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tv   ABC7 News 600PM  ABC  September 21, 2018 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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i think she's hopeful that
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the end result will be positive. the sister-in-law of his teen blasey ford is sharing an tid spotlights about the case on brett kavanaugh. >> like other sadistic predators of his kind, the suspect in this case was a real-life boogieman. another infamous cold ace cracked with the arrest of the man investigators say is the nor cal rapist. >> i just want to cry. it just makes me sad to think that he went through that and we couldn't help him and "abc 7 news" i-team exclusive. a mother and father pushing for answers about the life-hanging swrurys their son suffered after they called authorities for help. live where you live, this is "abc 7 news." yeah, she's not doing any kind of campaign. she's trying to stay safe and trying to move through this process.
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>> insights revealed in san francisco from the sister-in-law of christine blasey ford on the sexual assault allegations against supreme court nominee brett kavanaugh that have drawn national attention. i'm ama daetz. >> i'm larry beil in for dan ashley. lawyers for christine blasey ford have less than an hour to respond to the senate judiciary committee. the two sides have been negotiating over having her testify and under what conditions. her lawyers proposed thursday. the committee wands the hearing on wednesday and blasey ford to go first. if you believe mitch mcconnell, none of this matters. >> you watched the fight and the tactics but here is what i want to tell you. in the near future judge kavanaugh will be on the united states supreme court. >> president trump broke his silence on the accusations against brett kavanaugh, taking to twitter, questioning kristine blasey ford's claim and credibility. he tweeted, quote, if the attack on dr. ford was as bad as she says charges would have been immediately filed. this generates an online
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backlash with the #whyididn'treport as sexual assault survivors share stories why they didn't go to police. maine senator susan colins says she was apolled. >> somebody else who was appalled is the sister-in-law who lives in marin county. >> she gave her first local tv interview to abc 7. she talked with abc 7 anchor kristen sze and says she stands by her sister-in-law. >> yeah, larry and ama, that is true. she came here and we talked about half an hour, sandra ford mendler saying she is talking about it now because she wants her to know the true reason she came forward. she just wants the facts weighed. she talks about the intense attention chrissy is receiving and she respond to the president's attack. >> the first i learned was when i got a call from a family member who said, oh, my goodness, chrissy's trending in the news. what is going on?
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>> do you believe her? absolutely 100%? >> i 100% believe her. the reason i do is because, you know, she's a serious person. she is a very analytical person, and she adores her family and she's -- she's a little bit of a nervous person. i mean she would never, ever take this on for any reason. so i think that she -- this is taking tremendous courage and i believe her completely. >> what motivated christine to approach congresswoman eshoo this summer? >> as i understand it, it was a really hard decision and she decided to confidentially provide the information to her congresswoman because she felt it was her civic obligation, that as a member of this society that there was a background check going on and she knows about information and analysis and she felt that it was really important to share that
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information. she never intended for her name to come out and she wanted it to be part of the investigation. >> is it your sense that she wanted it to be known so that he would not be confirmed? >> i think it was not a politically-motivated thing. it was a tumultuous thing in her life, and she -- you know, she felt like this was a time when that was important to share that. >> just this morning president trump tweeted that if her accusations were true, charges surely would have been filed immediately a long time ago. what do you say to that? >> from what i understand is it is very, very common for people that have experienced sexual abuse to feel traumatized and not come forward. i mean i think it is -- from what i have read and from what i understand, it is the most common response. so i was disappointed in the president's comment, and i think the way he could have handled
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this differently is he could have said, thank you for sharing this information, we'll look into it. it would have been that simple. >> what do you think ultimately is christine's wish and hopes for what comes out of this? >> i think she would wish and hope that women that experience sexual violence and improper behavior will feel strong enough to confront those situations, and that as a society we'll listen better and be more compassionate in our responses. >> like it or not, unfortunately due to all that has happened, she is suddenly thrust to the forefront of the me too movement. how do you think she is carrying that burden and that responsibility? >> i think it is really hard and i think she's finding some inner strength, maybe that she didn't even know that she had, and we want to provide support for her.
