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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  August 3, 2018 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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your weather, you are never more than seven minutes away from your accuweather forecast. it is a friday. hi, mike. >> we all need a little bit of a break, don't we, but unfortunately for our friends in mendocino county near the carr fire around redding, it actually gets worse today. 11:00 this morning, through 11:00 tomorrow evening, 36 hours of high fire danger. please be careful there. as far as our forecast today, we're going to, wow, missing a lot of numbers there. so let's go back to the fire and talk a little bit more about that and i'll get that fixed and have that for you. what's going to happen is the winds are going to pick up today. they're going to hit 30 miles per hour. humidity levels will drop down while temperatures will be cooler, the heat is coming back next week. we'll talk more about that. alexis, you have a serious situation developing? >> well, we're trying to get to the bottom of this. i know i have all lanes blocked on northbound 680, that's definitely not good news. we have a hit-and-run crash involving a vehicle fire, so the vehicle did catch fire after it was involved in that
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no injuries. this is in the sunil area. traffic at a standstill. this is not a busy route. the countercommute direction so not a huge backup but not something we want to be dealing with long-term this morning. as soon as i have new information i will pass that along. everybody else quiet today, southbound 101 looking great, northbound 880 at san jose no issues there either. that was a bit of a tough commute yesterday but so far today we are looking good. next traffic update in ten minutes. >> thank you. new evacuations ordered near the mendocino complex fires. >> let's take a look at the ranch fire. look at this map. new evacuation orders being issued for lake county near the east side of the national forest. if you're looking at this map you can see that orange shaded area evacuation warnings have been issued now for pafrtsz western county near the town of leesville in lake county.
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we also this morning have new video showing a terrifying moment for a ukiah mother of three. >> her family found themselves trapped on highway 20 on sunday when the ranch fire jumped the road. >> i can't see anything, you guys. >> smoke got so thick she couldn't find an escape route. a caltrans tree supervisor came to her rescue, knocked on her window and guided newman out of harm's way saving all of them. least a look at latest numbers on the mendocino complex fires. the ranch fire has burned nearly 84,000 acres and it's 33% contained. to the south the river fire has grown to 41,000 acres, containment has increased to 50% there. >> the deadly ferguson fire that is now burning inside yosemite national park. >> this is new video from the scene. a car drives towards yosemite. see an orange glow in the sky
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outside the window, heavy smoke is forcing yosemite valley and other parts of the park to close until at least sunday. four of the five entrance to the park are also closed because of this wildfire. since the ferguson fire began july 13th it has burned more than 69,000 acres. it is only 41% contained. two firefighters have died battling the flames. firefighters from down under responding to calls for help in the u.s. nearly 200 fire personnel from australia and new zealand left sydney this morning going to arrive in idaho tomorrow and will spend up to six weeks fighting fires along the west coast. crews from australia and new zealand are well prepared to fight fires in california. their fire organizations are similar to the u.s. national fire organization in training requirements and structures. as a reminder we are always updating and our abc 7 news app with the latest information on all of the fires burning here in northern california. if you're using the app make sure to enable push alerts.
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let's face it, for most of us, the dmv is a drag. >> even more so this summer because lines have dragged on and on. relief comes tomorrow as some offices start saturday service. matt keller live in san jose. matt? >> reporter: good morning, reggie and jessica. visiting the dmv has never been a great experience, but recently the lines have gotten so bad you can end up spending the whole day here. at least now you won't have to miss work to do that. the dmv is expanding its saturday hours at several field offices starting tomorrow. 60 offices will be open every saturday from 8:00 to 5:00 p.m. 14 are in the bay area including daly city and hayward. it's gotten so bad some people say they've waited in lines nine hours or longer. dmv says that's because of the implementation of real i.d. people can't get those on-line or through the mail. they have to show up. the dmv opened up the driver's
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license processing center and the oakland clairmont field office an hour earlier during the week to cut down on long lines. they're working on hiring more xloo employees to help, but it's best to make an appointment. for a list of all the dmvs on saturday you can head to our website, reporting live in san jose, matt keller, abc 7 news. >> thank you. if sean spicer thought his book tour would get a cold reception here in the san francisco area he was in for a bit of a surprise. >> seems like the only chilly thing last was the weather. the former press secretary got a sold out crowd eager to hear tales of the trump administration. here's abc 7 news reporter kate larson. >> i've replayed that day in my head more times than you can imagine. the attempts to lessen the inauguration are shameful and wrong. >> reporter: sean spicer said his first press briefing is a day he would like to do over. he got a fall from the president that surprised him.
