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tv   ABC7 News 430AM  ABC  August 22, 2018 4:30am-5:00am PDT

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hurricane aroundomoru reporting live in oakland, amy holyfield. it is now 4:30. let's talk more about that track of the hurricane. mike is standing by. you've been looking at this all week. what does it look like now? >> looks impressive, doesn't it? very donut shape, very tight. wind gradient. that's why it increased in strength up to a major category 5. we're starting to see weakening. you notice the red starting to shrink a little bit. that is going to be the case. it is supposed to weaken as it heads up towards the big island. should be there, passing right by at 11:00 tomorrow evening with at least 110 miles per hour winds. it will skirt maui and just barely miss kauai at least the eye. your in that northern quadrant which is where the fastest winds
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will be and the heaviest rain. we're still at 80 mile-per-hour winds around kauai. what is going to happen? the higher you are, the more likely you'll have wind damage because you get away from the friction of the trees and the buildings. the lower you are, the more likely there is going to be flooding from the heavy rain on all the islands it's going to fall. plus, there's going to be a flood surge of about one to three feet from the tides coming in. so there is three things with very to keep an eye on all the way through at least saturday morning. alexis? >> good morning, mike. i did mention a problem on highway 4. we will head there now on our traffic maps. it doesn't sound like major issue yet. it's on the eastbound side of the roadway just before you get to hill crest in the antioch area. it was say solo vehicle spinout crash. it is facing the right way. it is blocking lane two. the second lane from that far left side, emergency crews are on the way to the scene. doesn't sound like there are any
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lights on that vehicle. everyone else is quiet. for you yesterday.lnut today is looking much drier. no delays on southbound 680 north of 24. >> the man charged in the murder of mollie tibbetts will make his first court appearance today. authorities say christhian rivera confessed to killing the iowa college student who grew up in the east bay. our reporter explains security footage led to brake through in this case. >> we identified that vehicle belonging to mr. rivera and we interviewed him and he led us to her location. >> reporter: 24-year-old christhian rivera who is in the u.s. illegally has been charged with first-degree murder. authorities say rivera led them to a field where they found a body, mollie tibbetts clothing covered in corn leaves. >> he told us that mollie grabbed ahold of the phone and said leave me alone, i'm going to call the police. then she took off running. he in turn chased her down. and then he tells us that at
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some point in time he blacks out. >> reporter: news of mollie's death reached the perfect ez re. >> you heard today about the illegal alien coming in very sadly from mexico and you saw what happened to that incredible, beautiful young woman. should have never happened. >> we have mollie. everyone has mollie. so that's what breaks your heart. >> reporter: ann woods is a close friend of the family. ten years ago mollie's family moved back to iowa. >> what laura is going through can sympathize with. >> reporter: i spoke to laura by phone from iowa. she shared this photo of herself with mollie at the time she was still hopeful that her little girl would come home safe. >> no matter how little faith you have, you can work miracles
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and know there is a whole world out there praying for molli >> christhian rivera's bail is set at $1 million f convicted, he could face life in prison without parole. and we're learning more about him this morning. he worked at dairy farm oenld by the family of a prominent state republican leader. in a statement they said that rivera had worked on its farms for the last four years and was an employee in good standing. it is owned by craig lane, an iowa farmer and political figure. the abc 7 news app has much more on the dispaerappearance of mol tibbetts. download the app for free and enable any push alerts. we'll send out breaking news updates. the man accused of killing 18-year-old nia wilson is due in court. he may enter a plea today. he's accused of stabbing wilson d her sister at the mcarthur
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bart station. wilson died, her sister survived. the family filed a lawsuits against bart claiming the transit system should have banned him for previous threats and fare he vision. president trump as attorney and fixer is facing prison time after pleading guilty to campaign finance allegations. he admits he paid hush money to silence two women who claimed to have had sex with the president. he told a judge he was working in coordination and at the discretion of a candidate for federal offices. cohen's lawyer appeared on gma this morning. >> is michael cohen prepared to tell everything he knows about president trump to special counsel robert mueller and other prosecutors? >> yes. 100%. that's the decision he made. and that led to what happened yesterday and that's why his feelings right now are mixture of the pain he went through for his family but relief in liberation that he can now speak completely the truth without the shadow of the potential prosecution hanging over him.
