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tv   ABC7 News 400PM  ABC  August 10, 2018 4:00pm-4:59pm PDT

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thousands of similar cases across the country. monsanto vowed to appeal. engulfing hillsides. of walls of flames coming within did the herbicides, including feet of houses. the widely used roundup, cause johnson's terminal cancer? >> check out how close they are jurors emphatically said yes. from that they received a thanks from johnson's legal team. to this home. they are massive. >> they paid attention, took a number of planes in the area. >> air tankers making continuous copious notes. drops of flame retardant. the jurors had five books full of notes. they asked probing questions tens of thousands being told to during their deliberations. evacuate. some spraying down their homes as a left effort to save what they can. they clearly paid attention to >> it is a nightmare. the case. we're really grateful for this it is so horrible. outcome. >> johnson plans to address the the official cause of the holy media later this afternoon. fire remains unknown. we will bring that to you here this week authorities arrested on abc 7. the company vice president scott 51-year-old forrest clark on part ridge issued this statement suspicion of arson. clark, in court friday, after saying they're sympathetic to mr. johnson and his family but several outbursts, his said we will appeal this arraignment postponed. decision and vigorously defend bail set at $1 million. in this product, which has a 40-year history of safe use and is a safe tool for farmers and northern california.
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mendocino complex fire and carr others. now, to some more breaking fire grown to over 400,000 acres news, this time-out of oakland. combined. a judge rejected a plea deal for with the carr fire claiming its eighth victim thursday. the men charged in the ghost a firefighter killed in a car ship warehouse father. crash on his way to the fire. >> they struck a deal with prosecutors last month. the national weather service now they were hoping to avoid a saying smoke from the western trial. it called for sentencing al mena fires is making its way to the to fine years but the judge east coast. rejected the deal and order that the case go to trial. abc news los angeles. the weather is still a major >> abc 7 news was in the problem for firefighters battling the carr fire in shasta courtroom nd joins us live with breaking details. county. fire broke out july 23rd. carlos? >> reporter: yeah. this was a complete surprise to everyone inside the courtroom, including the defendants, as well as the victim's family members. the judge tauossing out this pl the fire burning west of deal, which means both defendants will have to stand yosemite. the blaze is 80% contained. trial. families were happy after the judge made his decision. it has burned 95,000 acres since some even clapping inside the it broke out four weeks ago courtroom. the judge said he wrestled with today. this decision after taking ten structures have been destroyed. the progress made on the comments from victims's family members as well as the ferguson fire is allowing the
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defendants. today the judge heard from national service to reopen derrick al mena and derrick yosemite. 41 will remain closed to the harris. 36 lives lost valley floor for at least another week. sky 7 is over the scene of a grass fire that started in al mena fairfield on westbound 80. family members. the judge was okay with the plea chp has closed down red top road agreement for harris but not al mena. since this was a package deal, as firefighters work to put out the fire. out. he had to accept both or neither. the most disturbing part is when al mena said he would give up bernard was on scene to capture his children's lives to bring the video of the flames when back the lives of the 36 victims. they were still going. we just heard from his attorney a few minutes ago. it looks like crews have been he a weekend-long series of t they want 36 years bit on. events kicked off today marking sunday's of san francisco bay terminal. >> one. yea! congratulations, everybody. >> a who's who took part. >> reporter: yeah. so now both defendants will have the sales force transit center,
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to stand trial. we will be back in court next the mayor said she expects the friday where they will pick a $2.3 billion facility to become date. again, this trial will be a worldwide destination. expected to be a lengthy one and >> with its beautiful public is set to begin sometime next art, beautiful rooftop park, with free events, activities, shopping and dining, and, you year. >> all right, carlos, thank you. know, don't blame us if you miss we want to talk more about the judge's decision in this case. we are joined by professor rory your bus because you're so distracted by everything that's going on around you. little from uc hastings. >> the transit center opens with thank you for joining us is. how unusual is it for a judge to a bloc party tomorrow where the set aside a plea deal of this first buses roll out on sunday. nature? >> well, it's unusual but it's not unheard of. >> while they're touring and judges do this on occasion, tomorrow, visitors will also be able to take a ride into the future. a virtual reality tour of what particularly in cases where there are victims who are unhappy with the prosecutor's california would be like with bargain. >> the families of the victims, high-speed rail. it is called the california experience. they gave impact statements with a vr headset, you can yesterday, very moving. many criticized as too lenient. sample destinations from san francisco to santa monica and they would have served two, two and a half, three years. hop aboard a train traveling 200 do you think that really influenced the judge. mileow we don't hehe >> there's no doubt about it.
