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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  September 10, 2018 11:00pm-11:35pm PDT

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y-- now, from abc, breaking news. >> a fast moving fire is causing mandatory evacuations. it's more than 40 acrers with no containment, it spread quickly. burning in the area of samuel p taylor state park. people living on mountain king road portola avenue, and alamo way, and down to barranca way, are being told to evacuate to the school. alamo way is closed until further notice. we just got the video of the fire in to our newsroom. we are told that the fire is difficult to get to for the firefighters. 20 to 30 structures are threatened by the flames. people living in the fairfax areas, and san gmp -- san geran
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area, may smell the fire. we will keep tabs on the fire burning. it's been a year since the fire has raced through parts of the north bay. it was shear panic for residents that say, they were not warned that the flames were coming. tonight, sonoma county is making sure that doesn't happen again. we were in the emergency operations center. where a revamped alert system was tested for the first time. kate? >> reporter: well, dan, you know, it's very hard to say how a more effective emergency alert system would have affected the outcomes for those in the fires. like the families who lived here in coffee park, that burned suddenly with very little warning to the ground. but, there are major efforts under way right now to improve emergency alert systems, so that when the next disaster strikes, people have more warning. sonoma county emergency management made 300,000 phone
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calls monday night that started like this. >> there will be a test of the wireless manage system, and alert systems on september 12th. >> we are testing the warning system so we can get word out early if there's a threat to people. >> reporter: this is hads the emergency services -- this is the emergency services manager. they have been pressed to upgrade the alert systems. >> it's not a case of wildfires, any natural hazard or threat to the public. so, it could be a hazard, materials spill on highway 101, or a flood along saw na tsunami threat. >> reporter: they say the system is not meant to call hundred hads of thousands of people at once. but to targeter specific areas that are in danger, like, for example, if there was a hazmat spill on highways 101 and 12, he
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could send alerts to the four,000 homes in the rowsland neighborhoods in a matter of minutes. >> i got an alert at 3:30 in the morning that coffee park and keiserer were being evacuated. >> reporter: this is one of the few people that got an alert after the fires broke out. >> i was impressed. we need these alerts. they are important now. >> reporter: all right, so, the second phase of the testing is wednesday in parts of sonoma county, be on the look out for that, we have more information on our website. and you can sign up for soco alert. >> okay, kate, thanks very much. snell fire evacuees are back home t fire was burning 40 miles north. the fire broke out saturday and consumed 2,500 acres and now is
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45% contained. meantime, a 50 mile strej from i-5 to redding to in the shasta is back open, with lanes open in each direction. the delta fire exploded last wednesday and burned 50,000 acres and 5% contained. homes along the i-5 corridor are still evacuated. people from the world of politics, science, and nonprofits are coming together for the global climate action summit. it's meant to galvanize action on climate change. lillian kim is in the newsroom with more. >> reporter: dan, beginning tomorrow, howard street between third and fourth will be closed to traffic. the summit begins wednesday. but already, people from all over the world are in the city, exchanging ideas and finding inspiration. it's not a topic that you hear about every day.
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but people dpathed at san francisco's exploritorium to talk about restoring and saving the world's ecosystems. >> it's for the worl. we are all living on the planet sgloompt the sma-- >> reporter: governor jerry brown came up with the idea to bring up the world's leading minds andto kick it off, the gojer signed -- the governor signed legislation. >> this bill and the executive order that was signed will put california on the path to meet the paris agreement and beyond. and it will not be immediate. but it must be done. >> reporter: despite the bill, the summit is sure to bring prote protests. some are upset with the governor, saying he is not doing
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enough to stop fracking. >> we have plans to let the governor's office know, and to let the global markets know, that our lands are not for sale and that we will stand up and protect them. >> reporter: and sfpd has cancelled all days off during the three days, in anticipation of those protests. in san francisco, lillian kim, abc 7 news. >> lillian, live in the city tonight, thank you very much. developing news along the atlantic seaboard, evacuation orders take effect for a million people in hurricane florence's path. >> reporter: the gas lines are getting long. >> you can see people lined up at the gas station. >> reporter: and the highways tan a million people are under mandatory evacuation orders ahead of hurricane florence. >> this storm is strong. and it's getting stronger. >> reporter: nasa shows the
