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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  September 1, 2018 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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>> good morning, bay area. let's get up and get going. this is abc 7 mornings. it's saturday, september 1st. good morning and thanks so much for joining us. i'm chris nguyen. let's start with the accuweather forecast. here's lisa argen tracking the doppler 7. tracking coastal fog is all we can do this morning. temperatures are all pretty much in the 50s except for concord, it's 60. 56 in san francisco and that's six degrees cooler than where we were yesterday, but the air quality, it's good to moderate today. you'll notice the south central bay and the central clara valley looking for good air quality.
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for the next seven days including the weekend, with the breezy winds along the bay it should help to mix out some of the haze that we've been seeing from the fires which really -- from the north are really doing much better. in terms of temperatures, we'll be looking at numbers coming up today and here we are in noon time, upper 70s in concord and upper 80s in the inland valleys. >> thanks. >> a national memorial service celebrating the life of john mccain will be held in washington, d.c. this is a live look at the capitol. abc news reporter stephanie ramos joins us live from washington, d.c., with a preview. good morning to you. >> reporter: chris, good morning. that memorial service taking place here in the washington cathedral. some people are being led into the cathedral. so many people gathering to remember the man who served this country in uniform and in
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congress for so many decades. >> senator john mccain spent his last day on capitol hill friday, lying in state under the majestic dome at the u.s. capitol, a rare honor. >> it is only right that today near the end of his long jurney, john lies here. >> reporter: thousands lining the block outside the capitol to say good-bye to the vietnam veteran andix-time u.s. senator from arizona who served country for decades. mccain's casket dropped carefully by service members marching methodically as it suddenly rained. his 106-year-old mother sitting with her granddaughter megan mccain who was visibly emotional. vice president mike pence also there to pay his respects in place of president trump who was not invited to attend any of the events celebrating mccain's life this week. >> the president asked me to be here. on behalf of a grateful nation
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to pay a debt of honor and respect. >> today the motorcade carrying senator mccain will stop at the vietnam veterans memorial where his wife cindy mccain will lay a ceremonial wreath to honor all those lost during the vietnam war. >> reporter: about 2500 guests are expected here at this memorial service. speaking at the service will be former presidents george w. bush and barack obama, a pure symbol of the respect that they had for mccain that surpassed their political differences. mccain will be laid to rest in a private burial tomorrow at the u.s. naval academy in annapolis, maryland. he graduated from the academy in 1958. reporting live from the washington national cathedral, stephanie ramos, abc 7 news. >> thanks so much for the live report. abc news will have live coverage of senator mccain's memorial.
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we will also stream the service live at abc 7 as well as the abc 7 news app. time now is 5:07. in san francisco, the 14-year-old student accused of bringing a gun to balboa high school is now facing eight felony charges. it led to a lockdown. the student ran off camp u but police sources say his mother turned him in at the bay view station. the atf is helping san francisco police determine where the gun came from. san francisco's unified policy says any student in possession of a gun results in immediate suspension and a referral for expulsion. the gun fire did not injure anyone. two disturbances on one flight out of oakland. the plane had to get emergency clearance for priority landing in hawaii after someone discharged a can of pepper spray. the same plane was also delayed at takeoff. >> reporter: when flight 23 landed from oakland, they
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checked on passengers. >> anybody who was affected by anything that may or may not be in the air we'll have you disembark. >> inned m mid-flight, some sta choking, and panicking. >> people were picking up sweaters and covering their faces with their shirt and people were shouting. drop the masks! give us some air. >> passengers say up to 45 people were ordered to the back of the plane by flight attendants and later allowed back into their seats. the flight attendants were trying to make -- >> a can of pepper spray brought onboard illegally by a passenger. investigating what appears to have been an accidental canister discharge. >> adding to the drama, the flight was delayed because some passengers were frightened by this disturbing image moments before takeoff. a teenage passenger
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inadvertently sent a photo of a fake crime scene for a school project, featuring a child-sized mannequin to nearby passengers. they escorted the team off for an investigation and later rebooked. hawaiian air says the two incidents are unrelated. >> that was mehalani richardson reporting. a baby was among those who couldn't breathe. no one was seriously h now heads to governor brown. state lawmakers critics called it a bailout for pg&e. the bill passed 29-4 in the senate and 45-10 in the assembly. lawmakers also approved a bill to expand net neutrality in california. if governor brown signs the bill it would prevent them from blocking or slowing down websites and charging for faster speeds. another would ban smoking in
