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tv   ABC7 News 600PM  ABC  August 8, 2018 6:00pm-6:59pm PDT

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greyhound, muni. caltrain may eventually add service as well. >> but the new center offers up old questions. will it offer commuters a safe space? melanie woodrow is live with a look at this question. melanie? >> reporter: dan and ama, that is a question that we asked several times throughout today's tour, and one that the construction manager and architects gave a lot of thought to during the building process. what began with an international competition 11 years ago is now the salesforce transit center. >> miracle, is that the appropriate word? >> a big board for advertisements and bus times. it also pays tribute to local artists. >> below us, as we're all standing on is a terrazzo floor by local artist julie chang. above us there will be a jenny holzer art piece. >> one is the bus terminal. this bus bridge connects to the bay bridge. >> it's a direct in to the station and a direct out.
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>> there is a train box below ground, but trains are at least another ten years away. this public rooftop garden is open to everyone. the architects say they even envision school children coming through for tours and lessons. >> when you go 70 feet above street level and find a 5'2" 1/2" acre public park, your perceptions change. it really is going to change people's understanding of where they live. >> the garden is accessed by gondola. there is also a fountain with jets activated as users pass. >> part that of is safety and security and cleanliness. >> the transbay joint power authority says staff will clean the transit center between 1:00 a.m. and 5:00 a.m. ambassadors will be on hand to answer visitors' questions. security is being provided by unarmed allied guards who will work in conjunction with san francisco police officers from southern station. >> you can't really tell how many because that's part of the security plan, but there is going to be a presence. >> there were also many
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surveillance cameras. >> if it becomes a place where people don't feel like they want to come because it's just not a safe place for their kids and their family, then we missed the mark. but i don't think we have. >> the architects say even these glass elevators were chosen in part so that people could see both in and out of them. retail occupants that have already signed on include a gym, a dentist, and coffee shops. live in san francisco, melanie woodrow, abc 7 news. >> melanie, thank you. ac transit drivers are already making practice runs into the new bus deck. when passengers arrive, they'll be greeted by digital touch screen pylons. riders will be able to view maps, choose their bus line and gather updated arrival and departure information. but the most welcome surprise could be the bus ramp that connects the story the bay bridge. >> buses have to compete with congested traffic on san francisco streets. if you're a transbay rider, you board your bus right here, and
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then that ramp takes you directly to the lower deck of the bay bridge. it saves at least five minutes off of each ride. >> ac transit will transition from the temporary transit center at midnight saturday. but before then, we'll have the official ribbon cutting ceremony friday at 11:00 a.m. that's invitation only. saturday anyone can join a free party and tour parts of the center that will usually be offlimits. and again, bus service will move into the new transit center on sunday. you can find details about all of these events at safety on mass transit, especially bart is under renewed scrutiny after the death of nia wilson. the 18-year-old, as we've been reporting, was attacked at random, stabbed to death while she and her sisters transferred trains at macarthur station a few weeks ago. now there is a proposal to use mutual aid to protect passengers. vic lee is live with a look at that idea and what it means. vic? >> well, dan, mutual aid, as you know, is often used by police
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agencies during emergencies for a short period of time. now the bay area council, which is ans that helped create bart, wants the system to use mutual aid for a longer period of time. the request by the bay area council comes after three recent deaths at bart stations. the most publicized, the fatal stabbing of 18-year-old nia wilson by a transient at macarthur station. bart has now ordered its officers to work longer day, all of this while bart is faced with a serious staffing short. they want mutual aid from the communities the train systems serves. >> local cities that are served by bart, that benefit from bart service could provide local police resources to help help supplement bart's force. >> but bart easy? a written statement the collective bargaining agreements make clear that only bart police may provide security at bart. but that doesn't mean another