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>> he said, what was that? i'm like, what do you mean in like i went in tough. he's like, that was horrible. >> reporter: he spoke to a sold out crowd in san francisco at a commonwealth club event. he said everything about his role as president trump's first press secretary surprised him including melissa mccarthy's impersonation of him on "saturday night live." >> they were like a million thoughts going through my head like, okay, it's funny, it's well deserved, oh, my god. >> reporter: on his resignation he knew there was no coming back from some of his blunders. >> i too often was becoming the story. >> reporter: spicer was on tour speaking about "the briefing." book sales appeared slow before the event but after he spokespeople lined up to get their book signed. >> i thought the program was excellent and i thought his answer was honest. >> i think we all had preconceived notions coming in certainly, and i actually like
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him. >> reporter: other than the lone protesters around the venue no public outcry about his san francisco appearance. there was an hour full of interesting nuggets. spicer says melania trump is the president's closest adviser and says that he believes the mueller investigation should continue until its conclusion. in the newsroom, kate larson, back to you. we're going to start by taking a look at what's going on temperature wise in san francisco. it's about a degree or two warmer than yesterday morning. not noticeable. look at that 53 to 54. not much variation either in the city that's known for being very. we've got 56 in richmond and union city, 52 in santa clara, 59 walnut creek. look at the 49s in petaluma and healdsburg and daly city. a little drizzle along the coast. santa cruz where it's going to be sunny this afternoon and mid 70s. if you're going to the beaches we'll see a little more sunshine but still going to be breezy that's going to keep our temperatures on the cool side in the about 60 to 62 range.
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going to be out on the bay small craft advisory and if you're going to be out and about grab the sunglasses. you will need them as it will be brighter than the last couple days. small craft advisory you can see it starts at 2:00, goes to 9:00. winds could gust 30 miles per hour on the bay and delta and out at the coast, last through at least tomorrow afternoon and into the evening hours. so brisk conditions there. look at the extra sunshine in san francisco. look at the warmer temperatures. mid to upper 50s from 8:00 to 10:00 but then low to mid 60s even out to the coast as we head into the afternoon and early evening hours. over on the east bay shore, 59, clouds in the morning, sunshine by 10:00, 64. comfortable 70 at noon and hanging out in the mid 70s in the afternoon. may need a jacket heading out this evening. a light one as that as temperatures fall into the low 60s by 10:00. let's get an update on the commute. some issues out there. here's alexis. >> yeah. one in particular, mike. want to head back to our traffic alert on northbound 680 past
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andrade. all lanes blocked due to a hit-and-run collision that resulted in a vehicle fire. sounds like we don't have injuries. one small update a lot of drivers are getting around this using the center divide shoulder there. not advised. doesn't sound like they want anyone heading through the scene. not a lot of great alternates in this area either unfortunately. you could take mission to miles canyon road. that's a long work around there, but other than that there's not many options. keeping a close eye on this one this morning. next traffic update coming up in about ten minutes. thank you. developing news out of concord. police are looking for a murder suspect considered armed and dangerous. investigators say this is terrance dixon accused of killing someone he knew, a man named michael downey. police say they found his body at his concord home on pine creek way last friday and still looking for the victim's car which was also stolen. license plate there is on the
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bottom of your screen. it's a little hard to see but at the very bottom there. if you see dixon or this car, call law enforcement immediately and do not approach him. new details on the death of a 38-year-old suspect who died in police custody. pleasanton police identified him as jacob bauer. officers handcuffed him and used an electronic control device on him after responding to a disturbance call inside a grocery store on wednesday. the manager at raily's said he was acting irrationally picking up a shopping cart slamming it to the ground and opening and breaking bottles alcohol. this morning we're getting new details about a firenadoo causing dani causing damage in a redding neighborhood. >> officers risk their lives to save a man after a fiery crash. what does this cloud look like? some are saying julie andrews from "the sound of music" but now we're hearing from the man
