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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  September 24, 2018 6:00am-6:59am PDT

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good morning. thanks for 24th, the first monday of fall. natasha, reggie and alexis are off. and you're never more than 7 minutes away from your accuweather forecast. >> it certainly doesn't feel like fall, though, right? >> it seems to be vacation season for some. let's take a look at what's going on. yeah, it doesn't feel like traditional fall. it does feel like our fall fire season. there you go. above 1,000 feet in areas you see in red. that's where we have high fire danger. solano, clear lake, down to the lower elevations also. this goes through 5:00 tomorrow afternoon. got a little bit of fog. it's been lurking around novato, that i 37. be be prepared for that. temperatures in the mid-40s to low 50s. cooler this morning. hang out in the 60s at the coast. low to upper 70s from noon to four. low 80s to low 90s inland. just the beginning of a warming trend. more coming up. here's frances. ily, wotng in in hayward southbound 880,
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a couple of earlier accidents. 238 towards is about 17 minutes. adding 15-minute wait. we'll show you headlights westbound on interstate 80 approaching the maze where we are backed up into the maze right now. and looking good in the north bay. 101 southbound on the right-hand side making its way nicely through san rafael towards san francisco at this point. jessica, matt? >> thanks, frances. senator dianne feinstein calls for the senate judiciary committee to postpone brett kavanaugh's nomination. her letter to chuck grassley comes after another woman accused kavanaugh of sexual misconduct. 53-year-old deborah ramirez said kavanaugh exposed himself to her in her first year at yale university. christine placy ford has agreed to testify before the committee on thursday.
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kavanaugh will tell his side of the story after ford testifies. the "new york times" reports kavanaugh will give the committee his calendars from the summer of 1982 to show he did not attend the party where ford claims she was attacked. support is building for the two accusers. another big rally scheduled for tonight at uc berkeley. it comes a day after supporters line the streets of palo alto. abc 7 news reporter amanda dell castillo is live with details. amanda? >> reporter: matt, jess cashes this intersection of el camino real and embarcadero road is just starting to pick up with early morning traffic. last night it was much busier with christine blasey ford supporters echoing a message we have heard for the last week. a lot of them staying we have your bace'ear fr blay fo foth very first time palo to testify in washington. since being named the accuser last sunday, her lawyersay
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vicious harassment and even death threats have forced placy ford and her family to move from their palo alto home. we are hearing from both sides this morning from a former co-worker, tpreubld and supporters of placy ford. and others critical of her decision to come forward. knowing her, i think she will do just great. i just really hope the court license to her. she has a lot to say. i know she's telling the truth. i really want to hear it. >> i don't know when it happened, where it happened. and everybody named in regard to being there said it didn't happen. i'm just being honest. >> reporter: and we'll learn more on thursday. you just heard from senator lindsey graham who expressed his serious concern with plac placy force's version. live in palo alto, amand d castillo. the mayor is revealing she was the victim of sexual assault.
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ago. mayor liz says she was inspired by christine blasey ford to come forward. she was assaulted twice in the 1960s. the first time as a teenager getting a ride home from a party by a friend. and the second happened when she was attacked by a co worker. she narrowly escaped being raped. she said it will touch off questions. >> why didn't she talk about it before? why did she come out now? is she trying to influence what's happening in washington? and i am trying to influence what's happening in washington, no question. niss says she did not report the incidents to her parents or police because she was scared. she would the only person she told about the assaults were her sister. the free abc 7 news app is a perfect way to stay updated on this story. enable push alerts to get
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breaking news updates like this one. you can customize alerts to where you live. outpouring of support for a service dog shot on an east bay freeway. several bullets hit a call near 580 oak land friday night injuring both the driver and the dog. the driver had injuries to his neck, but he's out of the hospital now. he said laila the dog was put down yesterday. freitag was dog sitting when the shooting happened. he started a go fund me to help vet bills. abc7news.c chp is looking for the person who opened fire. we are expecting an update on a fire that injured two firefighters in the south bay. this is time lapse video of quinn by road in east san jose. it is 50% contained. burned 30 acres. the firefighters injuries are considered minor. fires also became an issue in the east bay. embers sparked a second yesterday.
