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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  August 11, 2018 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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good morning, bay area. let's get up and get going. this is abc 7 mornings. good morning. it is saturday, august 11th, i'm kate larson in for chris nguyen this morning. we will start with a look at our weather. frances dinglasan. you have good news for us on this saturday morning. >> we have good air quality all around the bay area and here's live doppler 7 and you'll notice also lots of clear conditions out there, just a few clouds along the coast there, along santa cruz and some inland right now and check out the clear skies over san francisco. here's your 12-hour day planner which you can download by searching the accuweather app. temperatures will be mild in the 60s and some 50s and improved
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air quality, as well. inland temperatures coming down a little bit so low 90s today and around the bay look for sunshine and upper 70s and at the coast the sea breeze will pick up again and things will stay cool in the upper 50s. sun sets at 8:07 with clear skies, but we have clouds coming in tomorrow and a cooldown. >> thanks, frances. we do have developing news. police in richmond are investigating an incident involving multiple cars and this happened at 10:00 on 13th street. it is unclear what happened and you can see several evidence markers as officers investigate the scene. we do have calls into the police department to find out exactly what happened. a mechanic who stole an empty alaska airlines jet is dead after the plane crashed. video shows the large turboprop plane doing stunts. a horizon airline ground employee who was suicidal stole the
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moad responded with jets. officials believe the pilot is the only one who died in the crash. the horizon airline coo shared this statement. >> we believe it was taken by a single horizon air employee and that no other passengers or crew were onboard. shortly thereafter it crashed near ketron island by south tacoma. our hearts are with the family of the individual aboard as well as all our alaska air and horizon air employees. >> officials say the pilot was a 29-year-old man from pierce county washington. nobody else was involved. weigh have some developing news in solano county, firefighters continue to battle the nelson fire. it started just before 5:00 yesterday afternoon near fairfield. 1,000 acres have burned and it is 10% contained. nbc news reporter cornell
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bernard has more. >> a wall of flames raced down a home in fairfield. firefighters made a stand confronting the fire before hancock drive. >> i did everything all i could do. >> the homeowner got his family to safety when mandatory evacuation orders came out. >> everybody is out and everybody is gone. we're not too far from us here. >> tell me why? >> this is my house. this is where i'm going to raise my kids. this is their future. >> others didn't stay. they packed their cars and took off. one rancher moving his cattle to a safer location as flames marched down the hill. our cameras captured the fire moments after they started off interstate 80 and within minutes it was headed toward homes in paradise valley. police telling neighbors to go. >> they were told to get out. >> bulldozers cut fire lines and
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firefighters protected homes from flames. >> they told us we had to evacuate. it is an experience. this is our retirement home. fairfield high school became an evacuation shelter, residents making the best of a scary time. >> we were sitting to have dinner and they told us to evacuate and we sat in the auditorium down there until they told us to come here. >> not far away, flames from this ferocious grass fire were still on the move. cal fire says one structure was lost and it is still unknown if it is still there, that order has been lifted and it is still unknown how this fair started. in fairfield, cornell bernard, abc 7 news. >> as the first evacuations were ordered we sent out a push alert, download the abc 7 news app for breaking alerts just like this one. now to a tragedy that claimed two lives including that
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of a chp officer. 46-year-old officer kirk griss was killed during a traffic stop in interstate 80 yesterday. eric thomas has the story. >> reporter: a solemn procession of police motorcycles led the van carrying the body of a fallen chp officer from the hospital to the solano county coroner's office. kirk griss, former marine, spent 19 years with the highway patrol, 16 out of the fairfield office. >> today is a tough day. it's a tough day for the california highway patrol. >> he started getting frantic calls from motorists at manuel campos parkway. >> westbound 80 per passerby. a motorcycle involved, possibly a chp officer that was hit by a vehicle while at a traffic stop. >> police pulled over the driver of a saturn and only moments later, disaster. >> for unknown reasons the driver of a three-quarter ton pickup left the main portion of the roadway, travelled on to the