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4 degrees warmer than average, san jose 3 degrees warmer. santa rosa 89, 6 degrees warmer than average. oakland 72. redwood city at 82 and san francisco 67. exactly perfect for this time of the year. you've probably seen this video of a firenado in redding. wind speeds from this reached more than 143 miles per hour. the national weather service and cal fire are assessing storm damage and say early indications put the wind speeds at the level of an ef-3 tornado. not only are you dealing with fire, you are dealing with wind causing damage and feeding the fire. what an incredible video and new phenomenon we're learning about. >> incredible to see that video. thank you. new developments on the carr fire. firefighters and sheriff deputies from the menlo district will fly drones over redding to assess the damage there. >> fire officials used drones after last year's tubs fire. they flew over the fountain
5:15 am
grove area including the devastated coffey park neighborhood. that's what you're looking at here. the devices can zoom in and out and gives fire officials a glimpse of the flame's patterns as well as clues of how to fight future wildfires. grass valley firefighters helping out on the carr fire in shasta county came upon this unlikely scene after spending 24 hours protecting homes in redding, the crews spotted a cat and a chicken huddled together on the porch. both animals were burned. the firefighters gave them a dish of fresh water and found help for them at an animal shelter. the cat and chicken expected to make full recoveries. an incredible rescue caught on camera after a crash in southern california. look at this. chp officers and some good samaritans saved a man from a burning car wednesday morning. the driver was unconscious but strangers on the freeway stopped to help chp officers as they arrived on scene and they were able to, together, pull out that
5:16 am
driver from the car. chp says that man and at least one other person were taken to the hospital with injuries. now to a multistate parasite outbreak. the fdi linking a produce company to tainted lettuce. >> the fda says fresh express supplied salads tainted with cyclospora to mcdonald's restaurants. it was in trader joe's sandwich wraps recalled this week. we have a link with more info about the affected products. go to movie pass says it's doing just fine, but financial analysts don't think so. last week its parent company borrowed $5 million in cash just to pay for movie tickets but the company's stock has dropped from a high of $39 in last october to 12 cents yesterday. movie pass created a lot of buzz when it began charging $10 a month to see a movie every day that has gone up to $15 and movie pass does admit it's going through a rough patch. take a look at this and tell
5:17 am
me what you see. a texas man saw something in the clouds that he says was divine. and thousands of social media users agree. monday evening danny saw a cloud formation that he thinks resembles a glowing angel in montgomery, 50 miles from houston. he took this picture on his cell phone through his windshield and posted it on facebook. >> i never even dreamed that we would be that i would get a thousand shares or anything. i just took a picture of a, you know, what was -- now that i reflect on it, it was a moment that i'll probably never forget. >> the formation is considered an example of rays from the sun cutting through the clouds. he sees it as a sign of faith and message of hope. >> looks like an angel to me. >> i see bette midler from "hocus-pocus". >> i can see that too. >> just interpretations.
5:18 am
>> those are opposite. >> maybe. >> animal lovers a perfect bay area event for you this weekend. >> you're invited to cat day in san francisco. this is video from a previous event where people dressed up their cats in festive outfits. if you're interested in going bring your cat and a leash. >> what is happening? >> to dolores park. cat day is tomorrow 1:30 to 4:30. the group will share tips on how to leash your indoor cat to enjoy an outdoor life. >> i'm glad that we just talked about this because you will not see me there tomorrow. not with my dog. he will go completely crazy if he sees more than one cat. >> cats in outfits like that. >> yeah. >> except for one day he will let the cats take over. that's nice. the rest of the 364 days. >> it's his. >> are you going to take your kat cats? >> no. i have to work tomorrow. maybe i should stop by there before coming into work. i don't know. that's a good idea. didn't think about that. get my cat in clothes, either,
5:19 am
one is too old and the other is too young. i don't know. here's a look at what's going on, san jose, 101 and 880 and 63 degrees under a clear sky. more sunshine and warmth and haze today especially in the north bay and in the east bay valleys. we're going to see the clouds turn to sun a little faster today and tomorrow and a little bit slower sunday. today and tomorrow will be our warmest days until we get to next week when the inland heat wave is going to hit. notice that we're dealing with temperatures still in the 90s in places like los gatos, morgan hills and gilroy. bump up the temperatures for a few degrees. holding on to the 70s in milpitas. afternoon sunshine 76 in santa cruz. 71 in millbrae and mid 70s near 80 for most of us on the peninsula. '60s along the coast with almost as much sunshine as yesterday. look at that, 67 in downtown san francisco. that's where we should be this time of the year. 69 in south san francisco. and we'll have temperatures from
