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tv   ABC7 News 600PM  ABC  August 13, 2018 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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good evening. thanks for joining us. i'm larry beil in for dan ashley. >> and i'm ama daetz. two men face criminal charges for the 2016 fire that claimed 36 lives in a story you will see only on abc 7 news tonight. derek almena speaks out about a decision to throw out their plea deal. derick almena spoke video hookup from santa rita jail. he told abc 7 news he was stunned when the judge dismissed a deal that would have resulted in a nine-year sentence for him. last friday judge james kraemer ordered them to stand trial saying almena didn't show remorse. almena says he has always been remorseful for the fire that took the lives 36 people, and says judge cramer took quotes from his written statement out of context. >> you know, if you take anything out of context, you can twist it around and make it about me. this statement was about everything. i've been remorseful from the moment this happened.
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>> almena also blasted city officials and he read from a statement which he says a judge prevented him from reading during friday's hearing. >> of course you heard from our honorable mayor libby schaaf, her lies about the city having no knowledge of the ghost ship and her continued lies about government agencies having entered the warehouse. >> al memena tells us he doesn' know what is next for him, but he feels the judge's decision means he won't get a fair trial. >> it's impossible to get a fair trial. they misquoted me. this is orchestrated to the highest degree. >> the ghost ship boss says he was set up and has already been tried in the court of public opinion. >> so i'm guilty internationally because i've admitted no contest, no guilt. how am i going to find a jury that hasn't heard me say okay, i'm guilty. i'm guilty for allowing this to happen? i'm guilty. >> the alameda county district attorney's office says it is not commenting on almena's interview because the case remains, quote,
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an active matter. the district attorney's office released this statement to it. almena and harris now face life in prison in a jury trial. they could also negotiate new separate plea deals. the case will be back in court on friday and abc 7 news will be there. you can follow the latest and look back at all of our stories about this tragedy through social media and the abc 7 news app. we have some breaking news out of solano county. sky 7 is over a grass fire in fairfield. this is a live look at the scene right now. the fire broke out near interstate 80 and waterman boulevard, just within the last hour. and you can see how close those flames are to what looks like either a shopping or a warehouse area as well as a bunch of cars and the subdivision off to the right-hand side. this is about five miles from friday's large brushfire that forced many people from their homes. it is not clear what sparked this fire. you see on the right-hand side of the fire water being poured there, and they do have that side of it, at least under control or contained to some extent. but there still is a line of
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active flames burning. we'll stay on top of this breaking news and we'll get you more information just as soon as we get it. new at 6:00, investigators in contra costa are trying to learn more about a woman whose body was found in a canal in bay point. 25-year-old creona smith of pittsburg was last seen on july 15th. deputies discovered her body on the 20th near driftwood drive. an autopsy will help determine how she died. investigators are asking people to come forward with any details what happened. five teenagers were in a car over the weekend when the suspected drunk driver crashed in walnut creek. two teens died. today officials released their names, and the mother of one of the young men spoke out candidly about her son and the accident. abc 7 news reporter leslie brinkly joining us live from the scene of the crash in the east bay. leslie? >> you can certainly say five kids' lives were changed forever this weekend there are flowers
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and photos here along highway 24. you can see behind me how far the car plunged off the freeway ramp here in an accident that happened as they drove back to antioch after partying in san francisco. the mother of the 17-year-old who died is grieving after she offers forgiveness. >> i send love, peace, and hope for the parents to get through this. i have no ill feelings or anger towards the driver. i forgive her. >> the more of 17-year-old dakarai fagorala is devastated to lose her son one week before his 18th birthday. >> he was my best friend. we called him the karate boy. he loved basketball. he loved to eat. he loved god. >> she said he excelled at school, volunteered at his church, and was said to go to los medanos in pittsburg.
