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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  August 23, 2018 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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amy? >> hi, reggie. we have moved since our last live report. we've now come into the parking lot and found this, more police crime tape and police officers. there are two crime scenes that they are working here. one, next to the station out on warm springs boulevard and then here inside the station right here at the front door of the warm springs station. police say they got the call at 2:30 this morning that someone had been stabbeded. they found the victim. they say he was alive but taken to the hospital. we talked to commuters about this this morning and how unnerving it is to see all of this given how much bart safety has been in the news lately, how much it's been talked about and the fact that 18-year-old nia wilson was stabbed to death on a bart platform just last month. >> it's an unfortunate occurrence and unfortunately it seems like it happens more and more. i do -- i've seen more officers,
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so that's a good thing. it concerns you, especially when you come early. >> reporter: there are two scenes that police are working because they say the man told them he was stabbed in the parking lot at 2:30 this morning, but they found him in his car out on the street. he has been taken to the hospital and they don't know his condition. no arrests have been made and they don't know the motive behind the stabbing. the station is open, so commuters, you will be able to catch your train this morning. they're all running just fine. live in fremont, amy hollyfield, abc 7 news. >> thank you for the update, amy. meteorologist mike nicco this morning is tracking today's forecast, of course, and also looking at hurricane lane as it is heading towards the hawaiian islands. >> let's check in with alexis with a look at the roads. >> good morning. so far so good. we don't have any major issues for the thursday morning commute. here's a live look at our san mateo bridge camera. westbound 92 starting to fill in
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leaving hayward towards foster city. drive times looking okay. highway 4 to walnut creek 6 minutes and westbound 580 tracy to dublin, it is slow although i think the drive time has come down in the yellow at 41 minutes. we'll check on some roadwork that was slowing you down in the richmond area next. let's check in with meteorologist mike nicco. >> all right. we'll start with our accuweather 12-hour planner and see what's going to happen on this thursday. we're waking up with temperatures in the upper 50s to mid 60s. little drizzle near the coast. we'll be near 60 at the coast. rest of nut mid 60s to around 70 at noon with sunshine today. you can see temperatures in the 70s to barely 80s inland by the afternoon hours. it's been raining just about all night especially in the western side of the big island where a flood warning is in effect. the winds right now tropical storm force winds, 39 miles per hour or about 40 miles offshore, so the wind will start picking up over the next several hours
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and could get to 74 miles per hour by this evening when you can see a category 4 still lane churning basically just making things very gnarly with winds up to 74 miles per hour. waves 20 miles per hour and flooding rains through at least saturday for the big islands. it could be a really mess, reggie. >> all right. mike, thank you. as mike is tracking the path of hurricane lane, we are tracking the impact it's having on the islands and right here in the bay area. >> and local crews are already in hawaii to help. abc 7 news reporter matt keller is following any issues live at manetta/san jose. >> yeah, good morning, jessica and reggie. the first flight from san jose to hawaii leaves at 7:30s this morning. alaska airlines has a flight that leaves at 7:50 this morning. if you want to cancel, a lot of these airlines are waving those fees so you can rebook for another flight. now there are some people who are heading to hawaii by choice. those are fire crews, local fire
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crews. the menlo park fire protection district and others are among 36 members of a task force that left yesterday and took 40,000 pounds of search and rescue equipment with them. people in hawaii are obviously concerned about hurricane lane. the storm could potentially bring damaging winds and torrential rainfall over most of the islands. >> if the highway, for instance, gets destroyed because of the surf, now it may take months, maybe possibly even years, to be able to replace the highway. >> reporter: many people are trying to leave hawaii before hurricane lane arriveses. emergency shelters have opened up on many of the islands. if it does hit it would be the most powerful storm to hit hawaii in 26 years. live in san jose, matt keller, abc 7 news. >> thank you. the search is on for a missing woman on the peninsula. palo alto police are searching for 66-year-old wamait
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wamaitha kaboga-miller. her family reported her missing saturday and no confirmed sightings since then. she drives a silver 2002 mercedes-benz, dp 241 lu. please call palo alto police if you have seen her. in the east bay, two teenage girls are called heros for what they did over the weekend. >> the girls saw a house fire in livermore, they ran inside to rescue the people and the pets who live there. abc 7 news reporter talked with the girls and victims who say the teenagers bravely saved lives. >> reporter: cell phone video shows the moments as flames were engulfing this livermore home early saturday morning. confusion took over as everyone was being accounted for, including the pets. >> where is the chocolate lab? >> reporter: this video was taken by 19-year-old sara coulson. >> we saw the flames so i kept going and then -- >> we were -- >> we were so shocked. >> like what do we do. >> reporter: sara was driving home from work with her friend
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gabby smith when they encountered the burning house. without hesitation, both raced inside. >> she charges in after me just screaming, get out, get >> reporter: the people inside just waking up not realizing the full extent of what was going on. >> as soon as we were busting out of my bedroom door the girls were busting in the front. >> reporter: the four firefighters got to the scene. they tried getting everyone out including the three family dogs and gabby turned her work apron into a makeshift dog leash. >> one of the fireman had gotten a leash for the other dog but didn't have another one. it made things easie the whole >> reporter: the community calling these girls heros. >> they saved our lives, our pets' lives. they put their own lives in danger. >> it's kind of a lot to take in. it was reflex. we didn't do it for this reason. >> reporter: the girls relieved after all that chaos, no one was hurt. the home was badly damaged.
