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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  August 2, 2018 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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screenings at some airports is causing a major concern for passengers at airports across the country this morning. >> we're going to talk about that. thnks for joining us. it's thursday, august 2nd. >> coming up on 6:00 a.m. never more than seven minutes away from your accuweather forecast. here is meteorologist mike nicco. >> thank you very much. hi, everybody. fog is becoming an issue and concern as it reduces visibility heading up towards windsor. 1 mile visibility, 3 at half moon bay. the rest of us cloudy and misty this morning as you get near san francisco and the coast with temperatures just for low to mid 50s. staying at the 50s at the coast, 68 to 70 around the bay. increasing sunshine at noon, 4:00, 74 to 86 and 60s at 70s at 8:00. >> good morning, mike. we do have a couple slow spots this morning although nothing terrible yesterday. i want to take you into san francisco where we have one new issue, a disabled vehicle
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eastbound 80 around 7th street. folks trying to get on to the bay bridge and head towards the east bay a bit of a delay. also seeing a little red heading into the city. check this out, really dense mist and drizzle and fog out there this morning. good chance you will have to good chance you will have to flip your wipers on in several locations. a new tsa proposal making waves that could get rid of screening at some airports. >> passengers and security experts are questioning what they say is a potentially dangerous loophole. abc 7 news reporter matt keller is live at sfo this morning for us. matt? >> good morning, jessica and reggie. going through security at airports is not fun, but many people are concerned and confused about the latest proposal, believing it could make flying unsafe. this is just a proposal, no final decision has been made yet. the tsa proposal is to eliminate
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security screenings at more than 150 small and medium sized airports that operate commercial planes with 60 seats or less, about 10,000 daily passengers. those passengers and their luggage would be screened at the larger airports like sfo before leaving on their connecting flight. so why would they do that? according to cnn the move would save $115 million which could be used to bolster safety at larger airports. tsa's operating theory is smaller planes are less attractive targets to terrorists. security expert rick smith spoke to abc 7 news by phone and worries without screening weapons could be brought on to planes. >> you open up a hole there in security and you compromise the entire system. so i don't know what they're thinking. >> reporter: >> tsa released a statement which says there has been no decision to eliminate passenger screenings. reporting live at sfo, matt
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keller, abc 7 news. >> thank you. this morning there are still 19 active wildfires burning across california, but we have good news about a destructive fire in the north bay. the steele fire near lake berryessa is 100% contained. the western fire is 50% contained, south of the mendocino complex fires. hundreds of impacted by the ranch and river fires gathered in kelseyville for a community meeting. the incident commander hopes evacuated residents can return soon but not taking chances and don't want to have to reevacuate res densz. 14 homes have burned. cal fire hopes to have full containment by tuesday. cal fire as i mentioned, hopes to have that containment by tuesday, so hopefully that happens soon. let's talk about the carr fire burning out of control in shasta and trinity counties. cal fire's latest update showing the fire has scorched more than
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121,000 acres. it's 35% contained. evacuees waiting to return home. some are now reunited with their pets. that's good news. terry fox from redding says leaving her horse elle was one of the hardest decisions she's ever made. >> she can sense the anxiety from being in the trailer and wouldn't go in. for two years i gained a trust with them and they trust me and i have to turn my back on her. >> fox says she was prepared to never see elle again. then she saw the video from abc 7 news of firefighters trying to calm a horse and she recognized elle and felt relieved when animal control located her. they're staying with a new friend until able to go home. >> the oakland a's pledging $20,000 for those affected by the carr fire according to the vice president of communications and community. there are a lot of fires that we are following and you can find more info on all of them including the one burning near