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>> it just so happened the one day that he didn't ask him and john, they both didn't ask to go, they both received their wings on the other side. he was afraid to call us, so he rode it out. >> that he was stuck at a party. >> yes. >> and was wanting to leave. >> but he couldn't, because he was in san francisco, which is way too far. so when they were driving back, i don't know how, they flew over. >> 17-year-old dakaarai and john walizada died. the honda civic careened off the side on the ramp to 68orth and land below. the driver and two other teenaged girls are still hospitalized with serious injuries. the driver could face felony manslaughter and multiple felony dui charges. there are grief counselors today
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at deer valley high school and a celebration of dakarai's life his family says is set at the school this sunday at sunset on what would have been his birthday. in walnut creek, i'm leslie brinkley, abc 7 news. >> all right, leslie, thank you. an oakland police officer is still in the hospital in critical condition following an accident early this morning near the port of oakland. the officer's patrol suv collided with both another car and a parked semitruck while responding to a report of a suspicious person around 3:00 a.m. the impact and damage was so great, the officer was trapped inside his vehicle. he was finally extricated unconscious and taken to the hot. the officer is the son of an oakland police department lieutenant. [ bell ]. a ringing bell pierced the somber silence today as colleagues and loved ones remembered officer kirk grise. the tradition marks an officer's
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end of watch. grise died friday in fairfield when a pickup truck veered off the road hitting him and the car he pulled over. grise was 46 years old. if you have the abc 7 news app, then you've got this breaking news alert today about the golden state killer suspect being charged with first-degree murder of a visalia man. this makes the 13th murder charge against joseph james deangelo. he is the man believed fob responsible for a string of murders and rapes up and down california in the 1970s and '80s. brian johnson from our sister station in fresno has details of the latest charge. >> reporter: investigators at the visalia police department have long believed that whoever burglarized 100 homes in the mid-'70s was also responsible for shooting and killing college of the sequoias journalism professor claude smelling in september of '75. throughout the years they also theorized that this is the same person as the golden state killer.
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monday chief jason salazar announced joseph deangelo is the sole suspect in the burglaries and snelling murder. deangelo has already been charged with other murders and is in custody in sacramento county. >> we are confident through the information obtained from victims and witnesses through thorough examination of modus operandi in the cases through the development of physical evidence and by linking a firearm that was used in the claude snelling murder that joseph deangelo is the man responsible for these crimes. >> deliangelo was a police officer with the city of ex-center at the time of the crimes. while there is physical evidence in the case, salazar said they don't have any dna. tulare county district said the murder charge is the result of solid and persistent police work. >> to think that the crimes that now we see from the charges filed across the state may have originated in our quaint, quiet, wonderful little town is quite startling. but with this filing, we have
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officially linked the visalia ransacker to be the same individual that is known as the east area rapist, and tragica y tragically, the golden state killer. >> on september 11th, 1975, claude snell wizard shot by an intruder trying to his teenaged daughter. he saved his daughter and became a local hero. he hopes this break in the case is the first step towards justice and closure for snelling's family and the entire visalia county. in tulare county, brian johnson, abc 7 news. >> now, as we showed you earlier, when news breaks on a big story like, this we will send out an alert, and you can get the alerts by downloading the abc 7 news app. it's free. we have versions for both apple and android devices. the future of independent contractors in california is the focus of intense lobbying in sacramento. the state supreme court ruled in april that many of them might need to be reclassified as company employees. however, opponents are trying to get the state legislature to put
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the court decision on hold. abc 7 news reporter david louie looks at the divisive issue. >> 20-year san jose taxi driver says there is nothing better than being an independent contractor. he can set his own hours. the same for ride share driver warner. however, the state supreme court ruled in april that millions of independent contractors might have to be reclassified as company employees, based on strict guidelines it adopted. a coalition of independent contractors and employers are trying to stop implementation of the ruling. as many as two million workers in california might be impacted. daniel nguyen could lose the independence license as a trucker who owns and operates his own rig. >> i can take two months, three months off and go on vacation and come back. and i can go to any company that i want to work for, and i don't have to accept the work that they give me. >> independent contractors are planning a big rally at the state house on wednesday, but labor leaders already are there
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today meeting with individual lawmakers. this is a photo of state senator jim bell of san jose meeting with labor leaders in his sacramento office. they're lobbying against efforts to get the legislature to put a hold on implementing the change. their argument is that independent contractors are under paid. >> they don't get the minimum wage or overtime payment they're not paid social security. that all changes with this case, dinah mex. dynamex is a blockbuster case because it changes the status of a large number of workers. >> construction hauler, salespeople, emergency room, hairstylists and many others could be potentially impacted. there is no indication whether the legislature will intervene or let the ruling stand. in san jose, david louie, abc 7 news. well, some amazing stories are coming out of our california wildfires. body cam video captured the rescue of animals from this vacaville shelter as flames approached last week. next, meet some of the rescuers who saved these shelter pelts in
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more ways than one. i'm spencer christian. cool and dreary conditions, but a warm-up is coming our way. vial the forecast coming up. and get out your phone. go to and take part in tonight's live poll. what is your first impression of the salesforce transit center? no need to register for anything. we're not going to call you. well, spencer might if you want him to. go to wait a few seconds for the poll to load and click to v (sound of footsteps) (sound of car door opening) (car door closes) (sound of engine starting) ♪ ♪
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(sound of footsteps) (sound of car door opening) (car door closes) (sound of engine starting) ♪ ♪ and we're staying on top of breaking news out of solano county. sky 7 is over a grass fire, what appears to be the end of it hopefully, in fairfield you can see the scorched earth there.