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ten acres burned near willow pass road and highway 4. concord fire called in cal fire to help with kaeuplt. containment. crews got both fires under control yesterday afternoon. and if you are slowed down on interstate 580 yesterday it was probably because of a car fire that spread toe grass in pleasanton. and here's where it happened on the map between santa rita and el charo road 7:00 last night. it burned the fence of a home. crews worked quickly to limit the damage. you can see cars doing doughnuts surrounded by hundreds of people and vehicles. the crowd got violent who officers arrived. two officers were hurt. 80 cars were tagged and towed. it took several hours to remove them all. oakland police say it's a surprise other drivers weren't hurt.
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>> we had well over 30 cars that were going down the road the wrong way towards the on-ramp of 880. this is a serious concern for anybody driving in the area. >> we're told people came from as far as southern california for the show. still ahead, the former child star accusing activist argento of sexual assault is speaking out on camera for the first time. the clever way a company is catching dishonest delivery drivers in the act. >> you're never more than 7 minutes away from my accuweather forecast. east hills camera, no clouds. temperatures above average. they keep getting warmer tomorrow and wednesday. i'll
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not to the finish.t. but to the beginning. a fight that can only be won, if we stand together for one cause.
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him. expert care for every new beginning. let's talk temperatures so you now how to dress when you walk out. redwood city, san mateo, 49. everybody else on on the peninsula, 50, 52. palo alto, 46. san that money, 47. mid to upper 40sthor bay. golden tkpwaeupt bridge, no fog
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this morning. strong sunshine. it's autumn. is still strong sunshine. beaches, sunny and calmer. peaceful out on the way. let's talk temperatures in the north bay. 8:00 in the morning, 54. 83 by noon. low 90s during the afternoon hours. back to 70 by 8:00. east bay shoreline, 54 this morning. 72 by noon. upper 70s this afternoon. back to 65 by 8:00. hope you enjoy the warm weather. here's frances. >> we have a few slowdowns. down towards the south bay, 101, morgan hill, cochrane. app accident in the center divide. traffic slowing as you approach the scene. heavy out of saab martin. 880 has been a struggle because of earlier accidents. still a crawl approaching a street through hayward. we're getting problems eastbound 580 approaching san quentin.
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a paving project is causing slowdown. west bound, though, at the toll plaza, just a minor wait happening right now. frances, thank you. >> amazon is craiging down on its own delivery drivers stealing packages according to a report from business insider. the company is using dummy packages that have a bar code that have a bar code to scan but come up with an error messages. they are to be returned at the end of a driver's shift. if they are not, the driver is suspected of stealing them. several reports have shown that theft is a big problem for amazon. new at 6:00, saving money while shopping online. how tech can help you get some great deals. if you love a good view, you will love this. ggngin ha! ah! nooooo... noooooo... nooooo...
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this just into our live desk. president trump has arrived at the united nations in new york city. president trump expected at the u.n. today to take part in what is being called the global call to action on the world drug problem. but he is commenting on the controversy surrounding supreme court nominee brett kavanaugh. in his new comments he just made, he said the multiple sexual assault allegations against kavanaugh are totally political. president trump added he is with
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kavanaugh all the way. this morning we are hearing from the actor accusing argento of sexually assaulting him when >> he spv.e kbois. the 22-year-old said he met up with her at a los angeles hotel. he arrived with a male chaperone. she made the other man feel unwelcomed. the escort decided to leave them alone. she offered him champagne, pushed him on the bed, and assaulted him. at the time she was 37 while bennett was 17. she was one of the first women to publicly accuse harvey weinstein of sexual assault. her attorney firmly denies the accusations. the sheriff's office is spending more than double the amount on overtime pay. mercury news says that's why county supervisors will consider investigating the sheriff's
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office for overuse or possible abuse. million on employees working overtime. its budget is roughly $60 million. sheriff lori smith is part of her jail reform plan which she said the supervisors supported. she said they agreed to kick start reforms with overtime pay until her plan was officially approved >> the a's had a chance to clinch a playoff berth today. more than 35,000 fans watched the twins beat the a's at the coliseum yesterday. a win would have secured a wild card spot. they need just one loss by the tampa bay rays to clinch a spot. last playoff game was in 2014. a loss in the wild card game. oakland plays in seattle tonight. it is impossible to miss when looking at the san francisco skyline. 61 stories high the sales force tower offers incredible views of the city. ceo tweeted the public will soon
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be invited to the top free of charge. top floor has no offices, just large windows with views of the bay area. >> that's pretty cool. it's free too. opening in the fall. you can't pick a better time to open the top floor than fall in san francisco. >> that time of year where we are least likely to have fog that will cover it and prevent us from seeing. >> a big warming trend on the way. never more than 7 minutes away from my accuweaher forecast. exploratorium camera. you can see the lack of clouds out there. by the weekend, it's going to feel a little more like autumn. this area of high pressure, look at its it flow. clockwise flow pulling the winds from land and pushing it over to the sea. that's offshore breezes. one of the reasons we're seeing 90s return in morgan hill, gilroy. mid-to upper 80s with 86 in san jose.
