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tv   ABC7 News 400PM  ABC  August 29, 2018 4:00pm-4:59pm PDT

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love. daughter megan in tears during this private ceremony in the rotunda. >> none of us were ready for this. we never would have been ready for this. >> the late six-term senator lying in state today, veterans, constituents, even those who didn't agree with him politically, lining up for hours to pay their respects on what would have been >> services honoring mccain who died saturday after a year-long battle with brain cancer. close friend and former presidential campaign manager rick davis on cnn sharing the war hero's final display of bravery. >> i saw the progression of the disease and what it did to his body. but his spirit and his mind stayed strong to the end. he was really an inspiration to us. >> an inspiration to the 10,000 people who were expected here today. and after a memorial service here in phoenix tomorrow, mccain's body will be brought to
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washington, d.c. for two more days of ceremonies before he's laid to rest in annapolis sunday. marci gonzalez, abc news, phoenix. a bay area catholic leader who is a family friend of the mccains delivered the invocation at this morning's service in phoenix. >> let these tears bring blooms in the desert he loved, in the country he served, and in all our hearts, amen. >> father edward reese is president of st. college prep. 30 years ago john mccain became snarled in the nation's saving and loans crisis. it threatened his political career, while it disgraced other senators. mccain showed true character by stepping up and testifying on behalf of victims whose life savings had been wiped out.
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abc 7 news reporter david louie has the story. >> reporter: john mccain's political career almost became a train wreck because of a scandal involving southern california's lincoln savings and loan. its ceo turned to five u.s. senators to intervene as his junk bond operation came under federal scrutiny. mccain was one of the so-called keating five, accused of ethics violations. the others were allen cranston of california, john glen of ohio, and donald reegle of michigan. each received campaign contributions and other gifts from keating. others were sued on behalf of 26,000 people whose savings were converted into high risk bonds. they lost $$300 million when lincoln savings filed for bankruptcy. >> john mccain was the only person that came to us voluntarily and said if you'd like me to testify, i will testify. he was the most decent man i've ever met. >> reporter: mccain received
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$112,000 from keating who was later convicted of fraud. the senate ethics committee found that mccain has done nothing wrong, but exercised poor judgment for attending a regulator's meeting. he had the strength of character to testify on behalf of keating's victims. >> he testified that he had helped charlie keating and he didn't realize at the time unfortunately what was going on. >> the jurors were moved by mccain's sincerity. he recalled that several of them were moved to tears as well. david louie, abc 7 news. >> now, abc news will televise senator john mccain's memorial service this saturday, our coverage begins at 6:00 a.m. scary moments today at uc berkeley after a gunman was reported on campus. it turned out to be a private armed security guard. sky 7 was over the university where police sent out an alert to avoid the area late this morning. a student provided abc 7 news
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with these pictures. she said she heard people screaming, and was told to evacuate the student center. about 30 minutes later police confirmed the guard was on campus for business reasons, and announced an all clear. a model of what a safe injection site could look like is now open in san francisco. you've heard a lot about this controversial idea. >> weigh in at, do you support something like this in san francisco, yes or no? you can see our poll is up. >> that's right. abc 7 news reporter melanie woodrow got a look inside and in the newsroom with the story. >> dan and kristen, the site opens following the passage of a bill that would allow san francisco to open safe injection sites under a three-year pilot program. the legislation will now be sent to governor jerry brown for his signature lo signature. >> reporter: mayor lon dean breed touring inside today. the mayor says the safe injection site like this one would provide an alternative for
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people who inject themselves on city sidewalks and leave used needles behind. >> part of a solution to addressing those particular challenges would be to bring this indoors. >> reporter: still the mayor recognizes there are legal concerns for providers who could be charged federally. >> we want to open one as soon as poossible, but i think it's important we protect the people who are going to be working at these facilities. >> reporter: the injection site will provide supplies, education and resources. it will not supply drugs. >> at the existing sites that are open, demonstrate clearly that not one overdose has occurred in any of these sites around the world. >> this is the time in history to give this a chance. it's been proven in other countries. >> reporter: alex crawl agrees, the principal scientist at rti international, an independent nonprofit institute says he questions the findings of a research that found safe consumption sites don't have a significant effect on overdose
