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tv   World News Now  ABC  August 20, 2018 2:30am-4:00am PDT

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good morning. i'm lynda lopez in for diane macedo. >> i'm kendis gibson. here are some of the top headlines we're following this morning on "world news now." outrage over an arrest of an undocumented immigrant as he drove his wife to the hospital to give birth. a massive manhunt is under way after several fatal robberies in nashville. police search for two suspects wanted for at least three murders. a british woman was rescued ten hours after falling off a cruiseship into the adriatic sea.
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she says she is very lucky to be alive. and this incredible crash in the poconos sent an indy car driver to the hospital. his car nearly disintegrated on the track but he managed to survive. those are some of our top stories on this monday, august 20th. from abc news, this is "world news now." >> we do say good morning on this monday. we're going to start with the questions and controversy surrounding the arrest of an undocumented immigrant from mexico. >> he was captured at a gas station as he was driving his wife to the hospital. she was left alone crying in the convenience store. i.c.e. says he was wanted for murder in mexico, but mexican officials say they don't know anything about those charges. here is marci gonzalez. >> reporter: officials explaining this arrest. arrested as he brought his wife to the hospital to deliver their baby.
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leaving her in tears at the gas station. when i asked why are they taking my husband, she said somebody reported us. i.c.e. officials told abc news he was brought to i.c.e.'s attention due to an outstanding warrant issued for his arrest in mexico on homicide charges. >> if this guy was wanted for murder out of mexico, then that's definitely a high-priority arrest i.c.e. has to make. >> reporter: we reached out to mexican authorities about those alleged charges, and they said they have no information on him. we also asked i.c.e. why the initial statement didn't include the charges. they say they are working to confirm the warrant. their attorney denies the accusations and questions their validity, saying this may be a case of mistaken identity. >> unless they have proof, there's an arrest warrant for this particular person in mexico, it's an allegation.
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>> reporter: they are going to file a petition to allow him to be released to be with his family. i.c.e. moves forward to have proceedings to have him deported. marci gonzalez, abc news. president trump is defending his white house attorney for cooperating with the special prosecutor. the president tweeted that he allowed don mcgahn to speak to prosecutors. he denied that mcgahn is what he called a rat. president trump's personal attorney said having him speak to mueller wouldn't accomplish much because so much of the case is hearsay. >> truth isn't truth. donald trump says i didn't talk about flynn with comey. comey says you did talk about it. so tell me what the truth is. >> however, just a day earlier giuliani said that he's confident mcgahn will tell the truth. which is that the president didn't do anything wrong. and president trump's former
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personal attorney, michael cohen, may be charged with bank and tax fraud soon. the "new york times" reports federal investigators are looking into loans obtained by his taxi businesses, totaling more than $20 million. they're also looking into whether he violated campaign finance laws by arranging to pay women to keep quiet about alleged affairs with president trump. more news on the bombshell report about catholic priests. cardinal wuerl has canceled his meeting in ireland. he has come under fire. and the current bishop of pittsburgh is speaking out for the first time about the scandal.arhath sry. >> reporter: the bishop of pittsburgh's roman catholic grand jury report last week. >> i can well understand the
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rage that people have in reading this report. i feel that rage, too. >> reporter: he says he followed every step needed after allegations of child sexual abuse. but despite zubik's claims, the report lists several cases it alleges were mishandled by zubik, first as a priest and later as bishop. >> we've listened to them carefully. we've removed priests from ministry. we have turned it over to the district attorneys in the appropriate counties. >> reporter: the report finding more than 1,000 children abused by some 300 catholic predator priests in six pennsylvania diocese over the past 70 years. former priests and victims' advocate criticizing those who stay silent. >> the pope said he was going to convene a commission on accountability.
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it never happened. >> reporter: another sexual abuse scandal. theodore mccarrick accused of molesting boys and seminarians. he resigned from his post, bruh maintains his innocence. brian clark, abc news, new york. millions of muslims are gathering in mecca for the bria. millions of muslims are gathering in mecca for thmainta. brian clark, abc news, new york. millions of muslims are gathering in mecca for the annual hajj pilgrimage. it represents one of the biggest gatherings every year. it includes a series of specific rituals carried out by the prophet mohammad. all healthy muslims are expected to complete the hajj at least once in their lifetime. 2 million people are expected to gather there in saudi arabia. and people in india's kerala state have been forced to use boats to get around. 350 have died since the monsoons began two weeks ago.
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relief teams were able to rescue 22,000 people on sunday. and several people are dead after multiple strong earthquakes in indonesia. you can see the aftermath. power is out for much of the two islands affected. one tremor measured 6.9. many residents were already staying in tents. two officers north of birmingham, alabama are being called heroes. they rushed into a burning building to rescue anyone inside. ron claiborne has that story. >> reporter: w dramatic body cam footage shows the heart-stopping moments when first responders arrived to find this apartment building on fire. >> anybody in the building? anybody in the building! >> reporter: two officers racing to see if anyone is trapped inside, sprinting from the police car straight into the smoke and flames.
