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tv   Right This Minute  ABC  August 30, 2018 1:42am-2:12am PDT

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part of operation bitter sweet. >> don't move. >> in this case, body cam you can hear they gain entry into these different premises. kicking down doors slam. >> get down! get on the ground! drop the sword! >> that's got to be terrifying if you're a cop to go blasting into a house like that. >> these various raids involved 70 different officers all in an attempt to smash a drug distribution syndicate. >> wow, that's insane because they're walking into this essentially blind. they don't know if there are barrels pointed in their direction on the inside. >> well, they have a pretty good idea that there isn't because of the gun laws in australia. >> actually, christian is right because you'll see there was quite the haul from these raids. they found just under $15,000, numerous weapons, replica firearms, and quite a quantity of meth.
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you'll be happy to know 25arress brought against them including five for trafficking. >> got to be fun to kick down doors. >> got to be fun to stop the drug trade too. sanitation workers heard cries coming from the back of their truck.ha is full of trash. so they started emptying it out, being extra careful because they think there's a life in their trash. and they were right. >> what? >> [ speaking foreign language ] >> the did the puppy wander in there or did somebody put if it in there? >> they believe that somebody did put this dog in the trash but they don't know the details. they didn't know what they were looking for. at first they thought they may have a baby in their truck. they stopped and they started looking through some of that trash. in fact, you see that the trash is on the ground. >> i love these guys for doing this. this is a giant mess that they've just created for
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themselves. it's a lot of wok to have -- wo clean this stuff up but i'm glad they went through to find that pup. >> this guy decided he's going to keep this dog. in fact, he tweeted out some pictures of the puppy in a box. >> how could you refuse? >> now over this to this next video where this pup is having a bit of trouble. >> he's stuck in a backpack. >> the tortoise. >> this is miguel, he is a working dog and it sounds like he might still be in training. he hasn't figured out how this backpack thing works. >> life is hard, okay. >> you have to maneuver around with the pack and also with the booties. their job is to bring stuff up and down on mountains. >> you almost have to let them figure it out on their own, right? >> and did he. he stands right back up and he's like, that sucks. behold the water spout over lake zurich in switzerland and
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meet roll gifts say it's rare to spot one because it normally happens in heavy rain. >> it's like the water is just getting siphoned out. >> the air was about 48 degrees, the water was 73. and they say this usually happens in late summer and when the weather changes, something like this happens. not the only angle that was caught from. this guy got one too. >> i like them. there's something about water spouts that they're not as scary as tornadoes. >> i think this needs to be accompanied by a nice cheese and chocolate because it is switzerland. but greece says don't leeave us out. >> never mind, that one's scary. >> look at the size of that. >> that's pretty terrifying because you're on a boat. >> oh my god. >> the person on this boat is kevin. he is a canadian. he's on vacation. he said he went out for his morning coffee and he said that came to join him. >> who angered pa side don on this day, right?
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>> it was the same thing. even if it wasn't greece you could see a greek god up in the clouds. the gods are angry. >> somebody call aqua man. >> please. please call aqua man. >> oh my we all get the heebie jeebies and the creepy crawlies and we get scared when we talk about snake videos. crocodiles. big predators. i think our fear has been misguide zprd that's a giant hive, due. >> -- dude. >> this hive discovered in an abandoned home in albany, georgia. so far the nest measures about eight feet tall by six feet wide. but that's just what they've uncovered so far. >> dale, a viewer of "right this minute" and 45 years of experience of bee keeping under his belt, the city called up dale and said we have to get a
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search warrant, we have to go in there and we have to clean this out. >> but why, if the family likes the bees and wants to have a honeycomb for a home. >> well, they aren't honey, that's the big reason. they're yellow jackets. dale tells us this took two days to remove. >> that's why they're literally in the wall that way. >> you got to be careful with something like that. >> to tampa where this woman is freaking out. >> please don't jump on me, frog. please don't jump on me. oh my god. >> this woman is just begging, begging this frog, don't jump. >> i need to pull over right now and get this frog out of the car. so we -- >> that happens so fast. >> you freaked out more than sh car. >> one jumped on my friend's face at the beach. i was like, bro, why is your face in the frog's face? that's what you get. >> if it leaps it's not going to hurt you. >> leap out my car.
