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tv   ABC7 News 800AM  ABC  September 22, 2018 8:00am-9:00am PDT

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(vo) ask your healthcare provider if ozempic® is right for you. >> announcer: good morning, bay area. let's get up and get going. this is abc 7 mornings. good morning. it is 8:00 on this saturday, september 22nd. i'm kate larson in for chris nguyen today. we are starting with a look at weather with meteorologist lisa argen. lisa, there are 11 hours left of summer, in case you are counting like i am. but it's not the warmest last day. >> you're right. but you know we are seeing warmer weather as soon as monday with the offshore flow with the high fire danger. here is look at doppler 7 looking at low clouds and fog making their way across the by. visibility down to a mile in half moon bay. petaluma and santa rosa. hayward got worse at two miles. be careful if you are headed out. it's in the mid-50s in hayward
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and fremont. 50 in half moon bay. 58 in clover dale. another vantage point a hazy looking walnut creek. we call it partly cloudy to get started andrea slower warming with fog at the coast. partial can go cleergts in the north bay beaches and temperatures in the mid-to upper 80s for the warmest inland valleys. down at least 6 to 7 degrees inland. the cooling trend continues into the second half of the weekend but then we do a 1807 i'll detail the forecast coming up. >> thanks. we have developing news out of contra costa county. firefighters say an air-conditioning unit caught fire, as you can see caused the flames. it damaged an apartment complex and displaced three residents in martin easy. the fire started before 5:30 e residents relocate for the time being and fortunately nobody was hurt.
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we do have some new developments in the confirmation battle for supreme court nominee brett kavanaugh. senate judiciary chairman chuck grassley granted doctor christine blasey ford another day to decide on terms for testifying. now this is a tweet from the senator. it's written as if a note directly to judge brett kavanaugh. it acknowledges the extension and says in part, she should decide so we can move on. i want to hear her. i hope you understand. it's not my normal approach to be indecisive. now this extension follows a request from doctor chrissy blaseyed ford's attorney. kenneth moeten has those details. >> reporter: overnight senate gop leaders pushed back their deadline following ongoing testimony negotiations with the woman accusing supreme court nominee brett kavanaugh of sexual assault. before appearing on capitol hill christine blasey ford requesting among other things, that kavanaugh testify first. and that only the all male republican lineup on the senate
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judiciary committee not outside counsel question her. she wants the hearing pushed back to thursday. blasey ford's attorney writing to the senate judiciary committee, the calf letter treatment of a sexual assault survivor doing her best to cooperate with the committee is completely inappropriate. gop chairman chuck grassley tweeted directly to kavanaugh about the deadline extension. i hope you understand, it's not my normal approach to be indecisive. in springfield, missouri. >> that's right. that's right. >> the president rallies support for his nominee. >> we have to fight for him. . not worry about the other side. >> earlier for the first time the president mentioned blasey ford by name, tweeting if the attack on doctor ford was as bad as she says charges would have been immediately filed. the president asking blasey ford to produce a police report to back up the claim that kavanaughed attacked her at party in the 80s. maine senator susanne collins blasted the president's tweet.
