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tv   ABC World News Tonight With David Muir  ABC  August 28, 2018 5:30pm-6:01pm PDT

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clouds. still in the cool tonight, several developing stories. the police officer found guilty. the white officer tonight convicted of murdering an unarmed black teenager who was shot and killed as he was leaving a party. he was a passenger in a car full of young people. the officer opening fire, saying it was coming toward his partner, that car. but the body camera showing something very different. also at this hour, the tornado touching down. the severe weather, millions tonight bracing for major storms. and the stifling heat wave from chicago all the way to new york and boston. what happened since the summit with kim jong-un? tonight, the president first calling off the newest high level meeting, and now this evening, what defense secretary james mattis is now signaling. the stunning number out tonight involving puerto rico. nearly one year after maria. the official death toll had been 64. what the number is tonight.
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abc news obtaining new video in the case of an alleged russian agent arrested in america. accused of using sex to get access. the relationship with a republican operative with close ties to the nra. was it real? you'll see it for yourself. the desperate search tonight. a woman going door-to-door, seen on home surveillance, her hands apparently in shackles. the neighborhood on edge. authorities asking for your help. and celebrating aretha franklin. the gold-plated casket, the red dress, the famous names set to perform. deborah roberts with us tonight. good evening. and it's great to have you with us here on a tuesday night. we're monitoring a tornado touchdown and severe storms coming this evening, but we are going to begin with a guilty verdict for a former police officer now found guilty of murder for killing an unarmed black teenager leaving ifn a ca.
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body cam video showing officer roy oliver running down the street, shooting five times at a car full of teenagers, leaving a home outside dallas. the officer had claimed the car was coming at a fellow officer. the body cam showing something different. and in that car, 15-year-old jordan edwards was shot and killed. the officer testifying in his own defense, still insisting he had no other option. abc's marcus moore leading us off from texas. >> reporter: tonight, a former texas police officer, roy oliver, is a convicted murderer. >> we, the jury, unanimously find the defendant guilty of murder. >> reporter: the case hinging on this tense body cam video, showing the moment oliver, who is white, fired into a car full of black teens last year, killing 15-year-old jordan edwards in the passenger seat. he was unarmed. >> you see that kid there in the blue sweatshirt? see him? that's jordan. he doesn't know it, but he's got about ten seconds to live. a time bomb. >> reporter: prosecutors argued oliver was a ticking time bomb that went off that april night in a dallas suburb. he and his partner breaking up a
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house party. gunshots heard outside. oliver runs into the chaos, stopping at his vehicle to retrieve his weapon. he runs down the street, gun drawn, then fires five times. >> he was trying to hit you. >> reporter: early on in the investigation, oliver claimed that car carrying those teens was backing up aggressively towards the officers. but the video told a different story. that car was actually driving away. oliver, who was fired from the force, testified in his own defense. >> make a decision, this car's about to hit my partner, there are threats inside the car. >> reporter: his partner telling jurors he never feared for his life. tonight, an emotional reaction in that courtroom as the verdict was read. jordan edwards' father glad to see justice for his son. >> i just want to say i'm happy, very happy. it's been a long time. >> marcus moore with us live tonight from dallas with more on this. and marcus, the former officer we know tonight still awaiting his sentencing? >> reporter: david, the
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punishment phase is under way, it could go on for at least another day. and oliver faces up to life in prison. david? >> marcus moore from dallas tonight. marcus, thank you. and as i mentioned at the top there, we're also following severe weather hitting tonight. there's already been two tornadoes. now storms across several states expected. thunderstorms with blinding rain in adams county, wisconsin, already. you can see roads blocked by fallen trees there. flash flooding covering neighborhoods in vernon county. and the governor just tonight declaring a state of emergency in parts of that state. and from chicago to new york to boston, you don't need me to tell you, a dangerous heat wave already in place. ginger zee tracking it all for us again tonight. good evening, ginger. >> reporter: good evening, david. you know, we go to wisconsin, where that flash flooding has shut down parts of interstate 9094 in west-central wisconsin. tornadoes reported from oakfield to marquette. and that line moving now from kirksville, missouri, up through a brand new severe thunderstorm watch that's in place for much of the state of michigan. muskegon, michigan, for example, already had six inches since sunday night of flash flooding,
