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tv   ABC7 News 500PM  ABC  August 14, 2018 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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could potentially take millions and millions of dollars from atms around the world. good evening, and thank you for joining us. i'm ama daetz. >> i'm larry beil. dan and kristen are off tonight. there are several steps you can take right now to protect your money. let's get to chris knew nguyen live in san jose with important advice. >> reporter: the fraud scheme is referred to as an atm cashout. if you haven't changed your password or pin code lately, experts say now would be a good time to do so. automated teller machines under attack across the world. the fbi is warning american financial institutions about the possibility of cybercriminals carrying out a scheme to access personal bank card information. >> once they are into the system they go to the administrative account and move any kind of limitation. whatever's in the bank at that time they can just cash that one. and that do it at a predetermined time all over the
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world. >> reporter: fraudulent copies of debit and credit cards are created by sending the stolen data to the master minds who transfer it onto a reusable card with a magnetic stripe. >> they have to do a lot of things on their side to upgrade firewalls and policies of dealing with these transactions. >> reporter: atm cashouts are more likely to happen at small to medium sized institutions around the world because they tend to have less security measures in place. but at technology credit union, officials are confident their systems are good to go. >> we have most of the fraud team, all hands on deck over the weekend. to be able to catch those unusual events quickly and promptly. >> reporter: the fbi declined to go into greater detail about the warning but said in a statement the fbi routinely advises private industry of various cyberthreat indicators observed during the course of our investigations. this data is provided to help systems administrators to guard
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against the actions of persistent sie persistent cybercriminals. it's important to monitor online statements and to also use a two-step verification process whenever possible. if you're using an atm, be sure to be on the lookout for any skimming devices. we're live in san jose tond, i'm chris nguyen, abc 7 news. breaking news out of emeryville, police investigating a suspicious package near the amtrak station. officers have cordoned off a section of shellmound street between 64th and 65th. if you're in that area, and you heard a loud boom, that was part of the bomb squad's investigation. amtrak corridor trains heading into emeryville are being held in berkeley right now. rides will being offered between oakland and richmond. we'll keep you updated right here. an oakland police officer remains in critical condition after crashing near the port of oakland yesterday.
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he was identified as officer jordan wingate. while responding to a call of a suspicious person yesterday wingate collided with another car and then careened into a semitruck. he was trapped inside and had to be extricated by firefighters. no one else was hurt. yosemite valley is back open for visitors and campers. the valley was reopened at 9:00 this morning ending a 20-day closure because of the smoke and danger caused by the nearby ferguson fire. yosemite valley includes most of the park's major attractions. it's devastated surrounding communities, according to the l.a. times, estimated $50 million in tourism dollars has been lost. a utah firefighter is being remembered as a true hero, battalion chief matthew burchett died yesterday. the 42-year-old was from draper, utah, leaving behind a wife and
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7-year-old son. meanwhile, a break in the weather is helping crews. the fire is made up of two separate fires, the river fire 100% contained after burning nearly 40,000 acres. the ranch fire has burned 305,000 acres and is 68% contained. here's a map of all the areas in lake county that have burned since 2012. more than 50% of the county's land has been scorched by wildfires in the past six years. >> because of the high fire danger east bay parks have temporarily banned open flames. warning signs are posted, and they say no smokes, no wood or charcoal barbecues and no campfires. gasoline powered generators are also banned. visitors are allowed to use gas or propane fueled stoves. a community once the most dangerous in america. >> tonight east palo alto is set
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to pass $1 million in median home value. the real estate website zillow expects morgan hill, alameda, newark and daly city to eclipse the milestone in the next year. >> 200 communities across the country have an average home price of a more than a million. amazingly one-third of those are in the bay area. the milestone for east palo alto isn't necessarily cause for celebration, more than 40% of the children in the ravenswood city school district are considered homeless. >> abc 7 news reporter vic lee joining us in east palo alto with the story. vic? >> reporter: larry, that is indeed a sad and shocking statistic. but you have to remember that east palo alto has always been a working class community. in fact, most of the residents here hold down two jobs. so basically the socioeconomic condition in this community never caught up with the rising home prices. >> you have million dollar homes here in east palo alto,
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unbelievable. >> reporter: reggie page was born and raised in east palo alto. epa has natives call it, once murder capital of the united states. tiny east palo alto, 2 1/2 square miles, back then poverty and crime. 42 murders in 1992 alone. this in a town with only 25,000 people. >> it was a war zone. it was a war zone. >> reporter: it also reaped the benefits of booming silicon valley, close to google and facebook. amazon opened a branch here. ikea and other big retailers set up shop. jim rogers is in real estate. >> east palo alto is well located on theion, location, location. >> reporter: now, the median price of a home here close to $1 million. >> some people are trying to take advantage of it. >> reporter: including charles' mother, selling her home after living here more than 50 years. he says many longtime homeowners are also leaving.
