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tv   ABC7 News 400PM  ABC  August 21, 2018 4:00pm-5:01pm PDT

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tireless search for a missing college student in iowa. >> a body was discovered early this morning in a farm field southeast of brooklyn, iowa. the identity has not been confirmed, however we believe it to be the body of mollie tibbetts. >> reporter: authorities also announcing in addition to finding the body, a suspect is now under arrest. cristhian rivera, a 24-year-old man who police say was in the u.s. i would legally and living in the same county where mollie tibbetts disappeared. rivera now in jail charged with first-degree murder. officials revealing surveillance video provided detectives with images of a suspicious vehicle. >> we identified the vehicle belonging to mr. rivera and then we located them, interviewed him and he led us to her location. >> reporter: the 20-year-old university of iowa student disappeared on july 18, last seen going for a run in brooklyn, iowa. when she did not show up for worked next day, her co-workers
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got worried and her family reported her missing. rivera withdray veera was broug questioning monday. >> he says that he ran alongside of her or behind her and at one point molli said you need to leave me alone, i'm going to call police. and then she took off running. he in turn chased her down and then he tells us that at some point in time he blacks out. >> reporter: for now police are not saying how or why the suspect allegedly murdered mollie, but we're told an autopsy is scheduled for tomorrow. live in new apt 7. and amy hollyfield spoke to those that knew mollie as a youngster. >> we're really heartbroken. and so heartbroken for the family.
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>> reporter: linda had to tell her now college anyoned daughter libby this morning that her childhood friend was presumed dead. linda had just found a picture of the girls over the weekend in their first communion dresses. that is mollie second from the left. linda was hoping the discovery of the picture was a sign that mollie was okay. >> every parent's nightmare and just so sad. it is so wrong. she had so much to give. >> reporter: mollie tibbetts started kindergarten in oakland and met some life long friends at corpus christi catholic church. the family moved to iowa when she was midway through elementary school, but the friendships lasted. ann has been in frequent contact with mollie's mom since the disappearance. >> having it sink this is so unbelievable. >> reporter: ann says the last time she for with her mom, she was still very optimistic, even though mollie had been missing since july 18. >> she was still really positive
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and upbeat about it and just very fact based like we are bringing her home. >> reporter: now both mothers say they will support their friend in any way they can. >> what laura is going through is what every family or parent or mother could absolutely sympathize with and empathize with because it is just so terrifying. >> all we can do is i think hold up her memory. >> reporter: here at corpus christi church and school, the principal said she started the morning off with an assembly gathering all the students together to tell them the news. amy hollyfield, abc 7 news. and coming up at 5:00, what the principal told students in that assembly. and what she says mollie tibbetts' legacy will be. you can get more on the disappearance and including a detailed time line of the case over the last month on and on the abc 7 news app. download the app and be sure to enable push alerts. we'll be sending out breaking news updates on the case as they happen.