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they hear a faint voice coming from a woman trapped inside. >> stand back! [ glass breaking ] >> ma'am, come this way. can you move? i got people down there. right down there! >> reporter: police officers matthew sudduth and corey glasscock in a race against time. >> are you okay? >> yeah. >> can you breathe? >> yes. >> okay. stay with me. >> reporter: their life-saving response gaining the cops recognition from the city earlier this week. >> we are proud of them, and we're thankful that the outcome, the result of that night was lives saved. >> rorr:o one mo gratefulwoman whe li theve s codisastrous. but thanks to the quick action of the police officers, they saved some lives. >> reporter: the deputy police chief of oneonta was asked what
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she saw on that dramatic video. she says it shows two officers and what they were willing to do for their community. ron claiborne, abc news, new york. >> a couple heroes in blue. from the men and women in blue to blue whales. >> check this out. here's drone footage of a rare sighting of some of the whales in california's monterey bay. there's some humpback whales, a few dolphins, blue whales. did you know are the largest mammals on earth. >> the babies probably come out the size of a football field. coming up, sister act. the nun whoven pick -- whoa! >> got an arm. >> yes, she does. but first the latest in the
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so this is san fra so this is san francisco's bay bridge. these cars spotted spinning donuts around one another in the middle of the bay bridge. the convertible can be seen, as you can see, losing control, becoming disabled. california highway patrol responded to the chaos and arrested one of the drivers and impounded his car. >> do not do that, kids, do not do that at home. >> how did they get traffic at the bay bridge to -- i guess that was a slow point in the day. turning to the developing story in colorado where a father of three is set to be formally charged with the murder of his wife and two daughters. >> chris watts is scheduled to appear in court tomorrow. and the confession sending
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shockwaves across the country. here is is an would be is an dell. fr >> reporter: chris and shanann watts were well liked. he worked for a petroleum company. she had a job with a wellness company. >> if you're out there, just come back. if somebody has her, please bring her back. >> reporter: on closer examination, suspicion. watts revealing he and his wife exchanged words the morning she disappeared. >> we had an emotional conversation, i'll leave it at that. >> my initial reaction in watching a video of him was this guy's lying. >> reporter: former fbi agent and consultant, brad garrett points to watts' body language in those interviews. >> his body language appears to be almost completely flat. he's standing in front of a reporter, arms are crossed. he's starting to rock which is
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an anxiety-driven behavior. >> i miss telling them, you got to eat that or you're not going to get your snack afterwards. i miss that. >> it sounds like past tense, talking about himself, what the police are doing, little or nothing about his wife. little or nothing about the children. are consistent with people who are not telling the truth. >> reporter: on wednesday, everything changed with this bombshell. chris watts' public plea for help apparently changing to a confession. denver 7 reporting that he admitted to police he killed shanann and their daughters. >> if he gave an uncoerced confession -- >> then he's in big trouble. >> if he did confess and he does come clean, the question's going to be what's his defense. >> reporter: the same community that supported him now reeling in shock.
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the thayers say chris is not all that emotional. >> pink means. >> that's just the test. >> pink means it's going to be girls? >> reporter: the video shanann posted on facebook revealing her third pregnancy. >> he smiles and gives her a hug, but it's not like, you know, there's not -- >> it's not overjoyed. >> reporter: but they say he wasn't upset either and seemed to love being a dad which makes his behavior afterwards so haunting. >> he never once cried. which i guess is now a red flag. >> reporter: sources tell abc news, shanann and chris had a troubled marriage, but on facebook shanann gave no indication of trouble in this video posted in may. >> he stuck around, and he stuck around because he is the one for me. and he is amazing. >> reporter: how do you want them to be remembered? what will you remember?
2:47 am
>> he's so much different than her. >> reporter: reporting for "nightline," clayton sandell in frederick, colorado. >> what i found one of the more chilling things, the murders happened hours before the gender reveal party that was going to be held for the watts there. >> such a sad story. >> it absolutely is. coming up, the upset at this weekend's box office. >> why "crazy rich asians" is turning out to be a wakeup call for hollywood. for hollywood. you're watching world news now. aszians is turning out to be a wakeup call for hollywood. simply add water, and use in your kitchen for burnt on food, in your bathroom to remove soap scum, and on walls to remove scuffs and marks. it erases 4x more permanent marker per swipe. for tough kitchen and bath messes, use mr. clean magic eraser with durafoam. brand power. helping you buy better.
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♪ ♪ everybody feel good they aren't just rich, they aren't just rich, they're crazy rich. i didn't know you were the prince william of asia. >> maybe prince harry.
