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tv   ABC7 News 600PM  ABC  August 1, 2018 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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multiple wildfires that don't wait for the typical fall season to spark. >> more than a dozen wildfires burning currently. we're focused on a few that are the biggest, the most destructive and the most disruptive. the ferguson fire near owes night, the carr fire near redding and the mendocino complex which is made up of two fire, let's take a look at where the river and ranch fires have burned more than 90,000 acres combined. ten homes have been destroyed and 12,000 buildings are still at risk. evacuation orders are still in effect, including in the city of lakeport. right now there is a community meeting in kelseyville to address concerns about these fires. >> right now let's go live to abc 7 news reporter vic lee with a look at what life is like for the evacuees and the firefighters, vic, who have to be just exhausted. >> they are indeed, larry. first of all, another wildfire flared up last night north of us in mendocino county. but it burned about a thousand
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acres before firefighters were able to stop its advance. there have been a lot of developments in the 2 hours here in lake county. a lot to talk about here at this community meeting. there will be law enforcement groups. there will be cal fire and pg&e, and there is a congressman here as well. the mendocino complex fires are still burning uncontrolled. a fire that's consumed some 31,000 acres in lake county alone. but last night firefighters made progress. the southern flank called the river fire is now 38% contained. evacuation orders were lifted in most of kelseyville. jeremy and simone dotson were on their way home. what do you miss most about not being in your own home? >> our bed. >> a sign of normalcy returning. the town post office reopened today. a sigh of relief for many. like doug. he had about the and timely mail to send. >> it's the beginning of the
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month. if you don't get to it the credit card companies, they still find you. so anyway. >> the gas and mart which had cut its hours returned to business as usual. most of the customers we met defied the evacuation order and stayed home. >> we worked our butts off for everything we have, and we just don't want to lose it. >> i was going the take care of the house. we set up sprinkler systems and everything. >> many stayed because they were afraid of looters. yesterday police and sheriff's deputies arrested eight people who were trespassing in the evacuated town of lakeport. >> we've gotten a couple of people that have outstanding warrants. there is at least one person that had a significant amount of methamphetamine on his person. >> shelly barnes also stayed, but not to protect her property. she was afraid the power would go off. >> we're on a well. so animals would start dying without water. and we weren't going to let that happen. >> her animals, three horses and this. >> come say hi. >> an 800 pound pet pig called
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mouse. well, parts of lake county are returning to normal as people are being allowed back into their homes. but a bit of caution, a warning from cal fire. just because you're returning home doesn't mean the fire's out. vic lee, abc 7 news. >> all right, vic, thank you. tonight firefighters are battling another fire. this is a new one in a southern part of mendocino county. the 50 acre blaze is running south of hopland. the small fire is not far from the southern flank of the mendocino complex fires. this photo taken by a viewer shows the beginning of the fire off 101. tonight the mendocino sheriff's department is warning nearby residents to be ready to evacuate if they feel unsafe. a wildfire that is burn north of the mendocino complex fires has grown to a thousand acres. they're calling it the eel fire. it broke out yesterday afternoon in the mendocino county community of vovovovovovo
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near mendocino pass road, and there is no containment on this fire. the carr fire in shasta county has now scorched 115,000 acres. that'she size of the city of san jose. state officials say all 60 people reported missing in the fire zone have been located. people there are starting to return home to evacuated neighborhoods, even though the fire is just 35% contained. many of those neighborhoods are in redding. in the mary lake park subdivision, evacuated residents anxiously waited to get back to check on their properties. >> it's such a huge relief, walking in, seeing all of my stuff there. i had to leave my fish. they are still alive, thankfully. they made it. so now i'm just trying to get everything brought back over and get our lives back in order. >> the fire has claimed six lives, including two firefighters. more than a thousand homes, 12 businesses, and 400 other buildings have been lost. the devastation from the carr
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fire is especially poignant when you look at before and after photos in the affected neighborhoods. abc 7 news anchor kristen sze is here with a closer look at one street. kristen? >> yeah, ama, droneview7 got special permission to fly over the river ridge neighborhood of redding yesterday. from that video, we created the still image of the dramatic zrau destruction on footbridge court. i'm going to ask you to keep your eye on this home right there because that is the only one that survived that is the cul-de-sac after the fire. take a look at the home that survived where all the other nine on that block burned. and now we're going to go back and dissolve to the before image captured by google maps. just a stunning comparison of what happened to this particular neighborhood. all right. also, we want to give you this particular view. take a look. we're going fly out, pull out. see at the end there, that home that made it? and as we widen out, you see the devastation to the street. the shrubbery, the trees, the swimming pools, all of it just decimated.
