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tv   ABC7 News 9  ABC  August 5, 2018 9:00am-10:00am PDT

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>> announcer: good morning bay area. let's get up and get going. this is "abc 7 mornings." good morning, thanks for joining us on this sunday, august 5th. i'm kate larson in for carolyn tyler. meteorologist frances dinglasan is here for lisa argen. good morning, frances. >> good morning, kate. good morning, everybody. we have a stronger more robust marine layer. the sea breeze has helped push low clouds into parts of the east bay. it will thin out this afternoon. here say live short of gray skies over the bay and the bay bridge. your 12-hour day planner which you can always download by searching the accuweather appear. some clouds around the coast and the bay. temperatures in the 50s and 60s. it will be breezy this afternoon, 10 to 20-mile-per-hour winds. gusty over some of the east bay hills and north bay mountains, up to 40 miles an hour. inland highs a little cooler from yesterday, the low 90s.
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around the bay, 80 degrees. at the coast, still cool, low 60s. sun sets at 8:14. we have a big warm-up on the way. >> thanks, frances. unfortunately, a seventh death has been reported in the battle against the carr fire. it was a pg&e worker. the company tells abc news the worker was working in shasta county when some kind of accident happened. this comes as president trump approves a major disaster declaration. the carr fire has now destroyed over a thousand homes in and around redding. more evacuations around the mendocino fires. the ranch fire, the larger of the two, has now scorched more than 207,000 acres. that fire is 23% contained. the river fire, threatening nearby lake county, has burned nearly 48,000 acres and that fire is now 58% contained.
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the evacuation orders are now in effect for three counties. the flames are headed toward palusa county. we're posting the evacuation orders as they come into our website, that's the ferguson fire is now burning inside part of yosemite national park. the smoke is making it hard to see and breathe in the area. here is our abc sister station in fresno. >> reporter: thourists are eage to see the park's iconic views. >> the back burning to the side of it road, pink slurry on one , and you kee cruising. >> reporter: dakota snyder took this video after he was forced to evacuate. >> they announced it had blown
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over the highway yesterday. >> reporter: sniyder and fellow evacuees said most of them had their bags packed when preevacuations were issued last week. >> we've had fires before, we've had evacuations before. but to have this for an extended period, this inversion layer of hazardous, unbreathable air, takes its toll. >> reporter: it's typically sold out with tourists this time of year. assistant general manager brett archer says now they can do their part to help the community. >> we're honored to be able to house some of the firefighters and some of the local evacuees. >> reporter: as thick smoke towers over the area, 3,000 firefighters are working to contain it. abc 7 news. the ferguson fire is being blamed for two deaths since it broke out three weeks ago. it's burned 83,000 acres and is
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35% contained. camp maber is expected to remain closed for another week. the camp, near yosemite, was supposed to begin a new ten-week session today. campers impacted will get a refund and a guaranteed spot at the camp next summer. palo alto police want to find the suspect and victim following a shooting in a safeway parking lot. this is the man detectives believed open fire on a lexus suv outside the safeway on middlefield road friday night. witnesses say that he shot at a car during the fight. police also want to find this white lexus that they victim was apparently driving. officers chased it but it sped away. the lexus may have a shattered window. it's not clear if the two people knew each other. b.a.r.t. police are investigating two more apparently random attacks. they come less than two weeks after nia wilson was killed. the 18-year-old was stabbed to death at the macarthur station.