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yosemite at and our abc 7 app. the man acquitted of killing kate steinle faces gun charges but according to the examiner they could be dismissed depending on a decision from the u.s. supreme court. the court agreed to hear a case that challenges an exception to double jeopardy that allows the state and federal government to charge a person for the same crime. in jose's case, the federal government charged him in possession of a firearm. >> we're hearing from the justice department after president trump's executive order on sanctuary cities ruled unconstitutional. california's ninth circuit court of appeals made the ruling yesterday. the order threatened to withhold funding from cities that limit cooperation with immigration authorities. san francisco and santa clara counties sued the trump administration over that policy. and now the justice department is calling it a victory for,
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quote, criminal aleens of california. a college student from boston is facing charges in silicon valley it's in connection with a theft of $5 million in cryptocurrency. 20-year-old joel ortiz is accused of stealing the cryptocurrencies by hacking phones owned by tech executives. investigators say ortiz duplicated sim cards. the district attorney's is leading a task force investigating these crimes. >> these hackers believe that this type of crime won't be investigated because it's too confusing and too difficult for us to prove. >> he is an information technology student at the university of massachusetts boston. >> a former employee of dianne feinstein's office may have been helping chinese spies. serious allegations next. >> also new at 6:00, a man who claims he was the victim of racism at a north bay shop now demanding the city of sausalito
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take action. >> you are never more than seven minutes away from my accuweather forecast. high clouds and the haze from the smoke going to create a very colorful sunrise. colorful sunrise. if you capture it and have
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you are never more than seven minutes away from your accuweather forecast. >> this is "abc 7 mornings." >> let's see how you should dress this morning. temperatures mainly in the upper 50s down in the south bay. we have some say mid 50s around morgan hills and 52 milpitas, san jose 62, los gatos 68. we're pretty much in the mid to upper 50s along the bay shoreline from san pablo 53, we have 52 in san jose and half moon bay. lafayette and danville 54. bodega bay, 59 degrees. your commute is going to play out, mist and drizzle once again. a little fog in the north bay and the closer to san jose. a small craft advisory during the afternoon hours gray and breezy at our beaches all day. let's find out about the morning commutes here alexis. >> good morning, mike. unfortunately we do have a sig alert for one of the crashes
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we've been talking about on the lighter side of 101. the only good news. southbound 101 before de la cruz boulevard in san jose. started off initially sounded like a disabled vehicle and now sounding like that vehicle lost control and hit the center divide and back into the lanes and that was hit by another vehicle and they also are saying no injuries but no, y an ambulance. we have some onlooker delay on the side. 880 before whipple road, the crash has cleared. a little backup leftover northbound and southbound. senator dianne feinstein's former driver was fired after being accused of helping chin e spies. >> this week a source confirmed what happened with "the chronicle." the report cites a magazine story about silicon valley espionage. it says feinstein's driver in california passed on political intelligence to officials based at the chi news consulate. the chronicle reports the fbi
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alerted the senator about the investigation five years ago and investigators found the driver did not reveal classified information. an international crime ring busted after stealing millions of credit cards. what you need to know to keep your identity safe. >> the unexpected way local vineyards are helping crews fight wildfires. >> we leave you with abc 7 news >> we leave you with abc 7 news now and a look from o crisp leaves of lettuce. freshly made dressing. clean food that looks this good. delivered to your desk. panera. food as it should be. panera. when your blanket's freshness fades before the binge-wching begins... that's when you know, it's half-washed.
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"abc 7 mornings." >> a massive international crime ring the government says it has taken down. information from more than 15 million credit cards stolen. 100 major american businesses targeted including chipotle, chili's and red robin. the group getting away with more than a billion bucks. the federal government says three high-ranking members of the group are under arrest and investigators say they operated out of eastern europe sending out phishing e-mails with malware to access private computer networks. >> the investigation continues. we are under no illusion that we have taken this group down yal together but we've made a significant impact. >> so what can you do to see if your credit card was compromised? well you can use a credit monitoring service to see if there's suspicious activity and if there is report it to your bank or credit card immediately.
