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tv   ABC7 News 600PM  ABC  August 2, 2018 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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right. it's going up between the berkeley campus and station. >> katie with the qualifications to move in. >> reporter: uc berkeley will have the master lease for housing. i'm told it will be housing for grad students. will 3 ten square feet enough space. 310. >> reporter: the director is in the middle of an experiment. >> we will only do it if it brings down our cost by on construction side and 50% on timing side. >> reporter: this 22 unit building is being constructed with prefabricated modular containers. the photos show the unts being stacked like lego's in matter of four days, built in china and shipped to the port in oakland. >> prefab only works if you're
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close to the port. trucking costs kill you. >> reporter: costs more to truck them from oakland to berkeley than it did to cross the ocean. >> stairwells and hallways get finished onsite. the units proper are built at the factory. >> reporter: the units are built to hold two people. >> it comes down like so. >> reporter: the ada accessible ones are on the first floor. no parking or elevator. there will be bike lockers. some neighbors say this is not the solution to the housing shortage. >> we will never build our way out of a housing crisis. there are more people that want to live in the bay area than room for. >> reporter: originally a boutique hotel, they partnered got approved under a more sympathetic administration when the other mayor was here that lives around the corner. >> reporter: they have set the price for these rental units $2100 a month comparable to
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other graduate student housing units. the folks that walked by and expressed concerns about this, people that live in the neighborhood would like to see more housing for people who already live in berkeley, not just students. >> katie, these boxes or units are essentially steel boxes. how does that affect them in earthquakes? what does that mean? >> reporter: in short, it's great for earthquakes. these are incredibly sturdy. to give you an idea all of these were built and finished in china. the drywall was done over there as well as the tile floors. they were craned onto boats and shipped across the ocean and craned on flatbed trucks and hauled here. a lot of medium inside and none of the drywall is cracked or tile floors cracked, incredibly sturdy good for earthquake soundness. abc news. >> thanks very much. for the latest on the california wildfires. for the first time the complex
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topped the highest number. evacuation order went out for long valley, high valley and spring valley. spencer christian is monitoring and our reporter. cornell barnard. >> reporter: the western shores at clear lake remain off-limits to residents and the national police enforcing the road blocks. it's too large plumes of smoke coming from the other side and clearly, this firefight is far from over.
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cal fire telling me just a short time ago that fire activity has really increased here in the last two hours as winds have definitely picked up. a lot of people, hundreds of them remain out of their homes in lake county, especially communities of upper lake and niese and lucerne, a couple hours ago. we did get word evacuation orders lifted for southeast lake port, north of highway 29, near highland springs road. we are live in the community of nice in lake county. >> thank you for that update. in one neighborhood it torched everything in its path except for a vineyard. vineyards can be used as a tool to help battle wildfires. >> this is green growing tissue.
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it doesn't burn very easy versus dried-out brush that hasn't been irrigated or rained on in a long period of time. >> because of that, experts say vineyards can serve as a fire break. let's bring in spencer christian for a look at the red flag warnings. >> that red flag warning goes into effect 11:00 tomorrow morning and in effect until 11:00 p.m. saturday. this is the area it covers, mendocino complex fires and carr fire and 15-20%. weather conditions, gusts 10 miles an hour, 87 degrees, relative humidity 18% when gusting 20 miles an hour. wind gusts intensify in the afternoon and evening hours and will remain windy all across the region where the fires are
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burning. the carr fire, 99 degrees, relative humidity, only 14% gusts to 16 miles an hour. dangerous fire conditions the next couple of days, i will update you on any additional information that comes in. >> thanks. there is good news for residents chased out of their homes in the carr fire in shasta county. officials announced this afternoon evacuations have been lifted in all but five neighborhoods in redding. it has burned more than 126,000 acres and 35% contained, unchanged from yesterday. oficials are warning there are plenty of hazards to watch out for. >> power poles down, wires down. gas leaks. some of the wires that are down could be reenergized with people that remained in the area. >> a telephon organized by krcr and the salvation army is accepting donations for the fire
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victims right now, if you want to help. we have the phone number and link to donate online, on our website. look for the carr fire story. >> the ferguson fire has breached the yosemite national park near the community. 100 structures threatened and not expected to open until sunday at the earliest and another won't reopen at least until august 12th. these are all the fires active, 19 total. the largest being carr, mendocino complex and ferguson fires. moving on to nia wilson, the funeral of the girl that was stabbed at bart and they plan to file a lawsuit.
