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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  August 19, 2018 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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live where you live. this is abc 7 news. >> good morning, everyone. i'm carolyn tyler. thanks for joining us on sunday, august 19th. let's start with a quick look at the weather with our meteorologist drew tuma who is in this morning for lisa argen. >> good morning. and we have issues with fog on this early sunday morning. it is dense along the coast and in the north bay. live doppler 7 is showing you the visibility is down to less than two miles in petaluma. and half moon bay at this hour. it's a foggy life from our exploratorium camera. so the 12 hour day planner, early on areas of dense fog. and you will notice once again as we head into the afternoon with increasing sunshine there will be some haze in our atmosphere. slightly cooler today than yesterday.
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but still a spare the air day is in effect today. the worst in the santa clara valley thanks to smoke from the wildfires once again, if you have respiratory issues take it easy outside today. we'll look at the afternoon highs coming up in the forecast in a few minutes. >> thank you, drew. three men are recovering this morning after they were shot apparently in a drive by shooting. it happened in a berkeley park packed with children. police say one victim's in critical condition. a second is stable. the third suffered a minor injury. c 7 news reporter katie yuta spoke with witnesses. >> reporter: celebrations in the park all terrorized by a shooting at berkeley san pablo park. >> they heard a lot of shots, everybody was frantic and running for their lives. >> one victim in the stomach, back. let me check on the other. >> reporter: witnesses say three men were shot in an apparent
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drive by. two men hit in the stomach. one with a graze wound to his hand. >> the fact this would happen in broad daylight, pretty disconcerting. >> reporter: police evidence marker fill russell street. pastor raymond langford's family was celebrating a birthday when the shooting happened around 5:30. >> there were a lot of children out here. my sister-in-law gave a birthday party for her grandson so we had a lot of our grandchildren over here and there were other events as well. >> reporter: witnesses tell us the gunshots came from the street, strike two men in this area of the park. it interrupted what was a 40 year anniversary of friendship party. people ran, leaving behind their party barbecue. berkeley police collected evidence for several hours but released few details. the crime shook people in the park. >> i love you guys. >> reporter: neighbors say a shooting in the same area occurred back in may. one victim is in critical condition and the other is
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stable. in berkeley, katie yutis, abc 7 news. smoke is one of the reasons we have a spare the air alert again today. the fire, the river fire, was fully contained last week. there's the entire that caused evacuations and the largest in history has charred 334,000 acres. cal fire expects to have full containment by september 1st. further to the north in the redding area, cal fire is making progress on the destructive car fire. it's now 81% contained. the flames have scorched over 227,000 acres or about 350 square miles. that fire has been burning for nearly a month. it's destroyed more than 1,000 homes. the eastern edge is burning toward lake shasta. people driving to shasta dam can see all the flames and the
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smoke. and an inmate firefighter is recovering after he needed to be rescued near lake shasta. you are looking at video provided by the highway patrol. it shows one being lowered to hoist the injured man from the ground. that inmate was suffering from heat related symptoms. officials say it would have taken at least an hour to evacuate him by ground. california lawmakers will not take up a proposal to protect electrical utilities from financial liability from wildfires. there's not enough time in this legislative session to settle the issue. current state law holds utilities responsible for damage from fires ignited by their equipment. even if they have followed safety rules. those who want to change the law like governor brown fear utilities can go bankrupt or significantly raise prices for customers. now to the immigration argue
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in southern california that has some people outraged. a man was taken into custody by i.c.e. at a gas station as he was driving his pregnant wife to the hospital to deliver their baby. that father missed the birth of his son. here's abc news reporter linda lopez with questions being raised over the man's legal status. >> reporter: maria delcarmen even agas is sobbing in the gas station. she and her husband were in southern california on their way to the hospital for a c section when these suv's surrounded their vehicle. i.c.e. agents put joel arrona-lara in handcuffs. when i asked why are you taking us, someone had reported us. then venegas drove herself to the hospital. >> they knew she was pregnant,
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this could have been handled differently. >> reporter: she says her husband has no criminal history and i.c.e. may have again looking for else. i.c.e. says that he was in the united states illegally and they're focused on individuals who pose a threat to security, public safety and border security. however, i.c.e. will no longer exempt classes or categories of removable aliens from potential enforcement. the attorney is trying to get the client released on bond but i.c.e. has released a new statement and said there's an outstanding warrant for mr. arrona-lara in mexico on homicide charges. lawsuits by california and several other states over proposed citizenship question on the upcoming 2020 census will be allowed to move forward. on friday a federal judge refused motions from the government to dismiss those suits. california is one of nearly two
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dozen states suing over a question asking whether people are u.s. citizens. the census used to determine how much federal funding a state receives as well as its representation in congress. a dramatic video shows a sacramento police suv hitting a 16-year-old boy on a sidewalk during a chase. it started when officers stopped the teenager for not having a forward facing light on his bike. the boy then took off and officers gave chase. the whole thing documented through footage from the car and a body camera. as you can see the teenager appearing to try to jump out of the way at the last second. but gets hit. sacramento police are calling it an unintended collision. the suspect is later seen being handcuffed. the incident last month has sparked a community outcry. more animals in contra costa county have tested positive for the west nile virus.