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>> i was appalled by the president's tweet. we know that allegations of sexual assault are one of the most unreported crimes that exist. >> reporter: the "washington post" reported the california professor says she didn't come forward because she was terrified she would be in trouble if her parents realized she had been at a party where teenagers were drinking. >> she decided to confidentially provide the information to her congresswoman because she felt it was her civic obligation. >> kenneth moeten abc news wsh washington. and this is a story the abc 7 news team has been focused on all week. we will continue to stay on top of all the latest developments in the fawn controversy. you can get the updates right to your phone. you just have to download the abc 7 news app. all right switching gears to news overseas. overnight at least 20 li 24 people were killed after an attack on an annual military parade in iran. of the country's elite s
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revolutionary guard. iran's foreign minister says children and journalists are also among the dead. he also says the gunman were terrorists recruited trained and armed and paid for by a foreign regime. more than 50 people were also hurt. so far no group has claimed responsibility for the attack. new this morning, two high school football players were air lifted to the hospital after serious injuries on the field. it happened at two different games in the east bay. our media partner be os, the east bay times reports the first player got a head injury at heritage high school in brentwood last night then less than an hour later another player at freedom high school in observing oh oklahomaly injured his become both were flown to the hospital at the we don't have the update on their conditions. new details with a young north bay girl case taking cannabised based medication for a treatment of a rare form of ep lepsly. the press democrat ruled the 5-year-old seen here can
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continue attending public schools and still bring her medicine. the decision over rules the school district stance. saying laws violated were by allow that drug frmts the bishop of the diocese of san jose will hold the first of le listening sessions following the announcement of of an investigation in clergy sexual abuse. the sessions seek input from victims and parishioners. the diocese plan to release the name and status of those credibly accused of abuse by the middle of next month. the session starts at 10:00 this morning in palo alto. the other two sessions will be held next month. there is also a major break in a several decades old raich case. a team bay area authorities announced the norcal raichist has been arrested. investigators entered dna into a genology website that led them to benicia resident roy waller.
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>> i have often said in my career that dna is the silent witness to the truth. >> investigators used information to put together a family tree that got them to waller who they say matched the description of the rapist. police arrested waller thursday as he arrived to his job at uc berkeley as a safety specialist of all things. recollect haved the raichist to ten attacks, the first in 19919 in rohnert park, three other attacks in the bay area between that year and 1996. now between 96 and 2006 there were attacks in chico and the sacramento area. a north bay women are woman one of the victims of the norcal raichist is sharing her story. nicole earnest pate says she wants the world to know he didn't destroy her life. coronell bernhard has that story. >> crying. i don't normally cry a lot about this.
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but i've been waiting a long, long time. >> reporter: nicole earnest pate says she felt so many emotions when he she learned the man who raichd her 27 years ago had been caught. >> it's interesting when i saw his face i felt nothing. i felt completely number. >> police say the 58-year-old roy waller broke flew her home when nicole was 21 years old. >> i woke up to a masked man with his arm around -- arm around me from behind like this and a gun at my head. >> she says back then police didn't buy her story. >> the bottom line is they didn't believe me. >> waller's neighbors in benicia say he was the last guy you would suspect of being an accused serial rapist often doing gardening. >> it's troubling to know there was someone living in your community who may have done such heinous crime. >> beniciaia police say don't know he committed sexual assaults here but they are investigate egg waller worked as
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uc berkeley had in the safety special theist for 26 years. the campuswide e-mail was sent to students saying none of the crimes alleged to have been committed took place on or near kafrpds but nonetheless deeply unsettling. >> i've had a wonderful life. he has not destroyed my life. >> nicole earnest pate now a wife and mom living in petaluma says she wants to be there when waller faces the judge in court. >> i want to stand ten feet from him in the same room and tell the world what he did. >> nicole earnest pait says she wants to be in court when waller in is scheduled to be arraigned in sacramento. >> an incredible story all these years later. we sent out a push alert, the push alert announcing the arrest in the case. you can download the abc 7 news ach to get updates sent to your phone whenever breaking news happens. new this morning, officials with a greater fair loans national marine sanctuary are telling people do not disturb the sharks as white sharks which
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are juvenile great white sharks be make the annual appearance off the san francisco coast. the animal concentrate around the islands from september to november and feed on seals and sea lyannes. research shows people using food and other lures to draw sharks do disrupt feeding activities. lisa it seems like common sense don't feed the sharks especially not the great white. >> i think that's a bad idea. >> it's foggy. >> in hayward, north bay as we look outside live from the east bay hills camera, yes waking up to a gray start in many areas. in the mid-50s in concord. a cooler day out of the 90s and the cooling trend continues but for how long? we are going in the opposite direction early next week. we have all the details a look at the seven-day forecast next. >> looking forward to that. also next, a warning for pet owners. the common medications that are causing some serious problems.
