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tv   ABC7 News 1100AM  ABC  August 10, 2018 11:00am-11:31am PDT

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in fairfield. as you just saw that crash looks terrible. at least three vehicles are involved and traffic is really backed up in the westbound direction. take a look at a map here to show you where it happened in fairfield at
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eric? >> reporter: and reggie, this is the most obvious consequence of the accident you've been talking about. it's a three vehicle accident. about a mile east of the north texas exit is completely backed up. this isn't even the halfway point of the backup. this is because they're narrowing the four lanes down to one lane. three vehicles involved. one of them was an suv. it has been completely mangled. another a large pickup truck. and then there was the motorcycle that was being ridden by that chp officer. out on the scanner it went to other units his motorcycle had been hit and he'd been thrown over the guardrail. that chp officer is seriously injured. we don't have an exact condition report on him yet, but we do know he was taken to north bay medical center in fairfield. let's show you some of that right nu. a lot of law enforcement there right now showing you the
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seriousness of this incident. chp, fairfield police, salono county sheriff's office, they're all they're right now trying to find out what that officer's condition is like right now while an accident investigation team is headed to this scene to try to figure out what exactly caused the accident, what led up to it, of course whether there should be any charges filed in that, and we just saw a whole contingent of chp vehicles ride by us on lion road here, so there's a lot of law enforcement. and the word ware hearing is here on westbound 80 it may be like this all day while they investigate the accident. if your route takes you westbound 80 towards the bay area, towards san francisco from the fairfield area you might want to think about finding another way because as you can see this is just a gigantic mess, and of course our best wishes to that chp officer and his family.
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as we know more, we will bring you more. right now live in fairfield, eric thomas, abc 7 news. >> eric, thank you. squ and eric was just talking about that traffic mess. what are we seeing? >> we're seeing a lot of red, reggie. this is really busy route between sacramento and the bay area. it could be tied up for hours. this is sigalert, that is where the crash happened right about the two hour mark right now. zooming out we've got about an 8 mile backup on the westbound side, and you are barely moving. i think 3 miles an hour is probably a little faster than it was moving. and eastbound side you're slightly faster at about 8 miles an hour. you're jammed into the fairfield area. not a lot of options if you do want to use the surface streets. probably will save you about 30 minutes but there's no great
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detour through this stretch. >> and stay on top of any breaking updates with our abc 7 news app. you can download it and enable push alerts for immediate notifications. a quick update on the wildfires. we do have some new numbers for you on the mendocino complex fires which have been burning for two weeks. the river fire is now 90% contained, the ranch fire 53%. the comup bied acreage burned over 300,000 acres of forest and brush making it the largest fire in california history. the carr fire is 51% contained this morning. flames have been burning there for 18 days. firefighters are having a tough time because the fire is burning areas that are virtually inaccessible. that smoke continues to bring harmful air to the bay area. what are you seeing as far as air quality goes? >> yeah, it's not very good,
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reggie. and i have bad news as well for firefighters. it's going to continue to be dry, hot and gusty. this is for lake county and surrounding areas including the carr fire in redding. humidity low, 10% to 25% during the day. even though the red flag warning expires during the day it is going to be hot all week for inland communities. still hot wednesday at 95 degrees. the air quality alert has expanded. so poor air quality to even hazardous levels there. but for us we have to sea breeze to be thankful for, and that is bringing the bay area better air quality today. moderate to good. we'll see continued improvement into the weekend. i'll have more details coming up. >> thank you so much, francis. abc 7 reporter will carr is covering the latest on the holy
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fire. he has an up close look at that devastation. >> reporter: in riverside county, california, where the holy fire is continuing to bear down on this community. the threat is still very real. you can see these flames eating through this bone dry brush. some of this brush hasn't burned in more than 40 years. now, we have been on the front lines in the past 12 hours. take a look at some of the things we've seen. the embers are burning. it is so smoky and the homes are right behind me here. these flames have raced up this hillside. check out just how close they are to this home. they are massive. we've got a number of flames in the yea. when you look at these flames the scene really look apocalyptic. there are more than 1,400 firefighters on the front lines right now. the man who is accused of sparking this fire now faces six felonies including arson, and
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the residents i've spoken with say they can't believe someone would spark this fire on purpose and put their lives and property in danger. will car, abc news. >> will, that's braver than i. that's way too close to the flames. happening today the defendants of the ghost ship tragedy could address the court in the second day of their hearing. instead they accepted plea deals. almenna will get nine years in prison, harris six. they could end up serving just half of those sentences with time served and good behavior. yesterday a steady stream of the 36 victims of family and friends testified in court. almenna and harris at least for a portion of that sat with their backs to them. these are fathers and daughters and artists and friends and we have not forgotten them.
