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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  September 22, 2018 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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go to to find out how. area. let's gets up and get going. s in abc 7 mornings. good morning. it is saturday, september 22nd. i'm in for chris nguyen. we will look at our weather. lisa average in thismorning. >> you notice the fog filling in across the bay. and you certainly felt the cooldown yesterday. it will deepen and allow for the cooler day today thanks to the low pressure norg of us. setting up for the first day of fall. but we still have much summer in the 7-day outlook. temperatures in the low to mid-50s for most 51 in cloverdale.
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50 in half moon bay and numbers morning. the forecast calls for clouds, a slower warming trend with 60s afternoon the clouds cling to the shoreline. mid-70s around the baylisa. new overnight 24 people ared dead after an attack on a military parade in iran including 12 members of the elite guard. iran's foreign minister says children and journalists are among the dead. he says the gunman were trists recruited and armed and paid by a foreign regime. more than 50 people are hurt. no group claimed responsibility for the attack yet. here at home highway patrol officers are investigating a freeway shooting in oakland. it happened just after 7:30 last night on 980 west of 580 one person was hurt by broken glass when his car window shattered. medics took him to the hop
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officials shut down lanes for hours in order to investigate. so far the chp has not announce the arrests. new this morning two high school football players were air lifted to the hospital after suffering sowers injuries on the field. at two different games in the east by. our media partner east bay times reports the first player suffered a head injury at heritage high school in brent wood last night at 8:30. less than an hour later another player suffered a back injury at freedom high school in oakland. both flown to john mu are medical center in walnut creek. we don't have an update yet this morning. new developments in the confirmation battle for supreme court nominee brett kavanaugh. senate judiciary grassley granted christine blasey ford another day to decide on terms for testifying. this is the tweet from the senator written as if a note to judge kavanaugh directly. it acknowledges the extension and says in part, she should decide so we can move on.
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i want to hear her. i hope you understand. it's not my normal approach to be indecisive. the extension follows a request from dr. christine blasey ford's attorney. katie utehs has more. >> reporter: the email requesting more time from christine blasey ford's attorney calls the judiciary's committee deadline, quote abaggressive and art officials and calls the treatment of blasey ford calf lower. following a day when president trump doubled down on his support for judge brett kavanaugh. >> and i said we have to fight for him. not worry about the other side. and by the way, women are for that more than anybody would understand. >> reporter: the statements at a rally followed the president's tweet i have no doubt if the attack on dr. ford was as bad as she says charges would have been immediately filed with local law enforcement authorities by either her or her loving parents. i ask that she bring the filings forward so we can learn date, time and place.
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republican senator susan collins a critical vote in the confirmation process denounced the tweet. >> i thought the president's tweet was completely inappropriate and wrong. >> reporter: as blasey ford's testimony hangs in the balance it's unclear if it even matters. senate majority leader mitch mcconnell promised an audience of conservative activists kavanaugh's confirmation. >> you've watched the fight. you've watched the tactics. but here is what i want to tell you. in the very near future judge kavanaugh will be on the united states supreme court. >> reporter: if you'd like to read the entire email from dr. ford's attorney we posted it on our website, well we are staying on top of all the new developments in the kavanaugh controversy. you can get updates right on your phone. download the krb 7 news appear.
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>> happening day the bishop of die cease of san jose will hold the first three of listening sessions following the accusations sexual abuse. seeking input from parishioners and victims. the die cease stands to release the names of knows accused. the today session starts at our lady of the rosary hill in palo alto. the other two held next month. a major break in the several decades old raich cases. a team of authorities announced the norcal raichist has been arrested. investigators entered dna into a jeanology website and say it led to roy waller frmts i have said dna is the silent witness to the truth. put together a family trey. that got them tor.any say match of the rapist.