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0-mile-p-hhat that speed he was also influenced, it appears, by the defendant's own statements made in court today. will be like. what we did is take it from the the judge actually said he would position that the train is a have accepted the deal with regard to harris, but the older ticket to california, and california is amazing. >> it is amazing. engineering and design forms, defendant al mena, he did not including hntb, auto desk, and see the genuine resource. wsv teamed up. incident was a package deal. he couldn't take one and leave they plan to have several vr the other. >> professor, at this point is stations available during the it a sure thing we will have a trial in this case, or can they transit center celebration. go back to try to negotiate aopt the outside lands music plea deal to settle the issue of center is now under way. time that they want al mena to they opened 11:00 a.m. this serve? >> yeah. i mean, there's no deal at all there will be a trial. morning. i think this is a signal by the janet jacksoneem judge to the lawyers to reconsider what you've done. they could try to come back with the same deal. the judge could be asked to headliners. and celebrating cannabis. reconsider the same deal. pot cannot be sold or smoked but but it is likely you will see further negotiations in the disposition by a plea before you vendors will be selling see a trial in the case. cannabis-related items. >> is there any way at this >> all right.
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point they can separate the two how hot will it be this weekend? >> not very. or is it still a package deal as it was hot inland today. they go back for another plea it will be cooling down nicely agreement? >> sthas a hard question for the over the weekend. >> okay. prosecutor. because of course the >> we have sunny skies right prosecution doesn't want to go to trial. now. that's the only savings to the and brisk winds roaring across the bay area. government is avoiding a lengthy in fact, here's another look. trial. if they had to go to trial on it is worth another look. one, there is not much 12 miles per hour in nevado. 26 in san francisco. incentives to take a deal on the other. theoretically they could 22-mile-per-hour gusts over fairfield and all around other separate the two. >> professor, we appreciate the locations. time. >> my pleasure. we have wind speeds between 15 and 20 miles per hour. >> that is professor little from here's the view from the tower uc hastings with insight on the overlooking san francisco. plea deal rejected in the "ghost less haze visible today than yesterday. ship" fire case. that fire claimed 36 lives, 70 in open mountain view. fathers, daughters, artists, 88, san jose. 96, morgan hill. friends. you can read stories about each victim posted at abc 7 59, half moon bay. it is 91 in santa rosa. now to the next story. 80 in napa. two people, including a chp talk about the inland heat. officer, were killed today in solano county. it is holding on. a view from the rooftop camera >> the impact was very overlooking the embarcadero.
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significant. the saturn is half size what it still warm inland but not quite as warm as today was. should be. >> the wreckage is difficult to improving air quality this look at. weekend. the truck slammed into a chp it is improving already. officer and another driver on the side of the road killing the forecast animation, overnight officer and one driver. hours and tomorrow morning shows >> this happened just after 9:00 a little clouds pushing out. a little bit to start the day in fairfield on i-80, north texas street. tomorrow morning. it will burn off quickly. 46-year-old officer was killed along with the driver of the sat and away from parts of the upper. coastline tomorrow. overnight lows in the mid to upper 50s. saturn. some inland east bay locations eric? won't cool down below 62, 63 >> reporter: larry, a somber event just wrapped up a few minutes ago. degrees. let's show you what i'm talking tomorrow's high, 61 half moon about. the aerial view from sky 7. bay. 65, san francisco. 73, oakland and san mateo. a procession from the north bay 83, san jose. regional medical center where low 90s in the inland east bay. officer grist was taken after mainly 80s in north bay except the accident, leaving him and way up north in ukiah. the coroner's hearse to the the concert music festival, all solano county sheriff's office. you see a procession leading the those things, the next two days, hearse. once again in a solemn ceremony, partly cloudy and 58 on sunday. officers walking the coffin, accuweather seven-day forecast.