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and i know it means a lot to her when people in the larger community also offer support for her, and so just encourage people that might be listening to know that it really makes a difference for her to feel that support. >> sandra says she has been texting regularly with her sister-in-law but that she's not asking her for details about her conversations with the fbi or negotiations with the senate judiciary committee. she will only say that the threats are very real and very scary and that insuring blasey forward's safety is paramount. >> yes, because this affects the whole family, kristen. did you have a chance at all to talk to her about blasey ford's political leanings? >> as you know, it has been reported that blasey ford had made some small donations to democratic party members and candidates, however, i asked the sister has she been active in party politics, the sister-in-law. she says not really, no. the extent of what she has done
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politically is maybe going to the women's marches a few times in the past few years, but no real active party actions she has been involved with. >> what kind of an impact did sandra say this is having on the whole family? because suddenly all of them are thrust into this whole national conversation. >> and, you know, it has been very difficult because almost all of them are very private people, and christine in particular, she says, is the one who hides in the back of family photos. so for her to be in this strange spot, she saw what happened to anita hill. that's giving her some fright, some hesitation, but she says her sister-in-law is someone who wants to do the right thing, and she believes getting the facts out there for it to be considered before any long-term decisions are made, that's very important to all of them. >> all right. kristen, thank you so much for all of that. >> great work. well, christine blasey ford apparently met with the fbi in san francisco today because of death threats she has received since going public this weekend. this is according to "the new
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york times." "abc 7 news" was at the federal building on turk street today. we reached out to ford's attorneys regarding her reported meeting from the fbi. we have not heard back. >> as we mentioned in a tweet today, president trump questioned the credibility of christine blasey ford asking if the attack on dr. ford was as bad as she says charges would have immediately been filed with local law enforcement authorities. that in turn helped spark the #whyididn'treport. we are told it is true most don't. >> reporter: 63% of sexual assaults are not reported to police. this according to the latest 2015 study from the national sexual violence resource center. cheryl davis of the san francisco human rights commission knows why many assaults go unreported. >> what will they think about me? and they're still questioning whether it was my fault or whether i did something to make it happen. >> reporter: according to stats from the criminal justice system, female victims don't report for the following reasons. they fear retaliation. police would, could not help.
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it was a personal matter. another agency handled it. it wasn't important enough. did not want to get the person in trouble. but take a look at this number. 30% gave another reason. now, let's think for a moment without naming names. what would a 15-year-old who was drunk do? i decided to approach women who were teenagers in the '80s. >> i had this kind of situation and, no, you can't tell anybody because you're just too afraid of the consequences at that time. >> i would want my kids to report it, you know, if something happened to them, but back in that time, in that age and that time, it was totally different than it is now. >> reporter: but still in the minds of some is the question of why repor b a beal. however, why didn't she come forward a long time ago? >> reporter: many are hoping blasey ford's potential testimony will shed some light on the issue.
