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tv   ABC7 News 600PM  ABC  August 26, 2018 6:00pm-6:30pm PDT

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florida. >> investigators named him 24-year-old david katz from baltimore participating in the tournament. >> reporter: a live stream interrupted by gunfire. >> excuse me, not an easy out. >> reporter: as dozens of people took part in a video game tournament in jacksonville, authorities say a gunman opened fire. >> what are you shooting with? >> reporter: confusion and panic as gunshots were heard before the game came to a sudden stop. >> it was just supposed to be a nice weekend, supposed to have a nice weekend, enjoy playing madden against some people i've played against online. >> reporter: one witness said he ran to the restroom and hid there for ten minutes. >> it happened so quick. we saw a gun -- i guess he had a laser on the gun and he shot ue. everybody just started running. >> reporter: the shooting happened sunday afternoon at a shopping and dining complex during a qualifying event for the madden '19 tournament.
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it's still unclear what led up to the attack but authorities say the suspected gunman is among the dead. >> we have no outstanding suspects at this time, no outstanding suspects. we have one suspect in this case. he is deceased. >> reporter: the injured were taken to area hospitals, some of them with multiple gunshot wounds. >> we want to extend our condolences. second is we continue to care for our patients and ensure they get adequate treatment for their injuries. >> reporter: i'm andy rose, reporting. >> ea sports sponsored the tournament, and tonight the company responded, as did other gamemakers. cornell barnard joins us live in the newsroom with more. >> one competitive gamer tournament is the last place he'd expect to see a shooting happened. >> redwood city-based ea sports sponsored the tournament. they issued a statement about the shooting saying this is a horrible situation and our deepest sympathies go out to all
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involved. we are working with authorities to gather facts at this stage. >> screaming and pushing each other and everything. >> reporter: some describe a chaotic scene during the shooting at the video game tournament in jacksonville. complexity gaming founder jason lake says one of their gamers was injured. >> he was playing when shots started to ring out. he believes that the person next to him was actually shot. he got shot. it grazed his thumb. he is not severely injured, thank god. he ren ran out of the building, down the street. >> it's sad, it's sad. >> reporter: competitive gamer nate christy is reacting with shock about the shooting. >> this is the last thing i would expect to see happening at a gaming tournament. this is like the same thing as a competitive sport. >> reporter: and like any sport, christy says some gamers can get carried away by the intensity of the game. >> competitors get a litte salty. that's what the term is that we used. >> reporter: and he says sometimes competitors can be asked to step outside a tournament and cool off.
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gaming tournaments can offer cash prizes to the winners, competitors often travel cross country to participate. in the newsroom, cornell barnard, abc 7 news. >> cornell, much appreciated, thanks. now, abc 7 news first alerted people about this shooting with this push alert at 11:24 morning saying sheriff reports mass shooting in jacksonville, florida. breaking news and new developments, you can always download the abc 7 news app and enable the push alerts. also today, hundreds of people remembered a young woman with ties to the bay area who was murdered in iowa. mourners packed a high school gymnasium to pay tribute to mollie tibbetts. her father and one of her high school teachers spoke during today's funeral mass. >> they presented a positive message to all of us, encouraged all of us to remember the good things. >> how easy she was to get along with, how like just -- how contagious she was, like how easy she could make anybody smile. how mature she was for her age.
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>> a farm worker faces murder charges in tibbetts' death. senator john mccain will be just the 30th person who will lie in state at the u.s. capital. the well-respected navy war hero and lawmaker died of brain cancer yesterday. reporter mary maloney shows us how some are mourning. >> reporter: senator john mccain left a hole in the heart of the country he loved. >> he fought for the military. no matter what he did, you respected foreign minister for that. >> reporter: he fought nearsly, first as a generation naval officer, then as a prisoner of war. he took on members of his own party in the senate and ran for president. but the final fight for the long-term statesman was battling cancer. >> they had some wonderful times with his family, got to see a lot of friends, did some really important work right up until the very end. it's just so john mccain. >> reporter: at the funeral home in phoenix where his body is