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agency can't respond to an ongoing incident if we need their assistance. bart's former police chief gary gee tells abc 7 news mutual aid has been used during emergencies. he says bart could be in one now. >> if this were an emergency staffing situation, i believe that bart can call it as an exception. >> staffing is also a problem with many of the police departments of communities bart serves. richmond has a station. the city's police chief says the question comes down to whose got officers to spare. >> that's the issue. i know that all of my counterparts in the region have the same struggle with staffing. we're all down. >> and the bart police union issued a written statement responding to this proposal. they say bart police have now saturated the system with their presence, implying that there is no need -- system to patrol it
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issue. vic lee, abc 7 news. >> vic, thank you. we want to know what your experiences are on bart. add the #dearbart to your social media posts and pictures to show what's you're seeing. as always, make sure you're in safe place when posting. now to the latest information on the largest wildfire in state history. we'll start with the fact that some people returned home today after the mendocino complex fires forced them to evacuate. the evacuation orders were lifted today for parts of upper lake lucerne and nice in lake county. still, more than 10,000 homes remain threatened. calmer winds helped containment to 47%. the two fires combined cover more than 470 square miles, an area about the size of los angeles. in areas where the fire threat has subside, the smoke is so thick, lakeport has given away 2400 respirator masks the last few days. >> i live up on a mountain. i can usually see all the mountains around me.
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and i can't. they're not visible at all right now. >> an added complication, there is a norovirus outbreak at an evacuation shelter at lower lake high school. about 30 people have been sick in the past two days. the fires have been burning for 12 days. the fires are affecting our air quality here in the bay area. you can see the smoke in this live picture from our walnut creek towercam. it is thick out there. we do have team coverage on the conditions with abc 7 news weather anchor spencer christian, and eric thomas. let's go to eric first. he is live in orinda. eric? >> and ama, somewhere up there is a beautiful blue sky. all you'd have to do is peel away that film of haze up there. part of that's generated by smoke. the people who have respiratory problems wish they could peel that film away, but at this point, they can't, and they say it's never good to be able to see what you breathe. when we met nadine hugg, she was
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filling a prescription at the local pharmacy to fight what she calls the worst asthma attack in years. >> the wheezing has been really bad. every hour i was using my inhaler. >> this young athlete has been suffering too. >> i could just smell it, and like i would start sneezing and coughing really badly. because of my allergies. >> reporter: this is the problem. an irritating blanket of auto exhaust ozone, and especially smoke from wildfires. a respiratory specialist at benioff children's hospital in oakland says it's part of the reason they're seeing an increase in visits from people with breathing problems. >> so things that you should really pay attention to, symptoms of cough, wheezing, shortness of breath, chest pain, or any time you have any difficulty with breathing, you should really notify your doctor. >> the bay area air quality management district has declared spare the air days for today and tomorrow, and they're asking for your help. >> we're asking residents to
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drive less if possible. get out of their car, take transit instead. >> meteorologists say the bay area probably won't see complete relief until october at the earliest, assuming the rainy season starts then. but in the short-term, a weather system is expected to bring more windy conditions, although that could be a mixed blessing. >> on the plus side, that will blow the smoke out of the bay area. on the minus side, it might help to spread the fire front a little bit more aggressively. >> the people who monitor air quality say in addition to reducing the amount of driving you can do, please don't do any outside burning, and that includes barbecues. there is also this alert from the doctor we talked to, dr. lee. if you're used to exercising outside, you might want to cut back on that or even stop for a while this haze and unhealthy air is out here. in orinda, eric thomas, abc 7 news. >> it's pretty bad. eric, thank you very much. let's bring in abc 7 news