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carrying the body inside. of for officer cri is st, it the cooling trend begins tomorrow and conditions through started out as any friday the weekend and into early next morning would making a traffic week. stop but ended in tears and monday, tuesday, wednesday, inland highs will probably not tragedy. >> the dead chp officer is reach 98 degrees. good weekend to get out and enjoy music and other goodies. 19-year veteran curt grisp. >> all good. >> all good. he has worked out of solano a new round of graduates are in san francisco. county chp. but theseusua. >> it is a tough day for the california highway patrol. the hard work they're going to >> they got frantic calls from be doing. >> after a decades-long drought, motori motorists on interstate 80. >> a motorcycle involved. possibly a chp motor officer. >> indeed he had pulled over the driver of a saturn. only moments later, disaster. >> for unknown reasons, the driver of a three-ton pickup left a portion of the real (woman) we'd been counting down it was our tresiba® reason. estate, traveled onto the he needs insulin to control his high blood sugar shoulder and struck the officer. and, at his age,
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is a 49-year-old person from how fast can i get to denny's? vallejo whose name is not being get a burger and fries from denny's starting at $6.99. released at this point. it is a sad day here at chp headquarters. eric thomas, abc 7 news. thank you, eric. you can show your support through this facebook badge we have created. go to abc 7 news facebook page and share it there. this accident occurred at 9:00 in the morning. we'll show you the real look at drive time traffic right now. this is interstate 80 in fairfield. we are seven hours from when the accident occurred. and the red indicates that terrific is still very slow in that area. >> i'm happy to report that air some of san francisco's quality in the bay area is improving. newest firefighters will report i'll show you the sunny skies for duty as early as tomorrow morning. and breezy conditions that ♪ prevail right now. first, with the air quality, we had moderate to good air quality abc 7 news was at archbishop today.
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and the tomorrow the forecast is reardon high school when 49 firefighters graduated from good air quality for all the bay basic training academy. area. the vigorous wind flow, surface it includes 10 paramedics who previously worked aboard city winds, gusting 20 miles per hour ambulances. they will now bring those skills in that nevado. to fire engines across san breezy conditions all around the bay area. you can see on this looping francisco. some kids are dealing with satellite issue smog is still tough choices. >> sacred heart is giving away generated in huge volumes from 3,000 backpacks to help families the wildfires to the north and get ready for school. east of the bay area. much is being blown away right and amy hollyfield was there >> reporter: this little face now. despite that, redthat, redthat,, says it all. there are a lot of dazzling options here for this very big in lake county as well. decision. which backpack to choose for the a closer look at our seven-day new school year. forecast in a few minutes. >> let's find something pretty. spencer, thank you. >> volunteers helped little a major project is set to get shoppers as they select their under way to save a portion of san francisco bay against rising backpack at the pack a back sea levels. the federal government awarded giveaway in san jose. $177 million to build five miles some struggled but carlos of levees at the southern end of marquez knew right away this was the bay. the one for them. the project will also restore >> because it has good color and nearly 3,000 acres of tidal it has white and black.
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it's really cool. marsh habitat in what used to be i picked it. i saw it first, and i got it. saplt ponds. there is an urgency to protect >> kids not only get backpacks wetlands in the next decade. but a bag of school supplies and >> after 2030, we expect sea a gift card for shoes. level rise to be happening parents are relieved to get a faster than it is now. little help at this expensive and the wet lands will get in time of year. >> it helps because it is undaylightu undated if they're not expensive. the school supplies keep adding established before then. >> work begins next summer. up. >> the need is huge as residents a big day for commuters in struggle with the high cost of the bay area. housing. but they have the same number of clients as they did last year. they say some people are giving up on the bay area altogether. >> yea! >> we did find a lot of our community members are moving out. and the ones that are moving in do not have children. because they are the tech congratulationsing everybody. companies, people who work in tech. it is becoming harder for our the office that helped lawmakers skip the long lines. families to stay here. >> plus, managers at the >> he said he knows a backpack california lottery have been and school supplies won't be accused of inappropriate behavior. life changing but it can that's a story abc 7 first definitely make a difference and give the kids a little more confidence as they walk into the first day of school.
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well, we're learning more today about the allegations of misconduct within the california lottery. >> the climate just got very, very bad. >> well, - (phone ringing) - big button, and volume-enhanced phones. get details on this state program. call or visit (woman) we'd been counting down it was our tresiba® reason. he needs insulin to control his high blood sugar and, at his age, he's at greater risk for lows. tresiba® releases slow and steady and works all day and night like the body's insulin. (vo) tresiba® is a long-acting insulin used to control high blood sugar in adults with diabetes. don't use tresiba® to treat diabetic ketoacidosis, during episodes of low blood sugar, or if you are allergic to any of its ingredients. don't share needles or insulin pens. don't reuse needles. the most common side effect is low blood sugar, which may cause dizziness, sweating, confusion, and headache. check your blood sugar.