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friends of the family have set up a gofundme page to help with recovery efforts. find a link on our website as for those two young women, while they're just thankful that everyone is okay. in livermore, carlos sal sado, abc 7 news. >> way to go. >> san francisco searching for a public health director. the former director barbara garcia resigned on tuesday "the examiner" reports she sent an e-mail announcing her decision. a department spokesman told "the chronicle" she stepped down on her own accord. garcia has worked at the department since 1999. she's a strong supporter of mayor london breed and her plan to open ses the chief r wil serve as ng decto mf 18-yeason in t mcarthur bart station could face the death penalty. abc 7 was at the courthouse in
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oakland yesterday at the latest hearing for john lee cowell. a large number of wilson's family showed up for the proceedings. prosecutors added a special circumstances enhancement. that means if cowell is convicted he would be eligible for the dea for the death penalty. he did not enter a plea yesterday police in the north bay are asking you to take a good look at these robbery suspect. central ma rin police say five men entered the apple store around noon yesterday, grabbed a bunch of electronics offer a display table and then took off. they drove away in a black honda sedan with a taped over license plate. no customers were injured. the suspects made off with about $19,000 in goods. you are never more than seven minutes away from my accuweather forecast. look at the temperatures along the coast in san francisco. cooler as we have mist there cooling things down. as you head towards the bay, downtown, 62 for one of the warmer spots. low to mid 60s just about
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everywhere. daly city 57, healdsburg 58. american canyon 59. here's a look at the ferry building from our roof camera here in san francisco as we look southbound on the embarcadero towards the bay bridge which is dry right now. it's going to stay that way throughout the morning commute. if you're exercising nothing extreme today, even if we get into the low 80s it's only going to be a few areas. beaches today, the water temperature is warm, even though the air temperature is not going to be warmer than average and around the bay light breezes once again. san francisco you can see cloudy up until 10:00. few breaks in the sunshine but not nearly as sunny as yesterday. that's why temperatures only in the low 60s while some of us made the mid-60s yesterday. east bay valleys we'll start off with cloudy conditions and 61. the clouds will open up at 10:00 and see your sunshine after the noon hour mid to upper 70s. a look at the weekend forecast. it looks nice for outdoor activities coming up next. here's alexis. >> good morning. really our biggest issue so far this morning has been some road work, although it looks
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area. westbound 80 between san pablo dam road and central avenue, various lanes closed until 5:00. according to caltrans everything was picked up. we have delays coming from highway 4, averaging about five miles an hour for a couple miles. quickly now that those lanes are back open. we'll check that up around 5:20. everyone else fairly quiet. the southbound, 280 and 17 no delays on the inbound side. >> thank you. apparently it's happened again, facebook warning millions of users another app has misused their data. >> surviving a fire tornado. you will hear from a man who explains how he made it through the heart of the terrifying disaster. and no, this is not an
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saving people money on car insurance.
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you are never more than seven minutes away from your accuweather forecast. >> this is "abc 7 mornings.." >> another school district going back today. cambria school district. a little gray and cool at 59. look at the sunshine by noon, at 67. end the day delightful with sunshine and about 77 degrees at 3:00. good luck. here's jessica with more news. >> thank you. in today's "gma" first look new details on the growing sexual assault scandal that's happeneded a prominent figure in the metoo movement on the other side of accusations. abc's lindsey davis has more.