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contact the company impacted. many like red robin will offer free identity theft insurance. there's a recall in the legal marijuana business. lowell herb company pulling its prerolled joints off store shelves. marijuana business daily reports the recall involves a batch that initially passed testing at three labs. however, one lab san francisco based anresco laboratories reversed its decision two weeks later. this is the second recall affecting the legal marijuana industry after new regulations went into effect last month. the law requires cannabis products to pass lab testing before they're sold. marijuana business insiders say they've been struggling with inconsistent results between labs. never too early to start thinking about dessert. >> i agree. today is national ice cream sndwich day and cream is offering almost free ice cream. it's going to cost you one vece. you can get a mini ice cream
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cookie sandwich between 1:00 and 4:00 this afternoon. you are limited to one ice cream sandwich per customer while spplies last. >> i can always go for ice cream, doesn't matter what time it is. >> me too. >> how close that is to my gym. i'll have to find out where those are. >> get the workout and go for the sandwich. >> just go all-in. >> go all-in. >> i appreciate you're okay with that. >> yeah. >> talk about what's going on and what you will be doing this afternoon. maybe if you think about exercising after that or not, either way you will find comfortable conditions outside. check out the color developing from sutro tower this morning. few high clouds off in the distance, little smoke and the marine layer that's going to keep us cooler than average today. the clouds will turn into hazy sunshine except for the clouds will turn into clouds at the coast and cloudy and misty tonight. i'm tracking above average warmth for next week. san francisco starts offer foggy and misty and 52 at 7:00,
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sunshine on the bayside, that's why you're in the low to mid 60s, cloudy, mid to upper 50s on the coast side. east bay, starting off cloudy, mist out there, temperatures in the 50s. warm into the upper 60s and 70s in most neighborhoods becoming breezy, 74 in fremont for the warm spot, peninsula mostly cloudy this morning becoming breezy and sunny this afternoon with temperatures from 66 in millbrae to 78 in redwood city. coast mid to upper 50s for our neighborhoods and the south bay waking waking up mostly cloudy in the 50s and 70s and 80s during the afternoon hours and in the north bay and also into the east bay, we'll top out in the mid to upper 80s during the afternoon hours. a little bit of warming friday and saturday but mother nature cools sunday before the warming trend monday. >> good morning, mike. we have a sig alert in the south bay. want to take you to santa clara, southbound 101 the lighter side of traffic. a crash taking three lanes before trimble. started off as a solo vehicle
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crash, bounced sideways back into the lanes off the center divide and that was hit by a work truck it sounds like and now that truck has a broken axle. i think that's why they issued a sig alert. this will take a while to get that out of there. onlooker delay on the northbound heavier side of traffic. not a major backup but i am keeping a close eye on that. looking much better northbound 880 before whipple road, a crash cleared 15 minutes ago. all of the delays have cleared out. a quick check of the bay bridge toll plaza, metering lights on. a little thin on the left side but you are stacked up through the center and right side. only ones cruising through are the carpool users. >> thank you. "good morning america" is coming up at 7:00 right here on abc 7. >> don't be fooled by the rocks he got. rob mar see yan no is from the block. hi, rob. >> oh, you're doing j-lo reference. i dig it. look at you. >> okay. these are my robbie from the
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block moves. all right. now that the channels have changed for your viewers, i apologize. coming up on "gma," abc news now learning special counsel robert mueller, big news, he wants to ask president trump about obstruction of justice in a potential interview with trump, sources saying the request triggered the tweet storm from the president where he said the attorney general should stop the investigation. we're going to have the latest, of course, led by george. also ahead, a possible new clue in that case of the missing college student from iowa. where she may have recently been spotted. we're going to share the details we've learned on that story. here she is, you mentioned it, jenny from the block, although i'm not sure she digs that anymore. jennifer lopez, i mean looking better than ever, sitting down with amy robach, getting a major honor, she speaks about her career, her kids, and how she celebrated her birthday with
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a-rod. and if it's not enough it's thursday, great deals and steals, everything is something we all can afford, 20 bucks or less. >> nice. >> all right. >> tune in for that. think about how many goldfish you could buy for $20. >> for 20 bucks. >> for your boy reggie. >> i know. >> that's like at least 5. >> i don't know. >> that's a favorite snack, you got us. you know us. >> keeps you guys -- the breakfast of champions. >> that's right. >> we're both wearing orange in celebration of goldfish. >> thanks, rob. see you later. >> bye, rob. plastic surgeons issuing a warning about a popular procedure, what you need to know before going under the knife. >> if you've got consumer questions 7 on your side michael finney wants to hear them. he will be at the santa clara county fair from 4:00 to 7:00 p.m. >> looking outside with abc 7 >> looking outside with abc 7 news now, the sun is rising a