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crews were called to the area near 80 and waterman boulevard around 5:30. you can see there don't appear to be any active flames at the moment. just some little smoldering areas up to the top of your screen. we are continuing to keep an eye on this. let's take a look at the flames, though. when there were more flames. this is from sky 7. this is about five miles from a brushfire that forced people from their homes just on friday. we'll stay on top of this, and bring you more as we get more information. police body cam footage from last friday's nelson fire shows the dramatic rescue of dozens of animals as flames began inching closer to a vacaville animal shelter. carlos salcedo spoke with one of the hero officers who saved animals by loading them into her patrol car. vacavolice body camera showed the who fight moments as officers and volunteers rush to save animals from flames inching towards the spca of solano county. >> we could see the flames up in those hills. we could see the active flames
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coming down. >> the body cam is that of officer carly stone. you hear her out of breath, running to grab cats and dogs. >> between the smoke coming this way, the flames coming down the hill, the helicopters circling, it is crazy. >> a total of 67 pets in the fire's path, including this python. many of the animals were loaded on the crates and placed in cars. as the flames got closer, officer stone realized time was rung out and put some dogs into her patrol car. >> i had nowhere to put the dogs. they seemed to be happy to be with me, so we just went to work and started evacuating houses forrer a few hours until i could get them back to the spca. >> the nelson fire scorch in order than 2,000 acres and burned one home after starting in fairfield friday afternoon. since the fire, the shelter has been inundated with donations like these stacks of pet food. but what they need are towels, blankets, and money. >> because the power was out for two day, we lost the vaccines that we had in the refrigerators.
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>> nearby residents have been dropping off supplies throughout the day. cleanup could take days. no animals were injured and all are back at the shelter. some in the process of being adopted. >> we'll probably end up with a total of 12 to 15 animals that are with their rescuers. >> officer stone is one of those rescuers considering adopting a furry pet, a happy ending to a scary situation. in vacaville, carlos salcedo, abc 7 news. all right. now to a story you'll see only on abc 7 news. the family of a vietnam war veteran who is dying from brain cancer dealt another blow when his wedding ring goes missing inside his hospital room. abc 7 news anchor dion lim went to the hospital to get some answers. >> the added stress that is adding to my mom and the family, it's unbelievable. >> pete halvorsen has been at kaiser hospital in redwood city every single day since he learned his father had
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glioblastoma, a rare form of breast cancer and has little time left. >> the doctor said day, possibly weeks. >> penny and bill halvorsen have been married 47 years. and even as a purple heart recipient serving in vietnam and later a firefighter, bill never took off his wedding ring. so you can imagine the confusion when saturday morning pete and his mom looked down to find the ring missing. >> if you look at this dent, if you look at that, you know that had to be pulled off. >> penny, who had been sleeping by her husband's bedside did notice something uncharacteristic. >> the right side of his body was paralyzed but he was swinging with one of his hands. >> this led to halvorsens to wonder if somebody on the hospital staff removed the ring. when the issue was brought up to kaiser, their concerns seem to have fallen on deaf ears. >> it felt like we were the only once on an island screaming and saying help us. this went missing. this did not fall off his hand. >> when abc 7 got involved. we received this statement from sheila gibson at kaiser redwood
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city. when we were made aware of the loss on saturday, we began an extensive search to locate his ring, including interviewing all staff members involved in mr. halvorsen's care, carefully searching his room and locations where he received treatment, sifting through trash and working with our linen supplier. we will continue our efforts and will cooperate with any police investigation. it's a statement pete and his family do not agree with, saying the hospital didn't get involved until sunday night. the halvorsens know they may never get the answers they're looking for, emfor penny. >> and that was the one thing she was really looking forward to putting on her necklace and keeping him with her. >> penny and the rest of their family doing their best to stay upbeat and positive for bill's final days. in redwood city, dion lim, abc 7 news. >> well, hopefully they find that ring. >> absolutely. >> goodness knows they've been through enough already. all right. let's turn to our weather. kind of an interesting day out there. pretty breezy. >> but it's not as hot as it was last week. >> that's true. we have a cooling breeze right now and some low dark clouds as
