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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  August 30, 2018 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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here's meteorologist mike nicco. >> all right. let's have some gray with our morning and there you can see it on live doppler 7. not a strong sea breeze but enough that it brought the blanket of clouds back and isolated areas of drizzle through the commute. very mild temperatures as cool as it was yesterday we're just that much warmer today. we gained everything back. low to mid 60s through 7:00. still mid to upper 60s at noon with slower sunshine than yesterday and our temperatures mainly in the 60s and 70s. where are the 80s and 90s? they're coming up in the accuweather seven-day forecast. i will show you the weekend, it's a >> we have to get through the commute first. a big issue in the south bay. live to sky 7 over scene now of this shooting investigation that is ongoing, northbound 680 all lanes are closed. you can see we have officers out with their flashlightses, i believe they are looking for bullet casings this morning.
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this is a fluid situation and still don't have an estimate for when the roadway will reopen. i want to flip over to our traffic maps and show you exactly where this is located. we've got all those lanes blocked this morning on northbound 680 between capitol expressway and berryessa. a few options for an alternate. use capitol expressway just to the east of the 680 corridor looking okay, northbound 101 is really busy so a lot of folks are using that instead. looks like that is down to about ten miles an hour. we have abc 7 news reporter matt keller live on the scene for us this morning. what's the latest with the investigation? >> this investigation has taken longer than theyak inial at'sbod68 is s aa.venu tlockedy expressway to berryessa road. chp told me they found evidence, it would prolong this closure. that appears to be the case here. this closure is forcing all
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drivers to exit northbound 680 at capitol expressway. this all started after a shooting was reported before 3:00 this morning. a man told investigators he was driving in his honda accord with a woman on northbound 860 between mckey and berryessa when someone shot at him. a man was hit and drove off to flickinger. multiple bullet holes were found in his car and the front tire was gone. he was taken to the hospital to be treated. no word on his condition but he was talking and appeared to be okay. we will monitor the situation here and let you know when 680 is back open. reporting live here in san jose, matt keller, abc 7 news. >> thanks for the update, matt. also in the south bay, an eighth grade teacher out of the classroom after he was arrested robbery. >> even more shocking police say they found a loaded handgun inside his satchell in his classroom yesterday. charles so was taken into custody at chaboya middle school
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wanted in connection with a february road rage incident and robbery in san jose. the school district says so cleared background and fingerprint checks. abc 7 news spoke to a parent who told us that the news of a loaded gun inside the classroom made her upset. >> my kid is part of the class. it's kind of scary knowing especially that he's in the same class, you know, and being in the presence of a loaded gun kind of shook him up. >> the 35-year-old teacher was booked in the santa clara coin jail on two felony charges including robbery and possession of a firearm at at school. the san mateo sheriff's office is asking for your help finding a canadian mother and daughter who have been missing after landing at sfo for a camping trip. 29-year-old audrey rodrigue and her 10-year-old daughter emily seen at the hotel in burlingame on sunday, had reservations for a camp site near the oregon border tuesday. the sheriff's office released these photos.
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rodrigue's boyfriend filed a missinger. 's report when she abruptly stopped communicating with him. >> so far over the past couple days we haven't been able to get in touch with her and nobody has heard or seen from her and we're worried about her. >> a park ranger investigators they may have seen the two at the camp. if you know anything about where they could be contact san mateo county sheriff. a group of robbers held up a hercules family and one of the victims tells abc 7 he was at home with his wife and 2-year-old son when the men suddenly kicked in his front door. they went after him wait crowbar demanding he give them money and tell them where the family kept its jewelry. >> he tried to hit me and i stood there. he said, don't move. i will hit you and kill you if you move. >> the man says the robbers went through the house looking for
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anything of value. the suspects then left with a small box. all of them wearing masks, gloves and black clothing. a bill to better protect home runs who live in wildfire burn areas has reached the governor's desk that would stop insurance companies from canceling or denying renewing homeowner policies for a year in places declared an emergency area. a bill that would create a more uniform emergency alert system for california has made its way out of the legislature and now it is waiting for governor brown's signature. the measure was created largely in response to last year's devastating north bay wildfires. there's been a lot of criticism over the lack of warnings when the fires erupted. the bill would require the creation of guidelines by the state office of emergency services and every county in the state would then receive a copy. we know the usgs early earthquake warning system worked tuesday in l.a. but one man says an app he created worked even better. >> regulating electric scooters is an ongoing issue.
