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tv   ABC7 News 600PM  ABC  August 22, 2018 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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>> and i'm kristen zse. and some of the equipment rendered useless as they fought the largest wildfire in california history. >> it is called data throttling and vic lee is live at a fire station in los altos hills with the story tonight. >> reporter: well, dna, this is the blistering court brief that the chief of the santa clara county central fire department wrote in support of the county federal lawsuit against the fcc, the federal communications commission. the county is one of many agencies, in fact states, suing the fcc to overturn the repeal of the so-called net neutrality rules, this to ensure the equal treatment of internet traffic. verizon data throttling happened shortly after the mendocino complex fire erupted early last month. throttle, the practice of internet service providers deliberately restricting data transfers. santa clara county central
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firefighters saw their internet data flow slow down dramatically. >> the speed that our plan would have aloud was reduced to one/2 hundredth of the full speed of the intersection. >> reporter: santa clara county council puts it another day. >> it is below dialogue, putting them back 20 or 30 years in terms of internet access. >> reporter: while the firefighters are battling what would become the biggest wildfire in the state history. >> and their ability to do that was significantly impacted by the data throttling. >> reporter: district fire chief wrote in his court filing that verizon officials said the department had exceeded the plan limit and a communications rig called oes 5262 was barely functioning and from the fire department to verizon an i.t. officer demanded remove any date ago throttling immediately. verizon responded by suggesting that the department upgrade its plan by more than doubling the
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bill to $99.99 a month. >> it is just ludicrous. the answer was you need to upgrade your plan. >> reporter: country supervisor cindy chavez. >> and the idea that verizon or any other provider can opt in or opt out of helping us do what the public demands is appalling. >> reporter: well verizon issued a written statement which said in part, and i quote, we have a practice to remove data speed restrictions when contacted in emergency situations and in this situation we should have lifted the speed restriction. this was a customer support mistake. vic lee, abc 7 news. >> thanks. more news about the internet. new at 6:00, a bill authored by local politicians to restore net neutrality protections in california is moving to a final committee vote. the legislation paszed the assembly communications committee this afternoon and it has been amended a number of times. the measure prohibits internet
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service providers from throttling traffic from certain websites or charging access fees and restores the rules in place before the fcc deregulated the industry last year. >> make sure that internet service providers can't block websites and have fast and slow lanes depending on who is paying more money and making sure we have a level playing field where you could go wherever you want on the internet. >> lawmakers say they're confident the bill will make it to the governor's desk next week. a vigil for mollie tibbetts just wrapped up in iowa. hundreds of people gathered at the university of iowa where she was a student. she would have begun her sophomore year this week. the university is letting students and faculty know about resources they could use if they are in need of support. now meantime bail was set at $5 million today for the man charged with killing mollie tibbetts. police say cristhian rivera confessed to follower handgun while she was out for a run,
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then killing her and dumping her body in a corn field. officials said yesterday that rivera was in the country illegally and his lawyer today disputed that claim and officials maintain he has no immigration status in the u.s. he worked at a farm and the owners there said he used a fake name to get hired. his immigration status has president trump and house democratic leader nancy pelosi in a twitter war. melanie woodrow is live in the newsroom with the latest. >> house minority leader pelosi spoke at an event at the public policy institute of california where immigration was definitely one of the topics covered. >> this afternoon president trump tweeting a video on the heels of mollie tibbetts accused murderer cristhian rivera first appearance in iowa. >> i person came in there mexico illegally and killed her. we need the wall. we need our immigration laws changed. we need our border laws changed.