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the first cases have been reported in antioch where a dead bird tested positive. and in concord, it was confirmed in birds or in mosquito in martinez, oakley and discovery bay. vector control said it's entering the peak west nile virus season and people should protect themselves from mosquito bites. this morning, klay thompson's annual golf tournament begins in san francisco. last night, he and his dog rocco walked the red carpet at the hotel for the kickoff party. abc 7 news caught up with him and his dad to talk about predictions for today's tournament and why this inaugural event means so much. >> i know stats on the golf right now, he'll be hot and ready. but yeah, i have to put my money on myself. i tack staake -- stacked like the warriors. >> we are all the same, no
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matter what we do in our lives. just because you play pro sports doesn't make you better than anyone else and when you're put in a position to help other people you have a responsibility to do that. >> yeah. the thompson family foundation raises money for kids of all backgrounds to achieve their goals through fitness and education. the tournament kicks off at harding park at 10:00 this morning. do you think the fog will play a role there? >> i think it will be foggy early on but sunshine will break out. they have both of that weather out there. but we'll talk some spare the air issues outside right now. the exploratorium camera shows you that. what's in a number? love apparently. why yesterday saw lots of couples in the bay area tying the knot. and a piece of san francisco's past now making its home in the east bay. it's about to close for good. how long you have be
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many cultures believe there's a lot of luck behind the number eight. as yesterday was 8-18-18 so a lot of couples considered it to be the luckiest day to get married. amanda del castillo has the story from redwood city. >> reporter: 8-18-18 is both sequential and special for several reasons. it brings us the most popular wedding day of the year. so popular, the san mateo clerk's office opened on the weekend. >> originally we opened from 9:00 to 4:00 and the response was so overwhelming that we extended it another couple of hours for first come, first served and all the slots are
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full. >> reporter: it marries about four couples a day, but by the time that doors closed at 6:00, they married 20. these that newlyweds got engaged in december. they nabbed an early spot for their nuptials. >> i now pronounce you husband and wife. >> reporter: some say it's the easy to remember palindrome and the others say it's the luck of the double 18s. many recognize the number eight looks like an infinity sign. >> the eights provide happiness, prosperity and health to those couples who get married on such a day. >> reporter: they said there wasn't an outside motivation. instead they wanted to be married. >> no. >> happy coincidence. >> yeah. >> reporter: they were just one of the estimated 30,000 couples who registered to wed on what is believed to be the luckiest day of the year. >> 8-18-18. >> yeah. >> 8-18-18. >> reporter: in redwood city, i'm amanda del castillo, abc 7
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news. when it comes to getting married, california is the ninth most expensive place to tie the knot according to 24/7 wall street. a typical wedding in this state costs nearly $33,000. at the top of the list, hawaii. typical wedding there costs $39,000. some of the factors of course the dress and, yes, the ring. well, the time is running out to enjoy a place that rekindles childhood memories for many bay area residents. abc 7 news was inside play land not at the beach in el cerrito. that's where you'll find something that's part penny arcade, part museum, part tribute to amusement parks that no longer exist. some of the items inside play land not at the beach come from san francisco's famed play land. that park closed back in 1972. play land not at the beach means something different to each of the visitors. >> memories of the bygone era.