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you are never more than seven minutes away from my accuweather forecast. want to show you the current air quality which is good for most of our neighborhoods. moderate through the napa valley towards the east bay. as you would expect near the fires, ferguson fire, mendocino complex and around the carr fire, the air is unhealthy for everybody. it will remain that way for several days. >> thank you. speaking of those wildfires, in one lakeport neighborhood the
6:25 am
river fire torched everything in its path except for a vineyard. wine growers say vineyards can be used as a tool to battle large wildfires. >> i can show you something >> i can show you something right here, that's green tissue that doesn't burn easy versus dried out brush that hasn't been rained on in a long period of time. >> experts say vineyards can serve as a fire break. new at 6:00 a.m., an african-american man kicked out of a sausalito store along with his family wants the city now to enact a zero tolerance policy against what he calls racially motivated incidents. >> anthony o'neill took cell phone video at quest casuals and walked in the store with his wife, daughter, and in-laws to look at hats. he says the homeowner asked the family to leave because they were disturbing business making a scene, and nothing do with their race. city leaders plan a visit to get
6:26 am
more details about what happened. a health alert about a popular cosmetic surgery. the american society of plastic surgeons say the brazilian butt lift is the most dangerous form of plastic surgery. the organization says 1 in 3,000 patients die. many people undergo the butt lift to get a shapely figure like that of kim kardashian or nicki minaj. surgery combines liposuction with fat grafting. on "gma," plastic surgeon dr. asigh explains what can go wrong. >> some surgeons are injecting a little too deep. there's important veins that bring blood from the lower aspect of the legs back into the heart and to the lungs. >> coming up on "gma," dr. ashton breaks down why the surgery is difficult and what people wanting the butt lift should look out for when they're choosing a plastic surgeon if it's something you're interested in you want to stay tuned. coming up next, bad guys beware. san jose's new police helicopter
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is already making arrests. >> a san jose company taking on walmart over fruits and veggies. >> the lawsuit. >> an incredibly brave girl. a mother's intuition and the discovery that changed their lives forever. >> we have a sig alert in the south bay this morning, still have that crash in the santa clara area on southbound 101 around trimble road. the latest on the lane closures and the bac you know when you're at ross shopping for backpacks... ...and mom also gets a back-to-school bag? that's yes for less. ross has the brands you want for back to school. and it feels even better when you find them for less. at ross. yes for less.
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good morning, bay area. >> this is "abc 7 mornings." >> now at 6:30 another with wildfire in the north bay as crews struggle to contain the fires burning. >> the search for the missing college student with bay area ties, where officials say she may have been spotted. >> how much is too much. a new study may have you rethinking how much time you spend on your phone. >> i'm looking forward to this, mickey is not happy. what caused him to storm off during an event at walt disney world. >> what? >> just threw up the deuces. see you later. >> wow. >> peace. >> mickey getting fiery this morning on a thursday, august 2nd. >> let's just say it has something to do with his relationship. >> oh. >> challenge. >> trouble in paradise. >> should we get chris harrison in here? >> maybe. >> t"the bachelor" host. >> is mickey single?
6:31 am
that's the question. >> oh, my gosh. >> chris could ask the hard-hitting questions. >> more questions than answers this morning. mike nicco, how is the weather? >> i have answers here. let's talk about you're never more than seven minutes away, our east bay hills camera showing the multi layers of clouds out there. in my accuweather 12-hour planner temperatures pretty much the same this morning in the low to mid 50s, 50s at the coast all day with the cloud cover being stubborn there. 68 to 74 where we will warm from noon to 4:00, increasing sunshine, 78 to 86 inland. any time you can download our accuweather app. it's free. >> good morning, mike. i want to take you back to our srts in t sig alert in the south bay. trying to clean up a crash involving two vehicles. started off as a solo vehicle crash in the middle lanes of southbound 101 one another vehicle hit it and they did call for an ambulance to the scene. initially they were saying no injuries. working on clearing it now. three lanes blocked on the
6:32 am
southbound side. we have onlooker delay on the northbound side. 4 miles an hour on 101, about 13 on the northbound side. a look at that backup northbound 101. it has made it to the 880 merge. a look at drive times coming up around 6:40. >> thank you. bart is now responding to a lawsuit filed by the family of nia wilson. >> as you know she was stabbed to death at the mcarthur station and her family claims the agency fell short in a major responsibility. abc 7 news reporter amy hollyfield live for us at the pleasant hill bart station. >> reporter: part of bart's response to the lawsuit points out he was arrested here and their 4,000 surveillance cameras should get some of the credit for the arrest. bart points out it has stepped up patrols in the past years of police officers on its trains and arrests are up. the family of 18-year-old nia wilson is suing bart saying bart had a legal duty to protect its