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threele caltrans workers are hurt, one seriously after a pickup truck hit their vehicle from rio vista had -- somehow o chp became distracted. the accident happened before midday on westbound i-80 in fairfield. sky 7 shows the caltrans van on its side after the driver of the ford truck rammed into a trailer with a port-a-potty before hitting the van. five caltrans employees were picking up trash and performing maintenance work. >> while they were performing their duties, a ford pickup
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truck was traveling in the slow lane going westbound on i-80, traveled on to the shoulder and collided with the rear of the van. >> reporter: three workers were injur injured, none life threatening. the driver was also taken to the hospital. >> distracted driving is suspected, but no alcohol or drugs are suspected. >> reporter: this was the scene at 2:30, two lanes of traffic were still closed. the accident caused a major delay in both directions. today's accident occurred close to where a chp officer and driver were both killed by another dtracted driver earlier this month. and that occurred on august 10th. now, chp says there is nothing about that particular spot that caused these two accidents, they are calling it a coincidence. now, fortunately this time no one was killed. in fire field, lyanne melendez, abc 7 news. that chp officer that she
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mentioned ways kirk greiss. he and manuel died august 10th hit by a pickup truck during a strop stop. i've greiss was a 19 year veteran, a gofundme for manuel's family has exceeded its goal of $15,000. the suspect in the golden state killer case is now facing 13 new accounts, most stem from the east area rapist attacks. prosecutors from sixalifornia countiesle announced that they are teaming up to try the case in sacramento, an effort they say unprecedented. >> this human predator, de'angelo, took a path through all of these counties in our state. and wherever he went, he left awake of terror in his path. >> single prosecution in a single jurisdiction serves the best interests of the case, its victims and the cause of
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justice. >> very fitting that this journey for justice that has been sought for over 40 years ends in sacramento. >> the 72-year-old former police officer is believed to be behind more than 50 rapes in called cal. one of the golden state killer's victims still lives in the east bay. >> and she spoke with leslie brinkley about that case going to trial. and leslie is joining us live from walnut creek. >> reporter: her story, 13 years old when she was sexually assaulted in her walnut creek bedroom by the so-called golden state killer otherwise known as the east area rapist, her case is one of nine coun county. but not one of the fire beifof tried. >> will you be going to the
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trial? >> no, i don't want to be in the room with him. >> reporter: mary watched the press conference from her east bay apartment. she said she would testify in called to the stand, but otherwise will avoid the trial in sacramento. >> the contra costa a county district attorney's office is able to charge four separate cases against joseph de'angelo for the crimes in our county. >> reporter: three of the four assaults took place in concord and san ramon in october 1978. the fourth took place in danville in june of 1979 just two week before mary was gagged with her training bra and assault aed in her walnut creek bedroom by a man who held a knife at her throat. the county is charging four cases, that is four life sentences for kidnapping during the course of a robbery. which involves moving a person forcibly from one room to another. >> maybe that is possibly why my case isn't going to be one of them because i wasn't moved. >> reporter: 10 of the 13 murders could carry the death
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penalty. they are eligible cases. how would you feel about that? >> i don't think we should kill him. i think that he should-of-because killing him is too easy. too easy for him. he should have to live with it for the rest of his life. >> reporter: she says she wants to keep living her life free of the shadows of that attack 39 summers ago. she also expressed her gratitude to the investigators and the district attorneys who have been working so hard on this case. from walnut creek, leslie brinkley, abc 7 news. some breaking news from south america, a magnitude 7.3 earthquake has shaken eastern venezuela, the quake's epicenter is near erapa. shaking was felt throughout the continent. no immediate reports of injuries or catastrophic damage and tsunami warnings have not been
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issued. we're having some unusual late august weather, dreary, much cooler than average. here is live doppler 7, you can see the lingering low clouds and fog. the 24 hour temperature change shows how much cooler today is than this time yesterday. 12 degrees cooler in concord, 9 cooler -- actually 7 cooler in antioch and livermore. 14 degrees cooler in you see temperatures only in the low 70s right now. here is the view from exploratorium camera looking out over the bay. air quality is good and it will remain this way about the next 12 hours. so we've had improvement in our air quality and i'll give you a look at the 7 day forecast in a few minutes. we have new details about the fires burning in northern california. could be weather related, but it appears crews are losing ground now against the ranch fire, the larger of the two fires that machk you up the mendocino