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the old plane landing at the beach or other amusement parks that exist. it's the current trend which means a lot of things are getting torn down for history. part of our history is in part of the conversion. >> play land not at the beach has lost the lease but you can visit it from now through labor day. a street has been renamed to honor the first african-american to run for mayor and he was so much more. abc 7 was on third street in the bay view district in front of sam jordan's, a bar that received historic landmark status a few years ago. sam jordan did not just own the bar. he was a long shoreman, a golden gloves boxing champ and an entrepreneur. the side street to the bar is the one the city has now renamed sam jordan's way. a grand opening celebration was held in half moon bay for the community's new library.
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the two story, 22,000 square foot library features everything you'd expect of books, children's section. desktop and laptop computers but it also boasts the first makers room in the county. that's a space where the public can use 3d printers, a high performance laser cutter, video cameras and other tools. a special guest made an appearance to dedicate the building. >> this represents the soul of half moon bay, a feeling of half moon bay and the beautiful coast side that's half moon bay. >> congresswoman jackie spear presented a flag flown over the u.s. capitol. it will now fly over the library. the commuters celebrated the trains running between santa rosa and san rafael. abc 7 was at the train station and smart fest was celebrating
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the milestone. smart provides an alternative to sitting in traffic along highway 101. >> hearing from people, we have improved the quality of life for those who have an option to take the train. they're now having more time to spend with their family. they get home early. you know, it's safe, reliable and predictable service. >> smart is offering free rides again today to celebrate. smart has carried more than 600,000 passengers so far. now, your accuweather forecast with drew tuma. >> 5:17 on a sunday morning. live doppler 7 is showing you the marine layer with us, it is dense in some spots that fog. so we flip it on over to visibility mode. live doppler 7 showing you the issues we have in the north bay and along the coast. half moon bay, visibility down to one mile.
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also seeing some drizzle along the coastline. where you see the number nine or ten that's as good as it gets with visibility. but the north bay we see widespread fog over to petaluma over to napa. so the fog is with us this morning, a live look outside from a rooftop camera at kgo. you notice the flags are not waving all that much. the wind not that active the morning. it will be pretty calm, it won't be too breezy out there. right now, temperaturewise we're in the 50s across the board from the coast to the bay and inland. so it's a cool start with that cloud cover overhead. let's time it out for you. we'll go hour by hour. 7:00, we have that fog in the north bay, along the coast and over san francisco. some patchy fog stretching into the east bay shoreline. by 10:00, we have issues of cloud cover over san francisco and along the coast but away from the coast we have that sunshine warming us up. then into the afternoon, it will be a sunny day for many of us.
5:19 am
even along the coastline we should get peeks and pokes of sun out there. so a couple of degrees cooler than yesterday but warm in the south bay. 84 for the high. and we'll have haze in our atmosphere. poor air quality in parts of the bay area because of smoke in the atmosphere. 80 redwoo city. cooler and a little bit of clouds in half moon bay. 65, 67 in pacifica. downtown, not as warm today as we were yesterday. 66 downtown. 63 for daley city. and 85, sonoma. and san rafael, hazy skies again. into the east bay, 70s and 80s. 73 for oakland. and inland we're still in the 90s, but not as warm as yesterday. 93 for concord. 93 for livermore. and if you're traveling today, notice that it's still warm in the central valley. and we have the as taking on the
5:20 am
astros at the coliseum. it won't be as warm at the ballpark so 68 degrees for the first pitch temperature with partly cloudy skies. by 4:00, temperature reaching 73 degrees. overnight we have the fog returning to the coast and spilling into the bay. likely coastal drizzle as we get you into the monday. so the accuweather seven day forecast, all about that spare the air day, with the poor air equality. it might not be worse than yesterday. as we get you into monday refreshing cooler air will move in here to start off the week. that's going to feel nice especially inland. the good news, does not look to get hot, stays in the 80s. our warmest day is probably thursday. hitting 90s. >> i was out and out in san francisco yesterday, all over the place. i had on a jacket and it was -- >> it's nice. >> it was too hot. >> yeah. >> i needed to take it off. >> there you go. >> thanks, drew.
