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tv   Right This Minute  ABC  September 25, 2018 3:00pm-3:30pm PDT

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tv o s "right this minute." >> yeah, that's your car. 100%. >> disbelief after a long lost car is found. >> and that's where the story begins. >> how a brother's labor of love finally pays off. i know i'm about to do a bungee jump for my birthday. >> how a red bull pilot was happy to accommodate him. >> oh, my goodness. >> whoa! it's a beer delivery that will blow your mind. why there's no need for a bottle
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opener. we've got christian, ollie, charity, nick and gayle breaking down the best on the web. including a creepy crawly show called "bug bites." >> today we're going to prepare tarantula tarantulas. >> do it! do it! getting your first car is so cool, right? especially if it's a 1964 bel-air. >> okay. >> that's what dan's getting. >> what is that? who bought it? >> i did. >> you got the actual one? >> yeah, that's your car. >> are you serious? >> 100%. >> so dan has the 1967 bel-air as his first car. you sell a car and never forget
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about it. so he and his brother decided to see if they could find it. and they found it. they found the actual car that used to belong to dan. and they considered buying it, but dan was getting married and they needed to start a new life together. they couldn't really afford to buy this car. and that's where this story begins. >> it's 100% real, that's yours, dan. >> he was like, i'm drawing a blink, i don't know what is going on here. >> he's so confused because this is such a cool thing that is happening. but stacey, his brother tells him, yes, this is your car. in fact, stacey has been working on this car for about a year, painting it, restoring it, putting it together to be in tippy top shape to be presented to dan. >> oh, man. he spent time and money on it with the paint job and
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everything. >> this -- brother did good. >> yeah. >> my brothers suck. >> he gets in and it looks slightly different than when he first had it, but they did such a great job that he absolutely loves it. >> best brother ever. i'm about t t t t t t t t t jump. >> will didn't want the other guys to miss out. >> you guys will be jumping on december 25th. i thought, what is the craziest experience? i think i found it. >> he shows them a video of what they'll will be enjoying. >> dude, what? >> let's go! >> well, they go to this
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airport. and aaron fitzgerald is the red bull air bag helicopter pilot in the united states. i'm one of four people who have the license to do this out of a helicopter. >> so he's the man. >> he's not legit, he's a red bull. >> if you start to feel sick, it's not going to get better. so you got to tell me. >> it becomes clear as to why he gave that speech because they head up into the helicopter and then this happens. >> oh, my goodness. >> whoa. >> it should not be able to do this. >> that is striking. and we are just getting started, guys. >> oh my goodness, no! how do you recover from that? >> so which one of them is going to blow first? >> luckily, none of them. but that is a surprise to me, especially when you see this particular move. >> oh, my gosh. >> that is insane! >> i'm impressed they managed the keep it together. >> so this is will smith?
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>> will smith will be bungee jumping out over the grand tuesday.t 2:45 pacific time on that's happening live on youtube. we'll have links on before you two were born, there was a song called "we were torn between two lovers." and this celebrity crush is called to the scene. >> you're and hedgehog, not a warthog. >> one more and it will be done. >> maybe it is just napping down there. >> they do eventually get to touch it. at this point, simon is like, this is an easy rescue and then he adds a little humor to get this little guy out. he gives them a little advice.
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one thing they can do is water the lawn, but he also says to cut a hole in the fence because if they do, hedgehogs can go from garden to garden. meanwhile, they gave it a plate of food and it scurries off for another adventure. now this badger was stuck between a fence. the homeowner believes the badger is wounded because it was fighting with her dog and starting to smell after it got stuck. so simon spots it, he's got an assistant on one side, he's on the other and they're knocking against the side of the wall trying to get it annual at a timed to move. >> you can see the injury. >> then they are able to catch the badger. they get it into the crate, they take it to the wildlife center, he gets anesthesia and they are checking the wound out. the vet cleans it up and two-and-a-half weeks later it's released back out to the wild.