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>> "crazy rich asians" have hollywood seeing a lot of green. >> it brought in $34 million over the weekend, really exceeding some expectations. brad mielke joins us with more on this new fad, i guess, brad? >> these box office numbers were not just good for a movie with a largely asian cast. they were good for any movie. this proves a point, that more inclusive casting isn't just affirming but good business. i spoke to someone who wrote a cover story. we're going to see a lot more. >> this movie opened in six times as many theaters. the moodins important.
2:51 am
we have "fresh off the boat" which is in syndication status. it has been on the air five years. asian culture is extraordinarily cool in the united states and canada. it is a normal part of everybody's everyday lives. so the idea of watching a film with asian forces is not as foreign anymore and not a niche project at all. >> if this film had flopped, big-time movie executives may have taken a pass on the next one. so there was a lot of pressure on that cast and crew. you can hear a lot more about "crazy rich asians" on "start here" later this morning. check it out on apple podcast or your favorite podcasting app. >> really the only color hollywood execs see is green. this is the key. if this is the key to making money these days, asians in hollywood. >> i really want to see that movie. >> looks great.
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>> looks amazing. >> all right, we'll be right back.
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okay, so this is guaranteed to be the most adorable video you'll see all day. that is suky, the newest calf to be born at an elephant rescue sanctuary in thailand. and that one lucky american tourist was on the receiving end of serious elephant love there. >> like giving hugs. >> no humans were harmed in the making of this video. >> i was going to ask. back here at home, baseball fans got a case of the warm fuzzies also, when they caught the woman who threw out the opening pitch at saturday night's white sox game. >> she's a nun with an amazing arm. here is john donvan. >> reporter: with a mitt on her
2:56 am
hand and a spring in her step, sister mary jo took the mound before the white sox played to throw the ceremonial first pitch, and that, she's signaling to her departed mom, her angel in the outfield. now sister mary jo has an arm. she used to coach at marion catholic high school. she warmed up some in the parking lot outside the stadium. and then inside, hobnobbing with sox manager. >> she stepped back about 45 feet and threw a bullet. i said wait a minute, can you play for us? and she said sure. >> reporter: but now it was for real, and was sister mary jo at long last nervous? this little maneuver says no, she was not. here's the pitch, and right down the middle. so a little celebration in front of everybody. and then back inside. >> everybody, wonderful, appreciate it.
2:57 am
go marion catholic! >> reporter: that number on her back, 60, she says, is the speed of her fastball. nope, not shy at all. and yes, the nun has an arm. john donvan, abc news. >> not shy at all. >> amazing. >> you did that once, right? >> nothing like she did, i was not nearly that good. >> did it make it to the plate? >> i made it to the plate. that was the old shay stadium. gosh i wish i looked like that. >> sister greg maddox there. follow us on facebook at follow us on facebook at
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this morning on "world news now," new legal trouble for the president's former lawyer. >> it's breaking overnight, michael cohen is under investigation for bank fraud. plus, the latest on the russia probe and what rudy giuliani meant when he said truth isn't truth. also this morning a severe weather threat. people injured at a backstreet boys concert. >> is there nothing sacred? police released a new video showing an officer's car hitting a teenager. the officer was chasing a teen because his bike didn't have a light. new reaction from that community. and see how a crowd raced to help after a truck spilled bottles of brandy all over the road. they cleaned up the mess. >> oh, that's nice. >> it's monday, august 20th.
3:01 am
from abc news, this is "world news now." >> i'm gathering they cleaned up the mess the way we would have cleaned up that mess. >> by scooping it up and taking it out of the way. >> putting it back in the truck and calling for help, yeah, no doubt. not quite. we'll get to that a little bit later as we welcome lynda who's here for diane. >> good morning. >> glad to have you back. there's one subtle slow clap. you know you're welcome, because constance did not even budge. [ laughter ] thank you. all is good in the world. all right, we're going to begin with president trump back at the white house and fighting back against a report that the white house attorney is cooperating with the mueller probe. >> at the same time, his top personal attorney says another reason the president should not be interviewed by the special
3:02 am
counsel because, quote, the truth isn't the truth. tara palmieri explains it all. >> reporter: president trump's lead attorney with a new and stunning reason why he's advising the president not to testify in the russia investigation. >> i'm not going to be rushed into having him testify so that he gets trapped into perjury. when you tell me he should have a conversation because he should tell the truth and he shouldn't worry are, that is silly because it is somebody's version of the truth, not the truth. he didn't have a conversation -- >> truth is truth. >> no, it isn't truth, truth isn't truth! >> reporter: giuliani adding more context, truth isn't truth. >> you have two pieces of evidence. trump says i didn't tell him. and the other guy says he did say it. which is the truth? >> reporter: the president's lead attorney also doubling down on the president's insistence there was no collusion between his campaign and russia, and claiming mueller has a weak case
3:03 am
if it's based on that infamous trump tower meeting between trump campaigning officials and a russian lawyer. >> it turned out to be a meeting about another subject and it was not pursued at all. i don't even know if they knew she was russian at the time. all they knew is a woman with a russian name wanted to meet with them. >> reporter: but an e-mail says, quite, a russian attorney would be there. the president blasting a report that his white house counsel don mcgahn cooperated with the special counsel's investigation. president trump replied, because don mcgahn was giving hours of testimony to special counsel, he must be a john dean type rat. but i allowed him to testify. i didn't have to. i have nothing to hide. john dean was a once one time official in the nixon investigation. he fired back. i doubt you have no idea what mcgahn told mueller. he didn't think i would tell them the truth.