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4:15 pm
>> backyard is on s.worthan 18, a chp officer died after being hit by say driver. officer curt griess. one other person died. a judge rejected say plea deal in the "ghost ship" fire case. they struck a deal last month hoping to avoid a trial. 36 people were killed in the oakland fire in 2016. also breaking late this afternoon, reporter melanie woodrow tweeted a jury ruled in favor of dewayne johnson against monsanto. they said they knew how dangerous it is to consumers but still sold the weed killer. monsanto plans to appeal. new details about a scathing letter sent to top government officials about lewd and inappropriate conduct at the california lottery. deion, what have you learned?
4:16 pm
>> reporter: lots going on today. a follow-up to a story we first broke yesterday where top members of the california lottery were accused of that lewd and inappropriate conduct. more employees echoed the same thing that what is in the letter is not only surprising, but the commissioner is taking the allegations very seriously. details about the alleged misconduct among some top lottery managers have gained national headlines since we broke the story thursday. christine pelosi of "we said enough" spearheaded an open letter last fall that led to allegations of sexual harassment weighed in on the whistle-blowef sexual harassment in sacramento. >> reporter: it was sent to members of government and details allegations of gross misconduct. inappropriate drunken behavior and lewd, sexually inappropriate public conduct by members of the
4:17 pm
california lottery management team while traveling on the state's dime. the photos attached in the letter allegedly show different managers on a 2016 work trip at a southern california bar. one giving somebody the middle finger. another with his head up the front of a woman's shirt. >> to see them act out that way in a public setting, it was appalling. >> reporter: donna sullivan worked for the lottery over 30 years and just recently retired. she said because of behavior like this. >> the climate just got very, very bad. it's where you really didn't want to go to work. >> reporter: sullivan is one of many who worked or currently l it's a shame to have a letter and the photos have their voices heard. >> we are disheartened that even after the whistle-blower bill was passed, even after the governor set forth an executive order that ordered the executive
4:18 pm
branch to have more comprehensive policies and reenough employee training that that edge hasn't reached all the department heads. >> while the lottery could not comment on personnel issues, their statement reads in part, allegations of inappropriate behavior by employees are taken very seriously. the commission is reviewing the allegations, appropriate action will be taken. >> now, we did reach out to members of government in sacramento september this letter is and have not yet heard back. >> i know you've been work on this story for months. allegations have been ongoing for a while. why are we just hearing about this breaking now? >> that's a really good question. plain and simple, the employees south side they're simply scared. they are not allowed to speak to the media. they feel when they go hr, they become victims of retaliation. otterysa, quote, who works there are many broken spirits who simply feel helpless.
4:19 pm
>> we'll be following up. >> indeed. for many, many days to come. every day thousands of californians spend hours waiting at dmv offices. a select few can skip the line. a dmv office exists for the state lawmakers and a few retired members of congress. one state assemblyman said the existence frustrates him and the people he represents. >> i've been here six years. i'm not surprised that legislators have given themselves special privileges and perks that typically californians just don't go. >> the office resolves complaints that escalate to the legislative branch. lawmakers receny agns ght no the dmv blames extended wait times on people trying to get i.d. cards and
4:20 pm
driver's license that comply with the new federal real i.d. laws. california joins 19 other states in filing legal papers to block the trump administration from making ghost guns available on the web. they are made with 3d printers and they are untraceable. the legal action by 20 states follows the federal government reaching a deal with the producer of downloadable 3d gun blueprints. that agreement abandoned two previous court decisions blocking their distribution. the attorney general calls the trump administration's decision, quote, foolish. four people, including two police officers, died during a shooting at an apartment complex in eastern canada. police say they captured the suspect in new brunswick. the 48-year-old is being treated for serious gunshot wounds. one of the fallen officers leaves behind her husband and three children. the other officer is survived by his four children. royal canadian mounted police
4:21 pm
investigators haven't revealed the motive behind this morning's tragedy. confirmation hearings for brett kavanaugh will begin next month. opening remarks will start september 4th. the hearing could last four days. senator grassley says it's time to here directly from kavanaugh. fighting poverty. the organization trying to help find a way for people everywhere to survive. how much it will take. a great look at the western sky. a little bit of fog at the coast. otherwise, nice cooldown is coming our way. and cleaner air. i'll have the accuweather forecast in just a momen
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one in ten people on the planet live on less than $1.90 say is day. one organization is trying to change that. the results are here today. you folks are working to try to end extreme poverty in the u.s. and globally by the year 2030. specifically what are you doing? >> we do two major things. one we keep an ongoing relationship with our politicians in the bay area, sacramento, as well as around the country and 28 other countries. we meet with them regularly and take appropriate action on issues related to health, education and economic opportunity. the second thing we do is we meet with media and we place a lot of letters to the editor.