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>> reporter: in the "gma" first look, asia argento's accuser jimmy bennett issuing a statement saying he sought to settle the matter privately because, quote, i was ashamed and afraid to be part of the public narrative and i was underage when the event took place and i tried to seek justice in a way that made sense to me at the time. he was 17 and she was 37. argento released a statement denying the allegations. hours after bennett released his statement, a photo first obtained by tmz emerged purportedly taken after the sexual encounter five years ago. argento and bennett are seen on a bed shirtless. coming up at 7:00 a.m., the 22-year-old explains why a stigma about male victims of sexual abuse prevented him from coming forward. with your "gma" first look i'm lindsey davis, abc news, new york a retired police officer is talking about how he survived a fire tornado as the carr fire
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ripped through his neighborhood in redding. steve said he was at his home in the gated sanford hills subdivision july 26th when the fire roared across the river forming the deadly fire tornado. he packed important documents and then drove out of there. he says the next thing he knew, a window in his truck broke open and embers and ash flew in the cab and everything in the back of the truck was on fire. the retired cop went into survival mode and got out of the truck and hid under a bulldozer. >> between the blade and the tracks and started bringing loose dirt up toward mess and waited it out there until it all stopped. >> he was picked up by a passing cal fire truck and says the fire was selective. his neighbors' homes were destroyed and his home survived this morning we're learning more about the data throttling problems south bay firefighters faced when trying to fight the mendocino complex fires last
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month. santa clara district chief anthony boden said their efforts on the fire lines were impeded when verizon restricted their internet use because they had exceed the department's plan limit. a command and communications rig was barely functioning when its speed was reduced to the full speed of the internet connection. >> our bigger concern is what happens on the public's end during a disaster and will the public have, you know, unrestricted access to get the information that we're providing to them during these large emergencies or disasters. >> verizon released a statement that says in part, quote, we have a practice to remove data speed restrictions when contacted in emergency situations and in this situation we should have lifted the speed restriction. this was a customer support mistake. facebook is warning 4 million users another app has mishandled their data called my personality. the social media giant has banned the personality quiz app
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saying it's clear my personality shared information with researchers and other companies. but the app was mainly active before the year 2012. facebook has also suspended more than 400 applications since april over privacy concerns. anyone who has used the apps will be notified. this does come in the wake of the cambridge analytica scandal this year a bill authored by politicians to restore net neutrality protections in california is moving to a final committee vote. the legislation passed the assembly communications committee yesterday. it's been amended a lot of times. the measure prohibits service providers from throttling traffic to certain websites or charging access fees. in other words, essentially restores the rules in place before the fcc deregulated the industry last year. lawmakers say they're confident the bill will make it to the governor's desk next week it's been two months to the day since 12 boys and their soccer coach in thailandot uc cave.
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>> abc news has an interview with the team describing the 17 days that followed. people around the and their coach one by one. all of them survived. after the rescue, the team spent time at a temple and that's where abc news reporter james longman spoke with them about the ordeal. is life back to normal again? >> 11-year-old titan says i feel the love, i feel warm. the 25-year-old coach describing the moment he realized they were trapped inside the cave with no way out. i volunteered to dive to see if i can go through and save everyone. i let them hold the rope and said if i don't tug it's safe to come through. if i tug twice it's dangerous and i'm coming back. when i realized we were stuck inside the cave i didn't tell them because i didn't want to panic them. >> and you can watch much more of the exclusive interview on "good morning america" and that starts at 7:00 after "abc 7
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mornings." okay. you look at this, it's like a scene from a movie. a walk on the beach with the sand glowing blue beneath your beach. david finley recorded this video last week in vibrant glow actually not coming from the sand, it's actually algae in the ocean that sparkles when the waves hit the shore. it is gorgeous. >> cool. >> bucket list. >> avatar, realness, blue peopll feeling. >> yes. >> take your thing and try to hook in with it. >> yeah. it does look like glitter. >> it just lasts a couple seconds and goes away. >> you have to go to australia and find out. >> i'm there. love to be there. sounds like a great time. >> let's talk about what's going on. that would be good for us if you're tired of the gray, maybe we could get that and bring light to your life because it's going to be hard to see sunshine in many areas again during thetw
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at about 63 degrees. it's dry as you head southbound on 680 the way we're looking right now. minor summer spread from 60s at the coast to barely 80s. blanket of clouds back tonight and so is mist at the coast. the summer heat absent through the extended forecast. the cloud cover surging into the central valley again and by the time we get to noon still plenty of clouds hanging along the bay shore and definitely out at the coast. yesterday we had a little bit of an offshore wind that brought sunshine all the way to the coast. today yeah, not so much, you can actually see there's cloud and a little drizzle near pacific during the afternoon hours and then the clouds start coming back at 7:00 as the sun starts to set. talk about temperatures, mid to upper 70s in the south bay, los gatos to gilroy. 67 in millbrae, low to mid 70s on the peninsula. upper 50s, the low 60s along the coast, mid 60s around downtown, south san francisco and sausalito.