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police arrested waller thursday as he arrived at his safety specialist job at uc berkeley. investigators tide the rapist to so attacks, firps in rohnert park. there were three others attacks in the bay area between that year and 1996. then between 1996 and 2006 there were attacks in chico and the sacramento area. a north bay woman one of the victims of the norcal rapist is sharing her story. nicole pates says he wants the world to know he did not destroy her life. our reporter has that story. >> i cooing i don't normally cry a lot about this. but been waiting a long, long time. >> reporter: nicole says she felt so many emotions when she learned the man who raped her 27 years ago had been caught. >> it's interesting when i saw his face i felt nothing. completely number. >> reporter: 58-year-old roy
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waller broke into her home in 1991 when she was 21 years old. >> woke up to a masked man with his arm around me from behind like this and a gun at my head. >> she says back this police didn't buy her story. >> the bottom line is she didn't believe me. >> waller's neighbors in benicia says he was the last guy you'd suspect of being a rapist often doing gardening outside his home. >> it's troubling to know there is someone living in the community who may have done such a crime. >> reporter: benicia police say she don't know if he committed any sexual assaults here but ner investigating. waller worked at uc berkeley as a safety specialist in the environment health and safety department for 26 years. the university sent a campuswide email to students saying none of the crimes he is alleged to have committed took place on or near campus, but this is nonetheless deeply unsettling. >> a wonderful life he has not destroyed my life.
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>> nicole now a wife and mom living in petaluma says she wants to be there when he faces the judge in court. >> i want to stand ten feet from him in the same room and tell the worldway she did. she says she wants to be in court on monday when he is scheduled to be arraigned in sacramento. coronell bernhard, abc 7 news. we sent a push alert announcing the arrest in the case. that's what it looked like. you can download the ach to get updates to your phone when breaking news happens. governor jerry brown is cracking down on the dmv, ordering an audit of the department. the finance department will look at the information technology and customer service. this comes amid complaints of long wait times, extra long wait times. the dmv also recently mishandled thousands of voter registrations. and a few guys days ago a computer outage hit more than a third of the offices around the state. b.a.r.t. is also cracking down on passengers trying to ride without paying.
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in march of this year the agency started enforcing a proof of payment ordnance. as the beginning of the month more than 3800 citations have been issued. 350 people have payed fine and nearly 60 others chose community service. so far b.a.r.t.'s collected $29,000. the problem has led to b.a.r.t. considering changing its gates. an alert for b.a.r.t. riders. this weekend is the fourth and final weekend of service interruptions for major track repairs. no trains are running between west oakland and 19th streegt street or between oakland and lake merit. free buses will take you between 19th and west oakland. there is no bus service at lake merit. the only way to cross the bay is to use the bus bridge from 19th street. new this morning. official was the marine sanctuary are telling people don't disturb the sharks, as white sharks are making their annual appearance off the san francisco coast. the animal concentrate around
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the fair lawn islands from september to november and feed on seals and see lyannes. research showing people using food to lure the sharks disrupt the natural habits. don't feed the sharks what are we looking at for weather irmgt if you are headed to the beach it's cool and gray. breezy. we have the on shore flow and lots of fog around the bay area in morning. it's the last day of mere. and it is certainly going to cool off over the weekend. a live look outside. numbers in the 50s. 53 here. we will talk about a warmup as we begin the first full week of fall making sense, right in a few minutes. thanks lisa. coming up away warning for pet owners, the common smgss causing serious problems also. i've been searching my dad almost my whole lifetime. he didn't know if he was out there. but he had a feeling, what brought this father
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and welcome back. you are taking a live look from the san jose airport. you can see it's still very dark outside. runways lit up. lisa will have more on the weather this weekend, all around the bay area. but first we want to tell you about a warning for pet owners. fda regulators say some flooe and tick medications are causing animals to have seizures, tremendousers or lose muscle control. it's about a class of drugs sold under bravecto and next grd and sipmparica. the drugs will have new label information soon. a secondhand store raising money to help fight cancer is a holding a sale today. celebrating the store reopening after they were flooded.