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in san francisco, lyanne melendez, "abc 7 news." and stories like this can bring up a lot of emotions and can even trigger some memories. to take action and find your ally, go to our website, there are links to resources on sexual assault and harassment. today's other top story what arrest of a uc berkley staff member for multiple rapes dating back decades. >> we are at her workplace and east bay neighborhood finding out if anyone had a clue about what he suspected of d
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you could generate yourat home.rgy, or to save energy, unplug unused appliances. do your thing, with energy upgrade california. new developments in several
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bay area cold cases. venetia resident roy waller is in a sacramento jail accused of being the so-called nor cal rapist. >> investigators tied the nor cal rapist to at least ten attacks, first in 1991. there were three other attacks between that year and 1996 in the bay area, and between 1996 and 2006 there were attacks in chico and the sacramento area, including one where two roommates were attacked in their home. >> authorities from sack sacramento and bay area counties held a news conference to arrest his arrest. they used genetic genealogy to identify him as the suspect. >> through the hard work of men and women we made our communty safer and removed a predator from our streets. >> waller is set to make his first court appearance on monday. now, waller lived in very nearby au and worked at uc berkley and was arrested tleer the campus yesterday. >> we have live team coverage. "abc 7 news" reporter leslie brinkley is at uc berkley with
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reactions. we will begin with eric thomas who spoke with his neighbors. >> reporter: we did indeed. he lives on k street in very nearby au. we went up to his door and knocked to see if someone is home. he is married but nobody answered. the people who live here, once they heard about what happened, the arrest, they displayed shock. wide-eyed shock. roy waller lives here behind the neatly-trimmed lawn and white pickett fence, a quiet guy in a quiet neighborhood. >> i walk up and down this road every single day. i've seen him. i have seen his wife. so -- but i have never really spoken to him that i can remember. >> reporter: but now these people must come to grips with news that their 58-year-old neighbor is behind bars accused of being the nor cal rapist. >> you would look at him and think he is a normal person. you would never, ever think that. >> you know, this is a nice neighborhood. you don't really imagine that somebody who's been accused and arrested of doing such a thing,
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or so many attacks and rapes would actually be living in your neighborhood. >> reporter: neighbors say they normally saw waller puttering around his lawn or trimming his trees, nice enough to help a woman nearby learn to use her weed whacker but not really outgoing. >> it is troubling to know that there is someone who lives in your community who may have done such heinous crime. >> reporter: very nearby au police say they don't know if waller committed sexual assaults here but they plan to find out. >> we are investigating our past cases and see -- to see if there is any connection that we could make with those cases with mr. waller. >> reporter: meantime, some of the women who live here wish they had known about this sooner. >> i don't know. i don't think if i had known that, i don't know if i would feel intimidated or not by it. i would be a little more cautious about it. >> reporter: but some of the women and some of the men who live here who are married or have girlfriends who live here
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say they do think back on all of those times the women were here alone, and it kind of makes them shoulder. in venetia, eric thomas, "abc 7 news." >> thank you. waller started working at uc berkley in 1992, shortly after the attacks began. >> "abc 7 news" reporter leslie brinkley is there live with reactions from students and staff. leslie. >> reporter: i am standing across the street from the public health building at oxford and addison where roy waller worked. he worked as a safety specialist for going on 26 years, and he is now on what is being called an investigative leave of absence. here in the uc berkley environment, health and safety department, roy waller worked as a safety special since 1992. he managed the training programs on the use of equipment and machinery on campus, including forklifts, aerial lifts and respirators. he is still listed on the campus website. dna evidence led to his arrest
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while he was on the job here at cal yesterday. >> it is just like a -- like an unfortunate situation, like it had to have been around the campus. it was basically like a lot of potential victims. >> reporter: some students say it was unnerving when they got a copy of the campus-wide e-mail emphasizing that none of the crimes he is allege to have committed took place on or near campus, but this is nonetheless deeply unsettling. >> it is definitely disturbing, and i'm glad that he got caught. >> it is pretty surprising that didn't get discovered until recently. >> reporter: uc berkley issued a formal statement through their public affairs office, pledging that ucpd will be reviewing any open sexual assault cases to determine if any might be related. the university says they didn't start fingerprinting employees until 2004. according to fbi data and a report by daily californian" reports of rape on or near campus have gone up 44% recently. there are many cases to look
