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tv   ABC7 News 600PM  ABC  July 30, 2018 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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represents a firefight involving cal fire. >> now four of these fires are major. they're destroying homes, forcing people to evacuate and in some cases have taken lives. we'll discuss each of these in the next ten minutes. >> and we have a team helping cover them for you. abc 7 neuews weather anchor spencer christian is tracking weather across the state. >> and let's start with the largest and deadly fire. that's the carr fire near redding. we do have some encouraging news. evacuation orders have been lifted for some communities. >> now this fire is nearly 100,000 acres in size, and just 20% contained. more than 700 homes are gone and six people have died. >> abc 7 news reporter laura anthony joins us live from redding with the latest. hi, am. first, the fire itself. the leading edge of the carr fire now burning 15 to 20 miles to the west of where we are standing with that. the process of repopulating
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neighborhoods is beginning slowly. but for folks who live in heavily damaged subdivisions like this one, the wait will be a bit longer. it's not what these guys were sent here to do. they're construction workers bringing in heavy equipment for the carr fire. but when they saw a frightened horse running through a burn area, they tried to corral it. >> whoa, whoa. it wasn't to be, but it's another example of how this community is rallying to help one another. just as thousands of firefighters are doing their part to hold the line on a massive fire that's at least slowed in recent days. here near buckhorn summit, fire crews worked to knock down the flames before they get into the trees. closer to redding, many of the nearly 40,000 residents evacuated from their homes are eager to go home and help each other. >> pull together and stay positive. there are so many people in this community helping, and we know that we're going to all get through it. we're going to all get through it.
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>> we just got to be patient. you know, we're all at the mercy of the fire. and it's not just the fire. we've got power lines that are down. we've got services that are cut off. we have gas lines, water lines. >> the worst part is not knowing. >> no one is more anxious than ronald henninger. henninger knows his neighbor's house is okay, but he's not sure about his. >> you just never think it's going to happen to you. so you work 20 years to put things together. and even if the house is there, the landscape is going to be just terrible. >> we told henninger we would check on his house for him. we did, and this is what we found. now, the timing of the repopulation is a huge factor here. some residents simply have nowhere to go. the shelters are full.t,ome peo us they simply don't have any
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money to pay for them. in redding, laura antho, news. >> just devastating. thank you, laura. local celebrity chef guy fieri spent sunday in redding providing much needed hot meals for victims and firefighters of the carr fire. he did similar work after he was evacuated from his home during the north bay fires last year. >> in lassen county, winds picked up this afternoon, fuelling the whaleback fire. it's burned through 14,000 acres of timber and brush. right now firefighters have it 20% contained. firefighters will face hot and dry conditions over the next few days too. >> cal fire is combining two fires and are calling it the mendocino complex. today the mandatory evacuation zone expanded, meaning people have to get out now in finley and kelseyville in lake county. there is also an advisory evacuation notice for soda bay, riviera heights, buckingham park, riviera west, clearlake riviera and portions of loch
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lomond and cobb. the ranch and river fires have burned nearly 56,000 acres total, and so far firefighters have it just 10% contained. more than 10,000 structures are threatened. six homes are already gone. so far there have been no injuries or deaths in this firefight. abc 7 news reporter cornell bernard joins us from lakeport. cornell? >> here in lakeport, that fire threat very real and so much smoke in the air. take a look at this. this is a new fire threat that we've seen really in the last hour on that ridge about four miles from here. air tankers have been very busy, trying to put it out. cal fire putting out the cal for more firefighters on the ground. they say they need reinforcements. a firefight is on near clearlake. this massive wall of flames towered across a ridge near highway 175, moving closer to the town of lakeport. cal fire making rapid-fire air