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weather anchor spencer christian for details on the spare the air days. >> wind is a big concern, as you have heard reported already. the wind is a bit calmer in some places today, allowing the smoke to build up, as you can see here on this looping satellite image. stronger wind would blow some of that smoke away, but that would also fan the flames of the fires. right now smoke continues to build up in the central valley, all around the bay area, and over much of northern and central california. you can see how thick that haze. and tomorrow will be another spare the air day for the bay area, with the poorest air quality likely in the inland east bay and the santa clara valley. we have a color coded map that will indicate how our air quality is declining here in the immediate san francisco bay area. dan and ama? >> spencer, thanks a lot. now cal fire has banned all outdoor burning in the areas it patrols in alameda, contra costa and santa clara counties. that means no camp fires, no outdoor soa outdoor stoves or charcoal
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barbecues in places like state parks. because of the ferguson fire near yosemite located in tuolumne county will stay closed for an additional week due to smoke in the air. today yosemite national park reopened for residents. the ferguson fire has burned 91,000 acres and is at 38% containment tonight. police have arrested this man, 51-year-old forest gordon clark in connection with the southern california wildfire that has burned 12 cabins and led to some evacuations. he was arrested in connection with the so-called holy fire. since monday, it's burned who than six square miles in the santa ana mountains and is only 5% contained. hard to believe, but there are 18 wildfires burning in california right now. and tonight the trump administration is ordering federal agencies to override special protections to prioritize using water to fight wildfires. the directive by commerce secretary wilbur ross comes two days after president trump tweeted that california didn't have enough water to fight the wildfires. that tweet was quickly disputed by cal fire officials who say
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the state has plenty of water for that purpose. we reached out to them about today's announcement, and they repeated the same statement. environmentalists say the decision will weaken protections for salmon in california. a tool to help measure air quality was blown up by law enforcement this week. next, we're live with a look at the confusion that lead to the destruction of someone's science experiment. plus, a midnight visitor caught on camera. what may
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an explosive lesson in the east bay as a science experiment goes wrong.
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alameda county's bomb squad blew up a suspicious box labeled dangerous. abc 7 news reporter katie is live. katie? >> dan, they did. they saw this box along redwood row and called chp who in turn called the bomb squad. now we have a picture of this suspicious box, and i'll let you decide if it look like a bomb. >> tape upped with the only word exposed dangerous. >> there is no scientific margin of error when you're on the bomb squad. >> the box is being suspended by the string. the string ran off into the trees. >> around 5:30 monday evening, commuters reported seeing the box near redwood grove and roadway. wearing his bomb squad gear, sheriff michael norton approached. >> it duz did look suspicious to us because we normally don't encounter unattended boxes on the side of the road. in addition to that, it was making a mechanical noise inside the box. >> after scanning it from a safe distance, sergeant norton decided to destroy the suspicious device.
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only then did he learn what it actually was. >> once i pulled it out of the tree, i saw that it was a weather balloon, and i realized that buddies were going to give me a hard time. >> the balloon came from san jose state university researcher, seen launching similar weather balloons in this video. they launched the equipment in order to measure the ozone lyer. when the balloon pops, the equipment lands, hopefully protected by the styrofoam box. >> the ozone project has been going on for months. so this is not something that just start and the first one fell out of the sky. >> what started as a science experiment turn bad is a lesson for all. clear labeling matters. >> here is my contact information. here is my e-mail address. we could have handled this in no time at all. >> i think that we're going to put the labeling more clearly on it and very official looking to emphasize that this is gathering weather data and it's not dangerous. >> the bomb squad evacuated nearby homes as a precaution,