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in oakland. a man and his service dog were hurt after being shot at just after 7:30 last night. this happened on 980 west of 580. the driver was injured in the neck by broken glass when his car window shattered. medics took him to the hop. the dog was also struck on the shoulder by gunfire. officials shut down lanes for hours to investigate the shooting. so far the chch hanse announced any arrests. an alert for b.a.r.t. ridersers. this weekend is the fourth and final service of service interruptions for major track repairs. no rains are running between west oakland and 19th street and/or between 19th and merit. there will be free buses taking you between 19th street and west oakland. there is no bus service though at lake merit. so the only way to cross the bay today and tomorrow is to use the bus bridge from 19tht. >econdhanstises m telp figer cee
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reopening after being flooded. the american cancer society reopened its discovery shop in los gatos yetd. the store on east main lost all of the inventory last april when water poured down from the ceiling, flooding the entire building and was a big blow for the cancer society's fund raising efforts. >> there are 48 discovery shops in the west region and raise over $21 million. and the funds that we raise go towards transportation, lodging, and research. >> temple also says the store serves as of an important gathering place for people with cancer. they can get assistance from agencies and volunteers. in honor of the reopening the store is holding a 25% off sale. win for everyone. all right this morning there is a warning for pet owners. fda regulators say some flooe and tick medications are causing animals to have seizures tremors or actually lose muscle control. the alert is about a class of druks including products sold
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under brand names nexgard. sim paperwork aire. they say they are safe for most animals. but the drugs have a new label with information about all of the possible side affects. a southern california man says he aspen almost his entire life trying to find his father. he didn't believe his dad actually died during the vietnam wr. sew turned to a dna test for answers. here is our sister station in los angeles. >> do you promise to love and comfort her. >> reporter: as orange county clerk recorder hugh nguyen officiates weddings also in charge of keeping a history of life events. but he himself was missing a part of his past. >> i've been searching my dad almost my whole lifetime. >> nguyen was born during the vietnam war. he says hess mother told him his fathers was an american gi killed in combat. >> 50 years in my life it was a void in my heart. >> nguyen and his other family
8:17 am
escaped to the u.s. and nicing worked up to become the first vietnamese american clerk recorder but always thought about his father. >> i always wanted to know the man. >> nguyen submitted his dna to years passed until he got a hit. a second cousin started asking around her family. >> she called me to ask if i had a son that may be in vietnam. of course i at first didn't think. >> roy patterson, 18 serving in vietnam was married at the time. stationed where nguyenway was born in the 1967. >> he was born on the date and decided to do the dna. >> nguyen received the results by e-mail. >> he is alive it's amazing. >> patterson who owns a trophy shop in cookville, tennessee. booked a flit to california. in fronts of friends and family
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they read the official results together. 99 pft 9995 is as roy is my father [ applause ] >> yeah, he is a truly awesome. i'm telling you amazing man. has a great family. >> i'm so happy to finally get to have a dad. >> in santa ana, abc 7 news. now the ac rgt forecast with lisa argen. saturday morning waking up to low clouds and fog. the marine push really moved across the bay while you were sleeping. and actually the cooling trend getting under way for much of yesterday. as we look at live doppler 7 and go to the extreme northern portion of the country there, you can d ihe s cooling a i increases our on shore flow. the fog, low clouds and look at the visibility. reduced in hayward, half moon bay, petaluma, santa rosa, the hazy conditions persist. and it's cooler, three to five degrees cool frere oakland to san francisco, 7 degrees cooler
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around the bay there in hayward. and 4 degrees cooler in livermore. so afternoon highs will play out like that as well process. with cooler temperatures -- cooler highs than we saw yesterday. looking at the gray sky here, 53 downtown. it's 58 in san jose. 50 in half moon bay and the golden gate grij should get sunshine in the afternoon but breezy and cool afternoon. low 60s for you for most of you along the coast. 56 in concord. it's 52 in santa rosa. and we are back to our summertime pattern, although the air quality has been not bad. and with the good weather be -- in fact the cooler weather helped with that. moderate today and tomorrow for most. it's good in the south central bay. we don't expect that to change. although the winds are going to go offshore and that concerns us for high fire danger this time of year. from the airport, 41 minute delays. you can see how gray it is there. the cooling trend continuing this we could. fall arriving 6:54.