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>> reporter: the attorneys say it could have been prevented. this man was accused of killing her and stabbing her sister. >> we didn't do nothing and for this to happen is outright crazy. >> reporter: he had been cited for evasion four days before he allegedly killed wilson. because of the lack of security at the turn style, the suit will claim criminals freely enter the system and preventable crime's cur in stations on a daily basis. in an e-mail statement bart say is in the last several years it launched a multi-prong approach including a new proof of pay ordinance and infrastructure changes to make it harder to bypass fare get as. a bart spokesman says arrests surged last year by nearly 40% due to the fact our officers were in the right place at the right time.
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rodney says he and his friends have been offering passengers escorts to their cars. >> we picked up and decided to do something to help our community. >> is there something they should have done they didn't do? is there some duty of care they failed to exercise, they were required to exercise? >> reporter: the family's attorneys say they will file the claim against bart next week. melanie woodrow, abc news. >> nia wilson's memorial service is tomorrow and we will be there covering it for you at acts full gospel church at 103466th avenue in oakland. we will stream it live through the abc news app. something new at the santa clara fair and what organizers did to reinvent the struggling event. thee mail scan that can take in even the most savvy among us.
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"7 on your side" coming up. >> reporter: i'm laura anthony where a new school dress code could raise some eyebrows but the district says it's for the greater good. >> get out your zone. answer this question, should schools have a dress code? you just need to select thumbs up or thumbs down, very easy, no ne
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in san jose tonight, organizations of the santa clara county fair are trying to breathe new life into an old event that has struggled to attract visitors for years. live at the fairgrounds with more on this re-imagined
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celebration. >> reporter: that's right. it's all about celebrating the diversity of silicon valley. the fair has struggled in recent years but officials are really hoping to recreate some of the magic of the whether you're searching for the perfect snack or hoping to check out the livestock you can find it at the santa clara fair. >> here, it's real. people are real, moving around and all kinds of exhibits and animals. >> reporter: this marks the debut of lgbtq out at the county fair. >> the county fair is in everyone's backyard and should be a highlight and it should be important to include everyone. >> reporter: in the hall next to vendors, a new exhibit on social justice that aims to educate. >> before our very eyes, exhibit a way to bring awareness about education and issues to the general public and where they're
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at and ways to get involved and making a difference. >> reporter: in its heyday the fair attracted nearly half a million people on an annual basis. last year, only 24,000 came. officials hope to double that number this weekend. >> i feel so hat home and want to share that with everyone. all of our staff worked so hard and hope you will come out and join us. we're throwing a wonderful party for you. >> reporter: as much as the fair is about going forward, paying homage to the past. the pepper steaks are here after being gone nearly 30 years. >> it's kind of nostalgia. we were sitting in this booth looking at the peopsaid, man, d bring back memories. >> reporter: the famous strawberry shortke from is also here. there areppening in the next fe. tomorrow, our very own michael finney will be here to answer your consumer related questions. we have that to look forward to
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as well. live here in san jose, chris nguyen, abc news. oakland officially filed for re-election. she went into the clerk's office and room of supporters who helped get her elected. we talked about bart and plans to file a lawsuit on behalf of the family of nia wilson stabbed to death on a bart platform. >> every public agency that goes through a trauma, and i certainly know this from experience, is really responsible for learning from that trauma and making improvements, doing better. >> she is facing a crowded field. 16 people are running for mayor. a pioneering chinese restaurant on the peninsula played host this afternoon for a
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hollywood party for the film "crazy rich asian." >> the stakes are crazy high not for the born and bred director but the americans and future for diversity in hollywood. >> our anchor is live with the story. hi. >> reporter: hey, dan and a gre like i did, you know the this has been here for 50 years. the movie, like the cuisine, is ground breaking. "crazy rich asians" is based on a best selling novel. a professor discovers her boyfriend comments fres from on wealthiest families in singapore and a socioeconomic and cul culc class follows, threatening the
