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tv   ABC7 News 600PM  ABC  August 10, 2018 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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to cause problems, threatening those homes just feet away. an enormous amount of smoke pouring off that fire. evacuations are under way in the paradise valley area of fairfield which is what you're looking at. >> the fire on the east side of 80, not far from cherry glen road. it's between vacaville and fairfield. good evening. thanks for joining us. i'm ama daetz. >> and i'm dan ashley. let's go to live to cornell bernard on the scene. cornell? >> dan, am marks very serious situation unfolding here in paradise valley in the city of fairfield where a wildland fire is definitely threatening homes at this hour. mandatory evacuations under way here on couples circle. fairfield and vacaville police just moments ago going door to door, telling people to get out, don't waste any time, get out of your house now. flames just getting too close. we've got some aerials of that fire. it's burning on a hillside just
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east of downtown fairfield. the fire was burning in open space up until about 30 minutes ago. but then started to make its way in a westbound direction close to homes. flames where we are only about 200 yards from structures. now let's come back live here. cal fire now making its appearance here on scene. we have seen one air drop of flame retardant being dropped on this hillside. we are literally again just 200 yards from cobble circle here in the development in the paradise valley area of fairfield. we're told a nursing home about a quarter mile from here has also been evacuated, along with dozens and dozens of homes. don't have a number yet, but a firefight is definitely on in this neighborhood right now. i see firefighters down the street, also keeping an eye on the back side of these homes as the flames get ever so close.
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for live in fairfield, cornell bernard, abc 7 news. >> we know you'll move out of the way if need be. you'll take care of yourself, of course. you were there reporting another story. what a tinderbox condition california is right now. this fire just popped up while you were there, right? >> yeah. i can tell you, dan, we were here the moment it started, about 4:45 p.m. we were actually on the other side of interstate 80 near cherry glen road when a puff of smoke was scene, and the flames took off. within five minutes, the flame wases were fully engulfed on this side of the hill. certainly a scary situation. >> absolutely. thank you, cornell. well will keep an eye on this as the situation develops and unfolds. let's take another live look at the fire from the air. look all the smoke coming off in that huge swath of black area that's already burned. >> again, this is the paradise valley area of fairfield along i-80. evacuations are under way in that area where you see cornell was just reporting live.
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this is a serious effort obviously to get ahead of this quickly before it moves down to those homes. and we'll continue to stay on top of this for you as they continue to try to keep this from spreading any farther. but it has moved very quickly. >> it certainly has. there has been a lot of fire activity in fairfield. around 4:00 today, abc 7 reporter cornell bernard who we just spoke with caught video of this fire off 80 near red top road. he mentioned this earlier. this fire was contained in less than an hour. >> we have more breaking news. another grass fire west of petaluma has destroyed a barn and tractors. it's burning there the area of middle 2 rock road. it's reached seven acres. the petaluma police department at the moment this fire is not threatening is the city of petaluma. no injuries reported. a brushfire threatened homes in san jose just a short time ago. sky fire was over the scene. firefighters reported heavy smoke in the area and closed down roads in the neighborhood.
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vta light rail service in the area was also impacted. it started around 3:15. firefighters had a handle on it by 5:00. no one was hurt. yet more breaking news in san francisco. paramedics have rushed construction worker to the hospital following a serious on-the-job accident inside muni's twin peaks tunnel. >> wayne freedman joins us live from westport tall. wayne? >> we don't have a lot of information yet, but what we do here appears to have been tragic in nature. i'm going to back out of the camera, lennox way and westport tall boulevard. it happened inside the 100-year-old twin peaks tunnel. muni has been replacing the infrastructure inside, working around the clock. roughly 4:45 this afternoon, it appears a steel beam fell on top of a workman, injuring him severely. police and fire went in to rescue him. they performed cpr. they pulled him out. they took him to the hospital, and that's about all we know. we don't have any details on the injuries except for the fact
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that they were severe. in the words of one man on the scene, they were crushing. and the looks on this faces of his fellow workers would confirm that. they are not talking. they are not leaving. they're just hanging around right now, looking stunned. we do not have the name of a workman involved, nor do we know where inside this tunnel this happened. all we know is roughly 4:45 this afternoon, steel beam appears to have fallen on a workman. he appears to have been severely injured. the rest we'll have to wait and see. live in san francisco, wayne freedman, abc 7 news. >> terrible, wayne. thanks very much. now to developing news. monsanto faces a multimillion-dollar bill after a jury's verdict just a few hours ago in a san francisco courtroom. >> it awards $289 million total to a terminally ill man who used the weed killer roundup for years while working as a groundskeeper for the benicia school district. >> abc news reporter melanie woodrow was in court as that verb was read and joins us now live with this developing news.