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oureere an seven minutes away from my accuweather seven-day forecast. look at the temperatures over the next three days, cooler than average. starting to warm back to average tomorrow and saturday. it's going to be warmer sunday and monday. before we go to break another look from sky 7, 680 san jose. police are looking for bullet casings
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now a traffic alert. >> i want to take you live to sky 7. we have sky map 7 on 7. the 680 corridor at mayberry and san jose. a full closure of the northbound side of the interstate between capitol expr a shooting investi. we have seen several officers with flashlights looking for bullet casings. there was a shooting about 3:00 this morning and that person was able to exit the freeway and notify police. again, this continues. we have all lanes blocked right now. we have about a 20 to 25-minute delay on 680. a lot of folks are using 101 for
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an alternate. a 15-minute delay there. we have been watching sky 7 closely here and looks like these officers in i'm hoping this is an indication the investigation is getting close to wrapping up. we will pass that along and we have matt keller on the scene so i'm in touch with him as well. head over to mike nicco with a look at our forecast. good morning. >> good morning, hi, everybody. milder temperatures this morning. even in our east bay valleys, 59 in danville the cool spot, low 60s just about everywhere until you get to concord at about 66 degrees. we've got low to mid 60s from napa and novato all the way down both sides of the bay shore into the south bay. little cooler in the hills in los gatos 55, pacifica 57 and santa rosa 59. we have clouds out there, but not much in the way of fog. it's going to be gray this morning to glistening sunshine on the bay, yard work don't wait until the weekend when it's hot. do it now. and exercise clean air and comfy
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conditions. more news from reggie and jessica. a santa monica firm with help from the usgs is working on an app that could give people a few seconds warning before an earthquake hits. >> testers say the quake alert app gave them a 12-seconds head's up in southern california. the app can tell the expected arrival time of the year a quake distance from the epicenter an the expected intensity. it uses real-time data from 900 sensors along several west coast fault lines and sends early warning alerts to users' cell phones. >> one the people are concerned about is the big one and that is loaded into here where we have the salt and sea and san andres you and if we run that we get roughly about 50 plus seconds of warning for that scenario. >> the alert also gives emergency crews a jump on the shaking. the app is still in a beta testing phase with a goal of releasing publicly some time next year. >> that would be amazing.
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abc 7 mornings. >> all news. >> all morning. >> i want to take you live to sky 7 a full closure in the south bay this morning. this is northbound 680 between capitol expressway and berryessa. ongoing shooting investigation. we are watching the scene closely. looks like a lot of these trooper vehicles are driving off now. i am hopeful this is an indication the investigation is starting to wrap up and we may get lanes back open. i'll have the latest on this coming up in a few minutes. a little dog found himself in a rough spot. that's him crying after getting stuck in the wheel of a car in the central valley. the puppy was discovered when a mom was picking up her daughter from school. the school's superintendent came to thecue. he got the furry husky out and then handed him over to his owner. the puppy named robin is despit
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ride he's fine. in the east bay, oakland raiders owner mark davis tells abc 7 it's personal when it comes to his team's donation to save six high school sports. the oakland unified school district said a budget shortfall would force them to drop ten sports this year. an anonymous donation saved girl's golf three other sports and then came the $250,000 donation from the raiders. afternoon sports were important to me. i've felt an affection to that. we decided to do the $250,000 to we decided to do the $250,000 to get this going and it's based on the raid ers are born in oakland and it's always going to be part of our dna. >> wine country feeling the effects of the wildfires in california.