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and let's take a look at this one last view where we put the before and after there for you. this is the aftermath of the court. take a look at the pool there. see that pool on the left? the crystalline blue pool it used to be. now the soot as well as all the wreckage on the street. just an incredible devastation there on footbridge court. one street, one story, one tragedy. sadly there are so many more out there. larry and ama? >> kristen, thank you. the so-called whaleback fire has grown to 18,000 acres. firefighters say the dry brush that had not burned in recent days, well, that went up overnight, increasing the acreage. it is now 40% contained. some mandatory evacuations are in place, including several campgrounds and the ronald mcdonald house camp in lassen county. let us bring in abc 7 news weather anchor spencer christian now. >> larry, we haven't seen much change in the weather conditions over the last few hours.
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it's still hot, dry and windy in virtually all the locations where the fires are burning. here is a look at the mendocino complex starting with the ranch fire. 86 degrees, down couple degrees from two hours ago. relative humidity 29%, wind gusting at 13 miles per hour. it's even hotter and dryer and windier near the river fire, 90 degrees right now. relative humidity 24%. wind gusting at 21 miles per hour. 8:00 tomorrow morning, at a time when we generally expect the wind to be a little lighter. tomorrow morning is expected to be about 10 to 15-miles-per-hour gusts near the fires at that hour. and it will get even gustier later in the day. meanwhile, right now at the carr fire, 100 degrees is the temperature. relative humidity 21%. wind gusting to 17 miles per hour. and as we kick off the month of august, if you're hoping for august rainfall to bring some relief, there is not much to hope for. look at the averages for bay area. most bay area locations average under a tenth of an inch. only couple hundreds of an inch
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during the month of august. so it's going to be dry, and we'll keep monitoring current conditions and report on changes as they develop. larry and ama? >> all right, thank you, spencer. see you with the full forecast in a few minutes. two more firefighters have been hurt battling that ferguson fire near yosemite. one firefighter injured overnight monday into tuesday. the other was hurt some time yesterday. so that brings the total number of firefighters who have been hurt on the lines, the fire lines to nine. the fire also claimed the life of a cal fire bulldozer operator last month. the nearly 63,000 acre fire has led to the extended closure of some parts of yosemite national park because of thick smoke, and that fire is only 39% contained. meanwhile, in southern california, fire crews, they're nearing complete containment of the 13,000 acre cranston fire near the mountain town of idyllwild. that is near 89% contained. this fire started last wednesday. authorities say arson is to blame for the cause there. three firefighters were hurt
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battling that blaze. there are about 20 active wildfires burning in california right now. so far this year, cal fire has had to fight more fires total than at this time last year. this year's fires have also burned about 33% more land than last year's fires. many people are saying californians need to do more to help with fire prevention. abc 7 news reporter chris nguyen is in san jose with the story. >> as californians now face the reality of what could be an extended fire season, these engineering students at san jose state university are getting a crash course on the importance of vehicle maintenance and how it's connected to preventing fires. >> maintenance of a vehicle is more internal combustion engine because you have to maintain the oil in engine. i don't have to maintain the transmission oil you are to maintain. >> maintenance that you shouldn't avoid. and with fire danger on the minds of many, it's a timely lesson. last month, professor fred burez
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was driving south down interstate 280 when sparks started flying from his engine, likely related to a nest that was created bay rat. thankfully, he was able to get to safety. however -- >> the nest, which is nothing but shrubs that normally to the engine and the engine gets hot in the range of 2,000 degrees fahrenheit or even higher is going to cause a fire. >> cal fire says the deadly car fire burning near redding was ignited by vehicle malfunction last week. local fire officials say dry conditions have made california prime for wildfires. >> poorly maintained brakes can cause sparks. those sparks fly into the vegetation alongside the freeway. now we have a vegetation fire and you never even knew that happened. >> firefighters say it's also important to see if there is enough defensible space around your home. >> you want to be doing that kind of cutting early in the morning while the humidities are high, temperatures and winds are low. >> taking steps now to prevent future devastation. in san jose, chris nguyen, abc 7 not all the evacuees from the carr fire have been allowed
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to return home, but some have been reunited with the animals that they had to leave behind. coming up, we'll tell you the story of one woman who found out her beloved horse was still alive, thanks to a report here on abc 7. and next, the top priorities in san francisco's new