8:20 am
the sun sets at 7:06. up at 6:57. looking at gusty winds tomorrow night in the north and east bay hills. low relative humidity. and that's concerning not only tomorrow but the week ahead. high temperatures in the mid-90s for many days in livermore. looking as though tuesday and wednesday warmest -- coolest tomorrow in the low 80s. dramatic cooling as we get to the second half of the weekend. but it's not lasting. on the peninsula upper 70s today. low 70s tomorrow and back to the 80s by mid-we can. so pier 48, looking for something to do today, oktoberfest by the bay. today is the warmer day slightly cool we are clouds and breezier conditions tomorrow. highs today around the bay ranging from 60, half moon bay to the mid-60s in the city. upper 80s. down at least five degrees inland today. 78 in fremont pmt 82 in san jose. 84 for you up in santa rosa. we have to say goodbye to summer we are welcome fall tonight.
8:21 am
and looking at the autumn nall equinox rafrpg at 6:54. the accuweather seven-day forecast cooler today and kohler tomorrow. download the ach and you can keep track of temperatures. boy you want to keep track of them next we can. president winds are cranking up and boy is it hot around here and it's going to stay a couple days unlike last week when we had the one day and a half event. >> you pointed out too this morning the heat may feel nice to a lot but it means possibly more fire danger. >> yes. >> not far out from the anniversary of the north bay wildfires. >> right. >> something to look out for. >> yeah watching closely. >> thank you so much. if you are like me, sometimes you have a tough time getting yourself to the gym. but we're going to explain what organ you may actually be able to blame for that problem.
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all right. it's saturday morning so you are just planning to the day. if you are trying to figure out what to do this week we have you cover. alexis smith has ideas from our partners at hoodline. beer fresh air and fwreek feast, all possible this weekend and i have the details from our partners at hoodline. three days of beer drinking and merry making at the 19th annual oktoberfest by the bay.
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the largest festival of its kind in california brings the spirit of munich germany to the city by the bay. enjoy non-stop music, singing dancing and of course the best in german food and drink. the festival begins at 5 "p" friday followed by a day and night session on saturday and family day on sunday. it's time to get outside and enjoy the beauty of nature this saturday for national public lands day. there are many volunteer opportunities around the bay area. and admission is free for all national parks and monuments including mere woods yosemite national park and free admission aboard the irrelevance historic vestals he merit park frmts san francisco' only greek festival is back for the 68th year in friday, saturday and sunday head to the enunciation theeld in the mission districts for fresh made food and greek special tis opinion the greek wine and pastries go great with the music and dancing. a new theeld is under construction but the courtyard
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is open and ready for the food festival. admission is free. and the celebration of greek culte begn each partners at hoodline we hope you have a great weekend. all right. all that greek food looked delicious. but after you eat it you might want to you know shed a few pounds get a workout in. but it ourns out there is new reern on why it may be tough to actually get yourself to the gym in the first place. researchers at the university of british columbia say the biggest obstacle is not a lack of motivation, time or energy. instead it turns out it's our brains. scientists say our brains are conditioned to change choose the easy route to conserve energy. even when you are headed up to the gym your brain i may tell you to use the elevator rather than the stairs. researchers call this the exercise paradox. interesting stuff. still to come on abc 7 mornings. >> she never intended for her name to come out. and she wanted it to be part of
8:27 am
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>> announcer: good morning east bay. retires get up and get going. >> announcer: this is abc 7 mornings. it's just about 8:30 on this
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saturday morning. so it means we are roog at our weather right now with meteorologist lisa argen. we have a really cool and foggy tart start to the weekend. >> certainly foggy, kate. pretty much around the bay unless inland. trying to pick out the sunnier pictures this is from the east bay hills camera. certainly looks like a water color out there doesn't it with the grays and that haze out there? 53 in san francisco. 58 in san jose. 55 in morgan hill. you have the fog down in san jose by the bay. this is walnut creek. even where it's sunny it's particularly hazy in spots as well. air quality, moderate today, 54 in novato. 56 in concord. so here is the plan for today. 9:00 still fog around the bay. 60 in fremont and san ramon and the sun brings warmth today inland. this is later on eon jumped to 8:00 sorry about that. where temperatures are in the 60s and 70s but warming to the up he were 80s today inland. not as warm as yesterday.