6:33 am
passengers from assault. john cowell was arrested and accused of her murder which police are calling a random attack with no motive. the family argues he should have been banned from bart because he was stopped for fare evasion a few weeks earlier. nothing is more important than the safety of our riders and employees. we are thankful the suspect is in custody due in large part to our surveillance system. the hearts break for the wilson family. her funeral is tomorrow morning. live at the pleasant hill bart station, amy hollyfield, abc 7 news. this morning thousands of firefighters are continuing to battle 19 wildfires across the state. >> close to home, crews struggling to gain ground on the mendocino complex fires which kids of the ranch fire and river fires. now there's also a new fire in the area, the western fire broke out yesterday afternoon off
6:34 am
highway 101 south of hopland. the western fire has burned 45 acres, and it is 50% contained. the mendocino sheriff's office is warning residents to be ready to evacuate if they feel unsafe. >> for that mendocino county, the bigger fires there, the complex, that would be the ranch and river fires, they've burned nearly 95,000 acres and together they're called the complex. the larger ranch fire is 15% contained while the river fire is 38% contained. last night hundreds of evacuees gathered in kelseyville for a community meeting hoping to find out when they will be able to return home. >> what we don't want to do is put people back in their homes that have been vaetsevacuated f week and turn around have to reevacuate those folks. >> i've tried to be the strong one to not show how worried i am. we're getting by. >> 14 homes have burned so far and cal fire hopes to have full containment by tuesday.
6:35 am
cal fire plans to have a community meeting today to update neighbors affected by the carr fire burning in shasta and trinity counties. that one now scorching 121,000 acres of land, it's about the size of the city of san jose. cal fire says the carr fire is just 35% contained at this point. and the numbers of structures destroyed still is at 1400. all 60 people reported missing in the fire zone have been located. some evacuated residents were allowed back in their homes yesterday. the carr fire is creating its own weather system making it a challenge for firefighters to predict which way it's spreading. a lot of fires we're following. find all of the information on those fires at as well as using our abc 7 news app. a whirlwind start for the san jose police department's new helicopter. the chopper just went into service and it's already helped track down a suspected bank robber. 46-year-old brian austin is accused of robbing the city
6:36 am
national bank yesterday just before 1:00 p.m. at the same time the flight crew for the new police chopper heard the police broadcast, jumped into action, and they were able to spot austin with the on board camera equipment. the crew then saw the suspect park at san jose international, change his clothes and board a shuttle. officers went in and arrested him. >> housing and services for the homeless will get a bigger chunk of san francisco's new budget. abc 7 news was in soma as mayor london breed signed a two-year, $11 billion spending plan yesterday. the city will spend $60 million on the homeless popular on a -- population, that includes a center for youth and a program for people newly homeless. >> we have to do a better job as a city in providing the resources, but also we have to make sure that people know that the option to sleep on the streets is not an option, especially if we have an alternative. >> the budget earmarks $800 million to build and preserve
6:37 am
nearly 3,000 housing units. san jose housing advocates rallied outside city hall before a packed community meeting on solutions to the city's homeless crisis there. caltrains revealed it's teaming up with non-profit groups to build temporary transitional housing under freeways. >> we're housing them anyway if you look at it. thousands of people in our right of ways. how do we partner with cities in the non-profits to make a difference. >> winter comes, people die in the streets and i see it and know too many people that died. they're god's children too. we have to do something. >> homeless advocates called on silicon valley tech companies to provide relief. this mork the white house is back pedalling after president trump's tweet on the russia investigation. he tweeted attorney general jeff sessions should stop this rigged witch hunt right now before it continues to stain our country any further. sources tell abc news this tweet was blasted out after president
6:38 am
trump learned about robert mueller wanting to question him regarding obstruction of justice in writing and in person. abc news chief dan abrams talked to george on "gma" about what this means. >> there's no question this is an effort to undermine, undercut, impair, maybe hinder, the investigation. does that necessarily mean it's legal obstruction of justice? that's a question that robert mueller is going to have to assess. >> you can hear dan abrams' analysis of the developments and how kite affect the midterm elections at 7:00 a.m. on "gma.." you are never more than seven minutes away from my accuweather forecast. here's a look at the temperatures on the peninsula where we have 50 in daly city, pacifica 51, half moon bay and san bernardino 52, everybody else 54 to 57 degrees. look at the rest of our neighborhoods, mid to upper 50s from the east bay to the valleys. 64 antioch, san jose 62, warm spots, napa and santa rosa at 50.