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mortality. >> there's definitely the possibility of bias with the small number of studies they chose to close. >> reporter: laura thomas is the -- policy alliance. >> this is not about enabling drug use, it's about providing people with dignity and respect so they can then take the next step to get into treatment if that'shay want. >> repter: the safer inside demonstration is open through friday at glide. >> there will be no consumption of drugs at that demonstration site. it's not clear when an actual site could open. >> melanie, thanks very much. san francisco's safe injection site initiative is modeled after a program in canada that started in vancouver. and we spoke today with people there about how that program is working. >> we found that in the first four years the facility was open there were over 1,000 overdose events within the facility itself. >> dr. mj molloy is with the
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british columbia center on substance use, he's been studying the impacts of safe injection sites like this an at vancouver called insight that opened in 2003. >> the primary objectives are to reduce the risk of disease transmission and in particular deaths fm crse uak medical care. >> this video shows an addict coming to a center with heroin he bought on the streets, then shooting up with a nurse watching. he then relaxes in the chillout room where he can talk with caseworkers who macon vince him to go into rehab. researchers say the sites work, there are now roughly two dozen -- >> rates of fatal overdose in the area around insight declined 35% after the facility opened. versus only 9% in the rest of the city of vancouver. >> there was also a 30% increase in people getting into detox, and new hiv infections have declined 96%. but it isn't just addicts who
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experienced a significant change. neighbors were concerned safe injection sites would lead to an increase in problems in the neighborhood. it didn't happen. >> which really makes sense. instead of people injecting in back alleys or parking garages, they were injecting at insight, so they were out of the public's way. >> public opinion polls in vancouver show support for the safe injection sites at about 80%. >> now, as we mentioned, we're asking you what you think of safe injection sites here in san francisco. do you support the idea, yes or no? >> well, right now, voting is happening, and you see it's fairly evenly split, right, little bit more saying no right now at 54%. you can still weigh in. go to and you can see results right now, yes, 46%, no 54. >> you don't have to register or sign in or anything. more to come, apple store bandits striking again. >> ahead, the new video showing thieves taking everything they could inside an east bay apple store. double standard in tech?
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safeway stores in northern california. abc 7 news reporter chris nguyen is live in santa clara to explain how you can protect yourself from getting sick. chris? >> reporter: dan, the recall itself was announced about a week ago, but many people are still learning about it, and now health officials are urging the public to check their freezers just in case the beef was stored there after purchase. more than 25,000 pounds of ground beef products processed in a colorado facility have been recalled following the discovery of a possible link to eco lee. the u.s. department of agriculture is warning others of the class 1 recall related to safeway stores in seven states, including northern county healt officer says the public shouldn't take any chances if they still have beef in the freezer. >> young children are at particular risk for very severe outcomes, including death. so play it safe, just discard the meat. >> reporter: this week safeway
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sent an e-mail to some customers explaining the recall on the more than 80 different products that could have been contaminated with e. coli, including beef patties and meatballs, the sell by dates of the 21st through the 25th. >> we slice, cut and grind our own product. we buy nothing pre-made from anybody. so all the product you can rest assured is made here. >> fred zonato of a locally owned market says it's important for customers to know where their meat is coming from, and why that knowledge makes a difference in times like these. >> you want to cook your ground meats to a safe internal temperature of at least 160. you always want to watch for cross-contamination in your kitchen. >> heading into the holiday weekend, a reminder of the importance of properly cooking and handling beef. if you have any beef related to the recall, safeway says you can
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return it to the store with your receipt for a full refund. live in the south bay, i'm chris nguyen, abc 7 news. >> if you're concerned about the ground beef in your refrigerator or your freezer, we have all the information you need to see if this recall applies at do, if you have ground beef, take the time to check at home. walnut creek police released surveillance video of a weekend robbery at a new apple store. it opened recently. this robbery at broadway plaza is the sixth in the last month. there's a new location for apple in walnut creek. it happened saturday afternoon. several people run into the store to grab what they cannd police say they got $30,000 worth of merchandise in a few seconds. investigators think the people here have been involved in at least three other apple story robberies. >> it's a crime of opportunity, run into the store, grab as many items as they can and drive away. it's not very complex as far as
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that goes, breath brazen, though, doing it right in the public, right when the stores are open and there's a lot of people around. >> in this case, an alert citizen was able to get a picture of the getaway car, it was a black mercedes suv with a license plate 5 xrs 835. police are following up on good leads in the case and they believe arrests will be made soon. elon musk tears has started a national conversation in an interview with the "new york times." musk got emotional opening up about his recent struggles leading tesla, leading to questions about what would happen if a female ceo did the same thing. well, amy nelson, ceo of the riveter, a work space for women, wrote about it and amy is here today to explain the huge response that followed. welcome, amy. >> thanks so much. >> in your article you applauded musk for his reaction. tell me about why you applauded him. >> i think, you know, starting a company is really difficult. and i think to be a good leader you should show up as your authentic self. but i think that there are