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the american cancer society reopened its discovery shop in los gatos yesterday. the store on east main street lost all the inventory last april when water poured down from the ceiling, flooding the entire building. it was a blow for the fund raising efforts. there are 48 discovery shops in the west region and raise over $21 million. and the funds that we raise go towards transportation, lodging and research. >> temple says the stores also serve as a gathering place for people with cancer. they can get assistance from agencies and volunteers. now in honor of the reopening today, the store is holding a 25% off sale. so back to school give aways usually help students stock up for the new school year. but wells fargo held one with a twist. the company gave new supplies to the teachers. abc 7 news reporter matt keller has the story. >> reporter: wells fargo rolled
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into martin luther king elementary school in richmond. northern 30 vorm rls the team member network and the west contra costa ufdgave t with the stage coach but today was about the teachers and helping them with supplies. >> we need to esteem teachers lift them up and give them what it is they need to be successful. and what in firps grade teacher need. >> dry erase marker when do math problems to color code. >> she received the markers other items include pens, pen pencils and even a microwave for the teachers lounge. get whag they need to focus on the students. >> we also use our own money to buy supplies to make it comfortable the kids know they have a safe place and wonderful place to come to to learn. >> we recognize not giving them money back in the pocket but at the their pocket. m not to take >> the wells fargo volunteers aren't finished. next thursday they head to
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oakland where they teach financial education courses to the students. in richmond, matt, abc 7 news. recognition for lgbtq entrepreneurs at a gala in san francisco. abc 7 news was there as the non-profit startout honored award recipients. natalie eagan was one. sheable attention diversity inclusion software for corporations. she says it's about more than her accomplishment. >> it's not about me it's for the transcommunity. it's about showing up and showing people that there is hope and that there is a -- there is an opportunity to be yourself, in the world today. >> eagan says she has seen a an forsoftware, a sign that other companies are seizing the opportunity to be more inclusive. now disney and abc television which are abc 7 news parent company were proud sponsors of the event last night. a southern california man says he spent almost his entire
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life trying to find his dad. he didn't believe his father died during the vietnam war so he turned to a dna test for answers. our sister station in los angeles has the story. >> do you promise to love and comfort her. >> as orange county clerk recorder hue nguyen officiates weddings also in charge of keeping the history of life events. but he himself was missing a part of his past. >> i've been searching for my dad almost my lifetime. >> nguyen was born during the vietnam war he says hess mother oouls always told him his father pwas american gi. >> for 50 years it was a void in my heart. >> he and his other family members during the fall of sighingen making it to the u.s. he worked up becoming the first american clerk recorder but he thought about his father always. >> i wanted to know the man. >> he submitted his dna to ancestor years passed until recently he
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got a hit. a second cousin who started asking around her family. >> she called me to ask me if i had a son that maybe in vietnam. and of course i first didn't think so. >> roy patterson 18 when he served in vietnam was married at the time stationed in the area where nguyen was born in 1967. >> i was born during the training and date decided to do the dna. >> nguyen received the results by email. >> he is alive it's an amazing feeling. >> patterson owning a trophy smot in cookville, tennessee. booked his flight to california. they met privately at first but in front of friends and family they read the official dna results together. >>ro 99.99y is [ applause ] >> yeah he is truly awesome i'm telling you an finally get to have a dad.
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>> reporter: abc 7 news. now the accuweather with lee says arjun. we have a cool down in story for the weekend but if you like it warm the heat is coming back. but the we could, yes trending cooler. here is live doppler 7 certainly foggy in spots. you can see the gri made it's way inland. and as a result we have an area of low pressure that is allowing for that on shore push. the marine layer, ramping up above 1,200 feet. that's we why we look at cooling trend, the low clouds and fog and visibility reduced. napa, a mile. a half mile in half moon bay and five miles in hayward, better visibility out in the inland valleys. temperatures dropped to the 40s overnight in napa. 47 for you, feeling the cooler area the past couple days. mid-50s from concord and oakland. 57 in san jose.