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now the latest incident involves a college student. abc 7 news reporter katie utehs has the details. >> it don't make no sense. i think it's because of people using drugs. >> reporter: why someone would attack a san jose state student trying to go home for the weekend is anyone's guess. the young man says as he tried to transfer trains around 10:00 saturday morning, someone attacked him from behind at the richmond station. >> you don't know what can happen at any time, you know what i mean? you've got to just be careful. >> reporter: the attacker ran off and the victim called police. paramedics transferred the young man a short distance here to kaiser hospital where according to his family, he was treated for broken teeth, possibly a broken jaw, and a concussion. b.a.r.t. police are investigating the incident and looking for surveillance images. in another case cameras captured shots of this man, 27-year-old solomon espinosa. b.a.r.t. police say he attacked two men with a box cutter friday
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night. the stabbing happened on a richmond-bound train as it reached the macarthur b.a.r.t. station. both men will be okay. >> there's no known connection between the suspect and the victims. the motive is unknown at this time. >> reporter: police say espinosa ran away and is believe to be a transient in the area. >> the homelessness crisis is a regional issue. we're working to address that within b.a.r.t. >> reporter: b.a.r.t. says it's deploying more officers on overtime. if you see espinosa, contact b.a.r.t. police. in the east bay, katie utehs, abc 7 news. a young boy is fortunately safe following a cliff rescue in half moon bay. the san mateo county sheriff's office shared this video with us. the agency assisted chp with a rescue near the ritz-carlton at half moon bay just before 6:00 last night. s officetw"rest assured,nor w ,
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we're all heo help." the san jose office workers who scored that $543 million jackpot are apparently taking a little time off for themselves. abc 7 news went to the wells fargo bank branch yesterday. it was supposed to be open from 10:00 to 7:00 but as you can see there was a sign on the door that read that the branch was closed and that it will reopen as soon as possible. 11 employees went in on a mega millions lottery pool and they won. they claimed their multimillion dollar prize last week. after taxes, each person is expected to get $19 million. so frances, i am betting they are looking at booking a vacation, maybe a nice yacht, some private plane somewhere. tothery said they wanted to be they don't have to be together at work, they can be together doing other things. >> sounds like a good plan. if you're looking out your
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window, you'll find gray skies over san francisco from our exploratorium camera. we have a stronger sea breeze today. that's going to cool us down a little bit. i'll have your neighborhood forecast and a warm-up as well, coming up. >> sounds good, frances. also next, chaos in portland at a right wing rally. the concern about a similar rally today in an east bay city. ♪ you know him, that's brad paisley, raising money for california wildfire victims. why the cause is so close to his heart. is part of a bigger picture. that bigger picture is statewide mutual aid. california years ago realized the need to work together.
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teamwork is important to protect the community, but we have to do it the right way. we have a working knowledge and we can reduce the impacts of a small disaster, but we need the help of experts. pg&e is an integral part of our emergency response team. they are the industry expert with utilities. whether it is a gas leak or a wire down, just having someone there that deals with this every day is pretty comforting. we each bring something to the table that is unique and that is a specialty. with all of us working together we can keep all these emergencies small. and the fact that we can bring it together and effectively work together is pretty special. they bring their knowledge, their tools and equipment and the proficiency to get the job done. and the whole time i have been in the fire service, pg&e's been there, too. whatever we need whenever we need it. i do count on pg&e to keep our firefighters safe. that's why we ask for their help.
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berkeley police are bracing for protests and counterprotests today. they banned weapons in an effort to prevent the violence. you're looking at what happened last year. officers arrested more than a dozen people when clashes broke out. the so-called no to marxism in american ii is expected to happen at noon. counterprotests are bland. banned objects include pipes, shields, and fireworks. in portland, tense hours yesterday as extreme right wing protesters took to the streets and were met by counterprotesters. abc reporter marcus moore has the details.
