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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  September 10, 2018 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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good morning, east bay. let's get up and get going. >> this is "abc 7 mornings". tkpworpb. good morning. welcome to monday, september 10th. >> meteorologist mike nicco has our first look ahead. >> hi. it's monday. we will look at the breezes. concord, 12. 17 in fairfield. that is the sea breeze that will increase a little bit today and drop temperatures slightly along the coast and into the bay. but not inland yet. notice the broken deck of clouds. accuweather 12-hour planner. low 60s at the coast all day after the lunch hour. 69 to 76 around the bay from noon to 4:00.
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76 on to 88. still warm inland. back to the 50s and 60s by 7:00. here's alexis. all right. good morning, mike. we really have not had any major incidents since we have been on air at 4:30. a decent stack-up on the toll plaza for the cash lanes, though. they definitely need to get a few more lanes open. fast track, no delays through the middle. carpool lanes are open now. no metering lights. we should have 15 or 20 minutes until those are turned on. overall is, drive times looking good. one is in the yellow, getting out of tracy. 49 minutes tracy to dublin. antioch to concord, 15 minutes. san rafael to san francisco, 15 minutes crews are making progress on a wildfire in napa county. >> the latest update from cal fire says the snell fire is now 20% contained. abc 7 news reporter lillian kim
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has more on the evacuations in the area >> reporter: with police permission, the mendoza family returned to the berryess estates. they said the drive to their home was reassuring. >> now that i look, it's better. when we left, there was a big cloud of smoke. we have seen how close it was >> reporter: firefighters spent all day dousing hot spots in what has been called the snell fire. the waterway serves as a natural barrier between the burning hills and the nearly 200 homes under evacuation orders since. fire broke out on saturday. >> the concern now is it is holding along the creek. if it jumps that, it gets into the community area. we want to make sure we are confident that that area is cooled down enough that we are not going to have to re-evacuate people >> reporter: residents are pleased that the worst is behind
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them. >> i tell her you have to take the dog. i have to help other people. it was stressful, chaotic. >> reporter: now everyone is eager to return home for good. >> kwroi don't see the fire. i don't see the smoke. they have cleared things up. >> reporter: cal fire says it should have a better idea monday morning on when residents can return home. this morning an investigation into an officer-involved shooting is under way in the south bay. a santa clara officer shot manuel rico yesterday morning after he rammed a stolen suv into several police cars during a pursuit. officers spotted the stolen vehicle, tried to pull it over. the driver led them on a chase. rico is in the hospital and is expected to recover >> the jewish high holidays from begun.
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people at five synagogues may be on high alert after finding anti semitic flyers. the anti-defamation league said the group mentioned on the flyer was involved with the white supremacist rally in charlottesville, virginia. the group is recruiting new members and trolling people online. temple, beth sholom found the flyer last week. the congregation said it won't be cowled by any attempts to intimidate. they will increase patrols, as they do every year, around the high holidays. they didn't violate ethics rules. they used more than $300,000 worth of tickets.$54,000 worth tickets between 2015 and 2016. the oakland public ethics
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commission conducted that investigation. however, gibson mcelhaney found she accepted gifts from a company contracted by the city failed to disclose the gifts, and had a financial interest at stake. all right. football fans, it's almost time for monday night football. >> we are counting down to our coverage of the raiders season opener. and it has been decades since they played the rams in their opener. abc 7 news reporter amy holly field is live with more on what we can expect don't. hi, amy >> reporter: hi. good morning, swres qjessica. the center of attention will be on head coach jon gruden. he has spent the last nine years in the broadcasting booth on monday nights. now he will be on the sidelines. he signed a 10-year, $100 million deal to re-join the raiders as head coach. he said he can't wait for kickoff. >> i'm just as excited to get the butterflies.
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it's the same way every year. especially opening day. it's special. this is really special for me. i know there's been a lot of news this week with what has happened. i want to do everything i can to help bring the raiders back. and i really like the effort our team has put forth. >> all the work we have done in, the time, the reps. you sit there and think, well, we've put the work in. so let's go. it's time to play. >> reporter: the team is fired up. gruden will be looking to win his third straight home opener as head coach of the raiders. the other two came during his first run with the team. the raiders are facing the rams in a season opener for the first time since 1979. so big night here in the east way. amy hollyfield, abc 7 news. if you're watching the season opener tonight on abc 7, our pre-game coverage begins at 7:00 p.m. live from the oakland coliseum. >> and a programming note, because of tonight's game,
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"bachelor in paradise" will not air at its regular time. we will air it in its entirety at 1:05 a.m. that is tuesday morning. if you must see "bachelor in paradise", set that dvr. all right, reggie. parts of the east coast now preparing for hurricane florence as it rapidly strengthens in the atlantic. florence currently at a category 2 storm. it could be a category 4 by tomorrow. people are taking precautions filling sandbags and buying supplies. south carolina has declared aakp do n >> they are c prepared this morning.