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>> they're fortunate to have the property to be able to do this. so maybe their last years will be, you know, nice. >> reporter: rental prices have also skyrocketed here. families who rent are being driven out. 44% of the students in the ravenswood school district here are considered homeless. school superintendent gloria hernandez goff. >> families that are split up with children in a friend's house, and another child in another friend's house, and the parents sleeping in the cars. >> reporter: well, at one time a lot of people just couldn't wait to get out of east palo alto. ironically now a lot of people just can't wait to get in here. vic lee, abc 7 news. thank you, vic. as the bay area struggles with a housing crisis, san jose plans to build affordable units on this lot for low-income seniors. santa clara county supervisors approved a measure today to
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spend $13.5 million to buy and san josea 64-unit building in the county will take public comment on the development on september 11th. new condo development will bring the closure of a san francisco staple for live alternative music. abc 7 news was on polk street st where the hemlock tavern will close. the bar manager says hemlock's small stage hosted many bands before they became established. >> the list is pretty extensive of people that have played here and are now headlining at big festivals. it's important for the community, i believe, because over 15,000 bands have played through here. >> the condo developers tell the chronicle they'll reopen hemlock in the new space. another closure to tell you about, this one is a foreclosure, currently the nation's most expensive
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foreclosure, this grand, french-inspired estate sits on 40 acres and belongs to creditors listing it for $5.5 million. the mansion sits on one of the most expensive roads in the area, a gorgeous looking house, it has a 180 degree view of napa valley. our website,, has a variety of resources on the bay area housing market, including information on the most expensive home for sale in the bay area right now. it is going for $97 million. >> wow. in berkeley tonight, controversy over trees being planted this those traffic circles. the city is considering chopping some of them down, but not everybody is happy. abc 7 news reporter leslie brinkley live in berkeley with both sides of this debate. >> reporter: yeah, this intersection, as you can see, has a large tree in the middle of it in the traffic circle. it was around three years ago that a driver claims that tree
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obstructed their vision, a woman was struck, and seriously injured in a crosswalk here. she sued the city. now the city is going to analyze all 60 traffic circles and the vegetation growing in them. driving through many berkeley neighborhoods is an odyssey of sorts. every block or two, cars have to navigate around traffic circles in the intersections, some with two-way stops, some with four-way stops. it can get confusing. among the 60 traffic circles here, half have trees, palm trees, oak trees and red woods as you can see. some have full on gardens lavished with attention by volunteer neighborhood care taikers. >> i love the trees and plants. we have people in every corner who take care of it and water it. >> other traffic circles look abandoned with weeds and what the city thinks could potentially be trees that block line of sight. so berkeley's public works department is stepping in to
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evaluate safety block by block. >> will trees get taken down? >> we'll evaluate each one on a case by case basis. there may be some trees that do need to go. >> reporter: i saw a bicyclist almost get nailed. she had the full right-of-way. they have to monitor the vegetation and the sight lines absolutely. that's a step in the right direction. >> reporter: the city has yet to decide if they will take over maintenance of the traffic circles o, if they'll let neighbors continue to care for them. >> it's hard to believe they will do a better job than what you see right here. >> reporter: there are no specific plans. it's going to take collaboration and many months to work out all the details, starting this fall. in berkeley, i'm leslie brinkley, abc 7 news. >> lesley, thank you. a celebration marked the completion of this street improvement project in san francisco. abc 7 news was there for the masonic avenue streetscape ribbon cutting ceremony.