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air quality looking good for most of us. but the best will be south in the south central bay today and tomorrow. so if you are out and about away from the coast you'll have plenty of sunshine. but the clouds will be clinging to the shoreline with the cooling trend under way this weekend number hard pressed to make it out of the low 60s city shoreline process. paul arriving at 6:54 and gusty winds arrive tomorrow in the hills of north and east by. threw monday creating fire concerns and low relatively humidity. so well probably have a fire weather watch come tomorrow. but as for today the beach is coma. 62 at ocean bech. is 60 in half moon bay. if you are headed hout oh livermore for today, notice the numbers will be cooler. yesterday you were in the low 90s. 89 today. average high in the low 80s. the coolest day tomorrow and then look what happens monday, tuesday and wednesday, the heat returns low to mid-90s for you inland and on the peninsula,
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redwood city looking pleasant today. but 77 for the afternoon high. low 70s tomorrow. but if you like it warmer, the warm stays will arrive next tuesday and wednesday on the peninsula. speaking of that, some cooler weather, san francisco today and tomorrow looking at seasonable weather with upper 50s to upper 60s for oktoberfest by the bay. but tomorrow will be the cooler day. if you are planning the dad grab the jacket if headed to the coast 65 in san francisco. mid-and upper 70s from oakland to palo alto, san jose, 82. look for 89 in livermore. 87 by the delta. and we talked about fall that arrives tonight. and that will allow for technically the sun's direct reyes moving south of the equator in case you wondered. the accuweather seven-day forecast you can download the ach appear keep track of the temperatures any time you want. and today noticing the 907 inland, that's cooler than we
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have had but still on the warm side there. not tomorrow though that's the coolest day. and then the next several days notice back to summer as we usher fall in later on today. that's the way it goes around the bay area. the warmest days in the fall -- in september, the fog froh conditions except for this weekend. >> i've been waiting for the warm days and there haven't been a lot. >> no. >> thanks so much. just ahead, do you have a tough time getting yourself in the gym? yes. why experts say you may be a he could possibly... he likes to collect things. oh! wow, you got all this stuff from ikea? what do you like not let your kids in here? oh, no, they moved in here. here. this is where i hide all the cords and the remotes, and those clack-clack-clack things. oh and we have an entire comic book store and i managed to wedge a candle in there.
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oh i see, so this is your new bed? let's just say it fits me perfectly. it also fits the entire neighborhood, when they show up, unannounced, in a good way... kind of... what's your dream? at ikea, we help you live it. make the dream yours.
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this yard sale figurine might pay for her college. >> i'll give you 10 grand fore
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if you are looking for something fun to do this weekend, we have got you covered. alexis snigt from abc 7 mornings has some ideas from our partners at hoodline. beer, fresh air and a greek feast, all possible this weekend and i've got the details from our proton partners at hoodline. three days ever beer drinking and merry making at the 19th annual oktoberfest by the boy. the largest festival of its kind in california brings the spirit of munich general to the city by the bay. enjoy non-stop music singing and dancing and the best in german food and drink. the festival begins at 5:00 p.m. on friday followed by day and night session on saturday and family day on sunday. it's time to get outside and enjoy the beauty of nature this saturday for national public lands day. there are volunteer opportunities around the bay area and admission is free for all national parks and monuments. that includes mere woods, yosemite national park and fry dmipgs among all the vestal the
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maritime national historical park. san francisco's only greek festival is back. for the 68th year this friday, saturday and sunday. head to the enunciation cathedral in the mission district for fresh made greek specialties. the greek wine and delicious home made pastries will go great with the life greek music and dancing. a knew cathedral is under construction but the courtyardn festival. admission is free and the celebration of greek culture begins at noon each day. on behalf of us and our partners at hoodline we hope you have a great weekend. >> thanks alexis. new research sheds light on why it may be tough to get yourself to the gym. researchers at the universities of british columbia way the biggest obstacle is not lack of motivation, time or energy, instead our brains. scientists say our brains are conditioned to choose the easy route in order to conserve energy. even when headed up to the gym
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your brain may be telling you to use the elevator rather than take the stairs and researchers have a name for that called the exercise paradox. explains a lot. still to come on abc 7 mornings. >> she never intended her name to come out. and she wanted it to be part of the investigation. >> dr. christine blasey ford's sister in law gives her first interview to abc 7. her message this morning. ahead a free day at more than a dozen bay area museum including this one in alameda. we will tell you which
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>> announcer: good morning, north bay. let.nn this half hour with a look at our weather. lisa argen is here. it's the last few hours of summer. 6:54 is the official start of autumn. and we have sort of a cool start
5:30 am
to that. you felt the cooling trend yesterday. and it's continuing through the weekend. here a look at the golden gate bridge where you can't see the fog but it's out there 53 in cities. 48 in morgan hill. from sfo looks good now. no delays, 52 up in santa rosa. 47 in napa with fog high pressure mid-50s concord and rear view mirror. 24 hours ago we were milder. 8 degrees cool ner san francisco with five degrees cool ner concord. the plan looks like this today. we'll have patchy fog through the 7:00 hour. cozies up to the coast for a cool afternoon at the beaches. by 11:00 we're in the 70s but by the afternoon we have some 80s, the warm weather, though will be inland, not as warm as yesterday in the upper 80s. and look for 70s around the bay. looking at the cooling trend continuing with more fog tonight, kate. thanks lisa. we are moving to the confirms battle for supreme court nominee brett kavanaugh.