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large swells are affecting bermuda and other portions of the east coast. i'll take a look at that coming up. the carolinas in the bullseye of that storm. castro valley, orinda. the coast, all the way down to san jose. we have upper 50s. antioch and concord, 64 and 60. of santa rosa, 47 degrees. here's a look at the golden gate bridge. west wind 14 miles per hour. cool to warm. baches, of course it will be cool. there's also breezes today. if you think about playing an9:00. west wind at 30 watts. peninsula, mostly sunny and 59.
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by noon, near 70. mid-70s from 1:00 through 4:00. down to 70 at 6:00 with sunshine. and the stars. cooler weather at 8:00. north bay, 54. just a few isolated areas of fog. i have seen a little bit around novato. 75 at noon. mid-60s in the afternoon hours. a quick drop from the mid-80s at 6:00 down into the mid-60s by 6:00. east bay valleys, mid to upper 80s this afternoon. a longer look at fall in the accuweather seven-day forecast. here's alexis. >> checking out the bay bridge toll plaza. really is heavy. i double checked. we have not gotten official word that the metering lights are on yet. honestly, it looks like it started off with a pretty decent backup on either side of the toll plaza in the cash lanes. unless you are using carpool lanes, a wait, including fast track lanes. a significant closure in san francisco on howard street. that is due to a couple major
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conferences. they will squeeze in road work as well. i'm trying to get my maps to cooperate. i'll talk more about that in ten minutes you have seen firefighters battle wildfires by air but now they are doing it by
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here's the latest on florence. category 2 hurricane with 105-mile-per-hour winds. and you can see over the next several days it starts to make a way towards the southeast. in fact, it could barrel through wilmington, north carolina as a category 3 major hurricane. were but you can see the cone could go anywhere from norfolk all the way down to charleston. we have to keep an eye on the carolinas later this week. >> all right, mike, thank you. crews are using a firefighting train to battle flames from the delta fire in shasta county. we have never seen anything like this before. they are spraying water on tracks near the sack isment tmee sacramento. it will be close said indefinitely just north of redding. more than 40,000 acres have burned. that fire is 5% contained.
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officials will hold a community meeting to update residents on the fire conditions >> a texas police officer who shot and killed her neighbor now faces a manslaughter charge. amber guyger was arrested last she said she accidentally went into her neighbor's unlocked apartment thursday. she said she thought it was her own apartment. she mistook her neighbor for an intruder and opened fire. this morning guyger is free on bond. alameda county investigators will release more details about a body found near train tracks. it was found near union pacific tracks south of 84 and alameda creek yesterday afternoon. investigators with the sheriff's office say the death may be a homicide. in fact, it appears the man was not hit by a train >> jessica and i have been talking about this. a lot of you have too. gma's first look, serena williams's defeat raising
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questions about gender bias. the superstar service fined $17,000 for the violations that ended up overshadowing the match. >> reporter: in this morning's gma's first look, it was supposed to be a night of celebration but the u.s. open women's final ended with the crowd booing and both players in tears as the play was overshadowed by controversy outside the lines. serena williams was chasing her24th grand slam win when the umpire gave her a code of conduct warning, accusing her coach of making illegal hand signals from the stands. the six-time open champion was furious with the call. >> i don't cheat to win. i'd rather lose >> reporter: her opponent, 20-year-old naomi osaka, competing in her first grand slam final. serena made a costly mistake, slamming her racket in frustration. coming up, chris evert will be live to talk more about the
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fallout from the ladies final. certainly difficult to watch start to finish. happening today, lafayette residents can weigh in on the future of a historic theater. the park's theater close inded 2001. a developer was planning on buying the theater but backed out last month. today city council will talk about what to do next. the public is invited at 7:00 p.m. john legend is now a member of an elite squad. he is the proud owner now of an emmy, grammy, oscar and a tony award known as an egot. he is one of the youngest to receive all four awards. he walked away with an emmy when jesus christ superstar won for outstanding variety special. and his wife chrissy teigen is
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pretty psyched. she tweeted this with andrew lloyd webber and tim rice. all three men now achieved egot status. i didn't remember he had a tony. i had to look it up. he was a c on o-producer for a play. so there you go. >> very talented. >> absolutely. congratulations to all of them. let's talk about what we are looking at weather wise. first thing, open up the weather window. 55 degrees. we'll need sunglasses today. it will be breezier. it will bring cooler weather. it will hang around through thursday. a bumpup towards the weekend. gilroy, 90. mid-80s in los gatos. santa cruz, sunny, 74.