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held, people pay tribute, lighting candles and laying flowers. amid the memorial, a group of vietnam veterans and other members of the military stand watch. >> it's an honor to stand and to honor a senator mccain. >> reporter: to commemorate his more than three-decade career in the senate and to celebrate his spirit of bipartisanship. senator chuck schumer wants to remain the russell senate office building after senator mccain. >> i'd like for decades from now little children to ask who was john mccain, they'll explain his sacrifice, his patriotism, amos of all his fidelity. >> he will lie in state on his 82nd birthday. mary mulroney, abc 7 news. bart passengers say the closure of a stretch of track had a bigger impact on their
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trip than expected. trains are not running between the west oakland and merit stations. buses are taking riders between trains. it's a maintenance project replacing decades old rails. the crowds were bigger than expected. one commuter tells abc 7 news it took her an hour and 20 minutes to get from raf yet to civic center bart. that trip usually takes a half hour to 40 minutes. others put up with the travel delay in stride. >> keeping the tracks up to date, though, that's the important thing, keeping everything safe for bart. >> kind of a hassle though? >> well, yes, i won't argue that. >> the agency plans more closures next weekend, and labor day weekend. firefighters stopped a brush fire burning in castro valley today before it caused any damage. it burned 48 acres near palo verde road this afternoon. these pictures you see are from alameda county fire. firefighters will stay on scene
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to make sure it doesn't flare up. democrats have their eyes on the prosecute after two close allies were convicted this week. >> he's not above the law. >> but they may not be ready to attack him legally just yet. bay area congressman eric swalwell explains. wait until you hear about this triple crown teen, the young swimmer did something that's never been done before. and i'm meteorologist drew tuma, finishig out the weekend with cooler temperatures, a lot of rough spots away from the coast, struggling to reach even 80 degrees. the cooler trend continues for
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bay area congressman eric swalwell believes democrats don't have the evidence to pursue charges against the president. the comments made this morning five days after president trump's personal lawyer michael cohen pleaded guilty to tax fraud and violating campaign finance laws. the direction of the president. swalwell wants democrats to let the investigation unfold before they take legal action. >> and we don't to be as reckless with the facts as he is. i think having thorough investigations, putting forth an impenetrable case to the american people, doing it in a bipartisan way is the proper way to do this. we're not there yet. >> within hours of the plea, the campaign manager paul manafort
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pleaded guilty to eight counts of tax fraud. if the president pardons manafort, it would be obstruction of justice. rallies took place across the country and here in the bay area, against the nomination of brett kavanaugh to the u.s. supreme court. in san francisco dozens rallied at civic sister plaza urging senators to vote know on his nomination. the senate began confirmation hearings. protesters also held a rally in santa clara. hundreds opened their hearts and wallets to celebrate the mission of the taylor family foundation. music, grade food and drinks made for a wonderful afternoon at livermore camp arroyo to ben fate a great cause. the benefit sends children with chronic illnesses and life-threatening conditions to camp. several members of our abc 7 family joined in the fun today, including cheryl jennings, and meteorologist mike nicco. abc 7 is a longtime proud
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sponsor of day in the park. still ahead on abc 7 news, learning from the best, hundreds of underserved bay area kids get one on one training with stars of the gridiron. drew tuma is up next with the accuweather forecast. all eyes are on the boys in the little league world
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former nfl and college players teamed up to help kids stay active on the same field where the 49ers once practiced. >> abc 7 news was at a redwood city's red morton community park for today's sports clinic. that's where kids listened to motivational speeches. they then spent the raes of the day learning skills that can help them play football and many other sports. well, a bay area teenager is the first young person ever to complete the california triple crown of marathon swimming. menlo park, men low school student angel moore completed a 15 hour, 20 mile swim acrosslake tahoe this morning. it includes the santa barbara channel and the cat lena channel. she's the youngest girl to
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mount kilimanjaro at a >> i spoke at the -- largest non-profit pan-asian group for business professionals and students. i got the chance to speak about my journey to san francisco and how i was the first asian-american woman to anchor a newscast in three different markets and the challenges that came with it. thank you for the honor. now your accuweather forecast with drew tuma. we are wrapping up a weekend filled with sunshine. the temperatures on the cool side for the time of year. that cool trend continues for the week ahead. so august certainly going to finish the way it has been with those cool numbers. live doppler 7, along with satellite right now, showing you we've got the cloud bank along the coast. we'll take you inland right now, walnut creek camera, baby blue skies and better air quality today compared to yesterday.