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san francisco police are investigating a tragic fatal collision. a car ran over a man in a north beach parking garage. people who knew the victim say he was homeless. >> this is an extreme example of the crisis point that homelessness has reached in the city, and now san francisco's new mayor is promising to do something about it. we have live team coverage tonight on both the big picture and this morning's incident. >> let's begin with abc 7 news reporter melanie woodrow live
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from greenwich street. melanie? >> we spoke with two women who stopped by today as we were putting this report together. they tell us that they work with homeless people locally, and that they knew this victim well. people who knew the victim, run over in this north beach garage say the tragic collision highlights a serious issue. >> it's just kind of a testament to the need for this -- for all of us to assist with people getting them off the streets and into shelt they're they need. >> christy fairchild is the executive director of north beach citizens, a local group that addresses homelessness. fairchild stopped by 725 greenwich street after hearing that someone hit a man who may have been sleeping inside this garage. he was pronounced dead at the scene. the san francisco medical examiner's office identified the man as 48-year-old jonathan jones. >> it's really sad, because we knew him. he was a good person. >> north beach citizens operations and program manager tiffany kim shared jones' driver's license photo with us. >> he stopped sometimes to get
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his mail or see if we have a copy of his id. >> san francisco police say the driver who hit jones stayed on the scene and is cooperating with police. police say they do not yet know whether the collision caused jones' death. right now the driver isn't facing any charges. >> we don't know what the condition of the male was prior to the traffic collision. >> the building houses several architecture, design and law offices. off camera one employee said the garage is dark inside. mayor london breed said improving homelessness in san francisco will take a lot of work. >> and we have to do a better job as a city in providing the resources, but also we have to make sure that people know that the option to sleep on the streets is not an option, especially if we have an alternative. >> and those women that we spoke with earlier today said that jones was born in massachusetts. it wasn't clear whether or not he still has any family. the san francisco medical examiner's office says that had no known fixed address. live in san francisco, melanie
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woodrow, abc 7 news. >> melanie, thank you. hours after the accident, san francisco's new mayor london breed signed a new two-year budget for the city. it targets homelessness, housing, street cleanliness, and public safety. abc 7 news reporter lyanne melendez joins us live to break it all down. lyanne? >> well, if you live or work in san francisco, you have dealt with all of these issues. now mayor breed said something today that really stuck. she says this is what i want for san francisco, quote, when you walk the streets, you will feel the differences. $11 billion is what it will take to run the city of san francisco for the next two years and address our most pressing problems, among them, public safety. >> over the next two years, you will see more foot patrols throughout the city and additional officers will be added to help address violent crime and property crime. >> when it comes to homelessness, the city will
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spend an additional $60 million on new services, including $4.4 million on a navigation center for homeless youth. $12 million will go to rapid rehousing programs for those who have just become homeless. and $6 million to fund street medical teams. >> a first in the nation program to bring treatment directly to people suffering with addiction on our streets. >> the problems on our streets have become so overwhelming that it's only natural that some people are cautiously optimistic. >> from where she grew up and what's she's seen in her life, that she definitely wants to make city better and great. >> money will go to create 430 new permanent supportive housing units like this one for people with disabilities who don't have a place to live. that's where mayor breed held her event today. more than 800 million will be used to construct and preserve nearly 3,000 units of affordable housing. more money will also be spent for comprehensive street
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cleaning. >> i want people in san francisco when they walk out the door to feel the difference when they step outside. >> now let's compare the last budget with this one now. mayor lee's 2017 budget allocated $305 million for homeless services. this one sets aside $365 million. i'm live in san francisco, lyanne melendez, abc 7 news. >> all right, thank you. let's hope it pace off. we've got to do something to fix the problems. >> absolutely. let's turn our attention to the weather. abc 7 news weather anchor spencer christian is here with the forecast. >> okay, the weather in the city is rather invigorating right now as the fog begins to close in on us. here is live doppler 7. the fog has been lingering along the coastline for much of the late afternoon and now early evening. still sunny over the bay and inland. you see a little fog beginning to move out over san francisco. a good move there. perfect timing. it's 60 degrees in san francisco right now. oakland is 64.
