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tv   ABC 7 News at 5  ABC  August 5, 2018 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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a young man trying to help wildfire victims has become the latest victim of the fire in redding. i'll dion lim. >> i'm eric thomas a lineman working for pg&e died near if carr fire in shasta county. jairus ayeta was on duty when he was involved in a vehicle accident. >> cornell bernard is live for us in santa rosa with details. >> ray: friends and relatives of jairus ayeta say that he moved to santa rosa with his family several years ago.
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friends say he knew the risks of his job, but he was dedicated to helping others. friends say 21-year-old jairus ayeta who everyone calls jay loved his job at pg&e. that's him on the left repairing a power poll. here he is with his best friend brandon. pg&e says he was working in rural shasta county saturday near the scene of the carr fire when tragedy struck. >> they were working in dangerous terrain performing power restoration work when he suffered fatal injuries associated with a motor vehicle accident. >> ray: he was an apprentice lineman who worked with the company for two years. he moved to santa rosa with his family several years ago, his cousin told us by phone how proud she was on jay. >> yeah, i was proud.proud.prou. when he graduated, when he got a job, when he bought a house.
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seemed like he was really doing go good. >> a god fund me page has been established by friends. so far more than $18,000 has been raised. a fellow lineman sent me a message a short time ago saying jairus ayeta was never negative, always funny and always hardworking. in the wake of the tragedy pg&e says it's reviewing safety measures for all crews helping to restor power in the fire zones. cornell bernard abc 7 news. now to the latest on that wildfire. it is 41% contained after burning for nearly two weeks. that fire has consumed 1080 buildings in total. we learned this weekend that a flat tire on a trailer caused the fire when its rim scraped the asphalt. more evacuations near the mendocino complex fires.
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they've erupted in size burning a combined total of 398 square miles. the forest fire says it's active around the eastern side of clear like. they're creating fire lines and buffers around the communities. flames destroyed 68 homes and 62 other buildings. many landmarks at yosemite national park will be closed indefinitely because of the ferguson fire. it's burned its way to the western edge of the park and the valley has been evacuated. one person who lives there, captured this scene as he evacuated. >> you have the pink on one side, the fire on the right and your goal is to keep cruising. >> it's charred 134 square34 sqe and is 35% contained. also closed due to the fire is
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camp mather. it's expected to remain closed for another week because of air quality. san francisco parks department runs the camp, a new ten week session was supposed to begin today. refunds are being issued. the abc 7 news app let people know about the pg&e worker killed in the carr fire with this breaking news push alert. our app is free to down load, enable the alerts to receive updates to your cell phone. three people died in a house fire in vallejo that investigators say is us pishs. police say just before 3:00 this morning an 11:00 girl who escaped the fire flagged down a police officer for help. she was injured in the fire but is expected to be okay. investigators say two girls and a woman died in the fire at the house on georgia street. developing news now, five people died when a small plane crashed in southern california. the twin engine cessna was
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headed to john wayne airport to concord airport when it crashed about a mile away. the federal aviation administration said it called in an emergency before it slammed into a parked vehicle. berkeley police warn people to stay away from the downtown area this afternoon as right-leaning demonstrators and protesters clashed. you can hear it, abc 7 news was at martin luther king jr. civic center park as conservative groups planned pro-trump rallies drew opposition from those who do not support the trump administration's policies. so far officers have made 17 arrest arrests. >> if you see elected officials not being able to get along and communicate and speak and focus on what's really affecting america today, then what's to be expected of the people who are
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suffering and going through those issues. >> police say protesters have been throwing fireworks and more than 20 cars have been vandalized. the president today cast new light on a moment central to the special counsel's russia investigation this comes as a member of his legal team discussed with abc news whether or not mr. trump will meet with special counsel robert mueller. >> speculation whether or not president trump will eventually sit down with robert mueller. jay sekulow discussed it this week. sekulow saying any subpoena for the president's testimony would face legal battles. >> you get a subpoena you file a motion to quash, that would be argued at the district court, then the court of appeals and the supreme court of the united
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states. >> stephanopoulos pressing him on statements about the president being involved in the statement for his son. >> i had bad information at that point. >> the president tweeting, a complete fabrication that i'm concerned about the meeting my son donald had in trump tower. that tweet contradicts the initial statement saying the meeting was to discuss a program of adoption of russian children. a silicone valley city passed a new gun law. a bird's eye view of the destruction after flames rush through a neighborhood. i feel like i had a lot of luck along the way and a lot of help. >> a teacher breaks a rowing record across the atlantic. the less son he learned.