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romance. >> we all know about the crazy in-laws. >> crazy is supposed to modify the word rich, they're not rich, crazy rich. >> reporter: you may star constance woo as the witty mom in the sitcom "pressure off the boat" but you may not have known the 38-year-old director grew up here working in his father's restaurant in celebration of the film. >> to have an asian couple even just kiss on-screen is a huge deal in a hollywood movie. >> reporter: crazy rich asians" is this first asian focused studio movie since 25 years ago. he turned down a huge offer from netflix including complete creative control and went with warner brothers to be sure the film would be seen in theaters. >> reporter: do you think the viability of other asian projects depends on the success
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of this film? >> it doesn't depend on it. if it doesn't work we have to keep going. i know for a fact there are others waiting at this studio and depending how fast it goes how fast they green light it. do you feel the pressure? >> absolutely. >> reporter: some people compare this movie to "black panther" in terms of what success could do. crazy rich asians openspenspenss 15th. >> let's get a check on our weather. spencer christians is here with that. we have more heat coming. >> we do. the fire is already a big problem. even here in the bay area, warmer weather coming our way. live doppler 7, a little spot of coastal fog developing, but generally sunny from coast to inland right now. it is breezy, some places might
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call it windy. we have gusts to 29 miles an hour at fairfield around the bay and coast. wind speeds range from 13 miles an hour to nearly 20 miles an hour. that will be the pattern during the night time hours as well. here's a view looking forth ward. we can see a lot of smoke emanating from the massive fires to our north. in the bay area, mainly clear skies and relatively good air quality. 64, 66 at morgan hill and 57 at half moon bay. at the golden gate, skies look pretty clear. you can see haze in the distance. 74 degrees in santa rosa, napa. in vacaville. 83 in concord and 79 at livermore. one more view from the hills you can see the smoke continuing to billow from the fires. slightly warmer in the bay area tomorrow and saturday. minor cooldown sunday and
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warming up again early next week. we might see triple digit highs midweek next week. spotty coastlines and fog over the bay. overnight lows generally in the low to upper 50s in the inland valleys. tomorrow, a two-day warm-up begins, highs in antioch, livermore and concord and high 87 at santa rosa. 65 this is high in san francisco. 72 across the bay in oakland, down south, 83, expected high at san jose. a look at the red flag warning. until 11:00 a.m. tomorrow and 11:00 p.m. on saturday including areas down north and the mendocino complex fires and extends to the sierra foothills and sierra. air quality, we have been fortunate in the bay area with massive fires burning. nearby good quality.
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green dots indicate moderate to good air quality and we expects that to be the case tomorrow. in the central valley and northward and eastward, orange and red dots indicating poor quality. that's tomorrow. notice the steady pattern of the next two days but a slight cooldown occurs sunday. a warming trends begins monday, tuesday, wednesday, thursday, inland highs in the upper 90s around 100 and mid to upper 90s around the bay mid-atlantic 60s on the coast. a very warm week next week but doesn't look like a heat wave but a spike in heat. >> thank you. >> count those ♪ ♪ ♪ i put a spell on you ♪ yeah, because you're mine ♪
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a year ago today the dow closed above 22,000 for the first time ever. today, despite dipping a few points it closed over 25,300. the big story of the day is apple that closed up at 207. they became the first publicly traded u.s. company to be valued at $1 trillion. the company has evolved through its 42 year history starting as a computer powerhouse and then
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one of the leaders in smart devices. the majority of its process now come from iphone sells. its creativity and snack for that are the reasons it stays on top. >> the next thing will be a set of glasses tied to this. you and i will be able to walk around with normal glasses with intelligence coming to it from the iphone. >> apple also has a lot of cash on hand. it is estimated to be sitting on $244 billion. that's more than plenty to spend on product development or buy up another company. cbs has hired two law firms to investigate sexual harassment claims against ceo les moonves. led by women. two women have accused him of sexual misconduct ranging from forced kissing to retaliation against those who rebuffed his advances. he is still the ceo and part of
6:26 pm
the earnings announcements that beat investors expectations. there could be another rollback of the obama administration requiring automakers to make fuel officiate cars. california fights back. should schools have a dress code? that's our question tonight. give that question a thumbs up or thumbs down at slash vote to
