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tv   ABC7 News 430AM  ABC  August 2, 2018 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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community meeting today to update neighbors affected by the deadly carr fire burning in shasta and trinity counties now scorching 121,000 acres of land. it's about the size of the city of san jose. cal fire says the carr fire is 35% contained as of this morning. the number of structures destroyed is still at 1400. all 60 people reported missing in the fire zone have been located. some evacuated residents were allowed back into their homes yesterday. the carr fire creating its own weather system making it a challenge for firefighters to really predict which way that fire is spreading. it's really been a challenge. >> let's go to our weather expert, meteorologist mike nicco. what do they face today? >> what they're facing right now is pretty calm conditions, at least the environmental weather is calm. but what happens during the day, and also at night the heat is risi
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rising so rapidly it's drawing from every direction. that could be coming through the north from a canyon, from the east to the west, it's variable and that's what's helping create the conditions that are so unpredictable at times if they're in the fire. heat that is going to return next week. it will get obnoxiously hot once again. what's going on with alexis. >> not too much so far this morning, mike. we are quiet on the boards and looking at some typical volumes here for 4:30 in the morning. very light, westbound 80 traffic coming through the emeryville stretch toward the maze and as i mentioned, no metering lights yet. of course that should happen right around 5:25, 5:30 this morning. westbound 580, richmond/san rafael, san mateo coming at 14 and across dumbarton bridge in the green at 9 minutes. bart is responding to the lawsuit by the family of nia wilson. she was stabbed to death at an aekds bart station. >> let's go live to abc 7 news reporter amy hollyfield at the
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pleasant hill bart station with the latest on the lawsuit. amy? >> hi, jessica. in response to this lawsuit bart points out that suspect was arrested here at this pleasant hill bart station and points to its system of surveillance cameras, 4,000 of them, as playing a role in that arrest. also in responding to the lawsuit, bart says it has stepped up its patrols of officers for the past year and that arrests are up. the family of 18-year-old nia wilson is suing bart saying bart has a legal duty to protect its passengers from assault. john cowell was arrested and accused of her murder which police have been calling a random attack with no motive. the families argues he should have been banned from bart because he was stopped for fare evasion a few days earlier. nothing is more important than the safety of our riders and employees. we are thankful the suspect is in custody, due in large part to
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our surveillance system. the spoke person says their heart breaks for wilson's family. nia's funeral is scheduled for 11:00 tomorrow morning. live at the pleasant hill bart station, abc 7 news. >> thank you. a whirlwind start for san jose police department's new helicopter. the chopper just went into service and it's already helped track down a suspected bank robber. 46-year-old brian austin is accused of robbing the city national bank yesterday just before 1:00 p.m. at the same time the flight crew for the new police chopper heard the police broadcast, jumped into action, and they were able to spot austin with the on board camera equipment. the crew then saw the suspect park at san jose international, change his clothes and board a shuttle. officers were able to arrest him. >> housing and services for the homeless will get a bigger chunk of san francisco's new budget. abc 7 news was in soma as mayor london breed signed a two-year,
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$11 billion spending plan yesterday. the city will spend $60 on the homeless popular on a center for homeless youth and $12 million for people who have just become homeless. >> we have to do a better job as a city in providing the resources, but also we have to make sure that people know that the option to sleep on the streets is not an option, especially if we have an alternative. >> the budget earmarks $800 million to build and preserve nearly 3,000 housing units. housing advocates rallied outside city hall before a packed community meeting on solutions to the city's homeless crisis there. caltrains revealed it's teaming up with non-profit groups to build temporary transitional housing under freeways. >> we're housing them anyway if you look at it. thousands of people in our right of ways. how do we partner with cities in the non-profits to make a difference.
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>> winter comes, people die in the streets and i see it and know too many people that died. they're god's children too. we have to do something. >> homeless advocates called on silicon valley tech companies to provide relief. former president barack obama has endorsed gavin newsom in the november election. in the statement obama praised newsom for his work as mayor which included san francisco being the first city in the country to enact a universal health plan. obama also pointed to san francisco being the first to support same-sex marriage under newsom. the former president endorsed 81 democratic candidates in 13 states in the midterm elections. the white house is back pedalling after president trump tweeted that attorney general jeff sessions should end the russia investigation, quote, right now. white house press secretary sarah sanders says the president was voicing his opinion, not giving an order. abc news reporter stephanie ramos has the reaction in washington. >> reporter: good morning.