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>> the president has denied knowing about a $130,000 payment made to stormy daniels 11 days before the election. prosecutors say cohen was reimbursed by the trump organization. president trump's former campaign chair paul manafort has been found guilty. eight counts in his financial fraud case. the jury deliberated four days before reaching that verdict. the judge declared a mistrial on ten other counts that jurors could not agree on setting up the possibility of a retrial. manafort's defense attorney says he is now evaluating his options. from the south bay this morning, regional medical center of san jose is investigating a racially charged social media post that appears to have come from an employee. according to partners at the bay area news group, the author is identified as beth lorine she expressed disgust at immigrants who she claims neil at the playing of star spangled
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banner. i am sure that the u.s. is giving you housing, food stamps, free health care and education for your children and this is how you feel. go back to your nasty country dirty illegals. now the hospital said it is handling the matter internally and would not confirm if she works there. seven minutes way from the forecast. good morning. let's talk about temperatures. we mention that because it was going to be drier this morning. a little warmer. there you go. temperatures about 4 to 7 degrees milder. so where does that put us? if you move into san francisco, upper 50s to low 60s. a lot of 58 to 61. not much of a spread here. you get closer to the coast, you may run into drizzle. all right. as far as everywhere else, we have mid 50s around richmond and then m 60s around union city and santa clair yashra, only tr a ttle h mis and you reach some
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drizzl today since it's dry, it's going to be pretty good for driving sunshine in the afternoon hours. comfortable on the mass transit. east bay valleys, cloudy conditions and 61 this morning. sunshine by noon and 71. 80 at 4:00 for your high temperature. a little bit warmer than yesterday. south bay is going to be about the same maybe a degree or two warmer as the sunshine will come out faster for you. also expect to need the sunglasses by noon. hanging in the mid 70s in the afternoon. grab a jacket as you head out this evening. that earlier sunset means 66. i know our weather doesn't correlate but there was hardly anybody on the road this morning. >> yeah. i think once the people that work regular hours hit the road it will be a lot different, mike. a lot of folks heading back to school either last week or this week. so those volumes really have been increasing once we get a
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little later into the morning. right now we're looking okay in san mateo. westbound 92 across the bridge, into foster city looking great with no significant delays. and our drive times are looking good too. westbound 80 highway 4 to the maze, in the green, 16 minutes. southbound 101 san francisco to sfo also wide open at nine minutes. i have a heads up if you're planning on using mass transit this weekend. i'll talk about that next. >> thank you. coming up, the golden state killer suspect now facing more charges. find out how prosecutors from around the state are working together like never before. facebook stepping up security. the latest sweep shutting down hundreds of accounts. >> like you're my favorite player. can you sign my jersey? he's like, sure. a young fan is inspiring t
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the fire threat continues to weaken across the state. the red flag warning from yesterday over. still, a fire weather watch. it could return up in the northwest corner starting at 2:00 tomorrow afternoon through 11:00 in the evening. we still have the poor air quality possible down around slow. looks like until possibly 11:00 this evening. as far as temperatures, we 80s,. sea breeze once again, 87
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yosemite. 78 tahoe with haze there. a delightful afternoon in los angeles. you still have time to sneak a weekend get away. autumn like next week in the low 70s. >> mike, thank you. this just into our live desk. a 6.2 earthquake struck off the oregon coast. usgs said it happened at 1:30 this morning. 170 miles west of coos bay. there are no reports of damage so far. more charges against the man accused of being the golden state killer. he is facing 13 additional counts of kidnapping. most of those charges stem from the east area rapist attacks in sacramento. yesterday prosecutors from six california counties announced they are teaming up to try the case in sacramento. that's an effort they say is unprecedented.
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he is believed to be behind more than 50 rapes in california. firefighters on the front lines of the complex fires are still trying to contain the larger ranch fire. containment of the complex dropped down to 74% yesterday. it is now burned more than 406,000 acres. cal fire said they hoped increased humidity and lower temperatures helped firefighters overnight. from the east bay this morning, we're hearing from a 10-year-old oakland boy who had the opportunity to meet his baseball hero, chris davis. it turns out the boy who is in remission from a rare form of cancer made quite the impression on the as slugger. mindi they made a difference in each other's lives. >> reporter: chris davis' 37th home run of the season did more than travel 438 feet, it carried with it an important message. >> there is not a better feeling than hitting a home run.