5:20 am
83 in sonoma, 84 napa, 90s santa rosa and getting into the mid 90s cloverdale northward. oakland 72 today. hit 80 in hercules and arenda. deeper inland we're going to hit the 90s in about all neighborhoods. we may be a degree behind in pleasanton at 89. let's take a look at tonight's temperatures and the lack of clouds once again like this morning, will be in the mid 50 to mid 60s. my accuweather seven-day forecast and what you're going to see is a steady pattern for tomorrow and then just a little bit of cooling as the sea breeze comes back sunday but look what happens inland. monday, tuesday, especially wednesday with the triple digits, mid 80s around the bay, but only mid 60s at the coast. all right. have a goo one. here's alexis. >> gooning. i have a little bit of good news here for our situation northbound 680 all lanes were blocked for about the last 20 minutes. just got word from chp that the far left lane is open. they are letting traffic by. this all started with a hit-and-run crash then that vehicle did catch fire and
5:21 am
initially they were saying no injuries, but we have one person with minor injuries. the counter commute, northbound 680 past andrade about a 30 to 40 minute delay through that stretch. bart upcoming track work, major work planned for several weekends throughout august and september. this weekend the first of that. all day saturday and sunday a bus bridge will be set up between 19th street and west oakland stations. that will certainly add time to your trip. plan ahead for that. next traffic update coming up just before 5:30. >> thanks. an ohio couple is continuing a legal fight that is similar to one happening here in the bay area. earlier this week, thousands of eggs and embryos were lost after a tank failures at clinics in san francisco and ohio. >> both clinics now dealing with lawsuits but today's "gma" first look focuses on the legal battle in cleveland. here's abc's diane masedo. >> in this "gma" first look an ohio couple who lost their embryos in a freezer malfunction
5:22 am
is asking an appeals court to declare the embryos patients not property. >> we were older parents and we wanted a bigger family so that our children had, you know, siblings to grow up with and i'm always going to wonder what's missing. >> wendy and rick had three viable embryos stored at cleveland's university hospital. all of them destroyed. they are among the 950 families whose 4,000 eggs and embryos did not survive after the clinic's cryogenic storage tanks failed. >> they denied us. >> essentially denied her the ability to continue motherhood. >> yeah. >> and coming up at 7:00 a.m., more on this legal battle with your "gma" first look, abc news new york. coming up next seven things you need to know as you start your day. >> an inspirational video going viral. why this boy's dad calls this moment a miracle. >> a landmark film about to
5:23 am
debut called "crazy rich
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flonase sensimist. 5:25. whether your joining us or about to head out, the seven things to know. number one, nia wilson will be laid to rest today nearly two weeks after she was stabbed at oakland's macarthur bart station. her family is holding a funeral for the 18-year-old at acts full gospel church. it's open to the public. a red flag warning goes ino effect at 11:00 a.m. making conditions more difficult for firefighters battling the mendocino complex fires. more neighborhoods are threatened in lake county, the ranch and river fires have charred more than 125,000 acres. number three, firefighters in shasta county say they are making progress getting people back home. after they were evacuated by the carr fire. this morning, only five neighborhoods in redding and some scattered areas remain evacuated. >> that red flag warning does extend to the carr fire also
5:26 am
unfortunately and also tahoe, heading up there, be careful. back here at home a touch of sum heat, especially inland as the 90s return. 70s and 80s around the bay and 60s at the coast. >> number five, a traffic alert in the sunil area, northbound 680, past andrade. one lane getting by following a hit-and-run crash and vehicle fire. minor injuries. not many places for alternates. number six, tomorrow saturday hours will expand to include more dmv field offices. 60 offices across california will be open every saturday from 8:00 to 5:00 p.m. 14 are in the bay area including daly city and hayward. number seven, drake is trending on-line this morning and here's the reason why. his new video for "in my feelings" dropped overnight. so far it already has 6 million views on youtube alone and jessica, i have to ask you, keke, do you love me?