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saving people money on car insurance. many homeowners are spending hundreds of dollars to ensure their homes are safe from burglars. 7 on your side michael finley looks at the latest in home security systems. >> downstairs door is open.
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>> reporter: these two demonstrate, it alerts the home alert with an audio or text alert when a door or window is open. it also can detect motion and even water leaks. the cameras can also be set to record anything that moves. >> you can set it up to what we call privacy mode in the camera, not record when you or one of your family members is home. >> reporter: one unique feature is the 911 feature. you can use a mobile app to call 911 from anywhere to be connected with your local 911 dispatcher. >> so no matter where you are, you can be traveling overseas, you can be at the office, you can trigger that 911 call. the emergency responders, the operator sees the call coming from your home. >> reporter: uma is one of the newer entries. at this best buy in san jose, a smart home specialist has seen the home security department down in size in three years. >> a lot of people come in and
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ask for secured systems because they want to do everything themselves and they want to make sure that their home is secure. >> reporter: the two most popular brands at best buy are ring and nest. both have many features in common like facial recognition and ooma also has it. both the ring and nest have infrared night vision cameras. ring has a flood light camera for better lighting. >> if you want to be able to see in color and if you want to be able to see a better description of a person or whoever is outside it's better to have lights. >> reporter: ring and nest are known for the doorbell camera. you'll be able to speak to the person at the door even if you're away. a home depot rep explains. >> they won't know if you're home or not. because you could speak to it even when you're not home.
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>> reporter: the schlage lock requires you to lock your door remotely. >> you're like, did i lock any door and you can check your app. >> reporter: to upgrade you can pay a security system and pay someone to monitor your home. a chirping sound got the attention of a woman yesterday morning and what she discovered was no bird. [ chirping ] >> well, take a look. it was a bob kitten. jennifer brand barbie found a young bobcat in a tree near her driveway. her neighbors found one in her backyard the week before. the bob kitten is now with wild care in san rafael. an exhibit in beverly hills is honoring the life and legacy of marilyn monroe. one of the unique items on display shows monroe with the man who gave her her stage name and in a letter thanking him. one of the most iconic monroe
5:27 am
items is also there. it is of course that famous white dress from "the seven year itch" where she stands over the subway grate. that display runs through the end of september and an auction will follow in late october. still to come here on abc 7, kofi annan who made history as secretary-general of the united nations has passed away. the legacy he leaves behind and how he's being remembered right here in the bay area. and a new twist to the
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good morning south bay. let's get up and get going. >> this is "abc 7 mornings." >> we're starting with a look at the weather with our meteorologist drew tuma in for lisa. >> yeah, good morning. we're tracking fog once again. it is creating issues especially
5:30 am
in the north bay right now. live doppler 7 will show you the fog between santa rosa, one to two miles of visibility. a similar story as you hit half moon bay. elsewhere, visibility is better but the picture outside right now here at kgo along the embarcadero, you can see it's obscuring the bay bridge this morning. by 8:00 we're dealing with much cloud cover in san francisco and the coastline. as we advance to midday that fog pretty much pulling back to the coast. it will warm up pretty rapidly with temperatures already near 80 degrees by lunch time. but we have issues with air quality once again. so we have a spare the air day in effect for a second day in the row. we see that poor air quality, moderate elsewhere. so you'll notice some haze in the atmosphere. you want to limit your time outside. really the next 24 hours. we'll take a closer look at how
5:31 am
warm we get across the region in a few minutes. >> drew, thank you. kofi annan who led the united nations passed away yesterday at the age of 80. flags were lowered to in his honor. he held the position of secretary-general from 1997 to 2006. he won the nobel peace prize for his work with the organization. annan died in switzerland from an unspecified illness. his influence helped the local nonprofit in its humanitarian campaign against land mines. abc 7 news reporter cornell bernard has the story. >> there are no limits to what you can achieve. >> reporter: kofi annan was one of the world's most celebrated diplomats. in 2001, he was awarded the nobel peace prize for his work in revamping the u.n. organization. >> because of his belief in my dream it gave me the confidence to take that footstep after