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and the roadway was blocked during that peak commute hour. however, the equipment lost, it cost about a thousand dollars only. so that's a small price for both safety and science. in castro valley, katie >> thank you, katie. it will take place a month from today. abc 7 news was at terry bridges plaza across the street from the san francisco ferry building where leaders behind the rise for climate, jobs and justice spoke i ahead of the big event. the september march is part of an international day of action. hundreds of events are planned across the world. >> at toned telephone day, everything that's going on in the world affects us firsthand. and it hurts us the most. and so we want to let them know that we're not down with this. and if you won't provide the solutions, we're going to provide them for ourselves. >> the march next month in san francisco comes just four days before governor brown will host a global climate action summit in the city. representatives from around the world will be in attendance,
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including members of the u.n. climate action team. in the north bay, a unique piece of art is taking place tonight. abc 7 news was at lagoon park in san rafael today where artist jason phan is constructing a sculpture out of fallen eucalyptus branches. it's design as a reminder of the fire danger in. eucalyptus is one of the most flammable. over the next week the team will harrest fallen tree branchs from the surrounding area. >> this particular piece i'm partnering with the park services. they're doing a loft fire clearance of saplings and to clear the space to prevent fires. >> anyone is welcome to come out and help collect wood and help create the sculpture too. phan hopes to finish it all by next sunday. >> so it is good wood collecting weather? >> spencer christian is here. >> you don't want to spend too
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much time outdoors because of the declining air quality. here is a look at live doppler 7. we have hazy sunshine over the bay and over our inland areas. and we have fog at the coast. it's a thin marine layer. it's beginning to mix a little bit with some of the pollutants in the air. it's breezy in most bay area locations right now. we don't have strong gusts. but wind speeds at the surface from 10 to 18 miles per hour over much of the bay area. and it's warmer over much of the bay area at this hour than it was yesterday at this time. and 11 degrees warmer. fairfield this time yesterday. 8 degrees warmer in hayward and mountain view. san francisco shows no change, same temperature as at this hour. this is a view of hazy skies over walnut creek right now as we take a look at current temperature readings. 59 degrees in san francisco. oakland, 66. mountain view 72. 79 at san jose. 92 at morgan hill and 59 at half moon bay. it's 74 degrees in santa rosa right now. napa, 72. novato, 84.
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90 in fairfield. 92 in concord. 88 at livermore. and the view from the east bay hills shows blue sky and haze. it will be warmer in most areas again tomorrow. we'll see smoke and haze filling the air once again, and a cooler pattern begins to develop over the weekend. overnight, look for mostly clear skies inland. fog at the coast, and some fog will reach out over the bay. overnight lows will be mainly mid to upper 50s. a little milder in the inland east bay, where some locations will see lows not dropping below 60 degrees. and tomorrow, another very warm, hot in some spots day. breezy at the coast. highs at the coast. will be mainly in the mid- to upper 60s. around the bay 78 at oakland. 82 in fremont. north bay highs 92 at santa rosa. 101 at lakeport. 103 at ukiah. inland east bay upper 90s at fairfield, antioch, concord and livermore. and on frooirksd we'll see temperatures easing up just a little bit in the inland areas. still quite warm. mainly mid-90s there.
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we'll see mid- to upper 70s around the by, and low 60s on the coast. cooling continues on saturday. and by sunday, we'll see temperatures dropping back into more average range or typical range for this time of the year. here is the accuweather seven-day forecast. after tomorrow, which will be the warmest day in the forecast period, once again we'll see warmth hold knocking on the inland areas for a couple of days. but we'll be comfortable, cooling around the bay and on the coast. and further cooling in just about all locations sunday and monday going into next week. we won't see much of a variation in our temperature range for about a four-day span. a steady pattern, one we have not seen in a while. >> all right. thank you, spencer. all right. well get out your fan, go to abc 7 news. are you a fan of the oscars new popular film category? >> give it
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a big night on abc 7. it's cma fest. the three-hour event starts at 8:00 hosted by thomas rhett and kelsea ballerini. catch 27 performances including jason aldean, blake shelton, chris stapleton, carrie underwood, keith urban and more. then stay with us for abc 7 news at 11:00. >> is that all? big changes coming to the oscars, and some people are not happy about it.