5:31 am
senate judiciary kmarm chuck grassley has granted another day for ford to decide on terms for testifying. the email requesting more time from ford's attorney called last night's 4:00 deadline aggressive and artificial. as blasey ford's testimony hangs in the balance it's unclear it even matters. senate majority leader mitch mcconnell promise ds an audience of conservative activists at kavanaugh's confirmation. >> you've watched the fight. you've watched the tactics but here is what i want to tell you. in the very neither future judge kavanaugh will be on the united states supreme court. [ applause ] >> and we posted the full letter from blasey ford's attorney on our website, now christine blasey ford's atmosphere in law living in marin county gave her first local tv brf to abc 7. she spoke with news anchor kristen sze and says she stands by her sister in law.
5:32 am
>> what motivated kristine to approach congressman eshoo sh summer. >> as i understand it it was a hard decision and she decided to confidentially p information to her congress woman because she felt it was her civic obligation that as a member of this society that there was a background check going on and she knows about information and analysis. and she felt it was really important to share that information. she never intended for her name to come out. and she wanted it to be part of the investigation. >> what do you think ultimately is christine's wish and hope out of this. >> i think she would wish and hope that women that experience sexual violence and improper behavior will feel strong enough to confront the situations and that as a society we'll listen
5:33 am
better and be more compassion it in responses. >> reporter: like it or not unfortunately due to all that has happened, she is suddenly thrust to the forefront of the me too movement. how do you think she is carrying that burden and that responsibility? >> i think it's really hard. and i think she is finding some inner strength maybe she didn't even know she had. and i'm -- we want to provide support for her. and i know it means a lot to her when people in the larger community also offer support for her. and so just encourage people that might be listening to know that it really makes a difference for her to feel that support. >> kristen sze, abc 7 news. >> we are staying on top of the new developments in the kavanaugh controversy. you can get the updates on your phone. you just need to download the
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abc 7 news ach. a group opposed to recreational marijuana sales in california raised their concerns in mountain view. the california coalition against recreational marijuana says some mountain view residents and businesses are outraged by the city's proposal to allow up to five retail pot stores. city staff say a recently submitted draft plan would set the maximum at three stores. a vote is expected in october. we would like to urge the councilmembers of mountain view to reject this proposal. we would also like to ask ever citizen in mountain view to stand up firmly against it. marijuana deliveries from outside surrendersed were okayed earlier this mother year but a mother toerm on retail sales in the city remains in effect. a an east bay police department is teeming up with local business owners to fight back against robberies and theft opinion. san leandro police are hoping to help merchants from becoming the next victim. here is our reporter laura
5:35 am
anthony. >> if you are a victim of a crime don't forget about staying calm. >> reporter: with a rash of brazen robberies and the retail stores in business owners in san leandro are working with local police to make sure they know how to keep themselves and employees safe. >> this is a national program. actually an international program that we have adopted to offer to our businesses to attempt to get them to conduct business in a safer manner. >> reporter: so far 13 business owners have undergone the free training that comes with the crime free business program, including two hours of classroom instruction and on-site visits by officers who offer safety recommendations. >> keep window coverings to a minimum so that that is clear visible inside and outside of the business. to make sure there is no hiding spots within the business so that no one can hide the light. >> the village bottle shop used to have more signage and stickers on the windows. but not anymore. >> when i went to the program i leardthings, how to hand the cash and how to -- how
5:36 am