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melanie? >> ama and dan, we just spoke with dwayne johnson, the man in this case, the plaintiff and his attorneys. they are of course thanking the jury. the verdict $289 million will enable him to afford cutting edge cancer treatments. mr. johnson maintained his composure today in court as that verdict was read. his attorney put his arm around him. the jury had deliberated for two and a half days after two months of trial proceedings. the jury finding that weed killers manufactured by monsanto, roundup and ranger pro were substantial factors in causing harm to him. johnson worked for benicia school district in 2012 as the integrative pest manager, and a large part of his job was to spray those products in bulk 30 times a year. two and a half years into the job, he was diagnosed with non-hodgkins lymphoma. this is the first of thousands of cases like it against monsanto.
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>> i'm glad to be here to help with this situation after i learned about roundup and glyphosate and everything. i'm glad to be able to help, but the cost is way bigger than me. so hopefully this thing will start to get the attention that it needs to get right so folks can make a good choice. >> the verdict today, it doesn't change the overwhelming scientific evidence and the 40 years of safe use of glyphosate around the world. it is the most widely used herbicide in the world. it's the most widely studied herbicide in the world. >> a little bit more about dwayne lee johnson. he is a father. he is a husband, and his attorneys have said he is on rrtime they didn't expect him to make it to this day because his cancer is terminal. now monsanto's vice president, who you just heard from a moment ago has said that monsanto will appel this case. he also said that monsanto has
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no intention of settling the thousands of cases that are expected to come forward like this one. he says despite this verdict. and a little bit about that appeal. mr. johnson's attorneys just said that while that appeal happen, monsanto will have to put the full amount of this verdict so, $289 million into a bond, and that it will accrue 10% interest each year while it's in that bond. live in san francisco, melanie woodrow, abc 7 news. >> thank you. now to a tragedy that claimed two lives today including that of a chp officer. sky was over the scene of a horrific crash involving three vehicles along westbound interstate 80 and fairfield this morning. >> it's caused slow traffic all day long around the north texas street exit. let's go live to eric thomas with the latest. eric? >> and ama, we've seen families drop by just the past few minutes, dropping off flowers and giving their condolences to
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chp officer here is at the solano county station. the reason for that, an accident claimed two lives, one of them a chp officer. a solemn procession of police motorcycles led the van carrying the body of the fallen chp officer from the hospital to the solano county coroner's office. kirk gris, a former marine spent 19 years with the highway patrol, 16 working out of the fairfield office. >> today is a tough day. it's a tough day for the california highway patrol. >> this morning they began getting frantic calls from motorists at manuel campos. >> it's a motorcycle involved, possibly a chp motor officer that was hit bay vehicle while he was on a traffic stop. >> indeed, gris had pulled over the driver of a saturn. only moments later, disaster. >> for unknown reasons, the driver of a 3/4 ton pickup left the main portion of the roadway, traveled on to the shoulder, and
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struck officer gris. >> chp officer. >> copy. cpr in progress on the officer. >> the he and the driver he pulled over were both rushed to north bay medical center where both were pronounced dead. immediately chp officers and their law enforcement colleagues rushed in to give their condolences to grieving officers and family. >> he was the ultimate public servant. he loved what he did. he loved being a chp officer. he loved being a chp motorcycle officer. and he's going to be dearly missed. >> the name of the second victim has not yet been released. he is described a 49-year-old man from vallejo. officer gris, a veteran of the marine corps, was also active in his community, active with schools. he leaves behind a wife and three kids, two adult females and a son. live in fairfield, eric thomas, abc 7 news. >> eric, thank you.