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and now they're going to get up to four inches tonight. so, two rounds of storms. the second comes from chicago, back through missouri, and then that cold front brings some cooler air. some big relief for folks that will end up in the well over 100 heat indice area tomorrow. david? >> ginger, thank you. we traveled to singapore, of course, for that historic summit between president trump and north korean dictator kim jong-un. afterward, you'll remember the president declaring there is no longer a nuclear threat from north korea. but tonight, what's happened? the new signals coming from the administration, u.s. ambassador to the u.n. nikki haley tonight saying north korea may have, quote, changed their mind on denuclearization. president trump abruptly canceling secretary of state mike pompeo's newest trip. and what defense secretary mattis is now warning tonight. here's abc's chief white house correspondent jonathan karl tonight. >> reporter: in the clearest sign yet that president trump's dream of a grand nuclear deal with north korea may be fading away, u.n. ambassador nikki haley today said kim jong-un may not want to give up his nuclear
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weapons after all. >> look, are they wishing or maybe changing their minds on denuclearization? it's possible. >> reporter: in singapore, the president made it sound like an almost done deal. >> mr. president, did he agree to denuclearize, sir? >> we're starting that process very quickly. very, very quickly. absolutely. >> reporter: as soon as he returned to washington, he declared, "there is no longer a nuclear threat from north korea." but "the washington post" reported a letter from kim jong-un's spy chief, the man who met with president trump at the white house shortly before the singapore summit, prompted the president to call off the next round of talks. the president canceled secretary of state mike pompeo's trip to pyongyang, tweeting, "we are not making sufficient progress with respect to the denuclearization." shortly after that, sounds of fury out of north korea. state media accusing the united states of "double-dealing" and "hatching a criminal plot to unleash a war" to "commit a
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crime which deserves merciless divine punishment." and in a significant development, secretary of defense jim mattis today said the u.s. could resume major military exercises with south korea. >> we have no plans at this time to suspend any more exercises. >> there's been a bit of whiplash on this, jon karl. he's at the white house tonight. jon, the president, of course, declared the nuclear threat was over. we just heard from the defense secretary there signaling that exercises could resume. but the administration tonight still holding out hope that these talks will somehow get back on track? >> reporter: well, the state department said today they are ready to engage, but only when north korea stands ready to deliver on the promise of getting rid of their nukes. and david, even as the president canceled secretary pompeo's trip to north korea, he tweeted his warm regards to kim jong-un and said, quote, i look forward to seeing him soon. >> all right, jon karl on a tuesday night. thank you, jon. next tonight, to puerto rico. and the staggering new number out this evening. we have traveled to puerto rico so many times since hurricane
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maria hit the island. more than 3 million american citizens live there. the official death toll had been 64. tonight, that death toll now 2,975 lives lost. abc's victor oquendo again tonight. >> reporter: tonight, nearly one year after hurricane maria slammed into puerto rico, a staggering new number. a death toll vastly underestimated. the independent report from researchers at george washington university reveals 2,975 people lost their lives due to maria. the official government death toll had been 64. the power out for months, medicine in short supply. president trump visiting puerto rico, tossing paper towels to those affected. and then declaring maria's destruction was far short of katrina. >> if you look at a real catastrophe like katrina, and you look at the tremendous hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of people that died. >> reporter: the president, at the time, speaking of the
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immediate death toll in puerto rico. >> 16 people, certified. 16 people versus in the thousands. >> reporter: but even then, the families across puerto rico, where more than 3 million american citizens live, found the numbers difficult to believe. david reporting from puerto rico, on the eve of the president's visit, just 15 minutes from where the president held his news conference. families with no running water. no power. the darkened hallways. lizbeth vazquez delgado and her family, her aging parents, waiting for help, nearly two weeks after the storm. >> we had heard that inspectors had been visiting some of these buildings all over puerto rico. have you seen any inspectors? >> no. not at all. they have not come to see what has happened to these apartments. >> no one has come? >> no one has come. >> reporter: and we asked, has anyone brought food? >> how much food and water have they brought? >> none. >> nothing? >> none at all. >> reporter: stepping through doorways ravaged by the hurricane. lizbeth's parents, elmer and gloria, had been waiting for