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tanker drops to try and stop the monster fire in its tracks. >> the fire coming in pretty hot right this second. but the winds are blowing down and coming up. you really don't know what it's going do. >> to the north flames are chewing up dry brush outside the community of upper lake. cal fire says overnight six structures were destroyed, including this home off highway 20. there is nothing left. >> i call it apocalyptic. it's just unbelievable when that fire took off last night and swept down into the valley and destroyed so many homes. >> pat lynch owns highway grocery, where customers who have chosen to ignored evacuation orders are loading up on supplies. >> yeah, it is mandatory evacuation for upper lake. but, you know, it didn't make it into town anywhere. >> so what's the plan? >> it's been -- it's been kind of crazy. >> trevor brown is racing to cut a firebreak around his family's home. >> it's what i need to do. but at the same time i'm not stupid. when it's time to go, we'll go. >> and check this out. the town of lakeport looks like
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a ghost town. clearlake is almost invisible. the police chief says in the last 24 hours, five people have been arrested for looting, including these four suspects whose pictures they released. >> we absolutely will not tolerate any looting behavior or entering these areas. so we're going to be very aggressive about making those stops and checking people out. do. >> you need more help, more resources on this fire? >> absolutely, yeah. >> cal fire says they need more help. some crews have been working double shifts, which the other fires tying up a lot of the normal resources, it's been hard to get resources down here that we need to get the mission accomplished. >> and we're back live with a hot spot off 175, highway 175. these are still two fires burning, but from this area, it's really hard to tell which fire is which. there is so much smoke. i just spoke with cal fire. they say more reinforcements are on the way to all lake county tonight, mostly from
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southern california. that's good news. we're live in lake county tonight, cornell bernard, abc 7 news. >> all right. it certainly is. thank you, cornell. >> the critical factor always of course the weather conditions on the fire lines. >> let's bring in abc 7 weather news anchor spencer christian to look at where the worst conditions are for firefighters. spencer? >> ama, weather conditions are not encourage organize helpful in any of the areas right now where fires are burning. let's take a look at the ranch fire and the river fire. the ranch fire temperature right now 89 degrees. relative humidity very low at 28%. and the wind is still gusting to 13 miles per hour. it's even a bit warmer and dryer near the river fire, 90 degrees, relative humidity only 16%, and the wind is stronger there, 21-miles-per-hour gusts. now during the overnight/early morning hours, we'll see the winds taper off a little bit, but they will intensify again late tomorrow afternoon into the evening hours. so we're not getting any help from the winds at the moment. near the bay area, despite all the smoke around the state, our air quality is pretty good right now because the wind has been
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blowing most of the smoke to our east. so away from the central part of the bay area. and over in the area of the carr fire right now, it's 100 degrees. relative humidity only 25%. wind gusting to about 15 miles per hour. and over the next couple of days, we don't see any change developing in those primary weather factors. temperature, humidity and wind, that will help the containment effort. ama ama? >> spencer, thank you. let's check on the ferguson fire. it's spread to 56,000. >> a. firefighters have it 30% contained. the fire has claimed the life of a second firefighter, captain brian hughes was killed yesterday by a falling tree. hughes' coworkers described him as caring, outgoing, and gregarious. he led a hotshot crew, a team of firefighters who go into the heart of wildfires to remove trees and dig fire lines. >> these crews are trained and experienced to go into the toughest fire situations to
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engage fire and take on high-risk situations. and brian was one of the best. >> evacuation orders in the westphal road area south of the fire were lifted this afternoon. yosemite valley will reopen to all visitors friday at four p.m. with limited visitor services. >> with multiple fires raging in california and near yosemite we wanted to give you a perspective on the biggest fires. and to that end, kristen sze is here with more on the carr and mendocino fires specifically. kristen? >> that's right, dan. we used nasa worldview satellite to track how the smoke has spread over southern california over this past week as the carr fire grew. take a close look. i'm going to circle redding for you right now so you can track it. here is the bay area, of course. this is the first day. and look how the white smoke comes out, and it starts spreading east towards nevada and south towards the bay area, although as spencer mentioned, not too bad for us here today. also, i want to take a look at the mendocino complex fire we've been talking about.