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mill bray, 69. everybody else 73 to 79. look at the coast today. temperatures 62, 63 degrees. 70s downtown and south san francisco and sauce lee toe. north bay beaches or coast if you will in the low to mid-60s. 20, 25 warmer with mid to upper 80s. 90s in the usual spot. ukiah. east bay, richmond, 71. 72, berkeley. orinda, 78. 76 today fremont. inland, we have 90s here. 92 in brent wood. 90, walnut creek. upper 80s elsewhere. these longer nights cooling down into the low to upper 50s. even 49 in ukiah. patchy fog possible in the north bay. accuweather seven dave forecast. you c seven-day forecast. wednesday when not only are the 90s gone but the 80s are gone. we're stuck in the 70s wednesday and thursday. rebound back into the 80s
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friday, saturday, sunday. low to-mid 70s around the bay. here's alexis. good morning, mike. heads-up if you drive in san francisco. we have a closure of howard, a long-term closure to talk about. howard street shut down from 3rd to 4th streets starting 6:00 a.m. tomorrow to the end of the month, september 30th. i believe 8:00 p.m. lanes are scheduled to reopen. that is for a few reasons here. the world climate action summit. then that is followed by dream force. a couple activities at the mosconi center. crews are taking advantage of that time to get much needed work done. you will have to be detoured for basically the rest of the month here starting tomorrow morning s. westbound 80, highway 4 to the maze, 18 minutes. bay bridge, 10 minutes. san francisco is sfo, nine minutes a weekly digital series.
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new one a day with nature's medley is the only complete multivitamin with antioxidants from one total nature's medley serving of fruits and veggies. new from one a day. >> here's 7 things to know before you go. number one, 200 homes remain threatened because of the snell fire in napa county. it has burned 2,400 acres since it began saturday afternoon. it is now 20 per% contained. an erratic driver in a stolen car on campus at gilroy high where a kids's football game was happening yesterday. police say the suspect was shot at, charging towards an officer. nobody got hurt >> number three, cbs chairman les moonves has been let go from the network amid allegations of
5:24 am
sexual assault. in a statement moonves said he is deeply saddened to be leaving. he called the new accusations untrue. >> number four, sea breeze will kick in today. that will drop our temperatures a little bit around the bay. look what it does for all of our neighborhoods. clean air on the way for at least thursday >> number five, i believe i know why we are heavy at the you toll plaza. still no official word that the metering lights. an earlier crash, just got this from chp, in one of the far cash lanes. they have pushed it off to the side. i'll keep an eye on this. >> number six, today is the start of the new third hour of good morning america called gma day. >> number seven, counting to pregame coverage. 7:0toghhead coach jon gruden
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>> you are miss america 2019. congratulations. >> the miss america competition has crowned its new winner. miss new york, nia imani franklin was all smiles when she was crowned with the miss america. she wrote her first classical at age 6. the revamped competition focused less on physical appearance and more on the responsibilities that come with the crown. meanwhile, here in the bay area, ethnic beauty pageants are thriving as a way for women to connect with their heritage. >> miss asian global is the longest running asian-american pageant in the u.s. women must be 25% asian to compete. it evolving now
5:26 am
with steminists. >> others say it takes focus away from the ethnic heritage. >> we're coming back with another 90 minutes of news, including why someone is going to repel down the side of san francisco's troubled millennium tower. >> also, activists are
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the head of cbs ousted after sexual misconduct allegations. this morning we have his response. and we're hearing from his accusers. frightening moments for families a lot football
5:29 am
gathering. we're closely watching a wildfire that's the forced hundreds of people from their homes in napa county. it is monday, september 10th. >> we're tracking a lot of stuff on this monday morning. natasha is off today. you are never more than seven minutes away from the accuweather forecast. >> good morning. when the u.s. drought monitor came out, northern napa county was in a drought. this morning we wake up with a fire. the temperature is comfortable. 55 degrees. but the relative humidity did not respond. it's only 30%. up in the hills, winds are gusting from the west-northwest to 17 miles per hour. they will remain pretty fast during the morning hours. they will taper as we head into the evening and overnight hours. they will pick up again tomorrow. look at the temperature. 92 today. edsd a thursda. some low 80s for friday, saturday, and sunday. that's good news for the firefighters. back at home, the breezes will cool the bay a little bit. inland, still warm.