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the improvements include new bike paths, wider sidewalks and new lighting. a push to restore school funding and get rid of tax breaks for billionaires and big companies. the coalition schools and communities first just announced it submitted 850,000 signatures to put a school funding act on the november 2020 ballot. commercial and industrial property would be reassessed and taxed at their full value. this event was held in berkeley. the group held four other events at the same time in l.a., fresno, san diego and san bernardino. >> we're part of a growing movement that in 2020 is going to bring back $10 million every year to schools and communities without increasing taxes on homeowners, renters and small businesses. >> they say this will be the first initiative to qualify for the ballot in 40 years since prop 13 passed. a new chance to live and thrive. >> scared, don't be scared, it's
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okay. >> what a south bay animal shelter is doing tonight to get feril cats off the street. >> do you paypal? is it safe? "7 on your side's" michael finney has what you can do to protect your information. and this landmark ampex sign is being dismantled tonight. how you can get your hands on one of the letters. i'm meteorologist sandhya patel, it was cool by august standards again, but a rebound is coming. i'll show you the temperature trend coming up. plus, millions and millions of tons of magma discovered underneath a california super
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the lives of shelter cats that aren't good candidates for
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adoption. they're gently coaxed to trust humans and to become loving house or yard pets. abc 7 news reporter david louie shows us it takes skill and patience. >> she focuses her attention in a garden a few feet away. it's a community cat garden, a fenced in area which cats call home. these cats moved in last night. sisters in the same litter, and very shy as you can see. >> don't be scared. don't be scared. it's okay. you're a good girl. i know. >> lori will spend the next week or so speaking softly to them to build their trust. she's a cat whisperer. two other cats are hiding in the garden, one seeking safety and solitude in a box. we couldn't find the other one, but it's here somewhere. >> you have to have patience and you can get them to come out and eventually you can pet them and sit in the chair and pet them. we had a few that we coaxed into
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our vp of hr's office and the cat got so comfortable he would sit in her chair. >> it's a process that could take a month. this unique program has led to 260 adoptions. >> it's a death sentence for a cat because there aren't alternatives in some cases for those animals. we wanted to come up with an alternative so those animals were given a second chance they deserve. >> the community cat garden that be so successful the humane society of silicon valley has gotten additional funding to expand it with a current capacity of about 12 to 24. these are the success stories. those that warm up to humans become great house cats. others will be fine outdoors, but will allow adoptive families to care for them and supplement their diet. now back to an update on breaking news out of emeryville. amtrak service has resumed.
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a bomb squad was looking at a suspicious package. a loud boom half an hour ago was related to the investigation. now things are returning to normal. a piece of silicon valley history has come down. sky 7 was above the ampex sign along highway 101 in redwood city today. the iconic white letters are not there anymore. crews took them down last week and the rest of the sign coming down this week. ampex was an award-winning company that pioneered videotape recording. millennials are going what is this videotape you speak of? unfortunately they filed for bankruptcy this week. stanford would like to sell the letters to a historical society. how safe payments are. >> how can you protect yourself from being hacked. michael finney joins us. >> people our age don't use it as much. everybody who's 20 does.
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they're paying each other without cash changing hands, all done through peer to peer payment services. we've reported on those before. but here's the question, are they secure? do they protect your privacy? consumer reports put these p to p services to the test to see if they can be trusted to transfer your money and keep your data safe. it's a convenience that's growing in popularity for millennials to baby boomers, an estimated 79 million americans will use a mobile peer to peer payment service this year. >> it's really easy splitting a check at the table. >> sometimes you have to pay people back, sometimes you have to pay parents or siblings. >> throw in messages, emojis, and -- >> it's also sort of fun. >> but with consumers worried about data breaches and hacks, can p2p services be trus >> we didn't find any of the
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services were so bad that you shouldn't use them. >> although there are differences consumers should know about. apple pay for instance was the only one to score top marks for data privacy. >> they try to take the least amount of data and keep the least amount of data to keep your privacy protected. >> reporter: however, it's only available to both the sender and receiver using an apple smart phone, watch or tablet. and a newer version of that. that's one thing to note with peer to peer payment services in general, you have to use the same service to exchange funds. >> i have to have zel, you have to have it. i have to have venmo, and you have to have it. >> reporter: depending which service you use, the accounts are linked to your bank account, credit or debit card, prepaid card. if you sign up, consumer reports recommends you opt for the highest app privacy and security
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settings possible, adding a pin or fingerprint authentication. also, as fun as a fee may set it up to keep transactions private. >> you should really only pay people that you know. >> reporter: and one more thing i want you to think about. you want to keep your app up to date. hackers are always trying to find new vulnerabilities, so make sure you use the most recent version available. when they find a problem, they fix it. >> thank you, michael. >> announcer: now your accuweather forecast with sandhya patel. hi there, everyone, you probably noticed it doesn't quite feel like summer. temperatures were lower than where they should be for this time of year. getting a break from the heat. as you look at live doppler 7 you will notice it is still pretty socked in across parts of the north bay and east bay. of course, the coast is pretty much overcast right now.