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low blood pressure, kidney problems, or high blood potassium. ask your doctor about entresto for heart failure. yeah! entrust your heart to entresto. ♪ the beat goes on. live where you live, this is abc7 news. the trump administration announced it wants to freeze a rule that requires improved fuel efficiency and emission standards setting up a showdown with at least 20 states including california that say they will take this whole issue to court. up until now california has been allowed to set its own strict standards. >> the story. >> reporter: president trump says it would be finalized this
6:30 pm
year that automakers no longer have to have 54 miles an hour for cars and light trucks by 2025, instead, the standards would be frozen after 2021 at 37 miles per gallon. this is expected to reduce the sale of hybrid and electric cars. tom steyer, an avid critic of the process says republicans are once again carrying out an assault on the right of every american to clean air by undoing essential protections to safe guard public health. >> the state of washington seeks to block this reckless new trump administration policy. >> reporter: republicans argued under the obama plan consumers have less of a choice and would pay significantly higher prices for more fuel officiate cars. in addition, they maintain electric cars are not as green as one thinks. >> electric cars account for a lot of electricity generation
6:31 pm
and a lot of that is dependent on natural gas and coal and that pollutes the air. >> reporter: the president's plan would revoke california's legal waiver that has allowed the state to set higher standards. >> this does not allow us to set the stricter guidelines. we've always been more aggressive than the united states. >> reporter: assemblyman, phil has introduced a propope sal reduce it by 2040. >> he says he will reintroduce it next year. nbc7 news. some bay area airports will receive about ten million in grants from the federal government to pay for upgrades. a live look at san jose international which will be award more than $5 million to upgrade one way lighting. oakland international will get more than 4 million dollars to install new signs on the runways and make repairs. fso is not on the list.
6:32 pm
the money comes from the airport administration airport improvement program specifically designed to cover infrastructure costs. abc7 news, the new transit system, really impressive. we got a sneak at the new rooftop garden 70 feet up in the air planning the opening saturday, august 11th, a week from this weekend. pople will be able to tour the center and walk on the skybridge buses will use to go from the bay bridge to the terminal. for information go to our website at new at 6:00 tonight, mountain view police want help to find man who stole a car right out of a man's driveway. they shared it on san lucas avenue. you see a man walk up to a crv, unlock it and drive away. anyone who recognizes this guy or the car is asked to contact the mountain view police
6:33 pm
immediately. today, an uber driver was found guilty for hitting a 6-year-old on new year's eve in 2013 as she walked with her mom and brother. he did not have a passenger in the car. prosecutors argued he was looking at his cell phone at the time of the crash. the district attorney had a message for all san francisco drivers. >> those that are driving understand you carry a big responsibility when you're driving a vehicle because you have an instrument that can cause death, even if you're driving not necessarily very fast. he was charged with a misdemeanor after the jury found no gross negligence in this incident. he faces up to a year in jail. new developments in the search for a missing iowa college student. the reward for the safe return for mollie tibbetts has jumped
6:34 pm
up to $172,000. her parents announced the reward today gone two weeks. her family reported her missing the next day after she didn't show up for work. the family is holding up just fine. we're setting our personal feelings aside. this is a fight for our daughter. >> if they're listening, i would like them to know, imagine this was you. everybody has a mollie in their life, a person that affected them in the way she affected everybody standing up here right now. >> tibbetts spent part of her child in oakland's glen valley neighborhood before moving to iowa. one of the most popular video games with kaepernick. that prompted outrage from the rapper who wrote the song.
6:35 pm
they apologized saying we made an unfortunate mistake with our madden nfl soundtrack. member of our team misunderstand while we don't have rights to include kaepernick in the game, we -- this does not affect the soundtrack. we messed up. fighting con artists for year. >> see the e-mail that targeted him personally and how he knew not to fall for it. answer this question for us. should schools have a dress code? give it a yes or no on abcnews.covo't have to sign you name or
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the almeida unified school district decided to get out of the business of being the clothing police and loosenedt upcoming school year. >> it's a trial program. we want to know what you think about it. >> yes. should schools have a dress code. you can see some responses coming in now. 78% overwhelmingly saying yes, 21% saying no. >> we're getting a big response.