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and of course you can show your support for the chp and the fallen officer through this facebook page that we created. go to the abc 7 facebook page and you can share it. let's move back to the breaking news. we want to give you an update on the large grass fire burning right now in solano county on the fairfield/vacaville border. >> joining us on the phone is fairfield city manager laura snideman. thank you so much for joining us. first, what can you tell us about evacuations in the area? >> sure. we do have mandatory evacuations in a small portion of the city in an area called paradise valley. well also have plan in place to quell the fire quickly. there is full response from multiple agencies including cal fire and air support. so we believe a plan is in place to again, quell this quickly. >> laura, are you satisfied with the response from what you're seeing in terms of the resources being put on to these flames? >> there is a whole lot of resources, yes, being put towards these flames.
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and given the information i have at this time, we do believe that it's going to be addressed soon. >> and i know it's still early. the fire is still burning. but do we have any indication of what may have started this fire? >> no indication at this time, no. >> and do you have any indication, are you given any guidance on when you think the risk might be over? do you have -- >> no. this is just -- this is all coming together very quickly, and we don't have any indication exactly when it will be over. >> okay. and quickly, any other -- we talked than one subdivision, the paradise valley area. any others that could be impacted in the near future here? >> at this time, given the area that it's in, it seems to be isolated to that area, and so we don't expect for evacuations, but as with any fire situation, winds and other factors can have things change quickly. >> definitely. okay. and people who are being evacuated, if they need information, who should they call? >> they should continue to work with our dispatch center here in
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the city of fairfield. >> okay. all right. thank you so much for joining us today, laura shneidman, fairfield city manager. >> we'll keep toons that. a judge rejects the plea details for the men charged in the ghost ship warehouse fire. >> find out what's next for defendants and for the families of the 36 victims. also ahead -- >> treasure our new jewel in the city. >> it's opening weekend for the new salesforce transit center. next, see what's chaining for commuters. i'm spencer christian. our weekend is going to bring us a bit of a cooldo
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we have an update now on that breaking news in solano county, where a large grass fire is growing and getting closer and closer to homes in the paradise valley estates neighborhood. this is right on the fairfield/vacaville border along 80. sky 7 is on the way. here is a live picture. police are going door to door to get people out of their homes as the flames move closer, affecting streets, including constitution avenue, paradise valley estates drive, and couples circle again. this is a live picture from our sky 7 helicopter of this fire line along the fairfield/vacaville border. we are keeping an eye on this. we will bring you updates throughout this newscast. about a dozen fires are burning across the state right now, including the largest one in state history, and that's the mendocino complex made up of the river and ranch fires that started exactly two weeks ago. more than 307,000 acres have burned and the fires are 52% contained. that's in total.
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now a red flag warning is in effect near the carr fire in shasta county. right now cal fire is holding a community meeting to update people about the firefight there this fire broke out on july 23rd and has burned 181,000 acres, destroying nearly 1100 homes. the fire is just 51% contained. today u.s. homeland security secretary kirstjen nielsen visited redding to see the damage firsthand and to thank firefighters for their work. yosemite valley is going to reopen to visit torrance tuesday after being closed for some time. it's been more than two weeks actually closed because of the nearby ferguson fire. this fire has burned nearly 100,000 acre, and is 80% contained. it is the largest fire in the history of the sierra national forest. a man suspected of starting a large fire in southern california made a bizarre court appearance today. 51-year-old forrest clarke is charged with several arson-related felonies. in court, clarke shouted about his life being threatened as he
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hid, whipped his hair and at one point intently stared a at the camera. when the commissioner informed clarke about his $1 million bail, clarke said, quote, i can handle a million right now, easily. the holy fire has burned 18,000 acres in orange and riverside counties. meesh fires have triggered several spare the air days this week, but today there is no spare the air alert. this live view in walnut creek still looks a bit hazy. let's get to spencer christian with a look at our forecast. spencer? which still do have a bit of lingering haze, but the good news is air quality is improving. as a matter of fact, as we look at a little bit of that lingering haze right now, today we have moderate to good air quality in all regions of the bay area. tomorrow good air quality across the entire region. part of the reason for that is we have some rather vigorous winds blowing across the bay area right now with gusts to 26 miles per hour here in san francisco. 23-miles-per-hour gusts over at concord up in the north bay.