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>> reporter: duellinget portlan and far left groups clashing. police say some protesters threw rocks and bottles at officers. the tension in the city starting with a rally hosted by a far right group whose pro trump leader is running for senate. >> do you guys agree with me that the people [ inaudible ] right now? >> reporter: far left anti-fascist groups attempting to drown out the rally in a city where antifa roots run dream. a journalist injured during the protest left bleeding from the head. a look at the items that portland police seized as potential weapons, including shields with confederate flags and at least one fireworks mortar. this is the third patriot prayer rally this summer. at least one person was seriously injured when a
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demonstration turned violent in july. police declared that a riot. and this weekend's demonstration in portland comes nearly a full year after a unite the right rally in charlottesville. the next day, an alt-right sympathizer ramming his car into a crowd of counterprotesters, killing 32-year-old heather heyer. apple's tim cook tweeted, "we're saddened by the loss of life and devastation in the california wildfires. apple will be donating to relief efforts to help those in need." one of the country's biggest music stars is raising money for wildfire victims. abc 7 news news reporter carlos s saucedo has the story. >> reporter: brad paisley lent his voice to help wildfire
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victims who lost everything last october, an issue even more people are dealing with. >> it's important that we do this now, and people will follow suit with each of these things that are ravaging areas now. >> reporter: paisley shared the stage with bonnie hunt to bring some cheer to the crowd, knowing the seriousnesseriousnesseriouss destructive fires. >> as a community we have to come together. that's been beautiful to see here. >> reporter: they know what it's like to be a first responder. more than 2,000 people attended the indoor and outdoor venue here at sonoma state with all proceeds going to the sonoma county resilience fund to help with recovery efforts. some in attendance, victims themselves, including the president of sonomata unersi. myus for our lives. >> reporter: but thanks to santa rosa firefighter and now friend tony neal, who helped save their
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lives even hours after losing his own home. >> it really makes you think about what you have and what you lost. >> reporter: their message for the victims of the ongoing fires, be strong. >> we will come back. >> reporter: a community banding together through song and law enforcement -- and laughter, knowing they're not alone. hundreds of residents practiced evacuating their homes in case a wildfire gets too close. abc 7 news in sleepy hollow after reverse 911 calls went out yesterday. the exercise included tips onlde >> i think it's very useful, because we all need these reminders of what we actually have to take the time to do. >> and we need to be prepared.
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our fire protection district is educating us on how to create defensible space around our homes, how to be ready to go if we need to go. >> sleepy hollow showed images of how a wildfire would move if it broke out near their home. if you got a speeding ticket in south san francisco yesterday, you were not alone. it's part of a crackdown that focused on streets where speeding has been a big problem. on average ticketed drivers were going about 15 miles per hour above the posted speed limit. so slow down out there. take a look at what the chp seized during a recent traffic stop in fresno county. an officer got suspicious after stopping a driver for a traffic violation. that dog ischp officer k9 bruce. they found about half a million dollars in cash stashed in two different suitcases. the driver says he didn't know
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the money was in the car. he was arrested. >> announcer: now an accuweather update for "abc 7 mornings.." i'm show you live doppler 7 satellite image because we have quite a bit of cloud cover this morning. the fog and low clouds spreading inland, retreating in the next couple of hours. it's getting windy out there. san francisco, 14 miles. the breeze will pick up to 10 to 20 miles per hour this afternoon. it could be very gusty in the north bay mountains and east bay hills where gusts could reach up to 40 miles per hour. a live shot of the golden gate bridge shows socked-in conditions. san francisco currently 53. oakland, 57. san jose already at 70 degrees. it will warm up nicely, plenty of sunshine there. here we're seeing blue skies from our san rafael camera looking out towards mt. tam. santa rosa, it's 54. napa, low 60s. concord and livermore in the