6:39 am
a look at a dry san mateo bridge not completely taken over by the clud cover. looks like the closer to san francisco and the coast that's more likely where you will find the fog and drizzle. some fog also up arouaround petaluma towards santa rosa. watch out for a reduction in visibility there. ferry ride will be breezy this afternoon and cool this morning in your mass transit. little warm this afternoon. in the south bay from cloudy and 60 to about 76 with sunshine at noon, hanging around 80 this afternoon, 69 at 8:00, and let's go over to the east bay where we have fog and 59 this morning. increasing sunshine and 67 at noon, and then mostly sunny in the afternoon and the upper 60s but look at the 61 degrees by 8:00. pretty comfortable feeling weather there. let's find out what's going on with the commute this morning and where people will feel a little uncomfortable. >> definitely our sig alert area in santa clara. take you back down to the south bay where we have our traffic alert. southbound 101 around trimble causing a backup here on the
6:40 am
northbound side as well. folks slowing down to take a look at the crash on the other side of the roadway. north of the 880 interchange. the backup goes down to about mckey road. we'll zoom in and show you where the trouble spot is. s solo vehicle crash and we did have injuries, working on getting a tow truck to the scene and you are jammed for about two miles on the northbound side. i would say probably three, closer to four on the northbound side at this point. everyone else doing pretty well so far. westbound 580, tracy to dublin, 680, dublin to mission boulevard in the green, 101 to cupertino, no issues. wide open at 17 minutes. if you're planning a trip to the lighthouse might want to postpone it. starting monday the 48-year-old lighthouse will be closed for a major restoration. the $5 million projects includes restoring the lens and clockwork mechanism. the lighthouse should reopen in october. no more visa.
6:41 am
a popular grocery store chain about to ban one of america's most popular credit cards. >> you're looking live at the big board at the stock exchange, down significantly. another update on how the markets are doing. getting to work in style, how close the bay area is to getting one of these to help ease our major traffic issues. >> live look outside at the bay >> live look outside at the bay bridge at 6:41, get your day
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you are never more than seven minutes away from your accuweather forecast. >> this is "abc 7 mornings." >> a look at unfortunate news i have to deliver to you. the air quality will remain unhealthy through at least 4:00 saturday afternoon. the area you see shaded in gray here which is pretty much the san joaquin valley to the grapevine and yosemite. possible around palm springs at 109, less likely around san diego and los angeles 81 to 88. clearing along the coast but it will be breezy with temperatures in the low to mid . panic on a ryan air flight in spain. a passenger recorded this video after a cell phone charger burst into flames. he poured water on it to put the flames out. the plane was about to take off from barcelona on tuesday. passengers were evacuated and
6:45 am
booked on other flights. ryan air says the phone was being charged on an external battery pack. can you imagine going to the airport and not have to go through a security screening. that's a proposal the tsa is considering. >> security experts and passengers are weighing in. abc 7 news reporter matt keller is live at matt? >> good morning, jessica and reggie. a lot of people would think it would be great if they were able to skip the security line but what if everybody was able to skip the security line. that could happen at smaller airports. this is a proposal. no final decision just yet. the tsa proposal is to eliminate security screenings at more than 150 small and medium-sized airports that operate commercial planes with 60 seats or less, 10,000 darylily passengers. those passengers and luggage would be screened at sfo. according to cnn the move would
6:46 am
save $115 million which could be used to bolster safety at larger airports. tsa's operating theory smaller planes are less attractive targets to terrorists. no word on which airports would be impacted if the proposal moves forward. live at sfo, matt keller, abc 7 news. >> thank you. speaking of getting around the bay area, we could do it pretty quickly it could be a first for the bay area, a new high-speed transportation system called the hyper loop. >> business and civic leaders in cupertino are floating it as one of several high-tech ways to address road congestion to get people to their jobs faster. even during non-rush hour it could take 26 minutes by car to drive just eight miles from downtown san jose to cupertino which is home to the new spaceship offices of apple park. hyper loop is a vehicle inside a low pressure tube at speeds up to 670 miles an hour. here's cupertino's chamber of