8:31 am
but still a nice afternoon ahead. it's going to be cooler and the coolest day of the week is tomorrow, kate. >> thanks lisa. we are switching gears to the confirmation battle for supreme court nominee brett kavanaugh. senate judiciary chairman chuck grassley granted christine blasey ford another day to decide on the terms for testifying. the email requesting more time from blasey ford's attorney called last night's 10:00 deadline aggressive and artificial but as blasey ford's testimony hangs in the balance it's unclear if it really even matters. senate majority leader mitch mcconnell promised an you a audience of conservative active ifrts at kavanaugh's confirmation. >> you've wafrtched the fight. you've watched the tactics. but here is what i want to tell you, in the very near future judge kavanaugh will be on the united states supreme court. >> that comment creating a lot of controversy once again.
8:32 am
we have posted the full letter from blasey ford's attorney on our website, now, christine blasey ford's sister in law lives in marin county and gave her first local tv interview to abc 7. she spoke with abc 7 news anchor kristen sze and says she stands by her sister in law. >> what motivated christine to approach congresswoman eshoo this summer. >> as i understand it it was a really hard decision. and she decided to confidentially provide the information to her congresswoman because she felt it was her civic obligation, that as a mmber of this society that there was a background check going on, and she knows about information, and analysis, and she felt that it was really important to share that information. she never intended for her name to come out. and she wanted it to be part of the investigation. >> reporter: what do you think ultimately is christine's wish
8:33 am
and hopes for what comes out of this. >> i think she would wish and hope that women that experience sexual violence and improper behavior will feel strong enough to confront the situations and that as a society we'll listen better and be more compassion it in responses. >> reporter: light it owner, unfortunately, due to all that has happened, she is suddenly thrust to the forefront of the me too movement. how do you think she is carrying that burden? and that responsibility? >> i think it's really hard. and i think she is finding some inner strength maybe she didn't know she had. and i'm -- we want to provide support for her. and i know it means a lot to her when people in the larger community also offer support for
8:34 am
her. so just encourage people that might be listening to know that it really makes a difference for her to feel that support. >> kristen sze, abc 7 news. really interesting. and now we are staying on top of all of the with developments in the kavanaugh rovers. you can get the updates on your phone. just download the abc 7 news ach. this morning "the new york times" reports that the deputy attorney general rod rosenstein at one point suggested secretly recording president trump. and did he also talk about recruiting cabinet members to remove the president from office? well abc news reporter david wright has the late freft bed minister, new jersey. >> at his rally springfield, missouri, president trump made it chlorhe is not done draining the swamp. >> you have seen what's happened at the fisher. >> trump was apparentlily referring to this report in "the new york times." about bombshell memos by andrew mccabe who took over as acting
8:35 am
fbi director when the president fired james comey. mccabe later fired as well. >> they're all gone. they're all gone. they're all gone. [ applause ] but there is a lingering stench and we're getting rid of that tovi. >> according to sources the memos are notes from a may 2017 conversation in which deputy attorney general rod rosenstein reportedly suggested mccabe or others wear a wire when meeting with president trump and discussed invoking the 25th amendment to remove a president who is unfit for office. according to the memo's rosenstein suggested he could recruit members of the cabinet to endorse the plan. but sources say none of this was ever carried out. the president was not secretly recorded. one source says the comment about wearing a wire was sarcastic and born out of frustration. rosenstein first called the