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i got a couple moments here that will blow your mind. this first one, check it out. a car comes whipping around the corner and crashes into a tree! and then into a building. smoke comes billowing out. and then moments after the impact, the door pops up and the driver collapses on the ground. >> but didn't the car have a cyclist? >> let's find out. there's something moving at the front of the car. >> no way. >> he suffered only minor scrapes and bruises. >> so what's up with the driver? >> good question. the driver is a 13-year-old girl who was out on a joyride. now this camera posted at a toll booth, business as usual, you know how toll booths normally go. >> oh, whoa! >> huge! >> holy cow. >> a cascade of falls comes over
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the cars and inside -- >> fear. >> 900 beer bottles smash into bits. the driver tried to avoid impacting the cars, but no word on what caused the accident. there was only one injury reported, and i do believe it was to the driver of the truck. she's the momma whose growing baby bump captivated the web. but now -- >> her little bundles of joy are here. >> see why the family's grown sweeter times three. and a kayaker's paddling with a purpose. >> we'll have to do something no one has ever done before. >> how he takes the plunge and gets it done. >> so cool. brought to you by land o'
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closed captioning provided by -- we first met maria a couple weeks ago while she was 33 weeks pregnant with her triplets. >> she was in full zepelin mode. >> she was scheduled for a c-section in september. >> what is a c-section like? it looks so tight, you just put a little nick there and the babies go -- >> it is clearly a little snug in there. >> it looks like tight quarters. >> it's like a long car journey. >> the three little bundles of joy are here. she gave birth to two little girls and a little boy.
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even at 4.2 pounds and 4.3 pounds. >> what's the math on that? >> like 15 pounds. >> she's done a good job of documents the journey. she started to showcase pictures from copenhagen in the very beginning. so when they arrived, she is sharing her post-baby body. she mentioned her organs are shifted around, but she's a champ hanging in there along with her baby. they got to go home after nine days in the nicu. >> they look like little teletubbies. >> they just need po. >> the entire family are home where a nurse comes out a few times a week and brings the things that the babies need to stay strong and healthy. well, we met of the german kayaker. he's made his way down to what looks to be quite a bit of white water there, almost a small
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waterfall, but he wants to do something no one has ever done before. probably for a good reason. paddling to more white water and then we get to the lip. >> is the lip now over his head? that was the fall. >> that was quite a fall. that's a 17-foot waterfall. he did catch it from a second angle. >> so cool. >> he's living it, though. you saw him celebrate like, yeah! >> he's celebrating for a good reason because he, by doing this, is the first person to ever go over these falls. it has been scouted by many kayaker previously, but no one has had the guts to man up and do it until today. i think either because it looks terrifying or it's because the name of the falls are impossible to pronounce. good luck, anybody.
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pretty sure i nailed it. i'm quoting him here, reappearing above the water after going over it is so rewarding and priceless, it makes all the scary times totally worth it. it makes you feel alive. i guess i didn't die. >> i just want to remind him that dead bodies to reappear and float to the top. >> fortunately, in this case, everything went according to plan. don't worry, he did just fine and i'm sure other people will be following in kayak steps. feel like glitter and crystals? you might as well just become a geode. >> she's ready for it. >> let's get to show you how you can become the crystal and the glitter. julia savia put this makeup look together. >> i decided to start out with the geode because that was my inspiration for the look. and it gave me inspiration for the eyes. >> so she starts out with some spirit gum. and it starts forming just like you see there to give her a
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rough edge for the geode. then she starts to add color with lots of pigment. first, she goes in with black pigment to give it the border. then she adds a little shimmery pigment to start to give it a little more definition, but this is the part you're going to like because the center, the purple center, she uses a purple pigment base, but then she starts to add the bigger crystals and tons of glitter to give it that rocky, glittery effect. she does this for makeup. obviously, it is very bold and glittery as well. she finishes it off with some lips and walla. >> pretty. >> pretty cool. a design for an emic football game. and still to come, the two sides of mommy in the morning. >> rise and shine, my beauties. we have five minutes, let's go! >> one is pinterest, one isn't.
