did in helsinki, i'd be peeling you off the capitol ceiling, please. >> bob menendez there. now, before pompeo's hearing, the white house postponed plans for a second summit with putin. the kremlin had been cool to the idea of a white house visit. 11 conservative house republicans have introduced articles of impeachment against deputy attorney general rod rosenstein. they accuse him of mishandling the russia investigation but the impeachment is widely viewed as a political statement without broad support. house speaker paul ryan has said rosenstein should finish the investigation. >> quite unbelievable but the remains of a new jersey man
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killed in the september 11th attack have now been identified nearly 17 years later. scott johnson, a securities analyst who worked in the world trade center, was identified through retesting of remains recovered in 2001 thanks to recent advancements in dna testing. time now for a look at your weather on this thursday morning. good morning. those showers that caused problems throughout the mid-atlantic now shifting over towards boston and the rest of the northeast. widespread scattered showers and thunderstorms throughout the center part of the country including denver up towards the d. and going into wyoming and storms will remain along the southeast. now, sizzling for dallas, houston, san antonio, triple digits there, and then conditions once again ripe with dangerous heat and drying out conditions for the fires to continue to spark and stay strong in the desert southwest. i'm accuweather meteorologist paul williams. well, coming up, an ostrich running loose on a city street.
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also ahead, the leaked emails that appear to show detectives preplanning stormy daniels' arrest. and later a man dodging a knife then getting dragged by a car. the road rage incident there. we'll tell you where this took place.
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here's an unusual traffic problem. an ostrich escaped from a farm in southern china and made a run for it and kept running. >> do it. >> and running and running, running through lanes, running through red lights. eventually the bird was corralled and safely returned to its owner. bathtime. a new study finds ride hailing apps like uber and lyft are making traffic in some big cities worse instead of better. researchers say commuters who might normally travel by bus or subway are now cho
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uber or lyft instead, and they say that's putting even more single rider vehicles on to already clogged city streets. leaked emails show the recent arrest of stormy daniels may have been preplanned. an ohio newspaper says a whistle-blower sent them emails that allegedly show a columbus detective researching daniels' appearance at a strip club where she was arrested. now, those emails appear to show a map and details on the appearance two days before her arrest. undercover detectives accused her of allowing people at the club to touch her illegally but charges were dropped. the white house is facing criticism for banning a reporter from a press event after she asked a question that was deemed inappropriate for the venue, so as the press was ushered out of the oval office on wednesday, cnn's kaitlan collins could be now, collins, who was a reporter representing all of the tv networks at the time, says she
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was reprimanded by the white house press staff and uninvited to that rose garden announcement. fox news is actually among those protesting the move and defending the cnn reporter. some privacy issues appear to have cost facebook billions of dollars on wall street. the company is looking to rebound today after its stock fell more than 20% in after-hours trading. that's about $144 billion in losses. now, analysts say facebook was hurt by slow user growth and new privacy rules in europe. they say there's no such thing as a free lunch, and some lawmakers in san francisco are trying to make sure that holds true. they're hoping to pass a law that would ban certain companies from offering their employees free lunch. they say restaurants have been losing big business because workers at tech companies like google and facebook are taking advantage of the perk and eating at their desks. if approved the ban would apply only to new buildings in the city. h. we'll take coming up, a growing problem on the beaches this summer across the country.
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ialmost everything. you know, ke 1 i n 10 houses could get hit by an expensive septic disaster. but for only $7 a month, avoid a septic disaster with rid-x. we're back with a shocking video of a road rage incident in brooklyn, new york. two men including an uber driver arguing here when one of them got out of the car with a box cutter. you saw him swinging there and then grabbed the keys and jumped in the car pinning a man dragging him until he fell. so physically that man is okay after being treated at the hospital. incredible there. >> wow. check out this stunt gone wrong in newport beach, california. you can see a person jumping off a bridge and landing on the boat's canopy. witnesses believe he was trying to jump over the boat. a woman in that boat was injured. she says the jumper swam away and appeared to be injured. police are now looking for him.