5:27 am
are you riding? >> so good. >> the song gets stuck in my head whenever i hear it. >> impossible not to. >> now it will be stuck in my head the whole day. an act of kindness at a louisiana grocery store taking the internet by storm. a 17-year-old boy with autism staring at the orange juice and asked the teen, quote, do you want to help me? >> the boy is limited verbally and repeated, help me. so then for the next 30 minutes the clerk named jordan taylor handed jack ryan orange juice bottles and let him place them in the coolers. taylor encouraged ryan the entire time. in the video ryan's dad said, i'm watching a miracle in action. and ryan has now been offered a part-time job at the store. >> i love this story. it is so sweet. look at that. so kind. >> coming back with another 90s minutes of news. a man gets into trouble watching the sunset over the pacific. >> a 12-year-old girl is taken
5:28 am
from a washington airport. what she was seen doing
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good morning bay area. let's get up and get going. >> this is "abc 7 mornings." >> all right. good morning. it's friday, wake up, and don't let the live look at san francisco fool you. >> we've been promised that actual summer weather is coming back slowly. right, mike nicco? >> yes. of course. nobody likes fog august? >> no. >> it's been a little much to be honest this week. >> yeah. >> little too much. >> a little bit. >> we'll lighten up today. >> good. >> warm it up a little bit. we have something serious to talk about. an update on the red flag warning for lake county and starts at 11:00 this morning. that means our highest fire dangers are going to develop then and last for 36 hours through 11:00 saturday evening. so if you live anywhere near the
5:31 am
fire or anywhere pretty much in that county, you need to be prepared. you may have to evacuate as the fire will spread irregularly due to the winds that will be gusting 30 miles per hour. let's take a look at what's going on as far as our exploratorium camera. see the clouds are higher. i haven't heard of any mist or drizzle this morning except for around half moon bay. temperatures about the same, though. mid to upper 50s in your accuweather 12-hour planner. 61 at the coast. 92 inland. just a touch warmer. there's the summer you were looking for. here's alexis. >> good morning. still have a traffic alert in the sunil area on the northbound side of 680, hit-and-run crash and vehicle fire really has you slow about a 25-minute delay, improving just a bit. the crash scene past andrade road. the left lane is open and the rest of the lanes are blocked. not a lot of great alternates as you know if you this is your
5:32 am
commute. still no metering lights yet, at least officially, so bay bridge toll plaza still looking pretty good. we've got friday light and summer light volumes. >> thanks, alexis. later this morning a funeral will be held in oakland for nia wilson. >> the young woman fatally stabbed at macarthur bart station last month. amy hollyfield joins us from the newsroom with a look ahead. >> her death generated a huge national response of outrage and sadness. a gofundme account for the family has raised $91,000. her parents were hoping for $9,000 to pay for funeral costs. so a huge response there. celebrities commented about the murder of nia wilson on social media and congresswoman barbara lee scheduled to speak at her funeral this morning. her parents call her murder preventable and plan to sue bart saying the agency did not do all it could to protect its passengers. nia was stabbed to death on the macarthur bart platform in an attack police call random and unprovoked. the man accused of killing her
5:33 am
had been stopped for ferry evasion four days before the attack. because of the lack of security at the turn styles the suit will claim criminals freely enter the system and preventable crimes occur on a daily basis. a bart spokesperson says bart has cracked down on fare evasion in the last few years and added officers to patrol the trains. a spokesperson points out the system's surveillance cameras helped make an arrest possible. inn this case. the family plans to file the claim against bart next week. live in the newsroom, amy hollyfield, abc 7 news. >> i'm sure it's going to be a difficult day. thank you. as we mentioned nia wilson's memorial service start at 11:00 at acts full gospel church on 66th avenue in oakland. the service is open to the public and we will stream it live for you at and on our abc 7 news app. as mike just mentioned a few minutes ago, later this morning we have a red flag warning that goes into effect as flames from one of the mendocino complex
5:34 am
fires now threaten more neighborhoods in lake county. >> the ranch fire has grown 84,000 acres and only 33% contained. mandatory evacuations are issued for parts of lake county near the east side of the mendocino national forest. to the south the river fire has grown to 41,000 acres, containment increased to 50%. cal fire says the flames are being fueled by hot temperatures and difficult to access terrain. fire crews are focused on structure protection with 8200 buildings threatened. officials are trying to stop the ranch fire's northern push towards lake pillsbury, a summer community full of summer rentals in the mendocino national forest. firefighters in shasta county say they're making progress getting people back home after evacuated by the carr fire. this morning only five neighborhoods in redding and some scattered areas remain evacuated. the carr fire has burned nearly 127,000 acres since it began nine days ago.