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sources close to the white house tell abc news president trump was outraged when he found out special counsel robert mueller wants to question him about obstruction of justice. >> reporter: president trump clearly wants the investigation into russian interference in the 2016 presidential alexelection end. he tweeted attorney general jeff sessions should stopped this rigged witch hunt right now before it continues to stain our country any further. sources tell abc news this tweet was blasted out after trump learned special counsel robert mueller wants to question him about obstruction of justice and wants the interview to be in writing and in person. the tweet, outraging democrats and even some members of the president's own party. republican senator susan collins from maine, calling it totally inappropriate and the top democrat on the house intelligence committee adam schiff was blunt, this is an attempt to obstruct justice
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hiding in plain sight. when the white house was asked was this pressure from the president to stop the investigation. >> it's not an order. it's the president's opinion. >> reporter: negotiations over what will be asked of trump by exploratorium mueller's team has been going on for months. "the new york times" says he wants to meet with mueller but trump's lawyers don't want them to meet in person. >> you're never more than seven minutes away from my accuweather forecast. waking up to a frizzy morning in san francisco. financial district 55 a little warmer. mid 50s up and down the bay shore into the south bay, 58 in saratoga, we have mid to upper 50s pleasanton, and walnut creek. 64 pittsburgh, tracy, north bay mid 50s until heelsburg, daly city 51. you can see the mist hanging in the air and look at breeze blowing the flags on the ferry
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building. that's what's going to keep us in the fog and drizzle. for the ferry ride breezy in the afternoon and cool to warm if you're taking mass transit. small craft advisory starting at 11:00 north of the bay bridge. starting at 1:00 south of the bay bridge. and the winds will get up to around 30 miles per hour. same thing along our beaches again today. and tomorrow. with those northwest winds up to 30 miles per hour. here's a look at some of our neighborhoods down in the south bay. the temperatures the next 12 hours, cloudy and 62, warm to 75 under sunshine and hang out around 80 during the afternoon hours and a nice evening on tap, about 69 with sunshine at 8:00. all right. bring alexis in and take another look at the morning commute. what else are you watching? >> not too much, honestly. it is quiet so far today. about the highlight that i've got for you right now, a chair that someone lost on eastbound 580 around fruitvale avenue. one of the lanes, not something you want to hit with your vehicle. chp on the way to the scene to get that cleared. that's it.
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we don't have any incidents to report. no collisions. that is great news. no major construction chase either. live look at walnut creek, north of 24, right around street boulevard. starting to fill in a little bit. that's about it this morning. we'll take a look at mass transit next. >> thank you. a south bay mom senses something is not right with her daughter. the surprising discovery and the young girl's brave medical fight. >> a san jose tech company comes up with a way to keep fruits and veggies fresher longer and now suing walmart for a lot of green. and traffic congestion, daily grind for a lot of daily grind for a lot of co
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help support the trust for public land and the gift of parks today. you are never more than seven minutes away from your accuweather forecast. >> this is "abc 7 mornings." >> i have an update on the air quality and unfortunately it's not good news. the air quality warning extended until saturday afternoon at 4:00 from ma des, so through the sections of the central valley and places like yosemite also. a slight chance of thunderstorms there again today. 110 palm springs, slight chance of thunderstorms there. low to upper 80s around san diego and los angeles. snshine but a lot of haze around chico and sacramento, mid 90s there. a little cleaner air and cooler along the coast. >> thanks, mike. >> walmart is facing a $2
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billion lawsuit from a san jose company. the suit claims the retailer stole technology developed to prolong the shelf life of fruits and vegetables. zest labs worked with walmart for years on its technology to make produce last longer. zest says walmart lost interest so it was stunned when the retailer unveiled its internal food waste technology. walmart is taking the lawsuit seriously and will respond in court. san francisco based wells fargo will pay $2.1 billion for its role in the subprime mortgage scandal. it and other big banks were accused of selling risky mortgages to investors between 2005 and 2007. those investors lost billions when homeowners started defaulting. the fine is unrelated to wells fargo fake account scandal. a south bay woman knew her daughter just wasn't suffering bad stomach aches. what doctors discovered has changed the family's life
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forever. >> reporter: this was 10-year-old december tiny about five months ago smiling from ear to ear. she and her family were vacationing at universal studios without any knowledge of the wild ride ahead. december tiny says during the trip she felt pain like never before. >> i didn't want to say because i didn't want to ruin everything. so i kind of just kept it to in myself. >> reporter: the pain grew worse and she wasn't acting like herself. she stopped smiling. doctors discovered a nearly five pound, stage three malignant tumor growing in one of her ovaries, it ruptured leaking cells that spread to the girl's stomach she needed emergency surgery and chemotherapy. >> it sounded so easy at the moment but the moment they mentioned chemotherapy i knew what was coming. >> reporter: it had taken a toll on the 10-year-old diagnosed with ovarian cancer. >> the minute destiny was diagnosed i stopped working. >> reporter: adding mounting