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medicine. >> this is the first medicine? >> this is the first medicine. >> and it's motrin. >> reporter: abc news returning to the island several times, outrage over how long it took for the power to return and disbelief over that initial death toll, far lower than what many thought here. just two months ago, we were back in yabucoa. they've got that worker up there, trying to rester per to . the electricity had still not come back on. do you feel like you've been forgotten? >> yeah, been forgotten. >> reporter: and tonight, puerto rico's governor now declaring this new number the official death count. david, as you know from your visit to puerto rico, as well, this new death toll is what so many on the ground feared and believed all along. now with hurricane season upon us, the more than 3 million americans living in puerto rico are all too familiar with the dangers they face. david? >> victor oquendo, we thank you for your continued reporting on this and we'll continue to follow it. next tonight, abc news obtaining new video this evening in the case of the alleged russian agent arrested here in the u.s.
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the woman at the center of the storm. prosecutors accusing maria butina of going to extreme measures to infiltrate the american political system, using a five-year relationship with a political operative with ties to the nra. well tonight, right here, video her lawyer calls proof that the relationship was real and, in his words, a classic love story. this evening, you'll see the video for yourself. here's abc's kyra phillips now. ♪ tale as old as time >> reporter: this is the exclusive video obtained by abc news. ♪ true as it can be >> reporter: maria butina and conservative operative paul erickson together, singing "beauty and the beast." ♪ both a little scared ♪ neither one prepared ♪ beauty and the beast >> reporter: butina's lawyer says the video, recorded in moscow, was her birthday present to erickson. that it proves the couple was
5:42 pm
truly in love and that she did not seduce him on orders of the kremlin. so, "beauty and the beast"? >> yeah, i mean, it's -- i found it adorable. i think you also look at this and say, this looks pretty legitimate, at least i do. maybe i'm -- maybe i'm a sucker for romance. >> reporter: federal prosecutors aren't buying it. they say butina used erickson to infiltrate powerful conservative groups like the nra, as part of a "russian influence operation." she was photographed with an array of prominent conservatives. and in 2015, she even managed to ask candidate donald trump a question about russia. >> do you want to continue the politics of sanctions? >> i believe i would get along very nicely with putin, okay? >> reporter: butina has pleaded not guilty. she's now behind bars, awaiting trial. not exactly a fairytale ending. ♪ beauty and the beast
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>> all right, that video. kyra phillips with us now. so many questions about this. first of all, do you know when this was recorded? and butina's lawyer saying it's proof of true love, and you've learned it was actually recorded in moscow? >> reporter: it was, about four years ago. butina actually set up the studio time through a friend, david. and now her lawyer is saying that she and erickson are still together, as a matter of fact, he visited her in jail over the weekend. david? >> kyra phillips with us tonight. thank you. pope francis tonight is fighting off calls for his resignation. what italian media is now reporting, after the pope was questioned about an american cardinal. it all comes after that blistering grand jury report, as well, on the catholic church in the u.s. abc's david wright tonight from vatican city. >> reporter: tonight, pope francis reportedly has no plans to resign, despite the archbishop's explosive accusation. according to the italian news agency "ansa," close associates of the pope told them he's "embittered" by the documents, claiming he knew cardinal
5:44 pm
mccarrick was a predator, but "is not thinking about resignation." >> nobody can remove him from his place as pope. that's the church law. >> reporter: the allegations have exposed a deep rift in the church. >> many of the people who are critical of pope francis naturally are inclined to believe the accusations. >> reporter: supporters of pope francis have sought to debunk archbishop carlo vigano's text, detail by detail. the allegations have undercut pope francis' moral authority as he tries to address the epidemic of sexual abuse in the church. >> i think it's to the mill of those who are saying he's not doing enough to deal with sexual abuse. >> reporter: the president of the u.s. conference of bishops is now seeking an urgent audience with the pope. he's made it clear that he says these allegations need an investigation. but there's no provision for a special counsel to investigate the pope. but the vatican infighting this time around has a distinctly modern feel to it.