3:04 am
rudy giuliani's comments are taking on a life of their own. james comey, who encouraged the president to release tapes of their private conversation now out with his own take. truth exists and truth matters. people who lie are held accountable. tara palmieri, abc news, berkley heights, new jersey. and the president's former personal attorney is also in the news. federal investigators are looking at $20 million in bank loans obtained by cohen's taxi business. at issue is whether he misrepresented the value of his assets, and he's also accused of paying women to keep quiet. ciis edge after a deadly crime spree. three people have been killed miles apart in less than ten days.
3:05 am
a popular musician celebrating his birthday when he and another man were gunned down. last week another man was fatally shot during a robbery attempt. the wanted men were last seen in a dark, chevy sedan. police called the suspects cold-blooded killers and are warning residents to stay on alert and travel in groups. it was another bloody and deadly weekend in chicago. 46 people shot. at least three men were shot while attending a back to school peace rally. hundreds of children were at that event. the city has been ravaged by violence. authorities blame gangs for much of the bloodshed. violent weather across the weekend. here's video of one of the string of tornados that touched down in oklahoma in the last few days, mainly in the east part of the state. 14 people were injured at a
3:06 am
backstreet boys concert. a storm with winds up to 80 miles per hour knocked down supports holding up an entrance tent. today there's a severe weather threat in half a dozen states. at least six states in the mid section can expect heavy rain. prosecutors are expected to file charges against a denver-area man in the killing of his wife and daughters. the motive for the murder remains unknown. chris watts allegedly confessed to killing the girls and his wife who was pregnant and doing so hours before a gender reveal party for their new child. he's being held isolated from other inmates. a disturbing incident was caught on dash cam video. a police officer rammed a 16-year-old with his suv during
3:07 am
a pursuit that started over a bicycle violation. whit johnson has more. >> reporter: sacramento police releasing dramatic video of a patrol suv hitting a 16-year-old suspect. watch again as the police cruiser makes a hard left turn, knocking the teen to the ground. the teen heard on body cam video screaming "i'm sorry." officers rushing to handcuff the boy and asking where it hurts. police say they were delayed in getting medics to the scene due to the angry crowd shouting at officers. the july 22nd incident starting moments earlier. officers stopped the teen for riding a bicycle after dark without a front light. after a few questions, the teen takes off running. >> blue jeans, blue shirt! >> reporter: a different patrol car joining the chase. that cruiser ramming the teen. he was treated for non-life-threatening injuries and given a citation for resisting arrest.
3:08 am
>> whether or not that officer intended to hit him going that fast is unclear from the video. and at best, it was negligence. at worst, it was a deliberate use of force. >> reporter: in early findings, investigators say the suv lost control, traveling too fast while making the sharp turn, calling the collision an accident. >> the investigation has determined that the speed is the primary reason the incident occurred. >> reporter: the case is still under investigation, but sacramento police say even an unintended collision with a suspect under these circumstances is unacceptable. the department is now reviewing its policies in an effort to prevent something like this from happening again. whit johnson, abc news, new york. and "billionaire boys club" opened this weekend to unbelievable numbers. >> the budget for that ensemble film which included names like rosanna arquette was $15 million.
3:09 am
>> the two-day take was $287. not $287 million. $287. that works out to about six people per theater went to see it. this is the first big budget film for spacey after he was accused of sexual misconduct and sexual harassment allegations. >> i don't know that i was aware of it. so i don't know that there was a ton of awareness about this movie. >> a lot of people have had a tough time going to see anything that involves kevin spacey after the controversy of the last year. the movie that was number one, a pleasant surprise. we'll get to that soon. >> coming up -- >> very soon. >> -- we'll talk about the box office a little more. but first, the woman who fell off a cruise ship and lost at sea, she's sharing her incredible survival story.