8:36 am
times report inaccurate and factually incorrect. later offering a carefully worried denial. i never pursued or authorized recording the president. and any suggestion i have ever advocated for the removal of the president is absolutely false. now the president and his allies are rounding on him. some calling for rosenstein to be impeached. >> what does rosenstein have to do to get fired. >> it's a question the white house has been facing for months. >> is the president going to fire rod rosenstein. >> i don't have any announcements at this time. the president voiced fruits tracings but beyond that i don't have anything to add. >> david wright, abc news. and some sad news out of southern california. the father of former warriors player richard jefferson was killed in a drive buy shooting earlier in week. 65-year-old richard jefferson was shot and killed standing on
8:37 am
a corner in compton on wednesday. at at least one man opened fire from a car hitting him several times in the tors of. right now the motive is unclear. hawaii volcanoes national park reopens to the public today. the only thing missing is the lava. the park's website says there was no molten lava or lava glow to see anywhere in or outside of the park. most of the park closed back in may when kilauea started erupting. this is the first time in years the park had no lava for visitors to see. now the park service is advising visitors to use caution when hiking in the area. still ahead on abc 7 mornings, get this, a hacker broke into a family's cell phone account, then started paying their bills for them? michael finney shows us what this scammer was actually after. and here a live low back at the bay bridge. you can see a lot of fog in the area. just looks cold out there. lisa argen is in this morning and she has the weekend forecast
8:38 am
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8:41 am
blazeners science, arts, innovation and culture. other locations taking part today include the bay area discovery museum, a personal favorite in sausalito. the lawrence hall of science in berkeley and the san jose museum of art. there is a full list that you can get on the website. abc 7 also a downloadable ticket there to make it real easy for you on the kids. lisa, a lot of the museum are outdoors. folks want to bring a jacket, warm clothing. but there might be a warmup in the future. >> there could be sun late in the day and certainly warming up the next several days but not this we could. 80s cool one as we say goodbye to summer today. you can see from the east bay hills camera, wow, all of that fog. you are not alone out there. many of you waking up to the gray sky. plenty of 50s. but a warmup is in the future and looks to stick around a bit. we will talk about it coming up in a few minutes. also next, another walkoff win for the a's, big game last night as they cut the magic
8:42 am
number to clinch a playoff spot to three. anthony flores has the
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he could possibly... he likes to collect things. oh! wow, you got all this stuff from ikea? what do you like not let your kids in here? oh, no, they moved in here. here. this is where i hide all the cords and the remotes, and those clack-clack-clack things. oh and we have an entire comic book store and i managed to wedge a candle in there. oh i see, so this is your new bed? let's just say it fits me perfectly. it also fits the entire neighborhood, when they show up, unannounced, in a good way... kind of... what's your dream? at ikea, we help you live it. make the dream yours. really unusual cell phone scam. a south bay family's bill showed payments they never made.