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72 in santa cruz. it will get warmer as the week fold coastal side. mid-60s to mid-80s on the bay side. average highs about 70. a little bit warmer than that. we have 90, santa rosa. northward, low to mid 90s. san pablo bay, san francisco bay, mid to upper 80s. 75, tiburon. low to mid-80s on the shoreline. oakland northward, mid to upper 70s. everyone is low to mid 90s in the east bay valleys. good news, check out the temperatures tonight. 49, santa rosa, napa. my accuweather seven-day forecast. it's going to get warmer. the biggest jumps will be at the coast. they will get into the 70s by wednesday. and then all of us will be back in the 60s and 70s by the weekend. here's frances. all right, mike. we have a severe traffic alerting heading to the richmond san rafael bridge.
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eastbound 580 through san rafael, traffic is heavy approaching the bridge due to a paving project that was supposed to be cleared. two left lanes are blocked. you can see it is causing delays in both directions approaching the scene. eastbound 580 near san quintin, left lanes. it is affecting westbound traffic as well coming out of the east bay. here's a live shot of 101. southbound traffic on the right-hand side. you know it will slow approaching 580. we'll check out the drive time on southbound 101 from santa rosa, petaluma. it is looking good. 16 minute drive. a new injury crash reported on the petaluma boulevard on-ramp to southbound 101. heads-up travel thraoug that direction. matt, jessica. good morning america is coming up at 7:00. >> skwreurpg zee is live with a look at what's ahead. hi there. good morning, ginger. hey, jessica. hi, mat. here on a grandmother monday,
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new allegations against supreme court nominee brett kavanaugh. a woman who attended college with him is accusing him of sexual misconduct. in a new report in the new yorker, and of course ronan farrow who helped break the story, will join us live. also ahead, the stunning video allegedly showing a bus driver letting kids as young as 11 get behind the wheel. the woman is now facing charges. obviously the parents are outraged. we will hear from them this morning. wedding of the year. new details about the duchess's st stunning dress. we have hey new secret in her veil. i just got off a plane not too long ago from your coast so i could get behind the scenes in the ballroom. i will bring you that on gma. >> we are excited for the new season, ginger. we wish you were on it again. >> me too. i felt like that until i saw all the nerves yesterday. then i said, nope, i'm good. >> you don't miss that part.
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6:24. a look from our roof camera. notice the ferry building. the flags aren't moving. that means we will have a light offshore wind. san francisco, 73.
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concord 92. even warmer days coming up in the accuweather seven day forecast. here's jessica >> mike, look at this. caught on camera, a mama al pack qaa fighting off a cougar after it ran off with their baby. a cougar runs into view, snatches a baby. the mother is having none of that. she chases tight down, getting the wildcat to leave the young al pack qaa behind. he is bandaged up, healing and is expected him to be okay. he has been nicknamed lucky. weight watchers known as ww. new at 6:00, how online shopping companies are using artificial intelligence and helping online shoppers level up their wardrobe. stitch fix using an algorithm to
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match users with clothing they like. fit and color preferences as well as their lifestyle and what parts of the body they want to highlight. >> it is pretty nuanced. there's inspiration that is out there that people don't know how to tap into. our job as stylists is to inspire them to feel like their best selves. >> other services include true fit, which works with retailers to match people's proportions with the right size for different brands. amazon's echo look camera uses images, processing to suggest new outfits. coming up at 7:00 on gma, becky wuerl will demonstrate how all of this technology works. tough to watch. the 49ers and their fans will find out today how severe quarterback jimmy garoppolo's injury is? the team fears it's a torn acl. he hurt it scrambling down the sideline in the fourth quarter yesterday.