much money you put in the register. >> reporter: the owner of the haven day spa john zu also implemented what he learned. >> everything is under the camera don't fight let them do whatever they want and then call 911. >> at this store the owner made safety improvements after he bought the store a few years ago. you can see the cash register is halfway in the store. it used to be right by the front door. a little too close. allowing a robber to run in, grab the cash and run out. in sand leonardo an. laura anthony abcws. olcaes national park reopens to the public today. the only thing miss something the lava. the park's website says there is no molten lava or lava glow to see anywhere in or out of the park. most of the park closed when the kilauea started erupting this is
5:37 am
the first time in years there is no lava to see. the park service is dividesing visitors to use caution when hiking. still ahead on abc 7 mornings free entrance into bay area museums today, how you can take advantage of the deal. and we have a live look from our roof camera. you can see that it's still dark but lisa has been explaining there is fog out there. you can get a glimpse on the streetlights there. she has the weekend forecast coming up and also this. >> a family finds mysterious payments on their phone bill. but who is doing it? i'm michael finney ahead on your side, a
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and welcome back. this is a live look from our santa cruz camera. you can see it's an empty weech. the sun isn't quite up yet. you can see the lights on the pier getting ready for all the visitors this weekend. speaking of visitors, happening today there are more than a dozen museums ofrpg free admission as part of the smithsonian magazine 14th annual museum day. the uss hornet and sea air and space museum in alameda is one of the many you can get into for free. this year's theme is women making history, honors women who are trail blazers in science, arts, innovation and culture. other locations taking parts include the bay area discover museum in sausalito, the lawrence hall. science in berkeley and the san jose museum of art. for a full list and to get a downloadable ticket, go to our website, love that idea. love that theme. andsa isittlee a good idea to g
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>> definitely. the cooler day of the weekend will be tomorrow. but you felt the cooling trend yesterday didn't you? and more so today. here a live look outside from downtown. you can see can't make out the cloud cover but visibility is reduced in the north bay. also around hayward this morning. 57 there. and we talk about when it warms up, pretty soon coming up. >> thanks. next in sports a dramatic finish in oakland at the a's rally to hand the twin as crushing loss at th
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he could possibly... he likes to collect things. oh! wow, you got all this stuff from ikea? what do you like not let your kids in here? oh, no, they moved in here. here. this is where i hide all the cords and the remotes, and those clack-clack-clack things. oh and we have an entire comic book store and i managed to wedge a candle in there. oh i see, so this is your new bed? let's just say it fits me perfectly. it also fits the entire neighborhood, when they show up, unannounced, in a good way... kind of... what's your dream? at ikea, we help you live it. make the dream yours.
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at ikea, we help you live it. and i am a certified arborist for pg&e.ughes i oversee the patrolling of trees near power lines and roots near pipes and underground infrastructure. at pg&e wherever we work, we work hard to protect the environment. getting the job done safely, so we can keep the lights on for everybody. because i live here i have a deeper connection to the community. and i want to see the community grow and thrive. every year we work with cities and schools to plant trees in our communities. so the environment is there for my kids and future generations. together, we're building a better california. hey, welcome back. this is a live look at the san mateo bridge. it looks like a little bit of traffic there. lisa has been explaining en dk out there.
5:44 am
a little bit chilly today but lisa has more on the forecast. we are switching gears to sports now. a huge game tonight in the pac 12 north. seventh ranked stanford battles oregon in eugene. you can watch the game only here on abc 7. eight games left of the regular season for the a's. and tonight they face the twins at the oakland coliseum. last night the a's got another win in dramatic fashion. anthony flores has the highlights in this morning's sports. good morning, drama at the coliseum, crush davis hits not one but two home tors lead the a's to a walk off victory gik the final home series of the regular season. taking on twins. the twins with the shift against dafrs. he says i'll the hit it over everyone's head two ron shut for the 4th homer of the year. 2-0 a's oakland leading 4-0 until the sixth.