3:10 am
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watch this carefully here. a drone and li watch this carefully here. a drone and helicopter nearly cause a disaster over south florida. the two aircraft came dangerously close to each other in the skies over hollywood. the drone operator says he didn't do anything wrong, insisting the drone's altitude was less than 400 feet. the faa is investigating this close call there. and now to this incredible story. a british woman is sharing details of a terrifying ordeal she had at sea. kay longstaff fell off a cruise ship and spent 10 hours in the adriatic sea. she was sitting at the back of the ship's deck when she fell. >> as soon as the norwegian star's crew realized a woman was missing, they stopped the ship and started searching. once she was located by the coast guard, she was treated by medics and taken to the hospital. you see a smile on her face briefly. she was released a short time
3:14 am
later. the 46-year-old says she feels lucky to be alive. i'd say. and she's lucky the temperatures are in the 80s there in the sea. >> the water is 80 degrees. >> ten hours in the water. back here at home, growing concerns over a shortage of a crucial medical device. >> families are going to great lengths to get their hands on epi-pen. here is janai norman. >> reporter: nationwide epi-pen shortages are leaving parents on edge as kids head back to school. >> i went to the pharmacy, and they said we have no epi-pens. >> reporter: rachel's kindergartner has a severe nut allergy. she called 34 pharmacies near denver before finding one 40 minutes away. >> you have to have it if you have a severe allergy.
3:15 am
>> reporter: this mom near dallas didn't have much luck either. >> i started calling and calling and calling. it didn't matter who i called. walgreens, cvs, tom thumb, nobody had it. >> reporter: the end of the summer is often a peak season for refills. but according to the fda, shortages began in may. in a statement, mylan says they continue to experience interruptions, and supplies vary from pharmacy to pharmacy and they're actively exploring options. brunson finally found one for her son and offers this warning. >> be on the hunt. it's going to take some time. >> reporter: and just last week, the fda approved the first generic epi-pen. that is good news for availability and for price. without insurance, epipens could cost you several hundred dollars. janai norman, abc news, washington. coming up in the next half hour, the frightening moments on the racetrack.
3:16 am
a driver sent flying out of his car and that collision. and the number one movie. that's next on "world news now." that's next on "world news now." and the number one movie. that's next on "world news now." around here, nobody evreally? it i didn't do it so when i heard they added ultra oxi to the cleaning power of tide, i knew it was just what we needed so now we can undo all the tough stains that nobody did dad? i didn't do it it's got to be tide
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i know this much. you will never be enough. in its first full weekend in theaters nationwide, "crazy rich asians" has made $34 million. the meg holding strong at number two and mark wahlberg's "mile 22" opened in third place. it's unusual for a romantic comedy to do this well at this time of the summer when the box office is usually dominated by action-adventure films. >> but those people are crediting it to overwhelming universal appeal.
3:19 am
here is juju chang. >> reporter: everyone's family is a little crazy. but not everyone's family is crazy rich. >> these people aren't just rich, okay? they're crazy rich. these people are so posh and snobby, they're snoshy. >> reporter: crazy rich asians, this summer's comedy creating a buzz. the movie airing the dirty laundry of the filthy rich in singapore is the first hollywood film starring mostly asian cast since the "joy luck club" 25 year ago. i've read that premiere screenings with asian-americans have left audiences in tears. why is it so emotional? >> a lot of people have cried the second they see asian faces on-screen. it means something to kids and people, to see images that reflect themselves.
3:20 am
>> reporter: with the box office success of "black panther", representation becoming a hollywood rallying cry. the glitzy production calling audiences of all backgrounds. >> i met a girl. >> reporter: they are hailing it as the rebirth of the rom-com. a "meet the parents" for the 1%. there is fundamentally a love story. >> everything else is additional to it. >> reporter: henry golding places the dashing prince charming with a real life cinderella story. landing the role as a first-time actor. >> you want to see where i grew up. meet my family. >> reporter: constance woo of "fresh off the boat". >> i need to start making dinner. evan, you make sure everyone does their clc. >> okay teacher mommy. >> your family is rich? >> we're comfortable.
3:21 am
>> that is exactly what a super rich person would say. >> reporter: michelle yo is the domineering matriarch. the superstar known for "crouching tiger hidden dragon". but in this role, a more refined power. >> i withdrew from university when we got married. >> ah. >> i chose to help my husband run a business and raise a family. for me, it was a privilege. but for you, you may think it's old-fashioned. >> reporter: there is a dumpling scene. i've done this as a child, making korean dumplings. i think it's part of what evokes this emotion among asian-americans who see the movie. >> it's so rare to see these pl on the big screen and to us given the hollywood treatment. i met someone who took his 70-year-old father to a screening and he said he'd never seen his 70-year-old father cry before.
3:22 am
>> looking forward to seeing that movie. the mix is next. before. >> looking forward to seeing that movie. the mix is next. ♪ cleaning floors with a mop and bucket is a hassle, meaning you probably don't clean as often as you'd like. for a quick and convenient clean, try swiffer wetjet. there's no heavy bucket, or mop to wring out, because the absorb and lock technology traps dirt and liquid inside the pad. it's safe to use on all finished surfaces tile, laminate and hardwood. and it prevents streaks and hazing better than a micro fiber strip mop, giving you a thorough clean the first time. for a convenient clean, try swiffer wetjet with a money back guarantee. brand power. helping you buy better.