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>> reporter: rivera's attorney disputed he is an undocumented migrant. today in san francisco house leader nancy pelosi speaking at the public policy institute of california emphasized the important of respecting newcomers play, quoting president ronald reagan, if we ever close the door to new americans, our leadership in the world would be lost. >> reporter: president trump calling out pelosi today in an earlier video tweet. >> nancy pelosi and the democrats want to abolish the brave men and women of i.c.e. what i want to do is abolish the killers in isis and you know who will win? we are. >> reporter: pelosi responding that the president is hallucinating when he characterized democrat position on defending the border and defeating ice and comprehension immigration reform is necessary and had this to say about mollie
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tibbetts. >> the person of cu-- the perso who he employed with is a republican. >> we are shocked to learn that one of our employees will be involved. there will be plenty of time to discuss immigration, but however now is not the time. >> reporter: instead saying now is the time to grieve and remember mollie. >> rivera's imemployer said he used a fake name and came coming to work after tibbetts disappear and nobody saw a difference in his demeanor and the farm is saying the company did not use the e verify system to verify social security numbers but an older system and they will enroll in and use e verify from now on. in the newsroom, melanie woodrow, abc 7 news. and the tsh tibbetts family said we thank those from around the world who have sent thoughts and prayers for our girl. we know that many of you will join us as we continue to carry mollie in our hearts for ever.
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the man accused of fataling stabbing 18-year-old nya wilson at mcarthur b.a.r.t. station could face the death penalty. abc 7 was at the courthouse in oakland at the latest hearing for john lee cowl. prosecutors today added a special circumstance enhancement, if he is convicted he would -- he would be eligible for the death penalty or life in prison without parole. did he not enter a plea today. in east bay, an investigation into an in custody death at the fremont police department. a 42-year-old man arrested on theft and fraud charges yesterday began having breathing problems in a secured interview room. cpr was performed but he later died at the hospital and at the hospital a doctor informed officers that two plastic baggies, one inside of the other, containing an unknown object were found in the man's throat. and on the peninsula, san
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mateo police are asking the public for any surveillance video that may help in a sexual assault case. a woman said a man posing as a ride share driver picked her up last tuesday and took her to a secluded area and sexually assaulted her. authorities are looking for any dash-cam video, helmet cam video perhaps or cell phone video from highway 92 between highway 101 and half moon bay that was taken on tuesday, august 14th, between 5:45 and 7:00 p.m. hurricane lane is bearing down on hawaii and expected to staft -- so start lashing the island tonight or tomorrow. the storm is impressive, as you could see by this video taken from a plane. it could dump -- 20 inches of rain and they sent a strike team to hawaii this morning to be on stand by in case they are needed to help with evacuations or rescues. now here is a live look in
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hawaii. courtesy of earth cam. this is the big island. the winds are picking up and getting rain. for a look at where lane is right nour right now, let's check in with spencer christian. >> the current position of the storm. this is a powerful and dangerous category four hurricane centered about 275 miles south of the big island packing sustained winds of 150 miles per hour. by tomorrow morning at 11:00, the storm will move within about 150 miles of the island or the big island to the west southwest. then continue northward as a category two on friday morning and then just about a hundred miles or so west of maui and then a sharper turn to the west going very close to honolulu about heading out to sea as a category one and then weakening even further. so now what does this mean for the people on the islands? well for the big island and for virtually the entire eastern half of the island chain a
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hurricane warning is in effect which means hurricane watch is in effect for the island, the western half of the island chain which means it is possible that the hurricane conditions could be felt. in either event this is a powerful storm and the watches and warnings should be taken seriously. >> thank you. and airlines are waiving change fees for travellers who want to postpone trips to hawaii. abc 7 news was at oakland when passengers decided not to go but others are heading to hawaii as planned. some had pre-paid activities and they just don't want to lose >> we're supposed to go to a luau and snorkeling trip that -- as of last night they said no cancelation yet. >> i was born and raised so hopefully with -- that will happen. i'm not sure. but i want to do it so we're going to go. >> many beach parks are now closed. many public schools and in fact all public schools on hawaii and maui and several university of
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hawaii campuses. if you have a trip to hawaii planned this week, you could rebook for free. but it has to be within a couple of weeks. if the airline cancels the flight, you get your money back. we have information for all of the major carriers on our website, well stay here with us. someone tried to hack the democratic national committee. >> but it didn't happen thanks to a san francisco company. how it stopped the hackers. a case of the measles in contra costa county. the warning to people who visited one lafayette restaurant last week. and the a's may have lost but they are still in the hunt. we went out to the colis