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you see the two fires. they're getting very close. only about eight miles apart now. and then as i zoom in a little bit, we can really see the neighborhoods that are in danger, upper lake right there, so close to the flames, and lakeport as well you. certainly see why just outside the fire zone. both are under a mandatory evacuation orders tonight. dan and ama? >> kristen, thank you. firefighters are making headway on an existing major wildfire in southern california. the cranston fire containment is up to 57%. it's burn in order than 13,000 acres in riverside county. some of the evacuation orders have been lifted. however, hundreds of people remain out of their homes tonight. and the man has been arrest and charged with arson, accused of setting this and several smaller fires in riverside county. these fires are not just impacting people, which of course they are, they're also having a big impact on pets. >> next, a look at what is needed to help these animals get through this stressful time. plus, leaving a legacy. we look at the enduring impact
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made by former oakland mayor
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did you feel it? a minor earthquake rocked parts of the east bay and the north bay this afternoon. the usgs says the epicenter of the magnitude 3.7 quake was in the middle of san pablo bay. no one was reported injured. we wouldn't expect it a quake that size, nor any significant damage happened in relation to the quake. but nearly 4,000 people reported feeling the quake to the usgs. now back to our coverage of the california wildfires. one of the challenges when dealing with rescue efforts from the fires is deciding where to house all the affected pets.
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many people have had to keep their dogs in temporary shelters. abc news reporter lyanne melendez is in the newsroom to tell us how some bay area organizations and companies have quickly mobilized. i will an. >> you never want to be separated from your pet but many people have been forced to. we're lucky to have two organizations in the bay area who know what to do when it comes to keeping animals safe. mad dog rescue and the milo foundation joined forces to collect 100 dog crates in just 24 hours as more pets had to be left at shelters because of the carr fire in redding. >> i counted 67. we put ads on craigslist, facebook, every where. we collected several more. we almost made the 100, not quite but close. >> cleaning towels, bleach and paper towels are now also needed. mad dog rescue has been taking these supplies up north. one of the largest pet rescue shelters had to relocate to anderson just ten miles from
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redding. the animals were moved to a strip mall and are now housed in seven storefront locations. >> they're very full up there, and they're doing a fantastic job. they have a lot of volunteers and a full staff up there working around the clock to make sure the animals are cared for. >> people have had to drop off their animals at these temporary shelters because they can't take them along, as many are staying at hotels, shelters, or with relatives. the need for supplies is now greater than ever. the milo foundation is working with pet food express located in oakland. today they quickly loaded palettes with bags of food. the crates and litter boxes were ready to go, a lesson learned from previous fires. >> unfortunately, we've been here before. and even before last year's fire, we've been involved in a lot of rescue efforts. so we try to have product ready. >> this shipment will likely be delivered to the animal shelters by midweek. and the milo foundation and mad
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dog rescue are of course nonprofits, and they rely on your donations. we have their information on our website, in the newsroom, lyanne melendez, abc 7 news. >> thank you, lyanne. it was busy day to be a dancing lion in san francisco's chinatown. the dance troupe began the day in a historic alley. that's where community leaders celebrated a pedestrian makeover complete with seating, planter boxes and new lighting. they say the improvements will benefit residents and tourists alike because of the alley's storied past. >> because this alley contains significant chinese american history right over here, and this building is 170 years this year in september. and this building is the last only building that's left on the 1906 earthquake. >> a short time later, the lion dancers made their way over the
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broadway and powell street for a ribbon cutting ceremony marking new treatment improvements at this busy intersection. the bay area has lost a political icon. former east bay congressman and oakland mayor ron dellums has died after a battle with cancer. quote, ron had a storied career and changed the politics of the east bay forever. and house minority leader nance nance nancy pelosi released a statement, the world is a darker place without the warmth and humanity of this great man. carolyn tyler has more reaction to his passing. >> he was one of the lions of the left. ron dellums was a native son of oakland. mayor libby schaaf ordered flags flown at half-staff. >> he has always been just a giant in moral leadership. he is a homegrown hero. >> dellums began his political career on the berkeley city council and rose to prominence as a radical social activist
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during the turbulent '60s. he was elected to congress in 1970, continuing his crusade against poverty, apartheid, and the vietnam war. he won a dozen reelection campaigns. >> his legacy will be that one man can make a difference. >> paul cobb, publisher of the post news group was a close friend. >> he was unafraid to challenge authority from a principle position, and he stood strong and solid. >> cobb was among those who pushed a reluctant dellums to run for oakland mayor. one of his rivals, ignacio de la fuente paid tribute today. in . he actually created a nonprofit, you know, to fight for equal justice in oakland. >> the federal building in oakland bears dellums' name, honoring his political influence. he was a founder of the congressional black caucus and paved the way for other,
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including congresswoman barbara lee, who occupies his old seat. >> what i learned from ron is to stay true to yourself and to fight for the most vulnerable. never, ever forget that you're there to be a public servant. >> dellums' family says services will be held in both washington and oakland. carolyn tyler, abc 7 news. >> he was remarkable. i got a chance to know him during the campaign. and afterward, in fact, he asked me to preside over his inauguration as mayor, and i was honored to do. so a remarkable man. in lieu of flowers, the dellums family ask that people donate to the institute for social justice. we have a link on our website. we starting the new week and watching the fires. >> spencer christihe forecast. >> that's right. the devastating, dangerous fires continue to burn around the state. here in the bay area, we're enjoying fairly mild, calm weather conditions right now.