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♪ ♪ all right, time for the mix, and we're going to start with whataburger. it's popular in texas. and there's a super, super fan who has been expressing his love for whataburger over the last few months. >> in a big way. >> in a big way. his name is henrique, and he's a student in san antonio. whataburger found out about it, so they pimped out his dorm room. what kind of dorm room do they have at trinity university? >> brick wall? >> they completely decked out his dorm room with whataburger-branded pillows, blankets, artwork. even clothing. look at his whataburger desk. >> did they send burgers? >> that's the big thing. he said i absolutely love my dorm now.
3:26 am
wow! >> i mean like that's like no other dorm i've ever seen. >> he's a resident assistant. the only thing missing he says is a 24 hour cook. we could squeeze in the grill in the closet. >> you said he's an r.a.? that makes a little sense that he got the big room. everything's bigger in texas. why do i love this next story so much? a man has invented something we've all dreamed about, a motorized couch. so it's his couch, it's on wheels. they're taking it for a spin. you don't like ttinoff the couch? you can still go for a drive. >> you just need a tv to be placed right in front of it. >> why do i love this so much?
3:27 am
it's like, speed around corners, driving down the street. first of all, it takes a lot of ingenuity. >> it goes and it's zero to 60 in a minute. so this is gross. it's great. there's a heart surgeon in victor, new york, in the central new york area who made a cake, who, -- they were -- >> who got a cake. >> who got a cake for his birthday, and since he's a heart surgeon, the bakery there in victor -- >> oh. this is a cake. >> it's anatomically correct. >> it is. >> the cake. >> and he's eating the cake. >> they made it like with the gushing blood which is like, you know, it's like raspberry. >> right, yeah. it's a cake. let's move on to this other very helpful story we heard about. so this truck overturned, a truck full of brandy. it turns out people were only too happy to rush along and help clean up the road. >> and by clean up, they can't
3:28 am
3:29 am
3:30 am
this morning on "world news now," the manhunt in music city. nashville police are warning people to be on alert after a string of shootings, some of them deadly. the new leads officers are following right now. also this morning, the outrage after immigration agents detain a man who was rushing his pregnant wife to the hospital to give birth. the explanation from officials this morning. and the violent wreck on the racetrack. >> right in the middle of a major race, car slamming into the barrier. the driver had to be air lifted to the hospital. and the stage is set and the red carpet is out for one of in of the year, the vmas just hours away. we have the latest on the tribute plans for aretha
3:31 am
franklin and the top performers. it's monday, august 20th. from abc news, this is "world news now." >> official breakdown all of the glitz and glamour of the vmas a little later on as we say hello to lynda who is going to the vmas. it's humbling. >> we'll get to that. but we're going to start in music city for the desperate manhunt that they say is behind a deadly crime spree. >> that includes at least three murders and several robberies. >> reporter: massive manhunt for two armed and dangerous killers. >> cold-blooded killers who obviously have no respect whatsoever for the sanctity of human life. >> reporter: a spate of seemingly random killings, 33-year-old bartley teal and
3:32 am
jamie sarrantonio are gunned down after a birthday celebration. police say the assailants robbed them and dumped their belongings in this alley. authorities releasing this surveillance image, now searching for this black sedan. all could be connected. it started august 8th. an unidentified woman shot in the back while walking her dog, now paralyzed. her husband from one republic. >> what took place while we on stage was an unspeakable act of violence. >> reporter: august 14th, kendall smith is robbed and killed while waiting for the bus. police on heightened alert, stepping up patrols, urging residents not to go out alone. >> be in groups, be cognizant of your surroundings.
3:33 am
report authorities believe the two men are still in the nashville area. police are averaging up patrols as the desperate search continues for the armed and dangerous suspects. erielle reshef, abc news, new york. immigration officials say this man entered the u.s. illegally and is wanted in mexico for homicide charges, but his attorney says they've got the wrong man. he was arrested in southern california on wednesday as he stopped with his wife to get gas. now his attorney wants him released on bail, but i.c.e. is moving forward with deportation proceedings. overseas, emotional family reunions are taking place right now. the relatives, most elderly, have not seen each other since they were separated during the korean war more than 60 years ago.
3:34 am
the week long event is taking place at north korea's diamond mountain resort. president trump is insisting the white house counsel is not, quote, a rat. he says it's not the same when john dean helped bring down the nixon white house during watergate. tara palmeri has more. >> reporter: president trump firing off several angry tweets sunday morning. tweeting, the failing "new york times" wrote a story that made it seem like white house counsel had turned on the president, when in fact it is just the opposite. i allowed him and all others to testify. mcgahn reportedly sharing detailed accounts of the episodes about whether president trump obstructed justice. he released a statement saying his client answered the questions fulsomely and honestly
3:35 am
after they failed to exert executive privilege over his testimony. chris christie saying the decision to waive privilege put mcgahn in a difficult position. >> he has no choice but to go in and answer everything. >> reporter: rudy giuliani confident that he didn't offer evidence that is, quote, remotely harmful to the president, saying he won't be rushed into having the president testify. >> when you tell me he should testify because he's going to tell the truth. that's so silly. it's somebody's version of the truth. not the truth. >> reporter: the president says he has nothing to hide, he has demanded transparency so that this rigged and disgusting witch hunt can come to a close. tara palmeri, abc news, bedminster, new jersey.