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73 at san rafael to about 88 in lakeport across the north bay. 69 at berkeley and 74 in fremont and 78 in san ramon to brentwood at 85. there may be minor warming with more sunshine saturday and sunday, but temperatures look to be below average all the way through next wednesday. hey, alexis. >> good morning. we are looking at the bay bridge toll plaza where we haven't gotten official word that metering lights are on but they should be any minute. filling in there through the middle looks like those carpool lanes are open and moving fine. no major problems like yesterday's commute where we had early crashes that really slowed you down. we are heavy out of the central valley but that is no surprise. westbound 205 about nine miles an hour to 13 miles an hour once you make it to 580 and we did have overnight roadwork that has wrapped up, just the typical crawl at this point. also head's up for this weekend, major track repairs for bart between 19th street and west oakland stations. that means no trains running through that area, a free bus bridge will be provided instead.
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>> thanks. health officials are warning about toxic algae in the east bay. sky 7 was above new york point near the pittsburgh yacht club. county environmental officials tell abc 7 news the blue green algae level is 175 times over the safe limit. that is the highest reading they've ever seen. the level is in high in discovery bay. health officials think a lot of sun plus warmer and stagnant water fueled that growth. people and pets should avoid any contac with the water at both areas we're getting more details about a new plant based burger chain in san francisco. abc 7 news was there yesterday where next level burger is about to open its first bay area location. it's at the corner of 17th and rhode island streets. the menu features the classic cheeseburger with special sauce and shakes, fries and chili cheese dogs, all made without animal products. >> what would the all-american
5:23 am
burger joint look like if it was created in the 21st century and we decided to answer that question saying it would be 100% plant based, it would be all organic produce, and nongmo across the board. have your cake and eat it too. >> all right. next level burger opens tomorrow so if you want to check it out mark your calendars. >> if they can make a good tasting chili cheese dog that is plant based, i want to see it. >> yeah. >> that's a tall order. >> that is a tall order. >> it's a lot of meat substitutes. >> we're going to ask for reviews as people try it out. coming up seven things you need to know as you start your day. >> would you believe me if i told you long lines at the dmv are about to get a little shorter. why department officials are confident the change is finally on the way. >> wait until we tell you abo
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thin know. number one, breaking news in fremont, police investigating a stabbing at the warm springs bart station. the victim says he was attacked in the parking lot of the station around 2:30 this morning. police have made no arrests. >> number two hurricane lane has weakened but only slightly as it bears down on hawaii. the category 4 storm is forecasted to come very close to the hawaiian islands. >> i will have frequent updates on that in our show and on-line. sfo, delays the last couple mornings because of the cloud cover. same cloud cover is out there and pretty much the same result this afternoon. temperatures below average in the 60s and 70s. >> number four, we've been okay starting off for the thursday morning commute. looking at some residual delays in the richmond area, westbound 80 from earlier road work that has wrapped up. all lanes are back open and this is improvinging, up to 27 miles an hour. >> number five in a brand new interview on "fox and friends" president trump weighed in on the michael cohen saga and said his payments to two women claiming to have had affairs to
5:27 am
him aren't campaign violations since the money came from his personal funds. >> starting today orchard supply hardware stores will hold going out of business sales. lowe's announced it's closing all 99 stores to focus on its core home improvement business. >> number seven the thai soccer team rescued is talking about what happened. in an interview with abc news they didn't know an entire rescue team was waiting for them outside the cave. you can see more on "gma" at 7:00 a.m. >> we're coming back with another 90s minutes of news and we've just learned that someone tried to hack the democratic national committee, but it didn't happen all thanks to a san francisco company. >> and a south bay neighborhood put on lockdown because of a home i
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right now there are two crime scenes at the warm springs
5:30 am
bart station. a stabbing overnight and we're there live and we will have an update this half hour a flood devastated the south bay a year and a half ago. now the federal government is giving san jose millions of dollars to rebuild. look here, can you figure out what this drawing means? it involves dropping coffee on people. we're going to decode the patent for you this half hour. good morning. it's thursday, august 23rd. thanks for joining us. >> we're all going to need helmets all the time. >> i like how you said dropping, not like gently setting. boop. >> well -- >> when things go wrong things go wrong. >> as long as they're paper cups and not metal. >> when you need your caffeine fix you need it stat. >> iced coffee, not scalding hot no i can't wait to hear that story. >> coffee good this morning. it's a little cool outside and damp once again. maybe that will get the engine going and warm you up. a sea breeze picking up speed.