4:16 pm
biases in the workplace and in society, just more broadly, that men have to be a certain way and that they can't cry and show their emotions. it was powerful that musk did that. >> but now he is denying that he actually cried during that interview with the "new york times," saying his voice just kind of cracked and that came in a response to somebody who tweeted your article. how did that trigger your reaction? >> it was so interesting. he didn't respond to the "new york times" article for over a week. and he had a lot of options there. he could have said nothing or he could have acknowledged that he cried and used that as a teaching moment to say, look, i'm a human being and all human beings show emotion and that's okay, it doesn't make me weak. instead he said, nope, didn't cry. it's interesting because we've read so many articles about elon relling at journalists. he's never denied them. what made him deny the crying? that's an interesting -- >> what he understands about what the expectations are for a ceo. let me ask you this, you also argue in your article that women cannot afford to cry.
4:17 pm
women ceos. based on your experience, how are the expectations different for a woman in leadership position? >> to start with, we don't have a lot of examples of women in leadership positions. katrina lake was the only female founder to take a company public in 2017. >> stitch. >> yes, stitch fix. and we had multitudes of women doing that. more examples of men in leadership positions. but with women, the more difficult thing is we have to show up in this tight rope, be aggressive, but not too aggressive, be kind, but not weak, not loud, but not too loud. one of the things we can't do is show feminine traits society sees as weak. one of those, i think, is crying. >> and we can't get angry, either, okay, got it. >> to bring about change, which is what you're arguing for, you started the riveter, a work space not just for women. tell me about its purpose. >> it's built by women for everyone. we want women to be able to come in and show up as their authentic selves leading their
4:18 pm
companies. we have work space. we know the members are different. women founders receive about 2% of venture capital funding and 4% of small business loans and we know the market is missing out on incredible ideas if that's the reality. >> do you think men are important allies? >> i do, absolutely. and that's really why elon's response was so disheartening. because elon can be such an ally to women who are building needb part of this. men are 90% investors, 475 of the fortune 500 ceos, we need them to work with us in order to change the stats on women in leadership. >> so working with you begins by admitting, yeah, i cried and that's okay? >> absolutely. i think so. >> i'm going to shed a little tear myself, amy nelson with the riveter, ceo, you have a work space in seattle and l.a., but coming to san francisco next year. >> absolutely. >> thank you for coming? >> what a great discussion. thank you both. let's turn our attention to
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the weather forecast inching ever closer to the weekend. spencer christian is here. >> closer indeed, dan. live doppler 7, started with low clouds lingeringhi i sunny skies this afternoon. right now we've got gusty wind again, gusts up to 28 miles per hour here in san d the bay area is quite breezy. it's warmer than this hour. temperature changes of 2 to 5 degrees higher than at this hour yesterday, and most bay re sutro tower, more clouds moving through the golden gate, hazy sunny skies above. mountain view, 77 right now. 80 in morgan hill, and 64 at half moon bay. check out this view from emeryville looking at the western sky, see the approaching low clouds there, it's currently 73 at santa rosa. 75 in novato, upper 70s at fairfield, concord and
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livermore. one more live view from mt. tam looking at impressive low clouds moving out over the bay. the marine layer is expanding overnight, mild tomorrow with a few passing high clouds, a warmer pattern beginning friday. forecast animation starting 7:00 this evening, we'll see a surge of low clouds moving inland overnight with patches of drizzle as well. 5:00 tomorrow morning, the beginning of the morning commute, reduced visibility in some spots, and perhaps even wet spots on the pavement because of the spotty drizzle. by midday tomorrow the clouds will burn away largely, even away from the coastline, giving us mainly sunny skies once again and mainly clear skies going into late tomorrow night. overnight lows this night under cloudy conditions with spotty drizzle, not only at the coast, but inland as well. overnight lows mainly in the upper 50s, mild overnight, tomorrow's highs will range from low and mid-60s at the coast to low to mid-70s around the bay shoreline, 72 at san mateo,
4:21 pm
oakland 74, fremont. inland highs, 77 and santa rosa, 77 down at san jose. looking ahead, as we approach the weekend, saturday will be even milder, mild to warm as a matter of fact, with highs in the upper 80s to low 90s inland. sunday, even a bit warmer than that, low to mid-90s in some of the truly warmest inland spots. but mainly mid to upper 80s inland. mda i day, still mild, a slight dip in temperatures dropping a few degrees. here's the accuweather seven-day forecast, and as you can see we'll see highs in the upper 80s inland, beginning on friday, up to maybe about 90 on sunday and dropping back down to the 80s on monday, labor day, but still very mild to warm day across the border on labor day, mid-60s on the coast, in fact, and then mid to upper 80s inland on tuesday and wednesday. there won't be a lot of change in the temperature range over the next few days, but a little bit of a bump upward on saturday and sunday. >> but very bearable. >> indeed bearable.