6:47 am
commerce leader. >> it needs to be broader than cupertino. hyper loop within cupertino is not something that would produce a lot of benefits. you need a regional solution. >> virgin hyper loop one has not had discussions about the cupertino initiative. new details right now on the search for a missing university of iowa student who spent part of her childhood in oakland. police in kerney, missouri, say they're following up on reports that someone spotted a woman resembling mollie tibbetts at a truck stop last thursday. police officials say they've passed along the report to authorities in iowa. later today her family expected to announce a $30,000 reward for her safe return. the 20-year-old was reported missing last month in brooklyn, iowa, and last seen going for a jog. and now your morning money report, walmart facing a $2 billion lawsuit from a san jose
6:48 am
company. >> the suit claims the retailer stole technology developed to prolong the shelf life of fruits and veggies. zest labs says it worked with walmart for years on technology to make produce last longer. zest says walmart lost interest so it was pretty stunned when the retailer unveiled its own internal food waste technology. walmart says it's taking the lawsuit seriously and will respond if court. you will no longer be able to use your visa credit card at foodsco stores in california. the store's parent company kroger says it's going to stop accepting visa august 14th. the ban covers six stores in the bay area. kroger is blaming visa's high processing fees for the change. a live look at the new york stock exchange. as trading getting underway this morning. we're down significantly, 173 points right now. more companies will report their quarterly earnings today, including cbs. by the way, it could be the first time that we hear from cbs president les moonves since
6:49 am
he was accused of sexual misconduct. something to watch out for. call ate mother's intuition, a south bay woman knew her daughter wasn't just suffering from bad stomach aches and what doctors discovered has changed the family's life forever. 10-year-old destiny was diagnosed with ovarian cancer after a family vacation to universal studios in march. she says during the trip, she felt pain like she had never felt before. >> just didn't want to say because i didn't want to ruin everything. so i kind of just kept it to myself. >> the pain kept getting worse and destiny wasn't acting like herself. doctors discovered a nearly five pound stage three malignant cancerous tumor growing in one of her a gofundme page was created for the family. look at her now, her mom says that she has been cleared. she's doing well.
6:50 am
>> she's beautiful. happy she's doing well. new research shows adults spend more time interacting with media than ever before that includes more than 11 hours a day watching videos, browsing social media and watching tv. >> it is a staggering number. according to the new study by market research group nielsen, an average person spends three hours 48 minutes a day on computers, tablets and smartphones. television still the most media usage. adults spend more than four hours 46 minutes on average watching tv every single day. >> i think if we try we could get that up to snix. >> that's why we're here. now to a love triangle at disney world in florida involving the park's most famous couple mickey and mini. >> it started with this incident. a fan named johnny gets down on one knee and proposes to mickey's long-time girlfriend.
6:51 am
>> she appears to say yes. >> and then who is around the corner watching the whole thing like he's on a jerry springer episode. mickey. confronting his girl and also his rival johnny. now johnny was apologizing. mickey is not having it. mickey making the i've got my eyes on you gesture before storming off causing everyone to lose their minds. >> wow. >> may need couples counseling. >> neither can stop smiling through all of that. i mean it makes it a little bit weird but it is -- >> but true story. >> yes. >> minni has no ring. >> maybe she's getting tired of it. >> maybe -- >> step your game up, mickey. it's time. >> see how big her hand is and the ring would have to be. >> what are why >> thick fingers.