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into. waller's co-workers did not want to comment on camera. reporting live from uc berkley, i'm leslie brinkley, "abc 7 news." >> thank you. >> our coverage of the nor cal rapist kase continues on our website, we have a timeline of events leading up to the arrest as well as an archived report that one of the victims sacrificed her privacy in hopes it would help catch the suspect. still ahead, an exclusive. hear two parents' anguish over the fate of their son, a mentally-ill man injured so badly he may never wak
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well, some of you may have big birthday plans this weekend, maybe an outdoor party, maybe a lot of kids around and you are wondering about the w to be like get into fall. >> that's right. it is going to be nice-looking weather, okay. for the birthday party, don't worry, ama and larry, and for any other plans you have. just make sure we're all invited. live doppler 7 right now showing some fog near the beaches. it is starting to advance over the bay. that fog really just came in from the south, what is known as a southerly surge. dropped our temperatures. remember, san francisco was 83
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yesterday. it was 64 today, so a good 19-degree drop. but inland areas, hot still. low to mid 90s from concord to livermore to vacaville. here is a live look from the santa cruz camera. it is socked in at the beach. san francisco, 60 degrees. oakland, 63. san jose, morgan hill are in the 70s. here's another live picture showing the progression of the marine layer from our roof camera heading toward the bay. 68 in santa rosa. 90 still in vacaville. 87 in concord. livermore is at 83 degrees. we head into the evening hours, and you're basically going to be looking at more of the low clouds as you are seeing. so if you are stepping out tonight, grab a jacket. clouds near the coast at 8:00 p.m. comfy inland, but increasing clouds and breezy conditions are expected for the remainder of the evening. here is a look at our highlights as we head into the weekend. you can pretty much bet that the cooling will spread. fall arrives tomorrow at 6:54 in the evening, and we are expecting gusty winds in the hills with fire concerns between
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sunday "the tonight show" and monday morning as the wind switches directions and pushing those temperatures back up. look at this gorgeous view from our east bay his camera. you can see that marine layer rolling back in, and a look at our temperatures first thing in the morning. in the 50s for most of you, exempt for the valleys. you will be seeing some 40s there. fog right around the bay and along the coast, but clear skies inland. if you have early plans, keep that in mind. for the afternoon, it is going to be warm in the south bay, just not as hot as today. 87 in morgan hill. 82, san jose. 80 in sunnyvale. on the peninsula you are looking at upper 70s from mountain view to palo alto. 74, san mateo. 62, pacifica. breezy, cool in the sunset district. you will need the sweater. 65, downtown san francisco. in the north bay, a mix of sun and a few high, thin, wispy clouds. 84 in santa rosa. heeding into the east bay bay, mild for you. 78, castro valley. oakland, 73 degrees. head inland and you will feel
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the warmth still. it is going to feel like summer still, even though officially tomorrow evening we will see the seasons changing. 88 in concord. 89 in livermore. 90 in antioch. you can download the accuweather app and track the temperatures any time you want, hour-by-hour or minute by minute. fall starts at 6:54 tomorrow evening, and notice the temperatures really drop on sunday. 84 is the warmest spot inland.n. we have autumn heat coming your way tuesday, wednesday, pushing mid 90s. well above average. low 70s near the coast. temperatures moderate for the end of the workweek heading towards the latter part of the weekend as well. >> did you get invited to any parties? >> i was invited. apparently you weren't. >> oh-ho-ho. ow. >> you were verbally invited. >> i don't recall receiving an invitation, but thank you anyway. >> thanks, sandhya. new at 6:00, governor jerry brown is cracking down on the
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dmv. he ordered an audit of the department. the finance department will look at technology and customer service. thamid complaints of long wait times. the dmv recently mishandled thousands of voter registration. a pulter outage hit more than a third of the offices around the state. people were waiting for hours. not good. an i-team exclusive. dan noyes joins us to explain the story that left him scratched and bruised. >> hope a tra
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f e grid. completely. or... just set the washing machine to cold. do your thing. with energy upgrade california.