3:36 am
meanwhile, john brennan says he's considering taking legal action against president trump, this after the president stripped him of his security clearance. brennan says he wants to keep him from stripping the clearances of other officials who have been critical. brennan has been harsh critic of the president. he even called his actions at the summit with putin nothing short of treasonous. melania trump is attending an anti-cyber bullying summit. she's expected to deliver brief remarks at that summit in rockville, maryland and take part in a discussion with representatives of different social media platforms. of course president trump has been accused of using social media to bully opponents. houston police say this businesswoman had just withdrawn $75,000 from a local bank and was carrying it in her purse. she was followed by robbery suspects who attacked her and her husband in the parking lot of the gas station that they own. the woman hanging onto her bag even as she's run over.
3:37 am
>> oh, wow. >> she's in critical condition. one suspect has been arrested. the search is on for the second. breaking overnight, a man is dead and woman in critical condition after both were caught in a rip current at a new hampshire beach. state police say the pair was among at least six swimmers seen struggling in the water at seabrook beach near the massachusetts border in hampton. the map and woman both received cpr before being rushed to the hospital where the man later died. both are from the bay state. tornados were spotted in the southwest during a string of very, very intense storms. this new video of a funnel cloud spotted in oklahoma. some were in the eastern part of the state. severe weather is expected to affect half a dozen states today from mississippi north into illinois. something we'll be talking about tomorrow morning. here's a lighter story for you. what do you get for the mom who has everything.
3:38 am
how about getting her arrested? ♪ bad boys >> so ann demont wanted to get something really memorable for her mom, simone, on her 93rd birthday. so the 93-year-old is a big fan of the show "cops", and apparently wanted to know what it was like to sit in the back seat of a police car. >> so the augusta, maine police department was happy to oblige. >> they didn't do the whole handcuffs and prisoner number 9. she's 93 years old. when they show up when you're 20-something, it's a prank and the clothes are coming off for those gifts. coming up, tense moments as a father and son find themselves in the middle of a raging forest
3:39 am
fire. and nick jonas popping the question after a few weeks of dating? we'll show you the weekend celebration in india. >> a couple hours. but first, a look at today's forecast. "world news now" weather, sponsored by my pillow. sponsored by my pillow. sponsored by my pillow.
3:40 am
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oh! >> oh, wow. indy car driver robert wicken survived that crash. the crash happened as he tried to pass another vehicle, another driver, and their vehicles touched. reports say wickens was alert and awake as he was taken to the hospital there. he suffered multiple injuries, including a bruised lung. and a father and son are catching their breath after a narrow escape from a >> a lightning strike ignited what would become a huge
3:43 am
wildfire. here is zachary kiesch. >> reporter: incredible cellphone video as a father and son on vacation escape a relentless wildfire in montana's glacier national park. they first saw the fire last sunday while back country camping near a lake. the duo checking in with park rangers at least three separate times. they say they were warned about lightning igniting fires in the area but were told it wasn't expected to spread. >> we watched a while longer and realized it looked like the fire had grown, so i said to my father, we need to get out of here. >> reporter: that's when they jumped back in the the fire got real intense, and it got out of control. >> reporter: justin behind the wheel, his dad recording the nightmare. >> oh, my god.
3:44 am
>> keep going, keep going. >> reporter: racing to get back to the main campsite, fire all around them. you can hear the fear and indecision, cornered by the blaze on a dead-end road. the two coming across a burning tree, which forced them to throw the car in reverse. what they didn't realize at the time, that decision likely saving their lives. when i put the car in reverse and looked out the back window, i couldn't see anything. i didn't have the headlights anymore, and somehow i was able to stay on the road. >> reporter: when that video ends, the drive throws that car in reverse a mile and a half out of that ring of hell they went and they were rescued by a couple boaters. they lived and have the video to tell the story. zachary kiesch, abc news, new york. >> i watch the video on edge, just like oh, my god, i would not have gone as far as they did. very intense. >> amazing. now to the church where
3:45 am
aretha franklin made her name, held its first sunday service since her passing. >> the day at new bethel baptist in detroit included a visit from jesse jackson. hundreds shared their memories of the queen of soul. a public viewing takes place over two days next week. and her funeral is set for august 31st. when we come back, the big news from nick jonas and priyanka chopra. and why winona ryder thinks she and keanu reeves have been married for 26 years. an know reeves have been miles per houred for 26 years. and keanu reaves have been married for 26 years. "the skinny" is next. dinner date...meeting his parents dinner date. why did i want a crest 3d white smile? so i used crest. crest 3d white removes... ...95% of surface stains in just 3 days... ...for a whiter smile... that will win them over. crest. healthy, beautiful smiles for life.