4:25 pm
we wrote 17 last year. we want to influence the politicians to do the right thing as well as the public to dothe right thing. >> you look at the situation in san francisco. we can't fix homeless here, never mind the rest of california, the rest of the u.s., or the entire planet. >> yeah. let me first talk about homelessness in california. the housing prices are rising so much across the country. it is a major platform issue for this year. i remembered two meetings i had. one with a congressman from sacramento.sis expensive in california. people can't afford it. housing is a way for people to build wealth. it is the biggest piggy bank that people have. >> right. >> so they are encouraging house
4:26 pm
ownership. >> this is a goal that you have had for a while. and you have made tremendous progress. >> it is one of the untold stories in the world. the fact that we have, with support from the u.s. government and u.s. funding, we have cut child deaths in half. 45,000 back in 1990 to fewer than 16,000. it is still too many but it is more than half. when i started working on these issues and many people here in san francisco started working on aids treatment scaleup, in 2000, maybe a couple of thousand people around the world had access to aids treatment. enough it is 20 million. it has been turned into a chronic disease. we have made enormous progress. a lot has been driven in part by support with advocates getting the u.s. government to in vest and push the right policies. >> as we wrap things up here,an
4:27 pm
difference to get involved. and the website is >> people can call me up. my number is on the website as well. people can sign up for our mailing list. it is tailored to people's concerns. meet with your congresspeople. let them know what's important to you. not everybody is doing that. >> we can train people, support people. i've been in washington more than 25 years. i am not naive but nothing has a bigger impact than constituents engaging with their congresspeople. it really does work. >> well, you're doing great work, obviously. and there's so much more to do. thanks so much for coming in today. >> thanks for having us. >> thanks for having us, larry. >>. live doppler 7. ses just about bght, ae bitoro
4:28 pm
over the mid to upper 50s. tomorrow's highs in the inland areas will be in the 90s once again. low 90s for the most part bay, 70s tomorrow. and up to about 60 on the coast. tomorrow and sunday, look for partly cloudy skies. we will get some is sunshine. high temperatures up to 60 degrees both days. it will be breezy. cooling continues on sunday and monday. inland highs will probably not reach 90 degrees, and that's okay with me. on the coast, though, it's going to be a little bit cooler with highs only in the mid to upper 50s. >> all right. thank you, spencer. >> okay. >> all right. coming up, the skrelt lives of
4:29 pm
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the of wild animals reached a milestone. creatures, large and small, are using protected land just a few miles from san francisco. from drone view 7 it is easy to see the beauty of marin county. but what's not so obvious, the animals that live here. >> just because we don't see them doesn't mean they're not there. >> the past three years 100 motion-operated cameras have been surrounding the area taking photos of anything that moves, day or not. this is the marin wildlife picture index started by public land managers trying to find out what lives here and what they're the doing. >> well, it's a bobcat. >> the hidden cameras take so many photos, dozs volunteers have been recruited to help sort through them. >> it is like a treasure hunt. >> did you find something cool? >> some one thing. and the clue is the shape that
4:33 pm
you can see here. >> in case you can't tell, that's a deer. the cameras are designed to be as unobtrusive as possible. but sometimes there are issues such as a clever coyote that apparently heard the clicking. >> and finally stuck his nose on the lens. so we had to advise the people who maintain the camera to go out and clean the lens because he left a nose smear. >> it is called one tam, which is starting to analyze the data. and there are already some surprises. >> we've been able to see animals that we weren't sure were on the mountain, like spotted skunks. >> this is a rare sighting of a badger, usually found on grass land. but this one is in the woods. >> so it is a sign of hope to see them on the mountain. >> there are definitely mountain lions here. but fewer than in some other parts of marin. these are gray foxes playing on a tree. and this fox seems to be sneezing.
