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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  September 20, 2018 11:00pm-11:35pm PDT

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says she's willing to testify.
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live, where you live, this is abc 7 news. so, we got to let it play out. but i want to tell you, he is a fine, fine person. >> they've already decided. they don't want the facts. they don't want this investigation done. >> late developments in the supreme court showdown. dr. christine blasey ford says she is willing to testify on her own terms. good evening. >> it comes after a chaotic day of back and forth. senate gop leaders gave blasey ford tomorrow morning to give her testimony. >> the negotiations ended late tonight and no decision. cornell bernard here with the
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latest. >> reporter: we learned some of the conditions and requests that dr. blasey ford, which could happen next week. attorneys are still negotiating details when she will testify her sexual assault claims against supreme court nominee against brett kavanaugh. there was a long conference call with the senate judiciary committee on thursday night. sources tell abc news, they discussed next thursday as a hearing date, not monday. blasey ford wants an opening statement and does not want kavanaugh in the room when he testifies. attorneys raise the prospect of a subpoena for mark judge who blasey ford says was in the room. demonstrators againsted kavanaugh. she wants her safety ensured because the palo alto doctor and
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children have been forced to leave home because of death threats. chuck grassley says he's been accommodating. >> we've gone beyond what we did the first day, just having the hearing she asked for. >> reporter: senate republicans refused the initial demand for an fbi investigation. her lawyer says it is no longer a requirement. >> she is telling the truth. someone who is liar does not the fbi to investigate their claims. judge kavanaugh denying it ever happened. president trump supporting the nominee. >> went to yale, top student. we have to let it play out. but i'll tell you, he is a fine, fine person. >> reporter: the committee told abc news it would discuss the request and is committed to providing a fair forum to blasey ford and to kavanaugh.
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anna eshew was the first to hear the accusations. she sat down earlier today and gave so much perspective that we had not heard before. >> we had never met before. i didn't meet her, she didn't meet me. she called my office and requested an appointment to meet with me. >> reporter: it was at this table. she didn't know what was on dr. blasey ford's mind. >> there were many things that she recalled very clearly. there were other things she wasn't sure of. >> reporter: those details will have to await the hearing in front of the judiciary committee. the senator saw an intelligence person who has lived for decades with scars from a dramatic event that involved brett kavanaugh,
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her high school classmate. >> she has exhibited extraordinary courage to come forward. she did not want this. she was never seeking the limelight. she doesn't have a political bone in her body. >> reporter: the congresswoman says she needs to have an fbi investigation to flush out evidence and to hear witness testimony. the truth, she says, is at stake. >> you can use the foundational information in order to come to a decision, to reach the truth. if that doesn't take place, it's a sham. a banner that said thank you, christine, flew over her neighborhood. >> it was important to make a strong message. if it takes numbers to make a strong message, i wanted to put my voice in. >> reporter: the congresswoman says she believes blasey ford and offers this advice. >> you follow your heard and
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your mind >> reporter: in palo alto, abc 7 news. >> the time is 7:00 a.m. for blasey ford decides to testify on monday. breaking news out of san jose. police are trying to find the driver who hit and killed a woman. police say the 77-year-old woman was walking across vista park drive after 7:30 tonight. that's when a dark blue minivan or suv hit her. the driver never stopped. the woman was taken to the hospital where she died. breaking news overseas. vietnam's president has died after a serious iles ieo of hhh vietnam for a summit last november. he passed away at a military
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hospital at hanoi. he was 61 years old. tonight, residents in north and south carolina are facing flooding danger. in areas it stopped raining, the floodwaters will remain for a while, leaving thousands of people not able to come home. the total is 41 lives lost. the governor of north carolina says he will get lawmakers to approve initial recovery funding. emergency teams went to the carolinas to help in the wake of florence. now, urban search and rescue is back in the bay area. they were following a week of specialized rescues. >> reporter: the national weather service calls the rainfall from hurricane
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florence, a 1,000-year event. >> the fire department is under water. >> reporter: task answered fema's call for help. >> we have training that other people aren't able to do. for us, that brings satisfaction. >> reporter: tonight, half of the team is home in the bay area. they're checked back in at the firehouse. then, cleared medically. health hazards lurk in floodwaters. james troy knows, responding to new orleans, houston and north carolina. >> it is 100% volunteer down to the chief. and the passion they had for the people within their county and their districts was amazing. >> reporter: but they don't have the specialized training. training that can utilized here if necessary. >> it doesn't matter if it's a flood, an earthquake, a tornado, even the wildfires, it's the same core of what we do.