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no choice. >> right, thank you, spencer. >> okay. next, the city's most expensive air bnb. >> many people will soon be able to enjoy this gorgeous
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you could generate yourat home.rgy, or to save energy, unplug unused appliances. do your thing, with energy upgrade california.
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firefighters in florida worked to save two distressed whales off the coast of clear water today. the animals are melon headed whales, small whales that resembled dolphins. officials say the whales are known for swimming if deeper waters, but tried to beach themselves when they're sick, at least two were removed from the water and taken to a marine laboratory. a 4:00 a.m. closing time for bars in san francisco and oakland is getting closer to reality. the state assembly today approved the bill allowing nine cities, including san francisco and oakland, to give bars and nightclubs the option to serve alcohol as late as 4:00 a.m. the bill was introduced by san
4:25 pm
francisco senator scott wiener. the senate is expected to approve it as early as tomorrow. it will then head to the governor. supporters of the bill say it will be a boost to business and tourism. opponents say it will be bad for public safety. and historic san francisco mansion that was the city's most expensive airbnb last year is undergoing a major transformation. >> it is off the market and it's now being renovated inside and out. this fall the payne mansion will reopen as a posh western edition hotel and restaurant called the mansion on sutter hotel. >> drone view 7 flew over the building today which dates back to 1881. last year the entire ten-bedroom victorian, also on the list of the national registry of historic places, went for, oh, $10,000 a night on airbnb. >> can you imagine? the hotel is being converted and will have 14 guest rooms with a restaurant and bar on the first floor. rooms will go on average for
4:26 pm
$600 to maybe $700 a night. it's pricey. in the basement the owner plans to open a speak easy, saying it fits the turn of the century identity of this historic san francisco landmark. >> well, it's more affordable than 10,000. next at 4:00, one town in one country, wine country is open for business, the smoke from the fires is miles and miles away, but that's not stopping tourists from cancelling. also, from guatemala to the bay area, the decade-old case ending in extradition. a pair of outsiders shock the political world in florida, the political world in florida, how the race for governor there at at&t, we believe in access. the political world in florida, how the race for governor there the opportunity for everyone to explore a digital world. connecting with the things that matter most. and because nothing keeps us more connected than the internet, we've created access from at&t. california households with at least one resident who receives snap or ssi benefits may qualify for home internet at a discounted rate of $10 a month.
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no commitment, deposit, or installation fee. visit to learn more.