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fires. containment actually went down from 74% to 67%. the ranch fire has now burned more than 355,000 acres. the river fire is 100% contained and has burned nearly 49,000 acres. and this map shows the new numbers in the carr fire still burning. it is 90% contained and hats burned nearly 230,000 acres. there there is troublemeda >> i don't like reliving it. >> a woman claims that she was forced to give birth alone in jail. and that is not all. >> up next, bystanders come to the rescue during a robbery at an apple store in southern california a. and there is now you a bay area connection. and the new look for animal crackers. can you tell what is differ
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and now, all beds are on sale. save 50% on the new sleep number 360 limited edition smart bed. plus, free home delivery. ends saturday. two separate incidents leading to an investigation and a lawsuit. >> officers are accused of illegally recording a juvenile who was talking to his lawyer and now we're also hearing from a former inmate who says she gave birth alone in an isolated cell. >> melanie woodrow is live at the jail with the latest. >> reporter: the alameda county sheriff's office denies what is outlined in this lawsuit. today we spoke with that former inmate as she held her baby named hope. >> i tried to forget that day to
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be honest because i don't like reliving it. >> reporter: she call her birth story a miracle, she was an inmate here in july of 2017, her attorney says she had been arrested for trespassing. she was eight months pregnant and complained of cramping and was taken to the hospital where she was disdiagnosed with false labor. two days later, she was now screaming in pain. >> these girls were trying to tell these deputies, women deputy, go help me and they didn't. they sat there and laughed at me. >> reporter: her attorney says she was placed in an isolation cell where deputies closed a sliding window to muffle her screams. >> they decide that we're just going to park her in a concrete box and shut her up. and that is abusive. >> reporter: steele went into labor. >> my mother instincts, survival skills just kick in and i pushed and then stood up and pulled her out. and noticed that she was coughing, trying to catch air
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and i noticed the umbilical cord was wrapped around her neck, so i undid that, stuck my finger in her throat, and a couple minutes later the deputy opens the door and all she could say is, oh, okay. >> reporter: the sheriff's office says steele did not give birth alone. >> our staff discovered her in that process and administered first aid and helped her deliver the baby. >> reporter: a point she disputes. >> it was all me. >> reporter: the sheriff's office says over the last year, it has gone over its ob/gyn program. >> we neat ameet and exceed sta with our program. this is a very unfortunate situation where this happened. >> reporter: in january, steele's attorney filed a similar class action lawsuit on behalf of pregnant inmates here at santiago a retake jail. she says that lawsuit is now in settlement talks.a retake jail. she says that lawsuit is now in
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settlement talks. melanie woodrow, abc 7. body camera video shows that the sheriff's office may have illegally recorded at least one confidential conversation between a juvenile suspect and his attorney. one case has already been thrown out because of what high school happenschool -- has happened and an investigation is under way. what the officials are saying is coming up at 5:00. three people arrested in a series of apple store thefts in southern california last weekend are from the bay area. the ventura county sheriff released booking photos of the suspects, two women from sacramento and fresno were also arrested. all are believed to be part of an organized crime ring that are targeted stores statewide. authorities say the group went to an apple store sunday afternoon in north ridge and stole $10,000 worth of products. two hours later, officials say the same group went to an apple store in thousand oaks, but this
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time good samaritans tackled two and the others were arrested in a getaway car. >> they are targeting apple stores and there is networking in place to sell these on the secondary market. >> deputies found tens of thousands in stolen apple merchandise. authorities have released the booking photo of a man arrested in a side show on the bay bridge. mora is facing charges of reckless driving and resisting arrest. necessary guys basically took over the bay bridge, at least three white cars doing doughnuts on on the upper deck. all the traffic was shut down because of the stunt. all lanes of the bridge, it caused a backup that lasted about an hour. unbelievable scene. all right. another day of gray, in fact grayer than yesterday. >> and cooler. today was still cooler than average by a stretch. here is a look at live doppler
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7. we have lots of lingering clouds, although they lingered just about all day for much of the bay area. this is the view over the bay under cloudy skies. it is 63 here in san francisco, 66 in oakland. low 70s in mountain view and san jose, 81 at morgan hill, 59 half moon bay. this is the view from mt. tam from above the low clouds and below the high clouds. up north only upper 60s right now. 70 at novato and low 70s at fairfield, concord, livermore. locations that often are in the mid-90s this time of august. so low clouds, fog and drizzle with us overnight. below average temperatures again tomorrow. don't expect much change over the next few days in this cooler than average pattern and of course we still have a breezy pattern, surface wind speeds right now are generally between 12 and 18 miles an hour with gusts to 32 miles per hour over in fairfield. in the evening and overnight