6:27 am
he told peter king all indications are that it's torn. garoppolo is having an mri to confirm the extent of the injury. he's the league's highest paid player, making an average of $28 million a year. >> ouch! it looked painful. that is a painful recovery >> next at 6:30, a music industry merger involving a popular music service and its face in the east bay. the supreme court decision that could end a tech billionaire's battle over a san
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now at 6:30, supreme court showdown. another woman coming forward to accuse judge brett calf a gnaw of sexual misconduct. and a date has been locked down for christine blasey ford to tell her story. look at this. another grab and run at a bay area apple store. it is all caught on camera. s firsti torasee part of the bay area as temperatures heat up to start the workweek. heads-up for shoppers. there is a mega merger in thefo. hi. good morning. thanks for joining us. reggie, natasha and alexis are
6:31 am
off on this monday. they're enjoying a long weekend. >> it's fall, but we are seeing summer-like temperatures. >> we see a surge in warm weather. a little bit of fog out there. otherwise, we have the issues that come with the higher heat and breezes that create them, the fire danger you can see until 5:00 tomorrow evening. winds aren't too fast. 25 miles per hour. but the air is so dry at 5 to 15%. so the vegetation. fires could start and spread rapidly. a look at the winds in the hills. 22 is about as fast as they get. again, not necessarily the winds but how dry it is. a little bit of fog along san francisco. a little bit of fog recorded along highway 37. temperatures mid 40s to low 50s. it is cool out there. six our destinations this afternoon along the coast. noon. inland, back in the 50s, 60s, 70s biff 7:00. hey, frances. a problem toward richmond-san
6:32 am
rafael bridge eastbound direction. late construction work, paving project, into two left lanes. it is now being cleared s. traffic will hopefully recover quickly. slow eastbound 580 approaching the richmond-san rafael bridge. still a crawl through hayward. southbound 880 all the way from san lorenzo to hayward because of two earlier accidents. morgan hill, cochrane, accident in the left-hand side on the shoulder is still causing delays. also just getting reports of a new crash west bound 80 at 680. we'll follow that up in my next report >> now to the major developments in the nomination of judge pwavanauthe supreme court. now a second person is accusing him of sexual misconduct. >> this after they set a date to hear from balance low alto professor christd.
6:33 am
alana? >> reporter: now woman coming forward saying she too would like the fbi to investigate. just after the senate announced the details against judge brett kavanaugh, a second person announced she had a me too moment with the nominee for the supreme court. this woman, deborah ramirez, a former yale university classmate, said he exposed himself to her at a party 35 years ago. the incident happened at a drunken dormitory party. she was forced to push his body part away from her. >> when someone steps forward and accuses someone of sexual assault, it needs to be taken seriously. >> they asked for an independent investigation. grassley has accused the democrat of playing games
6:34 am
overnight releasing this statement, they are more interested in a political takedown than pursuing allegations through a bipartisan and professional investigative process. through it all, president trump maintained the will investigation should stay with the senate. here he is with wtam. >> i want her to have her voice. let her have her voice. let her say whatever she has to say. let him say what he has to say. and then at the end the senators will make a choice. >> reporter: the white house says it stands firmly behind judge kavanaugh, who categorically defense both accusations, calling it say smear, plain and simple. and this might not be the last of it. senator grassley's office has reached out to michael avenai,e possible third person with allegations against judge kavanaugh.