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and if he got some excitement and joy from watching that, i hope he saw it. >> reporter: anthony certainly did. >> i was, like, really happy. if you watch, like, if you go on the as game and look at all the crowd, you see me cheering with my hands up. >> reporter: that is anthony's autograph on the back of davis' jersey. the boy met his favorite player before the game as part of a group from the make a wish foundation. he asked dave tois sign his jersey. davis asked anthony to do the same. >> my cheeks were really red. it makes me really happy and nervous. everybody is going to see my bad handwriting. >> reporter: anthony will be able to look at his 10-year-old autograph whenever he wants. chris davis' and the as decided to give him the game worn jersey and they had another idea. >> we're going to auction off another jersey from the players weekend to raise money for make a wish. a great thing this chris is
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doing. >> reporter: the experience experience comes at a good time for anthony. he started sixth grade at a new middle school. >> middle school is just school. but i really have nice teachers. >> reporter: after enduring surgery and a year of chemotherapy, anthony is cancer free. but kids at his school who don't know often ask him about his scars. he what happened. but now they would rather hear about how he met chris davis and what he plans to do with that new jersey. >> first i would hug it. and then i would hang it up on my wall forever with this one. >> reporter: in oakland, mindi bach, abc 7 sports. >> he's such a cutie. >> so amazing. >> i love he was worried everyone was going to see his bad handwriting. i can relate. i have terrible hand writing too. >> but it's his handwriting. >> i know. he's so precious. i love that story. >> so great they gave him the jersey. he can hang it on the wall. >> you know, that -- i talked to a lot of as fans. and they're still upset about
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the trade. but that was a couple years ago. don't hold it against this team. this tea tm ism is. >> yeah, giving back. >> so let's get behind them and start supporting them once again. they're in first place. >> they're really good for no other reason. >> in the community and on the diamond. all right. let's talk about weather. i'll have that forecast coming up in less than seven minutes. today they go for a sweep of the rangers. here's a look at the exploratorium. you can see the sales force tower. we couldn't see that yesterday. that gives you an idea the marine layer is not as stout. a little drier. that means you'll need the sunglasses faster today. more areas than did you yesterday. clouds return tonight. we will have mild lows once again. then minor ups and downs through the extended. here's a look at the cloud cast. you can see how deep the penetration all the way into the central valley. but notice by noon there is still a lot of fog around the bay. but by 3:00, it's pretty much clear unlike yesterday. it's the coast that's going to be clinging to the clouds the most. by 7:00 they start rolling in. so let's talk about temperatures down in the south bay. mid to upper 70s in most
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neighborhoods. we'll be in the low to mid 70s for most of the peninsula. flirting with 60 along the peninsula coast. mid 60s in downtown. mid to upper 70s through the north bay valley. we go from 80 to 90 here. along the east bay shore, upper 60s to low 70s. as you move inland, upper 70s to low 80s. another comfortable day. the seven day forecast, little change tomorrow. a little bit of warming away from the coast friday, saturday, and sunday. then it will start to cool again just a little bit monday and tuesday. here's alexis. >> all right. good morning, mike. we're really quiet here so far today. yesterday we had quite a bit of mist and drizzle. today, not seeing that.gabridge through the north bay. i don't think you'll have to turn the wipers on today. heads up if you ride bart this weekend. we have the tracks closed for major repairs between 19th
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street and west oakland stations. a free bus bridge will be set up. that will add time to your trip. this is going to be all day saturday and sunday. most likely have to do that again labor day weekend as well. the next traffic update coming up just before 5:00. >> alexis, thank you. facebook says it's wiped out more than 650 accounts that were spreading political disinformation worldwide. >> here's today's tech bites. >> in today's tech bites, facebook shuts down hundreds of fake sites. >> the company says iranian and russian linked accounts were spreading political disinformation. more than 650 were closed down. mark zuckerberg says increased security following the 2016 elections is doing its job. apple is expected to introduce a less expensive laptop and desktop. >> bloomberg news says the announcement is in october. the macbook air hasn't had an update in years. mac sales are slowing and apple is behind in the medication market. finally, something women have known for a long time, our