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>> well she does pull off and i hope that her and the frog ended this safe. a teen with a eye-catching talent. >> i wonder if i can do that. well, weirdly enough he's one of those people that was like i actually can. >> see his bizarre skill next. >> plus, it's time to hit the air with -- >> the world's best acro paragliders. >> get an incredible look as they scoop and spin across the sky. >> what you wish you could have done on you wish you could have doneit on the playground on the swing set, right? dad! not helping! it just really hurts. when someone breaks their heart, be soft. yeah. i know. when that breaks yours, be strong. you're lucky. man, when i was your age, the only girl who would talk to me was grandma! life takes softness and strength... dad: i had no game, son!
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the fastest, non-drowsy, allergy reliefment. to help you break through symptoms. get back to the moment with allegra. 14 of the world's best acro
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paragliders and two wildcard starters gathered over lake geneva in switzerland for a three-day competition known as the acro world tour. i do mean acrobatic because these guys have to pull off some serious maneuvers in order to come out on top. >> such an awesome sport. i really feel like i would have gotten into this if i would have known about it when i was younger. it's so cool. >> it is spectacular to see. we've got all kinds of different views. from third person we get a vop perspective with the para dplieders. it's insane some of the stuff that they're doing. >> looks like they made quite a performance at the competition. they got the planes out, wings and things, it's a real sort of event. >> in the competition, the pilots have to show a sequence of certain maneuvers over restricted airspace. and like i said, they have to execute it perfectly, otherwise you're out. >> more often than not when we
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see paraguiders doiliders doing because they've got something very, very wrong. and in this case it looks like controlled chaos. >> it looks like ballet are. >> in the end, the winner was from spain followed by a man from brazil and then third place from chile. wildlife protection services put out a camera to show us how hard it is for a giraffe to get a sip of water. they're good at going to the high points of trees and getting leaves. but those long stilts that we call legs makes it hard for them to get water thought of watering hole. >> so you're saying it's a pain in the neck? >> well, comes over and spektins the camera that has been left there and then you get a look see at the breathing of the
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giraffe. >> i are would have thought because of their long necks it would have been ease for them to get down and drink water. >> they look like 25 foot straws, metal straws, reusable straws, but like 20 feet long so they can rock up and -- >> yeah. or a hollowed out tree. >> that will never work. >> oh, okay. >> they also put a camera out here. i gotta say i like this one too because no matter the animal, they see a piece of human equipment out there in the wild and they gotta go investigate. >> it's just millennials. millennial animals are the same, they're just obsessed with social media. >> these pieces of equipment look unlike anything they're used to so it will draw their etension. >> but we get to see up close how they interact with each other without us standing there spooking them away. this video was brought to us by the sound effect -- makes sense.
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because this boy is 16 years old, lives in paca tan akistan can do this. >> as soon as you made that sound effect i imagined my eyes going boing. >> see, suddenly they see something, their eyes would jump out. >> this was me in college when i first got to college. >> i was like -- what's her name? >> 0 all i could see you going on these first dates is you're weird or something is off. this dude was just like girl you look good. >> i think you call it an eye-popping video. >> definitely bizarre. it's insane. >> the cool thing is actually is how he discovers that he could do it. he was a child watching tom and jerry and he notice when'd one of the characters did that exact same thing, he goes i wonder dpi do that. well weirdly enough he's one of those people that were like, i actually can do that. he says that he can maintain
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this eye-popping look for about a minute straight. >> i'm sure he needs to blink or something like that. he also says that he can protrude 12 mill meet chers is interesting, because the current guinness world record holder hold the record at 12 millimeters. he basically says i can beat that record anytime, he just needs the officials from the guinness book of world records with their ruler. keep an eye on him. a squirrel's enjoying a simple snack, but. >> it's just incomplete. >> how we give this little critter the big voice it deserves. >> how about some ketchup next time? and surfing pros cruise through some mega waves. >> see the riders hanging back as they get carried through these barrels. >> catch all their big moves in the endless sur. >> i just want to go to tahiti
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a wave of waves, nonstop one after the other. if you're looking for some of the best and most perfect conditions to throw down while you're surfing, tahiti is one of the best place dos it. and here we have a red bull video put out by ryan moss one of the best in business when it comes to capturing surfers. >> i look at that water i just want to go to tahiti. >> it's clear, the waves are glassy, and these guys have some epic barrels. some fails. and when it goes wrong, it looks bad. >> if you're going ride these waves epically, you're also going to fail epically. >> wow. they're so photogenic those waves as well. look at that. >> yeah, because you can almost see through them. you can see the bottom. if you could be granted the skill to do this for a day, how cool must that feel? because some of these waves almost look chill. see the riders just kind of hanging back as they get carried through these barrels. >> it gives you an appreciation for their skill level, right?