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hotels and tasting rooms are seeing a drop in tourism this year. according to some, businesses is off by as much as 30%. some of those we talked to say there is a misperception that everything is burning and now it's trickling down. >> peoples just contribute now california equals fire country don't go. >> i think we definitely are starting to feel the effects of the fire with summer, we didn't have a lot of tourists in town. i believe they canceled a lot of their reservations. >> one tourist who spoke to abc 7 says she was expecting to see flames when she came to healdsburg and was pleasantly surprised everything was normal. later night life hours in san francisco and oakland. one step closer to becoming reality. a bill passed in the state assembly would allow bars, night clubs and restaurants in nine is expected to alcohol as late0 approve the measure as early as today. new this morning, san
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francisco works out an electric scooter policy for the city, governor jerry brown lawmakers passed a rule that would allow adults to ride scooters without a helmet and allow e-scooters to travel up to 35 miles an hour up from the current limit of 25 miles an hour. that could be tricky for some. we've seen injuries with them. >> wear the helmet. >> yeah. without a helmet? >> well, that could be. >> stay off the sidewalks. >> yeah. >> get off my lawn. >> don't want to fall at 35 miles an hour. that's going to hurt. >> yeah. that's not good. all right. let's talk about what's going on outside weather wise. we have a little bit of a sea breeze, not that fast, but it's enough to bring the clouds back and hover over sfo and create in arrival delays. check ahead. we'll have comfortable highs because of the sunshine, the lack of it this morning, but we'll have it in the afternoon hours, but by then we can't get the full energy and warmth from it so we'll be below average once again. cloudy, areas of drizzle tonight, but then summer warmth starts to return as we head through the holiday weekend.
6:19 am
the cloud cover all the way into the central valley and by noon it's cleared out of our inland neighborhoods. few lingering clouds around the bay and coast and mainly at the coast as we head towards 3:00. as we head towards the commute you can see the clouds starting to march their way to the east once again for the drizzle tonight. 86 in gilroy, some of the warmest spots today. low to upper 70s throughout the south bay with 77 in san jose. 70 to 73 with mostly sunny conditions. few high clouds this afternoon. partly sunny along the coast and mid 60s and then 68 in downtown, 69 south san francisco, 68 in sausalito. mostly sunny through the north bay with mid 70s to 80 degrees. mostly sunny along the east bay shore as the low clouds give way to high clouds. as we move to our inland valleys, mostly sunny and 77 to 83 degrees. my accuweather seven-day forecast a little cooler tonight, mid to upper 50s. about two to four degrees warmer tomorrow and another two to four degrees of warmth sunday.
6:20 am
80s and 90s but not at the coast. still in the 60s. >> good morning, mike. i want to head back to the south bay and our major sig alert here this morning. a full closure of northbound 680 between capitol expressway and berryessa all due to a shooting investigation. we are watching things very closely here on sky 7. a lot of movement and activity in the last few minutes. about 20 minutes ago we saw officers out on the freeway with their flashlights most likely looking for those bullet casings. i'm seeing a lot of these squad cars moving around and looks like we may have -- i thought maybe we were going to open up lanes but maybe that was wishful thinkping. they don't have any lanes open yet and you to use alternates. long delays on 680 and northbound 101. a lot of folks taking that for an alternate this morning too. there we go. guys picking up cones. i'm keeping a close eye on this. if you want to follow me on twitter, alexis abc 7 i will have updates there. >> thank you. "good morning america" coming up at 7:00 right here on
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abc 7. >> ginger zee live for us from new york city with a look at what's on the show today. hi, ginger. >> hi, reggie, jessica. so nice to be with everybody this morning on a thursday here on "gma." the nation is preparing to say good-bye to senator john mccain. we are live in arizona for the service today. we'll tell you how former vice president biden is planning to honor the maverick and american hero and we're going to take a look at the powerful moments with mccain's wife and children saluting their dad. also ahead, a bizarre twist in the mystery. a woman appearing distressed caught on a doorbell camera in the middle of the night and vanishes. she's now been found and police are revealing a little more behind what has happened in this story. prince harry and duchess megan's night out. the two saw "hamilton" with lin-manuel miranda. the only way one does see it now. exclusive details about the duchess's top secret trip. a story about a woman who changed her life to save her
6:22 am
dad. she dropped 55 pounds to donate a kidney to him. they're here. so emotional and all live coming up on "gma." >> what a beautiful story. ginger, thank you. we have details on the dmv. it's on the verge of getting even more money to try to cut down on long wait times. a young boy who got bullied and beat up, refused to fight back and said it's not the jedi way and now a