5:30 am
everybody starts off in the mid to upper stpeuf50s is the 7:00. 69 at noon in the bay. almost air-conditioning weather at 88. hi, alexis. good morning, mike. we are starting to rump up here. a live look at our walnut creek camera. southbound 680. a lot of brake lights starting to fill in. north of the 24 split. so right around north main street. i don't have any incidents along this route. just starting to have a lot of company. drive times looking good. southbound, golden gate, 6 minutes. 11 minutes across the bay bridge. san mateo going down a minute to 12 minutes. alexis, thank you. in the south bay, a scary incident at a high school. parents jumping into action. >> the driver of a stolen suv barreled onto the campus. abc 7 news reporter matt keller live with how all of this begins >> reporter: good morning. police say the suspect has no
5:31 am
direct ties to the gilroy area. but in one of his phone calls to police he mentioned youth football games that were taking place here at gilroy high school and also that he wanted to fight with officers. >> he's saying he's got a fight. >> reporter: he had access to firearms and was associated with a stolen vehicle out of fresno. several hundred fifth and sixth grateders were playing pop warner football at the gilroy stadium. officers arrived and saw him driving a vehicle next to the stadium. parents rushed to close the gates leading to their field. the parents went after the man in the car and threw tires at his vehicle. >> there were parents on both sides of the stands. it was pretty full. i think they saved our kids's lives. >> reporter: the chase ended at the baseball field. officers shot at the suspect, believing he was going to run them down with his vehicle. nobody was injured. the suspect surrendered.
5:32 am
families were told to she wan r families were told to shelter in place. some hid in the locker rooms. matt keller, abc 7 news. thank you, matt. the snell fire is threatening the area. napa county sheriff's office gave permission for some residents to go back into their homes and get essential items. the fire has burned 2,400 acres so far. it started saturday afternoon. it is 20% contained. there is a creek in the area that is serving as a tphaurpl barrier helping firefighters, at least for now. >> it is holding along the creek. if it jumps that, it gets into the community area. so we really want to make sure that we are confident that that area has cooled down enough that we will not have to re-evacuate people. >> no injuries have been
5:33 am
reported. no structures have been lost. the cause of the fire is still under investigation. cal fire is telling us a little bit later on this morning they should have a better idea of when residents can finally return home. to our north, caltrans says a stretch of interstate 5 in shasta county will remain closed indefinitely because of the delta fire. the closure runs almost 50 miles from dunst mere north of redding to near the oregon border. i-5 became a ghost road after the fire turned hills into walls of flames. it has burned 30,000 acres since it broke out on wednesday. it is only 5% contained. homes along the corridor are still evacuated. full containment of the devastating mendocino fires is expected today. firefighters on the ranch fire are working to contain the very last section of the fire by cutting hazardous trees and tending to soil erosion. that fire has burned 400,000 acres and is 98% contained.
5:34 am
the adjacent river fire burned 49,000 acres. it was contained weeks ago. you can get constant updates on the northern california wildfires on our free abc 7 app. get any breaking developments by enabling push alerts. les moonves, a long-time leader of cbs network, has resigned as more sexual misconduct claims against him surfaced. in a new yorker article, six additional women are coming forward with allegations against moon is sres. moonves. we're being told moonves reportedly phyllis golden-gottlieb, a tv executive, told "the new yorker" he sexually assaulted her back in 1986. she is saying she kept her quiet because she feared for her livelihood. >> he came running into my office and did this whole thing, i didn't accepted the memo to anybody. then he picked me up and threw me against the wall.