6:35 am
they're asking him for evidence. reporting live from washington, lan a a zak, abc 7 news. matt and jessica? the free abc 7 news app is a perfect way to stay updated on this story. enable push alerts to get breaking news updates like this one. you can customize alerts to where you live. a quick response likely helped save homes from being burned. >> within a couple, probably 30 feet from the houses. they were able to initiate quickly. >> the cause of the fire is under investigation. the hillside is property of the east bay regional parks district and a private owner >> cooler overnight weather is helping fire crews hold the line on the charlie fire near castaic in southern california. it has scorched 3,300 acres. it is 20% contained. it tore through in just hours.
6:36 am
about 20 homes are evacuated. this is burning north of santa clarita in the area of six flags, magic mountain. happening today, the bay area man of being the norcal rapist is due in court in sacramento. >> police arrested 58-year-old roy waller. they arrested him on thursday when he arrived for work at uc berkeley. investigators say dna and evidence from several crime scenes led them to him. waller is charged in sacramento county of 12 counts of sexual assault against two women. authorities think he was ten other attacks in vallejo, martinez. for the second time in just a month, the apple store at santa rosa mall has been hit by thieves. this shows several people running from the store yesterday afternoon. they stole multiple devices. according to the press democrat, police took one person into customer.
6:37 am
they are looking for cell phone video or more information to help identify the thieves. in late august they stole $35,000 worth of merchandise from the same stores. sirius xm is buying pandora. much more coming up during our newscast in just a few minutes >> coming back with another 90 minutes of news including the popular music service in east bay we just heard about. take a look at this here. they have 36 million subscribers. pandora has 70 million monthly active users. the board of both companies have approved the deal. it also still needs approval from pandora shareholders. investors are really excited about this deal. the deal is expected to close in the first quarter of 2019. you're never more than 7
6:38 am
minutes away from my accuweather forecast. temperatures all over the place depending on the elevation. campbell, 49. santa clara, 47. 45 in morgan hill. san jose, milpitas, mountain view, at about 54 degrees. lafayet lafayette, 48. 44 novato. alameda, 55. san francisco, 52. looking we have, a little hazy out there. not a spare the air day. a little bit of fog near highway 378 in san francisco for your commute. sun and haze on the bay today. we will hit the mid-70s on the bay side. upper 60s on the coast. now, here's where some of the heat is. east bay valley, 53. up to near 90 by 2:00. hanging out in the 90s from 3:00 to 5:00.
6:39 am
73 by 8:00. last stop the peninsula. it will get a little he had some hot spots on the roads, unfortunately. so frances isabt .>>raffic aler richmond/san rafael bridge. better news, it is clearing. but we are seeing quite a few residual delays. eastbound 58 approaching the bridge. possible injury accident near 680 approaching the cordelia junction. traffic is heavy, slow out of fairfield at this point. we had a problem spot down in the south bay. south of the south bay in morgan hill. north 101, cochrane. an accident in the left were lane. traffic heavy through the area. and i just wanted to remind folks in san francisco we have the dreamforce conference.
6:40 am
traffic is just going to be a mess through the south market area all week long. you may want to consider mass transit, biking, walking instead. here's the bay bridge toll plaza. it is backed up into the maze right now. jessica. >> frances, thank you. happening today, the u.s. supreme court could decide whether to take up the martins beach lawsuit. tech billionaire kosla purchased 89 acres in san mateo county and then closed it to the public. a california appeals court forced kosla to open the gate. the court says he violated state law by closing it without access to the public. but he wants it overturned on the grounds that he does not need permission for a gate on his own property >> if you're an airbnb host you could soon own part of the platform. the change the san francisco company is pushing for. skating into the the holidays. the colorful transformation coming to san francisco's civic center. as you get your day i
6:41 am
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(laughter) halloween time is back in disneyland and disney california adventure parks! let's talk about the air quality because it's going to get hot once again. the air quality will stay below spare the air levels.