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seven minutes away from my accuweather forecast. wanted to show you our last day of below average temperatures. barely in san francisco with 68. hayward at 74. areas that should be in the 80s, san jose, santa rosa and concord in the upper 70s. that weekend forecast looking warm. i will have it coming up. >> mark hamill known for his role as luke sky walker is praising a 10-year-old boy bullied and followed the jedi way. 10-year-old aiden vasquez wound up in the hospital with a nasty cut over his eye off his mom says he got punched. he says a classmate took his backpack and when he asked the boy to give it back he hit him. he has a black eye and several stitches. his mother says he's been bullied at school before and left her wondering why he hasn't foughtedou why you didn't hit him back, what did you tell your mom? >> i told my mom, i got it from
6:26 am
"star wars" it's not the jedi way. >> hamilton went on twitter with a message praising aiden's courage and wisdom and a "star wars" reference, the force will be with you always. >> oh. ride share safety has become a big issue lately and a report is questioning how you know and lyft conduct background checks. >> all orchard supply hardware stores are going out of business, but there's a push to make sure this sign doesn't go away. i have got great news for you in the traffic department. the sig alert we've been following all morning looks like that is wrapping up right now. i'm watching chp release traffic on northbound 680 from sky 7 here. that's the good news. lanes are reopening. the bad news, we have lengthy residual delays. i'll have the
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good morning, bay area. let's get up and get going. >> this is "abc 7 mornings." >> we have breaking news this . sky 7 over the scene. look like the cones are picked up and everybody off to the shoulder. all lanes have reopened. i have a little bad news with thistoo, major residual delays. things are starting to move. we'll have the latest from matt on the investigation in just a second. good morning. thursday, august 30th. thank you for joining us. >> natasha is off today.
6:30 am
i would be remiss if i didn't mention the person doing all the heavy lifting alexis, it's your birthday. >> i know. what's going on? >> i thought i was supposed to have an easy day. >> putting you to work this morning. >> you know, you brought doughnuts, brought goodies. >> we did. >> it's okay. >> good. >> so we'll load you up with sugar after the news cast. >> you can do more traffic. >> i'm okay with that. >> happy birthday. >> thank you. >> how the weather is going to be on your special day. the cloudiness out there as we should expect so far this last two weeks of this month. we started off the month warm and now we're in it at cooler than average once again. next 12 hours on the planner, we start off mild in the low to mid 60s and we don't warm up a whole lot. still in the mid to upper 60s at noon with less sunshine than yesterday. high clouds and sunshine, low to upper 70s elsewhere and we'll round out the evening with a temperature of 59 to the coast and upper 60s around our bay and
6:31 am
inland neighborhoods. back to alexis and find out more about potential good news. >> yes. >> okay. >> definitely have good news. northbound 680 just reopened following the full freeway closure. this has been closed since just before we went on the air this morning around 4:30 for the shooting investigation. so i want to take you back now to sky 7. we have sky map 7 on sky 7. you can see where they are. showing you the backup on northbound 101. it had a ripple effect across much of the south bay this morning. a lot of folks sticking to 101 instead of 680. we've got a long ways to go even though all lanes did reopen. i quickly want to zoom in on our maps and you can see all that red. sig alert should be canceled any minute now and things are starting to wrap up as far as that investigation is concerned. let's get live now to abc 7 reporter matt keller he has been on the scene all morning. what's the latest, matt? >> hi, alexis. yes, we are now getting on the alum rock on ramp to northbound 680 which is great news for all the commuters who have been waiting to get on to 680 this
6:32 am
morning. it's been a big headache for a lot of people traveling this morning. check out the traffic right now. this is northbound 680 and we're heading up to mckey road and this is actually where they believe the shooting took place between mckee and berryessa road. the person who was driving this morning in their honda accord says that he was shot at while he was driving in this area and so that's why chp officers were out here this morning. they were looking for evidence. they say they found some evidence here on northbound 680 and they collected that and they removed it and why northbound 680 is back open. this all started when they got a call from the police department at 3:00 a.m., became a chp investigation. a man told investigators he was driving his honda accord on 680 when he was shot at. the man was hit but able to drive off of 680 and all the way to the 7-eleven parking lot at flickinger. the front tire was gone. he told officers he had no idea
6:33 am
why someone shot at him. the man was taken to the hospital and no word on his condition but he was talking and did look okay. here is a look at northbound 680 as you can see. we passed mckee road and looks like we're coming up on to berryessa road. the traffic is moving okay. a lot of pent up traffic back there at capitol expressway where the closure was. a lot of people happy to be getting on to the road and seeing traffic flowing like this. of course it's been a headache all morning long. the chp investigation on 680 is over now. back to you in the studio. >> thanks for the update. let's talk about mass transit now. some more problems for bart in the east bay. officers found a young man dead inside a bathroom at the bay fair station in san leandro last night. he was surrounded by drug paraphernalia. trains did not stop at the station while police investigated the case and the man appeared to be in his 20s or 30s. bart has been dealing with an ongoing problem of people using drugs at stations an on trains and also leaving needles behind.