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3:47 am
♪ ♪ ♪ i still get jealous nick jonas there bringing us into "the skinny," and we'll tell you why nick jonas is jealous no more. >> the youngest of the three jonas brothers along with his new fiance, priyanka chopra shared this video on social media. they officially announced their engagement.
3:48 am
>> he wrote, my heart, my love, the quantico actress wrote taken with all my heart and soul. they flew to india. >> he described a traditional engagement ceremony in india where jonas flew there and met the in-laws. >> they were dating a few months before he popped the question. >> you know, kendis, when you know, you know. >> is that why i haven't gotten married? the ring, by the way, is rumored to be worth up to $200,000. >> is that the ring right there? is that it? no, that's her right hand. >> that's a promise ring. >> that's one of her own. >> that's sunday's. yeah, but who knows when the wedding is. >> speaking of. on to another celebrity marriage or maybe not so much. it's the wedding winona ryder insists took place.
3:49 am
she says they actually did tie the knot in 1992. >> what she's saying is, she's insisting during production of the film "dracula", director francis ford coppola used a real priest to preside from beginning to end, so she thinks they are actually married from that ceremony. >> keanu doesn't seem to remember it that way, but he took the news in stride even if he didn't agree. destination wedding hits theaters august 31st. not sure if she expects, like, any payments from him or -- >> move in, maybe.
3:50 am
>> we've been married. it meant something. >> did you not feel it, keanu? next to a possible fashion faux pas by one of the today's hottest designers. >> kanye west's choice of footwear. >> he opted for a pair of his own yeezy slides. in other news, yeezy has slides. >> they were gray, and he paired them with a mint green suit. he matched. >> got to coordinate. the slides aren't cheap. they run $150 a pop. regardless of the size. so that leaves the burning question of why. and kim looked great. >> kim looked amazing. his fashion is always on point. so why the slides to the wedding? one twitter user said, with kind of an air of authority, that
3:51 am
kanye is suffering from an ingrown toenail and was advised not to wear closed-toe shoes. fans of kwik-e-mart can chow down on a hot dog at the first real kwik-e-mart store. >> it opened in myrtle beach. other items include memorabilia associated with the show, the characters and the fictitious town of springfield. it could be coming to a town near you. >> you might want to check that out. see it in person. coming up, we're getting a behind the scenes look at this year's video music awards. a lot to expect there. >> you're watching "world news now." ws
3:52 am
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♪ ♪ the way you move ♪ so that's j. lo, of course, in that famous collaboration for the vmas back in 2001. and tonight she'll take the stage yet again. >> i think i was there. >> were you? >> that's just one of the many moments that fans are looking forward to tonight. abc's eva pilgrim has a preview. ♪ >> reporter: this year the party hitting a somber note. aretha franklin's recent death prompting the show to pay its respect to the queen of soul.
3:56 am
done in a way that's totally right, because it's aretha franklin. you have to get it right. >> reporter: mtv also planning a show of support for demi lovato. ♪ i'm so sorry i'm not sober anymore ♪ and jay z. jennifer lopez will be receiving an award. she is looking forward to the honor. >> i'm happy to be doing what i love to do and i love to keep evolving and growing and to be recognized in that way along with your idols, you know, it's awesome. >> reporter: spontaneous, viral moments are no stranger to the vmas. who can forget in 2009 when kanye west stormed the stage during taylor swift's acceptance speech.
3:57 am
>> i want you to feel the love growing inside of me. >> reporter: beyonce announcing her pregnancy in 2011. >> there's just something in the water with the show, though. somehow the vmas bring another level of unexpected craziness. >> all right, so j. lo best announce that she's getting married or she's having another kid or -- >> big news, big news or something? it's a very big award, the video vanguard award. >> and she was preparing for it. >> yes. there have been lots of rehearsals going on for many weeks. alex rodriguez on hand to catch it all on video. >> so alex is crashing the party. it's going to be a fun time, looking forward to it?
3:58 am
3:59 am
making news in america this
4:00 am
morning a quote from president trump's attorney going viral overnight. >> truth isn't truth. it's somebody's version of the truth. not the truth. >> what rudy giuliani meant when he said truth isn't truth. breaking overnight the possible charges that could be filed against the president's former attorney michael cohen. a city on edge this morning. people in nashville told not to walk outside alone after a string of deadly and apparently random attacks. the surveillance image that could be crucial to the case. one of the first women to accuse harvey weinstein of assault allegedly paid off her own accuser. the new allegations surfacing against asia argento andnt


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