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shoulder and struck officer griss. >> the chp officer at the time. >> copy, cpr in progress on the officer. >> he wasn't breathing and he and the driver of the vehicle he pulled over were both rushed to medical center where both were pronounced dead. chp officers and the law enforcement colleagues rushed to give their condolences to grieving officers and family. >> he was the ultimate public servant. he loved what he did. he loved being a motorcycle officer and he will be dearly missed. >> the second victim is described as a 49-year-old man from vallejo. officer griss is said to be active in the schools and he leaves behind a wife and three children. in fairfield, eric thomas, abc 7 news. >> so sad. you can show your support for the fallen chp and the officer through this facebook badge we have created. go to the abc 7's facebook page
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and you can share it. a construction worker was seriously injured on the job in san francisco. abc was there when emergency crews responded to the job site yesterday after a steel beam hit a worker. it happened around 5:00 p.m. work stopped for the night after the accident. the worker was transported to the trauma center with serious injuries. new this morning community groups proposed a plan one san francisco neighborhood will employ local residents for tens of thousands of jobs. the plan would create 8,000 more homes and more than 33,000 jobs over the next 20 years. those jobs include security an programmers. they will discuss the proposal next month when it returns from summer recess. >> happening get its first loo sales force transit center as officials get ready for the
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first full bus service. congratulation, everybody! >> yesterday san francisco dignitaries took part in an official ribbon cutting ceremony. the mayor says she expects the $2.3 billion facility to become a worldwide destination. >> with this beautiful public art and beautiful rooftop park and free events, activities, shopping and dining and you know, don't blame us if you miss your bus because you're so distracted by everything that's going on around you. >> there is a block party and it starts at noon and that service officially begins tomorrow. you can take a ride into the future pf several virtual reality, will show you what it will be like with high-speed rail. san francisco all of the way down to santa monica and hopped aboard a train traveling 200
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miles per hour. to make sure you're prepared for changes that the new transit center will bring, download the abc 7 news app and we'll send out push alerts and you can also look up information like where to find your bus and what else is open at the center and that is all on the abc 7 news app and of course, it will be stressful when it comes to the morning and commuting. everything is so new and exciting. >> speaking of exciting, we've got good news weatherwise. we have much better air quality and it will stay that way throughout the day. you can see it here for yourself and how clear the shot is from the east bay hills looking out toward the bay bridge in san francisco and cooler it temperatures on tap. i'll have more coming up. >> frances, we'll learn what's more in a book by omarosa newman. what she says about president trump and how the white house is responding. plus, a major upgrade at a
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...which means you can saynally hyes... the shoes your family wants. find top brands at big savings... ...for men, women, boys and girls all for a whole lot less... the ross shoe event. yes for less. sglo demonstrations are planned this weekend marking the anniversary of last year's deadly unite the right rally in virginia. heather heier was killed after a car drove through a crowd of counterprotestors. the white nationalist rally was denied this year. instead, a demonstration will be held in washington, d.c., right across from the white house. there are five counterprotests planned. new details are emerging this morning about a new book by former white house adviser omarosa manigault-newman. she has reportedly called
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president trump, a quote, racist, misogynist and bigot. here's abc news reporter david wright. >> reporter: tonight the trump administration is slamming a new book by former white house adviser and celebrity apprentice contestant omarosa manigault-newman. >> you're fired. >> reporter: long since fired from both posts, omarosa now describes trump as a racist, misogynist and bigot according to "the washington post" which received an advanced copy of the book "unhinged." it's sad that a disgruntled former white house employee is trying to profit off these false attacks and even worse that the media would now give her a platform. omarosa was the highest ranking african-american to serve on the trump white house staff. since then she's dished about her experience on "big brother." >> i would like to say not my problem, but i can't say that.