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but, of course, things can change as they do during the summer weather season. here is a look at live doppler. we've got fog at the coast right now. sunny skies still over the bay, and our inland areas. and you can see the fog is beginning to make its evening push out over the city. this is the view from sutro tower. it's currently 58 degrees here in san francisco. 64 oakland. mountain view, 65. 80 at san jose. 87, morgan hill. 57 at half moon bay. another view of the approaching fog from the east bay from emeryville. it is currently 76 at santa rosa. 71 at napa. 81 novato. 98 at vacaville. you can see our inland areas are quite warm. blue skies from our rooftop camera. we'll see low clouds and fog overnight and early tomorrow morning. hazy sunshine in the afternoon, and there will be minor midweek cooldown with a chance of some spotty coastal drizzle in the early morning hours. right now we have surface wind around the bay area from 12 to
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about 25 miles per hour. so it's still quite windy here. the reason we have this persistent onshore breeze is this alignment of systems. high pressure to our east. low pressure to our northwest. and the combined circulations around those systems we see producing the steady, onshore flow, breezy conditions, pushing the smoke away from the bay area, but it's pushing it into other populated areas, though, and that's not good news. overnight look for the fog to continue to reach out over the bay. overnight lows will be mainly in the mid- to upper 50s. tomorrow's highs will range from about 60 at the coast to mid and upper 70s around the bay. upper 80s to about 90 in the warmest inland locations. let's take a look at air quality. for tomorrow air quality will be good here in the bay area. the yellows and greens indicate moderate to good air quality. look what is happening in the central valley in the sierra foothills, the orange and red representing unhealthful air because the wind is blowing from the west to east and pushing all that smoke into populated areas to our east. here is the accuweather seven-day forecast. we'll have a little bit of a cooldown here midweek. wednesday and thursday, inland
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highs only int the upper 80s. just low to mid-70s around the bay. but we'll have minor warming, beginning again on friday and temperatures over the weekend will be at a more seasonal range. so at the moment, weather conditions here are good, and the wind is blowing that smoke away from us. but air quality is declining in areas in the central valley and the sierra foothills. >> okay. thanks, spencer. it was a bad trading day for tech stocks.