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live where you live, this is "abc 7 news" a south bay family counted on authorities to help with their son in the midst of a mental health crisis, but now he's in the hospital with a devastating brain injury and they want to know how and why it happened. >> what happened, chris? >> i couldn't tell you. i don't -- they haven't told me anything. >> when i-team reporter dan noyes tried to question sheriff laurie smith, her command staff blocked, pushed and grabbed him, leaving scratches and bruises. that, of course, didn't stop dan
6:30 pm
though. he is here with the exclusive story. dan. >> ama and larry, this story started when people who work for the county contacted me because they were upset by what happened. i obtained some graphic and disturbing photos but you should know the family wants you to see them. wendy and chris hogan invited me to their son's room at valley medical center to discuss how he wound up in such bad condition. >> are you hurting, son? >> last month 24-year-old andy refused to take medication for his skiz fren ya' and suffered delusions. his parents called the county to place him on a 5150 hold. >> we told eps he was going to hurt himself or hurt us, that he was having delusions, and they said, no, he said he's okay so they let him go. >> it escalated the very next day. his father tells me andy is warm and affectionate when he's on his meds. without them it is a different story. >> i told him i will take him where he wanted to go in a little bit, and just let me get a couple of hours of sleep and then when i was laying there he
6:31 pm
reached down and whacked me. >> they called the police on me. >> reporter: chris called 911 and andy was arrested on a misdemeanor assault charges. i was told that staff at the unit noted his skriz schizophrenia. in the holding cell that day, august 25th, andy violently banged his head against the wall but officers took no special precaution goes. they loaded him in the transport van with leg shackles and waist chain for his drive. on the drive he began beating his head against the post inside the van's cage again and again. >> i just want to cry. it just makes me sad to think that he went through that and we couldn't help him. >> reporter: instead of stopping the van and restraining andy, sources tell me the officers pleaded for him to stop and called ahead for reinforcements and medical staff to be standing
6:32 pm
by. they arrived at the main jail sally port and no one was there. three minutes go by until two supervisors arrive, andy begging for medical help. their response, according to sources, close the doors, aren't tecouching him until fir and rescue get here. >> he was on the boat in the middle of the ocean with no one to help him. he was there alone. >> we have an inmate who was banging his head against the cage in the vab and now he's bleeding. >> reporter: sources tell me it took paramedics 20 minutes to arrive from the time the van got to main jail. they opened the doors to see andy unconscious, his head dented and split open, his blood covering the walls and doors. i contacted the sheriff's department to confirm what happened, to get the names of the officers involved, to get copies of the body cam video from the incident but i didn't hear back. so here i am in san jose at evergreen college, hoping to get a comment from the sheriff. i approached laurie smith before her election debate with
6:33 pm
challenger. >> i need to talk to you about an true hogan. >> who's that -- oh, yeah. >> of the transport on the 25th. >> reporter: i requested an interview. >> you're leaving. i don't want to bother you before the debate. >> yeah, probably. >> reporter: great. as she departed i tried to ask questions but staff blocked the way. captain robert durr body checked me. >> why are you pushing me. >> who are you? >> he wouldn't identify him and someone else grabbed me from behind leaving scratches and bruises but i didn't talk. >> i would like to talk to you maybe tomorrow on camera calmly at your desk or something. >> calmly? >> reporter: yeah. like a sit-down interview. >> my -- my comment will be the same. >> reporter: which is what? >> we are looking into it. >> reporter: okay. i appreciate your time, ma'am. thanks very much. >> reporter: with andy hogan's incident looks like the sheriff's department will be facing another lawsuit.