5:32 am
footstep. >> reporter: heidi kuhn said it was his support safely removing the land mines replacing the earth with thriving vineyards and orchards. >> i'm sitting they're in -- here in the armored vehicle who has body armor on. >> reporter: and the humanitarian work was profiled supported by the u.n. >> so today i thank you, kofi annan. and the millions and millions of farmers who are benefiting by turning mines to vines. he's a very special man. >> reporter: the pin that she wears was a gift from kofi annan. >> he presented it and said thank you for listening to the earth. >> the world is changing and changing very fast. >> reporter: just has may, he made one of the last public appearances in the bay area as a guest speaker at stanford. > you know, i look at it positively and believe that god
5:33 am
has one more angel in heaven. >> reporter: tributes are pouring in to kofi annan. there was a tweet, he was a guiding force for good. i join the world in mourning his loss. cornell bernard, abc 7 news. we're learning that the top attorney for the white house has cooperated extensively with the special prosecutor who's looking to see if president trump obstructed justice. abc news has confirmed don mcgahn has met with special counsel mueller's team three times and he's faced more hours of questioning more than any other staff member. "the new york times" reports his cooperation stems from the president's first team of criminal >>twg accue by present trumth the socl media g heir policalrv whcnn, he said that twitter's decisions
5:34 am
are not driven by political ideologies. he says that twitter provides a forum for people to express their opinions within the rules it has established. >> are we doing something according to political ideology or viewpoints and we are not. period. we do not look at content with regards to political view point or ideology. we look at behavior. >> dorsey also emphasized social media and tech companies need to be transparent and they should explain their decisions and he says articulate their goals. coming up on this week, co-anchor martha raddatz has an exclusive one-on-one with john bolton. you can watch the full interview on "this week with george stephanopoulos" at 8:00 right here on abc 7. in italy, a romanian truck driver one of the genoa has die. the 36-year-old's death brings
5:35 am
the total number of dead to 43. the bridge collapsed sending dozens of cars and trucks into the dry river bed 150 feet below. that chance has led to a fierce debate in italy about the nation's infrastructure. abc 7 news was in richmond yesterday for a unique gun buy back. richmond police unloaded weapons from the trunks of people's cars and in exchange gave out gift cards. what made the event unique is that a foundation will take the melted down guns and turn them into art. >> we're going to -- along with the richmond police department look for ex offenders who were convicted of gun related crimes and who have some experience with welding and have them transform the guns into art.irr own transformation. >> police were pretty pleased with the response to the buy-back. some even turned in a bazooka. still ahead here on "abc 7
5:36 am
rngs new h forhe suiv of mountain lions in sonoma county. the challenges faced by those 2 week old cubs you see there and how this rare footage is helping scientists teach bay area residents how to live safely with lions in their midst. and here is a live look from our golden gate bridge camera. you see all that dense fog this morning. anyone out there driving right now is visibility challenged. we have slightly cooler weather today and a spare the air alert. drew tuma's got it all in just a few. why shop marshalls? (engine revving) because shopping should thrill you. (horn honking) with big brands at small prices.
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happening today, the 26th annual festival of india continues in downtown fremont. today's big event is the grand parade. cars and colorful floats will fill the streets. 150,000 people expected to attend. the parade starts at 11:00 this morning with bollywood and hollywood celebrities on the parkway. it runs from 10:00 to 7:00 with food, rides, games and of course dance performances. yeah. in fremont it should be nice. >> it will be a little warm this afternoon, but right now we're visibility challenged. fog, dense in spots right now. so outside we go, a live look from our rooftopa. we'll show you when the sun prevails in the accuweather weather forecast. and jimmy jimmy garoppolo played two series and looked sharp leading the 49ers offense
5:40 am
against the texans. mindy bock has the highlights of the second preseason game.
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well, this amazing video that you see of the mountain lion mother and her cubs inside the den is giving new hope for the species' survival in sonoma county. the video was taken by researchers trying to teach bay area residents how to live safely with lions in their midst. abc 7 is first to share the rare images with the public. eric thomas has more. >> reporter: these mountain lion kittens are 11 days old. snuggled in a cave in the glen allen kenwood the moat is wearing a gps collar to track her movements. she has been followed for two inside her w for the first time den. quinton martins is an expert lion tracker.