6:44 am
we have a high fire threat. look at the central valley into oregon. that runs through tomorrow afternoon also. here's a look at the temperatures. low to mid-90s in the central valley. low to mid-90s for san diego and los angeles. average high of 71 in tahoe. we're nowhere near that wednesday and thursday at 80. and saturday and sunday in the mid-60s. here's matt. >> thank you, mike. happening now, the man once considered one of america's most beloved celebrities is spwaoeg sentenced for sexual assault. he was silent as he walked into a pennsylvania courtroom alongside his publicist fort first of a two-day sentencing hearing. he could spend years in prison after being convicted of three felony counts for drugging and sexually assaulting andrea constand in his home in 2004. she is expected to deliver a victim impact statement putting her face-to-face with cosby. >> it is not unthinkable that the judge could sentence him to jail time in order that he be be
6:45 am
turned over immediately to correctional officers at that hearing. >> cosby's defense team will desperately fight to stop the court from deeming him a sexual predator. the sentencing comes the same week as brett kavanaugh is expected to testify before congress about the sexual assault allegations against him. >> a second woman has come forward. and we're expected to hear from his first accuser, christine blasey ford on thursday. amanda is live with the outpouring of support for blasey ford there. amanda? >> we know supporters met here last night by the hundreds. many of them echoing the message we heard last week. hundreds of supporters stood shoulder to shoulder on every corner of el camino real and embarcadero road.
6:46 am
some remained critical about her choice to come forward about what she says was an attack by brett kavanaugh three decades ago. according to blasey ford's lawyers, she has since become the target of vicious harassment and even death threats. >> she is here to tefrb our country in a way that she can return to her life. but it's really not clear. that was just one of the supporters from last night. she is scheduled to testify thursday in washington. there's no -- we don't actually know exactly how that is going to impact thursday's hearing. but this morning president trump is calling the allegations against kavanaugh totally political. >> amanda, thank you.
6:47 am
a school bus driver is in trouble in indiana. she is accused of letting students take turns driving the bus for short stretches. the incident was >> it's all good. it's all good. i'm letting her stop at michael's stop. first what you do is put on the brake. >> police arrested 27-year-old. macatee. she let three students ages 11, 13, and 17 take the wheel on a recent afternoon ride. other students filmed it with their phones. in the video, macatee is heard to tell were students not to tell other adults about the driving lessons. >> you can imagine the horror that you can think of if that little girl that was driving accidentally hit the gas pedal instead of a brake pedal and ran the bus into a tree. >> macatee was arrested for felony neglect of a dependent. the company that operates the
6:48 am
buses, first student, said macatee has been fired calling her behavior completely unaccept isable. a group of neighbors in dublin arein building a large retail mall featuring an ikea. they will vote whether they will approve or reject the project. it would be built on 580 and hacienda drive. some neighbors say it would compete with local businesses and make traffic worse. it is set to open in the summer of 2020 if council ultimately approves it. >> san francisco city leaders are looking for ways to help people living in rvs. according to the examiner, there is concern about van campers who dump trash and light dangerous cooking fires in neighborhoods. city leaders are trying to find space where rvs can temporarily park while campers get medical treatment and housing services and are looking into programs to help campers find permanent affordable housing. now your morning money report. the price of items from china is going up. starting today, the trump administration is imposing new 10% tariffs on $200 billion
6:49 am
worth of chinese products. it's hundreds of items. everything from baseball gloves, to network routers, and food seasonings. china is striking back with their own tariff on auto parts and meat. the markets are expected to react to the new tariffs today. here is a live look at the dow. you can see we're down 80 points as trading just got under way. only 20 minutes ago. >> airbnb is looking to change the roles to give hosts a stake in the company. they sent a letter to the u.s. securities and exchange commission friday. right now the company can only give equity to investors and employees. it is asking them to add gig economy workers to the list. last year uber met with the sec to discuss a similar proposal. >> new at 6:00, michael kors is close to buying versace. a $2 billion deal could be
6:50 am