6:34 am
bart says it is making some progress on another big problem which is keeping those stations clean. >> bart overhauled cleaning standards earlier this year. supervisors have to do daily inspections and lock for new graffiti in areas that need emergency cleaning and bart has hired more cleaners and crews are assigned to specific zones within the stations they service. new this morning the family of a missing stockton girl who investigators say ran off with her high school wrestling coach in a romantic relationship with is pleading for her return. the 16-year-old is named alex is. she disappeared more than a week ago. her family says she left a note telling them they did nothing wrong. they received a text message earlier this week saying she was safe at a friend's house. the coach is identified as 25-year-old phil maglia and the school district says he did pass a background check. >> i just want to see her face. i just want to hear her voice. i don't know.
6:35 am
>> the san joaquin sheriff's office says they could be traveling in a toyota truck similar to the one on your screen. abc 7 news getting new insight no the gruesome discovery inside a san francisco home. a headless and handless torso. 65-year-old brian egg is still missing. police found the headless torso inside egg's home, but it's unclear whether they're his remains. lance silva is a person of interest in this case. he was in court yesterday for an unrelated probation violation. right now he is not facing charges in the egg case. the investigation is still ongoing. abc 7 news has learned silva bought a bmw in newark in june and paid $5500 and the dealership owner remembers the sale. >> what name did he use? >> brian egg. >> he paid part cash, part card. >> the credit card said it belonged to whom? >> his name, brian egg.
6:36 am
>> police showed up to the dealership the day they arrested silva and showed the owner lance silva's picture and he confirmed it was the same guy that purchased the bmw. this morning senator john mccain's casket will be moved from the arizona state capitol to a phoenix church for a memorial service and his casket will then depart for washington, d.c. four days of services started yesterday to honor the arizona senator. nearly 15,000 people lined up to say good-bye yesterday at the capitol where the late senator has been lying in state. >> didn't always agree with everything he did, but we agreed and supported him for being a veteran and honor him for being a p.o.w. >> honorable man, statesman. he deserves it. former vice president joe biden chosen by senator mccain himself will deliver the eulogy at the service. senator mccain will lie in state in washington, d.c.
6:37 am
tomorrow. >> there will be a memorial service for him saturday at the national cathedral. abc 7 news will have live coverage of the service. it's set to begin at 6:00 a.m. on saturday and watch it on abc 7. we plan to live at and on the abc 7 news app. police need help identifying this man accused of robbing a burger king. police say this is surveillance video from the restaurant at mcdonald avenue on sunday. police say after the man received his order he pulled out a gun and demanded money. the suspect got his cash, took off, so if you have any idea who he is call richmond police. in the east bay officials at charter school in el cerrito are investigating whether a teacher used a racial slur. the teacher placed on leave after students said the teacher used inappropriate language. the charter school serves middle and high school students. petaluma police say because of a staffing shortage they will no longer be responding to certain calls and crimes.