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you can read each story on our website. happening today the son of union city's police chief is scheduled to make his first court appearance in connection with this, the beating of a 71-year-old sick man. 18-year-old tyrone mccallister is facing two felony charges including causing harm to an elderly adult. surveillance video shows a man kicking the victim until he fell twice to the ground and then kicking the man more. mccal st mccallister is the estranged son of the union city police chief darryl mccallister. a select few are enjoying a very much different experience in sacramento. behind this door a secret dmv office which is across the street from the state capitol building, it offers short waits for state lawmakers and their staff members. it comes as californians deal with long dmv lines across the
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state. this secret dmv is a source of frustration for one legislator. >> i've been here for six years and i'm not surprised legislators have given themselves special privileges and perks that typical californians just don't get. >> and just this week lawmakers voted against a dmv audit into the agency's management. happening now a ribbon cutting ceremony. mayor london breed and nancy pelosi are part of that ceremony. tomorrow you can go to a neighborhood block party from noon to 4:00. and a hub for bus service. some san jose kids are having to make the tough choices this morning. do they go with the princess backpack or the emoji one? sacred heart community service in san jose giving away 3,300
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backpacks today to get families ready for school. amy wishes she were going back to school. >> reporter: yes, the struggle is real. look at all these people trying to make their decisions right now. it has been crowded like this all day. parents are enjoying, though, watching their kids pick out their backpack and then burst into a huge smile, stand up a little straighter when they put it on and walk on out of here. this little face says it all, there are a lot of dazzling options here for this very big decision. which backpack to choose for the next school year. volunteers helped little shoppers as they tried to select their backpack at the sacred heart community service pack a back in san jose. some struggled but he knew right away this was the one for him. >> because it has good color, and it has white and black and it's really cool.
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i picked it, i saw it first and i got it. >> reporter: kids not only get backpacks but also a bag of school supplies and a gift card for shoes. parents say they are relieved to get a little boost during this expensive time of year. >> it helps because the backpacks are expensive and the school supplies are adding up. i know, pencil. you want that one? >> reporter: workers say the need is huge as residents struggle with the high costs. >> we did find a lot of our community members are moving out, and then the ones that are moving in do not have children because they're the tech companies, people working in tech. it's becoming harder for our families to stay here. >> reporter: these parents booked these appointments weeks ago. they went online to do it. all of the slots are full. so they're not accepting walk ups today.
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they are accepting donations. if you've still got some money or gift cards, they'll be out here until 5:30 today. live in san jose, amy hollyfield, abc 7 news. >> those backpacks will look great on them. a new nfl season breathes new life into a controversy of kneeling. plus the shooting in
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four people died during a shooting in eastern canada this morning. among the victims two police officers. the suspected gunman is now in custody. he's being treated for serious gunshot wounds. neighbors told reporters they heard dozens of gunshots earlier this morning. officials say there's no longer any threat to anyone near that apartment complex where that shooting took place. the royal county police are working to find a motive to this shooting. already controversy is swirling. several players took a knee or raised a fist during the national anthem. more on the protest president trump is responding to this morning. >> reporter: two dozen teams kicking off nfl preseason play thursday night and reigniting controversy before the game even started. in miami kenny stills and albert wilson took a knee during the
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national anthem while defensive safety robert quin raised his fist in the air. philadelphia eagles safety malco malcolm jenkins also raised his fist during the anthem. >> i think it's important we keep this conversation going. >> reporter: friday morning president trump ticking to twitter saying players wanted to show their outrage that most of them are unable to define, telling the players to stand proudly for the anthem or be suspended without pay. >> i love my teammates, and that's what we're talking about. i did what i had, it was love. >> reporter: taking the option by a new league policy that allows players to stay in the locker room if they don't want to stand. the nfl said thursday it will not discipline players for protesting while working with the players association to reach a solution to the policy. former quarterback colin
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kaepernickho started this has tweeted his support for the players. radar nation, your season starts tonight in the colosseum. the raiders take on the detroit lions as the head coach
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welcome back. here's live doppler 7 and the satellite image, we're already starting to see the clouds dissipate and pull back to the coast right now. and also it's still going to be pretty gusty this afternoon. current winds already 18 miles per hour in san francisco.