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picnic areas at state parks and beaches and an effort to establish oversight of the power grids for california and other western states did not go to vote. discussions on the bill would continue next year. if your weekend plans include riding bart prepare for possible delays. bart is doing another round of track repairs. here's abc 7 news anchor dan ashley. >> bart riders are getting ready for round three of east bay track repairs between west oakland and the 19th street station. >> 19th street. where are you going. >> they will run all weekend long when many riders were surprised to share the platform with big crowds caught on the transfer. >> bart shared this video of the repair job replacing a section of track in the west oakland station. 4,000 feet of track is being swapped. railroad ties are being upgraded to concrete. the job comes on a busy weekend. the as are playing at the
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coliseum and the giants play at at&t. some may change their transportation. >> we'll go into the city instead. >> i think i'll have to get a car. >> they're helping riders navigate the bart bridges. bart tells abc 7 news in a statement we really appreciate the understanding of the riders. this short-term inconvenience will pay major dividends with a more reliable service in the long run. he g she got advice about getting to her job on time. she says bart's timing is bad. >> it's still a busy weekend to choose this kind of work. i don't know if it was the best time for this. >> dan ashley, abc 7 news. bart police officers will handle any crowds this weekend. that's because bart has suspended mandatory overtime. it was in place for the last three weeks after the stabbing death of nia wilson in late july. bart forced employees to work ten-hour shifts, six days a
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week. it is still 21 officers short of being fully staffed. >> express lanes are coming to highway 101 looj tane in penins all of the way up near the san mateo county line. construction is likely to begin next year and wrap up in the summer of 2021. the santa clara valley, transportation authority says a state grant of $47.5 million made the project possible. time now 5:09 on this saturday morning and lisa argen will be tracking the forecast and not too bad to start the morning. >> things are changing in the way people would like in the hol long holiday weekend and you saw the burnoff yesterday and about the same today. we will see more sun and warmer temperatures. a live look outside from the tower camera where you can see a little bit of shaking of the camera. upper elevation to 20 to 30 miles an hour and if you're headed out early for a bike ride you may run into the 50s and 60s and your full labor day weekend
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coming up. our entire history was basically on this wall. >> neighbors upset over what happened to this wall. how this mural ended up erased and -- >> imagine opening your phone bill and seeing a $13,000 charge. it happened.
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time right now is 5:12 and we're taking a live look outside on the abc 7 roof camera. lisa argen will have the accuweather forecast in just a bit. some people in one south bay community are is upset this morning. a beloved mural was removed without explanation. mural de la raza was painted in
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east san jose. amanda del castillo has the story. >> if you can imagine, there were faces of important figures in chicano history. people living here in east san jose say it's a gray wall ruining theirs. >> 15.5 near 87 feet of wall once covered in chicano history, gone. video posted from east san jose public facebook page show the detail. >> our entire history was basically on this wall. >> community organizer jose valle points to the state law that requires property owners to notify artists before painting over their work. that did not happen. our partners at the mercury news, the property owners mural de la raza was painted over wednesday. it brought muralist jose mesa more recognition to the
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community. the woman who commissioned jose ended up his ride. >> i am still paying for that mural because 1500 didn't go far even then. now priceless memories that will outlast a coat of paint. muralist mesa. >> translator: a mural is labor, let's say, for the community, by the community. >> in san jose i'm amanda del castillo, abc 7 news. the name of a marin county school district is once again touching nerves. it's the dixie school in san rafael. some say dixie is the reference to slavery. it is in reference to the old dixie courthouse in 1863 and now museum. james miller donated the land and put up the structure and used friends of his from the south for labor. miller is rumored to have named it dixie on a dare as a tribute to the south. >> it is an insult. if you had the hitler school and named for someone else named
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hitler? would you keep that? i doubt it. it's insulting and insensitive to people of color. >> the school board wants the district to find a new name. the superintendent says the issue is now on his radar. >> if you're looking for something fun to do this weekend, we've got you covered. alexis smith from abc 7 mornings has ideas from our partners at hoodline. >> you have an extra day to live your best life and this week we have options that just might have you feeling fancy. kick things off with some culture at some of the country's premiere art events and the sausalito art festival this saturday, sunday and monday in beautiful marin park. this year you can enjoy 250 award-winning artists including painting, sculpture, glass and fashion. don't forget the beer and wine and george clinton and the parliament funkadelic. don't own a yacht?