4:20 pm
hours, we have widespread low clouds and fog pushing well inland during the overnight hours. and of course there is enough moisture here that we use see some spotty drizzle not only near the coast and bay, but perhaps beyond the bay. and low clouds and fog will be slow to pull back to the coastline tomorrow much like today, so temperatures will remain far below average for this time of the year. on we go to overnight lows generally mid to upper 50s and once again there could be some spotty drizzle near the coast and bay. and tomorrow's highs will range from only upper 50s generally along the coastline to upper 60s and low 70s around the bay. and inland highs will be generally upper 80s, upper 70s rather to low 80s. that is upper 70s to low 80s inland tomorrow. now let's talk about the tropical storm and hurricane threat for hi. we have hurricane lane generally approaching the ha hawaiian irelands. let's take a look at the storm, it is a powerful category 4
4:21 pm
hurricane. and as it rumbles slowly toward the west/northwest, it has maximum sustained winds at 155 miles an hour. by thursday morning, this storm could pass just a couple hundred miles southwest of hilo as a category 3 and come very close to honolulu by friday morning as a category one. so that is why the watches are in effect and could become warnings soon. we'll track it obviously. here is the accuweather 7 day forecast, we'll have high temperatures inland only in the low 80s for the next few day, lower mid-70s around the bay. there will be a bit of a warm-up over the weekend, but temperatures will drop again early next week. >> i had ckids need those jacke. sending kids off to school with a smile, but this is more than just good cheer. what students at one south bay school also received today. plus there is a new look for animal crackers. notice the cages are gone. so what do you think. >> go to
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students at fisher middle school in san jose were welcomed back with a standing ovation. >> matt keller explains why that was just the beginning. >> reporter: what a way to start off the school year. students at fisher middle school on hopkins drive were welcomed to campus by volunteers from verizon. but the workers are giving more to the classrooms than just moral support. this is the second year for the verizon innovative learning here, that means all 280 students or so and 20 teachers get a free tablet and wireless data. >> we think that it is really great to give kids an early introduction to technology and get them jazzed about using it. >> reporter: fisher middle had to apply to the program.
4:25 pm
verizon says they are focused on helping underresourced schools. verizon says teachers at fisher and other on schools also get trained for technology infused curriculum. >> they do modules to help them know about different apps that they can infuse in their respective content areas and we just had a professional development training last thursday with our ed tech teacher to go over more applications. >> reporter: many schools are facing declining enrollment. private donations can help fill a need that wasn't being met before. >> it opens up a lot of doors not only for our students, but the families. >> reporter: verizon says students are three times more successful in math and two times more successful in reading in this program. matt keller, abc 7 news. listen to this one, after more than a century behind bars, the animals on the boxes of bar number's animal crackers are now roaming free. that's right, the animals are no
4:26 pm
longer caged. >> admittedly it is a little subtle here, but you have to take a look. nabisco unveiled the new design. animals are not behind the cage as they were in the old look. so is it a progressive upgrade? co do you want the traditional look back or do you just care about how they taste? go to to wei this. the cracker's name sake closed last year, so this is more indicative of more than times. at first glass, i had a hard time figuring out that the cage was even gone. i'll try to twist it so we don't get too much reflection here. but you can see the subtlety of the cage in one. and you noticed the art work. >> i feel like it is more cartoony. but maybe that is intentional. i like the philosophy behind it, but i guess i'm just more
4:27 pm
practical. it is all about how it tastes. i want the taste to stay the same. >> and so far 83% of those voting say they do like the progressive upgrade. >> thanks for your votes. developing news now out of washington for you, we have a verdict in the paul manafort trial. >> mr. manafort is disappointed of not getting acquittals all the way through. >> and president trump's former attorney makes a plea deal. it could implicate the president. >> plus tough words from governor brown over a plan to scrap a
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astrazeneca may be able to help. here are the stories making headlines. a man has been charged in the death of mollie tibbetts whose body was believed to have been found today in an iowa cornfield. police say the suspect christianry veer wra oig christn ri ve christianry rivera oig is in the country illegally from mexico. a crash is now clear after block traffic for about four hours. a caltrans worker was hurt. this is in the same area where chp officer and another driver were killed earlier this month. the alameda county public defender says the sheriff's office illegally recorded privileged conversations between an attorney and a juvenile suspect. officials believe the practice was routine.