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mountain view 65. san jose, 79 degrees. 84 at morgan hill and 57 at half moon bay. here is a lovely view of the fog looking westward from emeryville. looking north 78 at santa rosa. napa, 72. novato, 79. over vacaville, 97. 89 at concord. 83 at livermore. the sea lions are enjoying the evening sun at pier 39 as are their loyal fans. here is a look at our forecast features. we'll see fog overnight and in the early morning hours. it will be hazy and smoky, the sky will be in the afternoon hours because of the fires, of course. wildfires north and east. and there will be just minor tmperature swings for the remainder of the week going into the weekend. windy as you can see. we have surface wind speeds, 21 miles per hour here in san francisco. gusts to 20 at concord. 30-miles-per-hour gusts at fairfield. all around the region, it's breezy to windy. and during the overnight hours and into tomorrow morning,
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you'll see the wind taper off a little bit, but then pick up by afternoon tomorrow. by 5:00 tomorrow afternoon, we'll be looking at wind speeds again. 15 to almost 30 miles per hour. overnight with a little fog over the bay, overnight low temperatures will be generally in the mid- to upper 50s. a little cooler near the coast. low 50 there's possibly some spotty drizzle will occur along the coastline. tomorrow afternoon, breezy at the coast once again with areas of sunshine along some coastal locations. right around the bay look for high temperatures in the upper 60s to mid-70s. inland highs a little bit on the cool side. compare with what we've seen lately. mainly low to mid-80s. a few upper 80s, a very few locations will hit 90. let's talk about air quality. some important consideration at this time. we've got these yellow dot and green dots indicating a fairly good air quality. moderate to good for most of the bay area. that's the good news. but over in the central valley, the sierra foothills and across the sierra and well to our north, you see the orange and red dots indicating poor air quality or unhealthful air quality because of the
6:21 pm
continuing buildup of smoke in those areas. here is our accuweather seven-day forecast. it will warm up a little bit on friday and saturday with inland highs in the low 90s and temperatures drop off again a few degrees on sunday. only upper 80s inland. upper 70s around the bay. and then we'll have gradual warming going into the middle of next week. we don't expect major temperature swings to occur. >> it sounds like you need a beverage for your throat. your throat is a little scratchy. >> red or white? >> red, red beverage, with a nice bouquet and nice long lasting finish. >> it turns out we have just what you need. >> yeah, apparently. but it really shouldn't be a choice, right? >> spencer will take both. no, next, the local winery that is trying to
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[ closing bell ] >> mixed day on wall street as the dow took a tumble because of renewed trade concerns. it closed down 81 points, finishing at 25,333. apple earnings helped boost the nasdaq, which closed up 35 points due to apple moving closer to the trillion dollar valuation mark. the company today said higher iphone prices helped increase profits, especially the iphone 10. they keep telling and selling and selling it. apple shares surged which gives the company a value of $973
6:25 pm
billion. >> wow. they say the third time is the charm. so maybe chipotle needs one more chance. the burrito chain repeated its offer of free quack molly today after yesterday's offer crashed both its app and online ordering system. but the do-over didn't please everyone. hundreds of comments on twitter included complaints, anything from restaurants forgetting to add guacamole to continued technical problems to gripes about how the promotion worked. chipotle only waived the fee for guacamole if it was added as part of a meal, not aside item. however, customers could ask that their free guac be put on the side. red or white wine? a sonoma county winery says we should be able to have both. the folks at kendall jackson winery says the current red wine emoji doesn't correctly represent one of the most popular adult beverages, white wine. they're hoping to convince the
6:26 pm