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>> announcer: live where you live, this is abc 7 news. here are the stories making headlines at 4:30. senator john mccain is lying in state at the arizona state capitol. members of the public are waiting in long lines to pay their respects. earlier today you can see cindy mccain, mccain's wife kissed his flag-draped casket. reporter vic lee is looking into the case of brian egg, a suspect in egg's disappearance is accused of buying a car using his credit card. a headless torso was found in egg's home earlier this month, but it's not been identified. the major wildfires hitting california in the past year are having a ripple effect on homeowners. oakland residents have been told
4:30 pm
their insurance won't be renewed due to fire danger. more coming up at 5:00. the wildfires in shasta and mendocino counties this summer are also having an effect on wine country. and in the way you might not have imagined. abc 7 news reporter wayne freedman is live to explain. wayne? >> reporter: good afternoon, kristen, there are no hard numbers yet. we'll g getting those at the end of the month. yes, we're expecting to see tourist numbers drop in sonoma county because of the wildfires, we spoke with people from out of state today who said before they came here they thought all of california was on fire. the picture in the setting just don't fit in, yet here they are together. the sonoma wine country in mecca and the tasting rooms are not exactly bustling. >> the misperception? >> yeah. >> that wine country is on fire, and we're not. >> neither is business. down as much as 30%,
4:31 pm
anecdotally, and maybe more. >> we're about a third of what we should be getting in a normal august/september time frame. >> this is a -- >> if anyone would be doing well, look at bill williamson who owns and runs the only free tasting rooms in town, with the harvest starting a few days from now, this region should be crawling with tourists. instead, there are plenty of tables left downtown. sue from michigan saw coverage of fires north and south, imagined a state in flames. what a surprise when she arrived, she says. >> i thought i might see a lot of devastation. but they had to drive me to it. >> we had fires, then we had fires and mudslides in southern cal, then we had recently a little fire up here, and people just contribute now, california equals fire country, don't go. >> fear of the fires did not keep brenda charles and her husband away, come friday they celebrate fire of a different
4:32 pm
kind on their anniversary. >> i love red wine. she likes white wine. >> and you've been married for how long? >> 55 years this friday. >> reporter: 55 years and counting. we had to ask. what is the secret to a happy marriage after 55 years? she said she's still working on him. and he said he has her trained. that's the secret. live, wayne freedman, abc 7 news. >> wayne, thanks very much. a fugitive wanted for a hit and run crash that killed a 6-year-old girl in 2009 is now back in the bay area. menlo park police say the driver was street racing at the time. he's been on the run for eight years. abc 7 news reporter matt keller is in menlo park with the story. >> reporter: it took a big team, but menlo park police finally got their man. >> i'm here to announce the capture, arrest and extradition of shannon steven fox who has been a fugitive from justice for almost eight years. >> reporter: police say the now
4:33 pm
33-year-old fox was street racing in a ford mustang against a honda prelude back on the afternoon of november 12th, 2009. his car crashed into a toyota camry carrying a mom, dad and their daughter. 6-year-old lisa xavier was killed. >> the driver of the ford mustang exited his vehicle, got into the vehicle he had been racing with and both suspects escaped from the scene. >> police quickly named shannon fox as a person of interest. police say they learned he traveled to the u.s.-mexico border and crossed over. the fbi helped in the search for fox. he was eventually arrested in guatemala more than seven years later in december 2016. afterse after several appeals, he was finally extradited back to the u.s. >> rest assured that my office will take it to the finish line. they have passed the baton to us. we will take it across the
4:34 pm
finish line. >> reporter: prosecutors are considering charges against the other racer and on others who helped fox in his escape. fox is facing three felonies, gross vehicular manslaughter, felony hit and run and engaging in a speed contest that resulted in death or injury. if convicted he could be sentenced to 12 years in prison. >> it is my hope that today's announcement provides some semblance of closure and helps lisa's family, loved ones in this community to continue to heal from this horrible crime. >> reporter: fox is scheduled to be arraigned in court tomorrow. prosecutors are asking for no bail. in menlo park, matt keller, abc 7 news. federal investigators are on the scene of a deadly scaffolding collapse in florida. two workers in their 30s fell more than 80 feet to their deaths this morning at a hotel under construction outside disney world in orlando. it is not a disney property. the workers were preparing to four concrete. two others were able to hold on and climb to safety.