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20-miles-per-hour gusts at santa rosa and is breezy all over the area. skies looking a little clearer today. here is the view from sutro tower, looking out over san francisco where it's 64 degrees right now. oakland, 68, 75 at mountainview. san jose 85. and 57 at half moon bay. here is a view of the western sky from emeryville. 92 in santa rosa right now. still pretty warm in many of our inland areas. 91 at novato and fairfield. 93 at -- 91 in novato and livermore, i should safe. 93 at fairfield and 95 at concord. here is the view from the east bay hills looking westward. and these are our forecast features. fog will expand during the overnight hours, mainly along the coast, but perhaps a little over the bay. it will be cool their weekend with improved air quality, and the cooling continues into early next week. here is our forecast taking us through the overnight hours. notice how the fog fills in along the coast and will push out over the bay. but it won't make its way very far inland. overnight lows are going to be mainly in the mid- to upper 50s.
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mid 60s in the inland east bay where it will remain mild. highs tomorrow will range from low 60s at the coast to low 90s inland. here is the accuweather seven-day forecast. and the cooling continues, as i mentioned into next week. the first three days of next week, monday, tuesday and wednesday, inland highs will probably not reach 90 degrees. but looks like we'll have a little warm-up at the very end of the week. good news, though, air quality is improving. >> boy, that is nice to hear. thanks, spencer. >> all right. well, coming up next, what's in
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happening now, the party has started at golden gate park for outside lands. >> it's about more than music. this year they added elements no one could have imagined a few years ago. >> so true. abc 7 reporter wayne freedman has been there all day. ♪ >> it's been a happy day from the start. officially it began at noon when mickey echo took the stage. >> i used to come here when it was free. >> charlotte mcgrew back again in a venue that began making music history long before outside lands moved in 11 years ago. >> some of the music i don't love at all. but i listen to it before i came here to make sure who i wanted to see. >> but the point is you came.
6:24 pm
>> exactly, yeah. >> because i like rock 'n roll and i enjoy concerts. and i just live three blocks away. >> you were going to hear it any way. >> yes. i might as well come. >> there is a little something for everyone here. more than music, how about a restaurant row with enough quantity to shame some small cities. how many burglers you sell this weekend? >> if all thing goes, about 7000 cheese burgers. >> cannabis. >> that is our mandarin. >> there was a time not so long ago when concertgoers fired them up. now it is legal in california. and while they didn't sell any cannabis for consumption here -- >> this is a hummus beet dip. >> imagine walking into this scene from some place else. >> where did you come from? >> houston? >> do you have anything like this in houston? >> hell no! >> what are you going to tell houston what you're seeing here? >> they need to come here because it's amazing.
6:25 pm
>> in golden gate park, wayne freedman, abc 7 news. well, summer camp for kids isn't always about learning something new. sometimes it's about just being able to be a kid. >> absolutely. coming up, learn about a special camp where having a health condition is something that brings kids together instead of sets them apart. and next, a major shakeup in the only criminal trial to come out of the deadly ghost ship fre. what to expect after the judge rejected the plea deal. and we'll be back with a live update on that fire burning in solano county, causing evacuations in fairfield. all that and
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now from abc 7, live breaking news. >> now back to that breaking news in solano county, the fire burning near the paradise valley area of fairfield. >> police just informed us that they're evacuating several senior living facilities near this fire. so if you have a relative who might be part of this evacuation, police say the evacuees are being taken to an evacuation center at fairfield high school. >> now meantime, abc 7 news reporter cornell bernard just tweeted this video near couples
6:29 pm
circle. the ground zero of the firefight. and as you can see, it got very close to these homes. so far we've not seen or heard of any reports of homes being damaged. that's what firefighters are trying to prevent. and the firefight effort has ramped up with several air drops happening right now. >> we continue to follow that. but first we want to tell you about a stung shift today. instead of sentencing the dallas/fort worths in the ghost ship trial, the judge rejected the trial after two days of hearing from victims' families and the defendants themselves. >> derick almena and max >> earlier we spoke with professor rory little from uc hastings college of law about the possibilities the defendants face now. >> there is no guarantee at all there will be a trial. thing is a signal from the judge to the lawyers go back to the drawing board, reconsider what
6:30 pm