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hornblower cruises. boarding starts at 5:30 thursdays at pier 3 on they embarcadero and set cruise around gorgeous bay with incredible views of the bay bridge and alcatraz, golden gate bridge and the city skyline while sipping your favorite cocktail and enjoying top 40 tunes by the dj. hop onboard for social sundays or one of the many dining cruises and get that pinky in the air because the san francisco rose soiree is here. head to the lawn at spark s.f. in mission bay from 11:00 a.m., and it will feature bottomless rose san it will complete the day so you and your friends can rose the day away. just go to our website at abc 7 now your accuweather forecast with lisa argen.
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>> welcome to september. we are starting out with a nice day today and the weather will get progressively warmer as we get through the next several days including labor day on monday. here's live doppler 7 whether it's patchy clouds from oakland to sfo. in mountain view, we can see it trying to make its way inland, but i want to see the tropics heating up again with two hurricanes. hurricane norman west of baja is a category 2 with winds of 102 miles an hour continues to move to the west at 8:00. this is west of hill on hawaii and both of these systems will continue to move into the cooler water of the pacific and weaken from a category 2 to a 1 and then the miriam category 1 will weaken into a tropical low, as well. that is good news and back home we are still looking at comfortable conditions. 50s right now and in fact, a little bit on the cool side in some of the valleys and 50 in
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santa rosa and 5 degrees cooler than yesterday and east bay valleys in the mid-50s is a little bit cool this morning right around livermore and san jose, 3 to 5 degrees cooler. a live look outside and this is our roof camera and you will notice that it's nice and dark out there. the flag not blowing too much and the fog moves quicker today and feeling like summer tomorrow into the holiday on monday. so as we look at your forecast through your sunday we have 90s that will be arriving inland and that will warm you up east of the caldecott tunnel. very little change for the holiday on monday and as we go through the early part of the week, tuesday back to work still feeling much like summer. so while all of august pretty much is on the cool side, have a good weekend here on the peninsula saturday for the art and wine festival today, low 70s and slightly warmer tomorrow about 73 degrees and if you're headed up to sausalito, look at the art festival, low 60s at
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10:00 and by the afternoon we're looking at about 70 degrees and getting breezy by 6:00. highs around the bay today. very comfortable at the coast, looking at mid-60s and half moon bay with sunny skies. so if you want to head to the beach it looks like we'll be offering up a lot of sunshine. 75, santa cruz and ocean temperature still rather nippy in the upper 50s. so the average high in san francisco should be 70 degrees. once again, running shy of that at 68 and still a baffle day here with plenty of sunshine in vallejo and look for 87 in livermore and today as much as 5 to 7 degrees warmer and another day in 80 in san jose and the accuweather was featuring, 60s, 70s and 80s today and you'll be able to keep track of the temperatures that show a pretty nice range with the 90s arriving and slightly cooler by the end
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of the week. a lot of people were complaining about the cooler august weather and now we're offering up warmer days. >> lisa, thank you. a warning now about cell phone fees when you travel internationally. a san jose family was shocked when they discovered they racked up a $13,000 bill. 7 on your side michael finney helped the family figure out exactly what happened and how to avoid it. >> and this is my sister. >> vivian and her boys were just back from a big family reunion in vietnam. >> we tried once a year to go back home and see mom. >> they gathered on an island paradise. >> oh, my god, the island was so beautiful. >> they returned home to san jose, brimming with good spirits and then a jarring discovery. >> it's, like, whoa! what is going on? >> vivian opened her t-mobile bill to find a shocking charge, more than $13,000 for internet access on her son nicholas' phone. the charges were all incurred
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during the short time the plane was flying over vietnam. even though they were sure they never used internet. >> how can this phone bill $13,340.19. >> i was confused and scared. $13,000 is a lot of money. >> reporter: but nicholas said he put his phone on airplane mode for the entire trip just to avoid these kind of charges. >> i know for a fact when you're on airplane mode you cannot have internet access. foo he admits he was playing games during the flight and off-line games that do not use internet. >> it's an off-line game. as you can see, it still works. >> so why these big charges? >> that's why we called t-mobile right away. >> t-mobile reduced the bill to $3800 and the family thought it was wrong. >> we don't know where to go, but i watch channel 7 news every day, and i know about michael. >> vivian contacted 7 on your side. we found out that some mobile