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>> no. the big change is the addition of a new category, best popular film. so are you a fan of the new popular film category? you can weigh in at other changes include presenting some awards during commercial breaks on tv, all in an effort to keep the oscars' run time at three hours. the moves were approved by the academy tuesday night. the academy did not announce what cutes a popular film. >> reggie aqui from abc 7 mornings tweeted this perspective today. the last best picture oscar that was also number one at the box office was the third lord of the rings that was 2003. so i get why the oscars are adding a new category for best popular film. they're trying to reach out to folks who say i never saw these nominated movies. >> so many of those popular films never do get attention in the oscars. let's get a look at the results of the live poll. it is about time. 58% not prestigious enough. 42%. >> go to
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coming up next, what might have lured a mountain lion to a san mateo home. plus extra scrutiny of the
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live where you live, this is abc 7 news. >> a prowler in action. a middle of the night visitor to this san mateo home was caught on camera. it is, as you can tell, a mountain lion. police tell us they've had more and more reports of mountain lions being spotted lately. >> the latest was on hobart avenue in the middle of san mateo blocks from el camino real. days before that another sighting was made about a mile away. >> and a few weeks before that, a mountain lion was capture new year's day aragon high school. carlos salcedo got reaction from neighbors who are a bit worried. >> the sighting caught from multiple camera angles is quick, but it clearly shows a large mountain lion, believed to be around 45 pounds, roaming through a san mateo resident's yard. >> the video captured in the backyard first, and then it went to the front. >> the homeowner was asleep when the midnight encounter happened. the motion triggered cameras
6:30 pm
sent an alert to his phone this morning. >> for me, it's the first time in my life i saw a mountain lion in the zoo, but not in your backyard. >> a mountain lion then exits towards the front of the property on to the street and disappears. >> 40 years, the first time i know a cat's been around here. >> long-time resident mike troy lives two houses down and thinks the lion was in his driveway, probably looking for food. he accidentally left fish bait out on his boat. >> i could hear something walking. and if i could hear something walking, it wasn't a raccoon. it had to be bigger than that. >> this is the third mountain lion sighinging in san mateo within weeks. last month nearby residents were on edge after being told to shelter in place while police searched for a young female lion. hours later, she was captured and then released back into the woods. police do not think this is the same cat that's been spotted recently. >> we're getting a couple more sightings. i can't tell you why, but it's a good thing that our community members are keeping us informed.
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>> san mateo police say he did the right thing by alerting them right away. police issued a warning so neighbors could be cautious. they say if you have small pets, be sure to keep them indoors. that's what he will be doing with his cat, astro, holding on just a little tighter tonight. in san mateo, carlos salcedo, abc 7 news. >> mountain lions have been spotted in the san mateo area before. this is tracking data from santa cruz puma project of a young male lion's movp movements of november of last year. he was tracked to the campus. another young mountain lion was captured in downtown san mateo in 2015. well, do you know how to protect yourself if you come face the face with a mountain lion? it could happen. stay with us. we have a one-minute video that explains everything you need to know about that. we'll play it for you before the next commercial break. the son of union city's police chief is accused of attacking and robbing a sikh man. police say 18-year-old tyrone
6:32 pm
mcallister is one of two suspects arrested for attacking the 71-year-old man in manteca on monday. a 16-year-old was also arrested. the security camera captured the attack. tyrone is the estranged son of union city police chief darryl stinnette. a statement from union city police says in part that he is devastated by how his son's actions are such a departure from what he has stood for in his personal life. a state appeals court denied a request to overturn the sexual assault conviction of former stanford swimmer brock turner. the judges ruled the request lacked merit. turner argued his client never intended to rape 22-year-old emby doe. he sought sexual gratification by keep his clothes on. the incident captured international attention. a republican-backed proposal to audit the state department of motor vehicles, dmv, was shot down today after three democratic senators declined to vote for that proposal.