6:38 am
if there is a misdemeanor theft with no evidence or suspect leads, people will have to file a report on-line. car crashes are also on the list. if there is a crash and the vehicles are safely off the roadway and no one is hurt, officers will not be responding to those. and the last item, vacation checks, those will no longer be done. you are never more than seven minutes away from my accuweather forecast. what a stunning reversal in the clouds blanketing us and keeping us warmer than we were this time yesterday. up to 13 degrees warmer. let's start in san francisco where pretty much everybody is around 60 to 63 degrees a few isolated areas of drizzle. low to mid 60s from the north bay into the east bay all the way down into the south bay. the exception tracy at 56 and daly city at 58. so l warmer there. the bay bridge toll plaza, talk about a commute, it has a little isolated area of drizzle but not the fog we had to deal with yesterday. a light breeze if you're going
6:39 am
to be on the water today. taking a ferry ride. mass transit, no temperature extremes yet. in fact, look at the east bay, we'll have 65 through about 10:00. then the clouds will start to open a little bit. 67 at lunch. then low 70s in the afternoon with mostly sunny conditions. back to 63 by 8:00 this evening. grab a coat. on the south bay we're looking at mainly cloudy conditions and mid 60s through 10:00 and hit 70 at noon and mid 70s during the afternoon hours. highs mainly in the 60s and 70s but i have 80s and 90s coming up for the holiday weekend. we'll talk about that next. first want to bring alexis in here where you have good news and other issues to talk about. traffic as usual. >> yeah. as usual. that's the way it goes, isn't it. i do want to head back to sky 7. sky map 7 on sky 7 this morning. the 101 and 280 and 680 interchange. wanted to show you these residual delays left over from the major shooting investigation. a full freeway closure for about three hours this morning that did just clear.
6:40 am
we have a ways to go before we're totally cleared out here and back to normal. really that major delay that very heavy traffic on the northbound side of 101 south of the 280/680 split because a lot of folks are taking the 101 corridor and all lanes of 680 blocked up until just about 15 minutes ago. the investigation is done. matt keller just confirmed that for us who has been on the scene there all morning. but yes, we've got a little ways to go here i will flip over and show you what that looks like there. red approaching the closure where i'm giving you the thumb's up. 101 where it's heavy at about 11 miles an hour. surface streets are starting to thin ou out. a motorcycle crash in vallejo, we'll look at the next. >> california's dmv may receive a $16.6 million boost in funding to help efforts to cut down all those long lines we've been seeing. the assembly passed a budget bill yesterday. some republicans say the bill
6:41 am
amounts to a blank check. democrats deny the bill is easy money. the bill needs final approval from the state senate and governor. this probably wasn't how they pictured their first date. a woman breathes life into a man she met in santa cruz ten months ago. where are they now. >> you're looking live at the big board at the new york stock exchange. another update on how the markets are doing next. >> forget a blender or ice cream >> forget a blender or ice cream maker,
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you are never more than seven minutes away from your accuweather forecast. >> this is "abc 7 mornings." >> a pretty big series at the coliseum starting tonight as the mariners are the team right behind the a's for the last wild card spots. put distance and win the series. dropping down to about 60. two football games in the south bay. the nfl, 49ers and chargers 7:00 kickoff, down to 62, uc davis visiting san jose state. we'll have 108 in palm springs to 85 in yosemite, 74 in tahoe today. jessica, reggie? >> all right. thanks. new this morning, an enormous tree crashing todown a landing on cars below. amy hollyfield live in pleasant hill. i'm glad this happened when a lot of people were in the homes.
6:45 am
>> cars did not do so well, however. six of them this tree damaged, anymore but it fell across the street and damaged cars on both sides that were parked along this street. they have cleared the way so now cars can get through here. then they left the chunks of the tree for private company. it was the city out here clearing the street. the private company will have to get rid of the rest of this. this isn't the whole tree. this is just a section that snapped off. it happened around 12:30 this morning. the homeowner said she heard it and said it sounded like the crack of a wood bat hitting a baseball then she heard a thud and knew it was the tree but couldn't believe what she saw when she opened the door. >> it was scary. it was scary because i didn't know if it was falling in our house or had just split, where it was going to happen, and i was just like i was waiting for the kids to finish waking up and come out. i just want to make sure everyone is okay.