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gaming apps are using internet even when you don't need a connection to play it. the app runs in the background using data for refreshing data or sending you ads. we also contacted t-mobile and the company agreed to cancel all remaining internet charges. >> we were just, like, what? wow! >> to make sure your app is not running on data go to settings on your phone, find the app under cellular data and flip it to the off position. i posted a link that shows you exactly how to do that. you can find it at abc 7 i'm michael finney, 7 on your side. just ahead, a new movie getting a lot of buz the director's bay area roots and how he knew who he wanted to
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welcome back, everyone. apple revealed it is in the self-driving car race by filing an accident report. the cupertino-based company filed a report with the dmv. last week alexis suv in self-driving mode was -- it's the first collision that apple has reported involving an autonomous vehicle. both cars were damaged, but no one was hurt. a san jose native is behind a movie that's getting a lot of buzz. the movie stars john cho. he plays a san jose father who has to follow a trail to help solve his daughter's disappearance.
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>> i'm calling to report a missing person. >> who is this regarding? my daughter. >> the entire story is told through a novel technique. the twists and calls through the texts and videos all seen through laptops and phone. 27-year-old aneesh, a usc grad directed the movie and he wanted to john cho to star in him. >> no one puts him in more things so for us it was a really cool opportunity to give him the role that we've always wanted to see him in. >> viewers will notice many references to abc 7 news in the movie. the director says he wanted to reflect the tv stations he grew up watching to make it more authentic. still to come on abc 7 mornings. >> leave him alone! >> tell him to stop! >> a young man involved in this violent confrontation on the muni train tells his side of the story and what he says led up to it. also -- >> obviously, there is a pattern
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and even a network of people doing this. >> package thieves getting
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it's great to have you with us. i'm chris nguyen. starting this half hour with a quick look at the weather. here's meteorologist lisa argen tracking the conditions. >> good morning to you. from the future tower cam where you can see good visibility, the fog isn't downtown, but we do have it at our coast allowing for patchy fog there and visibility impaired for some of you. 55 downtown and it is 55 in mountain view and a cool start out there and we are looking at a good warm-up out there. 60 in concord and 52 in novato. air quality will be good around the south, central bay and the santa clara valley and right on through the weekend it will be
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moderate. tomorrow into monday, we will have the sea breeze and that will allow for good mixing and still, not totally without haze and that's due to some of the smoke from the wildfires, but if you're planning on heading out, we will be looking at a nice afternoon. in fact, temperatures will be climbing through the next several hours. in fact, new time in the 80s, low 80s by the delta, 76 in livermore and by 4:00 we're talking about some mild 60s around the bay and still with clear conditions. chris? >> thanks. the life of senator john mccain will be celebrated today in washington, d.c. this is a live picture from the capitol where the service will take place at the congressional cathedral, family, friends and staff will be there to celebrate to serve the man who served congress for decades. it all begins today until 6:00. it's a rare honor signifying mccain's service to the country. notably absent at the event,
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president trump at the request of the mccain family. tomorrow senator mccain will be buried at the naval academy in maryland. abc news will have live coverage of senator mccain's memorial in washington, d.c., it starts at 6:00 a.m. we will stream the service live at abc 7 as well as the abc 7 news app. new details in the deadly head-on crash between a greyhound bus and a big rig in new mexico. the death toll stands at eight. the truck is from jag transportation out of fresno. it was traveling on interstate 40 when it blew a tire, crossed into oncoming traffic and hit the bus. medics took at least 40 people to a nearby hospital. a california couple accused of starving, shackling and beating their 13 children pleaded not guilty. this is video from court yesterday, david and elise terpin face 88 charges including torture and false imprisonment. deputies raided their riverside
