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tv   ABC7 News 1100AM  ABC  August 23, 2018 11:00am-11:30am PDT

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live, where where you live, this is abc 7 news. >> this water main break making a mess and leaving hundreds high and dry this morning just as they're getting ready for work and school. bad timing. i'm reggie. kristen will be in later today. this is definitely not a friendly way to start the day for about 90s homes.
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the water main break, amy hollyfield has been talking to people affected by this problem. amy. >> hi, reggie. look at the impact out here on the street. look behind me where they're doing their work on tice valley that has the section down to one lane, people having to pause and let the other lane go. a little bit of a backup here. it's slow and go through here. the big issue happened inside homes as people woke up to no matter. >> my husband was having a nice shower and he left and i got up and turned on the tap and went, oh. >> reporter: that's how the morning started inside 94 households. the residents all assumed it must be something wrong at their house. >> i immediately went out to check our lines and see if we had something broken because that's happened before too. walked down the street and saw water gushing down the street. >> reporter: it was a water main break. here is the view from sky 7 of
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the wet, muddy mess left behind from the break. water officials say a four-foot section of pipe broke and theysl this morning as people woke up wanting showers and coffee and not having any water. residents weren't too surprised this happened, saying they have had other breaks in the area in recent deteriorations, it happens. >> reporter: he's right. east bay mud tells us p is 62 years old and has been here since 1956. residents look at this as a good test of their preparedness. >> thankfully i have emergency water for earthquakes and so on. >> reporter: officials say they hope to have the water turned back on by early afternoon. they say they are going to have to flush this pipe out before they finish their repair work so don't be alarmed. you will see one more rush of water out here on the street. live in walnut creek, amy hollyfield, abc 7 news.
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>> thank you. sky 7 flying this morning over bishop o'dowd high school in oakland. the school has lifted a shelter in place. officials kept all students and staff indoors after bullets or shell casings were found near the campus on stearns avenue. oakland police are on the scene investigating what was found a short time ago new overnight, an investigation under way after a stabbing near the warm springs bart station in fremont. this happened around 2:30 a.m. bart police say the victim is a homeless person. he was asleep at the time and woke up when he thought he was being robbed. a struggle with the attacker led to the stabbing. the victim suffered nonlife-threatening injuries. the bart station was closed at the time of the stabbing and sky 7 over another stabbing, this one took place just after 5:00 this morning at a chevron gas station near bird avenue and west san carlos street. police found the victim with at least one stab wound and he was taken to a nearby hospital.
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we don't know his condition. authorities say there are no suspects at this time and developing news out of san jose where authorities are investigating a case of arson. they believe someone started a small fire outside cafe paradise around 3:15 this morning near monterey and old tully roads. no injuries reported and no suspect info right now. and an investigator in the mollie tibbetts' murder says it's unclear whether she knew her suspected killer. the investigator said there was something that drew the suspect to tibbetts. another point of confusion, rivera's immigration status. abc's alex perez is in brooklyn, iowa. >> reporter: here take a look around town you still see a lot of signs like this one missing mollie tibbetts, reminders of how many people in this town and area were impacted by mollie tibbetts and her story. the suspect accused of murdering mollie made his first appearance in court.
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a judge ordered he be held on a $5 million cash bond. now investigators say he confessed to following mollie after she went for a run on the evening of july 18th, abducting her, killing her and dumping her remains in a cornfield. now we've also learned that his employer, a dairy farm where he worked for about four years here in this area, has learned they say that he presented them with false employment documents. they thought he was somebody else. now according to investigators, 24-year-old cristhian rivera was in the country illegally from mexico. authorities say they are continuing to follow this investigation and have not revealed any details yet about a possible motive. the judge ordered he be back in court august 31st. that's the latest from brooklyn, iowa, alex perez for abc news a little more on that story, mollie tibbetts' death is
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continuing to fuel the debate on immigration reform among politicians, including president trump. some of tibbetts' relatives are now pushing back saying they don't want her death to be used for political leverage. tibbetts' aunt said her family received an outpouring of love from all people of all races, religions and ethnicities during the search for her niece the suspect in the golden state killer court is due back in sacramento superior court. joseph deangelo is scheduled to be arraigned on 13 new charges. prosecutors filed new allegations tied to sexual assault cases in sacramento and contra costa counties. those charges are now combined with the 13 murder charges already filed in santa barbara, orange, and ventura and sacramento. orange county's d.a. says more charges could come. he will be prosecuted in sacramento county. officials say this could take years. torrential downpours from hurricane lane are already