8:45 am
turns out someone hacked into the account and started paying their bills. it sounds okay except for then they found the hackers made off with two new iphones. 7 on your side michael finney helped get to the bottom of the problem. >> it's very unnerving actually. >> this was the first time something was wrong. >> why are we paying $$435. >> text messages from verizon wireless thanked the family for making several payments that they never made. >> the all sorts of charges coming in can you look at it. >> verizon told him he paid off the balance on his two children's phones. but he didn't. those phones were supposed to be on a monthly payment plan. >> we said that we never authorized those things. >> it turns out a hacker had gone into the family account and used to pay the balance on the family phones. but why? >> it doesn't make sense at that point why is somebody doing that. >> the next day they found out exactly why. >> somebody has purchased two
8:46 am
iphone x on your account. >> turns out the the hacker paid off the phones so the family is eligible for an upgrade. the scammer then ordered two high-end iphones and charged them to the stharma account. >> they had them zipped to texas. >> it shows two silver iphone xs delivered to texas. the verizon saw it was a fraud and refunded him for those two iphones. however, verizon refused to return that lump sum payment the scammer took from his account to pay off the children's iphones. >> i did not authorize these transactions why would i pay for the charges? he wanted to put the phones back on the payment plan. instead verizon cut off service to the children's phones. >> the biggest blow was that they cancelled our service. which is like, you are punishing us? >> they contacted 7 on your side. we contacted verizon cnyurnedhe payments. saying we strive to deliver the
8:47 am
world class experience every verizon customer expects and deserves. we did not live up to that promise. we apologize for any inconvenience. >> that was a high-five moment. thank you, miebl. thank you for taking care of us. >> the family said they gave out personal information to a verizon technician who called them right before this happened. the person claimed he was testing audio on the line. they suspect that led to the scam. we checked, that call really did come from a verizon help line. however, verizon refused to say whether it cause are caught the perpetrator. whether it was investigating, or even confirmed this was a scam. i'm my knowledge finney, 7 on your side. >> announcer: now the accuweather forecast with lisa argen. hi, everyone waking up to plenty of low clouds and fog. sun in the east by valleys but the cooling trend under way yesterday and really reinferenced. the coolest day tomorrow. here is live doppler 7 where the fog is making its way across the
8:48 am
bay and it evaporates and look for sun. all around the bay. but this is the culprit, the area of low pressure beginning to push into the pacific northwest. and it gets closer tomorrow. so many will be the coolest day. look at that flag blog from the exploratorium camera. temperatures from the low 50s in the city upper 50s mountain view and san jose. it's 50 in half moon bay. and from pier 39, these folks bundled up because it's a typical san francisco day today. although it's still summer in the city. and you know what that means. a cool one. but as we get into the full week of fall ahead, yeah, it's more typical around here. i'll explain in a moment. 52 in santa rosa. 59 in vacaville with 55 in livermore. and look at all the gray in santa cruz. sunny later on and 70 degrees. it's cool today. cooler tomorrow. fall arrives at the 6:an today is the last bit of summer. as fall arrives, boy, the weather really switches.
8:49 am
in fact we are seeing gusty winds, offshore winds in the north and east bay hills. high fire danger concern for at least three days of next week. 62 in ocean beached to today with 64 in bodega bay. more clearing from the marin county beaches than from the san mateo beaches. but we'll call it partly sunny look at concan cord. today 88 tomorrow four degrees cooler look at monday. back to the 90s. mid-90s tuesday into wednesday. still hot on thursday. this is mountain view where it's comfortable in the upper 70s. a little cool and breezy tomorrow. and then numbers back to the mid-80s for tuesday and wednesday. low 80s in san jose. morgan hill is warm today at 87. peninsula numbers low 70s in millbrae. 79 in mountain view. looking at 65 downtown in the north bay. look for highs ranging from the upper 70s in sand rafael to the low 80s in sonoma. east bay you are getting sun. it's taking a while but then a nice afternoon with 78 in
8:50 am
fremont as well as castro valley. you head inland, temperatures are basically coming out of the 90s for most of you unless you are out towards vacleville, brentwood and anted yolk, 90 there. you are headed into oakland later today, an evening game, 64 degrees. and we are looking at the sun setting after 7:00. so 53 degrees overnight in richmond with a low clouds and fog. the accuweather seven-day forecast, fall begins 6:54. and looking at the coolest day tomorrow. and we will watch the weather closely monday, tuesday, wednesday as the offshore flow gets going with the gusting north and east winds. >> thursday was warm but september was cool relative to other years. >> yes. >> obviously warming up in a few days. >> yes grew do you think we get the warmer weather more in october. >> i think so, yeah. that's not always good. >> no when we talk about fires of course. >> exactly. >> thanks for keeping us tuned up with all this. all right in sports huge game tonght in the pac 12 norg.