5:32 am
county home after their 17-year-old daughter escaped and called for help. david terpin is also accused of perjury. he signed a paper to home school his children and failed to do so. he asked the charge to be tried separately. >> going to trial on 49 accounts and more difficult and more prejudicial so we attempted to limit the prejudice to our client by asking that those be severed out. >> the judge rejected the request. the couple due back in court next month. >> this morning, we're hearing from one man involved in this scuffle on a muni train. two passengers allegedly attacked him because he was playing his music too loud. abc 7 news reporter cornell bernard talked to the young man about what he says happened. >> i was trying to say stop, but he had me so tight that i couldn't say stop. >> dexter lotz is saying what it was like to be at the center of
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this viral video on top of a muni train. lotz was riding muni playing his music when a fellow passenger confronted me. he said are you getting off? i said do you have a problem with the music? he didn't respond? i said are you going do something about it? and he attacked him. lotz said the man put him in a choke hold and another helped restrain him. passengers can be heard telling the men to let go. >> over music? leave him alone. >> one of the passengers throws lotz's skateboard out the door and both are seen shoving lotz off the plane. >> they attacked me. i didn't really feel fear. >> muni spokesperson paul rose has seen the viral video. >> we do ask that people don't play loud music, but we never want to see passengers taking on this issue on their own. >> i just want some justice. >> lotz says he's been asked before to turn his music down on muni. >> if someone would have asked me to turn it down i would have
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done that. >> lotz says he wasn't hurt. he works at a deli near ocean beach and he says he is looking for some type of compensation for what happened to him, but he offered no specifics. no one has been charged in the incident. muni has turned over security camera footage from the train to police. cornell barnard, abc 7 news. a new twist on package theft. a san francisco woman believes the food delivery driver dropped off her meal and then stole boxes from the lobby. abc 7 news anchor dion lynch has the surveillance video. >> obviously, there is a pattern and a network of people doing this. >> at first glance what you see in these surveillance images isn't anything we haven't seen before. suspected thieves in san francisco appear to take packages that aren't there. >> it happens more often than say in the suburbs. what's different this time, how the suspected crooks entered the building. >> they were nice enough to deliver the food. >> at least two residents ordered food through delivery at
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caviar. >> surveillance images show who they believe is the male driver giving access to the lobby to drop off food. video appear to show him and a female accomplice taking the packages. >> it's not like it was two years ago. there are delivery drivers and who you contract through app and ones hired by the actual restaurant like extreme pizza. >> and says there is a benefit. >> most of the drivers here have been working for at least four or five years and we know the customers personally on that scale. >> a caviar spokesperson says they're aware of these issues and sent us a statement saying in part while this type of issue is not unique to caviar, we take incidents like this very seriously and will end relationships with couriers who are found to be violating our policies. >> as a woman living alone in a building with 60-some residents it's kind of scary that they have easy access. while megan and her neighbors
5:36 am
may never get their packages back, she has messages for the possible suspects in the video. >> it is very unfair and unfortunate e and i hope you get what's coming to you. >> in san francisco, dionne lynn, abc 7 news. >> the spokesperson told us there are instances where they can steal the bags and pretend to be delivery drivers. >> still ahead on abc 7 mornings. are you spending time outside this labor day weekend? a live look outside. lisa argen is back with your holiday weekend forecast. plus -- >> they're doing a lot of good work and hopefully we can bring some smiles. magical moments in a bay area children's hospital. the special reason