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massive storm from above, it's eye, now well defined. swirling across the atlantic. picking up speed and gaining strength, as it takes aims the outh east. it's a -- southeast, it's a category 4. >> north carolina is taking hur complain florence seriously. and you should too. get ready now. >> reporter: at the store, there's a run on flashlights, gas cans and water. even the life vests are gone. >> this one lookser more ugly than other ones. rather be safe than sorry. >> reporter: in south carolina more than a million people are being forced to leave starting at noon on tuesday. >> it's going to be inconveni t inconvenient. we do not want to risk one south carolina life in this hurricane. >> in var have-- in virginia, t sending two aircraft carriers to sea hoping the to ride out of the storm. >> a team of firefighters are
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heinging to north carolina in the next few hours to help deal with the hurricane. they are trained in swift water rescues. which could be needed. they have equipment to bring down people from the rooftops. and major airlines are allowing customers to change reservations if they are traveling through areas that are affected by florence. you should check with your airline of course, for their specific policies. all right now, to find out more about florence and how the storm is developing. abc 7 news, sandy patel is tracking it closely. >> that is right, as you look at the satellite picture, you can see the well defined eye of hurricane florence, it's maintaining the strength as it crosses the atlantic. it's a category 4 storm, 140 mile an hour winds, tracking north northwest at 13 miles an hour. expected to strengthen more and
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making its approach to the carolina coast line by thursday evening as a category 4, making land fall near the mid atlantic states and sitting there ask a tropical depression for days on hand. expecting heavy rain well inland. hurricane force winds, life threatening storm surgery. and large swells and rip currents. if you have plans to the east coast, this storm could cause major problems. >> a man narrow willy escaped b badly hurt when a bus went out of control. the dash cam captured the bus veering across a divider along lombard street, watch now, keutf a fi. eusked cnd toppletree, bore daging >> it was like totally in a shock. i can't even say a word. and then, for at least ten
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minutes my entire body was shaking. >> anyone would feel the same way, right? the bus driver is being treated for life threatening injuries. three passengers are recovering after being hurt. they are hoping to learn what went wrong with the on board cameras. well, the silver and black packed the coliseum for the raiders season opener here at abc 7. >> it's about the raider nation fans and it's the players and the coach. >> on everywhere's mind, the team's big move. we will have that, and a popular annual tradition in the south bay will not end after all. who is stepping up in a big way to help out. all of it is ahead, first here is what is coming up on jimmy kimmel live. gym sni. >> tha-- jimmy. >> thanks, dan, watch and discuss it among yourselves.
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raider until i die. >> there's a fan, the raiders kicked off the season with a disappointed 33-13 loss to the rams at the coliseum. now, also hanging over fans at the coliseum is the fact that the team is heading to las vegaser, the question is will it be sooner or later? katie is live at the coliseum with the story tonight, katie? >> dan, raiders fans are assaultee from thassault -- raider fans are salty from the loss. but they are the loyal, loyal fans that are loyal to the team, not necessarily location.locati.
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fans will sail with the breeze. >> i have always been a raider fan from day one. if they are moving, hey, it's time to invest. a little real estate. out in vegas. >> reporter: they will miss the port though. >> we have been here for at least 25 years, maybe nor since he they came back. >> reporter: rumors of the lawsuit against the team loom over the season opener. the city of oakland may sue the rayers for leavie ining town, a, as bonds are >> audrey has perfected her silver and black face paint. she can not jump ship now. >> as much as it hurts me that they are leaving oakland and it's in my backyard, i already went ahead and purchased vegas tickets. >> reporter: visiting rams fans know the feeling of a team that
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drifts from city to city. >> i was barely out of high school when they left and i was sad and it was a blessing when they came back. >> reporter: for nfl fans, geogro perfo geogr -- geog rraphy matterers less. >> one season ticket holder told me that the ticket prices are outrageous. >> okay. katy. thank you. >> reporter: thanks to their brave act of family of five, they all made it out alive. >> two young women were honored, they saw a house in flames while they headed home from work last month. had they ran in to the house, helping the residents escape the fire and tonight, the people they saved joined them at the coliseum.