people at unicode to include a white glass. >> coming up on abc 7 news at 6:00, the seven figure settlement by amazon in a case involving four bay area counties. i think one of the things they need to do is they need to reach out to others. >> the voice of experience. next hear some words of wisdom given to the current wildfire victims by those who lived
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live where you live, this is abc 7 news. >> happening now, concerned residents in lake and mendocino counties are in kelseyville, talking with cal fire and elected officials about when they may be allowed back home. 32,000 people are out of their homes statewide tonight as cal fire is battling 16 different major fires. the governor talked about the firefight earlier today. >> we're in a new normal. we're in a drought that will continue. whether technically you call it a drought, that's a matter for
6:30 pm
the weather people. but i would suspect there will be more fires to come, and more fires each year for a very long time. >> we have 13,000 firefighters spread out to battle these flames. 17 states are sending resources from as far away as florida and maine. new zealand and australia have also sent crews on the way to help. >> it just feels like this is never ending. we've still got all of august to go. tonight thousands of northern california residents are worried about what, if anything will be left when they are allowed back home. >> abc 7 news reporter leslie brinkley dug deep in santa rosa for sage advice if people who went through the north bay fires last october. >> lots of us are now reexperiencing our sense of loss. >> but for the grace of god, we survived a devastating fire. almost a year ago. >> when it happens to you, it becomes more than real. >> those who lost everything here in fountaingrove and other parts of santa rosa know what it's like to survive a fire one
6:31 pm
week, one month, ten months down the road. and today they shared the life lessons they'd like to pass on. >> feed us a meal. we need vegetables. we can't just go to burrito shops. you know, you're not eating. you have nothing. >> richard allen took action on day two after his house burned down. he ordered a computer overnight and called his insurance company. >> i called an attorney and had an attorney help me and coach me, an insurance attorney. people that didn't do that, some of them did okay, and some of them are still floundering nine months later. >> but they're our friends and family and generous strangers that approach you as someone whose had a great loss and are willing to help. >> and you need to say yes to them? >> i don't need to say yes. it's strangely enough, a very rewarding experience that comes after something that's been very negative in your life. >> don't be surprised if you can't remember things. i think that's been a real surprise to all of us is our
6:32 pm
short-term memory is not real good. and i don't even remember many conversations i had the first month after the fire. >> your entire life as you know it is changed. and you're going through a depression. you're going through a loss. for survival sake, we just isolate. we go into our own little cocoon. this is the time to say, you know, i need help. >> in santa rosa, i'm leslie brinkley, abc 7 news. famed attorney erin brockovich spoke to north bay fire survivors today in santa rosa. brockovich whose legendary battle against pg&e was made into a very successful movie has ben hired to urge fire victims to take legal action against her old adversary. >> i never thought i'd be at another fire that pg&e was in and started, but i am. and i'm going to keep coming back the way i always do.
6:33 pm
i will have that stick-to-itiveness. i'm going to stand my ground. i know what i see. >> brockovich's clients were awarded $333 million in a settlement over contaminated water in hinckley, california. in june, cal fire officially blamed pg&e for multiple north bay fires. the power company expects to pay more than $2 billion in costs relateded to those fires. only abc 7 news captured this video of a runaway horse on monday near the carr fire. construction workers tried to corral the frightened mustang, but she got away. the owner saw this video on our abc 7 news facebook page which helped them track down their missing horse named ellie and bring her home. abc 7 news anchor eric thomas caught up with them today. >> hey, baby girl. how are you? >> you can't say everything is back to normal for teri fox of redding and her 3-year-old mare ellie. >> she has a puncture wound here and a puncture wound here and lacerations right there.