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for the dedication, for the hours and days and years that they spent perfecting their craft to be able to do this. >> i love it when you see guys look like they are part of the wave. flawless conditions, flawless video, too, by ryan moss. thanks for bringing this. if ever we needed david in the studio, today was that day. because he was in big sur, california, where he spotted something and started rolling on this. the scroll working his way through some french fries that somebody else left behind, and as unique and interesting as this video was, chris says it's just incomplete. in fact, he's putting a call out to the internet to give this squirrel the voice-ovedeserves. >> well, brother, you're the closest we got to adden burrow.
2:02 am
>> because i'm british? >> yeah. >> give it your northwest shot. >> you see the squirrel works his way down. this chip and french fry. swirls have been known to get the munchies and a cheekiburg we are frieds on -- fries on the side is just the taste. they're nuts for it. >> all right. okay. >> i got one. >> mum mum mum mum mum mum mum mum mum. >> you're welcome. >> these fries are bomb. look at that -- no, you don't get that. >> nick. >> you know what really ticks me off? when somebody leaves some french fries behind and doesn't leave any sauces, okay. how about some ketchup next time, all right. you leave these fries and nothing to dip it in.
2:03 am
my tail is get a little frizzy from all this greece. >> do the fa-- grease. >> maybe people watch agent home want to jump on this bandwagon. you can find this video go to click on tv show and if show your video to us. >> guys are showing some support, but. >> this girl is so not with this at all. >> see the tradition proving they've all got this best
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they've just been experimenting with different ideas and this is the one they came up with. don't -- this is really good. >> this this is from the instagram of creative cliché in the is day number five of 100 days of makeup. >> that's a photo video challenge that a lot of people partake in on instagram if the if you're not quite sure where this is going. >> she's looking a by the crusty right now. >> yeah, she's becoming crusty the clown. >> so weird. it's super cool because --
2:06 am
>> no, this is half a step away from being pennywise the clown right now. she's frooeking me the flip out. >> when you put it that way. >> crusty the clown from the simp sons is one of of her all time favorite characters and she was stoked to make it happen. >> you go, girl. >> y'all. >> it, it. >> send her back to pennywise. >> no, it. traditions are traditions, right? got a pat on the back because he did a good job. >> you hit somebody on the back. >> he told me they're getting married and i like this tradition. >> this is the best man and made of honor and as they're going around in the circle you notice that his boys are like, good job, mate. >> this girl is so not with this at all.
2:07 am
>> i'm quite sure if it's her man but it is her parter in and she's not happy in the is something that's traditionally done at a greek wed together groom. and this is typically the best man. she got her man's back, did you see that? >> try it now. >> i got your back. >> let the fun begin at this wedding reception because, of course, it's going down. when they did the bag dance, everybody puts the bag on their head and as you get tapped, you're out. and one by one they're tapping out. the bags come off and they leave the circle. marin happens to be very competitive. a man, the groom and the bride and the deejay are in on this. the bride has her high performing -- you're doing great, you're nailing it, girl. >> this woman is dancing at a wedding with a brown paper bag over her head. >> and now it's on national television. >> this is what happens when you're the most competitive person in the room. it's just you and yourself moving. your friends set you up but it's glorious.
2:08 am
once she realizes she's the only one there, the bag comes off. i'm the winner. she realizes that they got her and she's a good that's our show, thanks for joining us. see after exposure to a liquid synthetic drug. one person has died after a salmonella outbreak tied to kosher chicken. at least four people in other states have been sickened. the cases were reported between last september and this past june. but the cdc is recommending consumers avoid em ch this morning empire says it has no data connectiwith its proct drinking water is being shut
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off at public schools in detroit after the water at more than a dozen schools tested positive for high levels of copper and lead. old pipes and fixtures are to blame. the superintendent is acting out of caution. now to an annual battle that has everyone seeing red in eastern spain. >> the clothes-washing nightmare known at tomatina. they spent an hour fire willing tomatoes at each other. >> 160 tons of the fruit flew across the town. and the tradition dates back to the 1940s. they don't know what started it, if it was an angry fight. if they were throwing tomatoes at congressmen, or a food fight among friends. >> it was stopped under a spanish dictator, but now the brutality continues. >> the tomatoes keep flying.
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coming up, the brutal fight that broke out between passengers on one airline. and you may not believe what started it. and a heated decision at the u.s. open leads to accusations of sexism against women players. this morning the apology and whether it's being accepted. >> you're watching "world news now."
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