4:31 pm
katie utehs has the story at 5:00. former trump campaign chairman paul manafort was found guilty today on eight counts in his tax fraud trial. and michael cohen reached a plea deal involving charges of campaign finance violations, bank fraud and tax evasion. emi emily rau has the latest. >> reporter: president trump's long time personal attorney michael cohen left federal court after pleading guilty and taking a plea deal on bank fraud, tax evasion and campaign finance violations. in court he said he was acting under the direction of a candidate for federal office when he arranged the payment of hush money to stormy daniels and karen mcdougal. >> he worked to pay money to silence two women who had information that he believed would be detrimental to the 2016 campaign and to the candidate and the campaign. >> reporter: meanwhile in
4:32 pm
virginia, a jury found president trump's former campaign chairman paul manafort guilty of eight of 18 counts of tax and bank fraud. the court did not reach a verdict on the other 10 charges. >> mr. manafort is disappointed of not getting acquittals all the way through or a complete hung jury on all counts. >> reporter: the government argued before manafort worked on president trump's campaign in 2016, he put $60 million in more than 30 offshore accounts, much of that money allegedly from ukranian officials with ties to russia. in west virginia, for a rally, president trump reacted to the verdict. >> it doesn't involve me, but i still feel, you know, it is a very sad thing that happened. this has nothing to do with russian collusion. it started as russian collusion. this is absolutely nothing to do. this is a witch hunt that takit a disgrace. >> reporter: cohen has previously said that he would take a bullet for president trump, but last month he told
4:33 pm
abc news that his family and his country have his first loyalty. and as for paul manafort, his legal battles are not finished yet. he has another federal trial that is set to begin next month. emily rau, abc news, washington. the trump administration today moved to formally replace the clean power plan that is an environmental regulation former president obama said was the most important step this country ever took to fight climate change. today's move would give the states more authority to regulate coal fired power plants. this is seen as a big boost for the coal industry. president trump just happens to be in the heart of coal country today in west virginia to deliver this news during ais scg 5:00. this rollback could increase carbon emissions, asthma and premature deaths. jerry brown minced no words tweeting this is a declaration of war against america and all
4:34 pm
of humanity. it will not stand. truth and common sense will triumph of over trump's insanity. end quote. a federal judge in seattle says he will decide by monday whether to block a settlement allowing a texas company to post online blueprints for printing 3d guns. today the judge says that the issue should be decided by congress or the president. 19 states including california sued and secured a restraining order to stop the release of the blueprints. critics say the plastic guns create security concerns because of course being plastic, they would not be de tektectable by medical detectors. a colorado husband is charged with killing his wife and two daughters. as danya bacchus explains, the wife's father broke down as the charges were read in court. >> reporter: chris watts in court. >> i have denied your right to bail. >> reporter: his father-in-law, frank, weeping as the judge read the nine felony counts against
4:35 pm
the man accused of murdering his daughter shanann, and his granddaughters celeste and bella. court documents now revealing chris says he told his wife shanann he wanted a separation. later he says that he saw bella sprawled out on her bed and blue, and shanann actively strangling celeste. chris says that caused him to go into a rage and ultimately strangle shanann to death. >> i know shanann would never hurt her girls. never. her girls were her world. >> reporter: nicole, the last person to see shanann alive, says chris' version of events is impossible. saying shanann confided in her that chris recent became standoffish. >> he wasn't being the loving chris that he normally was. he wasn't touching or hugging or doing stuff like that. >> reporter: court documents also say watts was actively involved in an affair with a co-worker. shanann who was 15 weeks pregnant with their sonny company was found in a shallow
4:36 pm
grave, their two duties you been is merged in oil tanks. >> i didn't want to sleep. it is all coming back. >> reporter: watts did not enter a plea. in addition to the murder charges, he also faces an unlawful termination of pregnancy charge. danya bacchus, abc news, los angeles. private jet reportedly carrying rapper post malone made an emergency landing today after two of the tires burst on takeoff. the gulf stream 4 landed safely at stewart international airport in new york state after it circled for two hours burning fuel. it depart ed bound for london when the mishap occurred. new details about your heart and its connection to dementia. and plus what do tired firefighters eat on the fire lines? one knows the answer firsthand. and it has been a dreary day. i'll have a partly dreary forecast coming up what does help for heart failure look like?