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it's just a matter of which tool box we bring with us. >> reporter: a caravan of large equipment and 18 firefighters are on their way back. currently in knoxville, tennessee. the rest of the crew is expected to arrive on monday. >> our parent company, disney, offered $500,000 to the relief drive. this comes as our sister station in north carolina and other stations, hosted a phone bank and donation drive and collected $538,000. if you want to donate, text florence to 90999. today, the dmv could have stood for depressing miserable venting. a massive glitch closed down several offices. the issue prevented services from being processed. the outage happened overnight
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but wasn't until employees came into work this morning. >> of course, when things go wrong, they're wrong. it's not going to go smoothly. you have to accept it. there's nothing i can do about it. >> the outage at some locations lasted up to four hours. eager apple fans are waiting outside stores to be the first to get the newest iphones. this was the line outside of the union square store in san francisco around 10:00 tonight. there were small crowds outside of two stores in palo alto. the iphone x and xs max. nobody wants to pay $1,000 for a phone? what's going on here? that could change next month, as far as the lines are concerned. check your freezer, what you need to know about a massive beef recall. california farmers sounding the alarm for this year's olive crop.
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what it cou for olive oil prices. and the worldwide phenomenon comes to the south bay. see how some abay area music fans got a crash course in k-pop. tomorrow is the last day of summer. i'll let you know if you're going to feel the heat. >> this is what's coming up on "jimmy kimmel live" after abc 7 news at 11:00. here's something from me to you. >> i look at him. he look at me. and i turn my head because eddie murphy can play every character in this movie. he don't n
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check your refrigerator.
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nearly 133,000 pounds of ground beef is being recalled because of possible e. coli contamination. 1 person has died and 18 others have gotten sick. this involves meat solution products. that was produced on june 21st and distributed nationwide. the usda mark on the package says est 86-r. we have all of the details on that recall at abc7news.cabc7nec many foarmers after their olive trees produced nothing. they are blaming that short fall on unusual weather. but the olive oil output can vary drastically from year to year. if you haven't heard of korean pop or k-pop, you will soon. the k-pop band bts sold out sold
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oracle arena. and a group met downtown to look at the k-pop phenomenon. >> reporter: k-pop fanatics filled the plaza cesar chavez. this is the dance class that explores a different music genre. popping up this week is k-pop. >> it's like korean break dancing, if you will. >> reporter: the bts brought out thousands. fans lined up days in advance to get a good spot in front of the stage. >> i get crazy when i hear their songs. i'm shook. i'm like, i have to dance. >> reporter: in a different
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language, 11-year-old ariel says the music speeb speaks to them. patrick santos never thought bts or korean pop music would find any glory in the bay area. >> in 2014, i never thought a k-pop idol would be near the states. >> reporter: but it's everywhere. and fans say it's for everyone. >> i didn't know what to expect. it met more than my expectations. they're dancing and going wild and meeting friends and talking to people. it's wonderful. >> reporter: there's two more dance classes in the eight-week city dance series. >> i think larry wants to challenge her title. on wednesday, k-pop group will perform live in times square on "good morning america." >> sandy was begging for me to
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do the dance. i might at the end of this program. >> all right. >> might. >> he's all talk. i was just saying, i think larry should show us his moves. but he was not going to go there. let me show you time lapse from our emeryville camera tonight. look how clear it was when the sun went down. it was gorgeous tonight at sunset. we did see warmer weather with san francisco reaching 83 degrees. this is the highest it's reached in 2018 so far. this is a look another live doppler 7. one patch of fog has dropped visibility tonight. this afternoon, it was warm to hot about everywhere. most areas in 80s and 90s. 90 in san rafael and in santa rosa. here's a look at the temperatures right now.