5:45 am
jorge planning o clears the bases six-running giving the twin as 6-4 lead. tied again. mark canon with two-run shot. stayed that way in the bottom of the 10th. davis at the ditch hits the daily double. his second home run of the game. the a's with a walkoff win over the twins, final score 7-6. the yankees win, they remain a game and a half ahead of the a's for the wild card spot. giants and cardinals second inning. giants runners on the cornerers no outs. can't story. austin slater of a base hit robbed. john gagg gets madison bumgarner looking at the dish. not happy with the call behind the plate. tied until 3 with two outs. matt adams gets it by ian van longoria.
5:46 am
the final 5-3. the loss clinchs the joint's losing season. tiger woods looking for the first victory in five years. second right now of tour championship in tlan. justin rose shot 3 under 67. rose on the byrd to give him a share of the lead tiger was 3 under in the round thanks to back to back byrds here on 14 and 15. he had a 1 shot lead at 8 under par but finds trouble on the 16th plgt awkward lie in the bunker had to chip out. he double bogeyed the hole. he finishedwood 2-putt bird on the 18th to shoot 2 under 68 p he and rose are 700. rory mcilroy 2 back. billy horschel is three back at 4 under par. a look at morning sports. have a great weekend. >> announcer: now the accuweather forecast with lisa
5:47 am
argen. good sunday morning. hope you enjoy the warm wrlt last thursday san francisco 83. and you felt the cooling yesterday. live doppler 7 showing a lot of low clouds, stratus, trying to make its way inland. that's allowing for the cooler temperatures today and tomorrow, all due to low pressure up here in the pacific northwest. the next 48 hours we are cool. then we start a significant warming trend. there is fog in hayward, half moon bay and napa, less than a mile visibility. be careful out there if you are headed out early. 52 in san ramon. 57 with the fog in hayward. 46 in nap aire. feeling like fall in the north bay and 50 in novato and half moon bay. a look, you can see the tops of the building here obscured from the fog. the cooling trend this weekend fall arrives tonight at 6:54. then we switch around with gusty winds in the hills for north and east bay. sunday night to mond.
5:48 am
bringing down relative humidity and potentially fire concerns for three days next week. as we look at concord temperature today in the upper 80s it's cooler than yesterday's 92. tomorrow the coolest at 84 look at monday, tuesday, wednesday even thursday you are still in the 90s. and then by the end of the week it looks like you'll cool back. upper 70s in mountain vow today. 79 mgts -- actually the average high is 77. 79 today tp 73 on sunday and even warm for the peninsula next we can. 81 in santa clara. 80 in sunnyvale. looking at temperatures closer to the coast. breezy 62. 71 in millbrae. downtown 65. cooler yesterday and brozy. and in the north bay today look for low to mid-80s from petaluma, cal stowinga. 86 near east bay. 80 in orinda. 77 in union city. heading inland, plenty of upper 80s. about 4 degrees cooler than yesterday. 87 in wnlt creek. and if you are headed into
5:49 am
oakland tonight for the game evening game 64 degrees, 6:0 5. the twins in town and low back for particle cloudy. notice the 40s overnight. cooler through the overnight with the cloud cover, the fog at the coast. so numbers certainly will be on the chilly side and the accuweather seven-day forecast featuring another warm day today inland but not as warm as it was. you download the app and you'll notice the temperatures will continue to drop off tomorrow, the second half of the weekend. even though it's fall tonight, we are certainly feeling more typical san francisco weather heading into monday, tuesday and wednesday and when the numbers will be in the mud mid-90s inland. 80s around the bay. and we had a little bit of that flirtation last thursday with the 80s we had one day in the city it had been weeks since we warmed up you were saying. >> it was beautiful on thursday but you look forward to this time of year i try to stay in town because i love the warm weather in october and september
5:50 am
haven't seen much. though. >> really looking forward to that. i feel like i need to that you out from the chilly summer. >> it's been unusual. >> thanks so much lisa. so new this morning, ebay installs security fencing around the san jose headquarters preponderate mercury news reports the fencing will be 7 feet tall with access gates for cars and pedestrians. it's equipped with panic hardware and enclose all the employee courtyards. the company believes this is the best course of action to protect the employees. this is in response to the shooting at the youtube headquarters in april which left three people injured. now papa john's is considering dropping the apostrophe in its name. it filed a patton with the u.s. patent and trademark offers last month. they say there is no immediate plans to use the new logo. the founder john schnatter after
5:51 am