4:35 pm
yesterday was one of the most highly anticipated primaries of the year, races in arizona and florida were significant tests of president trump's influence on voters. abc news reporter emily row has more now from washington. >> reporter: it was a history-making night in florida. >> i've got to tell you, i am overwhelmed. >> reporter: andrew gillum is the first black nominee for either major party, upsetting the democratic party favorite former congresswoman gwen graham. but on the gop side of the race, the republican establishment favorite also losing out. i november, gillum will face off against president trump's pick, immigration hardliner ron desa desantis in the general election. >> such a fantastic win. desantis appearing on fox news we understand morning. >> the last thing we need to do
4:36 pm
is to monkey this up by trying to embrace a socialist agenda. >> reporter: florida democrats already responding calling the comment a quote racist dog whistle. and in arizona, a former fighter pilot, martha mcsally easily defeated kelly ward who was openly critical of john mccain in recent weeks. >> i'm humbled and honored to now stand before you for the very first time as your republican nominee for the united states senate. >> reporter: mcsally, a current member of congress, will off against kriyrsten sinema in the fall. these results reflect the deep divide in both parties and the tight races ahead, the president this week even telling evangelical leaders if the democrats win they will violently overturn everything republicans have done. emily can lawmakers are telling president trump that he can't allow white house counsel don mcgahn to step down.
4:37 pm
the president tweeted today that mcgahn will leave his post after the senate confirmation vote for supreme court nominee brett kavanaugh. the announcement comes a week after it was revealed that mcgahn testified for 30 hours before robert mueller's team, investigating the russian election interference. iowa senator charles grassley expressed his displeasure on mcgahn's departure to the president, tweeting you can't let that happen. a super bowl champion linebacker is apologizing for his role in an insider trading scheme. federal prosecutors say mychal kendricks used inside information from an aacquaintance to make $1.2 million in illegal profits on four major trading deals. kendricks issued a statement saying he deeply regrets his actions adding he didn't fully understand the details of those illegal trades. kendricks plays for the browns after playing last year for the eagles. earthquake early warning
4:38 pm
success, scientists praising the new system for doing its job in southern california last night. a record heat wave is packing a punch on the east coast, and creating a controversy at the u.s. open. labor day weekend approaches, and look for a sunnier and warmer
4:39 pm
4:40 pm
the city of los angeles is honoring former president obama. last night the city council voted to rename rodeo road to
4:41 pm
obama boulevard. the street runs for about four drive with all the fancy 10eo shopping in beverly hills. mr. obama held a campaign rally on rodeo road in 2007, it's part of president's row, a series of streets named after presidents such as washington, adams and jefferson. >> we're watching this closely here in the bay area. but scientists in southern california say a prototype earthquake early warning system did its job last night. the system gave them a 30-second heads up before the magnitude 4.4 quake centered in la verne 30 miles east of los angeles hit. no damage or injuries were reported. the goal of the early warning system is to push those alerts to your phone so you have a little time to prepare. >> well, there are severe weather conditions across many parts of the country right now, flooding, tornadoes and oppressive heat as well. abc news reporter zachary kiesch
4:42 pm
has more. >> reporter: they call them the doys of suer. where there isn't sun, there are storms. the temperatures are responsible for wild weather near the great lakes. and at one point, more than 100,000 left without power in western michigan. and in wisconsin, a tornado swept right through this dairy farm, neighbors stepping up, helping to move some of the cows to other functioning farms in the area. >> i can't believe what i saw. it was pretty much wiped out. >> reporter: down in kansas city, winds sent this tree through the roof. >> the wind was blowing really hard. and the visibility was like zero. >> reporter: in new york, the heat is stifling. the index was over 100 on long island when an 11-year-old girl died after being left in a car. >> she was a sweet little girl. >> reporter: also in new york at the u.s. open in queens, hosts of the best tennis players in the world, the boiling conditions acting like an extra get for on the court.