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anywhere from 50 in half moon bay to about 70 degrees in conco concord. it's never too early to check out the weekend. let's talk about the weekend. the forecast doesn't look good. but it's not going to be as warm as it has been. fall is at 6:54 in the evening. and the temperatures are coming down. low 60s to the mid-80s. inland areas will get relief from the heat. a live picture from our tower in san francisco. visibility is good tonight. here's another live picture from our east bay hills camera. the winds we had overnight have diminished. that's why the red flag warning was dropped at 5:00. brief cooldown comes from weekend and autumn begins saturday at 6:54. most of us are starting out clear. the temperatures from the 40s to the mid-60s. tomorrow, get ready for a hot one. 93 in gilroy. 88 in san jose.
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85, sunnyvale. 86, milpitas. 68 in pacific to. 67 half moon bay. you're going to see the temperatures come down around the coast and the bay tomorrow. san francisco, still warm, 76 degrees. north bay, 60s on the coastline but 90s around lake port. 82 invallejo. in the east bay, a warm, sunny day. inland areas, feeling like summer on the last full day. 90 degrees in san ramon. the heat is not your cup of tea, look at the hour-by-hour forecast. you're going to see some fog creeping in in from south tomorrow. and tomorrow night, it's closing in on the clooastline. we will have fog around on saturday. we will get a break from the hot
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weather we're experiencing today and tomorrow. hot inland, upper 06 60s to thee 90s. the temperatures will drop over the weekend. only to recover next week. we'll bring you the autumn heat. low to mid 70s at our beaches. that's something we expect around this time of year. and i think we have about five seconds. you want to show us your dance moves? >> no. i said end of the program. not right now. >> while we're taking an outside shot, i'm sure. >> a good excuse. it's exciting times. make a special place for the golden state warriors. >> tomorrow on "good morning america," the tstar of
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a magical place... that's lookin' to get scared! (laughter) halloween time is back in disneyland and disney california adventure parks!
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oh, yes, the golden state warriors revealed their championship banner at the practice facility. the last team to win three-consecutive titles, the lakers with shaq and kobe. >> impressive. anthony, handling sports. how about the a's today? >> the a's looked like they were taking batting practice against the angels. they scored more than the
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the magic number is 21, that the a's put up against the angels. they scored five runs in the third. pisciotti continues to be red-hot. that's a three-run jack making it 5-1. he had four rbi in the game. they would add seven more in the fourth. marcus semien with a base hit up the middle. it's 12-1, oakland. after a scoreless fifth inning, the a's answer was six in the sixth. francisco arcia pitched the seventh and the eighth. i feel bad for him. it looks like he's throwing batting practice. the a's get 20 runs. they would win it 21-3, the most runs they scored since they had 23 in 2000. the yankees lose. so, the a's, just a game and a
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half behind new york for the top wild card spot. preseason hockey. the sharks and the ducks. a good shot at making the team against the redirect right here, past ryan miller. but the sharks trailed 2-1, until two veterans tying it at 2-2. from behind the net, he banks it in. the sharks get five unanswered goals. the nice pass from donskoi. and the sharks go on to win it, 7-3. browns and jets. cleveland trailed it in the second. and taylor suffered a concussion. in comes baker mayfield and the legend is born. 17 of 23 for 201 yards. 29 right there to jarvis landry, down to the 1. carlos hyde would score on the next play. and they run the philly special for the two-point conversion. mayfield catching it in the end zone. we're knotted at 14-14. he would lead his team down the
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field gep. then, carlos hyde scores his second touchdown of the game. and the browns finally win it, 21-17. they end their 19-game losing streak. first round of the tour championship. rickie fowler had his lowest round of the championship. he is the co-leader with tiger woods, who bogeyed the opening hole but birdies from 26 feet out to get back to even and fini finishes his day. he and fowler have a one-shot lead heading into round two. this abc sports report sponsored by river
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♪ >> dicky: from hollywood, it's "jimmy kimmel live"! tonight, mike epps, l.a. dodger matt kemp, judge james, and music from wiz khalifa featuring lil skies, and now, here's jimmy kimmel. ♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: wow, very nice. hi, everybody. i'm the host of the show. thank you for watching. thank you for coming. i'm so glad you made it. it's wonderful to be here. what a good-looking -- what a
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physically attractive audience. i plan to


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