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>> and on "good morning america." >> there were a lot of things that i observed during the last year that i was very unhappy with, that i was very uncomfortable with. >> the new book goes into detail. according to the post omarosa claims that on the set of "the apprentice" trump used the "n" word repeatedly and the offensive language caught on tape. omarosa said she never heard it herself and today in an npr she told a different story. >> i heard the president of the united states use not only the "n" word, but as bill pruitt described other horrible things during "the apprentice." he used racial slurs about kellyanne conway's husband who is half filipino. george conway tweeted today the
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allegation is not credible and indeed, is ridiculous. david wright, abc news. >> good saturday morning and check out live doppler 7 and the satellite image and what you will notice is there is much less cloud cover this morning. we are waking up to clear skies around many parts of the bay area. however, there's still a red flag warning in effect through the northern part of the state. this is for the lake county areas of the mendocino complex fires including the redding area and we have south to southwest gusts up to 30 miles per hour. so it's dry. it's still hot today and we have some gusty winds and the red flag warning will expire at 11:00. check out this view. it is so prettylear skies and we are looking toward san francisco and the bay bridge. temperatures are mild this morning and san francisco is currently 58. mountain view, 64. san jose, 65 right now. half moon bay is still one of
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the cooler spots at 50 degrees and this time we're looking from the east bay across the bay bridge into san francisco and we're looking west this time and santa rosa is 59 and also napa, 61. we have fairfield at 64 and concord is 70ing cans right now. as we look out from the exploratorium toward the downtown area. you see how cool it is. air quality much improved and it is going to be good for the entire bay area and the better air quality will stick around through tomorrow and here's part of the reason we see better air quality. we have this trough here and this is helping push and give us the sea breeze and clear some of the haze from our area. what it's also going to do as it moves west, it's going to bring a slightly cooler temperatures today and we'll see significant cooling tomorrow. today we can still see clouds start to make their way across
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san francisco into parts of the bay and it quickly pulls back and we will see clear skies this afternoon and even tomorrow morning we will see some cloud cover develop into sunday morning and fog, as well and not too much at this point. highs today will range from 60s at the coast to low '90s inland and look for partly cloudy conditions. 65, san rafael, 82, and unfortunately, we'll still see the hazy conditions through parts of the north bay and the interior valleys, lake port and ukiah in the upper 90s and antioch, 92 and san jose, 83 degrees and if you're headed to outside lands you will see more sunshine and partly cloudy conditions and you will need a jacket tonight because it will drop down for the evening and the main liners after 8:00 p.m. through 10:00 p.m. and here is the accuweather seven-day forecast and you'll notice more
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significantly in the inland areas and along the coast some upper 50s and there will be a wide range and we'll see the cooling continue into monday and tuesday and slightly more humid conditions as well into wednesday and there we have the summer spread and we're back to a warmer day for the end of the workweek. >> we were talking about this earlier, normally it's super socked in in the city and today is a little bit better. >> we are seeing much less cloud cover this morning. so we will get more sunshine there. unfortunately, it will still feel cool because of the sea breeze. >> summer in the city. >> yes. exactly. >> thanks so much. day two of outside lands music festival we were just talking about is under way today and that's not the only thing happening in the bay area this weekend. we have a look at s
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welcome back. day two of outside lands music festival kicks off in just a few hours at golden gate park, but if music isn't your thing, there are plenty of other things to do in the bay area. alexis smith from abc 7 mornings have some ideas from our partners at hoodline. >> summer may feel like it's quickly slipping away and there is still time to squeeze in festival fun this weekend. there is time to squeeze in the biggest musical festivals of the year. the 11th annual event is friday, saturday and sunday, including the weekend, florence and the machine and miss janet jackson. gourmet food will be offered along with beer and wine and a special area dedicated to cheese. parking is extreit s ation of filipino culture
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is this weekend. it is now in its 25th year and it begins with a parade down market street and head to yerba cuisine and family fun. admission is free and the festival runs from 11:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. it's a celebration of oakland's diversity at the 19th annual laurel street fair. enjoy several blocks of locally made crafts and visuals and the children's carnival and don't forget the food. a large variety of local chefs and pop-up kitchens will be serving up tasty treats and it's free to attend from 11:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. on macarthur boulevard between 25th and 38th. for details, go to our website at abc >> looksnd dramatically in san francisco's mission district. sutter health is about to open its new addition to st. luke's
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hospital which will be named the mission campus later this month. the upgraded facility includes private maternity rooms with bathtubs. the emergency room is four times the size which means the hospital can handle a lot more patients. >> it was hard to imagine that a child can have arthritis and thousands suffer with the painful illness every single day. fortunately, they can talk about their conditions with others like them at camp arroyo. a free summer camp provided by the taylor family foundation. abc 7 news anchor cheryl jennings has the story from livermore. >> what do you think, ladies? >> i think it's the cutest thing. >> therapy dogs like charlie bring so much joy to these girls and boys. you wouldn't to know it to look at their smiling faces, but they live with debilitating disorders that affect their immune systems including arthritis. the arthritis foundation statistics are shocking.