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the air quality will continue to improve over the next 24 hours in a lot of spots. the east bay hills camera, the fog is rolling on back in overnight tonight and that marine layer is keeping us on the cool side, especially in the morning. right now, temperaturewise, you can see, around the bay, shoreline, mainly in the 60s, only 65 at oakland, 68 in hayward, 72 in san jose, 74 in cloverdale. inland, most spots in the midif not low 70s at this hour. so future weather as we go hour by hour for you, time out your sunday night, you can see the cloud cover filling right back in across the majority of the region. so tomorrow morning when you're out the door first thing we'll stop this at about 7:30 on your monday. it's a gray start for a lot of us. i think we could see some coastal drizzle as well. but by the afternoon that marine layer will compress. it will pull back to the coast. so away from the coast tomorrow. we will see sunnier skies but it will be a cool afternoon once again in terms of august standards. overnight tonight, here's the cloud cover filling right back in, seeing mid-50s overnight
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lows for the majority of the region, 55 the low in oakland, 54 in san francisco. the 12-hour day planner on your monday, sun's up at 5:00 or 6:35 in the morning. we'll see the cloud cover first thing, temperatures starting out in the 50s as we get you out the door. better air quality tomorrow, and into the afternoon sunny skies. once again, a cool afternoon, 70s and 80s, the name of the game. i think a lot of spots even struggling to reach 80 degrees. highs monday in our microclimate, starting in the south bay, san jose, 77 for santa clara, 71, redwood city, 73 mountain view. along the coast, only in the low 60s. downtown san francisco, afternoon sunshine, 64, 61 for the sunset district, 60 for daly city. north bay we go, clouds to sun tomorrow, 72 for santa rosa, 78 for san rafael. 71 for vallejo. upper 60s to mid-70s, 76 in fremont. 68 the high in oakland. inland tomorrow, we're going to be comfortable for this time of year, upper 70s to year 80
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degrees, about 78 for walnut creek, 80 for livermore, and 80 for brentwood. quick upda degeneratiupdate on . it's pushing off to the west at about 10 miles an hour. the latest track of lane will continue to push it out to sea and weaken as it moves away fror hawaii. accuweather seven-day forecast, temperatures dip even more. the end of the week, the upcoming holiday weekend stays cool with temperatures in the 70s and the 80s. now, sports from abc 7 news. >> oakland picked up its 79th win of the season today against the twins. that's more wins than any team in the national league by at least three games. oakland has been the best team since the all-star break, and still the a's are fighting for the division lead. this guy's happy because the a's are finally on their way out of town. matt chapman has been the twins
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nemesis in this series, his first at bat against jose barrios, he tags him for the his 19th home run of the season. chapman has hit safely in ten clear games against minnesota. jed lowry, also very good, hitting streak to six games. this one nearly gone, off the top of the wall, two-run double, not too shabby. chapman leads you have, first pitch he sees, he likes, second home run of the game. lowry followed him up with a solo shot of his own, lowry, three for five, with three rbi in this one. a's take three of four from minnesota with a 6-2 within. today the astros and angels game was delayed after a water line broke behind the mound. but finally on their way, and carlos carrera makes up for lost time, gets a base hit to bring two in. and marin gonzalez, knocking in
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one more. astros sweep the angels 3-1. dog day at at&t, the giants close out their series against the rangers, sitting in style. andrew mccutchen looks like he's getting a good one right here. watch carlos tochi, the great diving catch. two outs in the inning now. the throw gets loose, evan longoria is going to come around to score. the giants have nine first inning runs in this series alone, tied in the bottom of the 4th, and stevenugger sees the outfield playing shallow, the perfect time for his first career triple, two runs come around, giants take two of three with today's 3-1 final. >> i never feel like i've arrived. you know, i've said it before. i always feel like on this journey to try to get better. so, you know, each day is going to bring its own challenges. you just kind of, you know, stay with it and make adjustments along the way and just put your best foot forward.
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>> the diamondbacks come to at&t tomorrow for a three-game set. today they faced the mariners, paul goldschmidt, a three run shot. players weekend in baseball, so the players can put their own nicknames on their jersey, boxberger, had a box and a burger on his jersey. sole possession of first place in the nl west. the little league world series, anything is possible, maybe not that, but hey, we're hopeful. south korea had not allowed a home run all tournament, the first pitch to hawaii, it was knocked out of the park. hawaii added insurance in the third, the bases were loaded. the ball gets loose. and there's a score. the ball gets thrown away, and that allowed hawaii to make it 3-0.
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the pitcher went the distance. you think hawaii is excited? they win the little league world series title in their first ever appearance, congratulations to them, and congratulations to diana terasi, she became the wnba's all-time leading scorer in the playoffs. she only made it eight points, but she finished with 25. she is just incredible. stewart was named mvp of the league. 19 of her 28 points in the first half. seattle wins game one, 91-87. so a really good day, a quiet day it seems on a sunday, but a lot of good things happening for the little kids, the big kids, and the strong women. >> i looked it up for you, so you would know, the astros carlos carrera, he was >> there were some funny names. we should bring them to you at 9:00. >> you can buy one too. >> yeah, you can buy his jersey.
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>> i'll keep that in mind. happy birthday. coming up, a bay area director is back on top in the box office, this time, though, it's not record setting, but the numbers are still impressive. details ahead.
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only for a limited time. sleep number. proven, quality sleep. well, tonight on abc 7 news at 9:00, strangers united today in the east bay behind a common cause. coming up they fill these boxes were tools for success in hopes for a brighter future. a memorial is held for a petty cab driver. how he is being remembered. it has been a great year for the bay area directors at the box office. this weekend, another claimed the top spot. >> john chew debuted his comedy
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"crazy rich asians" earning $26 million. this weekend it dropped to $25 million. the consistency is virtually unheard of. critics and word of mouth are driving sales. the meg came in second. the happitime murders, flopped in its debut with only $10 million. mission impossible and christopher robin rounded out the top five. >> that's it for abc 7 news at 6:00. we'll see you again at 9:00 and 11:00.
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