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well. here is a look at live doppler 7. we have fog near the coast, but there are some clouds developing above as well. and as you guys mention, it's breezy out there. we have gusts to 29 miles per hour in san francisco right now. all around the region, we can see gusts or wind speeds from 15 to about 20 or 25 miles per hour. and the temperature change is noticeable. most locations right now from anywhere from 4 to 8 degrees cooler than they were this hour yesterday. so let's take a look at current temperature readings as we look at how the breeze is affecting the trees along the embarcadero from our rooftop camera. it's 60 degrees in san francisco. oakland, 63. 67 in mountain view. 71 in san jose. far below the temperature readings we saw at this time yesterday. 82 in morgan hill. 59 at half moon bay. here is the view from emeryville, looking at the low dark clouds. 66 up north at santa rosa, napa. 27 at novato. 81 concord, and 5 at livermore. and here is the view from above the low clouds from the east bay hills camera.
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these are our forecast features. we'll see overcast skies tonight with some spotty morning drizzle mainly towards the coast. the temperatures inches lower but a warmer pattern around the end of the week. through the overnight hours the low clouds surge over the bay and locally inland. notice a few high clouds sweeping by as well in the early morning hours. but the low clouds will start to burn back to the coastline around mid day, giving us an afternoon of sunshine over the bay and inland. low temperatures tonight mainly mid- to upper 50s, and high temperatures tomorrow will range from upper 50s mainly on the coast to mainly upper 60s and low 70s right around the bay. low to mid-80s at most inland locations. and here is the accuweather seven-day forecast. temperatures may bounce up a couple of degrees on wednesday, but the more significant warming won't begin until about thursday when we finally see inland highs in the low 90s again, and then friday and saturday, we'll see mid-90s inland up to nearly 100 of the warmest spots on saturday. mid-80s around the bay, and then the heat ease as bit on sunday,
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and we get cooler pattern developing on monday. we can't sustain a trend here, which may be a good thing. it keeps us on our toes. >> that's true. thanks, spencer. people using public transportation into san francisco will notice something pretty different now. the new salesforce transit center is open for business, and we want to know what you're first impression circumstances yes. get out your phone and weigh in on the poll. we're going take a look at the results, next.
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san francisco's newest landmark is open for business. the multitransit agencies now use the salesforce transit center. >> abc 7 morning's anchor jessica castro was live tweeting while on board the bus that rolled into the new center on its first weekday of service this morning. >> yeah, and we've made the salesforce transit center the topic of the poll at vote. question is, what's your first impression? is it the future transit, a glorified bus stop or does it not affect you? >> abc 7 news was there when a first transit bus rolled into the new center bright and early at 5:48. the new center is bigger than the old one. it's four stories tall. it's crown bade rooftop park. a new elevated ramp just for buses means they can avoid the service streets when going to or
6:26 pm
from the bay bridge. >> the old way when it used to come in, it came straight in. now you make the loop, go around, go around, come around. but it's like sight seeing. you're on a bus sight seeing. >> ac trants it is, munni, greyhound ands we cat buses. all service has stopped at the old temporary transbay terminal. >> getting to the bay bridge quicker, that's meaningful. >> huge. >> results from our poll changing as we look. well, 55% say it doesn't affect you. maybe not until the train service begins. >> right. >> and then if you want to try to get to the chase center, there will be a route where you can go through the story get to the new arena. so far we have spent $2 billion on something half the people are not going use. it's early. >> it is. coming up next, new perspective on that stolen plane in seattle. hear local experts explain how someone who is not a pilot could take off and go for a deadly joyride.