you've done. they could even try to come back with the same deal. >> abc 7 news reporter carlos salcedo was in court as the judge's decision was announced and has more on the story. >> what was supposed to be a sentencing outcome for defendants derick almena and max harris was not so. families happy with the judge's decision to reject the plea deal after taking their comments and the defendants' into consideration. judge james cramer heard from almena and harris as they expressed sorrow over what happened on december 2, 2016. speaking face-to-face with victims' families. 36 lives lost in that massive blaze. victims thought harris expressed a lot of remorse, but did not think almena accepted full responsibility for his role in the events that led to the inferno. >> definitely almena is not remorseful. >> and the judge agreed. cramer was okay with the plea agreement for harris, not for almena. but since this was a package deal, he had to accept it for
6:31 pm
both or neither. >> you see the victims' families are very adamant. and i empathize with their perspective, even though i think it's a little bit irrational. but they want 36 years. >> defense attorney tony sarah doesn't think his client will receive a fair trial given the amount of media attention this case has already received. victims' families were told not to speak, was their reaction was clear. >> you satisfied? >> yes. >> carlos salcedo, abc 7 news. >> now we have been covering the ghost ship fire since it happened in december of 2016. for complete coverage and all of our stories on this subject, go to and download the abc 7 news app so that you can learn the latest updateses that case continues. a follow-up now to a story we first broke yesterday. some top managers with the california lottery are accused of lewd and inappropriate conduct. in a scathing letter sent to the governor and various members of
6:32 pm
government. abc 7 news anchor dion lim has new information. >> details among misconduct among some top later manager has gained national attention. spearheading an open letter last fall that led to investigations into sexual harassment at the capitol weighed in on the whistle-blower lottery letter. >> in october of 2017 we made clear that there was a pervasive culture of sexual harassment in sacramento. >> the letter sent anonymously to governor brown, lieutenant governor newsom and other members of government details allegations of gross misconduct, inappropriate drunken behavior and lewd, sexually inappropriate conduct by members of the california lottery management team while travel on the state's dime. the photos attached in the letter allegedly show different managers on a 2016 work trip at a southern california bar. one giving someone the middle finger. another with his head up the front of a woman's shirt. >> it was appalling.
6:33 pm
>> donna sullivan worked for the lottery for over 30 years and just recently retired. she says because of behavior like this. >> the climate just got very, very bad. >> reporter: sullivan is just one move who have worked or currently work for the lottery, who say it's a shame it took a letter and those photos in order to have their voices heard. which is reheard from so many people, just disheartened that even after the whistle-blower bill was passed in the legislature, that that message clearly hasn't reached all the department heads. >> while the lottery could not comment on personnel issue, their statement reads in part allegations of inappropriate behavior by employees are taken very seriously. appropriate action will ery tel managers with all nine district offices were told not to comment to the media. our requests for comment from governor brown and lieutenant governor newsom's offices were not returned. in san francisco, dion lim, abc 7 news.
6:34 pm
>> we'll stay on that story. moving on, it is a historic weekend, the opening of san francisco's new salesforce transit center. starting on sunday, five transit agencies will use the new transbay terminal at mission and fremont streets for bus service, easy transit, west cat links, amtrak and greyhound. muni buses have been using the ground floor since june, in fact. today a who's who of san francisco dignitaries took part in the official ribbon cutting ceremony for the center. mayor london breed said she expects the $2.3 billion facility to become a worldwide destination. >> with its beautiful public art, beautiful rooftop park, with free events, activities, shopping and dining, and you know, don't blame us if you miss your bus. because you're so distracted by everything that is going on around you. >> the transit center hosts a block party tomorrow. it's free and open to the public from noon until 4:00 p.m. if you'd like the go see it for
6:35 pm
yourself. to make sure you're prepared for changes, the new transit center will bring, download the abc 7 news app. we'll send out push alerts if there are any problems, and you can also pick up information like where to find your bus and what else is open at the center. again, it's all on the abc 7 news app. a gilroy tradition is making a comeback after more than 60 years. >> coming up next, a sneak peek at the rodeo that's expecting to draw 5,000 people, spectate draw 5,000 people, spectate ertzcalifornia phones offers free specialized phones... like cordless phones. - ( phone ringing ) - big button, and volume-enhanced phones. get details on this state program. visit right now or call during business hours.