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home. >> mollie tibbetts' family hit the streets handing out flyers in the small town of brooklyn where she was reported missing after an evening jog. authorities are now hoping an exercise tracking device will lead them to her. here's abc's gio benitez. >> reporter: the fbi joining the intense search in a small iowa town to track down missing college student mollie tibbetts. investigating the possibility that she may have been abducted. >> for a 20-year-old to got missing and completely kind of fall off the grid, it's obviously a very suspicious and very serious matter. >> reporter: volunteers already combed the area where she was last seen running a week ago today. agents now zeroing in on her digital footprint. authorities say fitbit is providing information in the case in response to a search warrant. tibbetts' boyfriend dalton jack said she always wore her fitness tracker. he said he began to worry when he realized that she hadn't read
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his messages and hadn't shown up for work. >> she didn't call and i was like, well, that's not like her. >> reporter: the sheriff saying jack who was at work when his girlfriend disappeared is not a suspect. >> it's been a long period of time. way outside of her nature to be gone and not contact family. she always responds to her cell phone messages and stuff and she is just not doing any of that so it's way outside her character. >> reporter: her family holing on to hope. >> whatever situation she's in it's not like she'll sit there and give up. >> that was gio benitez reporting. investigators are also examining surveillance video from businesses all around brooklyn, iowa. public pools and beaches are facing a lifeguard shortage. it's only getting worse. they blame the rising cost of housing and tourist areas and they say more college age students have taken summer internships to help with their career goals. now, foreign workers have also faced challenges getting visas. many pools and beaches have been forced to change their hours. and the storms pounding the
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mid-atlantic have churned up dangerous rip currents offer the coast of north carolina. beachgoers on emerald isle formed a human chain to pull people out of the water but officials now say at least one person drowned in those rough waters there. scientists are cautiously optimistic about two new developments in the fight against alzheimer's. massachusetts biotech company biogen calls a new drun ban 2401, they say it slowed the progress of the disease by 30%. meanwhile, a separate study found aggressive attempts at lowering blood pressure may reduce the chance of developing early stage dementia. scientists say more research is needed on both studies. up next in "the pulse," bra lady. plus, the song dividing a country thanks to cvs pharmacy. if these packs have the same number of bladder leak pads,
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♪ we're going to start "the pulse" on this thursday with the first lady making it clear that she's an independent woman apparently. especially when it comes to the remote control. >> melania trump's spokeswoman says she will watch any channel she wants. the statement is an apparent response saying the president was upset after he her watching cnn on air force one. the president has criticized cnn's coverage of the white house. >> cnn sent out a tweet thanks for watching. the song dividing the country. >> this might sound familiar to you, here it is. ♪ do you recognize it? that's the song cvs pharmacy has used for the past 18 years when a caller is on hold. ent 300 hours listening to id
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that hoping for change while others actually like it. >> but it's soothing the first 25 or 30 times you hear it. i don't find it that soothing the 300 millionth time. >> it's a nice tune. at least you know you're still on the phone with them. there's some places you call that there is complete silence. >> well, now there's a petition online urging the company to pick a new song. >> oh, my gosh. it's soothing. if you've ever wondered how lizards survive hurricanes, this is your moment. that poor lizard. >> harvard researchers decided to study this. they used leaf blowers as they held on and said the lizards stayed put thanks to bigger toe pads, smaller back limbs and said no lizards were harmed in the study. you've heard of life in the fast lane but here's a new extreme. ♪ life in the fast lane
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good morning, south bay. let's get up and get going. >> this is "abc 7 mornings." >> good morning, thursday, july 26th. >> good morning. >> you're never more than seven minutes from your accuweather forecast. hi, mike. >> say good morning to hot temperatures once again and possibly poor air quality. let's talk about what's going on right now. as you step out how to dress, how about 52 in santa rosa and novato some of the cool spots, most of us mid to upper 50s, until fairfield and concord, low to mid 60s there and then in the hills, los gatos and clear lake, 74 to 78. let's see where we end up this afternoon. huge spread once again, 60s along the coast into san francisco, mainly 70s around the bay and 90s inland. those triple digits around lake port and ukiah. we'll talk more about how long this is going to last coming up. here's alexis. >> good morning. you mentioned air quality. it is a spare the air
4:28 am
andse h recommended. we had a serious crash overnight around 1:00 a.m. eastbound 580 near the mid span of the richmond/san rafael bridge. they have two lanes blocked. not seeing any backup now. i will stay on top of that. looking live at golden gate bridge. we don't have any dense fog advisory issued but a little haziness in the area. next traffic update in a couple minutes. >> thank you. developing news in contra costa county. at sunrise helicopters will resume dropping flame retardant on a brush fire. >> cal fire says the fire grew to 247 acres after igniting on marsh creek road. it's now 20% contained. one home and three out buildings were destroyed by the flames. marsh creek road remains closed from morgan territory road to gill drive. abc 7 news reporter amy hollyfield live with the latest.
4:29 am
good morning, amy. >> we are on marsh creek road and did find firefighters you can see their trucks stationed along this road and their hose pulled. you don't see the firefighters. they're taking a break and that gives you a sense that it is calm out here. i just got briefed by a battalion chief who tells me the fire has died down. there is active fire in the perimeter and some firefighters are actively dealing with that, but the forward progression has stopped. this fire started at about 2:40 yesterday afternoon on marsh creek road near morgan territory and it destroyed one house and three out buildings. residents describe for us the evacuation and their effort to save animals in the rural area. i grbed hdowntown the gbbnoer truck, dropp trailer offer >> rorr: marsh cre i still hd closurehis
4:30 am
morning but morgan territory is open. the clayton library has been turned into an evacuation center for those who needed a place to stay overnight. as of right now the evacuation order is still in place. we will work on getting a briefing on what the morning is going to look like for all of you anxious for information. live in clayton, amy hollyfield, abc 7 news. >> thank you. meanwhile, this morning firefighters are on alert for flare ups from a fire that shut down a stretch of highway 101 in santa clara county. you can see here on our map where the fire broke out in san martin late yesterday afternoon. it burned about 20 acres before fire crews had it surrendered. y 7 ewvere a flames dag


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