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mid-60s. this time we're looking from emeryville out doodoors towards gray skies. we'll get some sunshine in the downtown area but not at the beaches. slightly cooler temperatures today. a warming trend starts tomorrow. get ready for hot inland temperatures. triple digits possibly wednesday, thursday, and friday. so you want to stay cool for that in the inland valleys. let me show you what's going on upstairs. we have this area of low pressure in the gulf of alaska. it's starting to drive a little bit south and that increases the onshore flow and the sea breeze, deepens the marine layer a little bit. and that all culminates in slightly lower temperatures today. i also want to show you the visible satellite image from yesterday. we're going to see a similar as a skies. you notice most of the smoke is blowing straight eaward. the bay area should be less hazy today. there's still an air quality alert through the central
9:20 am
valuevalue -- valley. hazardous smoke levels. highs today will range from 60s at the coast with that sea breeze keeping you cool. san francisco warming up to 66. oakland 72 for the a's game today. san jose 84, really comfortable there. some low 90s inland. santa rosa as well. napa, mid-80s for you. it's the last day of the santa clara county fire. it will be a sunny start at 11:00. 75 degrees warming up to 84. even by 7:00 this evening, still hanging on to the 80s, dropping down to 67 degrees by 11 partly cloudy. tonight, the fog will move in once again. we'll see overnight lows mainly in the 50s. cooler areas le santa rosa, around 50 degrees. mildner in san jose at 63 degrees. breezy and gusty conditions, temperatures will be cooler compared to yesterday. the clouds stick around the
9:21 am
coast most of the day. that's where temperatures will be in the low 60s. around the bay, near 80. inland areas in the low 90s. then the warming trend starts tomorrow. we'll be above average, and then it's going to be hot, hot, wednesday, thursday. we may even see triple-digit heat as well on friday. then we'll start to drop down next weekend. >> i'm always blown away in the summertime by the 30, 35-degree differences. >> we can go from 60 to 100 all in the bay area. >> amazing. got to have a lot of different wardrobes. >> microclimates, yes. >> thanks so much, frances. just ahead, running out of entertainment ideas perhaps in these final few weeks of summer? michael finney has four super fun toys that will cost you less than 20 bucks
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as this summer winds down, your kiddoes may be getting antsy. you have to keep them entertained. 7 on your side's michael finney has a look at very cool toys that have captured the imaginations of a lot of kids out there. and they're affordable too. >> reporter: from this riding horse to a giant bubble that doubles as a ball, toy manufacturers are finding new twists on traditional toys. w, seen anything like that before. that's exactly what's going to draw kids to them. >> reporter: there's nothing new about bubbles except these bubbles are edible.
9:25 am
>> this is really cool. it's called lick-a-bubble, an edible bubble solution that kids can add any drink to, to create bubbles they can eat. >> reporter: bubbles taste like whatever drink you favor it too. it was invented by a pediatrician, largi allergyist, ailail ailer -- allergist and physician. this is the senior editor of "toy insider," a publication targeting parents or any gift giver looking for toy reviews. >> kids can do anything they can ma imagine with this. >> reporter: then there's the the string sticks with suction cups. parents and kids may appreciate walky chalk. you can draw on the sidewalk using a piece of chalk. attached to the chalk stick, without getting on the ground.
9:26 am
no needs for parents or kids to get their clothes dirty bending down. if the kid has the need for speed, how about a blast from the past? some of you may have had the turbo panther in your youth. this remote control car is styled like the original, 60 years ago. you don't need a sense of nostalgia to enjoy it. >> really cool and easy. >> reporter: just check out the smile on this little one riding stable buddies from they go up to 2 1/2 miles per hour. >> they come packaged in their own stable as well. so you've got a perfect storage place for them and they're just $149. >> reporter: our new friend, charlotte murphy, gives stable buddies her stamp of approval. i have a link to the toy insider spring and summer toy guide, check it out on i'm michael finney, 7 on your side. >> i lg ball, that
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looked cool. abc is sharing the inspiring stories of people who come together to build unexpected relationships. it's a weekly digital series called "more in common." this week the team looks at an unlikely friendship between a syrian refugee and a former kkk member. >> they're so divided now in this country that we forgot what makes us strong is reaching out to the other side. >> he tells me a story, you're a refugee from syria, you've worked your way into med school. i kind of felt unjustified. >> watch this episode of "more in common" exclusively on facebook watch. still to come, an apparent venezuela's president during a live state broadcast. a full-time job all week to get this put together. but it's put together and on the road. >> a big shipment of supplies heading to wildfire victims. who all of this stuff is going to help.