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pants pockets just are not big enough for today's technology. >> a sdyonfirms that pockets in the most popular jeans are both shorter and narrower than men's front pockets. it says latest popular phones just don't fit into the front pockets of most women's jeans. >> those are your tech bites. >> i mean come on. we knew that for years. we did. >> some men just realized it. a controversial art installation is going to go up soon in the north bay. >> plus, a classic time piece meets a timeless cl
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you know what do you when you're the first place team and the last place team comes into your house? you beat them. can't guarantee a shutout once again. i can guarantee really comfortable weather. 65 to 68. 12:35 that first pitch under mostly sunny skies in the coliseum. good luck. from the north bay this morning, a 17 to 23 foot sculpture showing five bathtubs on thin stilts is slated to be installed on the petaluma water front. that has a lot of people upset. a gofundme account for a campaign against the sculpture features a rendition of the art work. it looks like the star wars walkers and has no connection to the city. san francisco artist says it pays hommage to the bathtubs received on the petaluma river during the gold rush. the city's public art committee
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plans to install the sculpture by next august. take a look at this video taken by mountain biker in santa rosa this month. two rattle snakes appear to be doing a seductive dance. he thought they were mating but a rattle snake expert said the snakes were likely fighting over competition to mate. a vegan burger chain is coming to san francisco. next level burger will come in on friday. first one opened last year at the whole foods in concord. olive garden is offering a new pasta pass. this is always very popular. for $100, the restaurant chain will sell a total of 23,000 passes pasta. and this year olive garden says they'll sell 1,000 passes that will give holders unlimited pasta for an entire year for $300. the passes go on sale tomorrow at 11:00 a.m.
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>> i used to make those salads. i'm still scarred by the bread stick maker that burned me. >> ouch. >> yes. >> if you want a cheap get way, southwest has you covered. but there's a catch. the airline announced that the one way fares of $39 across the state. they cover flights from oakland and san francisco to burbank, los angeles, san diego, several other california cities. the fares are only for travel on tuesdays and wednesdays. so there's the catch. >> you are never more than seven minutes away from the forecast. more school districts starting the new year today. 55, a little cloudy. an area that could see drizzle this morning. 59 by noon. then partly cloudy in the afternoon. only about 63 degrees. we got one more we'll talk about. belmont, redwood shores. cloudy this morning. drizzle less likely than yesterday. there still could be a spin or two of it. 57. noon, 63. mostly sunny and comfortable 72 during the afternoon hours. good luck.
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have fun. okay. taking a look at the roads this morning. bay bridge toll plaza once again from our emeryville camera, we spun that oren for yoaround for. no metering lights. we have a little stackup on either side of the toll plaza in the cash lanes. maybe a couple minute wait there. it should not take long. other than that, mostly green on our traffic maps. i want to update you on a crash in the antioch area just before hill crest. it was on the lighter side of traffic. a solo vehicle crash turned into a two car crash. that is off the shoulder and no injuries reported. >> alexis, thank you. a celebration for mickey mouse's 90th birthday is in san francisco. >> abc 7 news was at the minnesota street project last night for the debut of mickey's cosmic cavern. the art exhibit sin expired about it iconic tch. ence on artulre go be b exhibit tsis isart of
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which will eventually go to new york in a couple of weeks. mickey mouse made his official film debut in november of 1928 and disney is the parent company of abc 7 news. can i just tell you something? >> sure. >> i saw my friend last night at the gym. then he ends up at that exhibit and text me. i should have told you about this mickey mouse thing. you like disney, right? is that even a friend? >> is that a good friend? >> is that a friend? >> who likes disney more than you do? right. looks really cool. >> it does look cool. it's the end of an era that started in the south bay. next at 5:00, new details about orchard supply he closing every store for good. >> plus, a local fire chief says >> plus, a local fire chief says verizon slowed
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putting summer on hold. >> you're looking live outside. expect the cooldown to continue. >> that's not your favorite. that's not your favorite forecast. >> no. no. >> good morning on this wednesday, august 22nd. natasha has the day off. >> you're never more than seven minutes away from the forecast. mike, tell me something good. >> the problem is i can't keep both of you happy. because you guys are kind of -- >> don't even try. >> is there a warmup in store? >> inland. >> okay. >> okay. come


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