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medical bills. >> as a father you feel powerless to not help the way you would want or take that sickness away from her or at least get it out of her body. >> reporter: the silicon valley created this gofundme page. they volunteered for the organization in the past. then came more good news. >> monday, july 30th she was actually cleared. ♪ >> reporter: news that put the smile back on destiny's face. in san jose, amanda del castillo. >> so rare you see a child so young with ovarian cancer. >> i loved her dance too. >> she looked good. it could be the first for the bay area. a new high-speed transportation system called hyper loop. >> business and civic leaders are floating it as one of several high-tech ways to
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alleviate road congestion. during nonrush hour it can take 26 miles to drive by car from san jose to cupertino which is home to the spaceship offices at apple. hyper look is powered by electric propulsion at speeds of 670 miles per hour. sounds like i'm making that up, but it's true. the chamber of commerce says hyper loop is one of several ideas to address congestion. >> needs to be broader than cupertino. hyper loop within cupertino is not something that would produce a lot of benefits. you need something that would be more of a regional solution. >> so far virgin hyper loop one says it has not had any discussions about cupertino's initiative. it is the only company that has built a working hyper loop system before we get too excited, this would cost billions of dollars. we would have to figure out who is going to pay for it and take a lot of time to build. >> i was over here ready to do the hyper loop report on my traffic.
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>> hyper loop drive times. >> eight seconds. >> negative 20 seconds from san jose to cupertino. >> we're going back in time. i like that. >> yeah. >> fun. >> that's fast. >> all right. man always looking forwards the future and the next seven days we have changes coming up in your forecast. you are never more than seven minutes away. san jose at 87 where the clouds are rolling in once again. one of the least likely areas to deal with mist this morning. mostly sunny this afternoon and mainly comfy today. here's a look at tonight, another round of clouds and mist and tracking building heat next week. the cloud cover increasing through 7:00 and pulling back to the usual area right along the golden gate and over towards richmond and berkeley and albany and along the coast this afternoon. as far as temperatures we're going to hit the 90s but you have to go down to places like milpitas and gilroy. upper 70s and low 80s for the south bay. 70s on the peninsula today. breezy. 66 in millbrae, cooler there. 50s going to dominate the coast today with low 60s in downtown
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to mid 60s in south san francisco and sausalito. up through the north bay most of us in the low to mid 80s. 97 lakeport, 95, will help the firefighters, upper 60s in richmond, berkeley and oakland. rest of the 70s for the east bay shore. inland temperatures from 85 at san ramon to 94 brentwood. my accuweather seven-day forecast, a little warming tomorrow and hold steady saturday and then the push and pull between that low to our west and that high to our south, the low wind sunday and the high comes back and it's going to get hot again next week. a check of that morning commute. what's up? >> not much. we are really quiet so far this morning. we are seeing some fog once again. i had to flip my wipers on a few times on my commute from the east bay across the bay bridge. you can see on the san francisco side it is pretty murky this morning. just make sure you're driving for conditions. a bit of reduced visibility in some areas. okay major track work in oakland,
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expect delays a bus bridge will be set up saturday and sunday for work between 19th street and west oakland stations and will continue for several weekends in august and september. be prepared. >> thank you. tesla reported the biggest loss in its history but its stock is up. >> and a town thwarts cyber criminals going old school. here's tech bites. >> in today's tech bites a big loss for tesla. >> the company broke its own record losing $717 million in the last quarter. but tesla's stock still jumped because that loss was better than expected. the carmaker has only turned a profit in two quarters since becoming a public company eight years ago. microsoft, their new tablet is out today. >> the surface go features a 10 inch screen, viewers say what it lacks in power it makes up in portability and costs under $400. >> a cyber attack forced a borough in anchorage back into the '60s. >> police are doing things on
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typewriters after e-mail servers and telephone system. >> typewriters. >> and pens and pencils. >> what's that. >> those are your tech bites. >> have a great day. >> this is a cool photo. a security camera at denver international caught a bald eagle keeping watch as planes were landing and taking off yesterday. the airport released several images of this majestic bird which became instant hits on sonoma. the airport joked the eagle stopped by to get a portrait. >> beautiful bird. very cool. tensions running high between caltrain and a peninsula neighborhood that could change today. >> declined. a grocery chain is ditching visa. >> ready to skip work and go surfing. who's in. california is giving you an excuse. >> michael finney will be at the santa clara county fair in san jose. michael and the 7 on your side team will answer your questions team will answer your questions fromcalifornia phones offers free specialized phones... like cordless phones.