5:31 am
20 miles per hour in fairfield. the cloud cover, all of us gray this morning and mist and drizzle near the coast. san rafael where it's cloudy and about 59. look south on 101 towards the golden gate where you're likely to run into the mist. mild temperatures for the morning hours upper 50s to mid 60s through 7:00. all of us in the 60s at noon with slower sunshine today. 60 at the coast while the rest of us hit the 70s at 4:00 and back in the 60s during the evening hours. pretty comfortable then. let's find out how the commute is going. >> good morning. we are ramping up for the bay bridge drive. looking live at the bay bridge toll plaza from our emeryville camera, we swung that around this morning, 5:28 the official time. they just turned on. things are filling in and slowing down unless you were using the carpool lanes this morning. fast track and cash users have to sit through the lights. highway 4 to the maze showing in the red but this is improving this was some earlier roadwork in the richmond area. 23 minutes for you. 11 across the bay bridge once you make it past the metering
5:32 am
lights and south bay san francisco to sfo wide open at 9 minutes. >> thanks. we have breaking news in the east bay where police are investigating a stabbing at a bart station. >> abc 7 news reporter amy hollyfield is live at the warm springs station in freemont. amy? >> hi, jessica. look behind me, what is greeting bart riders this morning here in freemont. the scene of police crime tape and police officers doing an investigation. this is inside the station right at the front door. there's also a crime scene out on the street on warm springs boulevard. two crime scenes greeting commuters. morning that someone had been stabbed. they found the victim, he was alive, he told them he had been stabbed in the parking lot and taken to the hospital. they don't know his condition. all of this is adding to the unease bart riders had been feeling since last month's fatal stabbing of 18-year-old nia wilson and her death just raised
5:33 am
questions about safety on bart and now riders are seeing this. >> 360 degree awareness all the time. i mean, you really can't take naps on the bart. like i said when you come to the station you have to be aware. they're around. no offense to the homeless, no offense to the transients but they shouldn't be here. >> reporter: there are two scenes here this mornings because the man was stabbed in the parking lot, but police found him in his car out on the street. again he was taken to the hospital. no arrests have been made and no motive has been given. they are working on their investigation. this station is open, so commuters your trains are running without any problem and you can get into the parking lot easily. no issue from that standpoint. your commute should be just fine. live in fremont, amy hollyfield, abc 7 news. now breaking news from the abc 7 live desk. >> more breaking news we're
5:34 am
tracking from overseas. the islamic state group now claiming responsibility for a deadly knife attack in a suburb of paris. french officials say a man stabbed two women to death this morning. the victims are identified as the attacker's mother and his sister. a third woman was also injured in this attack. police say she was just a passerby. the suspected stabber was killed by police. he is reported to be a 36-year-old taxi driver. happening now, hurricane lane has weakened slightly as it barrels towards hawaii. >> heavy rain is falling near helio as the bands reached the east coast of the big island. authorities are warning the storm is life threatening. hurricane warnings are posted for the state's mostp populated areas, including honolulu. >> we got a ticket very, very serious -- we got to take it very, very seriously. we're working together to make sure we plan for the worst and hope for the best. >> the u.s. navy is moving out ships and snessprep for
5:35 am
evacuations. all public schools are closed today and tomorrow to prepare the buildings as evacuation centers. >> if you have a tripped planned in the next few days the 7 on your side team says you can rebook for free but the flight usually has to be within a couple weeks. if the airline cancels your flight, you get your money back. we have information for all of the major carriers on you can go to the 7 on your side page for all the details this morning investigators say mollie tibbetts and her accused killer lived in the same rural iowa town but unclear whether they knew each other. hundreds gathered for a memorial at the university of iowa where tibbetts went to school. bail is set at $5 million for her accused killer cristhian rivera. investigators say he was in the country illegally. rivera worked at an iowa farm for four years. rid ss she' at they had found mollie and i
5:36 am