5:24 am
it's 300,000 children under the age of 16 in the united states. the children i talked to were just 9 and 11. >> i had mine since i was 2. >> what is it look to have an auto immune disease? >> sometimes it's hard because not a lot of your family and friends understands you, but when you come to this camp all of us have the same issues and it's really fun. i jumped on the swing set and i sprained my knee and it kept hurting and then they were, like, it's more than an injury. >> sometimes when you're sick your joint attack themselves and it makes it hard to move and do stuff. >> wherever you have it, it just hurts. >> i used to have it in my ankles and now i have it in my knees, my fingers and my back. >> i have juvenile arthritis which is something in the joint which it can swell up sometimes and i have it in my>>ha dyou ha manage your condition. >> i take weekly shots which i'm
5:25 am
taking enbrel right now. >> the kids don't let their health problem stop them when it comes to camp activities. it has been around for 17 years and some of those original campers are now back as junior counselors. >> it's really nice to be able to connect with the kids because i've been there in their shoes and i know exactly what it's like to go to school and have to explain to the teachers that you're suffering from a chronic illness. >> i remember my second year at camp milagros, i was super swollen and now i'm up moving if it weren't for the help of the doctors. >> camp milagros always has a medical team at camp who volunteer their time including a pediatric rheumatologist with the children's hospital stanford. ? they have manynj and you
5:26 am
know, they aren't comfortable and parents aren't comfortable sending their kids to a camp where they might not have oversight. >> i use it as an opportunity to remind them that they're regular kids and their arthritis is just a small piece of the pie and they can do anything and everything other kids do. >> the camp is free and provided by the taylor family foundation which was founded by elaine taylor to help children with life-threatening and life-altering conditions and the foundation can use help all year round. >> donations, cash done eggs because that's where we fund the programs and there are in kind donations so it can be anything from food or beverages or toys. >> the kids here at arthritis camp are making all kinds of new memories with the wonderful activities they're enjoying. some of those memories last all year, some a life time, but the one important lesson they learn is everybody here is treated with kindness and respect. >> everybody here is really nice
5:27 am
and everybody here -- i feel like we're all just a group of friends and family. >> okay, put it down now. >> cheryl jennings, abc 7 news. >> the kids told cheryl that unfortunately, they sometimes get bullied. you can check cheryl's facebook page for more information. the day in the park fund-raiser is sunday august 26th, so that's coming up. for tickets or to volunteer and donate go to abc 7 still to come on abc 7 mornings, crews in california are racing to stop the holy fire before it reaches homes as the man accused of starting that fire makes a bizarre appearance in court. plus the landmark ruling in san francisco against the company that makes roundup. how the man who says the weed killer gave him a
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for switching to progressive? [ engine revving ] you cannot hear me at all, can you?