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bay. let's get up and get going. this is "abc 7 mornings." and welcome back. we're going to start this half hour with a look at weather. we've got meteorologist frances dinglasan in for lisa argen. frances, it's kind of a mixed bag throughout the area today. >> yes, we've got some gray skies and also sunny skies right now. clouds are already starting to pull back with live doppler 7 and the satellite image clearing in the east bay and south bay. this live shot, as we look towards the bay bridge, shows the low clouds along the coast as well. here is your 12-hour day planner which you can download by searching the accuweather app. we've got clouds at the coast and parts of the bay. it will become breezy this afternoon, even gusty over the hills, up to 40 miles an hour. inland areas warming up to the low 90s. around the bay, near 80. and at the coast, the sea breeze
9:31 am
keeping it a warm-up tomorrow starts and get really hot mid-week. i'll have the details coming up, kate. >> thanks, frances. breaking news in indonesia, officials say at least three people are dead after a powerful magnitude 7.0 earthquake strong lombok island about 50 miles east of bali. patients were evacuated from hospitals after the quake. the tsunami warning was canceled. last week, 16 people were killed in indonesia following a 6.4 earthquake. today, president trump is returning to new jersey for vacation. last night he actually passed on an opportunity to double down on a fe. at a rly inluusohio, priden dd r mo shots of ws. but is the first lady taking lebron's side?
9:32 am
>> reporter: overnight, president trump riling up a crowd in ohio days ahead of a crucial special election. >> this room was not designed quite for this crowd. and you people are hot. so much for my brand-new beautiful suit. >> reporter: republican congressional candidate troy balderson neck and in the case with democratic challenger danny o'connor in the republican stronghold that president trump won by 11 points. and it's the last special election before the midterms, seen as a bellwether for an expected democratic wave. >> vote for troy balderson. he's going toeverybody. the fact is we need more republicans. >> reporter: first, president trump igniting a controversy with one ohio's home, three-time nba champion lebron james, originally from akron. he told cnn's don lemon the
9:33 am
president is using sports to divide the country. >> what i've noticed over the last few months, that he's kind of used sport to kind of divide us. >> reporter: president trump firing back in a tweet, quote, lebron james was just interviewed by the dumbest man on television, don lemon. he made lebron look smart which isn't easy to do. i like mike, an apparent reference to michael jordan. but jordan is siding with the current king of the nba, saying in a statement, quote, i support lj, he's doing an amazing job in his community. first lead melania trump supported james, her spokesperson saying her platform centers around visiting organizations, hospitals, and schools. in ohio, the president leaving behind the james feud, instead praising republican congressman jim jordan who is embroiled in a scandal on whether he ignored sexual abuse when he was a
9:34 am
wrestling coach at ohio state university. jordan denied the allegation. >> what a great defender he's been, what great courage. there's a brave, tough cookie. i don't want to wrestle him, he's tough. >> reporter: tara palmieri, abc 7 news, washington. chaos erupted on the streets of venezuela as explosives dropped from the sky. the venezuelan president is said to be the target. officials are warning people to shelter in place. >> reporter: overnight, dramatic video showing pandemonium as venezuelan president nicolas maduro dodged an assassination attempt. the leader and his wife wincing as they look to the sky, the camera cutting away. onstage his security detail quickly shielding the president from what officials say were explosives allegedly dropped
9:35 am
from drones. maduro was attending a celebration of the national guard, soldiers seen breaking rank and scrambling amid the chaos. maduro unharmed and defiant, addressing the company after the incident, saying "this was an attempt to kill me. today they attempted to assassinate me," placing blame squarely with the far right opposition, also accusing neighboring colombia of colluding, saying the colombian president was involved, claims the colombian government calls baseless. maduro says he believes those who financed the attack are in miami and hopes president trump is willing to fight the terrorist groups. but the associated press reporting firefighters at the scene dispute the president's account, saying the incident was actually a gas tank explosion inside a nearby apartment. this comes at a time when the country has been rocked by anti-government protests. opposition groups blaming the president for chronic food and medicine shortages.