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tiffany makes things so clear the way she makes her video on point. in this one, she showcases morning me versus oversleeping. >> rise and shine, my beauties. >> who wants pancakes? >> but when you got the blues, you got the blues. >> oh, but when you have a case of the mondays things get crazy. >> guys, we have five minutes, get up! >> i think the pancakes might be frozen. >> crunchy cheetos, let's go. >> this is tiffany's reality on a daily basis and the dream world she wishes she could make happen.
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>> yes, that's exactly it. >> one is er one isn't. >> of course i can do french braid pigtails. >> yes, whatever you like, honey? >> we don't have time, you don't have to brush your hair, i never brush my hair. >> come on, guys, the cool train is leaving. we don't have time! >> in the car, go! >> i'm like, oh, my god, i'm just going to shake, shake, shake you off your car seat and out the door. >> you got to get in the car and get to school. >> have an amazing day, babies. mommy loves you more than the trees and the sky and all the branches. drop books out of your backpack so you are more aero dynamic. i can't get another tardy slip, i'm not kidding. they will never let you into college. why can't you sleep in? >> this woman is priceless. >> thank you. you guys know how to open a
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beer like a bottle cap beer? >> yeah. >> on the counter. boink. >> or a knife. or a belt buckle, flip-flop, go on and on. i pretty much bet you haven't seen this one. >> what? in the words of ollie, that's insane. >> that is epic. >> i really did not expect this to work. the tab at the end, the bottle cap, and wow. i'll be honest, i had my suspicions. if you look at it closely -- >> that and the guy's reaction. >> oh, my god! >> that guy's reaction was so genuine because he didn't think it was going to work either. >> and they are contractors so they know how to improvise and make do. >> and drink beer. now we know why the renovations are going to take a little longer.
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it's a smithsonian earth series with a flavorful twist. >> today we are going to be preparing tarantulas. >> the cooking show is called "bug
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with water on the stove. it boils perfectly. big thumbs-up from him. hailey nelson, the host of a new cooking show. >> he's going to show us us us s
3:26 pm
cook with scorpions. >> i'm going to show you how to cook with tarantulas. called "bug bites." >> they are biting bugs. >> an excellent form of protein. i have had scorpions before. >> i'm not excited about it. i did it for tv. >> me too. >> i have a feeling you're about to. >> the people at smithsonian thought, why don't i give them some samples, so, here you go. >> are they in chocolate at least? >> there are multiple flavors. these are the ant and some crickets. on and cheese. i'll occupy those. and sour cream and onion. one more option you have is the sucker with a scorpion. >> i'll take that. >> wait, hold out your hand. >> oh, wow, smell that.
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it's a cricket. ready? >> oh, yummy. i'll eat another one. >> i don't know how i feel about it. >> it tastes like a potato snack. >> do it. ah! >> oh, my god. >> the one time you do that. >> he's going to be a dead bug. >> i'm going to try the ant. >> i was going to try it until you did that. >> it's a little crunchy. >> oh, here they are. >> there, you can see the ant on the inside. >> all episodes of "bug bites" are streaming on smithsonian earth. >> we don't need to talk about that.
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hope you had fun with us
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tonight, bill cosby cuffed and sent to prison. the comedian and actor once called america's tv dad led away in handcuffs. tonight, his sentence. what the judge said. and what cosby's attorneys angrily declared afterward. and this evening, the first look at cosby's booking photo. and breaking, the supreme court showdown. judge brett kavanaugh trying to save his nomination. the interview, and what his wife now says. you'll hear from her. the president lashing out today, already targeting the first accuser, now going after the second one. and tonight, word that republicans have now hired an attorney to ask the questions for them. a mother's plea tonight. the fbi joining the case. the search intensifying for a missing young boy with autism. he is nonverve bal.


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