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good morning east bay. let's get up and get going. this is abc 7 mornings. i hope you're having a good start to your saturday. we will start with a look at the weather. frances dinglasan is in for lisa argen. >> air quality is much improved today and it will stay that way through tomorrow. live doppler 7 also showing us lots of clear skies over the bay area. just a few clouds on the peninsula coast right now and in some very far inland areas like stockton. check out the live view and how clear it is over san francisco. you can always download the accuweather app and have this available whenever you want. sunrise at 6:21, we will still see fog along the coast and that sea breeze will allow for the improved air quality and push the smoke and haze away from the bay area. temperatures also coming down just a little bit in some spots
5:31 am
and inland areas into the low 90s this afternoon and around the bay upper 70s and upper 50s throughout the day, but clear conditions even at night and sun sets at 8:07 and i'll let you know what you can expect in the next seven days with the accuweather seven-day forecast. developing news out of solano county. fire crews worked overnight to contain a fast-moving fire. the nelson fire broke out yesterday on cherry glen road near interstate 80 at one point, two neighborhoods were evacuated, but as of midnight fortunately all evacuation orders were lifted and one structure was lost in the fire. as of the last cal fire the fire burned 1,000 acres. down in southern california the holy fire in the cleveland national forest is exploding in size. it is now more than 19,000 acres and just 10% contained. crews right now are rushing to keep it from reaching
5:32 am
neighborhoods near lake elsinore. yesterday the man accused of starting the fire made his first court appearance after refusing to come out of his cell thursday. forest gordon clark stood before a judge in a bizarre appearance that included several outbursts. >> arson, aggravated arson. >> it's a lie. >> these are just allegations, sir. >> and resisting? correct. >> clark faces six felony counts in total. his bail is set at $1 million. a san francisco jury has a warred a terminally ill bay area man $289 million from monsanto, the company that makes the weedkiller roundup. abc 7 news anchor ama dates explains it is a landmark decision that will impact hundreds of similar cases across the country. >> dewayne johnson becameereld the jury made his decision. >> i am glad to be here to help with the situation after i learned about roundup and
5:33 am
everything. >> johnson regularly used roundup while working as a groundskeeper for the benicia school district. he was diagnosed with non-hodgkin's lymphoma. >> did you find by clear and convincing evidence that monsanto acted with malice and oppression, answer, yes. >> hundreds of lawsuits targeting roundup may proceed to trial. >> you did something wrong and now you have to pay and i cannot say how important this case is. >> monsanto vowed to fight the ruling. we will appeal. this is the beginning, obviously, of a very, very long process, but as i said at the start the verdict has not changed the science. >> johnson hopes the decision will bring more attention to the possible dangers of >> the cause is way bigger than me. >> arma date, abc 7 news. >> it is probably
5:34 am
a judge has rejected the plea deal for the ghost ship fire departments, both men, derek almena and alex harris had to account for the deaths of 36 people in the fear. which was brokered by a previous judge. while he was tearful in court yesterday, a written statement he made while in jail is still problematic for him. >> he was projecting guilt on others which this court appreciate. he wants a total apology. >> it seems to be the case that one of these defendants did not show adequate remorse especially in his previous written statement. >> both defendants could reach new, separate deals with prosecutors or go to trial. the next court date is this friday. we've been covering the ghost ship fire since it happened in december 2016. for complete coverage in all of
5:35 am
our stories go to abc 7 and download so you can learn the latest update as the case continues. >> developing news out of kansas where just 110 votes now separate two candidates seeking the republican nomination for governor. kansas secretary of state chris coback handed over to a top deputy as he took the slim lead over the current governor. it's been a tense election cycle to say the least. voter fraud is a big problem while colyer has accused coback of using his position to undermine the election process. if you've got a lot of followers on facebook, the social media giant will make it harder to crash. it will ask users with large u.s. following to go through a two-step authentication. users will not be allowed to post to their pages if they don't follow the process.