4:43 pm
several players forfeited their matches due to the heat. today an open official is under fire after this. he was penalized for briefly removing her shirt midmatch. meanwhile, male players are often seen between sets without shirts, without being penalized. critics say that's sexist and a double standard. according to the world tennis association the violation given to kornay was unfair because there are no rules against changing attire. additionally, because of the high heat both men and women will be given a ten-minute heat break if they need it. zachary kiesch, abc news, new york. it's hot. >> well, we don't have crazy heat here in the bay area. in fact, just the opposite. >> no, it's a little bit cooler than usual, nice, though, as spencer christian is here to update the forecast. >> it's cooler than average and we don't have any more -- we have a warmup company. sunny skies across the bay area. overnight a surge of low clouds pushing across the bay, and
4:44 pm
inland, and even spotty drizzle around the bay area overnight with low temperatures mainly in the upper 50s in the early morning hours. and then by midafternoon tomorrow look for mainly sunny skies, hazy with a few passing high clouds, high temperatures ranging from low to mid-60s at the coast, low to mid-70s along the bay shoreline. now, a quick look fi tropical pacific quite active right now with two category one hurricanes, hurricane meriam, way out to sea, and over the next few days, miriam will weaken, and norm will strengthen as it moves far away from populated areas. neither storm poses any threat to populated areas. it doesn't appear that will happen. they should move harmlessly out to sea. here's the accuweather seven-day forecast. here in the bay area, expect a warmup beginning friday all the way through labor day weekend. during that period of time, inland highs will be in the upper 80s to near 90, around the
4:45 pm
bay, highs in the upper 70s to near 80. on the coast, mid-60s. late summer warm pattern coming our way. >> nice and gradual. a fight for flight. >> the big effort in the east bay tonight to get this eagle back in the sky. >> i'm "7 on your side's" michael finney. coming up, one viewer contacted me about twitter thinking his account was a bot. (woman) we'd been counting down to his retirement. it was our tresiba® reason. he needs insulin to control his high blood sugar and, at his age, he's at greater risk for lows. tresiba® releases slow and steady and works all day and night like the body's insulin. (vo) tresiba® is a long-acting insulin used to control high blood sugar in adults with diabetes. don't use tresiba® to treat diabetic ketoacidosis, during episodes of low blood sugar, or if you are allergic to any of its ingredients. don't share needles or insulin pens. don't reuse needles. the most common side effect is low blood sugar, which may cause dizziness, sweating,
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tonight vets at the lindsay wildlife hospital in walnut creek are fighting to get an injured eagy,etruggl isore fbec tic forlethe fig to the examina n the arm veterinarians. they were examining the progress of the bird's injured right wing. the 6 1/2 pound female was discovered last week in pittsburg. but vets at the lindsay wildlife hospital were stunned when they x-rayed the injured bone. >> a lot of nuisance animals will sometimes get shot and things like that. it's hard to see why someone would shoot an eagle.
4:49 pm
>> fortunately the pel let missed the wing's joint area. the amount of damage was serious enough to require surgically implanted pins. >> i kind of secured them all together. it's sort of holding that fracture securely. >> regular medication hes fight infection and inflammation, of course, but they say the bandage wrap will likely remain on for several weeks. if all goes well, vets will then begin physical therapy, stretching the joints, and wing muscles in the hope that the golden eagle can return to the sky. right now, it is still only a hope. >> we're still really much in the early stages. it's one of those, like, i'm pleased with how it's going but i'm going to take it day by day and kind of, you know, bandage change by bandage change, basically. >> wildlife experts say the diablo range is one of the heaviest concentrations of golden eagles in the stay. veterinarians are hoping with hard work and a little luck say
4:50 pm
the creature will be able to join them. >> the circumstances of the shooting are still a mystery. rangers are investigating. city officials are launching a bike route connecting four cities on the peninsula. take a look at the map. the peninsula bikeway will run from east everland avenue to warwick street at the san carlos border. the route aims to give cyclists a continuous route between cities and raise awareness of the need for a more direct permanent route that's protected from vehicle traffic. the route launches september 8th with a free event starting at 10:00 a.m. at burjis park in menlo park. that's a beautiful park, a great place to ride. "7 on your side'serly hundreds oomaints every week, and with a few complaints, and how you solved them. >> rachel from santa rosa had a problem cancelling her at&t
4:51 pm
account. she says she closed her account, moved out of her home, but was still getting charged. she called "7 on your side." at&t closed her account and reimbursed her the full amount. i want to thank you at&t for stepping up. rachel and her husband joseph had a problem with their refrigerator from sears. water was dripping from the ice maker and the fridge and freezer themselves were not working properly. the couple called sears and a technician was sent out, the tech did not have needed parts, and ordered them, but the parts did not arrive in time for the next scheduled appointment with no parts rachel called "7 on your side," we reached out to sears, the parts were found, they arrived, the tech fixed the problem, sears even renewed their protection plan for another year at no cost, tnk you very much, sears. joeylejodhelpith
4:52 pm
he said account was deemed to be a bot by twitter. so it was suspended. he followed -- i know. he followed the steps to prove he was not a robot. his account was reinstated, sort of. he could not see the twitter feeds of his followers, so he contacted "7 on your side." we got a hold of twitter and it fully restored his account. we really appreciate twitter taking care of that. now, i want to hear from you with your consumer problem. the "7 on your side" hotline is open weekdays from 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. okay, say the number with me. 415-8151. thank you very much. you can also reach me at my facebook page. >> what's the prize for playing, huh? >> i am not a bot. >> i know, i know, i know. >> thanks, michael, very much. thousands of people in spain spent the day throwg tomatina festival in eastern spain, originated after a spontaneous
4:53 pm
food fight that broke out amongst pele and 160 tons of tomatoes. >> gosh, did you see the windshield wipers on the bus sloshing that stuff around? >> does that look like fun? >> doesn't make me want to eat a salad. so you win a new car, but you can't even drive it. >> in the east bay with some lucky teenagers hitting the jackpot in a special treasure hunt. coming up at 5:00, homeowners in california are facing an increasing challenge, when it comes to predicting their homes. the impact of the fire season. uncertain future, late donations this week helped savrc high schools. what can students expect next year? if you think there's a lot of drama on the abc series bachelor in paradise, check out this in santa cruz, a first date one couple will never forget. those stories and a lot more
4:54 pm
coming up at 5:00.