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one archbishop today actually used the phrase fake news. david? >> all right, david wright from vatican city tonight. david, thank you. there is still much more ahead on "world news tonight" this tuesday. two deputies shot when a man walks into the sheriff's office and opens fire. the desperate search. a woman seen on home surveillance late at night, her hands apparently in broken shackles there. now that neighborhood, of course, on edge. authorities asking for the public's help tonight. the massive bee swarm right here in new york city. right in the middle of times square, filled with tourists. many of them told to get back. and celebrating aretha franklin. the lines in her hometown of detroit tonight. the gold-plated casket, the red dress and the famous names set to perform. we have the list. much more news ahead. "i don't want to hear about insurance." cause let's be honest, nobody likes dealing with insurance, right? which is why esurance hired me, dennis quaid, as their spokesperson because apparently, i'm highly likable. i like dennis quaid. awww.
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originally discovered... in jellyfish. in clinical trials, prevagen has been shown to improve short-term memory. prevagen. the name to remember. these digestive issues can start in the colon and may be signs of an imbalance of good bacteria. phillips' colon health caps have this unique combination of probiotics to help replenish good bacteria. get four-in-one symptom defense. also try our delicious new probiotic gummies. (nathan) secondhand smoke caused measthma attacks, infections and lung damage. and i never smoked. (announcer) if you or someone you know wants free help to quit smoking, call 1-800-quit-now. next tonight, a neighborhood outside houston is on heightened alert tonight after surveillance of an unidentified woman appearing to seek help. here's abc's gio benitez. >> reporter: tonight, police in texas say they're desperately trying to figure out who this woman is, caught on a doorbell
5:48 pm
cam, apparently barefoot, with what appears to be restraints around her wrists. neighbors say she went from house to house just after 3:00 a.m. friday. >> i found that she'd gone to all of our neighbors' houses as well. but nobody could see her. so, by the time they got to the door, she was gone. >> reporter: the door camera recording as she approaches to ring the bell. >> when you see the video, she was being very quiet and looked just distressed. >> reporter: just days ago, door cam footage helped police near toronto find this woman after she rang a doorbell for help. her alleged kidnapping caught on camera. >> get in the car. >> i think i'm gonna die. >> good. >> reporter: tonight, that woman is safe, but the search is on for the suspect. and david, in that texas incident, police have gone door-to-door trying to identify the woman. they're also searching through surveillance video in the area and they're even looking at reports of missing people. david? >> all right, gio, thank you. when we come back here tonight, more on those two deputies shot, the gunman going into the sheriff's office and opening fire. and that giant swarm of bees causing a scare in times square.