5:43 am
he waited until the gps showed the mother was off hunting and then went looking for the lion cave. >> crawling through trees and roots and finally i found this cave with the two little kittens in it. >> reporter: quinton runs living with lions for audubon canyon ranch. so far, they have put cameras on nine mountain lions. the project had a major setback last fall when the fire burned their office and thousands of dollars of high-tech equipment. >> everything was destroyed. >> reporter: private donations got them back in action and all the research lions survived the fire. but the animals still face serious threats often from people trying to protect livestock. if a mountain lion kills livestock or a pet, california law allows the owner to get a deprivation permit to have the
5:44 am
lion killed. remember the mother we showed you, none of her other kittens were killed. quinton and his team are hoping to stop the cycle with the new litter. the way to save lions is to protect livestock. >> they need to be locked in a predator proof enclosure at night. >> reporter: quinton says most problems are from hobby farms with a few animals and no protection from lions. he showed us this property which actually has a small barn which the owners still left their goats outside at night and a lion attacked. he came back the next night but gave up quickly because now the goats are safely inside. >> if they're out at night it's not a question of if they're going to get taken by a mountain lion or a predator, but a question of when. >> reporter: the living with lions project is partnering with wildlife refuge which has a barn yard and fencing set-up to teach
5:45 am
predator proofing methods. killing mountain lions does not protect your animals. >> it has a territory that it gets food. if you kill one mountain lion another one is going to come fill that niche. >> reporter: this map shows one male lion's territory covering 17,000 separate private properties. killing that lion would upset the delicate balance of the ecosystem over a wide area. so the lion team is challenging the community to help this new litter survive. they're lucky to have a dedicated mother. >> to see how patient she is, you know, people could learn a lot from mountain lions. >> reporter: and check out the new photos of the cubs now 4 weeks old and cuter than ever. eric thomas, abc 7 news. talk about dedicated while the camera rolled it was a hidden camera. the patient mother stayed with her cubs for 28 hours straight before she finally went out to g with lions project at
5:46 am
now, your accuweather forecast with drew tuma. >> and time now for approaching 5:47 on a sunday morning and live doppler 7 along with satellite is showing you a fair amount of cloud cover overhead. it is dense in spots. we continue to track that visibility at this early morning hour. around the immediate bay shoreline we're doing okay, where you see the number nine or ten that's as good as it gets but when you see number two or three, in terms of visibility and miles that's pretty bad. we're down to a mile along the coast in half moon bay and one to two miles out in the north bay. we'll take you outside, a live look from the exploratorium camera, it's kind of half with the low cloud cover to the south bay, we're seeing overcast skies right now. not as bad in terms of visibility, but the gray start greets a lot of us right now. temperaturewise we're close to the mid 50s.
5:47 am
56 in vallejo and 58 in santa clara. hour by hour on future hour. go into 7:00 this morning there you see that cloud cover over san francisco in the north bay. where that locally dense fog is at this hour. by 10:00, that cloud cover is retreating to the coastline, but much of the afternoon in san francisco will be in the mix of sun and clouds but away from the coast it will be sunny. today it's not as warm as we were yesterday, but still rather hot inland. 93 the high in concord. 84 in san jose. about 66 in san francisco. 83 in napa. it is a spare the air day in effect once again. so hazy skies will be in the atmosphere for the next 24 hours. so if you have respiratory issues please take it easy out there in the next 24 hours. heading to the beaches along the coastline, we have that dense fog early on. we'll get some afternoon sunshine, not as sunny as yesterday. still not a bad beach day. we have high uv index.
5:48 am
that means slap on the sunscreen, you can burn in less than 15 minutes. 65 in santa cruz. the ocean temperature is at 60 degrees. if you're traveling across the west coast, you notice that we are warm today. 102 for redding. headed to sew cal, 113 in palm springs. l.a., 86 with afternoon sunshine. back here at home, here's call from accuweather. we have the fog developing along the coastline, likely having some coastal drizzle once again and that fog will spill in and around the bay. very typical august night on the way later on tonight. mid to upper 50s in most sports. 52 in san francisco. about 59 in san jose. so the accuweather seven day forecast the big takeaway it's another spare the air day. we may have worse air quality than yesterday. cooler, refreshing air moves out of the area on monday.