5:35 am
i just lay on the floor and cried. i didn't know what was going to happen to me. >> several other women ther womw previously skaouftd moaccused m. in a statement moonves called it a privilege to lead cbs adding, quote, untrue allegations from decades ago are now being made against me that are not consistent with who i am. this week someone is going to repel down the millennium tower to try to inspect a cracked window. inspectors have checked it out from the inside. an attempt on saturday to get a better look at the outside with a drone failed because the drone crashed. lawyers working for the millennium tower association say they want to photograph the damaged window and tape up the glass from the outside. the association believes that crack has nothing to do with the building's sinking and tilting issues activists are reportedly
5:36 am
planning to crash governor jerry brown's climate change conference this week in san francisco. 30,000 people marched in the city against climate change. according to the chronicle, activists say the governor has done little to curb polluting oil and gas drilling in the state. they're predicting a large turnout at the global climate action summit. the three-day event starts wednesday at moscone center. >> 52, redwood center. everybody else around 53 to 56. let's take a look at our other neighborhoods. palo alto, 62. 68, los gatos. antioch, 63. everybody else pretty much in the mid to upper 60s. san francisco, 55. oak land 58 right now. no fog in san rafael. reports of fog in novato. keep an eye on that. ferry rides will be breezy everywhere this afternoon.
5:37 am
mass transit comfortable this morning. a little hot this afternoon especially as you head inland. we will try to make 90 for the last time this week. south bay, a little more comfort. waking up with 59 and increasing clouds. mostly sunny at 10:00, 65. 74 at noon. back down to 67 under the stars at 8:00. for the east bay shoreline, 59 this morning to 68. very comfortable during the lunch hour. hang out to low to mid-70s the better part of the afternoon. under the stars, about 62 degrees. and one last thing to talk about and that is san francisco. other than the squeeze on def leppard, yeah, i saw that. what! any time i can talk about the 80s, that's fun. 56. low to mid-60s with a lot of sunshine this afternoon. 70 in a few areas near the bay. but it will come with a breeze that will make it feel cooler. grab the sunglasses everywhere
5:38 am
today. i'm just looking over your shoulder looking at the bay bridge toll plaza. >> not looking great. we have had a couple of issues there around the bay bridge toll plaza. it sounds like just east of those metering lights a disabled vehicle blocking lane two. it should be one of the carpool lanes. it looks a little bit thin on the left. i'm not sure if folks are trying to avoid that. i'm working to get some more information. before that, it is clear now, but we had a minor hit and run collision just past the metering lights cleared off to the shoulder. metering lights are on. 5:31. i think they were on before that honestly. we are stacked up into the maze. early start if you are doing the bay bridge commute. no surprise in tracy, 12 miles per hour on 205. mass transit, good news to pass along here for warm springs. direct service to and from warm springs beginning to for monday through saturday service. you no longer have to transfer on the green and orange lines.
5:39 am
so that should make the commute faster. back to you guys. alexis, thank you. sonoma county is set to test its alert and warning systems following widespread criticism over the negotiate bay wildfires. 6:00 tonight, sonoma county residents who subscribed will get a phone call. weapons, the county will send amber alert style tphoenotifica so roseland, glen ellen, penngrove. training time on the agency's fleet of newighteen cu hours to 50 hours. and the president of the transit workers union tells the examinr that he is concerned with that practice. he said operators need the additional time to familiarize themselves with. new fleet. muni has been dealing with a chronic shortage of operators.
5:40 am
say spacex rocket makes another spectacular launch. the cargo will help improve the way we communicate >> former president barack obama in southern california.
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[ engine revving ] you cannot hear me at all, can you? you cannot hear me at all, with pg&e in the sierras. and i'm an arborist since the onset of the drought, more than 129 million trees have died in california. pg&e prunes and removes over a million trees every year to ensure that hazardous trees can't impact power lines. and since the onset of the drought we've doubled our efforts. i grew up in the forests out in this area and honestly it's heartbreaking to see all these trees dying. what guides me is ensuring that the public is going to be safer and that these forests can be sustained and enjoyed by the community in the future. a potential fire danger not
5:43 am
only in tahoe and reno but pretty much up and down the sierra. it is for tomorrow at 1:00 through wednesday at 11:00 in the evening. 600,000 people affected by this potential high fire danger. it will be relatively quiet today. still breezy out there. as you can see, slightly cooler weather developing. 76 in san diego. 83 in los angeles. 108, palm springs. and let's take a look at the sierra. dramatic drop in temperatures to mid-60s wednesday and thursday. look at this video coming in. a massive gas line explosion and fire in pennsylvania this morning. one home and several vehicles were destroyed in center township outside of pittsburgh. no injuries have been reported officials shut off the valves to the gas line, but it took some time for the gas to burn off. more than two dozen homes had to be evacuated.