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to the index. to the index. two kansas deputies were shot by a suspect that walked into the sheriff's office. authorities say jason whitson entered the sheriff's office in kansas, asked to speak to a deputy and opened fire. he took off, then found to have shot himself. he later died. both deputies are expected to be okay. a dangerous e-cigarette explosion in anaheim. a customer inside an electronics store when the device ignites in his pants' pocket. you can see him limping in pain. he was treated at the hospital for burns. and a bee swarm in times square. thousands of bees engulfing a hot dog stand. tourists were told to stay back. a man in protective gear responding using a vacuum to clear the insects. next, the new images tonight, the famous names set to perform for aretha. ♪ [ coughs ] ♪ ♪
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and finally tonight here, and finally tonight here, aretha franklin, celebrated in her hometown of detroit. and the famous names set to perform in her honor. here's deborah roberts. >> reporter: tonight, an overwhelming outpouring of support. fans spilling into aretha franklin's hometown of detroit, paying respects to the queen of soul who spoke for us all when she demanded respect. ♪ r-e-s-p-e-c-t ♪ find out what it means to me ♪ r-e-s-p-e-c-t >> reporter: this evening, hundreds wrapping around the charles h. wright museum of african-american history. there was even a pink cadillac on hand. >> queen! >> reporter: the queen herself arrived in grand style, in a solid bronze gold-plated casket. dressed to the nines in red from head to toe, huge bouquets of roses.
5:57 pm
the scene, church-like, for a woman who began her career there. ♪ right there >> reporter: her father was a preacher. ♪ chain, chain, chain >> reporter: arena once spoke of the moment she told him it was time to branch out. >> i decided i wanted to change fields. so, i let him know, to get into the field of rhythm and blues and pop music. >> reporter: the legendary singer died earlier this month, and in a polarized country, her famous music now a powerful legacy. >> aretha makes you feel. that's really what she does. she makes you feel the records. >> reporter: aretha franklin's funeral this friday will be star-studded, with performances from stevie wonder, faith hill and jennifer hudson. former president bill clinton will speak. >> we're just going to miss her. but we got her music. yeah. we got her music. >> reporter: tonight, many recalling how the first lady of soul once described her defining anthem.
5:58 pm
>> everyone wants respect. everyone needs respect. from the young to the very old. we all want respect, and we all want to be appreciated. >> everyone wants respect. everyone needs respect. i loved that old interview with aretha franklin. and this is going to be, really, quite a few days ahead here. >> reporter: ongoing tributes, david. a celebration of the beloved singer. on thursday night before the funeral, there's going to be a free concert in detroit with the four tops and gladys knight. and in november, clive davis, her long-time collaborator and friend, planning a huge concert in new york with a star-studded concert in her honor. >> a concert fit for a queen. she certainly is deserving. >> reporter: absolutely. >> thanks, deb. great to have you. that is "world news tonight" for this tuesday. i'm david muir. thanks for watching. i hope to see you right back here tomorrow. good night. google has all the answers.
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does it have a bias as well? the answer to an accusation made by america's commander in chief. what we're trying to accomplish is actually getting ahead of violence and being able to stop it before it happens. >> multiple murder investigations in oakland. the cases could be connected, and it's not just family members saying enough is enough. and are you seeing coyotes in your backyard? it's become mortgage and more common in some bay area neighborhoods. a reminder that we're on their turf. >> live where you live, this is abc 7 news. >> we'll begin with a gruesome discovery inside this san francisco home. this case is equally about what's missing as well as what was found. good evening. i'm dan ashley. >> and i'm kristen sze in for ama daetz. hours ago san francisco police reveal new shocking details what they found inside the home of a missing man. his case is now considered a murder investigation. >> abc 7 news reporter vic lee is live at san francisco police headquarters with the story.
6:00 pm
vic? >> dan, 65-year-old brian egg has been missing for at least two months. his neighbors say he is a nice man who often took in transients he would meet, sometimes at st. anthony's church where he ate lunch regularly. >> he would water the plants here on the street, and he would clean up, which is very badly needed in this area. >> scott freeh has been friends with brian egg for almost three decades. in june he thought something was wrong. 65-year-old egg had disappeared. he feared the worst. >> unfortunately he had a few not so nice friends from the streets that would come in and i guess stay with him. >> in late july, early august, freeh called police for a welfare check at the home. and egg's sister filed a missing person's report. >> on both occasions, officers responded to the residence, but received no response to


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