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>> and i'm excited at the fact that we all got to come to the game and support our local sports. i love it. >> the young heroes told us the house's residents had just woke enup and they probably did not realize how fierce the fire was. no one was hurt because of their bravery and quick action. due to tonight's game, bachelor in paradise will not air in its regular time. it will start at 1:05 and run entirely. well, a beloved san jose holiday tradition is saved, christmas in the park will shine bright, thkss cit construction. they are donating $15,000. the regular sponsor orchard supply backed out after it closed stores nationwide. it will have hundreds of christmas trees decorated by scho
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schools. all right, let's turn our attention to forecast back to work. nice night out of the coliseum for football. quite mild. >> yeah, dan, it's starting to feel like football weather around here as we go in to the next couple of weeks. it will feel like late fall. i want to show you a sunset, 7:25, the sun went down and it was just crystal clear as we look at the beautiful view of the setting sun. tonight, as we check out live doppler 7, we have clear skies here in the bay area. and those temperatures really in the comfort zone inland in the 60s and 70s, we have 50s along the coast and around the bay. today, the hottest spots were in the mid 90s, and tomorrow, you could say goodbye to those. we are looking at a cooling trend that gets under way tomorrow and continues through thursday. antioch going from 84-77 degrees. you are going to notice the change. and then, a little bit of an up-tick in the numbers friday and saturday. right now, i want to turn your taepgz to air quality, tuesday and -- turn your attention to
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air quality. some smoke from the fires will continue to drift in from time to time, but we are not looking at a thick layer of smoke at all. from the east bay hills camera, you will see a beautiful view. one of the reasons we will not see heavy smoke lingering the breeze will continue to blow, fresh air in here. mainly clear morning. cooler in the afternoon. much cooler on wednesday and thursday and temperatures will be well below average through the weekend. first thing in the morning, you will need a sweater and a light jacket. upper 40s to upper 50s, with clear skies and tomorrow afternoon, a drop in the temperatures up to 10 degrees cooler inland, where you will only be in the mid 80s of. low to mid coast, you are in the 70s today, and tomorrow, 64. 70s around the bay and as i mentioned, 80s inland. i want to turn your attention to tropical storm olivia. it's expected to make landfall as a tropical storm. it will continue to move away from the hawaiian islands.
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even though it's not expected to be a hurricane t impact will be far reaching. right now, they have flash flood watches that start tuesday evening, running through late thursday night. 10 to 15 inches of rain, could be isolate amounts of up to 20 inches. life threatening, flash flooding is a certain possibility there. if you are traveling there, keep it in mind. seven-day forecast, cooling tomorrow, and gets under way, and drops the temperatures down to upper 70s. temperatures are going to rebound for the end of the work week, in to the first half of the weekend. but still, below normal for this time of year, dan. >> very good. thank you so much. >> well, tomorrow, good morning america, the new
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no stretch of the imagination here, you are seeing more than 1200 chase center workers starting off with a yoga session. they have a goal of staying lean and limber and avoiding injuries. >> i wish lisa, the team yogi was here for us. we can do that. absolutely. in sports, raiders got off to a great start against the rams in the season opener but the end was a wreck. a return of chucky. not a sto
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ru returned. chucky, he is back in oakland. all pumped up. first drive, seven d early. plays, 75 yards. and it's one of the best runs you will see. beast mode, marshawn lynch with is h-- with his offensive linemn pushing. he powers in for the touchdown. marshawn, 7-0 raiders. that was amazing. a rams a pretty good back of had their own. todd gurley, a receiving pass. and raiders up 13-10 at the half. this is jared goff, eight yards, rams take a 2013 lead. goff passes for 223. derek carr, whatill take it, if you want to throw it up there. carr, three picks, one of them was a picksix by marcus peters. the raiders fall, 33-13.
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let's go to the coliseum. >> the raiders ran off the field to boos. after leading by three at the half and losing by 20. the crowd was not happy. and the players say, the score is not indicative of how they played. >> i don't think it was a smashing debut by any sense. we need to get more pass rush. and i'm proud of the way our guys competed until the end. and we will have more information for you after we study the tape. >> some of the things we did, are going to be overlooked by the bad stuff and it sucks. that is sufficient, we did a lot of good things. the score did not dictate what the game was. and you know, it's just a bad feeling. >> i have been around a lopg time. it's always the first game. now that we got out, we brought in a bunch of guys and learned to play with each other. we will gel and it will go up from here. >> line breaker bruce irvin said that the game changed in the third quarter. he thought the rams came out with more energy. simply put the raiders need to learn how the finish, and larry,
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there's plenty of time for them to do that. >> thank you very much. raiders at denver next week. braves and giants. "game of thrones" night oh, got to work on the arm. giants the score the first run. and albies with a triple to the deepest part of the yard. the giants lose 4-1. had they have dropped nine straight. they have not won a game in the month of september. >> abc 7 sports. so, raiders and ninerss both lose on week
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that is our report, thank you for your time. right now, on jimmy >> dicky: from hollywood it's "jimmy kimmel live"! tonight, sean penn, from "single parents", taran killam, and music from st. paul and the broken bones. and now if you'll be so kind here's jimmy kimmel. ♪ ♪ i don't know, have you


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