5:36 am
it uncovered new efforts to meddle with u.s. politics ahead of the midterm >>om fncisco's newest firefighters, excuse me, will report for duty protecting neighborhoods across the city as early as this morning. ♪ abc 7 news was at archbishop reerdon high school when 49 firefighters graduated from basic training academy yesterday. fire chief shared some of her words of advice. >> the way a member of your family to be treated and always wear the uniform with pride, the same pride you have today as we will be receiving your badg >> you are representing history and service to our great city. >> the class includes ten paramedics who have worked aboard city ambulances and they will bring advanced life support
5:37 am
skills to fire engines across san francisco. >> still ahead on abc 7 mornings. she's a professional motorcycle racer and cover girl model. now she's also helping victims of the mendocino complex fires. what this bay area native is doing to make a difference. and here is a live look at beautiful san francisco. frances
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while oti'm the only ones servthat has the bowlsff, to serve something different. i mean, just look at my teriyaki bowls. choose from steak or chicken, covered in teriyaki sauce, plus your choice of white or brown rice. what about these bowls jack? hey! you got some pretty nice bowls there. and so does dan! thanks jack! those are some nice bowls. everyone's gonna want to get their hands on jack's bowls. try my bowls! see that right there? you can't say that. what? i was just saying i got great bowls... ooooh. now i hear it. yea. try my teriyaki bowls. only at jack in the box. motorcycle racer and a cover girl model, but a young north bay woman is putting those pursuits on hold to help people and animals near the mendocino
5:40 am
complex fires. abc 7 news reporter wayne friedman caught up with her earlier this week. >> reporter: amidst the frustration of north county fires here's what you like hearing about. >> do they naturally go in the trail? >> no. not even with serena running the show. if these animals had words they would tell you how sherina helped them. >> we started a non-profit in the middle of the santa rosa fires. >> get ready to re-arrange some assumptions. >> that's my roots. i'm a farm girl at heart. >> you're like the farmer's daughter. ? yep. >> a farmer's daughter who happens to race motorcycles professionally at 180 miles an hour who has the face of a cover girl because well, she is one, literally. take a look at the commercial. >> is it tough competing in a man's world? ♪ ♪ ♪
5:41 am
>> maybe for the men. >> they wanted something different when they signed me and they got it. >> a woman who in the past couple of weeks has worked on three hours of sleep a night saving 100 animals by now. >> we pulled a dog out of the fires that had been burned and his whole body had singe marks and his pads were coming off of them and when you see things like that you can't stop. >> reporter: it was one rescue among many with the subject that could be bigger than the story if she wanted. sherina does not. >> you have to help people, you know? you have to step up and help your neighbor out. it's what i think everybody is supposed to be doing and i don't think people do it enough. >> in wade county, wayne freeman, abc 7 news. >> very cool. abc has a new brand called localish and it's sharing the inspiring stories of people who come together to build unexpected relationships in a weekly digital series called more in common.
5:42 am
this week, meet brianna one of the first girls to join the boy scouts. >> show other girls they can do the same things boys can do. >> do you feel you're breaking a little bit? >> yeah. >> you can watch this episode of more in common exclusively on facebook, and that begins today. frances, you have a son and a daughter. >> you probably want your daughter to be able to do it. >> i took engineering in college and people seem to be so shocked by that. boys and girls should have equal opportunity. >> very cool. i agree. >> you have a daughter. >> i do. >> she'll have a lot of opportunities. >> and weather. it's good today. >> so we have clear conditions right now over san francisco. check out this live shot. we're looking at the buckyball and by the exploratorium. temperatures right now is 58 in san francisco, but it won't warm up too much because we still have cooler air coming in so i'll have the details coming up. all right, thanks, frances.