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an unusual site on the bay bridge. drivers saw someone biking right in the middle of traffic on the lower deck. here is some video from one person that shared it with abc 7 news. the chp said it stopped the female cyclist before treasure island. the chp said she was incoherent and taken into custody and given a mental health check. but it ended without disaster. petaluma police say a driver who drove on to smart railroad tracks had a blood alcohol level of almost seven times the legal limit. police say they found the car belonging to juan develop la -- valasquez and his license was suspended for prior gooi. and a hard wear chain will pass into history. orchard supply hardware is being shut down by lowe's and it is not going over well with loyal
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customers. david louie is live with reaction and the reason behind the chain's demise. david? >> reporter: corporations often say it is in the best interest of sharehlders and they make tough decisions. in this case orchard supply has been losing millions of dollars and so the ceo of lowe's which owns orchard said they are making the decision to close all 99 stores and in three states it will be tough on thousands of employees and customers. many say that shopping here for decades and what started out as a farmer's cooperative became a san jose institution. by transforming into the hardware store for the post world war ii veneration as they bought home and planted gardens. >> i've appreciated the customer service here. it is easy to find someone when you have a question and they seem knowledgeable. which is a big help. >> reporter: lowe's bought
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orchard supply five years ago thinking it could succeed as a small box specialty store and even though the sales of $600 million last year it lost $65 million. closing all 99 stores and a warehouse in tracy will put 4,000 people out of work. in san jose, it will create six vacant stores. the site on west carlos street might become part of the google proposed expansion. >> we know there is a lot of development interest and there is interest for the stores and redevelopment and i'm less worried about that and more worried about the people at this point. >> reporter: lowe's will give employees priority for job openings at the lowe's stores and when they close at year's end, customers are not keen to have going to go to big box stores. >> when you go in here and they come and help you and i don't walk around like all of the aisles and they have everything that i need. >> i feel like the reason we came here today was because i knew i would be able to get in and get out quickly. and when you go to a big box
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store, you spend 10 minutes just getting to the aisle you need to go. >> reporter: lowe's said it is better to improve the big box stores than to keep orchard going. they will kick off closing sales tomorrow and will last about ten weeks with the store closing sometime closer to the end of the year. live in san jose, david louie, abc 7 news. >> that is a shame to see it go. a confirmed case of the measles has contra costa health officials investigating who may have been exposed. health officials say on august 11th a contra costa resident with measles went to the john muir emergency room in walnut creek between 11:00 and 2:00 and the same person ate at chow restaurant in lafayette between 9:00 and 11:00 a.m. >> anyone who is not vaccinated or have past disease could be expose the if they were there at the same time. >> the county health departmentm
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has found and -- interviewed anyone at the hospital and tracking those at the restaurant is more difficult. someone for the virus is contagious four days before and after the rash peers. so keep that in mind. those exposed to measles are not cleatly in the clear until september 5th. the a's attempt the a come back but lost to the texas rangers today but still just one game back of the astros in the american league west. >> so much fun. this season has been a great ride. and fans hope it lasts laura anthony has the story from the coliseum. >> reporter: to these folks, this is the best show in the bay area, featuring the oakland a's and the battle for first place in the american league west. >> i've been a fan since the bash brothers and i have faith in my a's because they always try to bring it. >> i thought there were maybe one or two more years away from being as good as they are
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because the players are so young but i guess we're not surprised because we love the a's so much. >> that makes me love baseball so much is just how good the batters are. >> reporter: and with lots of late game heroics and running neck and neck with the houston astros, it is easy to see where the a's and their fans are on a roll. >> who is your favorite player? >> chris davis. >> why? because he's really good. >> and while the crowds could be bigger, a's president said they've hit several milestones. >> this season we've had the largest crowd in the history of the coliseum and against the giants and biggest day ever and the free game with over 45,000. the current win streak is sweet for long time fans, the kind that don't need a pennant race to be excited about their team. >> that is a beauty of the team. they are a bunch of blue-collar guys getting it done.