6:39 pm
vote to give this question a thumbs up or thumbs down. abc7 news laura anthony has details of our story in alameda. >> we're looking at some athletic shorts. >> reporter: we went to a local clothing store, af to see what's in. they're no longer prohibited. >> spaghetti tops are okay, short shorts okay. the body shaming with dress codes of the past. >> we found earlier dress codes ended up making students feel ashamed of their bodies and humiliated in front of their class for having shorts too short. >> it's not really that enforced anyway. >> reporter: nicole cramer and her dad were picking up her registration packets. >> sometimes my friends would be sent home for having ripped
6:40 pm
jeans and couldn't get back because their parents were at work. >> it's not approprate. >> reporter: others think it's not appropriate in the classroom. >> not a tank top. they should be covered up, especially girls. >> reporter: why? >> because boys might get the wrong message. >> reporter: their policy isn't 100% anything goes. nick that could be considered hate speech or pornographic is still strictly prohibited. otherwise, they believe it's up to the parents to police their kids and don't worry about the ni policy producing distractions in the classroom. >> i think it's a good thing so they can show who they really ar and what they want to wear, stuff like that. >> reporter: what are you going to focus on? >> school. >> reporter: in alameda, laurie anthony, abc7 news. that gives you the full picture, background for the question. our live poll has been up this entire time. >> up to 80% saying yes, 20% no.
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you can still go to >> we'll continue. what kind of
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scam steres trie steres tr d michael finney. >> i have two scams to warn you about. the first one started with an e-mail sent to me here at abc7 news. here's the e-mail i received on my work computer. i do know redacted is your password. it reads indeed the password blurred here is one i used in the past. edward sedan. >> they have your password they have gleaned over one of the many hacks in the past several years. >> the e-mail goes on, i know your secret and has video of the recipient watching adult material and will send it to family and friends. to keep thing private, send me $2700. >> i'm here to tell you, do not pay the ransom. just change the password if it's
6:45 pm
still in use anywhere. >> don't fall for it. here's another scam. this one picked up by this security, using airline apps to lure us in using fake e-mail address that can trick even the most aware among us. a founder of this security company. >> a clever trick they all deploy is the url, the information you put on the browser looks almost exactly like the airliner. >> a free to security consumer app checks websites to make sure they are what they say they are. here, it's looking at a web address included in a messaging app. >> there's tiny dots between the t and w, so hard to see. >> yes, i can see that. >> look for yourself. can you see it? let's really get close up. sea to the dots under the t and
6:46 pm
w? that completely changes the url. i posted links about security and technology. if you want additional information go to those little dots, those come from letters from different languages, not the english language. i want to hear from you open monday through friday. 415 954-8151. and you can reach me on my facebook page and at the santa clara fair, taking questions in person. the san jose pop-up will be there between 4:00 and 7:00 p.m. >> excellent. always popular to see it in person. >> thank you. here is a treat for movie fans and car buffs. that 1968 ford mustang is the same one driven by steve mcqueen
6:47 pm
in the movie "the bullet," probably the first time it has been here since it was made 50 years ago. one of the most iconic in chase history. the owner preserved the car in the condition it was left in by te filmmakers. >> it's something we always wanted to keep original. there's so many dents, scrapes, everything from the movie, not a normal '68 fastback to restore. >> isn't that cool? the car still has the metal bars used to mount the cameras for the chase scene and warner brothers parking sticker. ford released it for the movie. >> a check of the forecast. >> great car. >> great looking car. a great film. if you haven't ever seen it, see. i if you have seen it, see it again. we have mainly sunny skies across the bay area right now, a
6:48 pm
little patch of fog forming along the coastline. it will get better developed and push maybe a patch or two throughout the bay. overnight lows, in the 50s and could be a spot of drizzle. even up the coast, breezy again tomorrow. high temperatures wage from low 60s up the coast and mainly low mid-atlantic 70s along the bay and warms up in livermore, antioch, concord, 87, 94 at cloverdale. this red flag warning is in effect from 11:00 a.m. tomorrow until 11:00 p.m. saturday, perhaps beyond that including the areas of the complex fires and carr fires and air quality continues across a wide portion of central california and central valley and sierra foothills. back to the bay area, we see a
6:49 pm
slight cooldown on sunday, lasts about one day mid-atlantic way next week we may see triple digit temperatures in our warmest inland areas. the heat is back. >> thank you. >> we have larry with us. >> baseball to talk about. >> the giant situation. they're trying to make a playoff
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6:52 pm
good evening. bad news just turned into worst news for giants. pablo sandoval needs surgery on a torn hamstring. this was moments after legging out his first triple since the 2015 season. the manager, bruce bochy called the injury crushing. his versatility has been helpful. he played third, first, second. a little fit behind the plate, pitched a little. five games back, they begin a four game series tonight in the desert. raiders had a special guest at practice. future hall of fame quarterback, peyton manning stopped by to get his football fix. he spent the day with derek carr and other quarterbacks and sat in on meetings and gave his observations to carr. you could tell carr really enjoyed having peyton manning around in camp.