5:43 am
next, the raiders play their first pre-season game and they have a quarterback and it looked good. it was not derek carr and he
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happening today, former giants great barry bonds will receive a long overdue hon the giants will finally retire his number against the pittsburgh pirates. that was thear when he was 42 years old. his seven mvp awards are the most in baseball history and he has 762 career homers. notable guests include bonds' godfather willie mays along with his big league managers, jimly land, dusty baker and bruce
5:46 am
bocce. in sports they hope to keep it going against the pirates. first pitch at 6:05 in at&t and the as are looking to bounce back against the angels and the first pitch is at 6:07. in football, the raiders played their first pre-season game last night at the coliseum with coach jon gruden returning to the field. here's larry beil with the highlights in this morning's sports. good morning, everybody. the return of chucky jon gruden back in the sidelines for a decade leaving the raiders into the first preseason game in oakland and gruden loves the fans in the black hole all pumped up. the starters only played a series. look at marshawn lynch. beast mode down the sidelines. he is gone! 60 yards. what a way to start, right? no. call back. raiders have four holding penalties in the first quarter and backup quarterback, conor cook, johnny holton here and a
5:47 am
49-yard gain to set up a field goal and derek carr played only one series watching cook go to work on third and goal, scrambling, finding brian switzer and the seven-yard touchdown and 10-0 raiders and eddie pineiro. the raiders win 16-10 and they were thinking about the t.d. that was called back. >> i was really ticked off after that callback. i just got to the stadium and i'd just got my fourth play. anyhow -- >> you were upset. >> that was fun. as in anaheim, the angels honoring new hero, and the southern california native going deep in the stands. still in the top of the first, crush davis, hyde, deep, aloha. his 33rd of the year and 3-0s and that's all they got all night. the normally lights out lou
5:48 am
trevino on the hill and that's yet as keep adding closer and justin upton turns out to be the game winner and the angels come back to win 4-3. it's gad perry's 80th birthday in a month and for some reason they were celebrating with a cake last night and andrew mccutchen celebrating against his old team, and the giants put up three in the first and buster posey was 4 for 4 by the fourth inning and that made it 6-1. in the two-run double. the giants break the ten-run mark for the first time in over a month and then hold on late for a 13-10 victory. rough afternoon for warrior star steve curry at the ellie may classic. his driver was not working and he was correct about that, and looking for his ball on 7. triple bogeyed that hole and double bogeyed 8.
5:49 am
is there a weed whacker around sve number, birdied 10 and 14, but overall shot an 86. finishes at 17 over par and that was dead last and obviously he did not make the cut. hopefully he had fun out there with the pros. that's a wrap on morning sports. have a great weekend, everybody. i'm larry beil. now an accuweather update from abc 7 mornings. >> i'm meteorologist frances dinglasan. you can see here on live doppler 7 and a few clouds along the coast. there is a red flag warning until 11:00 tonight for the northern part of the state and the mendocino complex fires and the carr fire near redding, south to southwest gusts up to 30 miles per hour and low humidity in the afternoon and that tonight at 11:00. that will be better news for firefighters and it will be hot and dry this week. here is a live shot at the east
5:50 am
bay looking out and the clear skies and it's beautiful out there and winds are light right now and santa rosa, 59. lots of mild temperatures, in fact, napa is 61 degrees and look at concord, 70 degrees right now. this time as we look from the tower, look at how clear it is. it's beautiful and it will be a gorgeous saturday and san francisco's currently 58. oakland, 57 and san jose, 65 and half moon bay has dropped to 58 degrees and this is a live shot at walnut creek and look at how conditions have improved with good air quality and we have good air quality throughout the bay area and that will continue through at least tomorrow and we will see hazy skies through parts of the north bay especially the closer you are to the fires. we have the fog and we could still see clouds push in in the next hour, but it will be very thin and notice by this afternoon, lots of clear skies out there and into this evening just some clouds again on a lower part of the peninsula
5:51 am