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working for a living. >> reporter: the management knows that rebuilding the fan base could take some time. though hoping that the product on the field, then enthusiasm in the stands and the commitment to staying in oakland will help seal the deal. in oakland, laura anthony, abc 7 news. nice day for baseball. >> and a little windy but that is okay. we'll check in with spencer christian and at least we have blue skies. >> good baseball weather. here is a look at live doppler 7 and the skies are sunny since mid-afterno mid-afternoon -- over the bay and the coastline but expect the fog that is gathering there to advance across the bay overnight. this is a spectacular view. from sutro tower looking westward with clouds at various levels. it is 65 degrees in san francisco. 67 in oakland. mountain view 77 and 72 at san jose. 80 at morgan hill. 63 at half moon bay. and here is the view from the east bay hills camera. also looking westward. it is 69 degrees in santa rosa. we have low 70s at napa and
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novato, and mid 70s in fairfield and concord and 70 in livermore and the view from atop mt. tam showing clouds over the bay and these are our forecast features. low clouds and fog and drizzle again overnight. and it will be cooler than average again tomorrow. but slightly warmer inland this weekend. so here is our forecast. taking us into the late night and overnight hour notice the advance of the low clouds and fog over the bay by about 9:30 and at 6:30 as commuters are on the way, there will be reduced visibility and the fog will burn back slowly to the bay and then by midday or early afternoon back to the coastline giving us mainly sunny skies over the bay and inland. overnight low temperatures are in the mid to upper 50s and expect drizzle near the coastline and around the shoreline. and by afternoon tomorrow, we'll take you through the day with a 12-hour planner. early morning hours overcast conditions with some clouds
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lingering into the midday hours and into the afternoon we'll see brighter skies and bit sunnier with clouds pulling back to the coastline and that will continue into the evening hours. so highs tomorrow range from low 60s at the coast to upper 60s and low 70s right around the bay shoreline. upp upper 70s to 80 and 82 in antioch and 85 at ukiah and that is it for inland highs tomorrow. the accuweather seven-day forecast, friday will be very much like tomorrow. and then on saturday and sunday we can expect slightly warmer weather with some mid-80s inland and then slightly cooler on monday, tuesday and wednesday. so not much change in the pattern, just a couple of degrees up here and then a couple of degrees down. >> staying cool. >> thanks. big news for target as it reports its best sales andn more than a decade. how the company plans
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as the federal government rolls back environmental protection regulations, california is pushing for stricter filter standards. lawmakers gathered at the capital and an ambitious proposal would transition california to 100% clean energy by the year 2045. lawmakers say the goal is to raise the state renewable standard requiring all
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electricity be produced from zero carbon sources. >> if we're going to tackle the threat to our state, to our country, to our planet, which is climate change and grow this economy and reduce utility rates for every day californians, we have to go to 100% clean energy. >> utilities opposed the bill saying it would boost overhead costs. the bill is expected to come to a vote on the assembly floor next week. target new strategy is paying off. the company reported its best quarter in more than a decade. today officials say the sales at stores open for at least a year increased 6.5%. that is the fastest pace since 2005 and target spent $7 billion redesigning stores and lowering prices. it is also enhanced online business by buying a shipping company to help speed up same-day delivery. on the stock market, the s&p was down and the dow fell 88 points and the nasdaq rose 28.
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despite the lackluster performance, this session is going down in the record books as the day of the longest bull market run in history. american teens are now admitting what parents have known all along. they're spending too much time on their phones. a new survey put out today, more than half of teens think they use their phones too much. they think so. a quarter of them say when they aren't on the phone, they feel anxious or lonely or upset. put it down, dan. and parents are not limiting how much time the kids could spend on their phones. not just the kids. are dmv lines getting shorter? >> what the agency director blames for the delay and what she wants to do in the next four years. and no cash needed to get out of jail. a controver
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well, it is no secret that drivers are fed up with the california dmv. they're facing long lines at local field offices. >> but the agency director said relief is on the way.