6:52 am
>> all the better to hug you with. >> watch it. >> i like it. a look at what's going on from sutro tower. hi, everybody. a gorgeous morning unfolding from this vantage point. let's talk about what's going to happen in my accuweather highlights. mostly sunny and mainly comfy. another round of clouds and mist. tracking potential heat wave for next week. as far as the cloud cover, it's going to spread up until 9:00, mist and drizzle along the coast and san francisco, fog around roner park, petaluma and santa rosa and then after 9:00, you can see it goes back to the coast where it lingers throughout the afternoon and early evening hours before making that trip back to the east tonight. 77 in vuneny veil, 79 cupertino, 80s and 90s deeper into the south bay. 70s on the peninsula, except millbrae. mid to upper 50s along the coast, brisk day there. low to mid 60s in downtown and south san francisco. going to be breezy and hazy through the north bay, low to mid 80s, look at that 78 in napa
6:53 am
to 95 in lakeport. almost exactly like yesterday. everybody else in the low to mid 70s and inland we've got some comfortable mid 80s around walnut creek and san ramon. low to mid 90s around antioch and brentwood. my accuweather seven-day forecast, two to four degrees warmer friday and saturday, sunday a lot like today and see the warming trend beginning monday. have a great day. here's alexis. >> i want to head back to our traffic alert where we got great news. dealing with a collision blocking three lanes on southbound 101 before trimble road. since about 5:30 this morning. everything just opened back up. so you saw that backup getting shorter on the southbound side and significant onlooker delays on the northbound side. northbound 101 at 880. hopefully ta will start to thin out since that has totally cleared there from the scene. that is improving. a check of the bay bridge as well. we were socked in and had mist and drizzle a short time ago.
6:54 am
some of that has lifted and speeds have picked up for the folks heading into san francisco on the other side of the bridge, those metering lights are still on. >> thank you. happening today, caltrains board of directors is scheduled to discuss plans for building an electrical substation in burlingame. residents have complained about the original plans for the substation to be built at mills avenue. caltrains announced it is working with the city of burlingame on an alternative solution, a site on north carolina avenue. officials say the new site would lessen the impact on residents and allowed grade separation plans to move forward. today's board meeting starts at 9:00 a.m. california will celebrate the contribution to surfing with a special day. september 20th is california surfing day part of a bill that became law this week. still a debate in sacramento about whether surfing should be california's official sport but this might help. it's making its olympic debut in tokyo in 2020. >> i'm into it.
6:55 am
>> yeah. this is a cool photo. security camera at denver international caught this bald eagle keeping watch as the planes were landing and taking off yesterday. the airport released several images of the bird and they became instant hits on social media. the eagle stopped by for a portrait. >> beautiful. next the seven things you need to know before you go. >> first a live look outside at 6:55. ♪ follow the wta stars as they hit san jose the mubadala silicon valley classic where visionaries become victors july 30th to august 5th the us open series tickets on sale now the us open series weaving your own shoes...rgy by out of flax.
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here are seven things to know before you go. the mendocino complex fires are bue than 94,000 acres. the larger ranch fire is 15% contained, the river fire is 38% contained. number two, cal fire plans to hold a community meeting to update neighbors affected by the carr fire burning in shasta and trinity counties. it's now scorched 121,000 acres. that fire is 35% contained. number three, it's kind of cool, humid, a little mist and drizzle for your morning commute and we'll see sunshine away from the coast and a breezy afternoon that will have temperatures below average, 70s and 80s. >> number four, the family of oakland's macarthur bart station
6:59 am
stabbing victim nia wilson is suing the transit agency saying it should have done more to protect her and her sister. investigators believe john cowell randomly attacked wilson last week. >> number five the tsa considering a proposal that would eliminate security screenings at more than 150 small and medium-sized airports. according to cnn, the plan would affect commercial planes with 60 seats or less. no final decision has been made. >> number six, we have been dealing with a sig alert in the south bay for the last hour and a half or so that did clear around 15 minutes ago. southbound 101 before de la cruz. all lanes are back open. pretty quickly on the southbound side, i should say, backup remains heading northbound. number seven, mcdonald's cooking up a special coin to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the big mac starting today at lunch time, you can buy a big mac and get a coin. later you can take the coin back and they will give you another big mac. buy one get one. >> i have one for you. >> oh. >> oh. >> oh, man. >> mike.
7:00 am
>> jessica. >> yes. >> i'll keep all of these for me. >> what? >> i'm the official hamburger good morning, america. russia investigation showdown. special counsel robert mueller insists on asking president trump about obstruction of justice. sources now say that new communication fueled the tweet storm from the president that said attorney general jeff sessions should end the investigation. now outrage is growing from members of his own party. flash flooding alert. torrential rains sparking water rescues across the east. 30 million in the path of dangerous flooding from florida to new york. out west, the new threat from those massive wildfires. the new warnings about air quality for thousands. urgent manhunt. police releasing new surveillance footage of the man who gunned down that prominent houston doctor who once treated a president.


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