coast. that's about it. highs today will be comfortable in the south bay. look for 83 in san jose and low to mid-90s and santa cruise, 74 and also great if you're headed to the menlo horse show it will be mid to upper 70s and mountain view, 78 and we will still see some of the clouds along the beaches and that's where it will be cool, as well. daley city and the north bay, also nice numbers there, lots of 80s and some 90s and look for petaluma to hit 84 this afternoon and we will see mid-90s through clover dale and hazy skies as you get closer to the fires and highs today in the east bay will be perfect, i think. 70s for you in berkeley and fremont, warmer at 78 degrees and inland areas will be in low 90s with some hazy skies through parts of the interior valleys. overnight lows will drop into
5:52 am
the 50s and 60s. so still mild and we'll see the fog push in again overnight into the bay. here's the accuweather seven-day forecast so we have slightly cooler temperatures and it might be just about the same especially along the coast where it will stay in the upper 50s today around the bay look for upper 70s in the warmest spots and inland areas only warming up to the low 90s. so still quite warm and a wide range tomorrow and temperatures continue to drop into monday and tuesday and even into wednesday, and then we have the summer spread return on thursday for a slightly warmer day for friday, the end of the workweek. >> so we've still got a little foggest going in later this week. >> yes. it will return probably in theg now. >> i'm>> life-changing tragedy one family is turning into a life-changing
5:53 am
5:54 am
5:55 am
here's a part of the morning where you get out your lottery tickets. the winning numbers from last night's $63 million mega millions drawing, 1, 3, 12, 22, 42 with the mega number 6. nobody picked all six numbers which means tuesday night's jackpot goes up to $75 million. a grassroots campaign based in san jose to help children in africa, some with disabilities is gaining traction. the founder named for a 10-year-old is putting dozens of kids to school. david louie looks at how a tragic accident has turned into a success story. sierra leone is a poor west african nation that has been beset by civil war and natural disasters. three out of four people live on less than a dollar a day. young people with disabilities are left to live on the streets with no chance of education.
5:56 am
thousands of away in san jose abdul provided the inspiration to change that. he was 6 when we first met him as he went through physical therapy after a serious auto accident. his father wanted to pay forward the kindness he and abdul received and a foundation in abdul's name was created five years ago to help similar children in his father's native sierra leone. >> it would take $150 to pay for one child for the entire school year. inclusive, book, text, uniform and transportation. >> he started with 25 children. he's now paying school expenses for 62. he hopes the number will reach 100. abdul is proud of the con ri butters. he has a big, big heart for the people. >> he discovered one girl he's assisting in a hidden graphic arts talent. >> if we didn't take that child from that street that talent wouldn't have come out of her, and she wouldn't also realize
5:57 am
what she really have within herself. >> reporter: the children have written many letters of appreciation. >> we are not here to give handouts. we are here to assist you get to where you need to be in life. so people are grabbing that by the horn and going with it. >> reporter: to raise funds, t-shirts are selling for $20 and an event is planned this weekend. if you would like to support the program in sierra leone the abdul miracle foundation will hold a fund-raiser here at 3:00 p.m. there will be food and entertainment. >> what a great cause that is. next on abc 7 mornings at 6:00 a.m., the bizarre scare at seattle's sea-tac airport last night when an airport worker stole a plane and took off. developing news in solano county, crews battling claims in fairfield and the new developments overnight. plus ready for the public, the big event today to open the new sales force
5:58 am
5:59 am
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good morning, bay area. let's get up and get going. >> this is abc 7 mornings. >> good morning. it is august 11th. i'm kate larson in for chris nguyen today. we have meteorologist frances dinglasan in for lisa arjen. i've been saying it all morning, but we have good news. >> we have good air quality and gorgeous weather ahead. here's a look at live doppler 7 and lots of clear skies, and clouds along the peninsula coast and here is a good shot of the go bridge. it's looking clear out there right now. sunrise at 6:21. temperatures in the 50s and 60s. the breeze will peck ick up thi afternoon andithimproved air quality expect cooler temperatures inland and upper 70s at the coast and upper 50s and lots of sunshine. sun


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