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in developing news, 39 deaths are now blamed on an earthquake today in indonesia, it was also felt strongly in bali. it was the second quake to hit lombok, an earthquake a week ago killed 16 people. drone teams are documenting the carr fire damage in redding. firefighters are working with the city's technology team. they're using unmanned aerial systems equipped with cameras to
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capture high resolution photos and videos of the fire's destruction. the images are stitched together to create 360 degree maps of the communities in order to get a better sense of the immaterial pact. you can find a link to the maps at our website. fire crews from australia and knew seland are on their way to help battle the flames. according to cal fire they're expected to arrive tomorrow. nearly 150 specialists make up that deployment. they are veteran firefighters with experience in fire management and strategy. starting next month, no one younger than 21 will be allowed to buy a gun from any one of sunny dale's five gun shots. they raised the minimum age to 21. the mayor came up with the
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proposal after a 18-year-old killed 17 people in parkland florida. those who pose it say it discriminates against law abiding citizens. actor steven segal has a new role just ahead. what the cat-tastic festival is all about. >> i'll have the accuweather forecast coming up. a look at what's ahead on abc world news. we'll have more on the twin engine plane crashing in the los angeles area. what the pilot did before the moment of impact. plus the assassination attempt
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actor steven se began, can he improve relations with
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russia, he's going to try. the 66-year-old segal has been appointed a special representative on u.s./russia humanitarian ties. he's a close friend of vladimir putin. the michigan native became a russian citizen in 2016. the foreign ministry said the position is unpaid. pop and cat culture converged this weekend. felines got the latest scoop on cat food, toys, and merchandise. they took classes on how to help make their cats feel more loved. they had a chance to take se selfies with social media stars. a cincinnati schoolteacher took the record for fastest solo row ride across the atlantic. he landed off the coast of
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southwest england, it took him 38 days, six hours and 49 minutes to be precise after setting off from st. johnson in newfoundland. he's the first u.s. citizen to complete the fete. he was inspired by this quote. >> the person you have to spend the most time with is yourself so make yourself as interesting as possible. >> it's so true. he rows a 20 foot boat some 23000 nautical miles. >> any monty python fans? the silly isles, is that where the silly walks is? >> spelled differently. you have a plan, purchased the ring, but did you you book the fireworks? the booming business that's helping people say i do. that's tomorrow night right after the season finale of the
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bachelor re. let's look at today's lovely weather. we have mainly sunny skies right now. there's a patch of fog near the coastline but doesn't amount to much yet. temperature change over the past 24 hours indicate most areas have cooled down a little bit. 7 degrees cooler in napa. but a couple locations are warmer, one of them is novato, which is five degrees warmer. let's take a live view from the sutro tower. oakland 68. 71 in mountain view, 87 at san jose, 59 at half moon bay. here's the view from the east bay hills. there's the haze off in the distance has smokes moves down in this area. it's 85 in santa rosa, 82 in napa.
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91 in novato. 91 in concord. there's a little fog at the golden gate, not a lot. these are our forecast features, warming up, triple digit heat likely inland. we'll see temperatures moderating next weekend. it's breezy right now, it's been breezy a long time. surface wind 14, 16 in napa. all around the area 10 to 18 miles per hour. winds and wind gusts animations show it's going to remain gusty over the coastline into the early morning hours and we'll see winds calm down inland and over the bay but they'll intensify late in the day and into the evening hours. foggy at the coast overnight. overnight lows will be mainly mid to upper 50s, low 50s near the coast. here's a look at the forecast animation starting 11:00 tonight. notice the fog pushes locally out on over bay.