6:46 am
>> reporter: no one was hurt. the house is okay. it fell away from the home and toward the street. this is hardy circle and pleasant hill. this is a huge branch from a 350-year-old oak tree named emma. the city named it and put a plaque on it. the homeowner thinks the rest of the tree is going to have to come down. it is a beauty. gorgeous oak tree. she says it's right over her master bedroom and just not worth the risk and the wondering of if and when the rest of it will come down so she's going to be talking with the city about saying good-bye to emma. reporting live in pleasant hill, amy hollyfield, abc 7 news. >> thank you. uber and lyft are being criticized for reportedly use an inexpensive background screening service compared to the one used by the taxicab industry. reports the ride sharing companies use checker. it failed to catch 25 drivers in the san francisco and los angeles areas with criminal
6:47 am
records in the screening process in 2015. checker background checks costs between $5 and $20 per person. the taxicab industry uses live scan that does background checks that includes fingerprints. live scan costs $50 per person. president trump continues to accuse google of political bias and now we're learning google's ceo will not testify at a senate hearing next week. facebook's coo sheryl sandberg and twitter's ceo jack dorsey have agreed to go focusing on their role in protecting elections from misinformation. according to cnn senators likely won't subpoena google but democrat mark warner says google is making a, quote, grave mistake. senators are saying they'll put up an empty chair at the witness table. google has not yet responded for comment. >> a right wing group filing a lawsuit
6:48 am
conspiracy. they accuse them of suppression and censorship of conservative content. the san jose mercury news says the group is asking for a billion in damages. freedom watch run by former prosecutor larry clayman who once called president obama a muslim. he claims the companies want to take down president trump and his administration to install a leftist government. none of the tech companies has responded to the suit. we turn to your money report. you'll have to pay more for early bird check-in on almost all southwest flights. >> as of yesterday the fee for early check-in on most routes increased by 5 to $10. in the bay area early bird check-in on the san francisco to phoenix route will cost you $20. early bird check-in lets passengers reserve their boarding position 36 hours prior to the flight's scheduled departure time. you can buy tires on amazon and have them installed at any sears auto center in the country. the program was on a limited basis but now the two companies
6:49 am
are making that expansion permanent. you can even ship the tires to a sears auto center and there are eight locations in the bay area. sears says it's had a positive response to the service from amazon customers. a live look at the new york stock exchange. as trading gets under way this morning, it's down 33 points. the dow. stocks are slipping after a four-day winning streak as technology companies give up their recent gains and banks slide with the interest rates. a warning this morning for california car owners, officials say hot and humid wearing can increase the chance of recalled airbags will explode if they are deployed. millions of cars still have faulty airbags sold by takata. hot weather can cause a propellent in the devices to explode and send metal parts flying. airbags with defective inflaters are linked to 180 injuries and 20 deaths. more vehicles are set to be added to recall lists by the end of the year. in the south bay more than 1300 have signed an on-line
6:50 am
petition to save a vintage neon sign. the sign is located at the chain's original location on west san carlos street and royal avenue in san jose. petition says it signifies san jose's agricultural and business history. this month lowe's announced it will be closing all of its stores by february. boy, this was a kiss to remember. ten months ago max montgomery and andie traynor went paddle boardinging on their first date in santa cruz. >> it did not go well. montgomery suffered a heart attack on the beach. there happened to be a video camera that caught this. this is a time lapse. thankfully traynor is a doctor. so she performed mouth to mouth until emergency crews got there. and now it's ten months later and traynor still has montgomery's heart. i mean that figuratively not literally. they are dating still.
6:51 am
>> it's amazing someone caught this on camera too. they will have this for the rest of their lives, that video to remember their very first kiss. hopefully the second kiss was better. >> that's what i was thinking too. maybe not the best first kiss. >> it's a great story. >> it is a great story. >> i'm glad it wasn't the last kiss, you know what i'm saying. it could have gone ta way. >> yeah. >> could have went sideways, right. >> yeah. let's talk about the weather. that's kind of gray outside as we try to segway to what's going to be a cooler than average day. put it that way. you can see not much of a marine layer. we have a juicy atmosphere from 4,000 feet up and have low clouds and some patchy drizzle. all of our winds are coming off the ocean just about all levels and that's why it's going to take a long time to get the sunshine. once we do it will feel nice this afternoon with comfortable temperatures. the warming trend arriving tomorrow. you can see all of the cloud cover and all levels coming
6:52 am