4:34 pm
researchers say all this information about where animals are going, what they're eating, and how they're raising their young will be critical to future efforts to protect the open space around it. so incredible seeing all the photos. funding for the wildlife photo index comes from private donations and the public agencies responsible for the land around mount l tte or see more pictures we have a link at a popular blender is being recalled after a dozen injuries. here's 7 on your side michael finney. >> vitamix. they are recalling two blending containers that reportedly injured 11 people. the recall effects the 8 and 20 ounce blending containers which can detach, exposing the blades. they are sold on the cost co,
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temperatures and menstrual cycle information. women who don't want a pregnancy should abstain from sex or use protection when they see fertile day displayed. the app has a typical use failure rate of 6.5%. that accounts for women not always using the app perfectly. the average date night, listen up, you guys, in california will set you back a few hundred dollars. $226, to be exact. 24/7 wall street calculated the cost for e aheif ghest cost. the cost covers dinner for two, tickets. and it includes taxes, travel, cost of living. the average date in the entire united states, $102. >> you always pay more in california. >> but thatsitter or
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>> that's why i strive for below average. thank you >> after 15 months of construction, children's fairyland has a wonderful new sign over the entrance. crews started installing the new sign early and used a crane to install the sign. it will be illuminated after dark. it first opened in 1950. admission was between 9 cents and 14 cents. today it is $10 for anyone aged 1 through 100. if you don't feel like doing much today, it's only. it's understandable. this is national lazy day. did you not know that? go ahead, be lazy. the founders of national lazy day are not known. perhaps they were too lazy to finish the paperwork. or they work in our sports department. >> oh! >> i know, i know, i know. you did it to yourself there.
4:38 pm
after a decades-long drought, the rodeo returns. >> it just seems so important to keep that heritage alive. >> it's a bit of history coming back to life in gilroy. what you can expect to see as the rodeo returns after more than 60 years. >> dan is here with what's coming up on abc 7 news at 5:00. breaking news in the monsanto roundup case. new reaction to this huge verdict against the weed killer manufacturer. ions that icken man more than a the principal of a south bay high school covered up sexual abuse on campus. the action being taken today. and will we be in for a wee the wildfires? we will have the latest forecast. what does help for heart failure look like? ♪ the beat goes on. it looks like emily cooking dinner for ten. ♪ the beat goes on. it looks like jonathan on a date with his wife. ♪ la-di-la-di. entresto is a heart failure medicine
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4:42 pm
the gilroy rodeo is back after a 62-year absence thanks to eric march tip, who runs ehle major contracting firm but is passionate about keeping the heritage of this city alive. >> it is important to keep it alive. the mexican heritage that's here. these guys with these ropes. horsemen. it came from that. >> joyce just brought in a load of young roping cattle. she is the grand marshall and lifelong competitor. as gilroy has grown into a large city, she believes it will be good for so many young people. >> so many kids don't know what a horse is or a cat or a dog. they don't get to pet. >> one is 14-year-old ripe who spent four days volunteering helping to set up tables and chairs. >> i'm really excited for this weekend. i'm going to be helping out push the steers from the back of the
4:43 pm
chutes. >> kids under 3 are invited to compete in a sheep-riding contest. casey tibbs and his horse war paint will make an appearance. it was put out to pasture four years ago. professional bull rider will be announcing some of the events. san martin native, he said there's no sport like rodeo. >> cowboys like to brag like football and baseball players. i'm a little bit better than you. i have a horse that bucks better than your hotter. that's where the sport evolved from. >> proceeds will go to youth programs. in gilroy, david louie. abc 7 news. >> kids 12 and under get in free. thank you for joining us is for abc 7 news at 4:00. abc news at 5:00 starts now.fic >>p offer killed while
4:44 pm
eafreeway.b what we have learned about the collision and the man killed in the line of duty. a judge in the deadly "ghost ship" fire. why a deal is being scrapped. what yosemite is final going to reopen to visitors. >> a sign of the times in california. inside grasslands as the outside music festival puts a twist on cannabis. what amount of cannpunitive damages, the any, do you award to mr. johnson? answer, $250 million. you heard right. that breaking news is the landmark verdict in a case about a product you probably have in your garageig w. good nk jni hpening t we're go abc 7 melaniecisco with the hug
4:45 pm
verdict against monsanto. melanie >> reporter: yeah, dan, you just mentioned the punitive damages. well, when you take into account the entire verdict, we are talking about $289 million awarded to dewayne lee johnson. they didn't expect him to make it to this day. they said he was on borrowed time. now he will be able to afford cutting-edge cancer treatments. the jury deliberated for two and a half days after two months of trial proceedings. mr. johnson maintained his composure as the verdict was read. his attorney put his arm around him. they found tha
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