4:37 pm
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do you ever wonder what firefighters are eat when they are out on long shifts battling wildfires? >> we can tell you that their meals are more nutritious than many of ours. vic lee with the story about a cal fire catering from the bay area. >> reporter: esposto's kitchen is in a smaul
4:40 pm
san francisco. the kacatersthousands of meals. one of their clients, cal fire. they can make on 10,000 bag lunches a day for hungry firefighters on the lines. last year they delivered 70,000 to 80,000 of these meals. meals for firefighters working 12 to 24 hour shifts exhausted by the heat intense winds and physical the patriot yarkbill runs the business. he says they have to be 4,000 to 6,000 cal is in a bagged lunch. >> certain amount of proteins, certain amount of carbs, dried meats, fruit, vegetables.
4:41 pm
>> reporter: and also electrolyte drink mixes, beef jerky, protein bar, trail mix and even olives from italy. there is no pressed meat in the sandwiches, they carve and slice their own. >> since we own delis, we try to come different sandwiches than just the tur can. >> reporter: like this could you b cuban panini. >> and one you put it on your engine block and that is how you heat it up. >> reporter: all of the cookies are made in their own bakery. and they have do it all quickly. a fire waits for no one. >> it could be 2:00 in the morning getting a phone call and they say any need lunches delivered four yhours away. >> good quality food is something we appreciate. >> reporter: and this lunch bag is not your old mre. vic lee, abc 7 news. a road in yosemite will reopen on friday, it is the main access point.
4:42 pm
it has been closed since july 25 because of the ferlg son fire. that fire burned around the park and is now fully contained. firefighters have been removing hazardous trees and mopping up hot spots this week. officials expect the road to reopen within two weeks. as you may know, we've had lingering low clouds all day, but spirits will be bright and sunny as the red hot as take on the rangers. it will be about 62 degrees, so cool but the as are hot, so that balances it out. here is a look at the overnight lows under drizzly conditions under the coast. low clouds just about everywhere else. mid to upper 23i6r950s. tomorrow similar to today, upper 70s to low 80s inland, upper 60s to low 70s on around the bay. notice there will be very little
4:43 pm
change in this cooler than average pattern through friday. we'll see a little bit of a warm-up over the weekend, not a dramatic one, but warmer nonetheless. and then it will cool down again early next week. >> those as drew less in an 10,000 last night. i know it is a monday night, kids are back to school some of them, but they deserve better than that. >> you're right. >> building process takes a long time. how 2rus wort trustworthy i facebook account? how facebook says it will help fight fake news. and i'm michael finney. california is one step closer to banning drinking straws.
4:44 pm
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4:46 pm
facebook is now signing your account a trustworthy score to help combat fake news. the "washington post" reports every user that reports a story as fails will get a score between 0 and 1. if a user flags something as false, but the fact checkers verify it has true, then their score will go down. facebook says you can't see your score or anybody else's, they are just using it internally. there are concerns that the trustworthiness score will unfairly target some specific groups like perhaps conservatives.