5:44 am
>> i looked on the other side of the house and i saw the flames almost reaching into the sky. unreal. i thought a plane crashed or something. >> it definitely is a scary scene. schools in the area canceled all classes for today because of this enormous blast. vice president mike pence says he's willing to take a lie detector test to prove he didn't write the anonymous op-ed that attacked president trump in the "new york times". he said it is an organized effort to subvert the president's agen. he's calling for attorney general jeff sessions to launch an investigation into whoa wrote it. >> this person really had the kind of courage and skills that some of us do. they come forward. >> republican senator rand paul is urging the white house to make anyone with a security clearance to take a lie detector
5:45 am
test. >> in the east bay, alameda county supervisors will take up the issue of pop-up restaurants today. county health inspectors shut down numerous pop-ups in recent weeks. one of them was in oakland, which was closed last month. health inspectors say the pop-ups locked proper permits. the board president hopes to get some clarity about the health department's policies on pop-ups. on the peninsula, firefighters and the coast guard are trying to determine if anyone was on a kayak found abandoned along the san mateo county coast. cal fire showed this photo of the response. a search of the shoreline and the ocean turned up nothing. investigators say no one has been reported missing so far. a communication satelle in oit ather spectacular launch by spacex. >> mission, liftoff.
5:46 am
>> a falcon 9 rocket blasted off from cape canaveral, florida after a 40-minute delay last night. the satellite will improve communication between asia and the americas. the lower stage of the rocket landed on a drone ship in the atlantic after separation from the second stage. funny story, former president barack obama said he was once kicked out of disneyland. he told that speech at a campaign rally in anaheim where disneyland is located. he said when he was in college, he and his friends went to a concert. afterward they went on the gondolas and were smoking cigarettes. they were e kicked out for breaking the rules but also told them they were welcome back any time. the skyway close indeed 1994. oh, they learned their lesson. >> kid-friendly environment.
5:47 am
>> the skyways were missing for a long time. honestly, that's part of the reason why. >> nefarious activities. >> oh, really? >> i'm old enough to remember the skyway. >> can't have nice things. >> no. no. >> imagine the selfie sticks. you can't even take those in. >> you can't? >> no. >> i wonder why then? >> i'm okay with that, by the way. >> let's talk about what's a on. hashtag your pictures at abc 7. we would love to see them. sfo, temperature about 56 degrees. fingers crossed that the were clouds will stay far enough away this monday morning that we can get everyone in on time. mainly sunny, cooler breezes, especially for the bay. partly cloudy tonight. ol onc agn.a the coolne touches the bayhrhe y,e have a aa
5:48 am
of low pressure i can't thinking down the counter clockwise flow. it is producing rain in areas that really need it. oregon and washington. we really need it too. this time of the year it leaves the moisture up there. that's exactly what it's going to do. 90 in gilroy. mid to upper 70s, mainly upper 70s for the rest of the south bay. mid to upper 70s for the peninsula today. 60s along the coast. 72 in sausalito. north bay valleys, breezy compared to yesterday. breezy along the east bay shore. 71 richmond to 77 in hercules. as you move inland, this is where the breezes don't quite take the heat away yet. that starpts tomorrow. still 90s in our east bay valleys. the long nights cool nicely. 49 in ukiah. 90s are gone tomorrow. the 80s are gone by wednesday.
5:49 am
they will make a brief appearance for a few of us friday, saturday, sunday. the rest of us in the 60s and 70s. hey alexis. hey, good morning. a couple of issues on the roads this morning. one in walnut creek. although, i don't think this is on the board for chp. i actually just matched this happen. northbound 680, off to the right, two vehicles with hazards on. i believe it was a minor crash. they were able to clear themselves. definitely heavy traffic in the area. we'll see if any crews are needed, if they need a tow truck or ambulance. just don't have details yet. details on the nimitz. southbound 880 before marina, a hit and run, possible injuries. they are sending an ambulance. trying to get more information here too. it sounds like the off-ramp is blocked. not seeing much of a delay on the main line. next update just before 6:00. alexis, thank you.