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soaking ian as the storm approaches. parts of maui county also seeing rain. president trump has issued a disaster declarations for hawaii as residents continue to brace for the worst. that move authorizes the department of homeland security and fema to coordinate disaster relief efforts with the state. officials opened shelters on the big slanisland. meteorologist mike nicco joining me and so, mike, where is the hurricane right now? >> it's still south of the islands, at least the eye is, which is where we always look because that's where the fastest winds are. still at 130 miles per hour, barely a category 4. very potentially dangerous storm that we're hoping will follow the forecast and weaken and make a left-hand turn. i want to show you it's been raining for nearly 24 hours straight in helio from 4:00 yesterday to 4:00 this morning. it was raining an inch per hour already. look at that, 12 inches of rain. and the winds, let's talk about that real quick. you can see they're offshore,
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the yellow the tropical storm force winds creeping so much closer to the big island, about 30 miles out. as we get deeper into this system my concern is going to be more with the flooding from the rain than from the winds because here you go, watch the dramatic left-hand turn. we just missed it. i'll show it to you when we come back and the bulk of the winds will stay offshore but the rain, flooding is on the way. we'll talk more about that coming up too. >> thanks, mike. hawaii is not accustomed to hurricanes. the last storm to directly hit one of the islands was 26 years ago and that proved to be a disaster. for people hoping to get to the islands today is the last day to get there. matt keller is live at mineta san jose international. matt? >> reggie, flights have been taking off from san jose on time to hawaii all morning long. the latest took off at 10:20 this morning. people say they had their tickets and they're going no
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matter what. >> heading home to hawaii would normally be a joyful time for cora, but with hurricane lane taking aim at the islands she's worried about what she will find when she arrives. >> very scared. very concerned about the storm. >> reporter: she says her kids in honolulu let her know about the current weather conditions and officials have prepared them for what to do in case they have to evacuate. >> they know they will go to the shelter nearby. >> reporter: an airport official working with alaska airlines said the 7:50 flight wasn't very full. most airlines are waiving rebooking fees as officials in hawaii shut down, schools, parks, and offices. friends danielle and terrance were flying to hawaii for the spartan race for saturday. >> at first i hesitated. i don't think we will be able to run. we got the e-mail saying it might get pushed back for sunday. little hope came through. >> just show up. hopefully the skies clear up and get to run. >> reporter: for some people
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their rvacation turned into an adventure. >> the reality could be that you could end up spending some of your vacation in a shelter rather than in a nice hotel. are you concerned about that? >> you know what, it happens it happens. it's okay. whatever. >> we'll see what happens. you're going to get wet anyway whether it's in the water or coming down on you. >> reporter: i want to give you the latest numbers from in maui two cancellations and one delay for that airport and honolulu, six cancellations today and 17 delays. tomorrow could be much worse. let's contrast those numbers with sfo. here in the bay area, 28 cancellations today. 186 delays. reporting live in san jose, matt keller, abc 7 news. >> thanks, matt. a trip to hawaii planned in the next few days the 7 on your side team says you can rebook for free but the flight be whi
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president trump firing off on twitter and a new interview defending himself after his former attorney michael cohen implicated him pleading guilty to c fan violations. kenneth moten has theg-time now personal attorney michael cohen. >> he's been a lawyer for me, didn't do big deals, did small deals, not somebody that was with me that much. >> reporter: the president downplaying cohen's role in the trump organization on fox news. he pled guilty to campaign finance violations saying president trump ordered him to pay hush money to stormy daniels to keep her name of an affair quiet. overnight at 1:10 a.m. an all caps tweet from the president, quote, no collusion, rigged witch hunt. abc news asked the white house did the president commit a crime. >> as the president has said and we stated many times he did nothing wrong. there are no charges against him. and we've commented on this
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extensively. >> reporter: in april the president denied knowing anything about the payment to daniels. >> do you know about the $130,000 payment to stormy daniels? >> no. >> reporter: later he admitted he reimbursed cohen. now he says the payment wasn't from campaign funds. the changing explanations and developments have inch hill. the president addressing impeachment threats from some democrats on fox news. >> i don't know how you can impeach somebody who has done a great job. >> reporter: the president predicted the stock market would tank if he were impeached. on twitter he said the only thing he's done wrong is win an election ta was expected to be won by the democrats. kenneth moten, abc news, washington there will be a town hall meeting a week from today discuss the wave of auto thefts, home invasion, attacks and burglaries in the willow glen neighborhood. police arrested a man and woman yesterday following an attempted home burglary. after being spotted the suspects
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took off, crashed, and then ran through the neighborhood. that prompted a lockdown. kelly was at home with her two young boys during the manhunt. >> mommy, why are you locking the doors and shutting the windows. i made up a story about helicopters and tried to mitigate what could be going on. >> police caught the suspects. neighbors have sharing stories about crimes they've encountered two teenagers called heros following a rescue in livermore. 19-year-old sara coulson and 17-year-old gabby smith were on their way home from work saturday when they saw this, a house on fire near scott and first streets. cell phone video shows the moment coulson and smith raced inside without hesitation. they yelled for everyone to get out and even helped rescue the family's three dogs. >> we saw the flames. i kept going. and then we were so shocked and we were like what do we do. >> she charges in after me just screaming. get out, get out. there's a fire.