5:35 am
it's still only 37% contained. more than 1500 structures have burned, about 1,000 of those are homes. six people have died. more members of the california air national guard are being deployed in the fire zones. this the 146th air wing leaving the national guard station in oxnard late yesterday. firefighters from australia and new zealand on their way to help fght fires throughout the west. for the latest information on the fires go to or use the abc 7 news app. unfortunately find details on evacuations and enable push alerts to get the latest breaking fire news when it happens. authorities in san jose need your help to identify a man found dead at an apartment complex. take a look at this sketch. this man was found in a parking lot on indian wells court at burnle road june 19th. the coroner says he is of latino descent, early to mid 20s, wearing a royal blue colored
5:36 am
jacket, blue socks and shorts. police have found the driver of a big rig that hit and killed a cyclist in lafayette. it happened about 12:30 yesterday afternoon in the area of reliez valley road and withers avenue. sky 7 was above the scene. a bicyclist died at the hospital and we're told the driver has not yet been arrested. investigators are still looking for witnesses to the crash. bizarre story out of virginia, where there is a desperate search for a 12-year-old girl abducted from reagan national airport. police say she's in extreme danger. jinjing ma is on a college tour in the u.s. with a group of students from china. this surveillance image shows she's leaving with an unknown, middle-aged woman yesterday morning. the two were changing their outfits, scene leaving the airport in a newer model white infinitity sedan with new york plates. there's an unidentified man driving the car. mixed messages from washington, d.c. this morning, top intelligence officials say
5:37 am
russia is heavily involved in the upcoming midterm elections but president trump is saying the reports of meddling are a hoax. the president made the statement during a rally in pennsylvania yesterday. hours earlier top administration officials had said russian election interference is real and that president himself told them to focus on it. >> now we're being hindered by the russian hoax. it's a hoax. >> the president has specifically directed us to make the matter of the election meddling and securing our election process a top priority. >> meanwhile, in helsinki, finland, last month the president believed president vladimir putin who said russia did not interfere. you are never more than seven minutes away from my accuweather forecast. temperatures in the mid to upper 50s through most of our east bay valleys, around pittsburgh and antioch and brentwood, a little
5:38 am
milder in concord around vallejo and san francisco 54, same thing in mountain view, head towards san jose and los gatos, mid 60s there. 51 in pacifica. you were looking at that, santa rosa and novato, 48 degrees this morning. here's a look at the clear conditions over the south bay as we look at 101 and 880. tri driving today a little mist along the coast. grab the sunglasses. it will be breezy and choppy for your afternoon ferry ride into the evening hours. and mass transit we've got a huge summer spread developing today. on the peninsula wake up partly cloudy 57 at 8:00, 70 sunshine at noon, mid 70s this afternoon and the very nice 68 by 8:00. in the north bay, little bit warmer 58 with same beginning to 78 at noon, mid to upper 80s from 1:00 to about 7:00 and drop into the 70s during the evening hours. our last stop the east bay
5:39 am
valleys hotter today with temperatures from about 1:00 on in the low to mid 90s. still a little warm during the evening hours at 8:00. 83. our biggest spread in temperatures will be in the east bay valleys today. unfortunately it's friday, usually like friday light. you have a couple issues. >> one in particular. that is in the sunil area. back to our traffic alert. northbound 680 a crash that was a hit-and-run collision and a vehicle fire that has all but the far left lane shut down. for a short time we actually had all lanes blocked but they did release traffic and that is really improving the speeds although you can see that line of red approaching the scene. down to about a 15-minute delay at our worst point saying up over an hour when no one was getting by. it is getting a little better although definitely still a delay and definitely our biggest issue. use mission to miles canyon. i think it's probably better just to go through the backup and past the scene at this point. everyone else still really quiet
5:40 am
this morning. 101 at 880 starting to fill in through the south bay, no issues for you today. quick check of drive times, in the yellow but still pretty friday light, tracy to dublin, 36 minutes, no delays antioch to concord and southbound san rafael to san jose no fog to slow you down in the green at 16 minutes. good guess this morning for drivers in palo alto. commute times should see major improvements. >> palo alto, east palo alto and caltrans planning to synchronize 14 traffic signals between middlefield road and dumbarton bridge. four intersections will be synced up in east palo alto. the effort to alleviate traffic will start with the traffic count and then the agencies will reprogram lights to sync up for better traffic flow. it could cut down the amount of time drivers have to spend in traffic jams by up to 40%. >> i'm hopeful it's going to make an improvement. i don't know how much. i'm hoping it's going to be significant. >> officials say the projects
5:41 am