6:34 pm
>> but no burns, even though she was running loose in the thick of the carr fire. ellie is one of three formally wild horses th s thas that terig to evacuate by trailer as the flames closed in, but ellie refused to get in. >> i had to turn my become on her and make a hard decision to leave her there. >> there were rumors that ellie had been spotted in various areas, but nothing solid until someone told teri to look at this video from abc 8's laura anthony and randy davis, a fire crew trying to calm a runaway horse. >> it's got to be her. it looked just like her. >> but ellie got away that time. later someone, teri thinks it was animal control located ellie and reunited them. it's not all over yet. teri's home survived, but it's still in the evacuation zone. however, she is staying with a new friend, joanie, who is putting up her horses and her family until they can go home. >> and i've made a new wonderful friend in teri. we've already made plans to gor
6:35 pm
l over teri'shorse, jody hasaken in sometherncluding four baby goats, 30 chickens, and even a couple of potbellied pigs. >> these people railroad strangers, and they just opened up who are home and said come on in. we'll take your animals, and you can stay here and live here. >> and the evacuees are grateful and hoping to help out in return one day, without the fire as the incentive. in redding, eric thomas, abc 7 news. >> now there are a lot of ways you can help people and their animals who have been affected by the fires. you'll find links at along with the latest evacuation information and stories from the front lines. breaking developments in the stabbing death of nia wilson, the teen killed at an oakland bart station last month. nia's family is suing bart claiming bart failed to protect her and her sisters. investigators believe a importancient randomly attacked nia. the family alleges bart never
6:36 pm
should have allowed john cowell into its station. cowell had been stopped for fare evasion in the days before the murder and was arrested at a bart station the day after. we reached out to bart for comment. new settlement involving amazon and the district attorney offices in more than 20 california counties including alameda, napa, alameda and solano. the case that amazon sold plastics labeled at biodegradable. five years ago california banned plastics in a way that would make buyers believe it would break down in a landfill or compost pile. amazon has agreed to pay more than $1.5 million to settle the lawsuit and stop selling plastics with those labels. one of the top issues for the entire bay area is transportation. how do we get where you want to go without being stuck in traffic, wedged in public transit, or spending more than you can afford? manies ones und consideration in the south bay, including a hyperloop.
6:37 pm
also ahead -- also ahead -- >> ccalifornia phones offers free specialized phones... like cordless phones. - ( phone ringing ) - big button, and volume-enhanced phones. get details on this state program. visit right now or call during business hours.
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and accessoriesphones for your mobile phone. like this device to increase volume on your cell phone. - ( phone ringing ) - get details on this state program visit right now or call during business hours. it could be a first for the bay area, a new high speed
6:40 pm
transportation system called hyperloop. >> i'm ready for the hyperloop. business and civic leaders in cupertino are floating this as one of several high-tech ways to address road congestion and to get people to their jobs faster. >> david louie looks at the proposal and explains hyperloop. >> even during nonrush hour, it can take 26 minutes by car to drive eight miles from downtown san jose to cupertino, home to the new spaceship offices at apple park, and double that, one full hour to go by bus. how do you get across silicon valley smarter and faster? the answer could be a hyperloop, at speeds up to 670 miles per hour. about as fast as a commercial jtliner. the potential benefit came up at cupertino's city council meeting. >> if this is come to a realization, it only will take five minutes to downtown san jose. >> andrew walters says hyperloop is one of several ideas to address congestion. he is board chair of the cupertino chamber of commerce. busy stevens creek boulevard has
6:41 pm
a center median that could support an elevated path for a hyperloop or a dedicated road for autonomous vehicles. >> hyperloop in cupertino is obviously not something that would produce a lot of benefits. you need something more of a regional solution. >> the idea is so new, no one has bothered to crunch the numbers yet, but it's expected a hyperloop could cost in the billions and billions of dollars. to help pay future that, they're thinking about a public/private partnership. so far version hyperloop one says it has not had any discussions about cupertino's initiative. it's the only company that has built a working hyperloop system. >> it's possible you can see a system somewhere in the neighborhood of five to eight years. >> it also will entail brainstorming with neighboring cities. david louie, abc news. well, as the weather, the hyperloop or something -- whether it it is the hyperloop or some other system, it would start in downtown san jose and extend to deanza
6:42 pm
670 miles an hour? i hope it works. >> you first. >> we're expecting some cooler weather tomorrow. how about your weekend?