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happening now, the summerfest kicks off. it's nationally recognized as one of the biggest latin festivals in the country. at plaza de cesar chavez park. that is san jose. you have outside lands in the city. and then there is this. we all know gilroy is known for garlic, but this weekend is bringing back an event that brings back the cowboy heritage. >> the gilroy rodeo was last held 62 years ago, and hundreds have sign upped to show off their skills. >> david louie talked with contestants about what draws them to the sport and competition. >> it's hot and dusty, and the
6:39 pm
job at hand is for teams of three riders to sort these young roping cattle, herding them from one pen to another in a specific numerical order in the fastest time. this is just one of dozens of high school events that will be part of the two-day gilroy rodeo this weekend. the rodeo is returning after a 62-year absence. rodeo director eric martin is trying to foster interest among young people because it teaches them discipline and other important skills. >> more than being a professional athlete in rodeo, which if a guy is cut out for it, great. it's just basics that they learned being involved in this sport to make them a successful human being. >> 15-year-old clay roberts and his dad will be competing in junior/senior team roping. >> i played baseball, basketball, football. i've done everything but there is nothing like rodeo. i raced dirt bikes. there is nothing like rodeo. >> the sport also creates a bond between father and son. >> yeah we rope all the time. we probably practice two, three days a week and try to compete.
6:40 pm
this time a year, at least once a week, maybe two. >> more than 300 people have signed up for various contests on saturday and sunday. the oldest is 81. kids under three are invited to compete in a sheep riding contest. rob schmitt grew up in san martin and became a professional bull rider. he says young people often start early in rodeo and stay with it. >> you start with the mutton busting and progresses. our sport has grown where you have scholarships to be on collegiate rodeo teams now. >> the rodeo's grand marshal. at age 77, she is glad the volunteers are bringing back the gilroy rodeo. this isn't your first rodeo. how many you been at? >> more than i can count. more than i can count. >> dozens? hundreds? >> thousands. >> make that one m rodeo this weekend. in gilroy, david louie, abc 7 news. >> something else. you got to be tough do rodeo. >> yeah, absolutely. well, there is a lot happening this weekend. and we of course want to know
6:41 pm
how the weather is going to pan out for it all. >> you know who has the
6:42 pm
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in gas and electric is pg&e. we run about 2,500/2,800 fire calls a year and on almost every one of those calls pg&e is responding to that call as well. and so when we show up to a fire and pg&e shows up with us it makes a tremendous team during a moment of crisis. i rely on them, the firefighters in this department rely on them, and so we have to practice safety everyday. utilizing pg&e's talent and expertise in that area trains our firefighters on the gas or electric aspect of a fire and when we have an emergency situation we are going to be much more skilled and prepared to mitigate that emergency for all concerned. the things we do every single day that puts ourselves in harm's way, and to have a partner that is so skilled at what they do is indispensable, and i couldn't ask for a better partner. back now to our breaking news in solano county. the fire burning right up next
6:44 pm
to paradise valley estates. one of the senior living facilities evacuated because of the fire. >> we've been capturing video. we just captured some of residents being loaded on the buses. the police say the evacuees from the senior living facilities are being taken to an evacuation center located at fairfield high school. and this is video from sky 7. >> and in this video, at least, it looks like there is less smoke, perhaps fewer flames than we saw a little while ago. so perhaps they are beginning to make some solid progress. well will continue to keep you updated. >> yes. for now, though, it's hard to imagine that a child could have arthritis, but thousands suffer with this painful illness every day. >> fortunately, they can talk about their condition with others just like them at camp arroyo. that's a free summer camp provided by the taylor family foundation. >> abc 7's cheryl jennings has the story from livermore. >> what do you think, ladies? >> i think the cutest thing. >> reporter: therapy dogs like charlie bring so much joy to these girls and boys. you wouldn't know it to look at their smiling faces.