just remember looking in the mirror, kind of just processing the whole thing, thinking this can't be real, this can't be real. >> tibbetts' family issued a statement thanking the public for their love and saying their hearts are broken. happening today, the suspect in the golden state killer case is due back in sacramento superior court. 72-year-old joseph deangelo is scheduled to be arraigned on 13 new charges in the now consolidated case. on tuesday prosecutors filed new allegations tied to sexual assault cases in sacramento and contra costa counties. those charges are now combined with 13 murder charges already filed in santa barbara, orange, ventura, and sacramento counties. orange county's d.a. says more charges could come. deangelo will be prosecuted in sacramento county but it could take years in the south bay, growing
5:37 am
concern about public safety after yet another burglary in san jose's willow glen neighborhood. a town hall meeting set for next thursday will address what happened yesterday. police arrested a man and woman accused of burglarizing a home on california avenue. someone was home and saw the burglars who ran and got nointo vehicle and drove away. they tried to run from officers jumping fences in the neighborhood when san jose police told nearby neighbors to go on lockdown. carrie says she was at home with her young boys during the manhunt. >> why are you locking all the doors, shutting all the windows. i made up a story about helicopters and just tried to like kind of mitigate what could be going on. >> police eventually caught the suspected burglars. it's not clear why willow glen is being targeted inav of recent auto thefts, home invasions and burglaries back in the south bay, santa clara county and san jose will get almost $2.5 million to
5:38 am
repair flood damage that includes damage done by the massive coyote creek flooding i. three san jose neighborhoods were submerged in water for almost a week. 11,000 people were evacuated. officials say the money comes from an emergency federal grant. the county will get 1. $1 million with the rest going to san jose you are never more than seven minutes away from my accuweather forecast. the latest i've just updated the radar and you can see it spinning on the big island and see the reds, the oranges, the heavy rain that is falling and the reason why there's going to be flooding, if not already happening, about to happen on the southwest facing and northern facing of the big island as a flood warning has been issued. you can see the eye real easily behind my name there coming up and heading towards all the islands. and the rain this is what to morni from this evening through damaging sf, especially on the south facing beaches. rainfall, isolated. up to 20 inches.
5:39 am
that's why we're going to have more flooding and the winds may be the smaller problem. warning, extended last night all the way to honolulu. hurricane watch meaning it's possible hurricane-force winds will get to these areas by the time 36 to 48 hours is over. look at the flash flooding that's going to be possible also. for us back here at home dress for temperatures in the upper 50s to low 60s. pretty mild up in the north bay. and just about everywhere else we're in the upper 50s to low 60s also. quick look at what's going on with sutro tower and your commute planner. yeah, a little misty near the coast. otherwise with weather wise we're doing okay driving. ferry ride and mass transit. i brought alexis in and she will give you an update. >> not too much so far today. we're off to a fairly decent start. starting off on our traffic maps we started off with roadwork, westbound 80 from the richmond area to el cerrito that has wrapped up and scheduled to go until 5:00 and went a few minutes after that. we do have some residual delays
5:40 am
hanging around and the commute starting to fill in as well. 26 miles an hour. 34 miles an hour respectively, no significant delays heading to the maze but it is stop and go for several miles there. north bay commute looking great this morning. southbound 101 through san rafael no issues. that is one of our commutes that takes the longest to fill in. mass transit looking okay too. 49 bart trains in service, no delays but keep in mind there is limited access to the parking lots at warm springs station due to the police activity there this morning. ace one out on time out of the central valley. and normal service, no delays for san francisco bay ferry on the peninsula, san mateo police are asking the public for any surveillance video that may help in a sexual assault case. a woman says that this man posing as a ride share driver picked her up the evening of tuesday, august 14th. he took her to a secluded area and then sexually assaulted her. authorities want dash cam, helmet cam or cell phone video
5:41 am
taken along highway 92 between highway 101 and half moon bay between 5:45 and 7:00 p.m. a week ago tuesday. measles in the east bay, what we know about an outbreak as health officials try to track down anyone who may have been exposed. a man ran from new york all the way to san francisco to raise awareness for childhood sex abuse. if that's not inspirational enough, he had a big surprise a maybe you could save energy by weaving your own shoes... out of flax. or simply adjust your thermostat. do your thing, with energy upgrade california.