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plus, find out what is really in a brightly colored fire retardant tha
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live where you live, this is abc 7 news. >> you're looking at the wreckage of a plane that was taken on a deadly joyride in washington state. it crashed on an island south of tacoma, and today what was left of the plane was ferried back to the mainland and driven away. the flight data recorder and parts of the cockpit voice recorder have been recovered. >> this whole story is unbelievable. the man who stole the plane was a 29-year-old baggage handler named richard russell. he had no pilots license. he had no known flying experience. he stole the empty plane from seatac airport friday night, and this guy was flying loops and rolls before ultimately crashing. >> and of course those in the aviation industry, avrd and every day people are completely shocked by what happened. >> that includes local pilots. carolyn tyler talked with some of them today to find out what it takes to fly a plane with virtually no experience. >> experienced pilots are shocked that someone with no train cog not only get a plane
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off the ground, but perform loops and other complicated maneuvers. >> that's not easy, particularly in a transport category aircraft. that's not easy at all. >> reporter: chris ingle flew commercial planes for 35 years. he calls it amazing that a 29-year-old baggage handler who authorities say did not have a pilot's license seemed to confidently operate a stolen plane until his fatal crash. >> the man got some ability from somewhere. >> the man richard russell told air traffic controllers where he got his skills. >> i played video games before. so i know what i'm doing a little bit. >> right now you're flying over sfo? >> at the hiller aviation museum in san carlos, they have several simulators that allow would-be pilots, hobbyists and students have a virtual experience flying a plane. >> you maneuver the aircraft, and use all the controls that you would in the real aircraft. >> mark vanburgen is a pilot and
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teacher. he believes it is a possible someone could fly a plane after virtual lessons. >> after enough time in the simulators, you can actually become confident enough to take an aircraft off the ground and start to fly. >> a company called fly away simulation uses the same plane the asset man stole as one of its models. we talked to the head of the company via skype. >> i believe you can definitely understand how to stop engines, possibly taxi the aircraft and take off from a flight simulator. >> as for the daring stunts, those we talk to think it's possible, but improbable he learned those complex maneuvers even from these highly realistic simulators. carolyn tyler, abc 7 news. in developing news now, crews are working to remove fuel from a commercial fishing boat that rand aground in santa cruz near natural bridges state park. the boat got stuck yesterday, started breaking apart last night, spilling an estimated 200
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gallons of diesel fuel. already some 620 gallons have been pumped out of that boat. no reports of any impacted wildlife so far. slightly cooler temperatures are helping crews battling wildfires around the state. right now there are still more than a dozen burning, basically from border to border in california, including the largest wildfire in state, the mendocino complex. the complex is made up of the ranch and river fires. they're 59 and 93% contained respectively. today the fires have destroyed more than 100 homes and burned 525 square miles. yosemite will soon be fully open again. firefighters are getting a handle on the ferguson fire. it's now 86% contained. today the mariposa grove of giant sequoias opened to visitors. tomorrow yosemite valley will reopen. the fire is expected to be fully contained wednesday. firefighters aren't sure when the carr fire near red willing be fully contained. it's burned 200,000 acres. the u.s. interior secretary visited damage this weekend,
6:34 pm
making controversial comments about climate change. >> i've heard climate change. whether you're a proponent or an opponent, a believer, a nonbeliever of climate change, it doesn't relieve you of the responsibility to manage our public lands. >> the secretary went on the say environmental extremists are the cause of the fires because they keep brush and trees from being cleared. environmentalists say it's just an attempt to allow logging on public lands. governor brown has allocated $96 million in the next budget to thin vegetation, do controlled burns and improve watersheds. crews battling the holy fire in southern california are reporting excellent progress there. containment now stands at 52%, and that's up considerably from saturday. it was only 10% contained then. the fires burned close to 23,000 structures, or 23,000 acres and 12 structures. now in firefights like these, we often see planes and helicopters