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not very far inland then burns back to the coastline by 10:00 tomorrow morning. most of the day sunny over the bay. some fog linger gs at the coastline until tomorrow night when it starts to clear out. highs tomorrow mainly in the mid 80s to low 90s. on the peninsula upper 70s to 80 degrees. breezy on the coast highs ranging from upper 50s to low 60s. up in the north bay look for 89 at santa rosa, 84 at napa. on the east bay we'll see high temperatures of 74, castro valley 77. and highs in the low to mid 90s inland. an here is the accuweather seven day forecast. it's going to start warming up on tuesday and see hot conditions inland on wednesday and thursday with highs near 100
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degrees both days in our inland areas and temperatures start to moderate friday and saturday and sunday we'll see temperatures in a more seasonal range, 90, 92 inland, upper 70s to 80s around the bay. >> this forecast makes me feel hot indoors. >> i know looking at it you want to sweat, you can't help yourself. >> i'll try real hard to help myself. thank you very much. anthony joins us with sports: 49ers not afraid of sweat, it's training by living off the grid. completely. or... just set the washing machine to cold.
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>> announcer: now sports from abc 7 news. the red hot a's make it a cool dozen against the tigers. that's 12 wins in a row against detroit putting them 21 games over .500. trevor cahill loaded the bases in the first, but got his way out of it with a swing and a miss, he was throwing darts today. scoreless in the fourth inning it's crush time khris davis with a home run for the second game in a row, his tenth in the last 14 games. he has 31 on the year. cahill didn't need more than that, goes six innings, three hits strikes out ten. bottom seven, matt chapman sneaks this one inside the pole for his second straight game with a homer. 2-run shot makes it 4-0 a's. and matt olson decides to join
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the party. a two-run blast of his own. the a's win 6-0 remain two up on the mariners in the wild card race. buster posey was back in the lineup for the giants lineup. he did not play yesterday after leaving friday's game in the third inning after being hit in the mask by a foul tip. take the picture and then split, get it? bottom two, sosa jr. gives the d backs the early lead. top three, giants tie up with a two out rally, evan longoria knocks in andrew mccut chen. tied in the eighth, longoria crushes this one to the deep part of the yard gives the giants a 3-2 lead. will smith on to close it. he gets it done, giants win 3-2, have their first winning road
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trip of the year. back home to face the astros in interleague play starting on monday. it was back to the work for the 49ers after taking saturday off. richard sherman is out this week and will miss the first h a hamstring, it's not a major concern the team says. kye doe is putting in work, developing his chemistry with jimmy garoppolo. kiddo is pushing a play to show off the speed but jimmy garoppolo is not sold on it. >> my head doesn't feel like it's going to explode every play, it's more reaction not thinking. if you have to think in football you're already losing. >> how many different positions do you need to know? >> i have to z ghost, which is a fake around. i haven't ran it yet, but i want to. >> do you think that will ever be run? >> do i? what did george say?
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>> he's eager to have it run. >> he's eager to run it? >> yes. >> if his sporting time goes by in a couple, maybe we'll see. >> maybe they'll run that play on thursday that's when the 49ers play their first preseason game against the cowboys. it's already here. >> all right? what happened? >> are you ready for some football? just ahead the ♪ ♪ ♪ i put a spell on you ♪ yeah, because you're mine ♪ with chase atms serena can now grab cash on the go,
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new on abc 7 news at 6:00, more than 150 years after first opening its doors, this landmark bay area store may be forced to close for good. you may get drawn into these charles manson eyes trying to see what's drawn into them. >> something more light hearted a girl with a lemonade stand surpassed her goal of raising $2,000 for the victims of the wire in redding. >> seven-year-old lila pratt raised the money to help students burned out of their home she raised $2,105, enough to buy 48 backpacks and school supplies. she's also donating bedding, baby wipes and diapers. >> i'm betting people paid more than 50 cents or a dollar each at that rate. >> probably. well done, especially at that age. >> well, done. >> i'm eric thomas.
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>> i'm dion lim for all of us at abc tonight, breaking news. a plane crashing into a shopping center. the emergency as the twin engine plane slams into a parking lot. no one onboard surviving. what the pilot did before the moment of impact. also tonight, the alleged assassination attempt by drone. venezuela's president says he was the target. the wild scene caught on camera. troops running off, then the live feed suddenly cut. plus, president trump lashing out about the russia investigation. defending his son don jr. and that infamous meeting at trump tower. what the president is now saying. relentless fires. the images coming in. new evacuations, with more dangerous heat ahead. plus, earthquake disaster. more than 80 people killed when a massive quake rocks a popular


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