news broke of him using the n word during a conference call. the employees will undergo mandatory diversity training starting next month. a warning about an unusual cell phone scam. a south bay family bill showed payments they never made. turns out someone hacked into the account started paying bills then made off with two new iphones. 7 on your side michael finney helped them get to the bottom of it. it's unnerving actually. >> this was the first it sign something was wrong. >> why are we paying $$435. >>. they chang the sharma family for making payments but they never made the payments. >> there were charges coming in can you look at it. >> verizon told him he paid off the balance on the two children's phones. but he didn't. those phones were supposed to be on a monthly payment plan. >> we said that we had never thorsoned those things. >> turned out a hacker went into the family's account and used to
5:52 am
pay the balance on the family phones pu. but why. >> it doesn't make sense at that point why is somebody doing that. >> the next day they found out exactly why. >> somebody purchased two iphone x on your account. >> turns out the hacker paid off the phones so the family would be eligible for an upgrade. the scammers then ordered two high-end iphones and charged them to the account. >> they also had them shipped all the way to texas. >> his bill shows two silver iphone xs delivered to an address in texas. verizon saw that it was a fraud and refunded him for the two iphones. however, verizon refused to rturn that lump sum payment the scammer took from his account to pay off the children's iphones. >> i did not authorize the transactions why would i pay for the charges? he just wanted to put the phones back on that payment plan. instead, verizon cut off service to tdren's phones. >> the biggest blow was that they cancelled our service which is like, you are punishing us?
5:53 am
>> they contacted 7 on your side we contacted versusen and the company turned the phones back on reversed the fraudulent payments. saying we strive to deliver the world class experience every verizon customer expects and deserves. we did not live up to that promise. we apologize for any inconvenience. >> that was a high-five moment. . thank you michael thank you for taking care of us. >> the sharma's said they gave out personal information to a verizon technician who called them right before this happened. the person claimed he was testing audio on their line they now suspect that led to the scam. now we checked and that call really did come from a verizon help lynn. however, verizon refused to say whether it caught the perpetrator. whether it was investigating, or even confirmed this was a scam. i'm michael finney, 7 on yr . up, a crowd of people
5:54 am
cheering for a raccoon. the bizarre thing cameras ca
5:55 am
5:56 am
get those lottery tickets out. these are the winning numbers from last night's $275 million megamillions dialogue are drawing. 2, 11, 52, 64, meganumber 9. but nobody picked all six numbers. so tuesday night's jackpot increases to $$303 million. sounds good to me. check this out. a daring leap from a new jersey condo building, amazing video rook at this raccoon. there it goes. the animal climbed up the building saw on thursday then made the leap from nine floors up. you can see it ran away, seemed to be a-okay. it popped off and ran off to a
5:57 am
crowd cheering that he was okay. next on abc 7 morning at 6:00 a.m. an alert if you plan to ride b.a.r.t. the area where touch catch a bus instead. and do not disturb. the serious warning to leave white sharks alone as they start popping up more in one area right now. >> announcer: it takes a village. it takes community. it takes more than two parents to raise a child with special needs. >> the taylor family foundation serves children at risk. it's an amazing program for kids to be in a protected environment and they get to have so much fun. >> announcer: abc 7 sports the taylor family foundation. can you too. help send a child to camp. fi
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>> announcer: good morning, bay area. let's get up and get going. >> announcer: this is abc 7
6:00 am
mornings. and good morning it's september 22nd. i'm kate larson in for chris nguyen this morning. we are starting with a quick look at weather with meteorologist lisa argen who is here to explain what the last few hours of summer look like. >> that's right, kate. we have a cooling trend under way, got started yesterday. you can see live doppler 7, the fog well into the east bay fog from hayward and napa. and a system to the north of us is keeping us cooler than average through tomorrow. there is the visibility in miles. half mile for you in napa. five miles in hayward. better view in the inland valleys. but we are looking at the cool temperatures to start. 52 santa rosa. 57 in hayward. then throughout the afternoon the fog clings to the covert. sixth and 70s. and the clouds keep the numbers in the lower sixth downtown. mid-80s inland.


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