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dropping water and the retardant you see behind me. and maybe you've wondered what exactly is in that pink powder. josh haskell from our sister station in los angeles has some answers. >> reporter: with the holy fire 52% contained and away from homes in lake elsinore, monday saw an all-out onslaught from power washers on homes turned pink. the culprit fire retardant drops like this one. a valuable firefighting tool. >> we do everything we can to avoid toorngs ground, whether it's fire equipment, homes and what not. but obviously the conditions are ever changing. you know, there is wind. that's a huge factor. >> fire retardant is used to slow down the movement of a fire and is nontoxic. it's composed of 85% water, 10% fertilizer and coloring which allows crews to locate where o o it's been dropped. >> what we recommend is wash it off as soon as possible. obviously the longer it sterket the tougher it will be. but when you've been evacuated
6:36 pm
for days the cleanup is post ponied. it's up to her to take care of the rest. she says all that matters is that her home is still standing. >> i'm so happy this is over. it's been since last monday. i was worrying to keep my house. >> the riverside county health department says as residents return to their homes and begin the cleanup, they should also be aware of the hazards of ash. >> if you have asthma, if you have bronchitis, it can certainly exacerbate those conditions and make them worse. if you don't have those conditions, you can still have things like shortness of breath, wheezing, irritation in your tlo throat, irritation to the eyes. so any of those types of things. >> josh. that was josh haskell reporting there. coming up, we're this the midst of midterm elections across the country. next, find out how much money bay area billionaire tom steyer is willing to invest in hopes of having democrats take the back house. if you're back to school shopping, a word of warning.
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some school supplies have toxic chemicals. i'm
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bay area philanthropist tom
6:40 pm
steyer just pledged $10 million to help impeach trump. the money will be used on ads, phone calls and a mailing campaign. >> what we're trying the do as hard as possible is to give people a series of things they can do, of increasing commitment so you can write note cards, and we'll send you prestamped, preaddressed notes that you can then send out to people in swing districts. his overall role will help to move towards the impeachment process. meanwhile, president trump is squaring off with his former apprentice contestant turned senior white house aide. om process roast is a manigault newman released two recordings, one of john kelly firing her from the trump administration. the other capturing the president saying he did not know she was fired. >> omarosa, what's going on? i just saw on the news that you're thinking about leaving. what happened? >> general kelly.
6:41 pm
general kelly came to me and said that you guys wanted me to leave. >> no. nobody even told me about it. >> well, the president tweeted, calling her wacky omarosa. she claims to have more recordings and the white house is threatening legal action if she releases them. prosecutors with robert mueller's team, they've rested their case against former trump campaign chairman paul manafort. this wraps up more than two weeks of testimony. these are sketches from the courtroom today. manafort is accused of hiding millions of dollars offshore and failing to pay taxes on that money. he pleaded not guilty. if convicted, see facing a possible life sentence. california schools dominate a new list of top colleges. why uc
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as summer winds down, thoughts turn to the upcoming school year. >> parents and kids pick out school supplies, a consumer group is warning watch out for what you buy. >> yeah, 7 on your side's michael finney shows us why. >> it's easy to get swept up in this back to school excitement. picking out colorful notebooks, cute characters, that sort of
6:45 pm
thing. however, some supplies may contain dangerous chemicals. the california public interest research group, you know them as calpirg tested dozens of products, and the results are in and may surprise you. it's that time of year. kids and parents hitting the stores for back to school supplies. and just in time, a sobering alert. >> unfortunately, just because a product is on store shelves doesn't mean it's safe for children. >> laura of calpirg came to our recent 7 on your side pop-up event in san jose. her group tested dozens of school supplies, and now she's showing us the results. >> unfortunately, we found several products did indeed include toxic ingredients. >> among the most surprising, calpirg said it found asbestos in playskool brand crayons. >> we're calling on playskool to recall their crayons, which were found to contain asbestos, and to notify parents. >> asbestos is linked to cancer.