should be complete in the next few months. the projects got the green light and more than $81,000 in grant money from the metropolitan commission. the final act of shooter training exercise going on at a school in santa rosa. training at pioneer high school will start at 9:00, until 11:30. the third and final training scheduled for this month. police say neighbors could hear loud noises including simulated gunfire and explosions. a projects in berkeley trying to bring down the cost of housing. we'll show you how next. >> how california is joining the fight to block the release of instructions on how to make 3d printed gu
5:42 am
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you are never more than seven minutes away from your accuweather forecast. >> this is "abc 7 mornings." yesterday officials extended this poor air quality advisory, the air quality warning, specifically, until tomorrow and then today they're like let's just keep it out there until the fire is over. until they can get the fire contained, we will have poor air quality in the san joaquin valley. the arc of red the high fire danger for today, chico 95, tahoe, 83, 102 fresno, nice and sunny 66, breezy in monitory, low to upper 80s san diego into los angeles. high fire danger today and tomorrow, hazy sunday and then the heat we're getting will also
5:45 am
leak into the high country early next week. >> thank you. california has joined the lawsuit against the trump administration to block the release of blueprints that show how to make 3d printed plastic guns. >> tuesday a seattle judge temporarily blocked the release of downloadable instructions hours before they were set to be made public by a texas-based company. the administration fought the group in court for years citing international concerns but the trump administration recently backed down. critics the of the 3d plastic guns create concerns because they would be undetectable by metal detectors. a man is safe this morning after falling down a cliff at lands end in san francisco. rescuers were called into the scene just after 9:00 last night. the victim was pretty far down the cliff in a remote area. a fire chief tells abc 7 news the man had been watching the sunset and got a little dark, couldn't get back up the steep
5:46 am
cliffside and he was checked for injuries. we're told he is doing just fine this morning. a housing concept in berkeley could be a test run in how to bring down the cost of housing in the bay area. the prefabricated modular units built in china. the 22 units building being constructed on shaddock avenue. each units is 310 square feet with a kitchen and bathroom and built to house two people. it comes furnished and rent is under $2200 a month. >> i've been vexed by the by the incredible lack of innovation in construction. >> in a residential neighborhood, this has been here more than 100 years, it -- there's no sense of it trying to fit into the neighborhood. >> uc berkeley will have the master lease on the building and it will be used for graduate housing. students in the alameda school district getting more
5:47 am
leeway on what they're allowed to wear. the district has loosened its dress code for the school year in three weeks. it's a pilot program designed to enhance student freedom and reduce body shaming that comes with dress codes of the past. it means clothing like spaghetti straps and short shorts would be okay. >> we found some of the earlier students feel ashamed of their bodies and humiliated for shorts that were too short. >> nothing that shows too much. not a crop top, not a tank top. you should be covered up. especially girls. >> why? >> because boys might get the wrong message. >> anything that could be considered hate speech or pornographic will be prohibited. school officials believe it's up to parents to police their own kids. brace yourself for a dose of cuteness. look at that guy. can't you see steph curry in his face? >> oh, yeah. >> this is his son for sure.
5:48 am
ayesha curry's son, of course, who posted on instagram with the caption how can this be, our sweet baby boy is 1 month old today. so in love. she went on to say finally steph curry has competition in my world because this little man stole my heart and then some. baby cannon. >> he's quite a looker. look at that. >> he does look like steph. >> right. >> he really does. >> so cute. >> same smile, same eyes. >> so much expression in that face. >> i know. >> a month. what it's like when you have a 1-month-old. >> yeah. >> they usually aren't that expressive. >> usually asleep. >> there you go. >> i love his eyes. they're beautiful. >> oh, yeah. >> congratulations to them. that is great. talk about what's going on weather wise. we do have a fewssues o theren pund lake danger, some of the haze will return to some of our neighborhoods in the north bay and east bay this what, haven't found any fog in the north bay this morning.
5:49 am
we're starting off drier and brighter and will lead to a warmer ending. partly cloudy about the same as this morning, not quite as cool and a robust air mass of warmth coming our way next week. right now most of our warmth around los gatos, morgan hill and gilroy. low to mid 80s around the rest of the south bay and 76 with sunshine heading to the boardwalk in santa cruz this afternoon. 82 redwood city, 80 palo alto, everybody else on the peninsula in the 70s. that extra sunshine at the coast will push us into the low to mid 60s with upper 60s in downtown and south san francisco and sausalito. mid to upper 80s through most of the north bay. then you get up around cloverdale and mid to upper 90s, east bay shore we've got mainly low to mid 70s. you have hercules at 80, arenda 82, fremont 77. move inland where 90 to about 97 is our spread. pleasanton maybe 89. that's close enough. tonight's temperatures mid 50s to mid 60s.