5:50 am
today is the start of the new third hour of good morning america called "gma day". >> it airs with michael strahan and sara haines. it is not an exact replica. it is expected to be lighter, topical and a lot of fun. the former view host and gma anchors say they are a match made in heaven. >> it trickled down from him. his tone, his outlook on life. he wrote a book about waking up happy. who does that? michael strahan. >> for me it's a dream come true to work for me. we had a chance to do this one time before. and i'm like, okay, if i ever get a shot to do a show like this again, i've got to be with her. >> the hosts have been sworn to secrecy about new segments and first guests. you will have to watch today and see what happens. it premieres here today at noon on abc 7. the battle against hazing. the new coalition hoping to prevent young people from hazing incidents. the world's largest plane
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5:53 am
raiders opener at home tonight. 7:20 kickoff. 63 degrees. down to about 59. very comfortable when you have all the silver and black on. guess what, got the game right here on abc 7. hope to see you tonight and see you on twitter tweeting about it also. mike, thank you. in the east bay, the biggest airplane in the entire world is about to take off from oakland international airport the next half hour. it is loaded with fema relief supplies. some will be delivered to hawaii
5:54 am
and the rest will go to guam threatened by a typhoon. the russian-designed antonov an-225 is one of a kind. it has six engines and is the heaviest plane ever built. isn't it incredible? >> yeah. we hope to see it when it takes off live and show you. look for that in the next half hour. now to a scary close call for a 7-year-old. >> he was just missed by a car as he was crossing the street to get on the school bus. so take a look at this. the boy's father is warning parents about bus stop dangers after his home security system, oh, wow, caught this near miss at the end of his driveway. so that boy waiting patiently to board the bus for his third day back to school. the bus extends the crossing arm. the stop sign begins to flash. suddenly that black car blows by. >> you look at this picture and it was really close. luckily, he was able to jump back and there were no injuries.
5:55 am
>> close calls like this are a daily occurrence across the country. a new survey in 38 straits found that nearly 84,000 vehicles pass buses illegally on a single day. that's an estimated 15 million violations during the school see that, a lex see that, a lex eu is. >> you sure do. look for all the schools and all the bus stops. slow down and use caution. in the meantime, we definitely have issues on the road tonight. new problem in the walnut creek, southbound 680 before treat boulevard. we confirmed with chp a three-car crash. it sounds minor. that is not looking like it will be there much longer. the toll plaza, two earlier issues are both gone. the metering lines are gone and you are stacked up in the maze. let's talk about the giants
5:56 am
taking on the atlanta braves. 60 degrees. olivia, a direct hit on the islands is looking imminent. as you can see tomorrow, it drops down to a tropical storm. right before it rolls across maui. and then it continues to weaken and roll away. we will have dangerous surf. flooding maybe not the as great a concern but something we will also keep an eye on >> the super natural horror film "the nun" took the top spot over the weekend. >> scary to look at. it is the latest film in the conjuring series. it is the biggest franchise in all time. crazy rich asians in second,
5:57 am
followed by peppermint, the meg and searching. >> that's a bunch of nunsense. >> good one. also find out if the oakland mayor and city council member violated the code of ethics when they got into games free. another cancer battle for olivia newton
5:58 am
5:59 am
good morning, east bay. let's get up and get going. >> this is "abc 7 mornings". hi there, good morning. it's monday, september 10th. thanks for joining us. natasha is off. >> we are hours away from the raiders season opener right here on abc 7. our pregame coverage starts at 7:00 p.m. live from the oakland coliseum. we also have live coverage this morning, plus a countdown ock tourerage at firsyoare neve than seven minutes away from your accuweather forecast. here's meteorologist mike nicco. is it going to be a good day at the game?
6:00 am
>> i think so. temperatures in the upper 60s dropping down to the 50s. a few patches of gray. waking up clear and cool. temperatures in the upper 40s to upper 50s through 7:00. we'll stay in the 60s during the afternoon hours. then about 68 to 76 for our bay. temperatures from noon to 4:00 back down to 6 by 7:00. 76, very nice inland at noon. up to 88. so a little warm. and then back down to a comfortable 71. here's alexis. a follow-up on a couple of issues we're keeping track of here this morning. one of them in walnut creek, treat boulevard. three vehicles in total involved in the crash. it sounds minor. i don't think they will need an ambulance. but chp is on the way. it sounds not too major. 20-minute bart delay due to earlier police activity. that has cleared.


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