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you are never more than seven minutes away from your accuweather forecast. >> this is "abc 7 mornings." >> maybe just a couple hours for some folks in menlo park city school district from beginning the new school year. this is exciting. going to start off under a cloud of grayness but we will see sunshine by noon, gorgeous and 72. have a great time. 82 in l.a. today. 108 in palm springs. same thing in monterey, 67. 86 in yosemite and the air is clearing out a lot there and over tahoe. average highs today will be cooler than average in the mid 70s next week. no rain. >> thank you. in the east bay contra costa health officials are trying to track down people who may have been exposed to measles. a person infected went to the john muir emergency room in walnut creek on saturday, august 11th, between 11:00 a.m. and 2:00 p.m. three days later on august 14th,
5:45 am
that person ate at a restaurant in lafayette between 9:00 and 11:00. the health department has found everyone at the er but don't know how many people were at the restaurant when the infected person was there. it is no secret drivers are fed up with the long lines at california dmv field offices. the director jean shiomoto says relief is on the way. she visited with staff at the driver's license processing center in san jose yesterday as part o her ongoing effort to evaluate field offices and processing centers around the state. last week she was grilled by lawmakers who questioned why the agency's wait times have skyrocketed in the past year. she blames the delays on the high volume of customers coming to apply for real i.d. she acknowledged problems and acknowledges problems with the department's decades old computer system. shiomoto hopes to modernize it i the next four years. >> we're looking to see if we can offer more transactions on-line. we're looking to see how long
5:46 am
that would take or if there are any policy concerns on that. >> the dmv says wait times should start dropping by mid-september and hopefully become more reasonable by the end of the year. in the south bay new details on the reported kidnapping and robbery of a san jose state student. investigators say the victim told them he was taken at gunpoint from a 7-eleven on sixth street in san jose yesterday afternoon and forced to withdraw moneyp from several atms. the victim was then released and he wasn't hurt. a search is now on for at least one suspect. the school has sent out an e-mail alerting students about the incident a san francisco firm is credited with stopping hackers from breaking into the democratic national committee's voter database. lookout specializes in security for mobile devices. the database contains the personal information of potential voters, donors and more. lookout's vp of security says it
5:47 am
was a sophisticated finishiphis attempt. >> we moved so quickly we saw the site go up and before they finished building it and could send a message, we had it all taken down. that's the way that security is supposed to work. >> so they stopped it, but we still don't know who was behind that cyber attack. he started his run in new york in march, just finished in san francisco. an extreme athlete ran across the country to raise awareness about childhood sexual abuse. >> i'm a victim of childhood sexual abuse and i have to continue to be able to say it and say it over and over again because i want more people who have been through what i've been through to feel comfortable saying it as well. >> christian griffith crossed the finish line in san francisco yesterday. his 3,000 mile journey raised more than $300,000 for organizes that help at risk and abused children. that's not all, griffith finished the race with a surprising twist. >> will you marry me?
5:48 am
>> this is a good day. i get him back and i get to marry him. it's been a great year. >> his now fiancee had given birth to the couple's baby girl during the cross-country run. >> super sweet. a drone could soon be delivering your coffee. well at least one day. ibm has secured a patent for something pretty unique. >> what could go wrong? here's a look at the renderings. let us translate. a drone would deliver coffee and i am not kidding you here, based on a person's cognitive state. >> what? >> the filing says the drone would fly over people who hopefully don't look like that in real life and deliver coffee to those who request it and sensors could determine whether someone needs another cup. what would it look for? it would look for pupil dilation, facial expression and how tough your current work schedule is. >> what? >> nope. >> that's really an invasion there, isn't it? >> i think that's a long way
5:49 am
away. >> you hope. >> i don't -- >> i mean -- >> is it free? >> i have so many questions here. >> i mean -- >> here's my concern. have you ever spilled hot coffee on yourself. it hurts. >> no kidding. what if i don't want coffee. >> yeah. >> if you're a tea person. >> they will put a chip in your neck that says not a coffee drinker. >> oh, my gosh, mike, that's terrifying. >> drink tea and pours coffee in your cup. all sorts of problems. >> the future is problematic. >> yeah. >> well -- >> we're all kind of stunned. let's slow down your role. >> good day for coffee. it's cold outside. >> do it the old-fashioned way, what do you say, getting it out of a machine. all right. yeah, okay. i'm going to sprinkle all sorts of information about hurricane lane all throughout the rest of the show. here's a little bit of a tidbit i want to show you.