6:34 pm
>> they should have transported andy by medical personnel and not correctional officer. >> the hogans have retained an attorney who represented the family of michael tyreee. andy hogan has suffered a traumatic brain injury. doctors had to remove the left side of his skull to relieve pressure. he hasn't woken for a month, doesn't respond to his parents. >> i don't know if he knows who i am. i don't know anything at this point, but i'm angry, especially hearing that really happened. >> i mean it is completely possible that andy will spend the rest of his days unable to go to the bathroom, shower, walk, talk, feel, touch. know the experience of life, to just live in a vegetative stage, occasionally opening his eyes. >> reporter: i have filed a public records act request for the radio traffic, the body
6:35 pm
cameras and surveillance video from the day that andy hogan suffered that terrible injury. i'll keep you up to date of course. larry, ama. >> hard to see. >> i was just wondering, i mean if her response was we're looking into it, why the need for the security staff to try to push you away? why not just do a simple interview? >> i called in advance, so she knew that i was asking questions. >> ye. >> that's a great question. i mean there are no wrong questions, right? only wrong answers. >> yes. it is just unfortunate for everybody involved. thank you, dan. >> right, absolutely. all right. take a look at the golden gate bridge now. it is a live shot. lanes will not be shut down tonight for construction of the bridge's new suicide barrier. the golden gate bridge district made that decision because of the expected traffic from a concert at at&t park, and they look back at what happened last night -- this is just after midnight, this morning. only one northbound lane was open so crews could work on the suicide barrier. conditions were made worse by an influx of drivers heading home from the eagles' concert at at&t
6:36 pm
park. expect overnight lane closures for construction over the next three years. well, in the east bay this is the fourth and final weekend of b.a.r.t service interruptions for major track repairs. no trains will run between west oakland and 19th street or between west oakland and lake merritt. free buns will take passengers between west 19th street and oakland. the only way to cross the bay on saturday and sunday is to use the bus bridge from 19th street. there's a celebration under way in the south bay for the largest dam project in the bay area in two decades which is finally done. a family finds mysterious payments on their phone bill, but who is doing it? i'm michael finney. ahead on "7 on your side",
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one of the regions largest reservoirs in the south bay is located almost atop an active fault. >> a new dam was just completed to help ensure drinking water will be available soon after an earthquake. "abc 7 news" reporter david louie gives us a close-up look. >> reporter: 2.7 million people count on this reservoir and four others for drinking water in four bay area counties, however
6:40 pm
the reservoir hasn't been kept at full level for 15 years because of the condition of the 9--year-old dam. a fault lies 15 feet away making it vulnerable in an earthquake. >> you really can't retrofit some of the very old dams such as this one. >> reporter: construction of a new dam has been underway for two years and now reached the full height of 775 feet. it is designed to withstand a 7.25 magnitude earthquake. it was engineered to wiggle a little during ground movement. this will provide reliability that customers will have drinking water if the water from the sierra is interrupted. this is time-lapse video shot by the san francisco public utilities commission. the project ran into delays and major cost overruns that doubled the price tag of the dam to $823 million. >> there were two very avera ava landslides we found. when you open up the ground, that's when you see what you're really having to deal with.
6:41 pm
>> reporter: extensive fill work was required to stabilize the old landslide areas. fortunately, most of the materials were sourced right on site or at a nearby kwarrquarry. a lot of material had to be moved around, enough material to actually fill levi stadium four times. the new dam project tapped the engineering and construction experience of a team of 1,000 people. the dam was built with a wide base so that in the future it can be built higher to expand storage capacity if needed. this is one of several projects costing $4.8 billion to repair, upgrade and make seismically safe the water system. david louie, "abc 7 news." from the south bay to the north bay, here is a live look at the view from mount tam. >> nice. >> that's pretty nice. sandhya has the weekend forecast ♪ flintstones! meet the flintstones. ♪ ♪ they're the modern stone age family. ♪ ♪ from the town of bedrock. ♪ meet george jetson. ♪
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♪ his boy elroy. with instant acceleration, electric cars are more fun to drive and more affordable than ever. electric cars are here. plug into the present. monitor their blood glucose every day. which means they have to stop. and stick their fingers. repeatedly. today, life-changing technology from abbott makes it possible to track glucose levels. without drawing a drop of blood, again and again. the most personal technology, is technology with the power to change your life. life. to the fullest.