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[ closing bell ] technology companies took sharp losses for a third day in a row, and u.s. indices are closing lower. the dow lost 144 point. the nasdaq went down by 107, and the s&p dropped 16. this is the first time the nasdaq has had three consecutive declines of 1% or more in nearly three years. facebook lost more than 2% today, days after suffering a 19% loss following a report of slow user growth. apple was down half a percent. netflix tanked nearly 6%. the los gatos company has also recently reported slow customer growth. google's parent company alphabet continued its slide. it's been tough on the tech companies. allegations of sexual
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misconduct are now rocking the cbs network. today cbs newsed it will keep ceo les moonves in place while an outside counsel investigates sexual misconduct allegations aainst him. the accusations surfaced from six women ranging from unwanted kissing to allegations of sexual assault over the decades. releasing a statement, quote, i always understood and respected and abided by the principal premier league that no means no, and i have never use mid position to harm or hinder anyone's career. stay here with us. instead of asking for something, a homeless man is offering something instead. you'll find out what. and he has captured the attention of one of silicon valley's biggest employers. plus -- >> we're on a path to a very uncertain future. >> a south bay expert explains the extraordinary weather patterns we're seeing that both trigger fires and a
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livehere you livhis is abc 7 news. >> and now at 6:30, firefighters are digging in as they deal with four major raging wildfires in california. you can see them on this map,
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the biggest right now is the carr fire up in the redding area. it's burned nearly 100,000 acres and has wiped out hundreds of buildings. >> lake county is under the gun as well as the mendocino complex fire has exploded, forcing more evacuations today. kelseyville and finley are the latest communities where residents are being told to leave. those who haven't been told they need to evacuate have to be ready to go literally at a moment's notice. >> an new at 6:30, redding officials just wrapped up community meeting on the carr fire. our affiliate krcr covered it. >> in front of a packed house at the redding civic center, officials gave an update and followed with questions on the nearly 100,000 acre blaze. >> yes. the most popular question from evacuees of course when would they be allowed back into their homes. officials say they're working quickly to make that happen, but conditions really do need to be safe. >> right. residents praised firefighters for their hard work, and they have been working very hard, many of whom have fought the fire while their own homes burned. >> their own houses were being
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evacuated. their wives, their husbands and kids were worried sick about them and being evacuated. and they pushed on for you. and they're going to continue to do that. >> officials also said that federal representatives reached out to them over the weekend to discuss federal aid, and they are still working toward a federal emergency declaration. >> tonight fire officials released an interactive map which shows which struck kwhers destroyed in the redding area. each red house marks a structure that was destroyed. you see the massive damage done in the town of redding, just devastated you. find this map on our website, >> even as the carr fire continues to burn, weather scientists from san jose are there to do research, focusing on the dramatic fire tornadoes that created their own climate. >> it's fascinating and terrifying at the same time. david louie says the scientists' work may help predict in the future to predict fire intensity and provide earlier evacuation guides. >> there is great deal interest
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in the fire tornadoes at the carr fire created by the combination of triple-digit temperatures and strong winds. >> these are all warning signals that things are changing and we need to wake up to that now. >> using an instrument called lidar, scientists at san jose state believe there is value in studying them to build computer models to provide earlier warnings for evacuations. >> they made measurements of astonishing vertical speeds inside these things, inside these pyro cumulus clouds. that gives us a sense of their ability to suck more air in and exacerbate the fire down at the ground. fes hamper containment efforts because of their ability to spread embers and burning debris, setting off more spot fires. >> strong updrafts gives you the ability to pick up big chunks of burning material potentially. pick them up and drop them out just ahead of the fire. and if they can do that with big
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chunks of burning material, little embers can go a long way. >> firefighting efforts have also been complicated by what dr. burger calls a stuck weather pattern, a high pressure ridge that has shown no movement, sustained triple-digit heat and a strong winds that have allowed unfavorable conditions to persist for days, a perceived pattern of hotter summers is to fire season what melting glaciers is to sea level. >> if the summer is 1% longer every year, over 30 years that builds up. and you need to start rethinking where you're going to live, how you're going live. >> studying fire tornadoes will help firefighters better understand what they're up against. david louie, abc 7 news. tomorrow there is a news conference scheduled in which we hope will provide new information about the search for a missing iowa woman who grew up in oakland. an iowa tv station is reporting that family member news say 20-year-old molly tibbetts was most likely in her boyfriend's home doing homework on her computer the night she
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disappeared. molly's dad, rob tibbetts spoke exclusively with abc news about his daughter's disappearance. >> it doesn't matter what we're going through. we just need people to think. somebody knows something, and they don't even know it's important. we can get molly back. we just have to have somebody call. >> molly and her family moved from oakland about a decade ago. she hasn't been seen since going out for a jog two weeks ago this wednesday. all right. moving on now. a homeless web developer in mountain view is not asking for money, he is asking for chance. a passing driver tweeted a picture of his sign that read homeless, hungry for success, and it went viral. amanda del castillo has the story. >> 26-year-old david casarez says he has been homeless for so long, he was starting to lose hope that's when he had the idea to printout his resume and spend a few days handing them out here at this intersection. but it didn't take a few days.