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in the sierra thunderstorms are developing. the thunderstorms have been dropping rain, becoming more isolated in nature tonight, and again tomorrow afternoon. gusts to 31 at fairfield. 25 in san francisco. that onshore breeze keeping us on the cooler side of normal. from our south beach camera, we are seeing sunshine in this part of the city, 63 san francisco, oakland you're 65 from the 70s in san jose to morgan hill. another live picture from our kgo roof camera, that breeze playing a role in lower than normal temperatures. everybody's in the 70s from santa rosa to concord. we managed to get up into the 80s and our warmest inland valleys, but that's about it. take a look at the planner as we head into tomorrow. it's going to start out overcast and drizzly again. we will see inland and bayside tomorrow, afternoon average with upper 50s to mid-80s. live picture right now, seeing a mix of low clouds and higher clouds there as we take a look
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at our view from the golden gate bridge camera still socked gray and drizzly overnight. hour by hour we go, you'll notice the low clouds definitely fill into the valleys again. tomorrow morning, around commute time it's going to be gray and definitely low visibility will mean watch out during the commute. temperatures in the afternoon you will notice will be impacted by this as well. first thing in the morning in the 50s, drizzly spots, so watch out for that as well with the damp spots. download the accuweather app and check out temperatures anytime you want. nice looking day tomorrow afternoon. 50s, 60s. it will be breezy, again, for your wednesday afternoon. here's a look at the accuweather seven-day forecast, cool to mild tomorrow afternoon, warming trend for thursday, bring back the 90s, seeing those temperatures in the mid-90s by friday. and saturday, it really does heat up. numbers will be in the triple digits inland, 60s coastside. our summer microclimates playing
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out nicely. that pattern holds through early next week, but it will be a little bit cooler than what we're going to see over the weekend. larry and ama?
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scientists discovered a lag of magma under a dormant super volcano. it hasn't erupted in about 100,000 years. a new study found the reservoir below the crater holds 240 cubic miles of magma, nearly seven times the volume of lake tahoe. a quarter of the magma is liquid. now, if half becomes liquid, it could cause a large scale eruption, like the one 750,000 years ago. it spewed lava 30 miles in every direction. the oakland a's are the hottest team in baseball, and they're working on becoming the
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hottest ticket in town. they took the stands today during the -- they only drew 10,000 last night and they're playing a crucial series against the mariners with playoff implications. the players are making a direct plea to the fans to come along for the ride. >> i want to use this time to encourage people in oakland to come out, man. all the fans and support we could get, we really appreciate it. i wish we could get more people out here, man. we're fun to watch. we want our fans to support us. it would be great. >> we play better when it's packed. we saw that for the free game opening day. when it's packed, we play t our best baseball. >> this is the result of trading your players away year after year. free parking tuesday, kids under 12 get in free with an adult with
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coming up at 6:00, more of our exclusive interview with
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derick almena, and his frustration with the case, and what some victims' families think of the judge's rejection of the plea deal. what's been spent on fighting this year's wildfires. the figure is staggering. the government is telling residents not to worry, coming up at 6:00. before we go, a slew of bay area restaurants receive national acclaim. tonight there's one more to add to the list, but it has nothing to do with what's cooking in the kitchen. >> this honor is all about the bathrooms. san francisco's the progress is among ten restaurants across the nation in the running for america's best restroom. >> so if the progress wins it would become the first california restaurant to receive the honor since the contest began 16 years ago. you can vote online at >> california restrooms need to step up. >> it's time. "world news tonight" is next. i'm ama daetz. >> i'm larry beil in more dan
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ashley. for sandhya and michael, thanks for the time. next newscast is in 30 minutes tonight, several developing stories as we come on the air. president trump firing back at omarosa, first calling her a dog, then taking legal action, after bringing her from "the apprentice" to the white house. tonight, the new audio now released. campaign aides for donald trump can be heard talking about whether he used the n-word, and what the white house is now saying tonight when asked, can you guarantee the american people they'll never hear donald trump using that word on a recording? also at this hour, the storms moving through the east. a human chain to save a stranded grandmother.n the line of storms moving through philly up through new york tonight. the stunning report involving the catholic church and child sex abuse. more than 300 members of the clergy here in the u.s. described as predator priests.


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