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as the summer is winding down, how is it even winding down already? >> it's august already. >> well, parents and caregivers may be struggling to keep those kids entertained. >> 7 on your side's michael finney here with a look at the summer top toys, designed to capture the imaginations of kids. >> so if you can't rip your kids' eyes away from that small screen, have i some suggestions. these toys could do the trick, and it will get them outside too. from this riding horse to a giant bubble that doubles as a ball, toyota manufactures are finding new twists on traditional toys. >> you'll say wow, i've never seen anything like that before. and that's exactly what's going to draw kids to them. >> there is nothing new about bubbles, except these bubbles are edible. >> this is really called. it's called lick a bubble. this is an edible bubble solution that kids can add any drink to create bubbles that they can eat. >> bubbles taste like whatever drink you flavor it with. lick a bubble was invented by a
6:46 pm
pediatrician, allergist and physician. speaking of bubbles, the wubble bubble. it feels like a bubble but plays like a ball. the material is light and stretching and doesn't hurt when it hits a child. marissa de bartola is editor of a publication. >> this is super fun because it's very open ended play. kids can do anything that they can imagine with it. >> then there is the sling sticks. releasing the trigger sets the ball in motion. catch them using the suction cups. both parents and kids might appreciate the walkie chalk. you can draw on the sidewalk using a piece of chalk attached to the chalk stick without getting on the ground. no need for parents or kids to get their clothes dirty bending down. if the kid has the need for speed, how about a blast from the past? some of you may have had the turbo panther in your youth. this remote control car is styled like the original 60 years ago.
6:47 pm
you don't need a sense of nostalgia to enjoy. >> really cool, really good, really easy. >> just check out the smile on this little one ride stable buddies from dinah craft. be sure to get out of their way when she is riding through your neighborhood. the stable buddies go up to 2 1/2 miles per hour. >> they do come packaged in their own stable as well. so you have a perfect storage place for them, and they're just $149. >> our new friend charlotte murphy gives stable buddies her stamp of approval. why do you give it? >> i had a link to the toy insider spring and summer toy guide. you can check it out at now i want to hear from you. my 7 on your side hotline is open monday through friday from 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. you know the number, 415-954-8151. you can reach me on my facebook page and through this friday you can talk to me in person at the santa clara county fair in san jose. please stop by.
6:48 pm
me and my entire team will be there answering questions from 4:00 to 7:00 p.m. and you too, there is nothing wrong with that chalk stick. >> get down on the ground and get dirty. you don't need a device. they have stable buddies for adults? ama and i want to ride. >> i want to see you try lick a bubble. i'm down with that. >> thank you, michael. >> sure. >> all right. happening today, it's earth overshoot day. this is the day when humans have consumed an entire year's worth of the natural resources. and this is the earliest overshoot day has ever occurred, as you can see from this graph. back in the 70s, overshoot day didn't happen until late december. this day is organized by a group called global footprint network, which has headquarters in oakland. >> five more months in the year. >> that's just sad. >> it doesn't sound good. >> nope. >> spencer, please, a ray of sunshine, please. >> well, we'll have some of those tomorrow. in fact, we have some right now.
6:49 pm
look at live doppler 7. we have a few rays shining over the inland areas in the bay right now. fog is rapidly filling in along the coastline. overnight we'll see a little fog over the bay. overnight lows will be mainly in the mid- to upper 50s. we might see spotty drizzle along portions of the coastline. and take aing you through the early morning hours, you can see temperatures dropping into that 50 to 58-degree range with a little fog over the bay. and, again, you may need your windshield wipers if you're drieflg on the coastline. by midmorning tomorrow, the fog will be back at the coastline. it will pull away from the coast in some spots giving way to sunny skies. highs tomorrow will range from 60 in half moon bay to upper soys to 70s around the bayshore line. mid- to upper 80s inland. a little bit of a warm-up friday and saturday. and then a cooldown on sunday and monday and temperatures bounce back to a sort of mild to warm range on a tuesday and wednesday. >> all right. good job. >> i'm in for dan tonight. mindi bach is handling sports. >> it was a tough day.