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n we have breaking news now. the lawyer for christine blasey ford is requesting another day to consider terms for her testimony. senate judiciary chairman chuck fwrat grassly set a 7:00 p.m. deadline tonight saying if the latest offer to testify on wednesday was not accepted they would go
6:45 pm
ahead with a vote on monday. stay with as well as our news app. enable push alerts to get the latest developments on the story. a south bay family was mystified when their cellphone bills showed payments they never made. >> turns out it was a scam and they actually needed help from "7 on your side's" michael finney. this is a really weird story. >> you know, i have seen somehows of scams but never like this one. nothing even close. the family had phones for mom, dad and two kids. when someone hacked into their account and started paying their bills, well, then they made off with two brand-new iphones. >> they -- unnerving actually. >> this was the first sign something was wrong. >> why are we paying $435? >> text messages from verizon wireless thamd the family for making several payments but they never made those payments. >> those charges coming in, can you take a look at it. >> verizon told him he just paid off balance on his two children's phones, but he
6:46 pm
didn't. those phones were supposed to be on a monthly payment plan. >> we said we never authorized those things. >> reporter: turns out a hacker had gone into the family's account and used it to pay the balance on the family's phones. but why? >> it doesn't make sense at that point, where is somebody doing that? >> reporter: the next day they found out exactly why. >> somebody has purchased two iphone x on your account. >> reporter: turns out the hacker paid off those phones so the family would be eligible for an upgrade. the scammers then ordered two high-end iphones and charged them to the sharma's account. >> they also had them shipped all the way to texas. >> reporter: his bill shows two silver iphone xs delivered to an address in texas. verizon saw it was a fraud and refunded him for the two iphones. however, verizon refused to return the lump sum payment the scammer took from his account to pay off the children's iphones. >> i did not authorize these funds. why would i pay for these
6:47 pm
charges? >> reporter: he wanted to put the phones back on the payment plan. instead, verizon cut off service to the children's phone. >> the biggest was that they cancelled the service. she is like, you are punishing us. >> reporter: this contacted "7 on your side." we contacted verizon and the company turned those phones back on and reversed the fraudulent payments, saying, we strive to deliver the world class experiment every verizon customer expects and deserves. we did not live up to that promise. we apologize for any inconvenience. >> that was a high-five moment. thank you, michael. thank you for taking care of us. >> reporter: absolutely. now, the sharma aems saysharma a out information to a verizon technician who called them before this happened. the person claimed he was testing audio on the line and they assumed it was part of the scam. however, we checked and it was part of the help line. however, verizon refused to say
6:48 pm
whether they caught the perpetrator, whether it was investigating or even confirm that this was a scam. so things get curious and curiouser. >> pretty sneaker when somebody is paying your bills to get access to your account to get phones. >> they're spending time doing this. >> yeah. >> it is amazing. >> thanks, michael. >> thank you. the dow closed at another record-high today. the second day in a row. the red cross rang today's losing bell at the new york stock exchange to draw attention to its relief effort for hurricane florence victims. you can make a $10 donation to the red cross. just text the wod "florence" to 90999. let's look ahead to our weekend forecast. sandhya is back with that. >> larry and ama, let's look at live doppler 7 right now. the fog has moved all the way up the coastline. it came in from the south early today. tomorrow afternoon, even inland areas will be cooler. upper 80s to low 90s inland. along the coast, breezy with lingering low clouds,
6:49 pm
temperatures in the 60s. tomorrow night we see the season's changing. fall starts at 6:54. fall equinox, the sun's direct rays move south of the equator, and as fall begins next week look at the warming trend that's ahead. we will feel the heat again as santa rosa goes from 90 on monday to 94 on tuesday, 90 degrees on wednesday. you will notice it is noticeably warmer in places like san francisco and san jose, in the 80s. as we look at concord, going from 91 to 96 degrees. accuweather seven-day forecast, cooler tomorrow. even more so on sunday and breezier with mid 80s inland. we will start the warming trend next week. we will bring in some heat. beach weather coming your way, ama and larry, tuesday and wednesday. >> thanks. >> i'm in for dan. anthony flores is handling sports. >> getting ready for a big weekend of football. the stanford prepares for the first road game season. season. cutting the as a supervisor at pg&e,
6:50 pm
season. cutting the it's my job to protectblict keeping the powerlines clear while also protecting the environment. the natural world is a beautiful thing. the work that we do helps protect it. public education is definitely a big part of our job, to teach our customers about the best type of trees to plant around the powerlines. we want to keep the power on for our customers. we want to keep our communities safe. this is our community. this is where we live. we need to make sure that we have a beautiful place for our children to live. together, we're building a better california.