5:49 am
we'll stay either at or just slightly below average nor the rest of the extended -- for the rest of the extended forecast. today is the warmest day we'll have and we'll have improving air quality. >> that sounds good. improving air quality. thanks. let's check out sports this afternoon the a's will try to sweep the astros. yesterday, the athletics pulled even with the defending world champs. mindy bock has the highlights. >> reporter: the small market a's are on an incredible run that's caught the attention of the entire big leagues. oakland trailed the a.l. west astros by 12 games and today they can take the outright division lead. this little guy was certainly happy because he got to see a lot of doubles. chris davis got it going in the first.
5:50 am
keuchel, and then two come on home. the a's go on top early. solid defense between trevor cahill. gaddis, fly ball to right. the hustle and the great sliding catch. the a's hit a team record eight doubles, matt olson, piscotty and phegley and davis had two doubles each. phegley had three rbis to go with the count and cahill came up big. seven shutout struck out seven. and now the a's are the codivision leaders. >> f bumgarner, he gave up one hit through the first three innings and all came undone in the fourth. there was a solo shot and bumgarner loaded the bases and then brandon dixon did the damage. broken bat scored two more. bumgarner gave up a season high five earned and the giants offense got nothing off matt
5:51 am
harvey. he had a no-hitter until the sixth inning. the giants lose 7- 1. the raiders and the 49ers took different approaches. san francisco's offensive starters played two series. not the case for oakland. 49ers starters looked good especially on the opening drive. jimmy garoppolo finds marquis goodwin. and garoppolo tapped the drive with a td pass to trent taylor. slot receiver is happy about that. garoppolo 10 of 12 for 136 yards, a td and a pick. the texans reon only 34 seconds left in the game, joe webbt. finds vincent smith, 41 yards for the gain. the rookie emanuel mosley forget in the nfl you have to tag the player down. so smith rolled into the end zone. that was the difference maker.
5:52 am
derek carr one of the 15 oakland starters who did not suit up. jon gruden doesn't want to show too much. e.j. manuel fumbled late in the second. chris war, 110 yards around a touchdown for the undrafted free agent. fourth quarter, brandon allen has time. chose the wrong uniform. james couser with the interception. he returned it 15 yards to the rams 21 yard line so emanuel and the offense to whalen. 89 yards. the raiders fall. all right, the giants close out the series against cincinnati with suarez on the mound. that's at 10:00 this morning and the coliseum is where you want stock. the a's could take the outright lead and what a pitching match-up. the left-hander manea against justin verlander. that's going to be a good one.
5:53 am
first pitch, 1:00. we'll have all the highlights coming up at 5:00. until then, have a great day. coming up, this month's sunday streets is today in san francisco with the first new
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here are the winning numbers from last night's $50 million powerball drawing. 24, 34, 52, 61, 61 and the powerball number 16. no one picked all six numbers. wednesday's night jackpot grows to $60 million. happening today in san francisco, the first new sunday streets route in five years it. it's sunday streets soma, span expanding fulsome street to 10th. it blends the entertainment use and it's
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and the art production. along fulsome, there's arts and culture. a kid's discovery zone and a fitness stage. the event runs from 11:00 until 4:00. up next on "abc 7 mornings" at 6:00, an apparent drive by shooting filled by children with a celebration. what witnesses say they saw.
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let's get up and get going. >> this is "abc 7 mornings." >> good morning, everyone. i'm carolyn tyler. thanks for joining us on a sunday, august 19th. let's start with the quick look at the weather with our meteorologist drew tuma who is in for lisa argen. >> hi, good morning. that sun will be up in about 30 minutes but we're dealing with some locally dense fog right now. live doppler 7 tracking it along the coast and in the north bay. one to two miles and our worst spots right now, so the fog will slowly lift this morning. where you see ten on the board that's as good as it gets. the exploratorium camera is showing you the fog right now in san francisco. we're starting to see some hints of sunlight as the sun slowly rises, but inland we have some haze in the atmosphere. it's another spare the air day once again. so the 12 hour day planner, areas of dense fog. that fog will slowly lif


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