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time right now is 5:38. here is a life look outside from the golden gate bridge camera. good morning to our friends in marin county and throughout the bay area. a quiet start of the morning and we'll get a full check of the accuweather forecast coming up. it's the last weekend of the taste of oakland. the event celebrates the unique culture of independent and iconic musicians and culinary talents and innovation in technology. both will benefit youth aid non-profit which provides summer camp to young people in oakland. tony, tone, toni will headline the event. get ready to eat and drink at the annual millbrae art and wine festival. organizers have transformed the city into a mardi gras-style celebration. there will be live music, an art show, rides, games and the kids'
5:40 am
playland and a zip line over downtown. the festival runs from 10:00 until 5 between victoria avenue and meadow gwynn, and the event runs tomorrow. >> looking forward to the zip line. >> i can tell. >> the weather is really ideal. it's been so cool and warming up nicely and it's going to stay pretty much the same. we will have subtle changes and the warmest day of the week sandwiched in between the weekend and a live look outside here where the camera is shaking a bit up above and the upper-level winds are a bit breezy and we're cool to start and we're mild in the afternoon. >> also ahead. >> the 2018 season is under way and the cardinal hosting the as tecos the farm and we'll show you
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time right now is 5:42. a live look outside from our emoriville camera pointed at the
5:43 am
bay bridge. mild conditions to start the day. we'll find out how warm we'll get in lisa's full accuweather forecast. coca-cola wants to start competing with starbucks. the company is buying costa county for $5 billion. it's the largest coffeehouse chain in the world with nearly 4,000 stores across 32 countries. shareholders and regulators still need to approve the deal. it's expected to be completed early next year. in sports, a busy day, the mets take on the giants and mariners take on the as and first pitch there at 6:05. dal opens their 2018 campaign in north carolina. kickoff is at memorial stadium. number 13 stanford opened against san diego state. mindy bach has the highlights in this morning's sports report. >> good morning, everyone. stanford opened the 2018 season on the farm friday night against san diego state. this season is expected to be another heisman-worthy year for
5:44 am
running back bryce love, but it was another senior who made a statement. the cardinals started this year with a 13th ranking, but the stanford offense did look like it. it struggled early. costelo's pass is tipped and picked off, but look at trent irwin. he jarred it loose and recovered the fumble. so it kept the drive alive and later, costello, an amazing 38-yard td catch. you have to see that one again. he lost control, but got it back right before it hit the ground. stanford led 97 at the half. third quarter, costello, yet again. still in the third quarter, same two gentlemen. this time an 80-yard connection. are you counting? that's three touchdowns to go with 226 yards on six receptions for our white side. and he also caught a two-point conversion. 20 points all by himself when the cardinal wins the season
5:45 am
opener 31-10. the as are in a bit of a slump by their standards and they lost three of the last game, and not great timing when you are fighting for a wild card spot, but guess what? this guy is ready for his call-up and he has this man to learn from. just watch and learn from matt chapman. yes, in the bottom of the first of the 22nd home run of the season and he adds another, a two-run shot puts the as up 5-0 after one, but in the fourth, seattle's robinson cano and nelson cruz go back-to-back, and they do that often and then it would be the former athletic ryan healy adding a two-run shot and seattle tied it up at five. the as have to fight to retake the lead. in the sixth, chris davis sends this one up the middle and brings in jeb lowery and the as go on to win 7-5, the final. they increase their lead over the mariners for the second wild card. >> mets and giants and stephen
5:46 am
duggar having season-end surgery. he brought in the first round on the sac fly. this is catcher iramis garcia and out of here indeed. his dad and family going absolutely crazy. he'll get the customary silent treatment in the dugout, but evan longoria then starts the celebration, well earned and giants pour it on late and win 7-0. the giants and the as continue their series today. cal will open its season against north carolina and mike from is reporting that the raiders are in active talks with multiple teams for a possible trade for their star defensive end khalil mack. if a trade was to happen it would happen within the next 24 hours, but nothing is certain. so we will bring you the latest on that and all of the day's highlights coming up later on abc 7 news. we'll see you then. >> now your accuweather forecast with lisa argen. good morning to you. our modest warming trend continues.