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and accessoriesphones for your mobile phone. like this device to increase volume on your cell phone. - ( phone ringing ) - get details on this state program visit right now or call during business hours. let's get an update on the air quality. it's good to moderate in the napa valley but unhealthy towards lake county and mendocino county and even farther north near shasta and near fresno into yosemite. be careful if you're in those areas today. jessica? >> thank you. happening today, caltrains board of directors scheduled to discuss plans for building an electrical substation in burrelling game.
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residents have complained about caltrains plans for the substation to be built at california drive and mills avenue. yesterday caltrain announced it is working with the city of burrelling game on an alternative solution, a site on north carolina avenue and officials say the new site would lessen the impact on residents and allow grade separation plans to move forward. forget using a visa credit card at foods stores in california. they will stop accepting them beginning august 14th. kroger says the decision was made because of the high fees it has to pay visa to process credit card purchases. the banned covers 21 including six in the bay area. visa debit cards will be accepted. another sea lion and her pup are safe this morning thanks to workers at the marine mammal center in sausalito. they were spotted nursing near the rocky shoreline next to the ferry terminal yesterday. the marine mammal center provided this footage for us.
4:55 am
officials decided to relocate the pair to a remote location. the mom and pup will spend the next several months gaining strength and weight. the center says this is a great example of the community alergts them about a potentially harmful situation for wildlife and they were able to step in and the mom and pup doing well this morning, mike. >> that's great news. love to see that. hi, everybody, you're never more than seven minutes away from my accuweather forecast. 59 degrees, relative humidity 61, notice calm conditions right now. as we head deeper into the forecast we're going to see a cooling trend, down to around 90s sunday and then the 100s come back next week and the winds are going to get a little dicey this afternoon into the evening and early overnight hours, 13 to 15 miles per hour. the winds will be more dicey starting this evening and overnight up around the car koikoi fire. >> good morning. over all we've had a quiet morning on the roads.
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some overnight construction slowing you down on southbound 880 in the hayward stretch north of 92. we some lanes closed with the on ramp at winston avenue. stop and go if you're trying to get to that. san mateo bridge, to the south bay, once you make it to the bridge everything okay on westbound 92. earlier disabled vehicle very quickly was pushed offer to the shoulder has totally cleared now. next traffic update coming up at 5:00. >> thanks. california is going to celebrate the state's contribution to surfing with a special day. september 20th california surfing day a result of a bill that became law this week. still a bill in debate about making surfing california's official sport. surfing will make its olympic debut in tokyo in 2020. the jacket worn by harrison ford in the "empire strikes back" is going up for auction. it's one of more than 600 costumes original scripts and props that you can bid on september 20th in london. the blue/gray cotton jacket worn
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in the film by ford's character hans solo and expected to fetch up to $1.3 million. other items include a light saber. actor johnny depp's costume from "edward scissor hands." very exciting. i want the edward scissor hands costume. the old saying is a penny for your thoughts but next at 5:00, a penny can get you an ice cream sandwich. attention pot smokers, a cannabis recall raising concerns about the state's mandatory testing policy. why the tsa is considering a why the tsa is considering a proposal to
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good morning north bay. let's get up and get going. >> this is "abc 7 mornings." >> hope you're having a good morning so far. you are never more than seven minutes away from your accuweather forecast. meteorologist mike nicco is here. hi, mike. >> hey, jessica, reggie, head's up, we have some of the fog developing along the coast. two miles visibility half moon bay and some is slipping to places like santa rosa and convenient eventually will take over petaluma. that will increase the next hohour or two. mist in the air also. temperatures in the mid to upper 50s close to where we were yesterday in my accuweather 12-hour planner. we're going to hit 77, very comfortable inland at noon, 86 not as high as yesterday and 68 around the bay to 74 and look at tose 50s stuck at the coast. all 12 hours. let's see if you're going to be stuck in traffic this morning. hey alexis. >> oh, boy i hope not, mike. so far there aren't many spots that are slow at this point in the morning and we're looking live at the bay bridge toll plaza right now. no metering lights yet as you can see. ev


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