4:47 pm
for many social media is a way of life. there are influencers and the influenced. >> but now a former reporter wants people to take a step back and see the reality behind the photographs. our sister station in los angeles has the details. >> reporter: social media, these days it is the best way to connect with friends, colleagues, relative, even strangers. but these same networking sites can also make us feelfeely, jea and depressed. that is why one former reporter is trying to flip the script. >> as i was giving speeches, people would be sharing that they felt like they needed to sign off of all of their apps because every time they went online, they would feel less than. they would see someone else's post and think oh, my gosh, that person has such a bigger better life than i do. >> reporter: what jessica learned from her viewers and her own life is backed by research. a 2017 study by the royal society of public health found 7 in 10 teens and young adults said instragram made them feel
4:48 pm
worse about an their body image. >> we all sort of get caught up in that person is living such a glamorous life, even though they may have told us in person 10 minutes earlier all the things that went wrong in their day. >> reporter: her newly released book, unfiltered, how to be as happy as you look on social media, is a collection of interviews, personal stories and research to figure out what makes people fall into the trap of compare and despair. >> are you not happy in your career, in your relationships, in your level of community activism. and i wrote this book with action plans and tips and resources and links. i think when people open up and were vulnerable, that is when you develop deep meaningful connections with people. and most of the time people are logging on to their phones because they are creating human connection. >> reporter: a reminder to create a beautiful life, not just a beautiful feed. abc 7 news. don't believe all the pictures. san francisco is one of the bay area cities recently passed a ban on plastic straws.
4:49 pm
>> and they soon could be banned in restaurants around the state you can you specifically ask for one. >> michael finney mass more has that. >> this is really picking up steam. two months ago go, you weren't hearing about it. today the state senate approved a bill that would ban full service restaurants from providing the straws unless they were requested by customers. the state as sechlbly has to pass the senate's amended version before the bill goes to governor brown's desk. the bill can clouds fast food restaurants because critics were saying customers should be provided a straw while drinking beverages in the car. if governor brown signs the bill and he is expected to, the big would take effect on january 1. the food and drug administration is extending the expiration dates of some epipens by four months to combat shortages of the of will salife. the extensions apply only to the point 3 milligram dose and its
4:50 pm
authorized generic with current expiration dates between inand a december of this year. and two major airlines are adding some more fees for passengers. southwest is starting pricing for early bird check-in. instead of a flat $15 rate, they will now charge between $15 and $25 depending on the length of the flight and popularity of early check-in on the route. and united will tonight start charging extra for economy seats near the front of the plane. already airlines are already doing it. no word on how much all of that will cost you. >> are they trying to discourage us from flying? what is the idea here? >> how much money do you have? give it to us. >> thank you, michael. a new study suggests good cardiovascular health may be linked to a lower risk of dementia. the research followed 65 and older people for more than eight years.
4:51 pm
6600 people. 756 of them developed dementia. the study kept track of how many of the simple seven goals each met, they include not smoking, having a body mass index below obesity levels and being physically active. each one of the goals met with linked to a drop in risk future dementia. >> i don't know if they mentioned posture, but will story will make you want to sit up straight. >> if you want relief from back pain, becky worry hasley has a sitting technique. >> reporter: you may have heard the catch phrase sitting at new smoking? there is just one problem. >> you can't really quit sitting like you can quit smoking. >> reporter: jen is teacher of a practice called spinefulness. while sitting less is a good idea, she says you can also sit better. she says, one, stop thinking about your posture. >> most people lift their chest and it actually contracts.