ashore. we'll have high clouds in our sky once the low clouds retreat during the lunch hour. 72 milpitas, the cool spot in the south bay, mid 70s to near 80, gilroy at 86, 77 san jose. same temperatures on the peninsula as most of the week. low to mid 70s, same along the coast, mid 60s mild with the cloud cover being a little more stout here. upper 60s pretty close to average in downtown and south san francisco. that's one of the few areas we can say that today. as you look at mid to upper 70s through the north bay well below average, low to mid 70s along the east bay shore under a mostly sunny sky. mostly sunny in our valleys with upper 70s to low 80s. as far as the air quality through most of the holiday weekend. looks good. it's the temperatures are going to warm back pretty close to average levels if not a little warmer in the low 90s sunday and monday inland, 80s around the bay, mid 60s at the coast. still looking good. alexis? >> sounds good, mike. we are looking better in the south bay. certainly better than even 30
6:53 am
minutes ago where we had all lanes closed on north bay 680 between capitol expressway and berryessa for over two hours this morning. all lanes are back open now. sky map 7 on 7, residual delays on the 101 corridor approaching 680. really just had a ripple effect into the east san jose area. once you make it up to the 680 merge things are looking better both on 101 and 680. we are starting to thin out, but we certainly have a little ways go before things are back to normal. everywhere else has been quiet this morning. westbound 80 at the 780 merge in vallejo still working on getting a motorcycle crash cleared blocking the left lane. >> thanks. vets at the lindsey wildlife hospital at walnut creek are helping an injured golden eagle return to the sky. >> investigators say the bird got shot by a pellet. the 6 1/2 pound female was discovered last week in pittsburgh. the vets say the pellet missed the wings joint area but it was
6:54 am
severe enough to require surgically implanted pins. >> lot of nuisance animal wills get shot and things like that. why would somebody shoot an eagle. we asked ourselves that. >> if all goes well vets will begin physical therapy on the bird, stretching her joints and wing muscles in the hopes she will fly again. it's a good bed the wedding gift steph and seth curry gave their sister sydel was not on her registry. >> a locker room. >> we want to congratulate you on an amazing career at elon playing volleyball. and wanted to give it back to you with a locker room with sydel curry. >> it's a great feat. as washington once said legends never die. >> you see her stunned face there as she's watching it at elon's university first game at the new arena where the video was shown and the surprise was made. sydel and her fiance will get married on saturday in
6:55 am
charlotte. lee will then try to make the warriors' roster at training camp. >> hope t
6:56 am
6:57 am
6:57. just joining us or about to go
6:58 am
out the door the seven things you need to know. a live look at pleasant hill where part of a huge oak tree fell on six and a half cars. crews are cleaning up this morning. the street is clear. part of that 350-year-old oak snapped off just after midnight on hardy circle. nobody got hurt. number two, northbound 680 in san jose is open from capitol expressway to berryessa after a shooting investigation shut down the freeway for hours. sky map 7 shows 680 as it reopened. number three the san mateo sheriff's office is looking for 29-year-old audrey rodrigue and her 10-year-old daughter emily. the two arrived from canada on sunday and haven't been heard from since. they were supposed to be camping near the oregon border. number four a memorial service will be held for arizona senator john mccain at phoenix baptist church and his casket will be flown to washington, d.c., for another service tomorrow. number five, no sunrise to see today. the clouds are back and that's going to keep our temperatures
6:59 am
cooler than average. mostly sunny afternoon, 60s at the coast, mid 70s, the rest of us in the low to upper 70s. >> we are starting to bounce back in the southbound from the freeway closure. all lanes are open, but we still have a motorcycle crash blocking the left lane, westbound 80 at the 780 merge in vallejo, a ten mile per hour average. number seven, if you're looking for love you may want to book a flight. a study from british bank hsbc suggests one in 50 passengers meet the love of their life on board an aircraft. the other 49 presumably annoy the heck out of each other, right. >> i think that's accurate. >> headphones. >> on. >> immediately. >> i have two special happy birthdays. one to alexis. >> yeah. >> happy birthday. >> the second to my dad. >> it's your dad's birthday too? >> you share the same birthday. >> it was a good day. >> he's a little older. he is 84 years old. >> wow. >> happy birthday. >> i love you so much. >> oh.
7:00 am
good morning, america. fierce backlash. the firestorm this morning over what this republican candidate in florida said about his african-american opponent's agenda. >> the last thing we need to do is to monkey this up. >> new charges of racism. is president trump the new role model for republican candidates? what the president is saying this morning. saying good-bye to an american hero. the nation honoring senator john mccain, thousands lining up in blistering heat to pay their respects, and the powerful moments mccain's wife cindy kissing her husband's casket. daughter meghan breaking down in tears. now what former vice president joe biden is preparing to say this morning. new outrage. after three suspects accused of


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