6:46 pm
and while the consumer product safety commission recommended eliminating it from children's products, it is not band. >> today is actually legal to include asbestos in children's crayons, oven though breathing or ingesting asbestos can be highly toxic. >> tray play skool's parent company hasbro is investigating the claim as is the manufacturer, leap year publishing, which said all of our products are thoroughly tested by independent labs to meet or exceed all cpsc and federal standards for safety. we are currently reverifying that they are safe and free of my asbestos, as well as requests a review of calpirg's testing messages. another finding, calpirg said it found benzene, a known carcinogen in these dry erase markers made by the board dudes. its parent company is mattel, which said we take these reports seriously, and are conducting a thorough review into the claims.
6:47 pm
we want to reassure parents that we aggressively test all materials to ensure they're within compliance of the industry standard. now on a brighter note, the vast majority of supplies calpirg tested showed no signs of dangerous chemicals at all. calpirg has a shopping guide which lists which it tested. i posted the link on our website, just go to now i want to hear from you, the 7 on your side hotline is up monday through friday from 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. my telephone numb and you can reach me on my facebook page and through >> thank you, michael. >> sure. money magazine released its list of the best colleges in the u.s. today, and california's schools dominate. princeton took the top spot. four of the top seven are uc schools, san diego, irvine, los angeles, and berkeley. stanford ranks fifth overall.
6:48 pm
the magazine says the top schools, quote, deliver a superior education at an affordable price, enabling graduates to avoid heavy debt and succeed in the workplace. >> stanford people are not going to be happy than list. how about superiority in forecasting? spencer has that. >> oh, we've got that locked up. we have advancing low clouds and fog right now moving out over the bay. and it will push inland a little bit overnight with overnight lows mainly in the mid- to upper 50s. and then tomorrow we'll have mainly sunny skies by afternoon, although fog will linger at the coast. it will be breezy again. another cooler than average day tomorrow with highs in the coast in the upper 50s. some low to mid-70s around the bay and mid 80s in our inland areas for. week ahead, concord is our indicator. cooler than average through thursday, but temperatures will bounce up into the mid-90s in concord over the weekend. and that's a pattern that many inland areas will see at the end of this week. notice the accuweather seven-day forecast. mid-90s inland.
6:49 pm
up to 100 in the warmest hot spots on saturday. sunday, back into the mid-90s, and then we'll have cooler weather developing next monday. >> all right. thank you, spencer. >> i'm in for dan. mindi bach is handling sports. i know you have a lot of baseball. i want to see more about the throw. >> it's incredible there are big matchups tonight. we'll talk about that again and the catch as well. but the bay area baseball teams, we're talking bumgarner, kershaw, and the a's, red bulls, they don't need no stinking red bull. they've got the play-offs
6:50 pm
6:51 pm
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now sports from abc 7 news. >> the a's have rolled through the a.l. west since the start of july. they're 9-2 against astros, rangers and angels. the next test starts tonight against the marin. >> and sate big one. the a's leading the m's by 1 1/2 games for the second wild card as the teams open a three-game series at the coliseum. oakland did not farewell in their first two series against seattle, dropping both. and the mariners come to the coliseum on a roll of their own. they had a four-game road sweep in the division leading astros. >> the intensity has been that way for a while. but i think based on the fact that all three of these teams are fairly close at this point, and we're looking at what 40 games less than the season, it's a little bit more of a sprint than it's been. >> these guys don't need action in the clubhouse. it's a young group, and they're
6:53 pm
ready to play and they'res is a coming up. this is one of the series where we can break away. >> and after the mariner, the division leading astros come to town for a three-game series. all sorts of play-off implications with the a's are currently two and a half games out of first. and here it is, larry and spencer. two days since the draw dropping inning ending play. they are so insane. it's a first thing the rookie was asked about when the team returned to oakland. the 321 throw caught the attention of a few scouts on social media. liriano had no idea. >> a football? i can't throw a football. i'm from the dominican. i don't have that coordination. i'm not normal because don't have social media. i'm kind of mellow on that. no way. i'm not a big phone guy. hopefully one of these days i can get a flip phone. >> someone is going to get him a flip phone.