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all it took was a tweet. more than 130,000 people have shared this picture of 26-year-old david casarez. the texas a&m university graduate left his job at general motors, and in mid-september he set out for silicon valley. when investment deals went south, he had nothing and nowhere to go. however, a passing driver saw something in the man who put his pride aside and stood on a street corner with an eye catching sign. >> i had never seen anyone asking for others to take rather for them to receive. so i had never seen someone say hey, you just take my resume. >> with his permission, scofield posted this picture and israel a copy of his resume to twitter. she had hoped her tech friends would be able to point him this the right direction. it did much more. in a few days he received hundreds of job opportunities from companies locally and internationally. though he knows the notice means nothing without hard work. >> the companies that are reaching out are scheduling introduce. i still have to go through the
6:36 pm
interview process. >> and it has been quite the process for casarez. the homeless web developer was living out of a van before it was repossessed. now he spends his nights on a park bench, and wakesat 5:00 a.m. to recharge and restart his job search. he says hopelessness was gaining on him, but he was going give it one more shot. >> i told myself, if i could just get one person to take my resume, to give me an opportunity, you know, i'd have hope. >> in mountain view, i'm amanda del castillo, abc 7 news. >> great story. well, a simple machine at san francisco international airport is getting a lot of attention. >> it is. what does it sell that's so popular? we'll explain next. also ahead -- >> high school students with high hopes for college are in an uproar over june's s.a.t. results. i'm michael finney. ahead on 7 o
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delta is adding a new nonstop flight out of mineta international airport. here is a live look from the tower camera. delta's new flight will be the only direct nonstop flight between san jose and detroit. detroit is a hub for delta, and it's the primary connection point for san jose travelers
6:40 pm
going to the northeast and then on the europe. the new flights debut in november. a vending machine at san francisco international airport with no food is creating quite the buzz. abc 7 news reporter melanie woodrow has the story. >> locals and visitors say this vending machine inside terminal 2 is so san francisco. >> the first thing when we came off the plane, we got to find that machine where they sell the vests. i got to show you this. you're not going the believe. this. >> it just seems a little weird buying clothes out of a vending machine. >> the vending machine has been here almost a year, but is generating a buzz now, in part thanks to social media. frank barbieri's tweet, sfo has a down vest vending machine for visiting vcs, short for venture capitalists has more than 3,000 likes, 500 plus retweets and 100 plus comments. >> there is a fair degree of uniformity in the venture capital world, and uniform is one of those. and the down vest or the fleece vest is one thing you see very
6:41 pm
often. >> reporter: barbieri knows. he works with venture capitalists and was headed to new york to raise a round of funding when he spotted the machine. he says the tweet has been more laughable than offensive. >> first ten likes were from investors who we've spoken with. they have a good sense of humor. >> the vests run about 50 dollars and the jackets around $70. >> i think it's cool. it's another way to make money. >> sfo spokesperson doug yankkl says the machine is making money. >> they tell us they're doing sales of over $10,000 per month just from this machine alone, and this machine is in their top 10% in terms of vending machine sales nationwide. >> on the go shopping, whether you're a venture capitalist or just trying to keep warm. in san francisco, melanie woodrow, abc 7 news. some clouds, some sun. there is even something for everyone in the forecast
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free online test preparation classes are being offered for the s.a.t. and a.c.t. through october after many students said they received unfair test scores. >> michael finney is here with that story tonight.