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chris nguyen has more from the south bay. >> reporter: inside of the dmv processing center in san jose -- many customers were somewhat shocked by the ease of the experience this afternoon and some who came without an appointment were expecting to wait for the day but got in and out in under two hours. >> they welcome you right in the door and they are like have you been helped, this is what you need. >> reporter: the director visited with staff today as part of her ongoing efforts to evaluate processing centers across the state. last week she was grilled by lawmakers questioned why the wait times have sky rocketed and blames the delay on the high volume of customers coming in to apply for a real hope to modernize in the next four years. >> we look to see if we could offer more transactions online
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and not come to the field office and how long that would take and if they need policy concerns. >> reporter: but as we've seen, not all dmv field offices are equal n. santa clara customers had wait times of up to five hours, yet many came prepared saying they expected it to be much worse. >> it is frustrating but it is a government office so you expect things to be slower. >> the dmv just redid the website to make it user friendly and officials are encouraging customers to use the self service kiosk for vehicle registration and lawmakers have given the agency nearly $17 million to hire 230 additional workers. >> we're going to work at this as long as it takes to bring our wait times down and make it better for our customers. >> reporter: the dmv said wait times should drop by mid-september and become more reasonable by the end of the year n. san jose, chris nguyen, abc 7 news. a san francisco security firm is being credited with thwarting a cyber attack on the democratic national committee.
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the company lookout said one of the detection systems found a phishing website, hackers were trying to get access to a voter data base containing information of tens of millions of people. lookout vice president of security tells abc 7 they worked fast to identify the problem. >> we move sod quickly that we saw the site go up and before the attackers finished building it and could even send a message, we had it all taken down. that is the way that security is supposed to work. >> it is not clear yet what was behind this hacker attempt. president trump said his former fixer michael cohen did not commit a crime involving campaign finance violations. the comments follow his guilty plea yesterday in which he said he broke the law in coordination with and at the direction of a candidate for federal office. the president today tweeted that the two counts of campaign finance violations are not a crime and said cohen lied under pressure from prosecutors. the white house is trying to
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distance the president from the scandal. >> just because michael cohen made a plea deal doesn't mean that that implicates the president on anything. >> well republican senator orrin hatch said the charges are serious and cannot be ignored but both the gop and most democrats are rejecting talk of impeachment without evidence of russian collusion. senate minority leader chuck schumer is calling for republicans to delay hearings on the supreme court nominee. senator schumer argued yesterday conviction of former trump campaign manager paul manafort and michael cohen guilty plea was a game-changer and said brett kavanaugh's opinion on whether or not a president must comply with a subpoena makes his nomination dangerous. a bill that would overhaul california bail system is sitting on the governor's desk tonight. the governor has indicated he will likely sign this bill. if he does, california would become the first state to get
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rid of bail for suspect as waiting trial. instead, judges would be given more power to decide who is safe for release. >> the problem with the bail system is it is pure and simple. if you got mn, you're out. we don't know if you are a risk or not. >> critics say the bill could put the public in danger and exacerbate an already crowded court system. san francisco mayor london breed threw her support behind gavin newsom calling him a visionary leader. >> and it is why today i want to announce that i am supporting him as a next governor of the state of california. >> the announcement came as the two were touring a low income housing development in the bay view district and she credited him with spearheading housing solutions when he was mayor and when federal funding dried up. most of us hate waiting in line for lunch or the grocery store. a kf company wants to help you out. the check out free technology
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that could simplify the way you shop. and also crazy rich asians is on top of the box office after being released a week ago. after being released a week ago. the plans confirm today for the many people living with diabetes monitor their blood glucose every day. which means they have to stop. and stick their fingers. repeatedly. today, life-changing technology from abbott makes it possible to track glucose levels. without drawing a drop of blood, again and again. the most personal technology, is technology with the power to change your life. life. to the fullest.