9:36 am
erielle reshariel raserielle re york. crews in shasta county continue to battle the carr fire. this morning we've unfortunately learned a seventh person has died, a pg&e worker. the company sells abc news the crew was doing restoration work when an accident occurred. pg&e says it's working with law enforcement to investigate. this comes as president trump approves a major disaster declaration. the carr fire has destroyed more than a thousand homes in and around redding. the mendocino complex fires have forced more people out of their homes. new evacuation orders went out to people living in the path of the fires burning near clear lake. the fires threatn communities in three different counties now. officials say the mendocino complex is the largest group of fires burning in california. flames have charred more than 255,000 acres. relief supplies are on the way for animals impacted by the wildfires in lake and shasta counties. a woman impacted by the north bay wildfires actually launched
9:37 am
the drive. her community as well as abc 7 viewers have accepted up to help in a big way. abc 7 news reporter cornell barnard has the story. >> it started off really small. it came to this, which i'm very proud of her. >> reporter: tim praising his wife barbara for making all this happen. pallets and pallets of pet food and hay are loaded on this flatbed semi to help fire eevacuees and their animals. >> it became a full-time job to put this together. but it's put together and on the road and the animals will be fed. >> reporter: last year she told abc 7 news about her plan to help victims after seeing so many stranded horses and pets. she put out the call for donations on facebook and the response was amazing. >> we have8s od>> reptewo >> and hay that is going up there. i really want to thank everyone,
9:38 am
channel 7 viewers. the community of sonoma, all of our friends. everyone who has donated. >> reporter: her old barn and feed store is pitching in. it's also collected $3,000 in cash donation. >> my heart goes out to the people. i'm so glad we can donate. >> reporter: this truck is heading to shasta county to help victims and their animals impacted by the carr fire. we've got mother than just annual feed here. we've got water, food, even toys for pets. barbara is helping others the way she was helped after the north bay wildfires destroyed her horse barn and riding school. >> i didn't know if my horses were alive for four days. i don't want anybody else to go through what i went through. i want to pay it forward. >> reporter: she's paying it forward in a big way by telling fire victims, sonoma county cares. cornell barnard, abc 7 news. >> so incredible how generous people are during these tragedies. still ahead on "abc 7 mornings," a different approach
9:39 am
to the dress code. why one district is loosening the rules this school year. and we've got a live look from our pier 39 camera. you can see it's foggy, but those sea lions are out and about and so are the people, the tourists, ready to see them have a good day. frances will have a look at your weather, all the different forecasts throughout the bay area 4 . ♪ you know when you're at ross and that cute dress gets even cuter? yes. or when you can say yes... to both? sure. or when you find that brand at that price? are you kidding me? yeah. that's yes for less. and that's what ross always has in store. whoa. (sighs) yes... oh, yeah. get your yes for less at the newest ross store in south santa rosa.
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so you've got a plan and you even wrote the proposal. but did you book the fireworks? did you? don't worry, if you forgot, the proposal planner has it all covered. the booming business that's helping people say "i do," tomorrow night on abc 7 news at 11:00, after "the bachelorette." dead heads will celebrate grateful dead founder jerry garcia. it's the 16th annual jerry day. fans will gather in mclaren
9:42 am
park. garcia grew up in san francisco's excelsior district. he passed away in 1995. so it will be a little chilly for the garcia day. >> definitely. especially as you head closer to the coast, it will be breezy and cloudy most of the day in that part of san francisco. and you can see the breeze blowing the flag, moving at about 14 miles per hour right now. the sea breeze will pick up this afternoon to 30 miles per hour. and that means slightly cooler temperatures for us. i'll have the complete forecast coming up. >> thanks, frances. also the a's continue their domination over detroit. anthony flores has the highlights coming up in sports.