5:50 am
my accuweather seven-day forecast, the pattern in neutral tomorrow. the sea breeze says i'll take over for sunday, bring a little cooler weather, little less sunshine and then mother nature says let's get back to 100 degree temperatures inland and that's especially hot wednesday. >> thanks, mike. not a lot of change, other than the backup continues to improve here on northbound 680 past andrade. a hit-and-run crash, dealing with this for just over an hour now. it actually shut down all lanes just before 5:00 a.m. the left lane is now open but still working to clean up one of the vehicles that caught fire after this crash. so little bit of a backup honestly not much of a delay. i don't think a detour is necessary at this point. still haven't gotten word that bay bridge metering lights have flipped on. we are friday light and summertime light there. not complain about that. a head's up for this weekend, major bart track work in oakland between 19th and west oakland stations. bus bridge set up saturday and sunday and not the only weekend
5:51 am
it will happen. several weekends throughout august and september. >> thank you. new at 6:00, another challenge for survivors of the summer's fires. why some may have a hard time finding construction crews to rebuild their homes. >> but first, another sign of the times as an iconic store inside malls makes a sad announcement. >> on top of the transbay terminal with an updated look at the park and more det
5:52 am
5:53 am
you are never more than seven minutes away from your accuweather forecast. >> this is "abc 7 mornings." >> one of the hottest teams in baseball back home taking on the lions tonight. 7:05 first pitch. dropping down to 60 under the stars. if the season was to end today we would play the yankees in the
5:54 am
playoffs. keep it going, a's. thank you, mike. a bay area director is bringing his movie to the big screen called "crazy rich asians" and it premiers august 15th. >> director john chu grew up in los altos working in his dad's restaurant called chef chu's. abc 7 news was there yesterday when the restaurant hosted a hollywood party to celebrate his upcoming film "crazy rich asians." it's the first asian-american focused studio movie since "the joy luck club" 5 years ago. it's a romantic comedy based on an international best-selling norval. >> we know the crazy families we come across, the insane in-laws, the really crazy sort of cousins and things. >> crazy is supposed to modify the word rich, so they're not rich, they're crazy rich. >> the star of abc's sitcom "fresh off the boat" plays rachel, henry golding plays nick. brook stone is filing for
5:55 am
bankruptcy and plans to close all of its mall stores in the u.s. the retailer is known for carrying specialty and quirky items like the massage chairs so hard to get out of. electronic gadgets and customized memorabilia. seven stores in the bay area malls and one at sfo. the company does plan to keep its airport stores open. they make an amazing eye mask which i wear every night. >> yeah. i love brookstone. we go in there and get a free massage. just kidding. >> who doesn't do that. everyone does that. >> everyone tries it out. >> never buy the chair. that's the problem. >> we're going to miss it. >> a big celebration planned for a week from tomorrow for the grand opening of the salesforce transit center in san francisco. >> abc 7 news was there to get a sneak peek at one of the major attractions the rooftop garden. it is three blocks long and 70 feet above the sidewalk. the garden features fountains to cacti to forest areas and you
5:56 am
will be able to tour the garden and center dur a block party on saturday, august 11th. go to our website, for more information. very exciting. that is finally in its final stages there. also in its final stages and definitely great news we are looking much better on northbound 680 past andrade road giving you the thumb's up. all lanes back open and the backup has completely cleare out too. so everything looking really good if you're travel in the counter commute direction through sunol. a check of the san mateo bridge we are filling in in all of our usual busy spots but not bad so far this morning. no significant delays heading across san mateo or anywhere else. let's check in with meteorologist mike nicco. >> the nfl season kicked off last night. the hall of fame game. yeah. i think that's why i said the detroit lions instead of the detroit tigers. sorry about that. either way the a's will win. here's a look at the smoke from the ferguson fire to the
5:57 am
complex -- mendocino complex and carr fire. you can see it's just billowing out there. look at this up in the hills we already have northwest winds at 9 to 18 and they're going to get faster and that's why we have the fire danger increasing not only for this fire but for the carr fire and also for the sierra starting at 11:00 this morning. >> thank you. next at 6:00, relief on the way at the dmv. the change starting this weekend to make those painfully long lines a little shorter. >> help for firefighters battling the devastating fires across the west coast. these crews are from the other side of the globe. >> former white house press secretary sean spicer reveals secretary sean spicer reveals what president trump said
5:58 am
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...and you suddenly realizes you're really into art? that's yes for less. every trend. every room. on any budget. it feels even better when you find it for less. at ross. yes for less. good morning, east bay. let's get up and get going. >> this is "abc 7 mornings." >> good morning, friday, august 3rd you made it to the end of the week. >> never more than seven minutes away from your accuweather forecast.
6:00 am
is it going to be a nice weekend? >> it is going to be a nice weekend for us. for other people it's going to be a weekend of trepidation, maybe very anxious as 11:00 today through 11:00 saturday evening a high fire danger, red flag warning for mendocino county for the carr fire and just about the entire sierra and so we need to be careful and very cognizant of what's going on around us at that time. you may have to leave quickly. all right. back at home, yeah, starts off with more sunshine today. we're still in the mid to upper 50s at 7:00. my accuweather 12-hour planner showing temperatures a little warmer around the bay from mid 70s to even warmer inland in the low 90s. let's find out about that friday commute. hey, alexis. >> looking great right now. in fact check out the bay bridge toll plaza no metering lights. that typically happens around 5:30, maybe a few minutes later on a friday. middle of the summer, a lot


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