6:51 pm
6:52 pm
now sports from "abc 7 news" jimmy g's number one target might not suit up on sunday. marquise goodwin is listed as a game-time decision with a quad injury. now, for the second time in three 4rs have ead00 a.s fing t city today. coach kyle shanahan says the last time he was at arrowhead stadium was in 1997.
6:53 pm
now, he was a holder for coaches. this was before wireless headsets. they used to have someone stand behind the coach to hold the cord. >> i joke trivia, i was the last guy to hold cords in the superbowl. the broncos versus the green bay packers, it was the last year before they went wireless. my claim to familiar. >> you messed it up, they had to switch to wireless? >> definitely. i tripped a little too many people well, the biggest news in sports, the cleveland browns finally won a game for the first time in 635 days. ended the oth by first overall pick baker mayfield who came into the game down 14-0. he helped his team score 21 of the next 24 points. the browns now look to win two straight for the first time thne opponent, the raiders. for the first time this season the stanford football team is leaving the farm. the number seven cardinal play at number 20 oregon on saturday
6:54 pm
night. the undefeated ducks have one of the best run defenses in the nation, but it is not going to change stand forward's game plan. >> even when the games are not employeouts, it has been tough to run the ball. i think the thing for us, it is no secret we're going to run the ball, try to run the ball. i think we're going to take advantage of what we can, on the outside as well. but it is a good challenge for us this week. >> and you can watch stanford face oregon right here on abc 7 tomorrow at 5:00 p.m. then stay tuned for after the game. larry will put on his news mike and get back on the sports desk. for the first time in three years tiger woods has a share of the lead heading into the weekend of the tour event. second round of the tour championship in atlanta. justin rose shot a 3 under 67 on the day. rolls in for birdie on 13 to give him a share of the lead. tiger was also three under on the day thanks to back-to-back birdies on 14 and 15 right here. he had a one-shot lead at 8 under par, but would find
6:55 pm
trouble on 16. the ouk ward lie in the bunker, just had to chip out. led to a double bogey on the hole. he finished with a two-putt birdie on the par 518th to shoot a 2 under 68. he and rose are co-leaders at 7 under par. horschel and cantlay, both shot 5 under 65s to get themselves three back at 4 under par. to the diamond. giants and cardinals, mad bum on the hill. he would give up a run in the first inning. sooner with a base hit to center. matt carpenter races home and st. louis, 1-0 lead. second inning, giants had runners on the corners and no outs but can't score. paul de young robbed austin slater of a hit and john gant gets bumgarner looking at the plate. he voices his displeasure at the call. what are you looking at? now, they had the bases loaded in the third but chris shaw -- why swing when you can walk, right? he gets the free pass.
6:56 pm
longoria jogs home and we are tied 1-1 in the fifth inning. the a's begin a three-game series against the twins tonight at the coliseum. their magic number is four. any combination of four with them and tampa bay and they will post their ticket to the postseason. you should be watching. they're 1 1/2 games behind new york for the top wild card spot. important to get the game in oakland. >> much rather have it here than in the bronx. the browns, it looked like they won the superbowl last night. >> just one game. >> they were going crazy. if they come in to oakland and beat the raiders? the honeymoon will be over. >> the raiders have to worry about miami first. >> you're right. >> plenty of motivation for the upcoming game. >> thank you, anthony. joining us tonight at 9:00 on kofi cable tv 13. lots of people in palo alto, but were they buying? that's at 9:00. on "abc 7 news" at 11:00,
6:57 pm
pet owners beware. why the fda is issuing a warning about flea and ticket medicine. >> fresh off the boat followed by speechless. at 9:00 catch child support followed by 20/20 at 10:00 and "abc 7 news" at 11:00. that will do it for this edition of "abc 7 news." look for breaking news at any time on the "abc 7 news" app. i'm ama daetz. and for the entire "abc 7 news" team, have a great
6:58 pm
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