5:47 am
you probably noticed that yesterday. it got sunny pretty quickly and certainly warmed up. here's live doppler 7 right now where we are looking at the patchy low clouds and fog certainly along the san mateo coast and up in the north bay, but they won't last long and in fact, we've got tons of sun on the way and a nice-looking day and here's a live look from emoriville where temperatures are in the 50s and notice the camera shaking just a little bit. upper elevation winds are breezy and 55 downtown and 58 in san jose, and 59 in san jose with 50 in morgan hill. the inland valleys are cool. the golden gate bridge visibility, not bad and we'll see sunny beaches today around stenson up in the art festival in the north bay, and it looks nice and the peninsula, lots of sunshine and 53 in napa and we're looking at upper 50s by the delta and southwest wind at 15. not too breezy and that means you'll warm up quick and livermore lagging behind at 54
5:48 am
degrees. coastal fog this morning and some of it working its way toward the bay. mild to warm for the weekend and looking at summer like weather tomorrow and monday where we get into more 90s arriving inland. it is about the low clouds and fog and as we look at the morning forecast, notice by the afternoon, the fog is stripped away from most of the shoreline and maybe a few patches around half moon bay and tonight the fog comes back tomorrow morning looking at low clouds and fog around southern marin. the san mateo coast, santa cruz and once again it's wiped out and we'll see the warmest day, i believe, on sunday especially inland. so it looks pretty similar day to day, but as we look at your forecast over the three days and notice that for each and every day for redwood and san francisco, redwood city upper 70s, but as we stip down through the inland valleys in livermore, you'll notice we have 90s on the map for tomorrow and monday, and it looks leak perhaps tomorrow maybe a couple of degrees warmer
5:49 am
than we will be today. all in all, pleasant from day to day, if you like it just a little bit warmer, august has been trending on the cool side. today, memorial stadium, north carolina in town for cal with upper 60s and low 70s by 4:00 and it should be very pleasant. if you're headed downtown to the giants game, it would be in the mid-60s and the west winds up to 20 miles an hour and nice day, about 80 in san jose. similar to yesterday. 75 in milpitas and 76 in sunny owe valley and the fog burns back and we'll have the mid-70s to mountain view and san francisco, shy of the average for september 1st. 68 today and it should be 70 for this time of year and up in the north bay, the fog pulls back from the shoreline and we'll see sunny skies at stenson and mid-60s there and 83 in sonoma and warming up for you and the east bay numbers will be in the
5:50 am
mid-70s for many of you and feeling like a nice day at 75 and ahead inland and notice the oranges getting just a little bit closer to the east bay valleys and that brings you up into the upper 80s and pleasanton, 85 and overnight tonight back into the 50s. another cool night in the accuweather forecast. today warmer by a few degrees and download the accuweather app and notice that the 90s arrived inland tomorrow and still comfortable around the beaches and labor day looking nice and slightly cooler by the end of the week. so it looks pretty good for probably whatever you have planned. >> not too hot, not too cold and all you need is a light jacket. >> lisa, thanks. >> today is childhood cancer awareness day at ballparks around the country. to raise awareness some oakland as made a special trip to visit some of their young fans. abc 7 news anchor dan ashley has more. >> no shortage of as fans off children's hospital oakland and since most of these young patients aren't able to make it out to the ballpark for the
5:51 am
team's exciting playoff run this year, the team came to them. aspiring catcher dylan horowitz had one word for them. >> amazing. >> players like sean managed to fill in coloring time. >> it makes me feel like a kid in a grown person's body. i don't know. i just try to act how i would and it's pretty kidlike, so -- >> the players were at children's to raise awareness for the childhood cancer awareness day at ballparks around the country and they were helping to hand out hospital gowns from the starlight children's foundation that at first glance might look like a baseball jersey. >> unlike hospital gowns it ties on the side. >> for kid, fighting diseases like cancer takes all of their attention and energy and they can recharge their spirits. >> i just went around and i signed my ball and my hat. >> and having these larger than life athletes come in and get on
5:52 am
your level and make you feel respected and heard and important, i mean, i can't tell you just what this does for our patients and families. >> they're doing a lot of good work, and like i said, hopefully we can bring some smiles and if smiles were the measurement, this day was a home run. dan ashley, abc 7 news. major league baseball and private donors helped support the star light gown program. the as and giants game will go to support pediatric cancer research. find more information on our website, abc 7 the oakland raiders formerly presented a check for the school district. it's in an effort to help save sports. a quarter million dollar check presentation. on tuesday the raiders pledged moon toe help school sports. they were eliminated because of budget concerns. ousc is in the raiders' dna. the relationship with ousc goes back decades and it's one that's very strong and one that's very
5:53 am
strong with our players and our alumni and with our coaches and with the davis family. so it was our honor to be a part of this and to save some of these kids' dreams. >> along with the money, the raiders donated what looked like a ton of equipment for the schools. the district says it's still looking for a permanent funding solution. turning heads, the unique thing one community did to enforce crosswalk safety. >> also, a touching story about a bay area police officer. how he took matters into his own hands.