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. if you hate waiting in line during the lunch hour or at supermarkets, who doesn't. listen to this. a local company is using artificial intelligence to simplify the way we shop. here is lyanne melendez. >> reporter: lunch establishments with no cashiers that offer clients a quick in and out experience of becoming more popular. >> i just ordered from upstairs and walked down and it is ready and tells me what cube it is in and i pick it up. >> reporter: now another company called zippin will be the first in san francisco to use checkout free technology. meaning everything is done through their app. >> you just scan yourself in and then walk in. >> reporter: overhead cameras and sensors track your location and what items you pick up. >> as -- as soon as i pick this up, the camera knows i have picked this item and the sensors on the shelf also confirm it. >> reporter: the sensors know the price of the item and charge you once you leave the store. >> just simply step out of the door and you're done. >> reporter: zippin wants to
6:40 pm
create a friction-less experience, get rid of that grit. you know, like the little things that bother you when you come to the supermarket or interact with people. >> i talk to people all day so i don't need to talk to people while i'm eating my food so it is fine. >> and the lines -- >> so we're going to test to see how long it takes him to grab lunch. go. zippin ceo said this store will open in the south market area next month ahead of amazon go which is just starting to pull out its cashier-less stores. how did he do? out the door in 16 seconds. can't beat that. >> reporter: but don't expect to find a whole chain of these zippin stores any time soon. this is a concept store with a purpose of selling its artificial intelligence technology to other retailers at a cheaper price. >> the amount of hardware cost that is needed to deploy our solution is far lower than other solutions available in the
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market. >> reporter: he said the technology will help to serve more people while saving time. in san francisco, lyanne melendez, abc 7 news. what a burger is moving forward for the sequel to "crazy rich asians." the film is base the on the first book of a twillology and other two books are "china research girlfriend" and "rich girl problems" and "crazy rich asians" tops the box office with a five-day opening total of $35 million. already earning back the $30 million production budget. it caught fire. wat would you do if your new air-conditioner broke right before summer? >> the frustration for one east bay man
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here is a good rule of thumb. when you need it most, that is when it is most likely to break. >> murphy's law. "7 on your side's" michael finney had to sweat through a sticky situation. >> this week as cooldown came too late for this family. the new air-conditioner broke before the peak of the summer
6:45 pm
heat. >> it is sweat time. >> reporter: that is what went through george's mind when his air-conditioner failed to work. service experts install the unit back in february. the first time the dublin man turned on the unit in june, it blew out nothing but hot air. >> it recirculated what was outside and the temperature is 80 degrees and that is what we had inside of the house. >> reporter: and the repair crew determined he needed a new part. >> it needs a compressor to push the coolant through the tubes to produce the cold air. >> reporter: he said service experts never scheduled a date to complete the repair as promised. he tried repeatedly, he said, to contact a manager. >> if we were asked for a manager, they would always tell us no one was available. they can't g in anybody. >> reporter: to keep cool he opened woind opened -- opened winds and the sweat went through his shirt. >> down the back and enough to
6:46 pm
want many -- want me to take it off and put another one on. >> reporter: after two ms of enduring heat we contacted service experts and told us the delay is due primarily to the transition of employees while combining the antoich and dublin service centers and the repair is completed to the customer's satisfaction. and cool air is now circulating out of the air-conditioner for the first time. >> it is nice to be able to be comfortable. >> service experts have apologized to george and given him a credit gift card for his trouble. >> that is good. >> thank you. disney, the parent company of abc 7, is offering to pay full tuition for hourly workers who want to earn a c degree, finish a high school diploma or maybe learn a new skill. 80,000 employees could be eligible and the program is limited to online classes for
6:47 pm
now but in classroom courses could be added if there is enough demand. disney joins walmart and starbucks as some of the large corporations now offering this program. speaking of learning. i had the honor to moderate a panel of disney executives at the convention in san francisco focussing on careers and entertainment and authenticity and good story telling. disney is the parent company of abc 7 and espn and marvel, among others. ascend is the largest nonprofit pan asian organization for business professionals and students. a great discussion today. disney was also part of something very special. especially delivery in the east bay. and you could see spencer christian helped to brighten the day of young patients at the children's hospital in oakland. passing out toys from a disney care package. they included marvel superhero costumes and princess dolls and dvds and comic books. i don't think he wanted to
6:48 pm
leave. >> that is so sweet. spencer nice of you to do that today and you made a big difference. you probably felt better than the kids. >> who what want to leave after that wonderful hugs and smiling faces. it was awesome. a look at live doppler 7. clear skies with fog on the coast. it is advancing across the bay and inland overnight with drizzle likely near the coast and bay. overnight lows in the upper 50s and commuters might want to give extra time as there is reduced visibility. highs tomorrow under mostly sunny skies ranging from about 60 at the coast to upper 60s and near 70 around the bay and upper 70 toss low 80s inland. here is the weather seven-day forecast. we are locked in this pattern of lower than average high temperatures -- or cooler than average weather for the next week. it is pleasant. mainly sunny days win -- once t clouds push back and sunny afternoons. highs low to mid-80s inland.