6:45 pm
>> a brow what half. seriously, this is really big news. students who took the s.a.t. in june kicked up a firestorm on social media after getting lower scores than expected for the number of answers they got correct. well, now one test prep company is offering to help. kayla barksdale studied for the s.a.t. for six months. she took the test in june and left feeling pretty confident. >> this is easy. i'm not good at math, but even the math section, this is not as bad as i thought it was. >> perhaps the test was too easy. in an attempt to balance the scoring, the college board scored this test more harshly than previous tests. she was stunned when she received her score of 1,020 when online calculators suggested her score should have been as much as 300 points higher. >> i actually cried myself to sleep that night and the day afterwards, because i was like, well, i studied all this time just to get such a bad score. >> the lower score could
6:46 pm
jeopardize badly needed scholarship awards, and that's led to lots of frustration. chris is with the test prep company mcgooch. >> students could have gotten ten questions more correct on this test, yet gotten the same scores they did last time. >> he counts himself as one of the frustrated students. his score was 70 points lower in june when compared to his march score, even though he got three more questions right. >> the way this test worked was that it was so much easier, that it wasn't even close to the previous s.a.t. administrations. so the way they changed the score was insane. >> he is among the first to use the #rescore the june s.a.t. the college board has made it clear it has no plans to do so, responding that the june scores we reported are accurate. the result would be the same even if we rescored it. mcgooch is offering free test preparation for anyone who took the test in june through the
6:47 pm
october s.a.t. you must sign up by august 31st. >> we're really here just to help out the students because we know it's not fair to them and they feel frustrated. >> now i have a link to the free online s.a.t. prep offer. it's on our website at now if you have a problem like this, an odd one, let me know about it. my 7 on your side hotline is open weekdays from 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. the telephone number is 415-954-8151. you can reach me on my facebook page and through and this friday you can reach me through the santa clara county fair in san jose. i'm going to be there so, stop by and say hello. the 7 on your side team will be answering your questions from 4:00 to 7:00 p.m. we always have a good time. >> excellent. bring an elephant ear back for me. >> there you go. all right. heads up. happening tonight, mars will move to its closest distance to earth in 15 years. mars will be just shy of 36 million miles away from us.
6:48 pm
the space and science center in oakland will host viewing parties tonight starting at 10:30. it costs $8 per person. back to the weather forecast. one last update for you. >> spencer christian is here with that. >> we'll start with live doppler 7 showing the fog at the coast. it usually is this time of the day, this time of the year. it will be pushing inland over the bay locally and overnight. we can expect overnight low temperatures mainly in the mid- to upper 50s, and there may be some spotty drizzle along the coastline. and then tomorrow, by afternoon, the fog will be back at the coast. it will be another breezy day. highs will range from about 60 at the coast to mid and upper 70s around the bay. upper 80s to low 90s in the warmest inland locations and we may see some haze to the east because of the smoke to our east from the fires burning around northern and central california. it's going to be hot tomorrow with highs above 100 degrees at redding, fresno, bakersfield. at palm springs a high of 110 expected. and the air quality will be pretty good in the bay area
6:49 pm
because of the onshore wind flow blowing smoke to our east. so the green and yellow dots indicate moderate to good quality in the bay area. be over in the central valley and the foothills, notice the orange and red circles indicating poor or declining air quality, or even unhealthful air quality. here is a look at the accuweather seven-day forecast. it will be a little bit hazy for some locations tomorrow because of that smoke once again. but it will be a mainly sunny day by midday with high temperatures again in the low 90s inland, but cooling down wednesday and thursday with only upper 80s inland. and there may be some coastal spotty drizzle in the early morning hours on wednesday and thursday. friday starts to warm up again, and that pattern continues for two days into saturday it starts cooling down again on sunday. >> thanks, spencer. >> all right. on to sports and baseball. >> larry is here. >> a big day coming up. baseball's trade deadline is tomorrow. the giants want to be buyers, but they should be sell. >> especially given the latest
6:50 pm
6:51 pm
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more than 129 million trees have died in california. pg&e prunes and removes over a million trees every year to ensure that hazardous trees can't impact power lines. and since the onset of the drought we've doubled our efforts. i grew up in the forests out in this area and honestly it's heartbreaking to see all these trees dying. what guides me is ensuring that the public is going to be safer and that these forests can be sustained and enjoyed by the community in the future. now abc 7 sports with larry beil. >> good evening. baseball's trade deadline is in less than 24 hours. we don't expect the a's or giants to do anything earth shattering. the a's are still two games out of a play-off spot. the most likely scenario would be a wild card game in new york with the yankees. no reason to mortgage the future. maybe pick up a start fer you can find one. the giants, no matter how loud you scream on twitter, we know know who you are, they're not going to trade everybody and tear it down because nobody wants old injured players.