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15 miles per hour in oakland. but that sea breeze is what's going to help improve the air quality and cool things down a bit. it also means it's socked in still at the golden gate bridge. in san francisco it's currently 62 degrees, but check out other spots where they're already in the sunshine. mountain view already at 71 degrees, morgan hill, 83 degrees right now. and this time looking for the east bay hills out towards san francisco you see some of the low clouds there, but a clearer picture with better air quality. santa rosa, 78, and some 60s through nevada, concord, and livermore 87 degrees right now. so inland areas are still going to warm up. in fact, we'll still see some mid-90s today. it will be a bit cooler, though, especially around the bay. parts in north bay where temperatures will reach up to 97 degrees in lakeport, san rafael, 87 degrees.
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the warmest spot also will be antioch, 95, concord, 96. oakland comfortable, 74 degrees. san jose plenty of sunshine, t-shirt and shorts weather. our latest model shows a bit more sunshine, but we've had a hard time seeing sun in that area. but the breeze will pick up this afternoon and this evening, so it will feel cool. temperatures drop a little bit into the weekend, but you'll still need to bring a jacket because it's going to feel a lot cooler with that breeze. overnight lows in the 50s with the fog returning once again along the coast and spilling into the bay. and here is your accuweather seven-day forecast. so hot inland still in the mid-90s. and those hazy skies in parts of the north bay and some inland areas. but at the coast it'll be cool, and that stronger onshore flow and sea breeze is going to increase tomorrow bringing us even slightly cooler
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temperatures and continued improvement in air quality. so it will get better saturday and sunday. the cooling continues monday and tuesday. but so does humidity. in fact, it might even feel a little bit muggy midweek. >> now, i don't know if you know this, but francis not only does the weather she can also dance. >> yes. >> we decided to do a little tribute to janet this morning, the break down. and look at francis as she walks away with a hand on the hip. i love it. janet, if you're watching, we love you. >> we can be back up dancers. >> any time. alexa smith has your guide to events. >> summer might feel like it's quickly slipping away, but there might be time to squeeze in some festival fun this weekend. it's one of the biggest music and outside festivals of the year. the 11th annual event is friday,
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saturday and sunday featuring dozens of bands. gourmet food will be offered along with beer and wine, and there's even a special area dedicated to cheese. parking is extremely limited so a shuttle or mass transit is advised. the country's largest celebration of filipino culture is this weekend. now in its 25th year begins saturday at 11:00 a.m. with a parade down market street. and then live entertainment, delicious filipino cuisine and family fun. admission is free and runs saturday to sunday. in the east bay it's a celebration of oakland's diversity at the 19th annual laurel street fair. visual and performance artist, a children's carnival and don't forget the food. a large variety of local chefs and pop up kitchens will be serving up tasty treats.
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they say where there's a will there's a why. >> that's why we're really hoping the dog you're about to meet is a match for some family out there watching. this is will, an 8-year-old german shepherd mix with the best floppy ears ever. will loves adventures, hiking, walking you name it. he's also a big fan of belly rubs. >> i was waiting for belly rub pick. if you want to make will a part of your family call the number on your screen. 408-262-2133. >> plus will is one of the most pho photogenic dogs we've had on here. you can see the dance we put together. >> and we did it
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>> here in las vegas, some people like blackjack while other prefer craps, but if you ask me, we've got the best game in town right here. so come on, let's play "who wants to be a millionaire." [dramatic music] ♪ hey, everybody. welcome to the show. are you guy ready to go? [cheers and applause] i hope so, 'cause we're in the middle of a great game. from santa monica, california, let's welcome back david schuchinski. [cheers and applause] right in the middle of this game. you are 7 questions in, only 7 questions left to get to that $1 million, and all three of your lifelines still up there. >> great. >> good shape as we try to double your money. you ready? >> i'm ready. >> let's get back to it. let's play "who wants to be a millionaire." [dramatic musical flourish]


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