6:49 pm
and low 70s around the bay. about 60 on the coast and not much change in the seven-day forecast. steady and pleasant. >> thank you, spencer. on to sports. exciting weekend coming. >> that is right. it won't be boring watching the 49ers. >> the conferences with richard sherman are entertaining but he will make his niners debut this saturday and has choice words on the nfl on the new helmet rule and
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good evening. after posting back to back shutout wins by 16-0 margin, the a's went for a sweep of texas and by the afternoon they were not in first place any more. i hate to be sitting behind this guy. first pitch of the game, jackson to shin-soo choo. first pitch and it is gone already. in the bleachers. rangers take a early 1-0 lead and that is ex giant cody geren drilling chris davis. it looks like an accident and getting revenge moments later. a double and chapman scores and down 4-1 and in the eighth, a double and penderin for a based loaded in the ninth and clutch situation for nick martini facing le clerk. got him on the check swing.
6:53 pm
ball game. rangers win 4-2 but the a's take two out of three in the series. so now you're doing some scoreboard watching and this wasn't pretty. -1 in the fifth and maldonado with a blast to left. 9-1 astros and then the mariners go on a run and seattle back in the game. but the astros keep up. ty her white, that is out of here and houston grabs sole position of first. and a's a game back and 10-p is the final. the giants in new york and held mccutchen out of the lineup with the trade rumor mill is abuzz. as of now, he is still a giant. maybe for not much longer. mr. met messing with the fans in top form despite the mets miserable season. dominic smith, aloha ho the
6:54 pm
upper deck. look at this young fan. he's enthused despite the terrible team. and he's got a souvenir. 3-1 mets and panik and hernandez scores but the mets answer before austin slater goes -- that is his first home run of the season and the reason we're showing it. because right now the giants are losing this game 5-3 but at least a moment to remember for austin slater, 5-3 in the ninth. on to the nfl, richard sherman missed the first two games with a ham injury and he will play next week but he has not been in an nfl game since last year and the pro-bowl section said he could have played last week but the team is being cautious. he discussed the new helmet rule which makes it almost impossible to legally tackle anyone. >> that is what the nfl is known for. that is what our league is known for. doing something that takes the attention away from the game and the game has been played great.
6:55 pm
but the catch rule, this helmet thing and -- i mean, it is what we do. >> it's what we do. this is big news. ohio state football coach urban meyer suspended three games for mishandling the domestic abuse allegations involving one of his assistant coaches back in 2015. he told his athletic director about the situation but osu compliance officials were all kept in the dark on this. the bottom line here is osu wanted to find some way to keep him coaching the team and this is what they came up wirks i should have demanded more from him and recognized red flags. i needed to show more care and concern for the entirety of the situation and the people involved. i should have been more demanding of him in the same way i am of players and staff members and myself and i should have done more and i'm sorry for that. >> more football sooner starting quarterback. which is news worthy for us if you wwhon o u tkluteakland af
6:56 pm
months ago. he takes the spot vacated by heisman winner baker mayfield and after he's done playing quarterback -- and he has some speed and he'll join the a's organization after football season. so every time murray gets hit in a sooner's game, everybody in the a's organization is going oh, no -- we hope he's okay. that is the situation. and this urban meyer story, three games. >> talk about a slap on the wrist. >> yeah. they basically ensured that the football program can keep going with him at the helm. >> it is about money. and join us tonight at 10:00 at cofi. can you learn social skills from a robot. science behind the high-tech discovery and then at 11:00. he's run 3000 miles for sexual abuse victims and tonight the survivor completes his coast to
6:57 pm
coast journey. and tonight the goldbergs and knolled by american housewife and the story of the royals at 9:00 and then stay with us for abc 7 news at 11:00. >> at 11:35, it is jimmy kimmel. tonight's guests are jim gaffigan and antonio brown. >> for breaking news on the abc 7 news. i'm dan ashley. >> and i'm kristen zse. for the entire abc 7 news team. good night. you know when you're at ross and you're like... hello. ...and then the price is like, helllooo! that's yes for less. find the latest trends and styles at prices that are a perfect fit. it feels even better when you find it for less. at ross. yes for less.
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