6:50 pm
moving day a special day as family and friends say their final goodbyes to a 49ers legend with a moving celebration of dwight clark's life. and the a's are back to their swinging ways. the
6:51 pm
6:52 pm
now sports from abc 7 news. >> finally, the a's aren the play-off picture. oakland has posted the best record in the majors since june 10th. but today's win over toronto put them in a tie with seattle for the second wild card in the
6:53 pm
american league. sean manaea was solid. in the first he gets oscar hernandez swinging. and then he ends the second with another whiff by brandon drury. five ks for man aeaeae two-run single. and then a one-run double in the fourth. then in the sixth, another rbi single. if you lost counts that's four runs driven in by the a's catcher. franklin barreto, he had three hits including this solo shot in the eighth. the a's win 8-3 and sweep the seven-game season series against toronto. as feared, johnny cueto will undergo tommy john surgery. he'll have the procedure done tomorrow in los angeles. the 32-year-old will miss the rest of the season as well as most of 2019. nearly 400 people filled grace cathedral for a private ceremony to honor dwight clark. the former receiver who lost his
6:54 pm
battle with als in june will forever be part of san francisco history with the catch, the play that launched the 49ers into their super bowl era. but to those who knew him, clark's biggest influence is the manner in which he lived. ♪ >> nfl commissioner roger goodell and house minority leader nancy pelosi were among the dignitaries who celebrated dwight clark's life. before he died, clark himself chose those he wished to speak at his funeral. >> not one for usually writing things down, but i won't lie. this is probably one of the toughest things i've ever had to do. >> but the difficulties were overcome by the pure joy clark was known to bring to the fans and all of those who knew him best. >> not only were you an amazing athlete, professional and dedicated in every respect, but your modest, warm, and genial demeanor carried it to a level of perfection. >> i think he is smiling up in heaven right now and looking down at us.
6:55 pm
wow, they're doing this for me? it's pretty cool. >> to see all these faces here brings back a lot of memories, fond memories that is. and very, very very fortunate because of that. >> the one thing he always would say to me, though, is you know they don't call it the throw. and so in ending, i will say to you, d.c., yes, that's true, my friend, and i will catch you on the other side. >> dwight's last days were hard. i talked to him nearly every day, and ronnie and i were with him when he passed. als took so much from dwight, but it couldn't break his spirit, and it didn't dare touch his heart and his great smile.
6:56 pm
don't cry because it's over. smile because it happened. >> he will be missed. apparently there's not much to celebrate in cleveland these days. the cavaliers lost to the warriors in the nba finals again, and lebron james skipped town from the lakers. but this is a little ridiculous. following a report in which tristan thompson supposedly got into an altercation with draymond green, a fan is organizing a parade to honor thompson. so far more than 4,000 female plan to attend. green has weighed in saying the reports aren't accurate, but they should, quote, keep the parade. that city won't have any for a while. yeah. this is almost as absurd. look at marcos baghdadi. he falls down during a rally. and his reaction is a little overdone. it's the racquet's fault, larry, of course. or the bench's tt racquet's th that did it. in either case, can you say epic tantrum? and that is how we're going wrap sports today. when your kids behave badly,
6:57 pm
look at that guy. that's what it looks like. >> a good craftsman never blames his tools. thank you, mind i. join us tonight at 9:00 on kofy cable channel 7/13. terrifying minutes for a little girl who jumped out of her mom's car just as it was being hiejd. what happens next. that's at 9. the tsa may stop screening passengers at some airports. we're getting reaction from some flyers and airport officials. >> that will do it for this edition of abc 7 news. look for breaking news any time on the abc 7 news app. i'm larry beil. i'm
6:58 pm
6:59 pm
♪ this is the "jeopardy!" tournament of champions. here are three former champions -- an 11th grade u.s. history teacher in keller, texas, from fort worth, texas... a software engineer from riverside, california... and a bartender from new york, new york... and now here is the host of "jeopardy!" -- alex trebek! [ cheers and applause ] the same move. [ laughs ] thank you, johnny gilbert. thank you, ladies and gentlemen. as miss jean brodie would say,
7:00 pm
"the tournament of champions always features the crème de la crme," and that's what we have in david, alan, and austin today. good luck, fellas. here we go. the jeopardy! round begins with these categories... uh-oh. then we want you to... [ laughter ] and we wanna know, hey... austin, start. blanking title, $200. david. -what is "leaving las vegas"? -yes. words from native american languages, $600. austin. -what is guano? -guano, good. blanking title, $400. alan. what is thinking?
7:01 pm
no. austin or david? [ beep ] what is "speaking ill of the dead"?


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