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i'm asking about their animals. i was on the phone with the police. >> they saved our lives, our pets' lives. they put their own lives in danger. >> way to go, ladies. now the home was badly damaged. friends have set up a gofundme page to raise money for the family and find a link at starbucks shell out moneyus yott why employees are getting paid for what they do outside of work. >> good day for a hot coffee as they open up the weather window and hello to fog august. we're looking for the exploratorium camera. the temperatures today, 60s and 70s, ten degrees below average. how long this is goin
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from daly city sky 7 live over skyline boulevard near the olympic club. there's a report of a car over the side of the road. we're told there's a large presence of first responders out there and we have seen san francisco and daly city firefighters at the scene right now. obviously a very wooded area as you can see. we're monitoring the situation right now and have updates on our abc 7 news app. now your accuweather forecast with mike nicco. >> want to take you back to hawaii before i get to our local forecast. hurricane lane still a category 4, 150-mile-per-hour winds. take a look at that track and it's down to a 2 and the winds, let me show you this is the center of the track. the probability on either side or the person may be being off a little bit is what the white represents. it drops down to a 2 by tomorrow morning and then whoa, what is
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that? whoever has seen a hurricane make that left-hand turn. the trade winds are supposed to pick up out of the northeast. weaken the storm with wind shear. doesn't like winds moving in different directions and that weakens it and keeps steering it away from us. i'm still thinking that the biggest threat is going to be the waves and the potential flooding from the rain. at least 20 inches possible. maybe even 30 to 40 as you get above 8 to 10,000 feet. notice the winds never really get all that strong. trees mainly the thing that's going to be damaged or really old homes in pretty bad shape. hopefully -- i know this isn't going to be an [ inaudible ] and hope the track does hold true. fog for us, rolls on with cooler than average temperatures through the extended forecast. inland minor fluctuations depending on how fast the sun comes out. 70 in danville, fairfield 70, chair lake 72.
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everybody else stuck in the 60s right now. our destination is going to look like yesterday's highs but they're actually a little bit cooler maybe. definitely put some effort into trying to change them a little bit depending on the conditions. still mid to upper 70s in the south bay, low to upper 80s there. low to mid 70s on the peninsula. upper 50s to low 60s along the coast. we're seeing more in the way of fog than normal the ocean water is a little warmer than normal, has more energy and giving off a little more moisture and see it hanging in the air every morning, mist along the coast and the rest of us with cloudy conditions. mid 60s in san francisco, and sausalito neighborhoods. mid 70s through the north bay and 80s north of santa rosa. along the east bay shore, upper 60s in brentwood and oakland. free air conditioning inland, 78 to 85, who's having more fun? who's watch who more. pier 39 how fun it looks out there. temperatures below average in the 70s this afternoon, back
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into the 60s by 8:00 and upper 50s towards the overnight hours. here's my accuweather seven-day forecast, steady as she goes tomorrow, looks like the marine layer will give up more sunshine, your temperature saturday and sunday are a little warmer there. it takes back over and we drop back down below average as we head towards the middle parts of next week and possibly up until next weekend we could be dealing with the same pattern. >> i like seeing the boys at pier 39, having a good old time. >> putting on a good show. >> thanks, mike. >> starbucks is paying employees to do good. the coffee house chain announced a pilot program for employees that allows workers to spend half of the work week at a local non-profit for six points of light says so far more than 00 people applied to be part of that the list of the highest paid
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actors out and this year's winner got most of his money from off the big screen. we'll explain after this. >> breakin
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george clooney tops forbes list of the highest paid stars in hollywood. he made $239 million before
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tas las year. a good chunk of it actually didn't come from the movies. it came from when he and his partner sold his tequila company to a british company and he makes money on endorsements and residuals from his older movies and reports dwayne "the rock" johnson second with $124 million and johnson's big social media following helped him nearly double his earnings. so they're doing okay. >> he's in every movie out there now. >> he really is. >> including the new "jungle cruise" movie by disney. shooting that right now. >> can't wait to see that. >> from all of us at abc 7 -- >> big surprise. >> me with disney knowledge. thanks for joining us today. "who wants to be a millionaire" is next. live look from sky 7 over olympic park in san francisco. wow. the
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>> you know, it's not everyday that someone wins $1 million on our show. but stick around, because today, just might be the day. let's play "who wants to be a millionaire" [dramatic music] ♪ welcome to "millionaire." you guys ready to go today? [cheers and applause] all right. let's welcome back our returning contestant, a life guard from los angeles, california, stephen pollak. >> hey. hi. >> welcome back. >> hey, chris. >> last we saw you in a different shirt, you had $5,000 in the bank. >> i did, yeah. not bad. >> it's a good day's work. you reached that $5,000 level. that is a threshd. we wilvery soon. ne ay do todayo
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$1 million. >> wow. >> you did use a lifeline yesterday.


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