9:43 am
9:44 am
9:45 am
welcome back. in sports today, the a's have a chance to sweep the tigers this afternoon. they take on detroit at the oakland coliseum. first pitch at 1:05. and the giants will try to gain a split of their series against first place diamondbacks. first pitch for that game at chase field is at 1:10 p.m. yesterday, the a's continued their recent surge. anthony flores has the highlights in this morning's sports. >> reporter: good morning, everyone. when the game is close, the a's are at their best. they lead the majors with 21 wins in games decided by a single run. the a's and the tigers and check out this amazing spread at the coliseum.ird. not anymore. matt chapman with a line-drive homer to dead center that ties
9:46 am
things at one. 14th of the year. he also had a triple. two batters later, it's time to crush it. chris davis with his 30th of the season. a's up 2-1. davis with at least 30 dingers. for the third straight year. then it's defense. chapman making another gold glove caliber play to get to jacoby jones. this is such a hard play to make on the run, and he seems to do it on a daily basis. the bullpen would finish it off. blake trying with his 28th of the year. the a's win 2-1. they've won five straight and 11 in a row against the tigers. former giants and d-back randy johnson watching the giants in arizona. second straight game, giant's starter gives up five runs in the first. this time it's andy suarez. that two-run bomb to make it 5-0. the giants' highlights come courtesy of steven duggar. the rook with his first major league homer in the fourth. that made it 5-2. gets the silent treatment entering the dugout. then everybody says, oh, congratulations, good hit, good hit.
9:47 am
bottom sixth, david peralta, the deep fly. check out duggar and andrew mccutchen. did you go -- duggar somehow makes the catch. peralta thought he had a triple, but the third baseman said, no, no, he caught it. you're out. incredible double-clutch catch, but the giants fall. final score, 9-3. mccutchen went 5 for 5 in the loss. terrell owens loves being in the spotlight, and saturday, he had it all to himself. the former 49er receiver decided to skip the hall of fame induction in canton and hold his own ceremony at the university of tennessee chattanooga. the crowd at his alma mater gave t.o. a huge ovation. there's no doubt t.o. has hall of fame numbers, but it took him three times on the ballot to get voted into the hall. t.o. says he decided not to go take sta ainst the sport writers, who he says are not in alignment with the mission and core values of the hall of fame. he's the only living inductee to
9:48 am
skip the ceremony in canton. >> love you, t.o.! >> love you, too. but i love me more. i'm a man of conviction. a man of faith. a man of humility. a man of character and integrity. a man of charisma and discipline. i am a man of courage. courageous enough to choose chattanooga over canton. >> t.o. was one of eight inductees into the hall of fame class of 2008. -- 2018. sports. have a great sunday. good morning, i'm meteorologist frances dinglasan. the satellite image is starting to show clouds pull back in some areas. we're getting some clearing in the south'll hang onto the coast of the afternoon. the breeze is starting to pick
9:49 am
up. we're seeing 14 miles per hour in san francisco, 12 miles per hour right now in oakland. it will pick up to 20 to 30 miles per hour this afternoon, even up to 40 in some higher elevations. san jose, we're seeing blue skies right now. san francisco, temperature has dropped to 53. oakland, 57. san jose, morgan hill, already in the low 70s and plenty of sunshine there. this time we're looking from the east bay hills towards mt. diablo. still haze and gray clouds out there. santa rosa, 57 degrees. napa, 60. novato, 64. mid-60s in concord and livermore. low clouds over the bay right now. you can see san francisco, the building tops still obscured and some of the low clouds. temperatures will be slightly cooler today. that's due to a slightly more robust marine layer. a warming trend starts tomorrow. then we see hot temperatures inland wednesday through friday. we might see triple-digit heat. so what's going on upstairs is
9:50 am