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4:56 pm
coming up tonight an abc 7 as 8:00, it's the goldbergs, followed by american housewife, modern family and more american housewife. at 10:00, shark tank, then stay with us for abc 7 news at
4:57 pm
11:00. good night tonight. in the east bay, a group of teenage boys not even old enough to drive, they won a car in the citywide treasure hunt. >> now, a man built the game and put up his car as a prize. katie utehs has more on the winning team. >> reporter: the voice mail for a teenage boy who's just won a car. >> stoked. >> reporter: this chrysler 300 will be parked in brandon's driveway, but it belongs to a group of six friends. >> we're all going to share it. we're always together, every day, every weekend, hanging out. so there's not a big difference of who has the car. >> they won the wheels in a treasure hunt built by christian williams. >> he designed the four hidden keys game and opened the website to san le and row high school students. >> the world is huge and there's so many things to do. i can't spend all my time
4:58 pm
writing software. >> the key was hidden at washington manor park here on the play equipment and they had to go back to the website to use this interactive tool to unlock the clue. >> they were actually very difficult, which is like why i don't think like by ourselves we would have been able to like solve it. especially as quickly as we did. >> in the span of a weekend, they found and solved four puzzles. >> he does random things all the time. he's always hanging out with the same boys, okay, sure, just be safe. >> that was probably the coolest thing that's happened to me in a long time, just watching these guys find the clue. it was unbelievable. >> christian signed over the car to brandon's parents, but he's giving the teens so much more. >> definitely bonded a lot more than just playing video games all weekend. >> katie utehs, abc 7 news. now, you can get the latest news anytime with the abc 7 news app. it has enhanced live video features, more customization, personalized push alerts to get
4:59 pm
more of the news you want delivered to your phone in realtime. >> thank you for joining us for abc 7 news at 4:00. >> abc 7 news at 5:00 starts right now. with new details tonight in a bizarre death investigation, a man's torso was found inside his san francisco home. the financial crimes that led to a break in the case. also -- >> i'll be subject to some huge increase in home insurance. >> costing us in more ways than one, the insurance impact of california'sseason. a hail mary planned by the raiders saved school sports at oakland public schools. could they be sidelined come next year? a heart stopping first date, the life or death moment during a couple's beach date in santa cruz. >> announcer: live where you live, this is abc 7 news. the legal trouble may be just beginning for a person of interest in the case of the missing san francisco man who had a court hearing today in a different case. good evening, i'm dan ashley.
5:00 pm
>> i'm kristen sze. thanks for joining us. new details tonight in the disappearance of brian egg of san francisco, we're learning what led police to a man now linked to the case. >> reporter vic lee is live at the courthouse in dublin with the latest. >> reporter: well, dan, first of all, the body found in the house without the head or hands still has not been identified by the medical examiner. now, the m.e. needs dna. the person of interest lance silva appeared in court here in dublin, not in san francisco. lance silva, person of interest in the case of missing brian egg. alameda county prosecutors say he violated his pro base on a grand theft conviction seven years ago. this, after san francisco police arrested him two weeks ago for financial crimes, id theft, and homicide. these charges related to the
5:01 pm
disappearance of the 65-year-old man


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