5:50 am
yellow, hurricane winds the orange and major hurricane winds the red. about 40 miles offshore from the big island. they've been dealing with rain all night and the potential for flooding will continue. now we're going to add the wind damage in the next 12 hours or so. here's a look at home, sutro tower, we can use ithe marine layer thickened overnight and why fog rolls on in our forecast with cooler than average temperatures again today. little slower sunshine than yesterday. cloud blanket it's back tonight and minor drizzle near the coast. pattern locked in for the next search days. next week's forecast in less than seven minutes. today we're in the mid to upper 70s to low to mid 80s from milpitas to gilroy. temperatures haven't budged on the peninsula, millbrae 67, upper 50s along the coast to low 60s, mid 60s in downtown and south san francisco and sausalito. 73 in san rafael to about 88 in lakeport today. along the east bay shore most of us in the low 70s. upper 60s around berkeley and oakland, 74 fremont and there you go, 78 san ramon to 85 in
5:51 am
brentwood. my accuweather seven-day forecast. i dare you to find a change. maybe a degree or two warmer this weekend inland. here's alexis. >> good morning, mike. checking out the roads this morning we haven't had major issues. i know you're not going to be surprised. we have heavy traffic out of the tracy area so westbound 205 down to 7 miles an hour, 12 miles an hour on 580 that continues to just get more congested. nothing blocking along that stretch, though. bay bridge toll plaza looking at things from our emeryville camera. right in the middle there is the traffic at the top is the actual port, but we do have the metering lights on as of about 5:28 this morning. only one zipping through there without any issues is the carpool lanes at this point. drive times, southbound 101 across golden gate looking great at six minutes once you make it through the metering lights looking good across the bay bridge, nine into san francisco and westbound 92, san mateo bridge in the green at 13 minutes. >> thank you. new at 6:00, miss america talking for the first time since calling for the entire pageant
5:52 am
board to be fired. >> first we told you about this story about you know when you go to ross for bedding... ...and you suddenly realize you're really into art? that's yes for less. every trend. every room. on any budget. it feels even better when you fir less. at ross. yes for less.
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...and you suddenly realizes you're really into art? that's yes for less. every trend. every room. on any budget. it feels even better when you find it for less.
5:54 am
at ross. yes for less. we've been telling you about the san francisco store where there are no cash registers. we checked out the store without checkouts. zip in will be the first in the city to use technology that eliminates the register. everything is done through an app. overhead cameras an sensors track your location and what items you pick up. those sensors know the price of the tim aitem and charge you onu exit. >> what actually is happening is the cameras know that i have picked this item and the sensors on the shelf also confirm it.
5:55 am
>> zip in's ceo says the store will open in sonoma next month ahead of amazon go which is rolling out its own version of cashierless stores. the company's actual goal is to sell this artificial intelligence technology to other retailers at a cheaper price. this morning we're learning more about that tinder trap in new york city. >> you might remember this week we told you a woman lured hundreds of men to union square. they all thought they were going on a one-on-one date. instead they were put to the tests in a dating competition. the pair behind the stunt says it was a social experiment two years in the making. they wanted to show what men were willing to do for a date in today's hookup culture. >> it's become kind of socially acceptable to like disqualify people and say like you have to be x height and make -- work x job. we should be mad about this. >> the woman ended up going on a date with the winner and coming up at 7:00 a.m. on "gma" she describes some of the backlash she's been getting on social
5:56 am
media since the experiment. >> i can't believe so many men were willing to compete, alexis. >> if i would have showed up i have done a u-turn once i figured out what was going on. >> the thirst is real. >> seriously. >> wow. taking a look at the roads we are filling in all of our typical areas. here's walnut creek, southbound 680 around main street. we're not seeing any blocking issues. just the volumes starting to fill in and that's been how it's been all morning. a head's up for this weekend if you ride bart through the oakland area, track repairs, so a bus will be set up saturday and sunday. let's check in with meteorologist mike nicco. >> all right. let's take a look at what's going to happen next week as i promised, we would look at how much longer we're going to stay in fog and looks like through next week. all the warm air east of the rockies to the east coast. more school districts today starting the new year, newark unified school district, cloudy,
5:57 am
61 this morning. 67 and sunshine at noon and delightful 71 at 3:00 and we've got the cambria school district the same thing sky wise. warmer 77 this afternoon. have a great first day. new at 6:00, the controversial plan from betsy devos that could get guns into classrooms. the breaking news we've been tracking at the warm springs bart station. an early morning stabbing sends one to the hospital. amy hollyfield is working to get new information for the next hour so stay with us. we'll have an update on that. >> hear from two girls who will >> hear from two girls who will be known as
5:58 am
5:59 am
a major police investigation happening right now at the warm springs bart station in fremont. >> one was stabbed in the parking lot last night. amy hollyfield is live with the breaking details. amy?
6:00 am
>> hi, reggie. look behind me. looks like they are starting to wrap up. police are on the scene and have taken down the police tape, however this is very unnerving, though, for bart riders as they get here and see police here at their bart station. here's what happened, officers got the call at 2:30 this morning there had been a stabbing here at the warm springs bart station in the parking lot. so they did find the victim. he was out on the street in his car. he was alive. he was taken to the hospital. but this just adds to the fears of bart riders given how much safety has been in the conversation lately on bart. the death of 18-year-old nia wilson last month at the bart station in oakland called into question whether bart is doing enough to keep its riders safe. riders tell us they would like to see more safety measures in place. >> my reaction to this, it's nothing new. it's sad we live in a world


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