6:33 pm
those state senators were jim beal of san jose, ben allen of santa monica, and ricardo lara from los angeles county. they did not vote. critics of department say an audit would have examined the customer service meltdown at so many dmv branches. hours-long waits have left customers frustrated. so too are some state lawmakers. >> and now some of the politicians around here say we ought to trust the dmv to get themselves out of a problem they dug themselves into in the first place. >> assembly man suspects jerry brown had something to do with squashing the proposed audit. governor brown had reservations about it and believe head could fix the dmv wait times without involving the state auditor. the new york city council has passed a one-year moratorium on new licenses or uber, lyft and other ride sharing cars. the council voted 39-6 in favor. supporters say the explosion of
6:34 pm
drivers is bringing traffic to a stand still and decimating the city's once thriving cab industry. here's how uber responded to the decision. quote, the city's 12-month pause of new vehicle licenses will threaten one of the few reliable transportation options while doing nothing to fix the subways or ease congestion. san francisco is putting an infusion of cash behind a program that helps renters fight an eviction. today mayor london breed announced the city is increasing its legal defense fund by nearly $6 million over the next two years. the money will fund proposition f, which was passed by voters in june. the measure provides renters facing eviction with legal representation, but did not include a funding source. the city's new budget injected nearly $2 million into the program right away. >> we know, sadly, that most tenants can't afford a lawyer and don't know where to go in the first place. as a result, too many san franciscans face eviction without knowing what their full rights are.
6:35 pm
>> annual evictions in san francisco have jumped by 26% over the past eight years. well, stay with us. coming up, paying it forward. we're going revisit a family we first met four years ago after a tragic accident left their 6-year-old son badly injured. >> and tonight see how that experience inspired them to help others around the world. also ahead -- >> fighting ticks. i'm michael fin. >> in 7 on your side is coming up. ♪ ♪
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with pg&e in the sierras. and i'm an arborist since the onset of the drought, more than 129 million trees have died in california. pg&e prunes and removes over a million trees every year to ensure that hazardous trees can't impact power lines. and since the onset of the drought we've doubled our efforts. i grew up in the forests out in this area and honestly
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it's heartbreaking to see all these trees dying. what guides me is ensuring that the public is going to be safer and that these forests can be sustained and enjoyed by the community in the future.
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a bay area company is getting national exposure with ford. ford is giving workers at all of its u.s. plants and some around the world the exo vest made by a richmond company. the vest provides physical support to the perpetrator wearing it and ford hopes it will reduce pain and injuries among its workers. xo makes a variety of exo skeleton devices. some are rehab for stroke and spine cord accidents. a chain based in san jose to help children in africa with disabilities is gaining traction. >> the foundation named for a 10-year-old is helping to put dozens of kids through school in
6:40 pm
sierra leone. >> sierra leone is a poor west african nation that has been beset by civil war and natural disasters. the world bank says three out of four people live on less than a dollar a day. young people with disabilities are left to live on the streets with no chance for education. thousands of miles away in san jose, abdul provided the inspiration to change that. he was 6 when we first met him as he went through physical therapy after a serious auto accident. his father wanted to pay forward the kindness he and abdul received, so a foundation in abdul's name was created five years ago to help similar children in his father's native sierra leone. >> it would take $150 to pay for one child for their entire school year. inclusive, book, texts, uniform, and transportation. >> he started with 25 children. he is now paying school expenses for 62. he hopes the number will reach 100.