6:45 pm
but they live with debilitating disorders that affect their immune systems, including arthritis. the arthritis foundation statistics are shocking. the disorders affect nearly 300,000 children under the age of 16 in the united states. the children i talked to were just 9 and 11. >> i had mine since i was 2. >> what it is like to have an autoimmune disease? >> sometimes it's hard because not a lot of your family or friends understands you. but when we come to this camp, all of us have like the same issues. so it's really fun. >> i jump off the spring set and i sprain my knee. and it kept hurting. and then they were it's more than an injury. >> sometimes when you're sick, your joints attack themselves. rand it makes it hard to move and do stuff. wherever you have it, it just hurts. >> i used to have it in my
6:46 pm
ankles. now i have it in my knee, fingers and back. >> i have juvenile arthritis, which is kind of something in the joint which it can swell up sometimes. and i visit in my niece and my ankles. >> what do you have to do to manage your condition? >> i take weekly shots, which i'm taking enbrel right now. >> the kids don't let their health problems stop them when it comes to camp activities. they're here with a program called camp milagros, which has been around for 17 years, and some of those original campers are now back as junior counselor. >> it's really nice to be able to connect with the kids because i've been in their shoes. i know exactly what it's like to go to school and have to explain to teachers that you're suffering from a chronic illness. >> i remember my second year att camp milagros before they found a medication that worked, my foot was super swollen and i had to be piggybacked around camp. now i'm around with the kids. i wouldn't be in this position if it weren't for the help of
6:47 pm
the doctors. >> camp milagros always has a medical team at camp who volunteer their time, including a pediatric rheumatologist. >> they have many medication, sometimes injections, and, you know, they aren't comfortable or parents aren't comfortable sending their kids to a camp where they might not have oversight. >> i use it as an opportunity to remind them that they are just regular kids and their arthritis is just a small piece of their pie, and they can do anything and everything other kids do. >> the camp is free and provided by the taylor family foundation, which was founded by elaine taylor, to help children with life threatening and life altering conditions. and the foundation can use help all year round. >> donation, cash donations, because that's how we fund the programs. but beyond that, there is in kind donations. so it can be anything from food or beverages or toys. >> the kids here at arthritis camp are make all kinds of new
6:48 pm
memories with the wonderful activities they're enjoying. some of those memories last all year. some a lifetime. but the one important lesson they really learn is that everybody here is treated with kindness and respect. >> everybody here is really nice, and everybody here, i feel like we're all just a group of friends and family. >> okay, baby doll. i'm putting you down now. >> cheryl jennings, abc 7 news. >> and it's important to be kind. the kids told cheryl that they sometimes get bullied. you can check cheryl's facebook page for more information. the day in the park fundraiser is sunday, august 26th. for tickets or to volunteer or donate, go to for more information. >> if you've never been to that event, go. it's terrific. it's just wonderful. all right. let's update the weather forecast. we've got the event in san jose. >> tons, spencer. >> clear skies tonight. giving way to mainly sunny skies tomorrow. high temperatures range from 60 at the coast to low and mid-70s around the bay. just a few 90s inland.
6:49 pm
it looks like great weather for outside lands festival tomorrow and sunday in golden gate park here in san francisco. partly cloudy skies, but pleasantly cool. high temperatures around 60 or so. seven-day forecast, we got even cooler weather copping our way next week. inland highs won't reach 90 degrees monday, tuesday and wednesday. but pleasant, steady pattern. and we have cleaner air quality, or maybe i should say better air quality copping our way over the weekend. >> that's a good change. thank you, spencer. all right. let's talk about basketball and golf at the same time. >> yeah, sort of together. >> from a guy whose good at both. steph curry was hoping to make the cut at tpc stonebrae this weekend. steph did not expect to spend much of his day in n
6:50 pm
♪ ♪ ♪ raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens ♪ ♪ bright copper kettles and warm woolen mittens ♪ ♪ brown paper packages tied up with strings ♪ ♪ these are a few of my favorite things ♪ ♪ ♪
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6:52 pm
now abc 7 sports with larry beil. >> good evening. after an opening round 71, warriors star stef sph curry ned to go low in hayward. it did not go well. after a par on 1 and then a bogey on 2, this is the first of his three tee shots on 3, out of bounds. took a quadruple bogey 9. it did not get better. tee shot on 7. mighty whack. where is it? anybody have a weed walk whacker? you have a goat to chew through this? triple bogey. not a replay. this is another hole. looking for his ball on eighth.