we have this area of low pressure in the gulf of alaska. as this drifts toward us, it deepen the marine layer and increases the sea breeze, bringing temperatures down a little bit. by 10:00, the clouds will start to pull back from the east bay. still hanging along the peninsula coast, pretty much all afternoon. by 4:00, we'll see plenty of sunshine except for the coast there. and through paa foggy start tomorrow morning. highs today will range from low 60s at the coast to low 90s inland. look for the sea breeze to pick up in san francisco. 66 today. we'll see low 90s in santa rosa, lakeport. napa comfortable at 84. 72 with plenty of sunshine for the a's game day. 48 in san jose. also it is the adobo festival, the last day today. if you enjoy making it or eating
9:51 am
it, you can attend the festival. it's going to be sunny already at 11:00, 68 degrees, warming up to near 80 degrees this afternoon. even by this evening, mild, low 70s for you. here is what i was talking about in terms of inland heat. the week ahead for antioch, today's high is 92. we'll start to warm up tomorrow into tuesday. then near triple digits, wednesday, thursday, and possibly even to friday. and then starting to drop down next weekend. and also i want to mention hurricane hector. it is currently a category 3. we are watching this, because it is heading towards hawaii. by wednesday we'll have a better idea of where it's going to hit and how much impact it will have on hawaii, it could be category 2 level at that point. here is the accuweather seven-day forecast. breezy and gusty today. temperatures are a little bit cooler. low 90s inland, up to 80 around the bay, low 60s at the coast. and see how it gets hot wednesday, thursday, friday?
9:52 am
triple digits possibly inland, even around the bays. >> thanks, frances, so much. the alameda unified school district is taking a different approach to the dress code. it's dramatically loosened the rules for the coming school year. but not everyone is happy with the change. abc 7 news reporter laura anthony has a closer look at the trial program. >> we're looking at some athletic shorts. remembers we went to a local clothing store, aphrodite's closet, to see what's in on alameda campuses. in, as in in longer prohibited. >> spaghetti straps will be okay. shorts will be okay. >> reporter: it's a new pilot program designed to enhance student freedoms while reducing the body shaming that can come with dress codes of the past. >> are your shoulders showing, is your cleavage showing, that means girls are being punished more often and often losing more
9:53 am
class time more often than boys. .> it's not really that enforced >> rorter: nicole kramer and her dad were at alameda high, picking up her registration packet. >> sometimes my friends were sent home and they couldn't get back. >> i don't think it's okay. they should dress appropriate. >> reporter: others worry the dress code won't be a positive in the classroom. >> not a crop top, not -- like a tank top. it should be covered up. especially girls. >> reporter: why? >> because boys might get the wrong message. >> reporter: alameda's new policy isn't 100% anything goes. for instance, anything that could be considered hate speech or pornographic is still strictly prohibited. otherwise, schoo 'sp to the parents to police their kids. and they don't worry about the new policy producing distractions in the classroom. >> i think it's a good thing, because now it shows who they really are and what they want to >> reporte wtre you going to focus on?
9:54 am
>> school. >> reporter: in alameda, laura anthony, abc 7 news. coming up, canines hang 10. a unique
9:55 am
9:56 am
a different kind of rough surf. this is the world dog surfing championships, very cute. it took place yesterday. thousands turned out to watch. very cool, a portion of the money raised goes to dog surfing and environmental nonprofit groups. looks a little gray out there at the beach. frances, i think we have a final check. a little more of that today? >> yes, it will stay cloudy at
9:57 am
the beach all day, pretty much. temperatures right now range from 50s to 70s. 53 in san francisco, 70 in san jose. this afternoon, they'll range from 60s to 90s. 66 in san francisco with a sea breeze. oakland, 72, it will be comfortable there. antioch, 92. livermore, 91. san jose comfortable at 84 dregs. slightly cooler temperatures today with gusty breezes picking up this afternoon. the warming picks up tomorrow and get ready for hot weather inland, wednesday through friday. thank you for spending part of your sunday morning with us on abc 7. the news continues now online, on twitter, facebook, and instagram. i'm kate larsen with frances dinglasan. the news continues tonight at 5:00. have a good one.
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