6:41 pm
abdul is proud of the contributors. >> they have a big, big heart for other people. >> abdul's father told us about how he discovered that one girl he is assisting had a hidden graphic arts talent. >> if we did not take that child from that street, that talent wouldn't have come out of her. and she wouldn't also realize what she really had within herself. >> the children have written many letters of appreciation. >> we're not here to give handouts. we're here to assist you to get to where you need to be in life. so people are actually grabbing that by the horn and going with it. >> to raise funds, t-shirts are selling for $20, and an event is planned this weekend. if you would like to support the program in sierra leone, the abdul miracle disabled children's foundation will hold its fundraiser here in kirk park, saturday between 1:00 and 3:00 p.m. there will be lots of food and entertainment. in san jose, david lewie, abc 7 news. >> now helping children get an education in sierra leone is also rubbing off on 10-year-old
6:42 pm
abdul, who inspired the project. >> he says he wants to become a teacher when he grows up. >> way to go, abdul. awesome. tomorrow is expected to be the warmest day of the week. here is a live look from our east bay hills tower camera. >> spencer will be back with
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okay. tere seems to be a day for everything, and today is international cat day. yeah, we tweeted it out this morning, and we want the thank kerry for replying with his cat scotty. it was first observed in 2002 by the international fund for animal welfare. there is also national cat day. that's observed in october. >> no international lizard day yet? >> there probably. what are some simple ways to protect your pet and even yourself from tick borne diseases? >> 7 on your side's michael finney is here with those details. >> we're well into tick season. if you hike around the bay area, you know that. and if your pet spends any time out in the grass lands or even in the woods, chances are you may have spotted a bloodsucking creature on the pet or maybe even yourself. there are several tick-borne diseases. you know about them. lyme disease is one that can be serious for humans and pets.
6:46 pm
consumer reports has some simple ways to help protect your pet. >> you ready? >> meet simon. he is is a 120-pound st. bernard and full of energy. last year he was in really bad shape. >> he couldn't even stand. he had a fever of 106 i think it was. i thought he was going die. >> simon was diagnosed with a serious case of tick borne lyme disease. fortunately with antibiotics, steroid and iv fluids, he made a full recovery. now the boys and their mom check for ticks daily so simon won't get sick again. >> if you find a tick, don't panic, especially if it's just crawling around and not attached. not all ticks carry disease. if a tick is embedded for less than 24 hours, it greatly reduces the chance of your pet getting a tick-borne disease like lyme. >> so always remove any ticks immediately. to remove the embedded one use a fine-nosed tweezer, and keep an eye on your pet for suspicious
6:47 pm
symptoms. >> it's also important to use a oral or topical anti-tick medication on your pet, but check with your vet before you use any of the treatments. >> your yard is the next battleground. keep the grass cut low and clear out leaf piles. that deprives ticks of a hiding place. bait boxes are another type of tick prevention measure. you can install them on your lawn. but you better check with a licensed pet control personnel to make sure they're actually allowed in your community. now i want to hear from you. my 7 on your side hotline is open week day, 10:00 to 2:00. the telephone number is 415-954-1851. you can also reach me on my facebook page and >> good info. root beer floats for a good cause on a warm san francisco afternoon. who could ask for anything better? >> that's right. the palace hotel on san francisco's new montgomery street served up the summer treat this afternoon. all proceeds benefit the
6:48 pm
children's miracle network at ucsf children's benioff. >> they raised $1200 so far, and they'll be serving them up inside the hotel until midnight tonight. a small is $5. large is 10 bucks, but again, all goes to a great cause. boy doesn't that look delicious? >> yeah, especially on a nice warm day. refreshing. >> so what should we have another warm day coming? what about the weekend? we're getting a little close. spencer back. >> we have some warmer and nicer days coming our way. but first a colorful graphic indicating air quality. the red and orange circles here indicate poor air quality. that of course has been the pattern over in the central valley and up to our north as well because of all the wildfires. the yellow and green had been the predominant colors here in the bay area until today. now we see some oranges moving in there. so our air quality is declining. today was a spare the air day, and tomorrow will be another spare the air day. look how thick the haze is over the by area right now. so the poorest air quality tomorrow will be in the inland east bay and in the santa clara valley, and it's going to be quite warm.
6:49 pm
look for highs inland, inland east bay and the upper 90s tomorrow. above 100 at lakeport and you kaiia. here is the accuweather seven-day forecast. temperatures will start to moderate a little bit on friday sand saturday. but the real cooling kicks in on sunday and monday. we'll have much more comfortable weather going into early next week. that will be nice. thanks, spencer. all right. on to sports. a lot to talk about tonight. >> yeah, larry beil? >> it's probably a little early for you guys to have made your christmas plans i would say? >> oh, no, i've done most of my shopping. >> for you, larry. >> well, that is appropriate. >> we have such an extensive list. >> but the nba is giving you a gift. >> oh. >> lebron is coming to town to get a lump of coal from the warriors.