8:51 am
seventh ranked stanford battled number 20 oregon in ewe yeen. watch the game here on abc 7. and then just 8 games left in the regular season for the a's. tonight they face the twins at the oakland coliseum. last night the a's got another win in dramatic fashion. anthony flores has the highlights in this morning's sports. >> good morning. there was drama at the coliseum. crush davis hits not one but two homers to lead the a's to the walkoff victory. . the a's beginning the final series of the home season. the twin was the shift against davis he says i'll just hit it over everyone's head. two-run for the career high 44th homer of the year. 2-0 a's oakland led until the sixth with two outs. jorg clears bases. six-run inning gives the twins a 6-4 lead. the a's rally in the bottom half of the inning.
8:52 am
tied again. mark kanata, knotted at 6. staying that way in the bottom of the 10th. davis at the dish hits the daily double. his second home run of the game. erhe twins.h the walk off the final score 7-6. the yankees win so they remain a game and a half for the head of the a's. giants and cardless. giants runners but can't score. paul deyoung robs austin slater of a business hit. nice play. and john gets madison bumgarner looking at the dish. mad bum is mad, not happy with the call behind the plate. the game was tide at 3 until the eighth with two outs. matt adams gets it by evan longoria. two run score, the final 5-3. the loss clinches the giants second strait losing season. tiger woods is trying to cap the come barker season with the
8:53 am
first victory in five years. second round of the tour kmfrps in atlanta. justin rose shot a 3 under 67. rose in the byrd on 13 to give him a share of the lead. tiger was also 3 under in the round thanks to back to back byrds on 14 and here on 15. he had a one-shot leet at 8 under par but finds trouble on the 16th. awkward lie in the bunker had to just chip out. he would double bogey the hole. he did finish with a 2-putt byrd on the par 518th to shoot 2 under 68. he and rose are coleaders. rory mcilroy is two back. billy hoerchle. patrick can'tle lay are three back at 4 under. that's a look at sports have a great weekend. >> thanks. coming up a special night ahead for some teens who are getting
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diseases and injuries who weren't able to make it to their own prom will get a chance tonight. kaiser permit aire in oakland is hosting the fourth annual pediatric prom evening of fun and games and dancing. hair stylists and makeup artists will be on hand. kaiser collected dressers and suits to donate to the deans. there will be other activities and entertainment in the
8:57 am
afternoon before prom starts at 5:30 tonight. we hope they have a wonderful evening. lisa, i know you have a final chick of the weather. it's getting cooler and cooler it seems. yesterday we got the cooling trend going. and today mid-60s downtown. upper 80s inland. but look at tomorrow. even cooler before the winds of change arrive and that's going to bring summer-ike weather, or you know the typical fall with which is fog free and warm high fire danger. >> thanks lisa. thanks for joining us on abc 7 mornings i'm kate larson for chris nguyen. a full day of could college football is ahead. next at 9 "a" process notre dame takes on wake for effort at 12:30 number three clemson takes on georgia tech appearen and followed by news at 4:00 p.m. at fievg seventh ranked stanford battles oregon in eugene. followed by cash creek after the
8:58 am
game. hope you have a wonderful saturday. >> announcer: it takes a village. it takes community. it takes more than two parents to raze a child with special needs. >> the taylor family foundation serves children at risk. it's an amazing program for kids to be in a protected environment and they get to have so much fun. >> announcer: abc 7 sports the taylor family foundation. find out how to send a
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>> sean: today the fighting irish are on the road and take on wake forest before a record crowd at bb&t field. with brandon wimbush at quarterback the irish are 3-0 but the offense sputtered and today brian kelly


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