6:53 pm
the giants should really be sellers at this point, even though they want to be buyers. this is the reason why. they had hoped that johnny cueto's ailing elbow would clear up. clear it has not. he got roughed up on saturday against the brewers. now he is headed back to the disabled list. this time it really sounds like tommy john surgery is matter of when, not if. so cueto could miss all of next season. pablo sandoval went on the dl with a strained hamstring. the giants are in san diego tonight while the a's will host the blue jays. whatever you think of lebron james you love him, i don't hate him, whatever, what he did today in akron, ohio will likely have a far greater impact on humanity than anything he did or does on a basketball court. teenage up with the city of akron to renovate an old school as reopen it as the i promise school. the goal here is to teach and nurture some 240 children who are at risk and find themselves struggling in difficult family situations. as fourth grader, lebron missed 83 days of school.
6:54 pm
hoops saved him. he wants to save future generations. >> as adults, we have a responsibility to not let these kids down, to continue to be the teachers, the mentors, the parents, the coaches, the life studies, the life skills, whatever it is, the inspiration, the super heroes, everything, that's our responsibility because these kids are our future, and they have dreams that's bigger and greater than the city of akron, than the state of ohio, than the united states of america. >> that's great stuff. the best comedy today comes from dwight howard, the oft traded center who intimated that he chose to sign with the wizards instead of the warriors. he claims golden state called, even though that's hard to believe, unless they were calling his agent back. but howard said once point guard john wall of washington messaged him, he thought man, i'm going to be a wizard, which is a statement usually said in extreme disappointment, like
6:55 pm
man, i'm going to be a wizard? the summer of steph continues with another fun event. warriors star steph curry will again play in the ellie mae classic at stonebrae next week. ever time i hear ellie mae classic, i think jethro! last year steph shot back-to-back rounds of 74 andrew record crowds. the beverly hillbillies that was a funny line. the play-off will be played januaryth of 2019 is the date. four teams in the play-offs. as much as fans would love to see that expand to eight or 16, doesn't sound like that's eminent. the 49ers hosted the touchdown tailgate. stanford's david shaw, justin wilcox and san jose state's brent brennan were all there discussing their programs. erishef the jolyh. play-off executive director bill hancock addressed the four-team format. >> the college football player has been enormously successful, and there is no talk among the
6:56 pm
university presidents or the commissioners who manage the play-off about expanding. we have chosen to keep our marbles in the regular season, and we have the most compelling regular season of all, and we don't want to do anything to damage that. so four is the number. finally, congratulations to one of our own. abc 7's senior sports producer casey pratt was named the disney abc television group mvp for the month of august. this is a big deal. abc group president ben sherwood made the presentation from burbank. look at the crowd for casey there today. this is an award that goes to one of only 12,000 employees. one out of 12,000 and honors a person that goes above and beyond both on the job and in the community. he's very deserving, but i have to say, this has kind of gone to his head a little bit. when he walked in today, i said hey, congratulations. he said you can call me mvp, mvp, mvp. >> mr. mvp. >> i don't know how long this is going to last, but
6:57 pm
congratulations, casey. >> good job. coming up tonight at 9:00 on kofy tv channel 7/13, a warning tonight about using your atm. what police found on a machine right here in the bay area. that's at nining. and on abc 7 news at 11:00, serving up up lattes with a side of lingerie? see the new coffee concept that some say is too hot for the neighborhood. >> that's all for now, though. this edition of abc 7 news at 6:00. we appreciate your time. i'm dan ashley. >> and i'm ama daetz. for larry spencer and all of
6:58 pm
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