6:53 pm
double bogey six there. 11 over oven the front nine. he did birdie where. is the ball? i don't know. steph is not going to be making the cut. he is still out on the course. probably frustrated. steph, andre iguodala, they love golf. eventually they'll be off the course, back to their full jobs. the full nba schedule was announced today. final regular season game at oracle arena sunday april 7th. the dubs have six games on abc 7, starting with lebron and the lakers christmas day. also host the beard james harden, and will be on the road saturday prime time games against russ and the thunder, kyrie and the celtics, and joel embiid. we're going to have some good games for you. the full abc 7 slate featuring two games at home against the lakers, the rockets, the week after the all-star break. and then those three games i was talking about on the road. for the first time in a decade, jon gruden will be on the sidelines coaching an nfl game as the raiders open the preseason tonight.
6:54 pm
they're at home against the lions. they've been holding joint practices this week. so they should be pretty familiar with one another. how does this defense look without khalil mack who continues to hold out? we'll see that. gruden wants to set the tone from the outset. so just win, baby. to an extent. >> they're all the same to me and raider fans. you got to understand that. the preseason game, postseason game, pickup games in oakland, it's all the same. this game's not about our -- about derek carr, not yet. it's about finding the right 53 men. just want to do everything i can to try to try to help this team win again. the 49ers won their preseason opener last night but lost several players. tight end george kittle on this play suffered a separated shoulder right there. and tailback matt breedis, same energy. coach kyle shanahan said both should be fine for regular season. richard sherman will miss next saturday's game against houston but his hamstring may be okay the following week.
6:55 pm
overall nice comeback win for the niners in their opener. jimmy g. already openinging being tired of being surround by media. >> we got a game today risks you interviewing me? >> how do you feel about the game today? how do you feel about the game today? >> a lot of guys were mic'd up last night. >> beware of a live microphone at all times, jimmy g. >> and cameras. >> all right. thanks, larry. well, join us tonight at 9:00 on kofy tv 20. nike is facing a gender discrimination, the allegations from two former employees and what i what they want the company to do. on abc 7 news at 11:00, breaking news. flames burning dangerously close to homes in solano county. we speak to neighbors who were told to get out. finally, tonight, a few thoughts about what really matters. the massive judgment against the maker of roundup weed killer in a san francisco courtroom is the first in a tidal wave of lawsuits against monsanto.
6:56 pm
a bay area man awarded $250 million in punitive damages for the terminal cancer. the jury decided was caused by monsanto's products. cancer may be the single most terrifying word in the english language. and while treatment and survival rates have risen dramatically in recent years, the incidents of cancer are increasing. why? scientists are working to answer that question, but our longer life spans and environmental factors clearly have roles to play. while individual chemicals may create increased risk. researchers point to the sheer volume of what we are exposed to every day as a major risk factor. one expert describing it as the chemical soup of our daily lives. in our air, food, water, household products and just about everything else. much of that exposure we simply can't avoid. but what really matters while we want researchers and lawmakers and doctors to continue to work to find solutions, we must reduce our individual risks as
6:57 pm
best we can. i always love to hear from you. let me know what you think. follow me on twitter and facebook @dan ashley abc 7. >> that's going do it for this edition of abc news. look for breaking news any time on the abc 7 news app. thanks for joining us tonight. i'm ama daetz. >> and i'm dan ashley. for spencer christian, larry beil, all of us here, we appreciate your time. we'll see you again at 9:00 and 11:00.
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♪ this is the "jeopardy!" tournament of champions. here for the deciding game are the three finalists -- a bartender from new york, new york... whose cash winnings yesterday total... a software engineer from riverside, california... whose cash winnings total... and a music executive from los angeles, california... who had no winnings yesterday. and now here is the host of "jeopardy!" -- alex trebek! [ cheers and applause ]
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