announced as early as this week. it would allow the versace family to continue to have a y. last year he bought jimmy choo for $1.2 billion. good morning america is getting a sneak peek at "queen of the world." a new documentary about the queen and the royals. new details about the wedding day. it marks theirst time the f 37-year-old american actress has seen her designer dress since tying the knot in may. a romantic sent memory touch added to her veil. >> somewhere in here there is a piece of blue fabric that is stitched inside. it was my something blue. it's fabric from the dress i wore on our first date. >> oh, that's romantic. >> that is sweet. the documentary queen of the world" october 1st on hbo >> san francisco is spreading
6:51 am
holiday cheer with a third ice rink. >> you can never have enough ice rinks, right? >> that's right. >> thewinter-themed park will open civic center november 30th. it features aeufp 6,000 square foot rink and lighted forrest. san francisco traditionally has two winter ice rinks, one at union square, the other at the embarcadero center. tickets start at $15. >> ice down all the streets of san francisco, get rid of uber and all the others and we can just skwaeuplt wheate where we . >> today you need a sunscreen. >> it will be warm today. even warmer tomorrow and the next day. offshore breeze. it's clear at sfo. hazy sunshine. building warmth. high fire danger through
6:52 am
tomorrow. here's a look at the cloud cover. by noon, look at this. hardly anything. by 3:00, what's out is being pushed south. by 7:00, pretty much everybody is clear. possibly to monterey bay. 72, santa cruz. 82, milpitas. that's as cool as it gets. 86 in san jose to 92 in gilroy. mid-60s along the coast. mid-70s downtown, sausalito. mid to upper 80s in the north bay. santa rosa northward, low to mid-90s. we have the highest fire danger there. everybody else is low to mid-80s. last two series at home for the gants. filipino heritage. dropping down to 59. not very breezy. the coast will warm more than anybody else the next couple of days with the onshore flow. by saturday and sunday, 90s and
6:53 am
80s are gone. just 60s and 70s. hi, frances. >> hi, mike. a lot of slow traffic through santa cruz mountains. accident northbound 17 approaching the summit. left lanes are blocked and even part of the right lanes. traffic very heavy northbound approaching the crash. # there was slowing southbound earlier. that has been cleared. it has been so problematic in hayward. tennyson. traffic jammed on 880 all morning long because of earlier problems. you make your way into fremont. morgan hill, earlier crash lanes have been reopened. traffic is flowing well in both directions. a live shot of 280, san jose.
6:54 am
880 and highway 17, be traffic looking normal at this point. matt, jessica. thank you. from our live desk, this just coming in, president trump spoke at the united nations. >> he commented on the controversy surrounding brett kavanaugh and the sexual assault allegations against him. here's what he had to say. >> i am with judge kavanaugh, and i look forward to a vote. for people to come out of the wood work from 36 years ago and 30 years ago and never mention it. all of a sudden it happens. in my opinion, it's totally political. president trump is at the u.n. for the summit on the world drug crisis. moms now have another reason to breast feed their newborns. a new study out of canada suggest he babiesretai wght slowerndty compared to babies given breast milk from a bottle. why it is better than pumping suspect quite clear.
6:55 am
researchers emphasize even pumped breast milk is superior to none at all. researchers found babies who were breast fed to six months saw the greatest benefit. next, the 7 things you need to know before you go. >> but first the instagram picture of the day. if you haven't yet, follow us at abc 7 news bay area. you can see a lot more great pictures like this. some of the leaves are starting to change. it is the first day of fall after all. you
6:56 am
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6:58. if you're heading out the door, the 7 things to know before you go. number one, a second woman has accused supreme court nominee brett kavanaugh of sexual assault. the allegations sur is fassed yesterday, the same day the senate judiciary committee scheduled a thursday hearing with kavanaugh and dr. chris christine blasey ford >> number two, brand new comments at the united nations. president trump said the multiple sexual assault allegations against judge kavanaugh are totally political and he is with him all the way. number three, after this rally, another set for tonight at uc berkeley in support of the bay area professor accusing kavanaugh of sexual assault. hundreds of people gathered in
6:59 am
palo alto last night to show blasey ford they have her back. >> number four, we have the high fire danger in the north bay mountains, hills, diablo through 5:00 tomorrow afternoon. warming trend again except at the coast. the rest of us 80 to 90. >> all right. number five, traffic still crawling through hayward southbound 880 at tennyson. the hot spot will be in san francisco due to the dream force conference. there's also a giants game tonight. it will be seriously faster if yu're walking through the area this week number six, bill cosby is in a pennsylvania courtroom for the first of a two-day sentencing hearing. he could spend years in prison after being convicted in april of sexual assault. >> number 7, 49ers will find out how severe gapps injury is after he hurt his leg in yesterday's game. he's having an mri to confirm


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