5:54 am
5:55 am
here are the winning numbers from last night's $152 million drawing. the mega number 17. nobody picked all six so tuesday night's jackpot goes up to $167 million. a santa rosa police officer goes above and beyond to help an expectant mother. officer winn answered a call
5:56 am
from a woman looking for a family to care for her unborn baby. he decided to help her find a family and ended up adopting the newborn baby girl into his own. time now is 5:55. why did the chicken cross the road? want the beginning of a joke. abc 7 news was at el camino real in sunnyvalley yesterday. for about 20 minutes, an officer walked into the crosswalk with a chicken and a vehicle didn't stop. officers waiting on motorcycles pulled them over. the department handed out 40 sig citations and six warnings. >> how could you not stop and see that? >> i don't know. >> whatever, i don't know. >> final weather check with you. >> well, you will see the sun sooner just like yesterday. it was a pretty day and it did warm up. you notice highs ranging from the mid-60s at the shoreline and upper 80s inland and also in the north bay with about 80 in san
5:57 am
jose and just a bit warmer tomorrow and it should be the warmest day on sunday and maybe a degree or two cooler at the coast labor day and notice the warm weather lasts through the weekend and slightly cooler for the end of the week. >> lisa, thanks. >> coming up set, 6-1, 6-2, an hour and 12 minutes totaled. >> announcer: this is afternoon abc news special report. john mccain, celebrating an american hero. now reporting, george stephanopoulos. good morning and welcome to our special coverage. a farewell to john mccain. he died a week ago at his home in cottonwood, arizona. about to approach the vietnam memorial right now after a remarkable farewell across the country over the last week. culminating yesterday at the u.s. capitol where john mccain lay in state. one of very few americans accorded that message. her wife cindy saying her farewell there.
5:58 am
also his son, jack, the rest of the family all paying their respects. this followed a memorial service in arizona the day before. he also lay in state in the arizona state capitol on wednesday. this was a series of events scripted by john mccain himself. he knew this end was coming. he prepared for it. and clearly wanted to send a message to the country as well. we've seen an outpouring from the entire country this week. friend, family members, fellow senator, fellow politician, ordinary americans and the veterans he loved. expressing what he meant to them. what he meant to america. we're now seeing the mccain
5:59 am
family approaching the vietnam memorial. cindy mccain laying a wreath. meghan mccain is flanked by general john kelly and there you see john mccain's mother, robert mccain, 106 years old, an elegant, feisty american. saying good-bye to her son. sip di mccain now approaching the wall. she will lay a wreath before the motorcade then goes to the national cathedral in washington for what is really a state funeral. martha raddatz is there at the vietnam memorial. martha, john mccain didn't like
6:00 am
that wall when it was first built. said it was a little too funereal, but he came to love it. >> this is such a sacred space, george, and there are so many veterans gathered here this morning to pay tribute to john mccain. more than 58,000 names on that wall. this wall meant so much to john mccain. he didn't at first like this wall. he thought it was too funereal. it didn't celebrate those who had given their lives for our country, but he came around in the same way so many people have when you go down there and you see those veterans, look at two veterans right there, jim mattis, john kelly, who have both served their country and, of course, two of john mccain's


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