6:54 pm
how about bumgarner, kershaw? round 11 tonight at chavez ravine. no other active starters in the major leagues have gone head t . this is a premiere matchup. san francisco opens a three-game set, still clinging to their play-off hopes. kershaw as a 1.60 career era against the giants. bumgarner, he is 1.80 over his last eight starts against l.a. this is going to be a good one. l.a. trailed arizona and is knocking on the door for the second wild card. the giants are six games out in the division. first pitch 7:10 tonight. get your dinner ready. jon gruden said quarterback connor cook looked confident and in control in the raiders first preseason game against detroit. in practice the head coach did everything possible to make sure cook wasn't. gruden upped the intensity and admitted he was hard on cook and e.j. manuel, putting them in touch situations. gruden is not ready to anoint a permanent backup to starter derek carr and is keeping all of
6:55 pm
the quarterbacks on alert. today that included dialing up few crazy blitzes and throwing the quarterbacks into action when they weren't expecting it. >> you go out there in the game, and the game just felt like practice. you know, you rep the stuff so often, each and every day you try to make the practice hard so the games are easy. >> put them in some tough positions. you don't get a chance to read your clips and celebrate your press conferences for long in this business. hopefully he got his eyes open today, can learn from this film. but he obviously missed a couple of throws we expect him to hit. >> with matt breida and jerick mckinnon out with injuries, they pick up a running back. two-time pro bowler alfred morris will join the team in houston. morris must still pass a physical, but kyle shanahan expects the veteran to practice this week. shanahan was morris' offensive coordinator in washington and calls him a hard runner. shanahan says absolutely he could make the roster.
6:56 pm
>> i just told him i waited so long to invite him. i didn't want to invite him unless he had a chance to make a team. and i do believe he has the chance to make the team here. and that's all alpha wants. he wants a chance to compete. i think with some of the injuries he's had, now he does have chance to compete. so he is getting in late. but we'll see how he does over the next few weeks. and if he's running the same way he always has, he'll have a chance. >> that's going to be a good night of bay area baseball tonight, 7:05 first pitch for the a's and sean manaea on the hill tonight. >> doesn't he know you can't survive without a phone? >> flip phone. i love this guy. add him to the a's lore. >> awesome. join us at 9:00 on kofy. check your medicine cabinet. if you buy your nasal spray at cvs, the surprising reason the store is ordering it off shelve> 11:00, tensions over texturizing in the south bay. people are rallying right nowov
6:57 pm
mega campus may force them right out of their homes. coming up tonight on abc 7, at 8:00, it's bachelor in paradise followed by the proposal at 10:00 and abc 7 news at 11:00. >> that's it for this edition of abc 7 news. look for breaking news on the abc 7 news app. i'm dan ashley. >> i'm ama daetz. for all of us here, thanks for joining get to the ross shoe event and get the shoes you want...for way less. oh yeah. ross has the top brands at big savings. for the latest styles and trends... at prices that make them even cuter... ...get to the ross shoe event. yes for less.
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♪ this is the "jeopardy!" college championship! here are today's contestants -- a sophomore at the university of central florida, from sarasota, florida... a sophomore at rochester institute of technology, from buffalo, new york... and a sophomore at stanford university, from san jose, california... and now here is the host of "jeopardy!" -- alex trebek! [ cheers and applause ] thank you, johnny gilbert. thank you, ladies and gentlemen. hi, folks, and welcome to the first quarter-final game in this year's college championship. a lot of science majors in our tournament this year, perhaps inspired by lilly chin from m.i.t., who won this event last year.
7:00 pm
hannah, sheldon, and josie, good luck. here we go. let's do it. here are the categories for you in this first round... followed by... ah. each correct response, of course. josie, start us. landmarks, $200. sheldon. -what are niagara falls? -good. landmarks, $400. [ beep ] and that would be plymouth rock. sheldon. 9 for $600, please.


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