6:50 pm
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6:52 pm
now abc 7 sports with larry beil. >> good evening. the warriors' quest for their third consecutive championship starts in just over two months. today the nba gave their fans a little taste, a little preview of the schedule to whet your appetite. dubs will open the season and raise their new championship banner and get their fancy diamond rings. at oracle arena october 16th against oklahoma city. yes, the thunder, kd versus russ on opening night. first road game, friday october 19th at utah. and then on christmas day, lebron james and his lakers come to town. that's a 5:00 p.m. tip-off right here on abc 7. and those two teams will meet again on martin luther king jr. day, january 21st in l.a.
6:53 pm
steph curry busy practicing his golf for round one at stonebrae tomorrow, was asked if it's going to be weird seeing lebron in a laker uniform. >> i think i've seen some photo shopped images. so it is a little different, but on the court be the same guy that you expect to play well. we know we need to control. we control and be a better team this year. got to hit the ground running in september in training camp. and understand as every year is chasing a championship, it's a different year and you just can't carbon copy what you did last year to be successful. >> can't wait. dwight clark may be gone, but his memory will live on. the 49ers announcing their plans to honor the late great niner, including number decalls on of the helmets and his number placed in the end zone. and stat use placed outside the stadium pdsceap they were on th play. meanwhile, niners open preseason tomorrow night against the dallas cowboys. if you want the see jimmy
6:54 pm
garoppolo, you better get there early. he is only going to play one series. that's it. the result really doesn't matter. this is about getting good reps in game situation. as kyle shanahan points out, anybody can stand still and catch a ball. >> catching the ball is about your eyes to me. and that's why i always laugh when people sit there and think that they're practicing catching by standing in place. i mean, my son who is 8 used to do that because he is still learning how to get coordinated and everything. but we all can stand and catch plays. can you catch it when you're running a 4 .o240? that's when it get realsly hard. >> and first you have to run a 4240. >> at bellerive, close to the 1984 olympics which spencer covered. tiger woods will play in his first pga championship since 2015. zing! and that tournament did not go well. he missed the cut. the good news is that the back and knee injuries that have plagued him for years appear to
6:55 pm
be healed. and tiger had a chance to win the british open last month. tiger has not won a major in over ten years. winning would be great, but he is just grateful to be playing. >> just for me to be able to have this opportunity again i said this many times this year. i didn't know if i could do this again and here i am. so just coming back and being able to play at this level and compete, i've had my share of chances to win this year as well. hopefully i'll get it done this week. it has become tradition every year now. espn 2 becomes the ocho for one day. it's a takeoff from the movie dodge ball, which i'm sure you've watched. the first game we had for you is ping-pong but you can only use your head. rock, paper scissors. the reaction of the loser here is better than the actual game. watch this guy. oh, should have gone scissors. i knew it! finally, this is volleyball but you cannot use your arms.
6:56 pm
look at the height that these guys are getting. and stick in the land of blah, i don't me who is playing this. nobody regular -- well, a few gys. anyway. so dodge ball. >> that hurts. >> no, that's going to be tough. just remember from dodge ball, if you can dodge a wrench, you can dodge a ball. i only view the classics, dan. >> that's true. that's true. thanks, larry. >> helpful information here. join us tonight at 9:00 on kofy tv see what residents in one neighborhood returned home to find. and then on abc 7 news at 11:00, a bay area's police chief son has been arrested for this attack. how the sikh community is responding tonight. >> that's all coming up later. but that is this edition of abc 7 news. look for breaking news on the abc 7 news app. we appreciate your time. i'm dan ashley. >> i'm ama daetz. for spencer christian and larry beil and the entire abc 7 news team, have a great evening.
6:57 pm
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