6:53 pm
the one time we beat him there, didn't want to play that one. no. i think the world of peyton. >> you him before a little bit. to see him today and talk to him on a more personal level and ask him questions was really beneficial. jimmy garoppolo has been spending more time after practice with his wide receivers, it's starting to show. marquise goodwin and rookie, dante pettis. they traded up to land pettis. the investment could pay off big. he set ana record with nine punt return touchdowns with huskies. he was a 4:4.40. he has a weird unorthodox running style. >> my legs kick out a little bit, i'm pigeon towed and my feet turn in and a little awkward for people to see. dbs aren't used to seeing that.
6:54 pm
it throws them off a little bit. i've never really worke a anyth. >> it just comes naturally. >> football is officially back, the hall of fame game in canton, ohio, bears and ravens. ray lewis among the hall of fame inductees. he can still lock you out. still trying to land a spot, and isaiah irving with a sack, ravens settled forield goal, it is 10-7, baltimore at the half. will that man, urban meyer, be on the sideline that game or for any future buckeye games. the buckeyes coach is on administrative leave following a report which claims meyer did nothing despite knowing full well one of his assistants was guilty of domestic abuse and that this problem allegedly went
6:55 pm
on for years. he could be out. first round of the bridgestone invitational. this guy has the best seat in the house. so cute, the little squirrel. he tore up the fair way to eat his lunch. tiger woods shot a 4 under par, 66, from 18 just off the green, and tiger has his birdie and he is four back of the leader, ian poulter. roughness for giants. they already have so many guys hurt and panda was playing everywhere where and brandon belt was hurt and they will try to call up some young kids as bruce bochy will say, ham and egg it done for a while but panda done for the year. join us tonight on coffee cable, we will have a brave rescue to show you? we will show you how some good samaritans pulled a man out of a burning car.
6:56 pm
at 9:00. former secretary sean spicer in the bay area, what he has to say about his boss. you can check out the gong show, followed by match game and take two and as always, stay with us for "abc7 news at 11." >> at 11:35, "jimmy kimmel live," and fox news anchor, bret baier. >> thanks for joining us. for all of us here, we appreciate your time. see you again at 9:00 and 11:00.
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♪ this is the "jeopardy!" tournament of champions. here are three former champions -- a business consultant from calabasas, california... a microbiologist from berwyn, pennsylvania... and a phd candidate and adjunct professor from nacogdoches, texas... and now here is the host of "jeopardy!" -- alex trebek! [ cheers and applause ] thank you, johnny gilbert. thank you, ladies and gentlemen, and welcome, everyone. those of you who are regular fans of "jeopardy!" know how the tournaments work. the winners of every game this week, the quarter-final games, return next week to complete as semi-finalists along with the four high scorers among non-winners.
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so there's a great deal to be determined today and tomorrow. sam, lisa, seth, welcome back. good luck. here we go. the three of you now get to deal with these categories... followed by... each correct response beginning with the letter "n." that's followed by something really good... not mangia. seth, start. "n" titled to literature for $200. -lisa. -what is "northanger abbey"? -yes. -"n," $400. sam. -who is "nicholas nickleby"? -yes. let's do italian food for $600.


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