4:52 pm
so back muscles basically. everyone does the good posture thing and sits up straight. so when you sit up straight, how do you feel? >> like i have a rod jammed up my back. and my chest is out, shoulders are back. >> reporter: that is not sustainable, so bucking tradition she says throw the posture idea out. instead, step two, sit down differently. >> you want to tip from your torso, move the butt back. and then you want to feel that your hamstring is lengthening, stretching. do you feel that? >> tight right here. >> yeah. and then as soon as you feel hamstring stretch, then you want to sit. you will start sitting. there you go. nice. >> this seems sustainable. >> reporter: but the final tip, if you find yourself slumped or hunched, don't pull everything tights to get back in alignment. stand up and start over again with the bend at the hips. >> we sit so that we're not
4:53 pm
overly contracting the low back muscles and creating new back pain. >> reporter: becky worley, oakland, california. >> i didn't realize that we needed a it is being coach now. >> i don't feel like i'm doing it right. >> chris was trying the whole way and i'm not sure you succeeded. >> it does look better, but you're right, there is that tnsion there. messages of love and hope in an unlikely location. >> every half block or so, there is a message about something very positive. >> so inspirational, just great. >> we showed you these messages yesterday. and now what the woman behind them hopes they will inspire you to do. and dan has what is ahead at 5:00. >> well, coming up noon at 5:00, we are live in piedmont as loved ones react to the new of mollie tibbetts death. and an investigation on stanford's campus. school starts in a month, but
4:54 pm
right now police are investigating a very serious crime and one professor says it has become a big problem. and dream come true for a bay area boy who signed chris davis' jersey. what the young fan is saying about this very special moment with the as home run king. all of that and a lot more when christian and i see you at this is not a bed. it's a revolution in sleep. the new sleep number 360 smart bed is on sale now, from899, during sleep number's 'biggest sale of the year'. it senses your movement, and automatically adjusts to keep you both comfortable. it even helps with this. so you wake up ready to put your pedal to the metal. and now, all beds are on sale. save 50% on the new sleep number 360 limited edition smart bed. plus, 24-month financing and free home delivery. ends saturday. sleep number. proven, quality sleep.
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bachelor in paradise and then castaways and then the news. messages of hope are being found on the sidewalk in front of franklin elementary. tak it is a great back to school welcome, but it did not come from the district. katie utehs with more on the mystery artist at work. >> reporter: it says your mom loves you. give more love today than you did yesterday. it matters. messages scrolled in chalk on the sidewalks. >> every half block or so, there is a message about something very positive and very nice. >> reporter: words of kindness. >> so inspirational, just great. >> reporter: unsigned by the author. so who is behind the sentiments? >> yeah, very much wondering. >> reporter: the secret is known at salon 1500. >> i thought to myself, what did you do? so i came on out and i read the quote which is a beautiful quote. >> reporter: justin is the chalk artist hairstylist. >> she is a mom of three beautiful children, great wife.
4:58 pm
and she just wants to devote herself. >> reporter: but the secret is safe. >> don't use her name. >> i know they want to remain anonymous, but thank you. >> reporter: so far she's written around 60 messages. many are around schools. >> you are going to have the best year. plus you you get new crayons. that is absolutely awesome. >> reporter: just like a good haircut can britghten your day, so too can a sweet sentence. >> everything is gone to be awesome. just you wait. >> it made a big change and big impact on my mood and high day and i want to her. >> reporter: katie utehs, abc 7. >> and she is opening others will share kind messages in their neighborhood. get the laetds anytitest anytime
4:59 pm
abc 7 news app delivered to your phone and in real time. thanks for joining us. the news at 5:00 starts right now. charged with murder in the first degree. >> devastating end to the search for mollie tibbetts, a suspect leads police to a body believed to be hers. a look at the man charged with murder. and caltrans workers hurt in a bad crash, it happened almost exactly where a chp officer was hit and killed and the similarities don't end there. confidential conversation, did the alameda county sheriff's office secretly record it. and a bay area boy's magic touch and signature moment right before this power hitter's huge home run. just very kind to everybody, so maybe the best gift we can give is to be like mollie today.
5:00 pm
>> loved ones mourning the loss of mollie tibbetts. and this is the man who murdered the 20-year-old college student. good evening, i'm dan ashley. >> and i'm christian seay. the body believed to be that of mollie tibbetts was found in an iowa cornfield. >> the man who killed her is in the country illegally, police say that 24-year-old christianry re rivera oig admitted approaching her. >> while he was interfacing with her, he actually tells us that he ran alongside of her or behind her. and then at one point he tells us that mollie grabbed a hold of her phone and said you need to leave me alone, i'm going to call the police. and then she took off on running. he in turn chased her down and then he tells us that at some point in time he blacks out. and then he comes to near an intersection which we believ


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